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REVIEWS OF Holiday Market IN Michigan

Emilia Fichter

Great supermarket with a consistent variety across grocery and deli sections. They make their own pastries and distribute some products from cities nearby. Decent prices. Ample parking. Kind service.

Carrie Menendez

Bought some pretzel buns from Holiday market in Canton Michigan for Labor day. After eating one we noticed that there was mold on it ,we took them back to the store and they acted like it was no big deal. The store manager there should really learn how to deal with customers in a positive way especially when the store is at fault. They may not find an issue with selling old pretzel buns but I have a huge problem with eating moldy food.

Arthur Phelan

It was 4 stars plus. First time to this Holiday. Very familiar with Royal Oak location. I was very pleasantly surprised. Much grander than its sister store. I will make it my store of choice even though it's a tough 20 minutes away. Lots of stuff for all palates. Except they do not have "the smoked brisket"

Mariam Haidar

I love this place. Everything is exceptional. They have the best cakes and do an awesome job for special cake orders. The cheese selection is wonderful. They also prepare beautiful cheese/grazing platters if you order in advance. I highly recommend, they make such a beautiful and elegant gift! The coffee shop makes great coffee to enjoy while you're shopping. The selection of seasonal and special fruits and vegetables is also top notch. It's always nice to browse the produce to see what's new. Their deli has delicious prepared food and the store prepared raw pizza dough is so good if you like to have pizza nights at home. Lots of international food gems to discover thought the store. The staff are all wonderful and helpful. Keep up the excellent work.

Tom Meyer

Joe the wine guy rocks! If you need it he has it. Or will get it. Check out his wine aisles. A library of grapes. It's a literal wine world. And he is a wine guru. Incredible palate. Incredible guy. Go Joe!

Dan Flyhight

I love Holiday Market. I always go in looking for something and I find it every time. That and more XD

J 1 M

The fish is first rate. There fresh bread is the best no other place like it. The Carmel popcorn is so good. It's a very clean store. The bottled root beer is the best.

Laurie Heidtman

Great meat department. Great bakery. Great deli. Great produce. Great beer/wine selection. Great salad bar! Friendly staff. Clean environment.

David Bock

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Rachel Sgeine

The wine, champagne and bakery selection is awesome. They're a specialty market thus prices are a bit expensive but the quality is there.

Brion Dingman

This market carries all the items you cannot find at the grocery store you frequent. From exotic spices and ingredients to the most vast produce section and a bakery, deli and meat counters that are second to none!

Jacqueline Barron

Love love love this place. The meat and prices are fantastic.

Joe Kelly

You pay top dollar for normal groceries but a great variety of products. Spartan branded items are competitive. Meats and fish are top notch.

FL far

Good selection of everything but on the expensive side so u get a 4 star.

Heather Gray

Love this market. Great food, ultimate variety. I regularly pick up ready made meals for my mother-in-law who no longer cooks. They are good tasting and reasonably priced.

Kyle Kachin

Lots of choices in this market. Very helpful and friendly staff. Large beer selection and they even carry a good number of kegs readily available!

Canxice How

Very nice staff and good quality food and selections

Art Tessier

I like Holiday Market because it has a combination of items you can get at just about any grocery store as well as many hard to find items. It has a great beer and wine section and is the only place I know of nearby that sells green coffee beans. The only drawback is that they are noticeable more expensive on many items. But this understandable since it is not a mega chain like Kroger or Meijer.

AL James

The staff were pleasant and helpful.

Scott Bell

In my opinion, this is a high-end market. The fruit & vegetable quality is fantastic. The prepared meals and desserts are delicious. The alcohol selection is huge. The prices are high, but it seems reasonable for the higher quality. We come here to treat ourselves and to prepare for special occasions.

Mildred Hayes

Always the food is fresh the employees are really nice all the time is one of my favorite spot to do my grocery shopping

Michael Bracy

Whinos, I mean fine wine enthusiasts will love the selections available here. The Wizard of wines will satisfy the most discerning palette.

