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REVIEWS OF Avalon Café and Bakery IN Michigan

Mary Ann Mangano

Staff is really friendly... but my order is always wrong. I try to modify the salad so it’s vegan and gluten free and no matter what I say it is always sent out with dairy all over it. I’m a loyal Avalon Midtown customer from the staff to the coffee and food and I’d love it if the downtown location were as reliable. The staff again is absolutely accommodating and kind downtown, but the kitchen needs to up its game.

Igor Ostaptchenko

Biscuits and gravy

John Davis

I love their sea salt chocolate cookies!

Collin Lockhart

Went for coffee and pastries with a group of 7 in the mid-afternoon. The atmosphere was cheery and relaxed. Pastry selections were limited, but what we had was good. It took 10-15 minutes to get all the drink orders made, and the process seemed haphazard. Luckily, we weren't in a hurry and got everything we wanted eventually.

Scott Coates

Great food and drinks. We were there as part part of the FIRST Robotics World Championships. This place gave participants a very generous discount on food and drinks. We went here many times over the 5 days we were in Detroit and were never disappointed. This place is a hidden gem.

Vernice Franks

Courteous and efficient service with a variety of food and drinks.

Katelyn Williams

Wonderful scones and bakery items! Staff was very nice and quick

Jonathan M

Took them 45 mins to steep tea?!?!

Joseph Paul Chouinard

Great food and great service. Had the Adult Grilled Cheese and it was delicious. Hit the spot. Thank you!

Junia Findlay

Would definitely recommend their pancakes! Well made. Definitely more substance to these than your typical fast food pancake, "cough cough", waffle house, ihop, denny's. The other items in ordered were okay, but pancakes were my favorite. The pancakes alone would fill you up. Good vibes and customer service is superb.

Nour Hachem

The coffee and treats were great but service was horrible. Very dissatisfied with how my family and I were treated. It was not busy at all and the workers were standing around & disregarding the fact that we were waiting for them to take our order. When the girl finally came she was being very dry and rushed us as if she didn’t want to take our order. This is probably due to the fact that we’re of foreign descent. Despite the rudeness of all the workers, we were very polite in return. The management should reevaluate their choice in staff.

1 2

Perfect little downtown bakery.

Daniel McPeek II

I had a meh experience. Not bad but just weird. There was a lot of standing around and singing to the radio behind the counter. I got a breakfast sandwich which was pretty good.



Zahra Essa

Tired avocado toast. It was very delicious and a good size. The bread tasted fresh as well.

Jay Llaniguez

Friendly staff makes the food taste even better. Well-lit for those that want to do work or study. Sit at the bar for electrical outlets and great conversations with the staff.

Stephanie Havey

Great food! Gluten free options available, just ask

Erica M

I was blessed when my beautiful daughter introduced me to WHITE SAUCE VEG PIZZA. I'll never eat any other pizza, my taste buds are still dancing #PartyInMyMouth

Rosalia Heppler-Austin

Coffee is good. Pastries are good.

Robert Mitchener

This place is a fantastic stop for a bite to eat, a nice coffee, and/or pasteries. I ordered a mocha and chocolate croissant (pain au Chocolat). The coffee was fantastic! The pastry well made, but it should have been reheated, as it was served room temperature leaving all the chocolate inside hard. Overall I'll still go again and despite how the pastry was served this place still earns five stars. They have loads of seats, so it seems like the type of place you could set up a laptop and get some work done without being a bother.

Portia Walker

This place has good food


Everything is delicious! Great for brunch

Sandra Mims

Baking goods not fresh. Sevice was very good.

Ryan Younan

Panera on some super illegal pills.

marjorie marr

This place never disappoints. Thank you!

kendra komp

A gorgeous new addition to the downtown scene. Every Detroiter knows that Avalon has incredible bread and baked goods, but now you can enjoy a light meal, delicious coffee, beer, or wine in this European style cafe.

Theodore Hynes

The bread here is excellent. If you come to Detroit you have to have Avalon's bread, especially uts sourdough. They also make other baked goods, sandwiches, as well as pizza. You can also get soups as well as salads if you want to keep carbs away. They do a good job with all those other products but sometimes things that may sound great and healthy don't totally pan out (Cottage cheese on pizza was not one of my favorites) but they do make a great effort trying to please as many people as possible. I am sad that they no longer have been making magic bars which I felt were one of those baked goods sinomynous with the Avalon name. When I wanted Avalon, I wanted that Magic Bar. However, it doesn't mean I wouldn't eat one of their delicious scones and have a nice coffee with it. Highly recommend you visit here.

