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REVIEWS OF Cakabakery IN Michigan

Daniel Lamb

Made my cheese cake in a flash plus they thought I looked like a celebrity so that made me feel special.

Rachel Roberts

From placing my order to picking the cake up, the folks at Cakabakery made the entire process easy and seamless! The cake was a HUGE hit and no one could get over how amazing it looked. Oh, and it tasted amazing, too!!! Our daughters “Sweet 16” Friend’s themed party was made complete by the cake. Thanks for the beautiful work!!

Katie Vagnini

We decided to use Cakabakery for our wedding dessert and are thrilled with our decision! Their cake was a huge hit at our wedding. Our guests continued to tell us how much they enjoyed the cake even weeks after the wedding was over! Our semi naked chocolate and vanilla buttercream wedding cake turned out beautiful and delicious. Our guests LOVED the confetti cake. We also received several comments about how delicious and moist the vegan berry cake was! We were pleasantly surprised at the amount of comments we received from our guests about the cake and we’re grateful to Cakabakery for helping to give our guests a good experience at our wedding.

Nichole Voetberg

Alllllllllll the smells!!!! And of course yummy cupcakes. So fresh and yummy! ❤️

Kellie Hetler

Everything that the Cakabakery makes is delicious and gorgeous. Whenever I show up to photograph a wedding and see that the cake is from the Cakabakery I am one happy photographer!!!

Isabella Ramos

I just ordered 2 cakes for two separate bridal showers I am hosting and all I can say is the staff is beyond amazing! The cake not only looks gorgeous it taste amazing! You can tell the employees love their jobs and also take pride in their customer satisfaction! Really wish I could have had them do my wedding cake! Thank you so much Cakabakery you will definetly be my bakery from now on! I also think they are worth their pricing simply because if you think of the time they take to create these unique cakes with the edible decor on top of making the flavors taste good is actually almost impossible you can't make everyone happy but they made me beyond happy

Danielle Rose

Krista Dunn

Is there a word for beyond delicious?

Stephanie Kloe

They did not deliver my cake to my sisters wedding. Unprofessional!

Delali Zormelo

Andrew Cranmer

Ashley Wood

The best!!!

Kyla Joy

Best chocolate chip cookies in the world.

Candice DeZeeuw


Ahmed Abdi

Friendly staff. The perfect peanut butter banana cupcake!

John Hensley

Cake was delicious!!!

Kristi Andreski

Phenomenal flavors and friendly staff. Cupcakes, cake and treats were all amazing. If we lived closer we'd be here all the time!

Andy Kaiser

Excellent cake, good coffee. Not really a place to hang out as there is very little seating, but I get the impression this is not a place you go to do that. You come here to design, plan for, order and pick up some very tasty custom Cakes.

Mary Watkins

Sean Nemetz

So good, and such a cool place to visit

Crazy YouTuber

Delicious baked good, from cookies to cakes. Very friendly staff, I'm from out of town but they made me feel like they'd know me my whole life. 10/10 would recommend.

Nick Fischer

They have some of the most amazing desserts available. Jason does unbelievable work with his desserts.

Andy Boldyreff

We absolutely love Cakabakery. Jason and his team produce great cupcakes ( I'm sure other baked goods. We have only tried the cupcakes). They provided cupcakes for our wedding and worked with us to incorporate KBS since we live bourbon barrel aged beer.

Robert Budinsky

My wife and I just had Cakabakery cakes, cupcakes, and cookies for our wedding and everything was so delicious! We had lemon cake with strawberry frosting, spice cake with cream cheese frosting, and a dark chocolate merlot cake. We seriously got so many compliments on how amazing the cake tasted. They also did a wonderful job customizing our small wedding cake to go along with our Lake Michigan theme. I would absolutely recommend Cakabakery for all your baking needs

Katelyn Sweet

Wonderful bakery - delicious items and AMAZING service. Will be using Cakabakery for my wedding due to the outstanding customer experience during our tasting. I planned the tasting on my birthday since my mom was going to be in from out of town and we wanted a treat. I told Alex this ahead of time and she took the time to write "happy birthday" on a cupcake for me and even gave us complimentary coffee. It was such a fun time and cannot wait to have them create our three-tier wedding cake, I completely trust them! Highly recommend them for any sweet treats. They are beyond scrumptious.

