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REVIEWS OF Continental Pastries & Deli IN Michigan

Deb Troskey

I love this place. Good friendly service, makes you feel like family. Best pastries around.

Genell Carney

I have been coming in there and ordering cakes for at least 25 years. The last one I ordered was less than a year ago, in which the price was $120. I was never asked to pay in advance. I go in there today to order a wedding cake a smaller one and the total came to $160, in which $30 included the crystal topper. I leave there and I get a call from them, telling me we have to pay in advance or they cannot make the cake. If that were normal protocol / policy I wouId have been asked to st yhat There isn't a sign stating that you have to prepay. I know several people including several family members that order cakes through there and they've never had to prepay. They obviously are picking and choosing who they feel need to prepay. That to me is very, very poor business like!! I will never nor will my very large family, whom they know some very well, order or purchase anything from there again.

Rachel Doane

The food here is lackluster, much like the staff. I’ve found hair in a donut - which was also very stale. The prices are way too high for what they offer. Additionally, I recently tracked down their most recent health inspection report from the Michigan Dept. of Agriculture and found many disappointing things including the presence of bugs in their bulk ingredients. You won’t catch me in this place ever again.

Tammy Figert

I ordered a cake from her and they acted like I shouldn't care they messed it up. I wouldn't recommend ordering anything from them. They have no customer service. I spent a lot of time there. Told them I wanted it fixed and I was in a hurry and 30 minutes later. They decided they wanted me to pay for it before they would fix it. They don't care about having it look great before you pick it up.

Steven Powers

Love the food cake and people!


The food was really good but they were out of their house chips, which are my favorite. The mushroom soup was phenomenal! The ordering experience was a little strange though. It almost seemed like someone was playing a joke on me. The gal was confused about everything I ordered even though it was all on the menu and I didn't have any special requests. Maybe she was new or was just having an off-day. I really don't know but I'll be back anyway.


I stopped by a week before my wife's birthday to order her a birthday cake that was gluten free. I was very pleased to find a place that could make a cake that was gluten free because my wife is allergic to gluten . I was told to stop in on Saturday to pick up the cake. When I arrived they looked for my order and couldn't find it. I was told that they could make another cake and that I could pick it up when I got out of work. I told the lady that I worked until 3pm. She said no problem, swing on by. After work, I stopped by to pick up the cake, and much to my surprise, they closed at 3. Once again, no cake. They lady who helped me had never mentioned that they closed at 3 or I would have made other arrangements. I tried to wave down the employees inside, I could see them spraying down the counters, but I was ignored. Overall I was not please with my experience. Not only did they lose an order, they told me to come pick up another cake when they closed. Not a very professional place if they lose orders and their own employees do not know when their hours are and cannot give the customer the correct information

Josiah Kidd

Deli is always good and the cakes are awesome. Their cannolis are some of the best I've ever had.

Doreen Crespo

It just seems like ever since the original owners sold the business things keep going down hill. We have been buying cakes for every occasion here for years but now days the flavor and decorations are just not what they used to be. Yet alone the service. I called and called one day to place an order and no one would answer the phone so I finally just drove over and hoped there was a cake to my liking. I picked one out that I was told was a chocolate cake with custard filling. When we cut into the cake it was yellow cake!! Totally disappointed the birthday girl!! A friend just told me how ""Christmas" was misspelled on her cake last week and how she had to wait for her order after she ordered it days before! Remember those beautiful decorated Christmas cakes with poinsettias and Christmas trees?? You just can't get those any more. At least ones as beautiful as they were. I was waiting for my purchase one day while a man was getting six sweet rolls. There were only two chocolate. He asked for those two. The girl dropped one of them! So he had to get five of something else. She acted like it happened every day and it was no big deal to disappoint a customer. Maybe we have just come to expect less these days.