David Mitchell

They have it all, just a little pricey. Clean, great produce and an amazing beer and wine selection... best meat counter in town.

Joe Porcari

Great option, clean store.

ryan oaks

Excellent market Huge deli great selection

Erin Murphy

One of my favorite grocery stores! I shop here for more specialty items than a full grocery run. They have a HUGE selection of salads/deli items, breads, meats and bakery items. Holiday Market has the biggest selection of beer, wine and liquor around. They will special order items too. If I need a quick lunch I like to run in and use the salad bar or they have fresh food (made in store) packed in single servings back by the deli. They have a little coffee shop as well, but I've never purchased anything there. The staff is always so friendly and helpful! Highly recommend you stop by!

Linda Ketterling

Great market with a wonderful meat dept. and gourmet selections!

Subs Dude

Is a bit pricey but has a large assortment of items and the meats are very good

The Headband Hero

I've been coming here with my family for a long time and they always seem to please us. There is a wide variety of cultured food and sweets. The check out is swift, and the people working there are always very kind.

Theodore Teno

They Carrie alot of unique items Great selection of beer and wine

roland schuch

Great place to get International groceries.

Anonymous Anonymous

If I could give it 0 stars i would. I was in there with my service dog and she was not wearing a vest. They are not required to wear vests. She treated me horribly and embarrassed me. Ptsd is enough to deal with. She made me feel worthless and treated me like i was nothing.

A Bates

Great selection of quality meats, wines, champagne; if they don't have it they will get it timely. The soup and salad bar are great for lunch.

Kellyn Christmas

Amazing, hand-picked selection of food. Can't go wrong. The fresh bread is second to none and well worth a special trip just for that alone! I make a 30+ min drive out here for all of my special events or holiday big grocery runs.

Chris Larsen

Great place to shop. A little more expensive then most grocery store chains but worth the trip. Better quality of selections.

Pranav Matur

This place has got variety of cheese from all over the world, good choices of cakes, mini cakes and muffins, one of my favorite "Black Forest Cake". Amazing selection of tea and coffee. Overall the best place to go grocery shopping :) *)

Adam H

Everything I ever need is here. You will pay a premium to shop here, but it's worth it. Excellent bakery, deli, butcher, beer and wine selection, produce, as well as supporting many Michigan made products. The employees seem happy, it is expertly stocked and displays are inviting. The whole place feels like they care about what they sell, and it makes a difference, I always spend more than I intended. I much prefer this store to Busch's down the street, which is just not as inviting and feels more corporate.

Beth Salerno

They sell Drakes cakes - what more can a girl ask for!!!#

Aaron D

This place is great. The meat department and deli are top notch and have an excellent selection and great service.

Claire Harding

Always beautiful and delicious items in the bakery. Specialty items throughout the store, imported favorites, excellent customer service, fabulous produce! I drive an hour for this place! Quality meats and cheeses!

Grace Stribling

This store has a lot of things that Meijer doesn't have. A very nice store.

Ms. Tania tucker

Whether youre looking for fresh fruits, Mediterranean, veggies, nuts, oils, or Fish and meat this is where you need to be. They also have a bakery and a grand wine selection...

Kurt Eschmann

Great place to shop. Amazing bakery and deli.

Carolyn Tkacz

A lovely grocery/specialty store. Backery is wonderful. The only draw back is that the aisles are s but tight.

Melisa Sheeler

So i just got introduced to this place and let me twll you.....go here!!! I have tried the premade meals and the bakery items and everything was on point. From pierogies and potstickers to key lime was all so good so far.

Bartley Patterson

Always a great shopping experience

Margaret Berteau

Wonderful bakery and bread.

Jerry Johnson

Quality of the staff and specialty items are second to none, highly recommend to everyone

Christine B

Love this place, so unique and has a huge variety of foods you won’t find anywhere else!