Brad Hobson

Great food, friendly staff, decent coffee and great environment. I am was in town for meetings and have a strange diet. The staff was quick to "customize" my order. I returned the next day and they remembered me and asked if I wanted the same. Remembering and prompt service make it worth the Extra money. The place is a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for!

Bethany Taylor

Banana Split Whoopie pie was amazing. Also had a special Brown Sugar Sea Salt Latte. Fast service, great outdoor dining area. So many breakfast and beverage choices!

Nikeah Howard

I'd been meaning to stop in this café for a bit now, and I'm glad I did. The staff are incredibly nice, and the food? The food is awesome and reasonably priced. I also love the artwork of The Spirt of Detroit hung on the wall above the register (pictured). That tied the atmosphere together very well. A place like this is somewhere I'd bring a date to whilst on a walk Downtown, or if I were coming from class to get a snack and review notes. Definitely a must visit café if you happen to find yourself in Downtown Detroit sometime!

Kelly Riegler

White pizza is bomb dot com. Wine is a bit expensive, though. Nice atmosphere for brunch and lunch.

pebble moss

Absolutely the worst meal I've ever eaten, and I've had really bad but wow, this was next level. The bread tasted fine, but then they put barely melted kraft american cheese on it. My pastry? Too buttery and kind of stale. There are plenty of good bakeries in detroit to visit besides this one.

Sam Shockey

Great choice for healthy delicious food. Multitude of vegan and vegetarian options, including many vegan goodies such as cakes and cookies. Definitely would recommend for a relatively quick meal in downtown. Serves breakfast as well.

anthony Haddad

Mediocre food, bad service. Many people sending back food, such as a lady who had rock hard toast. I had the avocado bacon breakfast sandwich. Bread was not anything special; rest was sloppy with the bacon being mostly chewy fat. Got my food last even though I ordered before a few other customers. Was told, “it depends on what your order.” McDonald’s serves to order! Speaking of which, would have rather had a McGriddle for 4 bucks instead of 11 for flavorless bread, flavorless avocado smear, fatty bacon, and bland eggs. Not going here anytime soon.

chris ewert

Wow wow wow that avocado toast was incredible!

Derek Martinez

You can't go wrong with any of the options they provide. From the baked goods, to coffee/juices, to sandwiches and food... it's all excellent!

JJ Hashtag

+ Taste is solid + Modern bakery + Dedication and selection - Expensive - received black tea instead of chamomile - Wi-Fi connection


Had the bacon egg and avocado sandwich and it was delicious. I went on a Saturday morning and there was no wait.

Sean Snyder

Great selection of breakfast and lunch options

Shevonne Murphy

Similar experiences as most that actually rated this restaurant low. Decent food . I enjoyed the turkey and Gouda and a scone. What dampened my experience was the cashier . She was very cold and acted as if she didn't want to take my order. I know this a breakfast spot but cmon. Very bad vibes .

Wallace Harvey

Great food. Nice atmosphere. Their bread is excellent. Ordered a pizza, wife had a veggie sandwich. Had a brownie to go, which was also very flavorful. Reasonable pricing for what we ordered. Service was fast and friendly. Lots of drink options and nice healthy alternatives for those looking for vegetarian, glutenfree and organic. A potential oasis in a city that loves its meat and hot dogs, etc.

Karen Curley

Great coffee and the cookies were awesome it is all I had at the time. I say stop in rest and get some goodies.

Xavier Davis

Amazing customer involvement. Managers accommodate the frequent customers while providing a great semi dining experience

Marc Antony

Not a big avocado fan, so had to rate 4 stars since they seem to want to put it on just about every sandwich on the menu. Would be nice if breakfast was offered after 11 on weekends cuz it would expand the menu. I recommend the "adult grilled cheese". The goat cheese makes it.