Dan Rittersdorf

Chelsea Roelofs

Britt Miller

Holy smokes. You need to go here. Check Instagram for daily cupcake flavors, we got double chocolate and vanilla rubeus. And get a chocolate chunk cookie - crispy outside but gooey and melty inside. Also, they have free parking behind the building!

Nichole Stoner

Friendly service and very creative cakes

Ryan Eckhoff

My fiance and I tried to order a small cake from them for us to cut into at our wedding. However, we were refused service because we will be serving Costco cake at our wedding and they didn't want it to "be confused" with their cake because it "isn't up to their standards". This place is a joke. How I spend my money is my business. Can't believe I was refused service because I also choose to spend money elsewhere. Needless to say I will NEVER attempt to do any business with this bakery again and I would urge anyone considering it to be extremely cautious because all they seem to care about is their bottom line.

Spencer Whitmore

Best Bakery in GR. Highly Recommend.

Ryan Gilbert

Great staff

Daniel Hugo Vacaguzman

Pam Buckley

So yummy


Ordered cupcakes, cake pops and cookies for a large baby shower. Everything was perfect and delicious. They also had a great and large selection of gluten free items. Highly recommend.

W. Reid Morris

Master cake decorating!

Reynaldo Soto

My daughter and I were looking for the perfect birthday cake for my wife surprise birthday party and we funded it at Cakabakery! From the moment we walked into the (old) store, we were welcomed like we were old returning customers. The cake designer sat down with us and drew ideas of what we wanted and made great suggestion. We couldn't be happier with the end result.

nraug kevdeb

Kaitlyn S

After binge watching Cupcake Wars on Netflix I have been craving cupcakes. Finally I came across an episode by chance that happened to be a baker based out of Grand Rapids Michigan! Now I do admit I have drove past the Gr location a few times and wondered what Cakabakery actually was, but after watching the episode I was well aware of the cupcakes and I just needed to try them! I looked up Cakabakery hours on their website and was so excited to find out that they also now have a Holland location. I've been patiently waiting for it to be Wednesday so I could try fulfill my craving for a cupcake and finally got to do so today! I picked up a vanilla, peanut butter banana, a lemon raspberry and a salted caramel. My god was it worth the wait! I am so excited to of learned of this bakery and it being so close to me! I'll surely be hitting up Cakabakery more often now to try more flavors. Congrats on the success guys and thank you for the delicious cupcakes!!

A Curphey

Our wedding cake was perfect! The tasting was a really fun way to order the cake we wanted, and when it finally came to the big day we were not disappointed! Several guests shared it was the best wedding cake they had EVER had! I agree! Yum! Thank you Cakabakery!

James Morgan

Alesha Parnacott

If you want to try to contact a bakery THREE times (by phone and filling out the request sheet they make you fill out) and never hear back, this is the bakery to contact. Very rude to do to customers when they are trying to find a bakery. It's common courtesy to get back to your customers so that they can find another bakery in time. However, if you do want a great place to make a Sprinkles in Hudsonville. Delicious and beautiful cakes and better yet, they get back to you right away!

Hannah Berk


The cupcakes are to die for and the staff is wonderful!!

