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REVIEWS OF East Detroit Bakery & Deli IN Michigan

Kevin Leonhardt

They made my mom's wedding cake 50 years ago in June. The quality and service still the same.Christian atmosphere. All staff pleasent attitude. Love the deli also

Colleen M

I've worked with customers for 30 + years now. The customer is always right and should be treated respectfully, and everyone who walks in your door or calls you on the phone is your customer. They are the ones who keep you in business and pay your bills. When all the employees and management of this establishment learn this I will have a lot more respect for this bakery. When you understand this you won't have to play the "I wonder which of these customers is important" game anymore, because they'll all be important.

Elizabeth Crager

Still one of the BEST bakeries around!!

Dion Temple

Nice atmosphere, beautiful people. Good donuts and pastry

Delores Taylor

Simply the best deserts

Tj Owen

Prices aren't bad, treats are amazing, staff is kind and patient! What's not to like?

K.A Russo

Fresh bread for the win. The parking is terrible, but they are working on it.

Beckie T

The ladies who work the counter do not wear gloves or any protection on their hands when they get the fresh loaves of bread off the racks. The bread is superb, but, i don't care that they are handling money and then touching food. I pointed it out but they didn't correct it. It continued the next two weeks. Now I have to ask the counter person to use a paper or a fresh glove when they put my bread into a bag. They don't like being asked that but,, it should be done automatically without an attitude. Money is very filthy.

Claudia Bokuniewicz-Hanna

Best bakery in Michigan! Staff is wonderful! Very happy place to gain some good weight.

Andra Alexander

Great place the smell along makes you want to eat and buy more

N. P.

The baked goods here are delicious. The store is very clean. The ladies servicing me have always been nice and cheerful. I used to go to Sweetheart's Bakery on Kelly Road. One day I came in and asked one of the ladies to put on some gloves when she handled my food she got very upset and I have never been back. Do yourself a favor, spend the extra 3 minutes driving and come to East Detroit Bakery on 9 mile in Eastpointe not only do they open earlier, but they also have a better selection of bread, cakes, pies as well as donuts.

Maggie Sapienza

Heaven for a sweet tooth

Robert Miles

Great customer service. Excellent bake goods.

Jack Paulus

Wonderful strudel pies and paczki for fat Tuesday. Bought several dozen. Liked the custard with chocolate on top the best rasberry second best.

Kevin Perry

Worked down the street from them whille i worked at a car wash down the street on the corner. Occassionally stopped in for lunch. Easy to get to and good selection. 2 thumbs up, a must see.

Alison Durrant

Paczki were the best! Service was awesome will be back used to shop there many many years ago!

Natasha Powell

OMWOW! This place is wonderful. Friendly people delicious pastries. You can place orders ahead and they will box it up and have it ready upon your arrival. Very professional and evey visits is a treat because it's always something new that I haven't tried yet.

Charles Martin

Be very aware of this place if you have nut allergies. They use Hazlenut in the chocolate drizzle and coatings of their deserts. Unfortunately this is never disclosed until someone gets sick and you call.

Steve Rutkowski

Always great goodies

Shannon Foster

Great food.. Great prices.. Go there.. You won't be disappointed


Best place in town for baked goods. Service with a smile

James Wynn

Try the chocolate bumpy cheesecake. That's all I need to say!

Katie Rose

Cake, cookies, cannolis, donuts and pastries galore! A smorgasbord of delicious fresh baked goods that will make your day. My daughter and I adore this place. Good coffee. Delicious treats. Helpful smiling staff. Very clean. Love this place!!!

Anji Hastings

This Bakery Is The Shiznizzle of Bakerys. I didn't want to leave. Cheesecake was the best I have ever had. Bought fresh bread this morning right out of the oven. These people are fricken rock stars

Andrea Williams

Great baked goods delivered with smile.

nga dve

Grew up eating bread from here

Rosy Cheeks

I recently moved from the islands and was in search of a bakery with no preservatives. I need bread that actually gets old if it stays out too long. This bakery is as fresh as they come. I also got my daughter's birthday cake from here, it was pretty and tasty.

Melinda Kasper

They have great bread here, so fresh!

Jeanna Carder

Awesome cheesecakes! Great staff.

Joe Hakim

Well run spot with lots of options. Good bread & doughnuts.

LTanya Clegg

I love this bakery, the staff are great and the baked goods are excellent!!

dale otto

Went there on Fat Tuesdays for their donuts they were quick serving people and they were nice and pleasant we'll always go there they have good Donuts actually they have excellent Donuts and Apple fritters

Emily Anderson

The staff is very kind, the food and desserts are delicious and affordable. Love this bakery!