Maria Fernanda Wetzel

If you are in Detroit, make sure to stop at this place for breakfast or lunch. Really cool ambiance, friendly staff and of course, delicious food. The avocado toast was full of flavors, with creamy avocado and fresh cucumber slices. The grilled chicken sandwich surprised you with a little kick of hot pepper, combined with grilled chicken and avocado, made a great sandwich. If you have room, try the vegan chocolate cake. Amazing!!

Wolf Hentschel

First time based on a referral and was not disappointed. Had a slice of chocolate cake that was delicious, moist, and vegan. Staff was excellent!

Jasmine H

Awesome breakfast food! The customer service was great as well as the atmosphere. We ordered the egg and cheese sandwich, the fried egg bacon and avocado sandwich and the chocolate toast. I about flooded my basement eating that avocado sandwich, honey. Definitely coming back.

Dan DeClerck

Wine and chocolate brownies? Wonderful, but the brownie was dry..

Kevin Lynn

I lived in Detroit when the first Avalon waaopened in the Cass Corridor. I thought the owners were crazy for opening there. But that place is great and so is this new downtown outpost. What the Hell do I know? Delicious food, friendly workers, and visionary owners have touched the heart of this grump! God bless the Avalon!

jason johnson

Lovely experience all around. Great service great food and lovely staff.

Dawn Coraci

I’ve been a fan of Avalon since they opened. The fruit/oat bars are fantastic - cherry being my favorite. Cherry walnut bread is great. You really can’t go wrong with anything here.

Kathy Steiner

This little place is amazing! They have freshly baked bread, sandwiches, desserts. We had a tuna sandwich on dill pickle bread-- it was the best bread I've ever eaten! The menu varies as do the bread choices. They also have Detroit Chips...a chip company out of Detroit. They get their potatoes from urban gardens right in the city and donate a portion their profit to charity. The chips are really crunchy- like kettle chips. Now I'm getting hungry!!

Ghassan Atmeh

Love this place! Great food, really good coffee! I always go there on weekends for a late breakfast it brunch. It's always packed, but they have fast service. When the weather is nice the outdoor seating are is the place to be.

Steve South

Food was good. The resturant seemed to cater to young professionals, which provided a certain nice, very acceptable atmosphere. It is casual and very airy. Nice place to have lunch in Detroit.

Michael Goforth

Dip in here on cold night for a hot totty. Good service

Geoff Deane

Staff was super polite and on it. The food was ok, but was really messy and hard to eat without getting it all over myself. I ended up throwing the food away and just finishing my coffee.

Alana Moore

Great spot for a quick breakfast. Food is really good and reasonably priced

Dak Ultimak

Ok, two quirks. But first, way better than Hughes (or whatever) up the block. Fast service. Comfortable. Quirk that bothers me, breakfast menu ended way too early for a holiday (labor day), should be treated like a weekend. And I was treated like I was an idiot when I expressed this, you should work with me because the lunch menu has a lot of egg and bacon dishes. Offer me the options instead of saying "no breakfast". That's bad customer service. Would of been 5 stars otherwise.

Jalin Wiley

While organic you don't get much quality or quantity for what you pay for. Customer service is what you'd get if you walked into any fast food chain.

Anastasia D

Cozy and warm atmosphere, associates were very fast and helpful, my Lox toast was superb!

Michelle Leppek

This is my go-to lunch spot downtown. There is a great selection of baked goods, sandwiches, beverages, and to-go items available. Their pizza is great as well. The space is bright and welcoming, and it's encouraging to see a truly grass-roots Detroit business thriving downtown.

Genevieve Terrell

Coffee great not too strong. Baked packing for fat Tuesday.this bakery in downtown have beer and wine.

Gianluca allegretto

Excellent food and service

Karel Justian

We had breakfast here and it was great. Nice options for coffee. Good spot to hangout while waiting for our next event. Service was excellent from everyone. Need to go back and sample some of the baked goods.

Katherine Kramer

I really enjoy their fresh baked goods. The sandwiches and croissants are great and always fresh!


I was a little thrown off when the dark haired young lady acted as if she didn’t want to wait on me. She made sure her hand didn’t get too close to mine when presenting me my change after I paid for my order.

Nicole Whitehead

The baked goods are awesome especially the cookies

Caroll Brown

Avalon has really transformed into not just a bakery but a restaurant that sells wine! Great option if you want to hang out with friends and family.

