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1236 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 48226, United States

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REVIEWS OF Detroit Institute of Bagels IN Michigan

Robert Marchese

Absolutely love this place. Their bagel sandwiches and fresh squeezed OJ is some of the best I've had. Their bagels are perfectly crisp on the outside. Highly recommend going early to avoid the crowd.

Alexandra Winter

On weekends the line goes through the entire bagel shop but there is a reason for it... their bagels are incredible! They have a wide variety of flavors including, my favorite, rosemary olive oil. Their bagel sandwich menu is awesome and they have vegan options and you can swap cream cheese out for hummus!

Ed Carr

Great bagels - try the rosemary sea salt! Sandwiches prepared in reasonable time and tasted great. Good coffee as well. Seemed a tad pricey to me.

Charles Ragan

Delicious chewy soft bagels with fresh tasty cream cheese. I also had a breakfast bagel that was very satisfying. Coffee was very good too. Service was friendly and fast. Will come back for an early weekend breakfast again!

Ryan Younan

Bagels for kids. Bagels for ma and pa. Bagels for you. Bagels for your boss who sent you here on a brunch run. I'm not sure about bagels for your dog, but this is a dog friendly train station, minus the trains. Surf safely comrades.

Max Nord

excellent bagels.

annie daffin

My grandson Marcus Morris brags about how good the food is at the bagel shop I haven't had the pleasure of eating there yet so I can't rate them but I know Marcus would give them five stars

Tommy Clark

Make some of the best bagels downtown right on Michigan Avenue nice place to grab a breakfast before you go to work

Patrick Bellamy

Good bagels. Probably the best in these parts

Cathrine Trautman

I love bagels and this place has gotten the bagel game right. The sandwiches are delicious and I have never been disappointed.

Richard Scott

Friendly service. Nice garden area.

Brandon Celestin

Great bagel sandwich with lox and rosemary. yum

Lillian Finley

Best bagel ive ever eaten no wonder it was so busy. Loved the atmosphere!

Iggie Taipala

Love the bagels, just recently had a bagel sandwich for lunch and it was as delicious as the morning bagel sandwich.

Michael Goodwin

Went there for the first time today and this place does not disappoint! Will definitely add this place to our regular spots to eat!

Azad Abbasi

They make the best bagels I've ever eaten. Used to get a weekly bagel order for the office from them and they were so personable and always had it ready on time, bright and early. They're really accommodating and they make a mean bagel sandwich.

Yoav Pinhas

Good bagels.

Kevin Bullard

Great bagels but only babysized t-shirt

James McIntyre

Very, very good experience. Exceptionally nice staff who appear to be happy, well-adjusted and organized. Oh, and the lox is good too.

Suvrat Jain

Great bagel selection and sandwiches. Best choices are sesame, jalapeño, or everything bagel. I recommend you call in advance as morning lines are long and the parking lot is open and in a shady part of Detroit. The coffee is also standard drip so I usually bring my own. Place is dog friendly.

Jerry Wesley

Undeniably amazing bagel sandwiches. Loce the cucumber water. Love the atmosphere. Continuously disappointed in the coffee. I guess that's my own fault for continuing to get coffee there but as a friend I'm telling you that you're coffee is disappointing. Everything else completely overshadows it though.

Collin Heck

Fantastic food. Creative options and you can't go wrong. Only downside is it's a little pricy.

Christina P

Always Delicious and is Dog Friendly. The Smoked whitefish salad Bagel is my favorite. I go here once a week

Terry Weigand

Great bagels. Very hipster.

Aviv Vered

Seems like a very good bagels place, if you are a bagels person. Personally, i am skipped the bagels due to limited time I had, and the long line. Nice outside area, with great cyclists company...

Jay Fahs

Fantastic food and the staff is always friendly.

Meghann Pardee

I want to go back for more soon. They had what I think were monthly specials and they sounded yummy.

Kathleen McBride

Wonderful place for coffee, bagels, and friendliness!

matt roach

To be fair, the food here is fantastic. I usually only get bagels with cream cheese and the price seems high at first but they really are worth it. My complaint is with a few members of the staff. I received a bagel with very little spread and made a request for more. Most of my orders since have been like that or with the spread on the outside of the bagel creating a mess. It's not that hard of a task which only leads me to believe it's done on purpose and out of spite. Also, as a warning, this is New Detroit so be prepared for an extra large dose of weekend pretentiousness.