Amy Curcio

We ordered a galaxy cake for our daughters 8th birthday and I had explained colors and decor to the lady on the phone. I had asked for a black purple frosting with stars and instead we got a blue cake with white polka dots and flowers on it. My daughter was very disappointed. I just wish they would have said they couldnt do it and i would have gone elsewhere.

Kristi Andreski

Continental made the cupcakes and mini cake for my wedding last week and everything went phenomenal. Delivery was prompt, price was exceptionally reasonable, and taste was AMAZING. Highly recommend this place.

Michele Bortell

Great place for lunch, sandwiches are plenty big!

Robert Sealock

The best cake and cookies in Mich.

Katie King

The food was wonderful. We were amazed at the portions. A wide selection is fresh desserts.

Lynn Porch


Jenna Merritt

The best donuts, cupcakes, and salami. Friendly staff.

jim vroman

Changed their menu and it has gone down hill. Not worth the money.

Mo Taylor

In the past I would for sure have given this place five stars. I don't like leaving a low review but it's honest. Continental is just not what it used to be. Myself and my co-workers stop by a few times a month for to-go lunch orders and sometimes cakes and treats. The staff is generally pretty friendly, but the service is not as prompt and professional as it once was. I have had more wrong orders than right lately. Today when I got back to work I realized my wrap was missing half the ingredients, so I called to talk to a manager. I was told no one was available to help me. "The cook said it was made correctly" is all I got. They also suggested I take a photos of my wrap and email it in so someone could address the problem. I ended up driving back for a refund. I hope they make improvements soon. Nice place.

Chuck R

Under new management. Portions are micro and food is sub par. Wendy’s is across the steet and has better food. Bring back the porky pig and tots and you might have a chance at bringing back customers

Patty Spindlow

Great place fir sweets an icecream

Karolina Papiez

Used to love coming here but not anymore. Doughnuts are burned and soggy with grease. Pastries look like they are not baked all the way through. I would rather not have a greasy oil aftertaste.

Audrey Thompson

Fantastic bakery! The wide range of items from cakes to bread to pastries is really impressive for the area. I treat my husband to a loaf of sourdough and a pound of butter cookies whenever I'm nearby. They store great in the freezer. Sometimes the bakery seems a little understaffed, so leave yourself a few minutes, but they're always very nice and spend enough time with each customer. I'd suggest a different tip jar system. It's confusing for customers, but I always want to tip the people who spent time carefully boxing up the beautiful items.

win Simpson

Friendly service from the staff. Some of the bakery items are better than others, but there seems to be something for everyone.

Jennifer Davis

So glad it’s back to the original owner. Amazing food! Their turkey bacon avocado wrap is the bomb!

William Gottschalk

Ice cream is great staff wonderful

Rachel Losey

Great lunch place. Great cakes. Great ice cream. And awesome special events. We did there mothers day brunch and valentines. Awesome awesome.

Diana Kubitz

They are the best bakery in this part of Michigan!

Heather Mariee

Best baked goods around. Awesome staff very friendly and talented

Thomas Morey

Food was always fresh and hot.

Glen Chamberlin

Get you some Neopolitans ...Yum!! And don't leave w/o a box or 2 of Florentines! Lord have mercy!!!.. Forget about the BCTorte. Too much cake, very stinggy on the boston cream, very disappointing!

Nichole Schumacher

Best place in town for cake! Prices are a bit high, but the quality of the cake is so worth!

Kaitlyn Pierce

Cakes are worth the few extra bucks compared to chain store they are 100% better quality!

Peter Tobiessen

They have the most amazing baked goods and pastries. You really can't go wrong with any of them. They also serve really good sandwiches. I like the fact that they are made to order with really fresh ingredients. They also serve ice cream. So you get an appetizer, meal and dessert all in one place!

Kevin B

Always good, good food, friendly service and convenient.

Dan Sommerfeld

Quick great food served by an attentive staff.

Zach Faasse

Great food, good prices, and a friendly helpful staff. Check it out for lunch, or bring your coworkers a box of doughnuts, either way you won't be disappointed.