Garrett Oliver

They have confusing hours. I recently attempted to buy lunch two days in a row and got turned away. On Saturday I arrived at Avalon at 10:55 and was told that lunch was not being served until 11. I then decided to leave. On Sunday I came back at 11:25 and was told that breakfast was served until 12 and again could not buy lunch. I’ve hear their food is good but at this rate I won’t be able to try it unless I want breakfast.

Megan Staples

Very diverse and interesting menu. They have beautiful and unique Mother's Day menu items. Just a heads up, there is a sunflower seed tahini on the avocado toast that I didn't much care for, but maybe you will like it.

Peter Shillingford

Michigans best bakery.

Timothy Medvedik

Excellent food, service, and ambiance. The avocado toast is ridiculously good and worth $7. Only thing I was slightly iffy with was the sausage biscuit. The biscuit was great but the pork sausage just didn't taste like your mainstay breakfast sausage. It tasted more like a porch chop with fennel. However, this place still deserves 5 stars.

Cody Herring

Really nice coffee and bread

david rich

Very good good. Also very very pricey.

Mike Nielsen

Very tasty food and drink for the standard american diet. Plenty of different meat dishes and an impressive assortment of first class bakery goods. The healthy slant they had when they first opened is mostly gone as the target the more common food selections.

Emily Langworthy

This is a good-a$$ breakfast sandwich. Chill vibe, good music, good service. Will definitely come back next time I'm in Detroit.

Aidan Blum

Amazing pizza, really try the goat cheese mushroom pizza! You will not be disappointed. I will add that this place gets busy, so consider coming during an off hour.

Melissa Armstrong

Great little spot to grab a bite to eat! Had the avocado toast which was smeared with smashed avocado, tahini, cucumber, olive oil drizzle, chili flakes, sea salt on farm bread. Yum! Also got the monkey bread which was sweet and full of cinnamon. I got the vegan bran muffin to go. Definitely a place to try!

Sean Hunter

Avalon has some top notch baked goods. Coffee is decent. Staff is friendly. They also have a well proceed happy hour on beer and wine. They mainly serve Beers from North Peak and Jolly Pumpkin.

Thoughts from a Soilder TFAS

Friendly staff and excellent coffee. Nice location for downtown events.

Nancy Michlin

Good food. They had a lot of healthy choices.

Kim May

Great place as always....

Harish Raj

Great Bakery for Avid Bread lovers.... They have innovative menu, which changes occasionally... One of the best places to grab a quick meal in downtown Detroit. The coffee bar within is equally innovative and is a must try, when u visit Detroit...

Kevin T

It was good, but not enough to make up for the crowd, small selection, and steep prices.


Great place, great staff.

Kenneth Dailey

Delicious food. Fairly high priced. The vegan carrot cake is fantastic and the dequinder cut trail mix cookies are amazing.


Not bad

Abu S

On a Friday night it’s so quiet here, I guess that’s why bartender is not making any conversation at all. A simple smile makes a huge difference!!!!! I usually do takeout here always love there food. But tonight’s experience not good!!!!!

Cj Rob

I love this place

Trooper Long

Today I had a very delicious open faced sandwich with avocado and fried egg. There are also a lot of vegetarian and even vegan options here. The breads are the star of the show.

Will McNamara

I’ll give 5 stars to any restaurant with bread this good.

Nikyra Howard

Ordered Beaubien Blueberry Buckle with a Large Hot Chocolate, and it was divine. It was my first time here, and I lived it! The atmosphere is cozy and cute, and has a hipster vibe. The workers are friendly, and it's pretty clean. Great for a coffee date, meeting up with friends, or to chill out with your laptop.

Susanna Dvortsin

Nice healthy breakfast. Good service.

Nathan Zorndorf

This place was so good! Had the tahini banana muffin, and the tuna melt. Not a great combo but they were both amazing! Would give many brunch spots in SF a run for their money. Would recommend for breakfast or lunch in Detroit.

Tessa Ernst-Meyer

Best Almond Croissant I've had in a LONG TIME

Renee Smith

Perfect place-pastries, pizza, breakfast (until noon wkends), sandwiches, wine, beer

Marc Williams

Food was far beyond my expectations based on the menu. Avocado Toast was served on inch thick sourdough with thing slices of cucumber and micro greens as well as a smear of tahini. Coffee was perfect, and despite the hectic pace of a Saturday brunch rush service was spot on. If I lived here I’d eat here regularly.