Tori Cavendish

Honestly, I'm surprised on well this cake place does. I won a dream wedding package through Fox 17 and the staff and the owners were not very approachable at all. One even said "why are you here?" I had a very hard time talking to the owner, Jason, about the cake, when do we want and how far of a drive was it. Also, Jason, is a headache to get ahold of when trying to figure out what cake you want and what time its being delivered. When first told him he was going to need to deliver to Tullymore, he wanted one of wedding parties to come and get it. Then he gave us the run around on that. Also, the day of my wedding, when the cake got to our wedding venue, it was not really what I was expecting. Especially when Jason tells you it will have "editiable sprinkles." Or the fact that I had to REMIND HIM TWO WEEKS BEFORE THE WEDDING OF WHAT MY CAKE LOOKED LIKE! (keep in mind that we were emailing back and forth so he should've known and I sent a picture!) Judging by this picture, no they are not editiable they are in fact sequence and ribbon held together by PINS!!! And neither my mom, or Mistresses of Ceremonies didn't find out just before my husband and I were cutting the cake. So I'm giving the Cakabakery a bad review for poorly communicating and giving us a cake that wasn't what we had talked about! After reading some of the reviews, I'm glad I didn't tell him I went with someone local for our cupackes, Otherwise I probably would've been "denied" as well. No sense in getting sheet cakes here too, they don't have pictures and everything is over priced. Never again will go through this place again.

Joanne Stacey

Sonny S

Seeing the responses from the owners towards negative reviews along with the poor experience I had with them when I tried to make an order back when they were on wealthy Street in Eastown, I’m glad that I never gave them my business. If you have a difficult time trying to stay on top of orders and are not able to respond timely to customers then it sounds like you need to hire an assistant. Don’t make excuses for your poor punctuality and customer service, do something about it. I’m honestly surprised that this business is still running.

Sara Pionke

I have visited the Grand Rapids location many times and the treats are always delectable and the staff is very kind.

Tracy Smith-Martin

John blu Du bois

Amazing !

Jeremy Daugherty

Very nice place with friendly helpful staff. I really enjoyed my cupcake.

Seek Hope

I love the different cookies they make! The cupcakes are ok, a little dense for me

Stacy Keydel

Julie Lankes

The only cakery I’ve ever met that makes gorgeous cakes that also taste like a dream!! I’ve loved everything they’ve ever made!

Brandon Hodell

I will start off by saying that the cake that we got was beautifully decorated, and tasted great. That being said, the service we got left a lot to be desired. I put in an inquiry online and emailed back and forth with someone 2-3 times. I did not hear anything. A few days later I emailed asking for an update. I got an email back that my order had been accepted. We had not really made any solid plan. They did not respond to my email that included pictures and ideas of what would be possible. When I called to get more info, pricing when I should pick it up, the phone was answered by an employee. I explained the situation, and she placed me on hold for about 5 mins, nbd. Then Jason got on the line I got the pick up time, but then when I asked how much I could expect for pricing he asked what I was getting done and then said usually it’s around $100.00 before I could answer. Then he said, “I have three people looking me in the face right now.” So I ended the call quickly after that. Basically I Did not know how much the cake would be or what it would look like the day I went to pick it up. The day of pick up we got there and the cake had not been priced. We ended up waiting several mins while the staff texted the owner to get a price. They were very polite and friendly, and after several mins went by they priced the cake based on similar cakes they had that day. Like I said I was happy with the look and taste of the cake, just wish the service lived up to the quality of the Cake.

Elizabeth Grzegorczyk

Delicious treats and friendly staff. My littles even appreciate a stop here :)



First of all, great name. Second of all, I have never had a better chocolate chip cookie. Like that cookie alone is amazing. I will drive all the way here for that cookie. Cupcakes and other deserts are just as good, everything here is worth s try. Very cute place.

Farah Rahman

I love cupcake wars and u guys were awesome on the show and your cupcakes are the best, you made me like cupcake flavors I never liked before

Emily Doyle

I always thought, "what's in a name?" in a business" was a little irrelevant. I. think that you intended for your business to be pronounced "Cake-a- bakery." Often times I've heard people refer to it as the "Caca Bakery". They've been hesitant to check the place out becuase of the name. It may sound a little trivial, but see what a change in name, or use it for a new promotional gig might make in your attenedance levels. Also, it's a little pricey. See what an open house might do to draw new patrons, with a series of discount coupons handed out to bring them back again. Good luck . I, for one, love to see a good bakery, and can't ever see enough of them ( no donuts!)