William Maddix

Our favorite Battle Creek bakery. Also a great spot for lunch.

Donna Lietzau

This is worth traveling too. The food and service was awesome. The hard part was choosing. =)

Nathan Smeltzer

The ladies here always come through. Great place to grab sweet treats any time of the day.the frosted sugar cookies are a favorite for everyone whether I am bringing them home or taking them to a work event.

Christie Baxter

I ordered my mother in law a cake almost a month in advance. I asked for a gambling theme cake with the focus on slot machines. Specifically saying i wanted gold coins all over it because when you think casino slot machines you think go big right? I guess they thought not. I went in to pay in advance for the cake and they almost couldn't find my order in the first place, then when i pick it up it has literally 3 coins on it. I asked if they could add more all over and she added 3 more coins and the girl who brought it back after asking the baker to add coins all over tells me, "I'm sorry but she's a little over it today because there have been a lot of mistakes she's had to fix on cakes today." This is so unprofessional i can't even begin to explain how flabbergasted i was. I was offered one item for free out of the display case for the trouble and i passed on the offer. Then i get the cake home and when we cut into the cake and tried it, the cake was very dry. I went here specifically because people at work recommend it but i am highly disappointed with not only the service but the product. Sad to say i will not be returning for any further business.

Ron Holder

Great place for lunch or a snack. Quality and service are top notch.

Mary Jo Bundy

yummy bakegoods.

D. Emmett

Curteous staff... the best cakes, cookies and bread in town...

diana taylor

So many ooey gooey wonderful selections. The help is so friendly &helpful. Love this bakery!!

Sara Cole

Great food and treats, horrible snotty rude staff.

Sarah Hall

OMG!!!!! I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!! If bread and I got along better, I would devour the store.....ALL their food and desserts are TOP-NOTCH!!!

hippie tattoo mama

Love this bakery! Always fresh, delicious, and great customer service! Whether it's cookies, cakes, fresh breads or pastries, the best place to get them is here! And their ice-cream shop during summer, oh wow! The kids love it!


Good food and great desserts..

Carrie Perkins

Best butter cream frosting I have ever had!!!! We bought our wedding cake here and every birthday cake for family and friends!!! The chocolate cake with the chocolate gnocchi is just the bomb!!!!!!!;

Ron Brasier

Great place for a cuppa with great pastry


Always good!

Morgan Shafer

Either their cakes taste like chemicals or they're too dry and old to eat.

Heather Lanphear

LITERALLY THE BEST MINI CHOCOLATE CAKES. A sales rep from one a service we use at my job always brings these for the front office when he drops by - this chocolate cake is a FANTASTIC sales method! Now I get excited whenever I see this rep, and their company is the first that comes to mind for their services. Want to sell more? BUY THIS CAKE FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS!

kelly Garrett Lancaster

Awesome place to get bakery items fabulous cakes. And Strudels

Corbin Angus

Best place in town for Cakes and your bakery needs!!

Tracey Nichols

Very clean and the old owners are back... homemade fresh food now. I love it here!

Douglas Potter Jr

Awesome pastries, you need to get there early for the best experience.


They catered an event for me and did a wonderful job. Great food, good price, on time and helpful. I highly recommend Continental.

Kayla Perry

Amazing food and service!

Greg Hokenson

Absolutely gorgeous local biz. Friendly efficient unique. Highly recommend!!!

Chad Hayes

Love this place. Locally owned and operated with good food and good ice cream.

Jessica Aldrich

Amazing, Family-Owned business in Battle Creek. Hand-made pastries, cakes, doughnuts & more.

Margaret Acker

Wonderful pastries

Teresa Stewart

Very nice, and great food, cakes and sweets. Too pricey for me

Russ Currie

How exciting to find authentic German meat and cheeses ! Took me back to our days of living in Germany. I will be back !!