Denise Daniels-Little

The wine and beer selections are incredibly varied and a saving grace, if that's what you're shopping for. Lots of international grocery items. Vegan/vegetarian and specialty options are small and what they do have it's ridiculously overpriced, which is actually true of the entire store. These last two bring my rating from 4 stars to 3.

Jennifer Berks

Really nice selection of good quality foods. We love their bakery fresh bread and a coworker brought in a bumpy cake from their bakery that was DELICIOUS.

Sara Baksa

I LOVE this store! All of the fruit and produce looks amazing but I come here for the snacks! Granola, bakery goods, fresh made bread, Sanders chocolate! My dream place!

Lorraine Hayes

Best store aroind and awesome owners and employees

Amanda Koss

This place is great! They have everything you could possibly think of and their homemade dips, sauces, meats, baked goods etc are delicious! A bit pricey but otherwise definitely recommend.

John Potter

Great place for anything from fresh seafood to getting awesome treats good employees very helpful

Brandon Janness

This place has everything you need. The meat and seafood counters have everything you could ask for in Michigan. Prime cuts of meats to fresh fish. Prices are definitely a bit more than a national store but you absolutely get what you for, quality! They normally have a wine expert on staff if you're looking for a particular bottle. If you're looking for unique items, you will likely find it here!


Great quality and variety of food. Another store in Canton that is always busy. Needs more parking here as well.

Hastas Kearney

Nice! Very attentive

kevin carrithers

this is a great market. beer selection is top notch. so is the wine selection, and cheese, and deli, bakery, butcher, well everything....

Brandon Wright

The aisles are small, but the beer selection here is off the charts

Mary-Jane Neill

always clean...amazingly so. has specialty items like rabbit,soup bones,various fish,duck...beautiful flowers moomers ice cream.

Frank Oliver

The store has almost everything you might need with regard to food beer and wine. It's almost impossible for me not to purchase something when I'm walking through the door. The wonderful olfactory Delights greet you as soon as you enter the store whether it be the fresh bread being made, or things in the deli or from the meat counter. My only complaint is that almost everything in the store is priced higher than in other stores in our area.

mike klamerus

Great market, best pastries and meat selections around!

James Tait

One of my favorite grocery stores. A great variety of items, i.e. salad bar, Deli meats, in house Bakery, fresh meat counter, organic and gluten free items, great selection of wines. One owner not a chain store.

Nathaniel Franklin

I love this local chain which is celebrating their 20th anniversary I think. They have a great selections on a variety of items but I especially like their bakery and baked goods. They also have an excellent selection in the deli and meats as well. Stop in and check them out!

Uncle Scroge

Personally, I feel the food in this place is over priced. But it is conveniently located in the neighborhood.

Penny USA

I wish this Market was closer but that won't stop me from going here are a few must buy's when you go...The Volcanic Apple Pie everything is handmade including the apple pie filling....The Cinnamon Rolls with the cream cheese Frosting the only mistake I made was not getting more. They have nice meals to go I got the Shepherd's Pie I don't say this to often but it's better than mine and I'm a great cook....They have fresh warm bread baking all the time the Bakery is busy making yummy desserts the store is INCREDIBLE!!!!! You won't be Disappointed they have everything the prices are not bad either but for me I will go to get all the things you can't get at the other stores oh sure you can get Cinnamon Rolls anywhere but trust me once you eat theirs you won't eat anyone else's!!! BRAVO HOLIDAY MARKET YOUR STORE IS MY NEWEST FOUND GEM

Carmen Gourlay

Stop in for a quick dessert.The bakery has a large selection.

Jeffrey Stevens

Great store. Worth ever penny.

Anna D

The best bakery around! Also a huge selection of craft brews. Highest quality seafood. And the best grab and go! From Apple pie oatmeal to sushi.