Matt Street

Did a job here for the owners they were fantastic enough to let me try some cupcakes brought some home for the family and they are now gone. delicious yummynes

Eliz Rehse

Lindy Ruggles

Michael Thomson

Wedding cake...the taste was terrific. Though given pictures of the type of design wanted, what was sent was extremely bare. They didn't even provide stem covers for flowers as promised. Too bad, because I saw pictures of some of their cakes and they do have capable designers, just took a big short cut on the design of our wedding cake. I would recommend you have the opportunity to preview the actual cake before the event if its important with this bakery.

Mike Ewer

Tasty cupcakes but not worth the money.

Kathy Herioux

Michael Richardson

Krystal Hildebrandt

Keri Kowal

Adorable cookies for my mom's surprise 6-Tea party!

edward fortunate


Dry, sickly sweet champagne cake. Strawberries for decor were dried up. I ordered it a month in advance for my friend’s birthday. Was embarrassed to present it and even more embarrassed after tasting it. Most guests didn’t eat their portion. A waste of A LOT of money.

Tim Priddy

There is nothing to not like it is all awesome

David E. Pedersen

Alex and the staff were the best. When we were deciding which bakery to use, we visited 3 businesses. After being disappointed at our first two stops, Alex stopped what she was doing and made us feel welcome and our business valued. And since that day, Alex and the staff have been attentive and accommodating. So if you're reading this, I recommend using Cakabakery for all your wedding day baking needs!

Bethany Faith


Jordan McCullough

Megan Novak

Cakabakery worked with me to provide a small 2 tier cake for my wedding reception, and I could not have been happier with the overall experience. Not only was the cake delicious, but Jason and the team were a pleasure to work with, and I would definitely return to them for any dessert needs I had in the future.

John Hart

Kaitlin Dupon

The Cakabakery did a fantastic job on our wedding cake. We loved how easy they were to work with on what it was we wanted for our day and they designed a beautiful cake for us. The cake itself is absolutely delicious and we will definitely be making trips over to the bakery for more treats in the future!

Cynthia Drew

Owner warm and friendly banana peanut signature cup cake absolutely delicious

Kate R

Stopped in on a whim today and am so glad I did. Not only was the staff super friendly, the place is so cute! In my experience you either find baked goods that look good or taste good but not both, but here- they have the magic! We tried a banana peanut butter cupcake and a spice and cream cheese cupcake and they were both so delicious and super cute! We will certainly be repeat customers!

Brenda Cox

I was introduced to and Jason while my husband was a patient at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital. What delicious, temptingly beautiful cupcakes and cookies are on display as you walk in and the smell is heavenly! On top of all that, Jason came out of the kitchen and talked to us, what a sweet guy. When I went back the second time he came out to sign a T-shirt and a dish towel and to have his picture taken with me. This bakery has top notch cakes. Cupcakes and cookies. Don't miss a chance to stop in when you can! You won't regret it!!

Misha Roeters

maria tenhave

Best bakery in GR

Laurel VanHeulen

They did my son's and daughter in law"s baby shower cake for me. Showed them a photo on pinterest of the Woodlands theme cake. And they copied it identically. Plus the taste was fantastic.

Shannon Freed

Love the cookies. They are always full of chips and are a great afternoon treat

PastorAbc Chuck


Patrick Haughey

We are planning our wedding and are currently at the tasting. Everything we tried tasted great.

Kate Touzel

Eric Swensson

barb johnson

Jason and team are the real deal!!! There is nobody who comes close! Love you Jason

K Ronis

Great quality products, from cupcakes to cookies, and the best tasting gluten free products I've had.