Andrew Puckett

Awesome bagels!

Chris Mitchell


Juni F

Located close to home, this place offers up great coffee and even better bagels. Things are reasonably priced and their are many options. Staff is extremely friendly and service is fast. Never waited more than 2-3 minutes for my meal. Definitely check them out.

Viktorija Chikhalenko

Love the salted rosmary bagle. Made the real way!

C Catlos

The folks who work here are friendly and fast, offering suggestions for bagels to accompany your sandwich. We tried the Super Nova, lox with egg and kale (delish), the roasted corn and poblano soup (very very good...flavorful), and the cucumber salad (light and summery). We enjoyed our meal on the patio, which was lovely. Food was delish, price is right, and service is friendly.

Steve St. Germain

Amazing bagels. Fresh squeezed orange juice and flavored cream cheese is so good.

Nicholas Henderson

Had one of the sandwiches during my first trip, now ive never been a fan of bagel sandwiches and how messy they are to eat, but this one i just destroyed. Still messy, but worth it. Definitely coming back. Staff was super nice too.

Dennis Hall

This place gets it, boiled then baked, REAL BAGELS! Good people, great service. Brought a couple dozen to the office a few times. The team loves them. Only one issue, no onion bagels, really!!!

Richard Satkin

Tasty Lew's bagel sandwich. Plenty of lox. Easy to get to and park.

Samantha Luber

Favorite bagel place of all time. Great service, hip location and space, and delicious bagels with great sandwich options and good coffee / fresh juice.


The bagels are fantastic and so is the atmosphere. But i dont like their coffee. Imo

Tess Parr

Excellent food and service. Can get super busy on weekends. The cheddar jalapeno bagel is the best. They have monthly specials with bagel sandwiches, and cream cheese that can be super creative and keep me coming back regularly to see what's new. I also like that with their seasonal pastries they pick a local nonprofit to donate proceeds to. Makes me feel good about caving to my sweets cravings. The staff are super friendly, and make you feel at home.

Christy R

Bagels and coffee are delicious and the atmosphere is so charming. Highly recommend.

Chris McTaggart

This is a very good bagel place. They have the standard bagel fare, as well as some creative sandwiches, bagels, soups, etc. I'm knocking it down to 4 stars for two reasons: 1) They're very expensive, with the average bagel cost (no spread, cream cheese, etc) being $2 a bagel. 2) Their bagels do not keep well. They get stale within 2 days tops. Otherwise, definitely a good place and I go quite frequently. Just wish they were a bit more modest in price and that their product kept longer.

Stephen Khuu

Super friendly staff, delicious bagels. Exactly like how bagel places should be. Can't make a bad choice here.

Tarone Barfield

The service was fairly quick the Lines wan't long and I got my order very fast they have outdoor seating which is cozy and it has friendly and courteous staff

Chris C

Pretzel jalepeño bagel was sooooooo good. Parking in the back. Nice place.

Becca Mann

Everything I've had so far has been delicious. Get a cookie. You won't regret it.

David Mierendorf

Great food, lots of selection, great prices.

Marvin Swift

Wonderfully delicious

dream hampton

First thing I do when I fly home from NYC or LA is make a morning stop at DIB. That's right, DIB's bagels are BETTER than anything I've had in my 22 years living in NYC or my time in LA over the past 3 decades. They're boiled to perfection, soft on the inside with a nice glossy crisp finish. Try the rosemary sea salt---you'll be a believer too.

John Joseph

Decent bagels, but I've had much better at Jewish delis. A cool location however. Hipster bagels lol overpriced to be honest. Still probably some of the better bagels in the downtown area.

D.W. Lesh

A nice selection of bagels and breakfast-type sandwiches. We visited here around 11am on a Monday. The crowd has a younger with a hip feel, but was quiet and not too crowded. I ordered The Elmo (roasted red pepper, avacodo, hummus, cucumber, and arugula) on a toasted salt bagel. Delicious! The cucumbers are sliced long and thin, which was very pleasing. Girlfriend ordered something sweet with sausage on it. She liked hers too. We would definitely come again.

Will Schaefer

They have really awesome homemade cream cheeses, but they don't have a honey walnut variety, which is disappointing. The space is a bit awkward and the service is slow. They have a weird assembly line instead of one person helping you with an order. The bagels are decent.