E.r R.E

Everything you could want, great staff

Bob Vannini

Great selection of foods and great selection of fresh roasted coffee ..great positive, knowledgeable staff too

Pamela Yurgee

Best bakery!!! Always buy my baked goods here. Fresh and delicious! Great selection of produce, meats, seafood and cheese. They have everything!

Mikita Sears

Great fresh food and great desserts

Becky Craft

The prices are a bit high, but they have the best of everything! Produce is fabulous, their bakery is awesome! That's the sweets department and the bread department! Employees are very nice too!

Alison Lorentz

For a person with Celiac Disease, this place is great!!! They carry a multitude of gluten-free foods. Their store-made gf meatballs are wonderful!!! Even my non-gf friends and family love them.

Barbra Brown

Always clean and friendly staff. Can find unique items there like sugar free bbq sauce

Kathe Harrison

My favorite place to shop. Best in the area for real quality.

Jillian Steele

You know it’s a guaranteed good time when you go into a store with its own bakery with 8+ employees for that section alone. The desserts are incredible; I’ve driven almost two hours to pick up a cake there before. There’s an olive bar that’s literally 20 feet long. I can’t believe the amazing selection of every single product they offer. I could literally live here.

Joe Mansour

Has a big variety of groceries/hot food..clean environment

Venita Bentley

They have a very fine assortment of fish !

Tammy Endicott

I've heard nothing but good things about this place but I'm very picky about where I go. This was my first visit and I will definitely be back. So much fresh food from the produce department but that's just the beginning. The deli, bakery, butcher, seafoods, specialty items. WOW is all I can say.

gargi reddy

I ordered a strawberry with chocolate mousse cake for my kids birthday and it was one of the best cakes that I ever had. Thank you for sweetening our party a bit more with the freshness of your cake!!

Joe Hayes

Great place to get fresh bread and fresh roasted coffee! They have a wonderful selection of fresh baked pies, cakes, etc.

Christine Ochs

Always have such an excellent selection, in every department. We come every time we are in MI. Highly recommend.

Allen M

A higher end store with more organic centered and health minded choices

Terri Der-Stepanian

Rude staff on more than one occasion. As another gentleman mentioned " the deli counter ruined this place for him" I couldn't agree more! Stood there while five staff members talked with each other while one of them ate. When I did finally get service I told the young man that I was disappointed in having to wait while they conversed and caught up with each other. He became indignant. It was embarrassing and mortifying. This IS NOT the first time I've encountered rude staff at holiday market. Staff at the bakery treats you as if your interrupting them and will leave you standing for several minutes as if hoping you are just " browsing" the men at the fish department aren't any better. On more than one occasion when asking for my fish to be packaged separately have given me a "huffy and puffy" attitude for making such a silly request in their opinion I suppose. After the deli counter situation, I AM DONE! They are overpriced. Kroger is five minutes away. They sell alot of the same items cheaper and have had the single last rude encounter at holiday market. Spoke to management on the deli counter situation and they're solution was INSULTING!! By the way after talking with management and mentioning seeing one of the deli staff eating was in my opinion unsanitary, she begged to differ!! Not a concern she said! Well lady it concerns me!! I don't want to see staff eating while handling food period! Despite your RIDICULOUS reason for him doing so! Terrible management. Terrible rude staff. Pricey and not that darn special. I WILL NEVER GO TO HOLIDAY MARKET AGAIN!!

Debbie Pipkins

I absolutely love this market! I pass several chain and less expensive grocery stores to shop at Holiday Market. The atmosphere is great. The deli food is amazing. If you don’t feel like cooking, I recommend the garlic mashed potatoes and grilled salmon. Enjoy!

Raymond Lee Choate JR

A bit pricier than your Meijer and Kroger type stores but the customer service and selection of specialty type food is one of the best in the area.

IKON Lewis

Pass this place all the time but only went in for the first time recently. The store is very nice and clean. They have an excellent selection of craft beer and wine and champagne. You may pay a little more here for groceries than at some other stores but you will almost certainly leave with whatever was on your wish list.

