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REVIEWS OF Carvel IN Michigan

Shahid Siddiqui

Old time good taste for vanilla flavor ice cream


Worst experience I have ever had at an ice cream shop!! tried out twice, first time I went, the Mgr./owner was rude and very unpleasant with the comments he made and the belittling of other businesses that offered similar services such as door dash, fresh fruit, etc. 2nd time, me and some of my co-workers decided to visit because the location is close to our work and the same person had a open at 2 sign on the door. we decided to wait until 2, no one came to the door. Then, at 2:08pm, we decided to knock on the door and an older lady came to the door and stated that she wasn't allowed to open the door and that the Mgr. would get upset if she called him. The treatment from both these individuals was odd, but not unfamiliar. Call me what you want, but the only thing I can attribute these actions to is my race, being that me and my co-workers were black in majority. It is truly unfortunate, as I will be spreading the word to some 100+ co-workers at my place of employment so that we no longer patronize this type of behavior..... Beware.

Robert Cable

Good place for a tasty soft serve, or even a few scoops of hard ice cream. I often stop by in the early evening, in my way home from work.

Brian McDonald

Wish I could give them a zero. The owner closed the store to make a run. And posted a note on door that it would be opened at 2. Which definitely didn't happen. After knocking, an older lady answered and said she was not able to do anything without the owner. I asked if she could maybe call him for an ETA. But she expressed he would get mad at her. We came as a group but had to leave after waiting too long for his return. This is the second bad experience we've had here. Would not recommend

Rachel Coffey

Ice cream is ok but Gary needs to sell place to someone who enjoys working with the public. He is the rudest most uncaring owner ever. Who can enjoy a ice cream after someone is rude and makes it clear it's his way or no way.

Rachel Stradling

Melissa Nichols

Best ice cream ever

Kelsey Burton

Best ice cream place ever! I really enjoy their soft serves, variety of flavors, tops, and omg their ice cream cake is to die for and comes in the shop of a whale/sheets/faces/variety of sizes/they're just amazing!! Only place I like to have ice cream at and completely worth any wait. They're local, friendly, and amazing to eat! My husband and I go there all the time and have met the owner a few times. We recently got married and picked up an ice cream cake from there for ourselves and the owner gave it to us for free for coming there straight after being married and being a loyal customer. They only want me to come back and get more cake (so happy to get that cake!!!). Best place ever!!!

Laura Sovel

Delicious! Super rich and creamy ice cream with a good selection of flavor options. Outstanding milkshakes. Fabulous cakes. My family loves Carvel!

Itz Draftyz

Very nice costumer service small is huge :) and the ice cream is amazing better than any ice cream place

Syed Rehmathullah

Samantha Morningstar

I am literally standing in Carvel right now waiting for my kiddos to finish their ice cream. WE WILL NEVER BE COMING BACK! I was asking my son if he wanted toppings mixed in his ice cream when the very rude gentleman stated "that is so ten years ago we are not cold stone." I was just asking my son what he wanted in his blizzard like thing not for the gentleman to perform cold stone like theatrics. I can't believe someone would speak to me like that. I seriously felt like a 4 year old being scolded. Not a nice friendly place. I know it is hard working in the customer service and I try to treat said individuals with respect because I know it is difficult. Steer clear of this and party like it is 2007 at Cold Stone I guess.

Candice Klekamp

Dain Strickland

Danielle Kale

The wait was a bit long. I know that they have restarted the brand but there definitely are some holes especially in an area like metro Detroit that has strong home town chains.

Abbee Hurt

Very personable! Great service! Great taste!

Crystal Haggart

Disappointing! I was at the Buffalo Wild Wings next door when I thought ice cream sounded good. I looked at the time they closed on Google and their actual website. I thought, score it's not 11pm yet it's 10:49pm.. Still plenty of time to get ice cream. I guess I was wrong because when I pulled on the doors the didn't budge. They were locked by 10:50pm on a Saturday. Good to know we can't trust their times online...

raza shahid

Very nice customer service. Wide selection and different types of flavour everytime but their nutella dasher is the best

Galactic Mojo

John Chryczyk

The last 2 times I went there at 11:15am and noon, they weren't open.

Cintia Brookins

Bob Casper

Jaleel ismail

This was the 3rd time that the Soft Serve machine was "under maintenance". I made sure I went on a different day to have the soft serve. How do you have your main attraction not available during open hours? Not just once, but 3 times. Maintenance? Common sense would suggest that maintenance would be conducted when the store was closed or late at night just before closing. Not 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Owner was rude and condescending.

Ryan Garza

Good ice cream

Tawanna Lorena

The best Ice cream I ever had I drive over 30 minutes to get it. I just wish they had more establishments.

Brian Howell

2 thumbs up!!

