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REVIEWS OF Ackroyd's Scottish Bakery IN Michigan

Shaun Puzio

Holy Cow Are Their Pasty’s Awesome! I live in the heart of the American Pasty today, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, so I know of what I speak. I took a box home of five varieties and have been absolutely thrilled with each! I took my mother later the same day I bought mine, and she stocked up her feeezer! She races over the individual macaroni and cheese! Do yourself a favor and introduce yourself. Very, very friendly service. Unique food selection and a Bakery To Die For!

Domenica Ingles

No place like it for authentic Scottish fare. Scones are scrumptious and staff is awesome.

Iain Wiseman

Fantastic - kin even got a bottle a ginger here

Keya Wang

best shortbread I've EVER tasted my ENTIRE life

Judith Leppek

Yummo! And a great staff. Bap rolls are little clouds of deliciousness.

Gary Oke

Haggis, Scottish bangers, pastries, shortbread and more. The Scot in me loves this place.

Denise Gersky

I love the "Daily Freshly Made Brities" in the "Scottish Tradition" of meat pies, desserts, "Brities" and the "Scottish Delicacies" of dry goods, jams, jellies, condiments, candies, etc! I order my "Brities" at least a week in advance, because I order enough to last me the whole month and they're so delicious! "Brities" are made of ground beef, potatoes, onions, seasonings, wrapped in dough thoroughly cooked to perfection! You can freeze them, but please wrap them up very well to eat at a later time! You just put them in the microwave for 1-2 minutes until hot (1 or 2 at a time) or oven at 350° for about 25-30 minutes (as many as you need), but please watch them or you could burn the bottoms of them! "Great for Dinner With Some Steamed Vegetables Or A Nice Tossed Salad, A Filling Lunch Or A Wonderful Snack, While You're Watching Your Movies, News, TV Series Or Sports On Television"!

Lorna KoNo

Meat pies and rolls are always great.

Elizabeth M. Ceilidh MacNaughton

Best place to find delicious Scottish delicacies and Irn Bru!

Eileen Brooks

I am Scottish and to discover this bakery was a delight. Our family live in Ann Arbor and whenever we visit them we go to Ackroyd's to stock up. The Scottish meat pies are very authentic. I had missed them so much for years and now am happy to get a regular supply. I think we have tried almost everything else and have always liked what we have bought. The little butter tarts are a treat too. We live in Maryland and maybe that's a good things as I'd eat too many good things too often!! Our Michigan family have started traditions with their friends and order one of the haggis for New Year and Burns Night and so far their brave friends have enjoyed discovering this authentic Scottish meat product. The staff are also very friendly and helpful.

Eve O'Connor

I love this store for getting all of my English, taste of home products. Their baked goods are so good-- Eckels cakes and sausage rolls. Yum! You can get UK sausage and bacon which is better than anything we have here. I will trek 40 miles to come here a few times a year.

Dion Nichols

Love the food

Ian Mcdonald

Great food, good service!

Larry Peplin

If you like or want to try traditional Scotch food, this is the place, and it's famous for it. Variations on savory meat pies galore, plus a smaller selection of sweet treats.

Elizabeth Quan

Delicious traditional Scottish pastries and treats. Bridies? Check! Beef pasties? Check! Curried chicken pies? They've got those too! Yum!

Greg Lucot

Everything is made fresh. The curry chicken pie is awesome!

Leona Ferranti

Unique food items, Scottish, that you can't find at grocery stores. My father in law went there for years. I'm new to the bakery but will be going back soon. My husband loves it. He use to go with his dad for years.

Andrew Astorino

Great Scottish food and treats. If you are looking for something simple but delicious get a bridie (flaky pastry with sausage and onion inside)

Barbara Douglass

Traditional Scottish food. Been around for 69 years. The tea cakes and meat pies are fantastic.

Paul Boes

Shortbread and date squares are awesome! Guaranteed to add something to your waistline. There is nothing gluten free about this place. Did I say they have tha best shortbread. This place is total yum!

Donald Harris

Great Scottish food! My family has been coming here for over 60 years.

Melissa Moldovan

This Place.. Worth every single penny. Scottish Meat and Pork Pies and the homemade blocks of shortbread. Amazing. Worth the drive as well as the price

corey petersen

Great authentic pastries and meat dishes. Love everything they do and they ship almost anywhere!!!

Chris Shipman

I grew up on Ackroyd's meat pies and fern cakes. My parents were both British and made regular trips to this little store. 50 years later, they are still there. I don't get to the area very often, but I don't miss a opportunity to stop in and pick up those delicious item for my childhood.

Gary Vikar

This bakery has been around since 1949. We found out about the store a month ago on facebook. The curry chicken is to die for. Mac & cheese pie just melts in your mouth. The only pie that is better is the onion cheese pie. If your near the area stop in. Parking is on the side. Not in the donuts shop. They will have you towed.