Robbie Hull

Spencer West

Delicious cookies and cupcakes. We seen them in the area for a while but haven't been able to stop by until now as they are closed Mondays. The odd hours don't matter though, because they're worth going to on the days they're open. They had three different kinds of cookies as well as several flavors of cupcakes available for immediate purchase. The only negative comment I have is that the texture and flavor of the vegan cupcakes were not up to the standard set by their other products. I'll definitely be going back for more cookies and non-vegan cupcakes.

Taylor Poynter

I had the pleasure of having them do a dessert table at my wedding. It was GORGEOUS. They listened exactly to what I wanted and made it happen, plus it was delicious. Very happy with this company!!

Becky Kwasteniet

Emily Reynolds

I love their flavors! They did our wedding cake for us in 2016. I wouldn't have changed a thing, it was perfect!

R Ducker

Best cookies in Grand Rapids. Very Addicting.

Fran Olesen

Hannah Finegan

Pretty darn delicious. Have dreams about their chocolate cupcakes!

Olivia Sydow

We used Cakabakery for our wedding we had a NYE wedding with mixed metals for colors. They made an absolutely gorgeous silver and gold cake for us which was more beautiful that what I had hoped for! They also did cupcakes for us and were able to accommodate our request of putting them in clear to-go boxes. We received so many compliments on the unique flavors, they were soooo yummy! I highly recommend Cakabakery for any event the presentation was gorgeous, they were sooo delicious, and the staff was so nice and fun to work with! Thank you cakabakery you deserve more than 5 stars!!

Alan Peterson

Jakin Thomas

Laura C Lin

Amy Wyma

Absolutely amazing. I would walk through a snow storm to get these cup cakes! Not to mention they are vegan, gluten and lactose intolerant friendly!

Andrew Philpott

Chip Durr

Shelly Odell

This place has horrible customer service. I tried ordering a cake (just to serve 20 ppl not an elaborate cake) nearly 5 weeks in advance and after they strung me along via email for 2 weeks, they then said they were too booked for that weekend. I was emailing with them regarding the order and they never mentioned the date being an issue until after two weeks into the conversation. I had to email 3 times and call and leave messages which is what took the two weeks in the first place. They aren’t open or don’t answer when you call there so it’s difficult to speak with anyone to get your order solidified. Apparently, business is too good, they are turning away costumers.

Judy Sabaitis

Purchased 6 dairy free chocolate raspberry cupcakes for $20.00. Cupcakes were small and dry. The raspberry part seemed to be the frosting because the cupcakes themselves didn’t have any raspberries in them. Very disappointed as were the other 4 people who ate one.

Susan Sherman

Cakabakery is fantastic! The cake artists here made a fantastic cake for my daughter's graduation along with cupcakes. Everything was delicious, but the centerpiece cake was the talk of the event! Jason and his crew will never disappoint!

Bob Reichert

Not to bad.

Katherine Olson

We used Cakabakery for our wedding and I am glad we did. Everything from receiving a quote, making edits to our order, the cupcake tasting and the actual wedding day was great. The Cakabakery team was easy to communicate with and able to make our ideas into a reality. Thank you! oh and everything tasted amazing too!

Rick Hollern

This place is AMAZING. The cakes always far exceed expectations and all of the baked goods are delicious. The people there are always extremely friendly and make every visit worth looking forward to.

Christopher Altheim

vikki weems

Rebecca Lemon

Best cupcakes and cookies in town - you will not be disappointed!



Went to get various cakes and they were out of my daughters favorite. They actually went in the back and made me two cakes. This IS customer service. The cakes are awesome too :-)

Cameron Versluis

Best cookies I've ever had. And the owners and staff are incredibly friendly, in a way that makes you feel so welcome. Great place!

Samantha Fitzpatrick

Cute little place. The frosting is amazing but the cupcakes where just alright. I loved the interesting flavors though, and the to-go cinnamon rolls are genius.

lillian Klinetop

This place was amazing!! Was a little sad they didn't have a ton of selection of pasteries, but with a menu of cupcakes that changed every day you can't go wrong. But every single cupcake we tried tasted just as they said they would and didn't disappoint! Will for sure go back!