Mark Kenimer

Very tasty bagel shop, have interesting flavors, fast service, and a tasty menu. Something I would suggest to a fellow customer is if you intend to make a meal out of a bagel and Lox Cream Cheese theres not much salmon in I would suggest just getting cream cheese and adding Lox- albeit pricey theres much more protein there. A suggestion to the baker - the Cheddar Jalapeno bagel could have a bit more jalapeno in it- I couldn't taste any or feel any sort of spice...which I was expecting given the name. Overall great little spot, cool drawings or paintings around the place, and stellar eats.

kushak suchdev

Fresh baked bagels with novel ingredients. Great sandwiches. In one word - Delicious!

Austin D.

Super bagels and schmears. Don't sleep on the plain bagel or try the olive oil, rosemary, and sea salt with veggie cream cheese if you want to get fancy.

Brigit Olivero

Loved this place. Long wait, but worth it

Joseph Ziembroski

Excellent service and fantastic breakfast bagel sandwiches - made to order.

Michael Coury

We beat the rush and there was still a healthy line... But it moved quick and we got our order in no time. The food is fresh and the bagels are the best in SE Michigan... We can't wait to get back there!


This little bagel shop in Corktown had beautiful decor and layout. The space was large and had enough seating. My substitute to cream cheese was an avocado spread. They had other vegan options, so I will definitely be going again for a chill Saturday morning coffee n bagel.

Rob Feder

They have the best bagels in the area. If you like lox, they make their own and they're very good.

Ian Bonner

Great bagel sandwiches and good service.

Ashley L

Love this bagel place. They have a have sandwich called a TBA you should try it yummy!!

Brian Moore

Fantastic bagels and fantastic sandwiches. If you're going on the weekends, expect a short wait.

Colleen Shonk

Our favorite place! Good food, good service, good people

Wendy B

A great place for breakfast! They have a wide selection of bagels as well as sandwiches. The sushi bagel was fantastic!

Molly S

Very tasty bagels and sandwiches! This is a place you won't want to miss out on if you're in Detroit!

Nicole Hulec

I'd drive all the way back from cleveland for another one

Mark Giles

best bagels I have had in the mitten state, solid contenders vs. many east coast shops. Get in early before your favorite sells out.

Katherine Hoffman

Best bagels for breakfast and breast bagel Sammy's for lunch!! Buy local!!

Celia Cunningham

Cute interior and fresh bagels, but some bagels get expensive and they didn't have rye, pumpernickel, nor cheddar bagels when I visited.

ad mobile4

Lew Silver sandwich.... Thank me later.

Antonio Esposito

Bumping back up my review since i have had a hard time getting bagels in Chicago. Bagels are always fresh, the sandwiches are delicious and the cream cheese is amazing. Get the Jalapeno/Cheddar with Scallion cream cheese. You will be in heaven.

Emma Hodge

Detroit Institute of Bagels is the best place to get a quick breakfast in Detroit. Bagels and cream cheese are made from scratch and ingredients are locally sourced. Modern, hip atmosphere and the staff is always friendly and efficient even during peak times. Great for pick up, a sit down meal out on the lawn, or a quiet place to study.

MaRaya Peterson

Absolutely to die for! I came to visit my hometown and was introduced to this gem. Amazing, great priced, delicious! The Ginsberg was the best thing I ever tasted.

Catherine Powars

Delicious and fresh! Loved the homemade bagels and spreads.

Chris Cordes

Clean, busy place. Definitely part of the urban renewal of the city. Overall, very good place for a bagel.

Christina Warholic

I stop here pretty much every time I'm in the area. There aren't many places in Michigan that have real east coast bagels. I'm very particular about my bagels, and I strongly recommend this place. I love the salt bagel with garlic cream cheese, but I've never been disappointed in any of their bagels or cream cheeses. Service is fast usually. If you like East Coast bagels, I strongly recommend this place.

Jan Ge

Best bagels in town!

Tony Woo

Cozy environment. Very friendly and peaceful establishment. Huge ass. of bagels and sandwiches

Richard Smith

Authentic, but I'm sure some New Yorkers would diasagree. Ben trained in New York for this to get the twice raised and boiled perfection. Really offbeat Detroit inspired schmears. Spicy lentil is my favorite. Day old dozens for $5.

Marilyn Coughlin

They have Real, authentic bagels, which are almost impossible to find in Detroit.