Darrin M

Excellent meat department, seafood selection, coffees from around the world.

howard scrivens

Holiday is a wonderful grocery store full of quality products and a lot of local variety. It should be said that you can expect to pay more than your chain stores as Holiday does not ya e their own proprietary product. That being said you do get what you pay for. From a fully stocked custom bakery loaded with artisan breads and tons of baked goods sure to satisfy your sweet tooth, to a fully stocked deli. A trip to the meat counter and you will discover many varieties of choice cuts from steaks and chops to fresh fish and poultry. Everyone is friendly and willing to help. The store does appear a bit dated and like I said it’s certainly going to be more expensive than your local chain stores such as Kroger and Meijer but it’s absolutely worth a visit and see what you think for yourself.

Christopher opalewski

This is a great supermarket with alot of options. If you need a dinner they have a whole section of premade dinners, if you need dessert same thing. The deli and meat sections are awesome. Have a wide variety of beers and wines. A great place to shop. The only complaint I have is the prices are pretty high. but remember you get what you pay for.

Tareq A. Samra

Lovable trendy quality place. Amazing roaster machine that makes fresh coffee upon request.

Diana Anaya

Really diverse selection of products, clean and friendly place to shop!

Dennis McGill

Great qualiy and great staff

Dan Markey

What a wonderful place, all kinds of great food, plenty of people to serve you. You can get just about anything there. If you don't see it ask, the staff will help you find it. I will be back. Thanks .

Cathy L

Hard to find anything wrong with the store except it’s pricey! Love the desserts and coffee bar. Bread is fresh and a ton of it. Meat and seafood selection are great. Everyone is friendly. But again, expensive.

Peggy Taylor

Love this market! Robert in the floral department is extremely talented if you need flowers for any occasion he is your guy.

Danielle Miner

Holiday Market is the absolute best specialty grocery store! They have an amazing bakery that they're always adding new things to, such as their cake-batter macaroons. They have a fantastic deli, with the best rotisserie chickens I've ever had. It's impossible to leave with buying something delicious!

Diane Ebeling

Great store, they have the largest selection of celiac-safe gluten free food in the area.

Patrick Babcock

A great place to shop - especially for high end or uncommon items. I love their bakery - my favorite for baguette. Their deli section has every variety of cheese known to man (it seems that way, anyway). Their beer aisle is well stocked with many different brands and varieties - including a dedicated walk-in cooler section. Their wine and liquor sections are equally well stocked and appointed. Meat counter is second to none. And they have all that "standard fare" mixed in with MANY delightful surprises on the shelves throughout the store. Why not 5 stars? Produce. Don't get me wrong: they have a well stocked produce section - it just doesn't hold up. Produce purchased at Holiday Market just doesn't keep. I will only buy produce I need right that minute from them because of this. Oh, and their version of Sander's Bumpy Cake really sucks - they really need to rethink the frosting (their filling for the "bumps" is... well: it's nasty. Not at all like the original) or drop it from their line-up. Blech!

Chris Roland

Love shopping here and usually go here first. High quality butcher, a ton of gluten-free food, and great staff

Gerald Parrott

Love this place best grocery store around

Amanda Dear

Kinda pricey but good for specialty items. The bakery is very good for special occasion cakes.

Carleen Gryczko

I can't wait to ho back. Loved everything!! What a store!

Mike Webb

Best meat anywhere, friendly staff and great selections.

Eric Spenceley

Awesome grocery store for when you need to grab something a little more fancy or unusual. Would not complete my normal grocery shopping here due to the increased prices.

Joshua lennon

Always has what I'm looking for.

Beth Vaghy

Everything is so organized...easy to find stuff and so much selection.

Tanika Okoiruele

The store is a higher end small neighborhood grocery store with specialty items that you aren't likely to find at the national chain grocery stores. However, the customer service is a hit or miss. I noticed that the staff is becoming more diverse to reflect the diversity of the community where it's located, that's a good thing.