Chris Roland

Good coffee and the pecan pastries are delicious. Heard the breakfast is good too

Michael O. Brown

Great Food! Great Service+

Derek M. Divito

So glad to see this once small bakery in the Cass Corridor to turn into a successful business. Prices are a touch on the high side but everything is delicious and will keep you coming back. Everytime I come back home I have to get something here.

Matthew Eddy

A Detroit staple. The decor is cool and modernistic. The menu is pretty nicely varied and has more than just bakery options.

Andrew Schroeder

Cool place for light meals, home-made baked goods, coffees/teas etc. and open late for after the show. Service is good for a counter-order place, decor is refurbished Detroit City building parts. And you can actually hear the people you're with.

Tracey Morris

Excellent food, coffee, and baked goods. Try the Green Goddess Cobb and the Sea Salt Chocolate Chip cookies. It'll be busy before 9 or at lunchtime, but service is pretty quick. There's a good variety of pre-made sandwich and salad options if you're in a hurry. They also have a nice selection of craft beers and wines.

Nereus Brown

I love this place gives me a reason to have the family eat then I get to go shopping. At nike store lol

Prajna Acharya

great atmosphere, fresh food and amazing coffees Follow @foodietravells for more

Marcus Taylor

I ordered the turkey and Gouda cheese sandwich with chips. As well as, a mocha coffee. My food was great; I give 4 stars because the tables that I seen were dirty. Made me almost not want to eat inside.

Mr Coupon

Staff forgot things I ordered. Service wasn’t so good.

A. Tron

Dirty restaurant, poor service, order overlooked. Typical Detroit experience

Burger Meister

Good food, but the guy taking are order wasn’t very helpful. Maybe he was just having a bad day. Regardless, I’d go back.

Ed Slesak

Great coffee including Expresso. Food was fresh, flavorful, and Fab.

David Collins

Just great food. Not cheap. Premium and great location near town center.

Esme Prowse

Bombastic pizza and a cool vibe.

Denise Bauer

Nice place with outdoor seating. Good food. 4 stars because I would like a few lesser expensive brunch options.


This place is very modern yet high quality. Staff are taking pride in what they do. It's a bakery and because of that any of their food that contains bread is very good. Its one of the few pizza places where you actually WANT to eat the crust. Their coffee, specifically almond milk lattes, are quite tasteful. Last but not least - they are open late!

Richelle Labarge

This place is great! We stumbled across it looking for food in downtown Detroit. We got hot coffees to warm us up and mushroom toast. The service is great as well. Vegetarian friendly.

Janis S

Delicious cafe serving breakfast & assorted delicious baked goods, coffees and hot / cold drinks. Amazon brownies are especially yummy, as are the scones. Outside and indoor seating available, great place to people-watch. Also sell take-home packages of snacks and bakery items.

Madison Reasoner

What an amazing breakfast, brunch, lunch, ANYTIME spot!! The Tuna melt was the best I’ve ever had and the Lox and toast was phenomenal

Scott Cargill

Great place for a cup of coffee or other specialty drinks in the morning! Never super long line compared to Starbucks and their drinks taste way better. Also there Turkey & gouda sandwich for lunch is the bomb.

Katherine Hammond

The original staple of midtown Detroit. Avalon was like a lonely island ten years ago. Their baked goods are excellent. The interior is uniquely Detroit, refurbished and industrial. Hard to describe. Go there and sit at the copper counter, it's worth it. They seem to have good report with long time employees and genuinely care about the community.

Davion Terry

corned beef out of this world !!!

Mary Moret

Faulty management, untrained staff, prepared food is fair. Bread is heavy and often over done. headed to give them another chance and they open at 8 on a Saturday.

Jerusha Gaikwad

Great chocolate chunks cookie!

Kalaida Marie

Cute. Eclectic menu and dope staff.