Yutaro Matsuura

A nice combination of deli, pasties and ice cream. Very well laid out. Really the only place in town for this sort of setting. The sandwiches are very good. The cakes are moist, but on the sweet side. Very nice lunch place and to order cakes from.

Daniel Hadley

The finest artisenal/ethnic/bakery/deli the city offers.

Dustin Fox

I always know if I decide to eat at Continental, the food is going to take some time to prepare. They are not a Fast Food restaurant. The food is well worth the wait. The staff is friendly and are interested in how my meal tastes. Portions are filling.

Matthew Sill

My favorite place for birthday cakes, they are so creative

Ralph Wenger

A good place to eat at

allen firestine

The cinabun rolls melt in your mouth. This place is a must for someone who enjoys crafted, inspired food. I enjoyed my visit. I shall return.


Okay..there are too many experiences to share just 1. I am a super busy mom, I am absent minded and sometimes do not realize that another birthday or event is in a day or two. I have an autistic child, he had requested some odd cakes (twisters, car wash, and emergency sirens that sound off in a twister)..let me tell you, this bakery has ALWAYS nailed it and made him happy with the creativeness and understanding. I can't count the number of times I have lost track of time and in panic mode because I never had time to make it to the bakery, but....everytime they have came through. A slight bump when new owners transitioned a few years ago, but never failed me regardless! Loyal customer for years to come..thank you!!!

Adam Woodson

I love this place. I can only have a bear claw or two of the sweet pastries for health and other concerns but I like their "deli" menu also. The veggie wrap and I imagine so are the others. Though, my personal favorite are the waffle fries,

Peter Wong

Great quality and variety

Kevin Smith

Still Good pastries but they are not what they once were the prices have also went up

cassie smith

Great pastries and donuts. Love this place

Vicki Kersten

Awesome cake & pastries

Jack Skoczen

Got rid of the tots altogether and porky pig under new management. Not worth anymore

Teresa Waggoner

Best cake ever..... love how they have expanded and looking forward to lunch

Debra Clemens

Friendly staff, delicious pastries, and comfortable vibe. I'm in town visiting family for a couple days so tomorrow I am going to the Continental again and try lunch.

Dana Ughetti

Previous owner is back. Now its a great bakery again!

Ashley Nine

We could not have asked for anything more! We got cheesecakes for my bridal shower which were delish as well as our wedding cake due to a suggestion from our wedding coordinator at Southern Exposure - we couldn't have chosen a better bakery!! Thank you so much for all of the care and effort put into everything we ordered - the cake was EXACTLY as we'd spoken about and tested even better. Thank you so much Allison and Maria and the Continental Bakery Crew!


No number to call on sunday for the catering service. There late and no way to contact them to find out what's going on.

Sabrina Greenman

I will never recommend this place to my friends or family! I went in and priced a specialty cake for my baby shower. I needed the price range first in order to know if I could afford to even buy it. Well weeks later I called and asked how many days notice they needed before my event to make the cake. The lady on the phone told me 2-3 days notice. My baby shower is on Saturday. So I went in today to place the order for the cake. The lady at the counter says they cannot make the cake whatsoever. Said they were booked for the weekend and that they normally like the orders for those specific cakes to be placed 2 weeks prior and paid for in full. When asked if they could compromise because it was THEIR employees mistake they refused. I will never go there again! First experience with them and it was the worst I've ever had!!! I would recommend not going there at all. If I could I'd give them a 0/5 stars. Not only did they make me cry, but now I can't get anyone else to make a cake like that. My entire baby shower was themed around that cake.

Sheley Bess

Love the cakes!! Huge cookies too

brett Welch

Club is amazing, the large fry will feed 2-3 people!

Annemarie Kidder

The best of European and German good, baked good, tortes, cold cuts, bread, buns, and all things inbetween. So glad that Yana has taken back this culinary treasure in Michigan. Worth traveling a few hours!