Love this bakery. Their donuts's and brownies are to die for.

johnnie dickerson sr

Good donuts quick service nice atmosphere

Eric Christian

Great old school bakery. Best donuts on the east side, and yes I am including Dutch Girl. Always a great variety and always fresh and delicious!!

Ida Hutchinson

Very nice

Maggie Sheedy

The friendliest staff, they really care about their customers. Amazing selection of donuts, cookies, pastries.

Salina Lewis

Great deserts and deli. Need more sugar free selection besides pre packed cookies.

Turae Allie

Their zucchini bread is to die for....super delicious

Al h

I think that this place over charges certain ethnicities. They don't have a price board anywhere they charge you what they want too

nichelle mine

Love this bakery. Pound cake is great haven't had anything that I don't like yet and don't think I will.

Pat Bahlman

Love this place. Best baked goods around

Nunya Bidness

Excellent baked goods with a wide variety to choose from. Fresh delicatessen meats. Good prices.

William Zoufal

Great home cooking items etc

Catherine Garrett

We use them frequently and are always amazed by the bountiful selection and cost. So inexpensive! Never had anything we didn't' like:)

Michael Swierpel

Great baked goods and bread

Donna Davis'Douglas

I had to stop myself going in there so much. I used to work down the street and I know at less three times a week I would send someone or go myself to get (4) Chocolate Bump Cupcake. My face would breakout, but I love them so much. Now I'm retired my son will only bring once a month. That triple Chocolate Cheese cake is to die for. Where my son bring my special for the month. I get a fork and get in my bed watch a movie and pig out eat on what ever I had all through the night. I'm on my way out there to order my 61th.BDay Cake. I'm so glad this bakery isn't in my area I would be big as a house. Keep up the the work.

Alexa Tanasescu

Sometimes, the staff can be quite aggressive with customers. As in they don't allow one any time to look over the products before they expect one to get what they came in for and leave. Under 5 min. Don't take your time, you will be hurried.


The women are so sweet. Great food great service

Jen Gar

Love their bumpy cake!

Jacqueline Macon

I been going to East Detroit Bakery for over 30 years!! Best Bakery!!


I normally don't do this however they have overall great quality food but some of the women in there have very unpleasant spirits and just overall rude personalities. This truly needs to be addressed. And very argumentative which isn't something you should do when it comes to customer service. Totally uncalled for.


This bakery is fabulous. 80 year's old and still going strong. They have the best cheese bread, which they bake fresh every Saturday and Sunday. Excellent!

Tim M

Delightful staff, clean, hundreds of options and the that’s not even the food quality. I won’t ever go to another bakery. The muffins and cakes are perfectly made. I highly recommend them, you won’t be disappointed.

Jr Hudson

The donuts and the sandwiches are excellent you should go you'll enjoy it

Mandi Mcfarland

I will give 3 stars only because I have never had a problem before today but today I bought paczkis a cupcake and oreo cheesecake, everything was good except for the cheesecake. It tasted like it was spoiled, had to throw it out. I hope I don't get sick. I have gotten 3 different kinds of cheesecake from here before and never had a problem until today

Stephen Hemmen

Always good!

Sally Khalid

This bakery is great. Clean & very reasonable prices. I’ve been here more than a hundred times over the past 10 years & never have been disappointed at all. They have a very wide selection of cakes & all other kinds of pastries & bread all with very reasonable prices. The deli section is always clean with a nice display. Also, they have a little cleared area on the side to sit down & enjoy coffee or tea & whatever you desire from their delicious & yummy selection. The staff is very helpful & nice.

Katie Adams

I have purchased a couple cheesecakes from this bakery and I have been very pleased with how wonderful they are. I love that these cakes are not dry. I also, can say I have never felt that it needed anything else. If you have a chance, try out their cookies, too!

Jacqueline Affatati

This is the best bakery in Michigan. They have the best brownies, cheesecakes, bread, cinnamon rolls, donuts, chocolate mousse cups and chocolate covered strawberries. They never disappoint. They have excellent customer service and everything is truly delicious.


I always go here for fresh Deli Kaiser rolls. I ordered the black forest cake for my husband Father's Day. Premier cakes

Lisa Klick

Great service, fresh lunch meat and bakery items+

Audrey Zibulski

Love this place I wish it was over in Paw Paw.mi. every time we go see our daughter we bring back 4 loafs of bread and there amazing cheese cakes

Brian Wysocky

Great prices and good quality. Only complaint I have is the customer service. The lady who took our order was in a hurry and a little grouchy.