Kristin Quint

Staff were friendly and nice, and the food was beautiful. Avocado toast was a little too much for me, perhaps due to the olive oil on top. Delicious fig bar, and nice atmosphere.

ta greenhnwd

Prices have always been on the high side, but at Avalon I always get full value for the money. Today I asked for two whole loaves -- not sliced -- of rye bread. I prefer to slice my bread at home. It gives me pleasure to use a good bread knife .. and I perceive that the bread is fresher when I slice exactly what I need. -- tg

Mark Tremel

Avalon feels like it should be in a college town. Very relaxed, healthy choices mixed in with some maybe not so healthy. Fresh bread made with locally sourced ingredients, crazy assortment of sandwiches, pizza, coffee, beer and wine. Not a lot of seating available, but a lot of people seem to do carry out. Super location kitty corner from the Hudson site.

Sadie Quagliotto

Love the vegan cookies


Delicious and good price


Great place for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! Great coffee, chai lattes, sandwiches and their scones are to die for! The employees were all super friendly and helpful; they gave us some great suggestions to try out!

Brian Cote

Great selection of tasty treats. I loved the peanut butter cookie.

Jodi Stacks

Egg Sandwich was pretty good although the Multi grain bread was a little thick. Green tea was excellent



Jacob Bower-Bir

Warm atmosphere and friendly staff. Prices are a bit high, but most dishes are tasty and the bread is of good quality. Baked goods aren't stellar, but they do have decent vegan options.

BIG GUY for hire Moving Labor Services

Good coffee but extremely overpriced and the pastries and cookies or dry and old

Sekou watkins

1 of my favorite places for breakfast downtown. Sausage biscuit is my go to. Never disappoints. Super friendly staff. Fresh bread galore. Stop in and check it out.

Javier Terres

Great service, food and coffee!!

Kevin Gipson

It was my first time here with the wife. We both loved the atsomphere and decor. Understanding the menu was a bit confusing, so we opted for the printed version. Only thing we didn't like was the seats. EXTREMELY uncomfortable. Staff was good, service was quick. Food was excellent. Upgrade your seating and you'll get that elusive fifth

Philip Brown

A great spot to relax. Great atmosphere, good food, and staff that will have a conversation with you.


I love the bread but came in this morning and the people behind the counter seemed more interested in their phones. After 5 minutes without a hello or how can I help you I walked out.

McKinsey Golfin

I went here for the first time and worker suggested the Turkey and Gouda sandwich. I was so glad I selected that choice.

Dave McGuriman

Very good, skip the kale salad though, the Brussels were tough

Lindsay Cabrera

Delish! And very nice staff!

R Wheeler

This is a great establishment. Since its conception it has adapted to the ever changing business of Downtown Detroit. The food is a treat and the service is good. I look forward to seeing the constant changes to come with this growing brand.


Great atmosphere. Great service. Great food and drink. Avalon is wonderful addition to downtown Detroit.

Dee Dud

Great restaurant for quick bites or sit down. Nice ambiance. Take service was timely. Staff was nice. Had a Trout Reuben sandwich. Great sandwich.

Michael Bailey

Excellent for breakfast coffee bread pastries cookies. Enjoy!

Matt Bulger

Good food, good coffee, nice spot for breakfast.

Saad Gasgous

Gotta love this place!

Courtney Spanagel

Beautiful cafe, the espresso bar is great to enjoy their coffee drinks! I had a Mocha with a little spin from the girl working the espresso bar. In the heart of Detroit, it is the perfect location for the nights downtown enjoying the winter festivities. Highly recommended and can't wait to enjoy more that they offer!

Katina Jones

Dirty chai latte is the best!!


Everything was really tasty. Great flavors and also very good location. Service can improve.

Albert K

Excellent iced soy lattes and iced coffees. Delicious scrambled eggs, chicken sandwich, turkey sandwich, and hardboiled eggs. Yes, they sell hardboiled eggs, which is amazing! I frequent here for their iced soy lattes - top notch.

Dave Eaton

Cool, unique place. Nice to see in Detroit.

Jameel Bajjey

This is a favorite lunch spot. The French dip, and tuna melt are amazing. Great coffee too!

Victoria Corley

Great service, food and atmosphere!

Chunpeng Wang

The avocado sandwich there is amazing!

Conrad Albrecht-Buehler

The staff is so friendly and the eggs were excellent. The cappuccino was even better!

Martin Smith

Good food and bakery products

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