Uriah Marriott

Really good cake. Friendly staff.

Daniel Dunn

Awesome doughnuts. The sandwichs are to die for try the freedom burger

Matthew Dunham

Great service, great donuts, great French vanilla

Michelle Morin

Best cheesecake

Fran ONeil

I ordered a cake for a church member's eighty second birthday. The cake was just absolutely beautiful with pastel pink roses and white daisies. Everyone raved about the custard and raspberry fillings, the moistness of the cake and declared the icing was the best they ever had. My church is in Comstock, and the cakes we have are always from Boonzaaijer's in Kalamazoo. Continental, I've always told them that Janna's cakes are the best, and now they know!

Charles Pastor

Wonderful news: As of December 2018 the Continental is under new but familiar ownership! It's now back in the capable hands of the former owner, a Dutch woman named Janna. She even returned with her original bakers from 20 years ago. Janna is a professional when it comes to creating delicious pastries and running a first class deli shop. I first started eating here in the early 80's. So I've experienced the changes over the years... I kept frequenting the Continental until it was sold to some locals who seemed to be incapable or uninterested in upholding the excellent quality, which was once the hallmark of this establishment. After the deli's decline, many of us stopped eating there. Last week on a lark I visited the deli, and to my delight Janna had returned. The metamorphosis has begun...... back are the flavorful selection of mouthwateringly delicious pastries, back are the smiles and the genuinely cheerful service. Welcome back Janna!

Gayle Archie

Had a great sandwich followed up by Cool Mama's Ice Cream

Avionics Red

Had a awesome turkey bacon wrap!

William F Troskey

Previous owner got the place back! Should be back to the way it was very soon.

jose diaz

good cakes a little expensive but it's okay

Elizabeth Myers

My family has been going to Continental for years, it has a great atmosphere with friendly people and great service! We are always amazed at how beautiful our cakes turn out and even more amazed at how great everything tastes! yum! Definitely worth the stop in, so glad to have found such a great place to go for lunch and to grab a sweet treat!

Zachary Borynack

One the best sandwich shops I have been to yet! Staff is very friendly and helpful and the food is outstanding. Portion sizes are so big, I could only eat half, but took the other half home to eat later. Highly recommend.


Oh. My. Goodness. The pastry and cookies here is to die for. Tasty and attractive to behold. They have a few items for sale that make a nice lunch. Quiches, sandwiches, salads. Continental Bakery always creates yummy stuff for the holidays too. If I was getting married, I'd want my cake done by this local icon in Battle Creek. Everyone gushes over the food here and if you have not already been here to sample the goods, what are you waiting for?

Todd Albert Ulbrich

I love independent bakeries (see my other reviews), but I'm afraid I wouldn't recommend the Continental Bakery and Deli to a friend. I wanted a good experience, so I chose one of the deli's own signature sandwiches promoted on their bill of fare. But the person taking my order did not recognize the bakery's own cutesy name for the sandwich written on the menu board hanging above ("Bleu something-or-other..."). The customer then has to choose which bread they want - five or six choices, all baked in-house (I assume) but when I asked which of their own breads went best with their own signature sandwich - rye? French? - I just got a shrug in reply. I chose French. "Yeah, I think that's what most other people get," the order taker finally said. The sandwich was a disaster when delivered, impossible to eat without the contents dripping hot meat juice and melted cheese sliding out the sides and ends. A big four-napkin mess. Has anyone at the deli tried eating their own menu-board-recommended sandwich? The baked goods on offer were uninteresting, nothing particularly "continental" about them. The fruit bars tasted underbaked and "jammy" - imagine a jelly sandwich instead of a fruit bar. The cream filled donuts were oversized unattractive 1,000 calorie monsters. The small extruded cookies with white sprinkles, tasteless and dry. There were no specialty baked goods on offer during my lunch time weekday visit that made this bakery stand out from the competition. There is lots of seating for diners, and the area is set up like a mini food court with three checkouts for lunch items, bakery, and ice cream, but the seating area is very loud. There is a better bakery in Marshall, and several better bakeries in Kalamazoo.