Lisa Arnold

Good quality products

Gale Wood

No wait time. People stop in middle of aisles. Don't want to move

Pietro Montini

Narrow isles and large carts, burnt smell. Other than that, great place, good selection, good prices, fast checkout.

Marianne Frank

Great place for specialty foods. The bakery is awesome and the little coffee shop coffee is the best!

Apurva Joshi

Everything is so good here. You get all fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers. If it helps, they have coffee grinder and you get different coffee from all over the places. They have wide variety of local food items.

Shawn Hickman

Sushi here is amazing. Made fresh on site. Deli has alot to chose from and the whole store offers hard to find items.

Guru's Singh

This is one of the best local stores in the neighborhood, they have wide variety of organic produce section, the produce is really fresh. They also have a wide variety of deli meats, cheeses and bakery section. Their select of meet is quiet wast as well, the customer care is always exceptional. Highly recommend a visit all my visits have been pleasant. Ps: they have quiet a selection of beers wines and liquor. You won’t be disappointed.

Denny Pruitt

Have great selection of needs for a smaller chain

Rubu Rahman

They have a really good selection of cakes. That's the best thing I like about them.

Kim Roberts

Excellent selection! Wonderful customer service!

Jaspal Hothi

Fresh fruits and vegetables and great choices. The meats and sea food produce is clean, organic and well organized. Bakery selection is great and so is the coffee bean selection from all over the world. Love it

Jennifer Hunter

Not your average supermarket. There's so much more once you're inside. The variety on the food is huge! And more than enough employees to help your needs.

Madhusudan Suryanarayanan

May be our new favorite grocery store. Has a wide variety of products including fresh food and baked goods! Also, helpful staff. Cost is a little on the steep side but you get everything you need for the household.

Eric Burton

Great quality and selection. Phenomenal cheese section, but I seldom go there because of the sky high prices.

JL Wilson

Fantastic grocery store with a great selection, excellent produce and lots of hard to find specialty products. My only complaint is the cramped aisles that are a little claustrophobic and hard to navigate. Overall though its a great place to shop.

Christopher Penney

Great place to get groceries. Rarely wait in line to check out and there is usually always a bagger. Awesome bakery.

Donald Guy

Awesome Bakery. Very Nice Store. Great Staff.

Tina Buxton

If they dont have it, you dont need it! The best market around! Great meat & cheese selection. Great deli! Beer & wine galore! Check them out!

Kathleen Sheeler

I can't stress enough how much I love this place. The only problem is I could go in there for one thing and walk out with $100 worth of groceries very easily. The store is immaculate the employees are all very helpful and kind. Everything is fresh and they have so much stuff that no one else does they you can even make your own peanut butter. The butcher is one of the most amazing things I've seen all the different types of meat that you have to pick from, the bakery OMG don't even get me started. You have to go there at least once then you'll be hooked

Linn Farrior

Family owned market that has everything. Greatest butcher shop and meats, bakery is unbelievable. Lots of natural and organic food included with everyday groceries and specity items.

Merry Jo Schreffler

Wonderful variety of foods, great meat selection

Pattie Russell

Awesome first time want to go back

Love my Family

Great as always staff helpful and friendly and food fresh

Kimberly Abraham

This Market has a wide variety of items to choose from. Some prices may be higher than average store chains but love that there are so many choices that can be made.

Kimberly Sibley

This is a really nice store from the meats to the health items. The selection of items and specialty goods are amazing. I have made this my new supermarket!!

Joann Branch

They have EVERYTHING love this store

Keith Roberts

Always have great things from food to non-food products. Clean and well managed too. Recommended!

Mark Schmidt

If you ever watched a movie that had a scene in a produce section, the produce is always perfect. That is how Holiday Market is all the time. Like something out of a movie, it's an amazing food show. What else can I say, expensive but worth it. Also, their bread selection is a thing of beauty.