Sam Derian

A go to for bagels in Detroit. A must try (every weekend)

Ellie Voelker

Such good bagel sandwiches! This place has never disappointed, and is the perfect place for a warm sunny morning as they have a great dog friendly outdoor area to eat as well. We love coming here and wish it was closer to where we live, but stop in any chance we get.

Justin Evans

Amazing bagels, I had the TBA and it was incredible. My only regret is that I didn't get more bagels. I can't wait to go back.

Chris Burton

Holy cow! Awesome atmosphere and vibes. Good ass bagels too. May go here every day

jamie staszel


Jason Najor

Great place for a breakfast sandwich. Has that urban feel to it.

Ron Herrin

Neat place, friendly staff, good food

zenita daniel

OMG!!!!!! Become a Detroiter, eat a bagel here, your welcome

Aidan Blum

Awesome Place for a great Sunday morning Detroit bagel breakfast. Really good flavored water, and so excited to see lots of recycling in the city!

Lana Lou

I LOVE this place so much I ate here every morning for 4 days while I was staying nearby. I got the Root Bagel (beets, arugula, and goat cheese) on the rosemary and salt bagel and I wish I could bring this whole place home with me. It’s nice to see they recycle too! It would be nice to see less wrapping on the “for here” bagels or provide composting to be even more sustainable, and to offer OJ in washable cups instead of single use plastic. They offer the biggest discount I’ve ever seen for bringing our own 2-go coffee mugs, we save 50 cents off the small size price but we can get any size we want so technically the discount is more the bigger mug you have. Also lots of parking. Anyhoo, very impressed with this place :)

Melissa Cookingham

Best bagels in town. Absolutely incredible.

Ian Cameron

Average food, not worth the long lines and high prices.

Robert Mitchell

The staff is great and.

David Pyon

Was searching for bagels or donuts and found this place. Not right downtown but close enough to try it out. Very happy. Bagel was great and the vibe was nice. Recommend for a good bagel.

Trestin Bradley

Bagels are amazing. These folks can do no wrong.

Mike Noble

We love this place. The bagels are 5 ⭐ and they have a couple vegan spreads and fresh veggie toppings. Then they have an outdoor Green space to eat and sip your coffee

Mary Szlaga

Best bagels ever! Get there early.

Beatriz CO

Beautiful place! Excellent building transformation! Food is delicious. I really loved the atmosphere of this little cozy restaurant!

Neil Zielinski

The decor is nice. The service was good. The selection was pretty good. The dislikes were, they dont have decaf all. The bagels were very chewy and hard. I got whitefish as a topping; and it was whitefish "salad" apparently. I checked the menu later to see if that is what it was listed as, but had not realized it. Nope...its listed as whitefish, but is actually whitefish salad. It was loaded with red onions. And I mean loaded. It also had dill and celery, cut very thick. There was such a strong onion and mayo taste that I couldn't enjoy the whitefish. It wasn't just a disappointment of getting what I wasn't expecting, it was that plus the fact that it wasn't very good. I wouldn't go back. I was with a friend who wasn't too impressed either.

Csaba Hartmann

Great bagel place - friendly staff and fantastic food. They have multiple varieties of bagels that you can choose from and they taste great. I tried the egg avo cheese one on multigrain everything bagel, is def something would get another day too :)

Mary Ann Beck

We've been here every day of our visit. Good coffee and great bagel sandwiches. Try the one with beets and goat cheese - yum!

Jessica Kauffmann

Their bagels are not like the ones I'm used to. They aren't soft like your typical Einstein or New York Bagel, they are delightfully crunchy on the outside and they have phenomenal flavors. Also, their lemon cream cheese is an obsession of mine. And their sandwiches are fantastic!

Katherine Shaheen

Very good bagels, but a bit over priced for the wait time.

Mitch LaChance

Great, and I mean great bagels. Long wait but good fast service. Good coffee, vegan options.

Lauren Touleyrou

Love these bagels. So fresh. And have made the drive from the burbs just to have them. Some of the best around. Love the Le rouge bagel sandwich. Their outdoor space is cute and inviting. This place is a must stop while in Cortown.

Paul Guzman

Best bagels outside of NYC.

Marianne Gendron

My favorite spot for bagels!

Connie Jones

The everything bagel was so good. Just as much on the bottom as there was on top.