Renee Breitbach

Great ice cream, baked goods and excellent service!

Paula Jex

Continental Pastries & Deli makes incredibly DELICIOUS cakes! They are our "Go~To" facility for any occasion! 5 stars all the way! They are always polite & friendly.

Willie Maekit

It takes a lot to impress me. This place impresses me. Sandwiches are great, as are the brownies! Great place to go to break the Subway routine!

Sue Ellis

Seriously, the only complaint I EVER have about this place is you have to guess what you're looking at. No signs in any of the cases. I'm probably missing trying something great because of that, and they don't have enuf help to ask them to name off everything.

Brian Trainor

I was just told my favorite sandwich "The Texan" will no longer be made. I'm VERY disappointed.

Melissa Vigil

Great food and quick service

Ricky Burrows

Continental always has great pastries and good service they're always happy to have wait on you and smile

mel llew

Some co-workers and I came in for lunch her a few weeks ago, the food was horrible, I have no idea what happened, the service was horrible it was just a really bad experience. SO, I called in and spoke with the Manager there her name was Allison, very nice lady eager to make the situation right. She replaced our order and I have to say this time the experience was much better. I was ready to read this place the riot act... But after have good service and a taste of what the deli really has to offer I was very much impressed!!! We will be returning!!!

Rhody Wiersma

The best bakery in town. Beautiful wedding and sheet cakes. Lots of selection of other sweets. Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable. Store is clean with pleasant atmosphere. Serves soups and sandwiches. Ice cream parlor on site. Used catering several times.

Wesley Froman

We had our wedding cake and cupcakes from here and the cake was hands down the best! Soft, fluffy and moist with some off the best frosting!! Seriously the best!! Nothing but good things, not to mention thier price is like half the price of others.

Jackie Emenhiser

I love this place but today was horrible. The girls had no clue. My husband came in to pick up a cake that was ordered. He said the cake was under Erin and Jackie and it was a round cake. They wanted to know what was written on it. My husband told them he didn't know the cake was ordered from Florida it is under Erin and Jackie. Wouldn't it make sense to look under the name. I was in an hour before inquiring about it and they had no clue. The woman who ordered it will call you Monday.

Laura Krawczyk

Stopped in today to grab a Birthday cake. What a pleasant experience from start to finish! They were busy but brought out more help right away. Overheard an employee take a phone call, asking them to hold in the kindest of ways. The young lady who waited on me went out of her way to make sure that I was happy. She even matched the cake frosting! What a great visit with the nicest employees. Got a beautiful (and delicious) cake and found a place with customer service I believed didn't exist anymore.

Beth Tucker

Love their cakes here especially good sheet cakes that you can chose your filling. The custard filling is delicious!!!

Terri Ladner

Cakes are great and a large variety!!! Cake decorating can be up and down though.

R Lucas

Love this place. Great sandwiches and ice cream also

Peg Stacy

Some of the best pastries, breads, cookies to be found in Battle Creek. Their traditional and core business of special occasion cakes features many options of cake flavors and fillings and a whipped cream frosting to die for. Also deli, sandwiches, and did I mention ice cream? Bring your appetite, or at least your sweet tooth. If you can't find something wonderfully satisfying, check your pulse because you might not have one!

Kyle Hankinson

Absolutely amazing place for lunch!

Kim Gaukel

Amazingly helpful staff who were so friendly. They made 2 birthday cakes for us and they were so beautiful!! Awesome job decorating, can't wait for granddaughter sees them

Mark Lewis

They are back to the original owner. Everything is right in the world again.

Globugga Light

My sandwich was tasty but soggy on the bottom as if it hadn't been grilled long enough. The cheese wasn't melted much either. I had the Reuben and it all tasted great but I wish it had been grilled longer.