Jayson Doty

Kristi Jones

Over priced and stuck up IMO

Jennifer Peyerk

Wonderful and friendly local bakery! Gluten free options that are better than the best! I will visit every time I go to Grand Rapids! Small cafe area to sit...but well worth a grab and go cup of coffee and cupcake!

Ben Harden

Trenton Broughton

Mike Litteral

Jason was a pleasure to work with. The cookies cupcakes and cake for our wedding reception looked fantastic and tasted even better. Thanks!

Christina Robertson

Michael Bouchard

Visited GR for our first time ever, and I can never leave a city without finding a cup/cake shop! A quick google search brought us here right before it closed for the day, and we're so glad it did! What a great find. The cupcakes were delicious, as were the cookies. And the staff were a delight as well. We'll definitely be back the next time we visit GR! ps.... We also saw an amazing cake on display while we were there. It was absolutely stunning. I'd recommend this place!

Daniel Winchester

Our go to place for vegan cupcakes!

anthony peltier

Love it. Love it. Love it. The make the best gluten-free cupcakes around. I wish they did more of a variety on Saturdays but I will keep going back

Geri Allen

Best in Grand Rapids!!

Samuel Frens

Absolutely love the Cakabakery! The chocolate chip cookies almost elicit some kind of euphoria for me. The cupcakes are creative and taste excellent. I don't find their products too sweet, which is a huge plus. The staff are better than the food they serve, which is really saying a lot. Alex always has a smile on her face and is extremely helpful and the owner is very courteous and seems to love what he does, and it shows in the eats. I am planning on having them cater my wedding, just so others can experience it too!

Kathy Jensen

Fabulous owners & awesome treats that make even a hubby happy! Chocolate Chunk Cookies are the bomb!!!

Justin Wustman

They messed up our wedding cake,they first apologized for not using the right icing, and then going back and said it wasn't that bad. Not great customer service.

Liz Nicholson

Addictive frosting! Best I've ever had!

Chelsea Lugo

I used this bakery for my wedding and I wasn't really impressed. Okay, my first initial interaction with the bakery was very pleasant. All the people I've worked with were very nice and sweet. But as the time went on the bakery was very bad at contacting me and I had to do all the initiating of the conversations. I sent several pictures of my colors and the look I was going for. Well, when it came time to pick up my cake the colors were all wrong. Apparently all the pictures I sent were not helpful and they went off the paper they printed out and their printer was out of ink and printed out all the wrong colors. They never wrote down that my order was paid for and I had to prove that I paid three times and even after that they were still unsure. My cupcakes were not at the shop when I went to pick them up because they sent them somewhere else, and on top of that they cupcakes were way tinier than I anticipated( I wish they would of informed me of the size because I was under the impression they would be the size of the ones in the window). When I voiced my concern to one of the managers he at first tried to argue with me about the color and tell me that this was the color I requested and finally he gave in and said they would try to fix it. We also tried reaching them five different times and they never answered and eventually we had to drive back to the bakery. And this was all the day before my wedding. Everything tastes amazing though so maybe I was just a little unlucky with how the whole thing transpired.

Christel Keefe

While I absolutely love the cakes they make (delicious!), service has been terrible. For the second year running, I have requested an "order up" and did not hear anything; until I contacted again. Last year I was able to make it into the store and service, once there, was great in ordering. Unfortunately I had requested an extra cupcake to be made for my sons 'smash' cake and they forgot to do that... not to mention I had spent hundreds of dollars on the other cakes I had bought. They did offer a free cupcake which was nice but it wasn't in the style of the party :(. This year I'm still waiting for an e-mail back from them ... like i said i really loved the cakes last year, but you'd think when you are spending > 100-200$ on a cake, they'd be more responsive.

Kayla Scholten

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