Angelo Motta

Quick and friendly service. Good options at a great price. Not many cakes in the freezer so you should order in advance. It was great until someone brought their dog in.

Michael Compton

Gail Selewski

Love this place and its staff.

Nicole Blizinski

Melanie Jordan

The owner was helpful and polite. We loved the service as well as our cute teddybear cake! We will be returning!!!!

Susanna Gerlach

Beautiful birthday ice cream cake with an adorable car decorated on top! A total hit with all the party guests. The nut allergy guests were able to enjoy it also! Customer service top notch. Will definitely order again!

sabirah na'eelah

The store was dirty. The hand scooped ice cream looked disgusting and the little guy working seemed very prejudice. Horrible customer service from the short guy.

Breanne Beaver

Alexander Facundo

Owner is very rude - viciously ripped a “display” balloon out of my niece’s hands 10 minutes before close

David P

This place is awful! It is expensive ($5.60 for a medium sundae) and the sundae's have very little taste. A strawberry shake can hardly be called a shake when over half is whipped cream. I will not be coming back again.


My husband & I decided to try Carvel's this past weekend since we have a BOGO Sundae coupon. We wanted to upgrade one of the Sundae's and was told NO, even though we were willing to pay the difference. But that's OK.. no big deal. The Sundae's come with whipped cream and a cherry; I did not want either and asked if I could have a sprinkle of peanuts instead - again, we were told NO. No I am sorry.. just a flat out NO. Wow, what crappy customer service! We are NOT going back again.. this guy was just rude. (written by, Pam H)


Rebekah Odom

I took my two young children their for ice cream they loved it. I don't even eat ice cream but it was so wonderful. Great service too.

Kay Jon

A pretty good place not a whole lot of ice cream choices but lots of topping which of course cost extra

Adam Rice

Colleen Samantha

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this place! My best friend and I went in today and it became my new favorite ice cream stop! Bdubs is my favorite spot to eat, so the location is perfect! The ice cream was fabulous and the service was even better! The gentleman who helped us was so nice and funny. I never wanted to leave!

Matthew Phillips

The PB malt is fantastic.


I have been going to carvel for years. The ice cream is good. The past 2 weeks i have been going to carvel every other day getting a chocolate milkshake and ice creame for my daughter. Well Last night we went up there again i had my newborn baby with me the owner was there again.. well anyways we orderd what we always do and the girls made it and we proceeded to check out when the girl said we dont accept american express sorry. So the owner comes over and says no we dont accept american express you cant get it and Was actually pretty rude about it. That was all i had on me at the time so we couldnt get it. My daughhter was about to cry. Now the owner has seen me so many times over the past 2weeks and you think he would of said here you go dont worry about it or atleast gave my daughter hers but instead They threw the ice cream out. Well he just lost a good customer and everyone i know! What a bad business owner!

Kate Berardo

The service is always great, very friendly and attentive. Delicious ice cream!

Bogoljub Jakovljeski

First time customer and it was a good experience. I ordered the cake a day ahead and it looked good. Ice cream cake had a very good taste, not to sweet but a lot of flavor. Everybody liked it. Will be back.

Summer Ahmed

Annamarie Conley

Joshua Mankowski

Owner is rude as other people have mentioned. Here can't decorate a cake either and he rarely has someone working that can. Save yourself the frustration of dealing with him and go to Basken Robbins

Peter Messina

Best ice cream cakes in Canton!

Mark Ismail

Love the banana split

Michael Haddad

It was a friendly experience followed by good service. However, the quality of ice cream was disappointing.

Miguel Denyer

Paul Adams

Kim Kochevar

Extremely slow. Very poor management. Dips were out of commission.

Sarah's Webb

Great customer service, and the cake mix ice cream is my favorite!

Laura Bleecker

Delicious ice cream and good service.

Mike Lieblich

Michael Dybicki

Spent lots of money here and had one of those frequent buyer punch cards and all I got was one little tiny scoop of ice cream for the free one. What a big waste!

Dane Knowlton

Called 4 times and no one answered, then we show up to go order a cake and the doors are locked, when the hours say that they open at 11 that means open at 11 or leave a sign why your not open!

Don Keen

Reminded me of Strickland's Frozen Custard, the good stuff I grew up with in Akron Ohio. The staff was friendly and helpful. I will be back.

Iqra Javed

The service was very rude, but nicer to their customers who were not minorities. The two teenage girls just handed us back the ice cream cake we bought with no bag and dirty looks. Sorry, we’re not ones working minimum wage jobs for a living! Terrible, do NOT go here if you’re not white.

Ronald Ley

Hard and soft serve ice cream. Good service and value.

Maria Medina

Alex Mihlstin

Love this place. Makes me feel like I'm back home in New York.

Anagha Mahesha

Their sundae dashers are amazing...must try

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