Heather Valley

Great atmosphere. Really quick service. Amazing coffee. Best of all the sesame seed Bagels had a massive amount of sesame seeds on both sides. So so good I would come here every day if I lived in Detroit.

Derek Dadich

The best bagel sandwich I've had. We had visitors and took them here for the 1st time, and we will be back for a second, third and fourth. You can't go wrong with any bagel you choose.

Ryan M

Came up from Toledo on Monday morning to check this place out- after following in IG for several months. Had high hopes of trying several of the specialty bagel sandwiches. Unfortunately I did not realize there is very minimal seating inside the establishment and there were no seats available when there. I was therefore stuck getting a couple bagels togo to eat once back in Toledo. Great place if you are only wanting takeout- bagels overall were good- tried the everything and the rosemary.

Mariam A

This is by far the best bagels in town and even compared to other towns. From the minute you walk in, received by courteous smiley people.great quality bagels. Also if you are a picky eater like me, you will notice that the eggs are made fresh there and if you ask for egg whites, they are real (not box ones). Great for breakfast and lunch sandwiches.must come if you are ever in town!

Megan Wilcox

Nice bagel selection and quick service. I've tried several of their spreads and they're all good. It's great to get bagels from a local store rather than going somewhere that's a chain!

William Mallick

A great place to get bagels in Deroit's Corktown. In the morning, parking is easy on Michigan Ave., since the bars along that strip aren't open yet. I had a bagel sandwich and it was delightful. Happy to see these newer establishments in Detroit. The design and decor are fun, and the service was fast.

Kassidie Renae

SOOOOO good. Pretty busy on the weekends, you can expect to wait in line for about 15 minutes but be patient, it's worth it.

Bob Lundquist

Best bagels in Detroit! Great atmosphere and would recommend their rosemary olive oil bagel.

Henry Huang

Great food and service, but it is one of the smokiest experiences. There is no smoke extraction in the kitchen, which is in the center of the cafe. In the summer, you have the choice of eating outside, but in the winter months beware that the smoke is enough to impact your experience.

Sebastian Garcia

I'm from the North East and we're very particular about our bagels. DIBs has the best bagels and breakfast sandwiches I've had in Michigan. They also have an awesome atheistic and great view of downtown!


Went for Sunday morning coffee and breakfast. The bagels were fresh. My hunny thought the coffee was strong. But I enjoyed the delicious egg and avocado on everything bagel and my coffee. Great service. Pleasant way to start our Sunday. Will be back.

Terietta M. Marshall

They have vegan cream cheese!!!

Ashley Schnaar

Friendly service, fast-moving line, lovely outdoor space with a view of the city. Oh...and delicious bagels!!! Quite the assortment of bagel and cream choice choices, including vegan cream cheese.

Justin Hatch

They have a variety of interesting bagel sandwiches which are perfect for breakfast and brunch. They have some with salmon, chorizo, bacon, egg, etc. Every time I go here they are very quick to take your order and the food is always great. I've tried a number of different sandwiches and haven't had one that I didn't like yet. I will be returning frequently.

Jane Stormer

I visited this restaurant two mornings in a row. It's hard to beat a fresh bagel with yummy toppings like beets and goat cheese! Have a little something for everyone and a really good bagel.

Benjamin Pfeifer

Unreal good sandwiches. I got the TBA on salt and was very satisfied. There was a short wait and cucumber water for the line. Would highly recommend going here.

Linda Cunningham

Great tasting sandwiches on a bagel...delish

Kevin Russell

Begala great coffee but outside seating perfect.

Bre Nourse

These bagels are excellent... Texture, flavor, vibe... All on point. The everything bagel is hands down one of the best bagels I have had, anywhere...ever. The jalapeno cheddar bagel was also incredible. It is my goal to try one of every bagel ...oh and the veggie cream much yes.

Clément Lucas

Our go-to place for bagels. The avocado one is really good. Best is to go early or during the week. It gets pretty busy during the week end. I really recommend this place if you are a bagel fan.

Ashley Tweedale

Always very fast & friendly service.

Sherman Daniels

Great Customer Service!!! Bagels are just better than store bought though. A little pricey to me but the customer service and atmosphere is stellar. Cucumber water is great too... Add half a star

Amy DiCarlo

My go to spot for bagels. I live in Ontario and every time I travel to Detroit I take a dozen home to freeze, the best!!