Brian Morrow

Best bakery in Michigan in my opinion

Miranda Roark

This is an amazing bakery. I have picked up my baked goods here for years and have never been less than highly satisfied. If you need a delicious specialty cake, donut, or other baked goodness this is the place to go. I love their Strawberry Shortcake cake. We just had a Bumpy Cheesecake that was divine. They have a really great deli as well with a wide range of selections and a bit of grocery items too. If you haven't visited, you should. I recommend ordering cakes ahead of time if you have a particular in mind. Parking is a drag on 9 mile so that can be a challenge...but worth it.

Jay H

Go here! ...but really, go here! This little shop is filled with some of everything. One of my favorite gems in the area. PRO TIP: Ask them to make you a fresh deli sandwich and they will cut the deli meat while you wait. You can't get that anyplace else in the area.

Katherine Barton

Everytime I go there everyone is extremely friendly, the lady who just helped me today was amazing. My brother is getting married today and she helped me pick the best bakery items to help feed the whole party. A++ as always. Great prices too.

Jim C.

Great place and friendly staff. All their products are excellent too and fairly priced..

Yvonne Mazzonne

Love this place even though I don't agree that their Christmas huge round tray of cookies cost $50 should be a little bit less even though they're good but I love it their bread is fresh and delicious and their cakes and cheesecakes are to die for great bakery

Lena Sky

Very good cakes and donuts. Big variety of deserts.

Terry De La Garza

I bought TWO Loaves of Buttermilk Rye a Day before Easter and they were GREAT, light Brown in Color and Soft White Buttermilk Bread on the Inside, BUT When I went in this Morning to Purchase a Loaf , they were DARK BROWN and Hard on the Outside and the Young Woman told me that it was the DARK SEEDS That made the Bread that way, SO I bought the Polish Rye which She said it was the Same Except it has NO SEEDS and when i got Home and tried it, It was NOT the Same Buttermilk Bread. The OWNER and Manager Need to Find Out WHY The Buttermilk Rye is getting Overcooked and Burnt on Some Occasions, but PERFECT Other times, and the people working their should Explain Better the difference between the Breads that they Sell and SHOULDN'T SELL BURNT BREAD TO THEIR CUSTOMERS ON ANY DAY !

Liana Lemke

My favorite bakery in the state! Great variety of baked goods, bread and deli meats. And they make custom cakes! The most difficult part of my visits is what to choose...

Thomas Evans

I'm a fanatic about bread. East Detroit Bakery's is so good I never make my own anymore. The Italian is great, and you will love their "multi-grain". Best toast ever!

Salena Clark

OMG! I put on 5lbs just looking at all those delicious Cakes, Pies, Doughnuts etc, etc... Ummm, umm good... I ordered a slice of Cheese cake Mannnn out of this world... Yessss

Rene Vanzaelen

I just bought a dozen of donuts the price was right read reasonable and the raisin bread is outstanding good keep up the good work

Cheryl Clark

Love this bakery been going hete since i was a young girl

Carly Smith

Cakes are amazing and so are the donuts, but when you buy deserts out of the showcase everything always has a weird fridge taste to it. I've bought multiple different things from it at different times and they always have that weird taste. The staff is amazingly nice, you don't get good customer service like that these days.

Diaspora El

Great selection for pastries while being locally focused. Would like healthier options.

Michelle Robertson

Excellent! Great customer service and the food is reasonably priced with large portions!

CampItGear Online Business

Always a great bakery

B Value

I love this place. I have never had a single bad thing there. I love their pound cake. I usually go in there for one thing, and end up leaving with way too many things. I have tried every cheesecake they have and they are all amazing. I only go in once in a while, because I have no self control and make bad decisions.

Thom Desy

Love this place been a customer for over 30 years it just smells so darn good when you walk in. Nice deli awesome cakes fresh donuts awesome breads special baked items on the weekends tons a cheese cakes by the slice, just a wonderful place I love this bakery awesome owners customer orders it's just an Eastside gem plain an simple !

Derek Grosso

The best Christmas cookies

Joshua Smith

I been going to this place for 5+ years and the apple caramel cheesecake is too elite for peasants. Love this place.