Heather Ferguson

Worked with us on every detail... even up to the minute touches! Delicious!

Kaleigh Hamilton

I always come later in the day so the selection is slim. I finally got to try a donut and it was pretty good. Nice bakery.

Jamie Baird

Best cake in town, it was busy there today, but was still able to get what I wanted quickly and with friendly service.

Ally B

Love this place and the weekend dinner they have added are such a fun little treat!!! I am in awe at the quailty of the dinners and the flavors!!!


Awesome service. Delicious food!


Everything I have ever had there has been excellent and extremely well done!!!!!!! Always try to get a cake from Continental! Their cookies and deserts in general are phenomenal !!!

Andrew Evans

They did great for my son's cakes!

Tracey Foster

Well worth the wait in line. Amazing

Danny Dunn

Pastries are amazing.

kimberly henderson

Food was delicious nice assortment of pastries which they offered bigger sandwiches because it was so good but it went so fast very friendly service nice and clean as well

Connie Millard

The best. Yummy

Derek J

Good staff and great food. Had the shredded chicken burrito wrap for lunch. One of the best burritos I've ever had!

Tina Patterson -Blair

I love the frosted sugar cookies!

Martin Wesley

Just bought a small cake............terrible. Fed most of it to the dog after I scraped off the grease/frosting.

Donna Pruitt

Can never go wrong there

Brett Mumy

We get all of our cakes for birthdays here and they're always awesome!

Carol Philp

Just like the Continental we all loved in the past. Excellent

Clare Libbing

fun, local deli! super friendly service and an all-around great get-together spot.

Steph DeVos

My mother and I attended the Ladies tea this morning, it was wonderful.

Gayanne Martin

I love the baked goods here. They have many specialty items. The prices are reasonable. There is also a great ice cream parlor.

john akers

The sandwiches and soups are delicious. Great pastries. You have to check this place out. 5 star.

JQ Wanzer

Continental Pastries & Deli made my Daughter/Son-n-law baby shower cake. It was sooooo Beautiful everyone thought it was FAKE! Thank you so much we loved it!!!!!!! We will be contacting you for their wedding celebration cake!!!!! You Rock! Continental <3

Brandi Tew

I got a cake from them for my birthday and it was way better than expected! It was very nicely decorated, had 3 layers, and a decedent the filling in between layers. I was in heaven! Definitely a go to for all my baked good needs!


I've purchased some great pastries and sweets here that I have not seen at other locations. Everything I've eaten has been fresh and delicious. They also offer cupcakes and custom sheet cakes for all occasions, in a variety of sizes and flavors. You can even bring in a photo and custom order a cake with the photo on it.

Beth Johnson

The only place in Battle Creek to get the perfect cake!!

Jeanna M

Called Continental to order my grandsons birthday cupcakes, I asked for super hero cupcakes, specifically Avenger type. Picked them up they were just plain ole cupcakes with green, blue and red frosting! $36.00 later, very disappointing not only were they boring, they were DRY and just plain made me realize Sams Club or Meijer would’ve been better and probably better decorated

Autumn Junge

Good home cooked quality food.

Shannon LaFountain

Great selection, beautifully decorated and the staff was very friendly and helpful!

Rossetta Eldred

Always delicious! And the staff are generally super. Occasionally will find a staff member who has no interest in answering questions, but overall, very good.

Gin Mur


Valoree Boyer

Last minute birthday choice for my niece. Cake was gorgeous and we devoured it! Delicious lunch food as well, and friendly staff were very accommodating. Coffee was great too!

Rolf Neitzel

The old continental is back in operation and it is the same good pastry and deli as it was 5 year's ago . Try to stop in and see for yourself! You will not be disappointed !


quality cakes

Becki Bommersbach

It's just no where near as good as it used to be.

Roenea Daniel

I've always order all birthday cakes from there, buy from the deli each time I'm please.

Dennis Casey

Great customer service, good selection.

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