Michael Fortner

I was looking for specific imported German beer and they had a exactly what I was looking for

Margaret Newman

Doesn't pay to be a loyal shopper here. You point something out to them and they're all over you calling you a liar. They got thousands and thousands of dollars from me but no more. Careful eating from the soup bar, I got sick. The premade salad I purchased at another time had a 1.3oz hunk of lettuce core they slipped into the bottom so you couldn't see it. I took a photo of it sitting on a digital scale. Another time the porkchop was spoiled when I went to cook it the same day I purchased it.

Chuck G

Great grocery store. They have a lot of specialty type items you will not find at Kroger

Stephanie Reger

Love this local neighborhood store. It has everything you need along with a great Bakery too.

Douglas Washington Reliv

High quality and a huge selection in most categories. This is a great place to find food presents.

Theresa Gelso

This was my first time going to Holiday market. Visually it is absolutely beautiful! I bought several pre-cooked meals those too were outstanding! With that said, the most noticeable was your employees. On a scale from one to ten, the aesthetics a ten. The meals a ten, the employees a four. From the bakery where I did not get asked if I needed help, out of five employees. Three were grouped together looking at their phones. One was right across from me but would not look up. The other was behind her. Next went to the deli, I picked a number, service seemed reasonable, employees not friendly. Meat dept., the gentleman was quick with asking if i needed help. The meat counter was beautiful! Went to check out, my cashier was effective as in checking out my order, but that is all. No friendly words, as In did you find everything, weather, how are you? I told her how beautiful the store was, nothing much as in return. Same for the bagger. I waited for my sister to get her groceries through check out and observed other cashiers. All same. No smiling no simple conversation with customers. With this all being said, it cannot be a coincidence that all employees behaviors were the same. What is that? Is it management? Is it the corporation? How can it be the same feeling throughout the store? I hope my feed back will help Institute a more friendly atmosphere for employees and customer's. Your store has so much to offer. What it is lacking is a friendly, kind, joyful experience.

Helaina Burt

The bakery cupcakes taste amazing!! The pies don't look real!! We were like kids in a candy store in the whole place!! We bought cheese from all around the world. We bought a chicken pot pie that tasted awesome! We bought brawts, pickles and so much more stuff! The staff was very helpful and I can't wait to go back!!!

Felicia Wells

Great bakery! Good customer service!

Dan B.

Very good staffing. You need help, you have help. Shelves are stocked with very little product missing. Lots of prepared foods. Bit pricey but not unreasonable.

monique burnley

Best oxtails in town. Excellent meat market inside.

Amanda Howe

It is not my everyday market (a little to far from home for that) but it is worth a trip - great meat and fish department, lots of tempting baked goods and prepared foods. The staff is extremely helpful and friendly. I really enjoy shopping there.

Alan Polasky

Get all my craft beer kegs from here. They have been able to order everything I ask for. Currently have Blushing Monk in a quarter barrel!

Gerald Snyder

Holiday is not just grocery shopping it's an event. Nowhere else are you going to get such a wide selection of butcher cut meats, fresh seafood and things you just don't find in the big chain stores.

Brad Pielet

Fabulous Local Store with a wide variety of products sometimes very difficult to find. Friendly staff always a great shopping experience!

Amy Loomis

Neat place with lots of homemade goodies!!

Mary Claxton

Got cupcakes for my nephew's bday. Abby in the bakery was awesome. She helped us with the details and even drew a color sample of how the cupcakes would look, awesome customer service!! The cupcakes were delicious. Chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter mousse.

Jenny Starbuck

This is a great specialty grocery store! They make bread fresh daily and it's great. I highly recommend their Red White and Blueberry bread it's delicious lightly toasted with butter! The staff is always very friendly and helpful. Enjoy!!

Steven Roberts

Customer service was decent, tons of items, pretty clean store, decently priced, all around good place would come here again and or let family and friends know about this place

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