Mariuca R

Friendly service and the best breads and pastries. They have the best paczkis outside of Hamtramck. I’ve had New Palace paczkis for over a decade, and swear by them, but I have to say East Detroit’s are just as good and quite possibly better.

Gloria Baker

Lots of yummy things. They even have slices of various kinds of cheesecake which is perfect because my husband loves cheesecake and many times a whole one is too much.

Leona Lane

This place smells so good I want to buy one of everything... Great place!!!

Joanna Paluskas

Cheesecake!! Every kind you can imagine ❤️ Delicious!!

Allen Ward

They got yourself a new customer Impressive it certainly competes with the new Palace Bakery and the service was wonderful they got themselves a new customer banana nut cake Russian rye with the seeds and what appears to be a cinnamon roll but it's got another name to it as sexy so I'm deaf so I can't make out everything but you need to go to this Bakery they got nice items go

Carol Chambers

Best in the city all fresh baked

Kenneth Corcoran Jr

This bakery is awesome I've been going here for 20 plus years, family owned and run that are very friendly and good-hearted down-to-earth people. They must have some awesome Bakers too because all of their products that they sell are delicious. I definitely recommend the cheesecake and the cannolis lol. They are just awesome. Check em out, you won't be disappointed...

Heidi Hunter

Everything looks and taste delicious.....and I do mean EVERYTHING!!!

Dona Coleman

Baked goods are great.

Dan lewis

I absolutely love this place.

Dave Seales

Best Italian bakery in the Metro

Mark Hamilton

When you want to gain a few pounds this is the place. You won't be able to stop eating ,as fresh as can get . Not one thing in there I wouldn't eat.

eboni brown, eboni

I have order from this place once and had bad service. I ordered a cake 1 week in advance and when I came to pick my cake up it wasn't even made they had to grab one out of the freezer and write happy birthday on to for me because they couldn't find mine and the cake was 10 dollars more than the amount I was given over the phone. The penmenship that the happy birthday was written in was horrible. so bad that I could hardly read what it said. then when I took it home it was very dry and wasn't what I asked for. I asked fora a strawberry flavored cheese cake and they end up giving me a strawberry short cake. which is not what I ASKED FOR. I will never spend my money at this establishment again. if I could have given it 0 stars I would


What can I say? Friendly service accompanied by a welcoming clean environment with an excellent selection of freshly baked goods and beyond. 5 - Star Rating.


Delicious fresh baked items.

Jackie Wall

My favorite bakery hands down!

Summer Nicole

Everything here is amazing. I love the cheesecakes and the croissants are super yum

Lora Ivanaj

Nice and friendly people, but not so great donuts.

Wade Ensign

Always out of what I want because it needs to be ordered. Aren't bakerys supposed to bake the food and not order it?

Kathryn Helwig

Best paczki!! Yum!! Super nice people working there!!

Hazel Robertson

Amazing delicious!! I will definitely go back for more!!

Jessica Perry

Amazing selection. Great pricing. The owner and staff are knowledgeable and kind. Great place for everything from fresh doughnuts to specialty cheesecake.

Marc Chapman

Great selection! The kids are always excited to make a stop here

Dia G

Excellent service everyone was friendly fast paced kind and the food smells great and looks clean.

J0hn Sm17h

Great service. And great food!

E. B. Snodgrass

Heard lots of good things, but wasn't impressed. Donut wasn't that special and chocolate icing on it was too skimpy. Cupcake had that whippy icing instead of buttercream frosting. Great selection of items is what gave them 3 stars.

ava campbell

friends told me to come here to get cupcakes for my daughters birthday and man were they right!! The cupcakes were moist and the buttercream is fantastic. the customer service was also a 10/10 all of the women working were so pleasant but the woman courtney who helped us was incredible! she was so patient with me as I changed my order numerous times and she even went as far as laying cupcakes out for me in the form of numbers to ensure everything was perfect she really made me feel like I was her main priority from start to finish. HIDDEN GEM IN EASTPOINTE!!

Dovah Kulaas

What a lovely bakery. Came in looking for a birthday cake but I’m so incredibly picky with cakes I didn’t find what I was looking for (specifically for a berry Chantilly cake) but they had a great selection of everything. Got a cannoli and a lemon bar for some birthday treats regardless. The women working the counter were WONDERFUL. We were given samples of cookies and I was even given a few free cookies since it was my birthday. Really cute and comfortable and the cookies and pastries were excellent. 5/5, don’t listen to the negative reviews. This place deserves the support. Will absolutely be back.