Knyle Ambers

Food was good. But the vibe from some of the staff for me. Wont be going back

Angela Cook

Bad Day Gone Good! I was having a terrible morning and then had a craving for DIB's fresh squeezed OJ on my way to the office. Since I was already late (due to the terrible morning) I decided to stop. Well, they turned my day around. The bagel, as always, was perfect. The coffee was excellent and the service was even better. It's always a good morning when I stop at DIB but today it made a real difference in my day. Thanks!!

Michael Gall

Could this bagel and coffee combination be any better?! The answer is no.

AJ Smith

Good bagels in a classic cafe style. Good for a light lunch or quick bite for breakfast.

bryan lynch

Pretty good, pricey though I got the ham egg and cheese bagel and I want at all impressed with the ham that was on it really did not taste like great ham. Atmosphere was ok not a lot of seating people were nice, just expensive and I don't think the food was that great.

Alex Arnett

The bacon, egg, and cheese bagel was wonderful! The coffee was also great! I wish I had ordered each one of the bagels to try.

Dipika Mouli

This place is exactly what the neighborhood needs! It's a small breakfast spot that serves a wide range of bagel sandwiches and spreads. They get really creative with their bagel flavors, but also have plain ones, so you can please anyone here. They do have coffee but didn't seem to have tea when I went, and they sell freshly squeezed juices on occasion. The staff is friendly, and they have a nice outdoor patio.

brian fine

Great fresh bagels and fresh squeezed juice. A gem in downtown on a crisp fall morning when you wake up hungry. Friendly staff and atmosphere.

Achsha Jones

Treat yo'self to a Detroit original!

Cail Lininger

Amazing bagels. Got some day old bagels for $5. And fresh squeezed oj

Gaius Caligula

Awesome bagel shop.

Jospeh Mccord

Best bagel shop around. Whether you want a bagel with cream cheese, or you want a bagel sandwich, this is the place to go.

Dustin Amo

Great bagel sandwich, go there, in the morning. Yeah go in the morning and eat a bagel sandwich. Seriously, go there.

Carrie Powers

My husband and I have had Detroit Institute of Bagels at Eastern Market and went to the shop based on our great experience! We went on a Saturday morning and there was a line, but it moved quickly. After we ordered, we were able to find a table easily. I ordered the rosemary, olive oil, and sea salt bagel with garlic cream cheese. My husband ordered the TBA sandwich on the pretzel jalapeno bagel. We both loved what we ordered and can't wait to go back!

Paul Ford

I don’t remember what I got but I remember it being an excellent bagel sandwich

Alexandre Daly

Really neat spot! Had the Lew Silver with a rosemary sea salt bagel. Absolutely delicious! They have a discount on the rosemary bagels through the month of February. Unlike most other rosemary bagels, theirs was not overpowering and yet had a clear rosemary flavor, a nice crunch and was right out of the oven.

Paul Rossi

DIB is delicious and expensive

Deborah Mendoza

Delicious, variety of bagels. Trendy atmosphere. I had the Le Rouge sandwich and loved it!!

Hannah Slabaugh

This bagel shop has amazing bagels, in addition to creative sandwiches, abundant wood & houseplants, and cucumber water. It is conveniently located on Michigan Ave just outside downtown. They've got their own little parking lot and a patio for nice weather. These bagels are definitely worth it if you're looking for something way beyond grocery-store-shelf quality.

Abigail Gralewski

I love Detroit Institute of Bagels! The bagels are always made fresh daily. The avocado, egg, & cheese bagel option is my favorite. The staff is always welcoming and helpful with explaining the different selections. I would also recommend the peanut butter cookies that they have at the cashier, they’re delicious! Overall, I would definitely recommend coming here for breakfast or lunch.

Josepth P. King

After having a family brunch here for about 10 times, I have decided to write a good review. The food is always great here, with a very good price. The only thing bothering me is the fact that not all servers here are good.

Jacob Graham

Great service and fantastic breakfast bagels! Got me everything I needed just in time to get back into the car before a thunderstorm hit - awesome experience here.

Amber Lynn

I love Detroit Institute of Bagels! The bagels are always made fresh daily.

Danial Kherani

Rosemary bagel with egg and cheese is ♥️. Cute take out bags is a plus.

Matthew Nickel

It is more than just great bagels. The lemon zest cream cheese is delicious.

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