Stefan Eggenschwiler

This place has been there forever, but in recent years, they've really stepped up their game! Nice little deli counter. Great breads. Interesting cheesecake selections. However, the absolute star of the show there are the apple fritters! OMG! Insanely good!!!

Lisa Ford

My husband and i got maried September 30th 2018, and we had East Detroit Bakery make our cake. We had 3 layers...two strawberry & cream and one chocolate with cannoli cream. OMG was this cake AMAZING!!! So good...all our guest loved the cake & told us that too. The cake looked just gorgeous...thank you so very much East Detroit Bakery, you are simply the best!!

Kathy Hall

Reasonable prices. Good service. Baked goods outstanding.

LaTia Unique

Delicious desserts and lots of selections


Love the variety of baked goods. The donuts are amazing.

Brian Carrow

Greatest cannolis around. Little on the pricey side but well worth it!

Carolyn Bruning

Best bread, and cakes anywhere! Great prices , wide selectons . Great day old rack , with great bargains. I just moved to the area so was very happy to have a local bakery. I stopped in and was blown away ! I bought two muffins . Gave one to a friend , she is not huge muffin fan , but said the East Detroit Bakery have the best she's ever had ! .the people are very friendly as well .. Beyond excellent .

Raeann McGehee

I loved what I seen at this shop. ❤ I'm excited to see cupcakes for my daughter's wedding.

Lisa Tyburski

Do not order a cake from here. I would give no stars if I could. Last week I ordered my first cake from them, a 12" chocolate cake with buttercream and white chocolate mousse in between the layers and all I got was frosting through out. Spent $80 on a basic cake I could have gotten at Costco for less and better tasting. I called and spoke to Sue who states the gal must have made a mistake. Really? Could she not read an order? She also said it was buttercream, it tasted like plain sugary/oily frosting to us. She offered nothing but a replacement cake but for what occasion would I trust another cake from them? No compensation was offered. I even have some left over to prove my case if she thinks I'm not truthful. I have loved this bakery for years and I was telling everyone how awesome this cake was going to be and oh how embarrassed I was. Not to mention I moved away from the area and made the effort to order from here. Do not trust them. Stick with the bread.

judy thomas

Great place everybody's always so nice they're clean and fast

Keya Walker

My order was incorrect and they did nothing to change it, except say have a good day. Very upsetting!

MaiMai P

I have been to this place a lot over the years. The desserts are overall good in my opinion. Ihave noticed that they are very expensive and every cashier seems to have a different price for the same things I have ordered before. Also, generally all the ladies I have ran across in the years I have been coming there; One lady who is a bit new rubs me the wrong way. She is very inviting and friendly with her other customers and then when gotten to me her whole vibe changes and I feel rushed. A bit of a cold shoulder like she is uncomfortable. At first, I thought I was tripping but after the 3rd time. I'm not.

Jo Ann Kalinin

Best in town


Bought some items & was pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive the total was. The customer service was alright. The young lady was probably having a bad day. I worked in customer service for years & I go above & beyond. So, I always have high hopes that I would receive the same treatment when I'm spending my coins aka my money, lol. When she handed me back my change, I was the one to say, "Have a good day." My husband & I looked at eachother & I said, "She was really nice." Of course I didn't really mean that. But I hope she has a better day tomorrow and so forth.

Richard Kulpa

I've been going here since I was a kid. Great bread and pastries, and a good place to get patzki on fat Tuesday.

Robert Vitale

Great bakery

Brenda Tibbets

Great bakery they have alot of delicious cakes cookies and there reasonably priced

Joann Johnson

Not the same been going for years the food has an old stale taste

Cliff Wilson

Always good and fresh, the cheesecakes are premium, and there's a nice little deli to boot.

Justyn Morris

While the cheese cake was good it gave my dad gastric bypass surgery and released everything in his guts if u don’t like to be on the toilet all day I advise you not to go there They put ex-lax in they stuff

Debbie Tomala

I just LOVE this bakery we ordered this cake for Christmas it was AWESOME !!!!!!! Everyone just RAVED About it. Each and every time we place an order or just pop in and pick up some delicious goodies it’s always GREAT!!!!

Karen Blevins

Donuts delicious... The ladies work there should wear gloves when handling bread.. They wear for the donuts but not bread..

John Gattinger

Just picked up a dozen Paczki. They have the Real Deal Deep Fried Paczki like they have in Hamtramck.

Jai Step

Fabulous..u have to try 1 of everything! Clean n kind n delicious

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