Deborah Crouch

Awesome as usual

Stormy Campbell

Thought is was too expensive but I guess if you are not willing to make it yourself.......

Glen Ward

Scottish comfort food my grandfather started me going here a very long time ago.

Scott S

What an interesting place with amazing foods. If you have never been here, you should make sure that you stop in and give one of their meat pies or cookies a try.

Ande Jacob

Be prepared to want at least one of everything. Great selection, great staff and sweets so good, your kilt will be on the floor!

Sarah Goad

Amazing local gem filled with treasures. Whether it's fresh-baked pastries and savory delights, I find something new every time I go to Aykroyd's. The staff is super nice and very knowledgeable . I also love that they take credit cards now

Cathy B Smith

Love them. They're my go to place for my Tea Parties for Scones, Crumpets & authenic English Jellies.


The trip to Ackroyd's is a pilgrimage for our family. Any time we are near we stop in for meat pies, fern cakes, and empire biscuits .

Nicholas Kidd

Took 45 mins to serve 5 people including myself. Staff didn't seem to care at all about customers waiting in line. No prices on anything, nobody to tell you Ithe price unless you wait in line for 30 mins. THEing experience I can remember ever having.

Lewi Custom

Great family style business. Worth the 30 mile drive just to meet and see the place first hand. Highly recommended for unique baked goods. More to post later as I work through the meat pie, chicken curry pie, mac n cheese pie, steak pie, sausage rolls, pizza patsy and so much more. Obviously for the drive I had to stock up. Good thing they freeze well and even have reheating instructions! Stay tuned

Ericca Williams

I have been going to Ackroyds for over 50 years. This place brings back so many memories. The meat pies are to die for. Nobody has better shortbread. The family atmosphere makes stocking the freezer fun. I moved to Tennessee a couple years ago. To my surprise they will ship here, it is going to be a great Christmas.

Kelly Tompkins

Childhood staple. Getting expensive, but love the food offered

antwon taylor

Always nice small fast shop smell good in here

FodiesMom 1

Very nice staff. Products are always delicious.

Joseph Ziembroski

One of the few bakeries of it's kind in area. Try their mac and cheese selection....yummy. And their tarts are always good.

Karthik Prabhu

Extensive selection of both sweet and savory items. Try the tarts!

Bryan Michael

4$ for 1 meat pie is not inflation, it's greed.

Tracy Ishii

Old world Scottish foods. Love it

Justin Lang

Just got my order here in AZ! Never disappointed in the food for the past 30 years roughly! My dad grew up down the road and took us there when we visited. I just wish I would’ve gotten some meat pies and pasties! Maybe another pound or ten of the black pudding too! For the critics of the quality or the price: I dare you to find better!

Paul Chandler

If you want something different this is place. Nothing like a pie or sausage roll for dinner.

Kenny Hill

It is exactly what you'd expect!

Jason Allman

I love this place. Great meat pies and scones. The employees are always super nice and helpful. Their shortbread looks great, but I have yet to try it. It's definitely on my list the next time I stop in. Go early if you like blueberry scones, because the always sell fast.

William Byram

The only Scottish bakery for a 5 state area .

Ben Moy

Fantastic little spot with delicious savory and sweet pies and pastries. Also has a nice selection of imported soft drinks and candies. I will definitely be returning.

Simon McNeilly

British and Scottish specialties. Meat pies to die for! Lots of customers with thick Scottish accents.

Jahna Berry

Excellent service and quality food!!

ellen dyer

Excellent bakery! My parents both loved the meat pies, corned beef pasties and Irish soda bread! Friendly and helpful staff! Today was our 1st time to Ackroyds bakery, we are definitely going to shop there again!

ETC 882016

Highest quality, pricey, worthy.

Ian Douglas

Amazing food and customer service!

Arthur Wiseman

Great meat pies and pasties, fern cakes, cranberries cake, all great, I've been going there since my mom brought me when I was a kid 40 years ago, now it's over an hour away and I still go several times a year

Edward Jackson

Love the meat pies

jeff anderson

We love going here and getting authentic foods and snacks

D Camp

I've purchased here for years, and it's never failed to impress. My personal fave is the sausage pastry!. My Grandparents and Father came directly from Scotland to here and found this place shortly after arriving. My grandmother got all kinds of items here.

Craig Morrison

It's on the pricey side but well worth it

Sarah Rolfe

Poor customer service! Poor ability to ship items in a timely fashion! Meat that is clearly going bad it was brown and smelled off when opening the package. They claim meat that is pink/red is not natural so the next time you fancy a nice steak go with the brown one because arkrody claim it’s more natural. The baps are not bap by any British sence of a bap they are more like finger rolls. The photo of the baps on the site is miss leading as to the size as it’s taken from the side and not from above. The white pudding crumbles in to small little pieces during cooking this is with the casting still on. They may have had a Scottish family member once upon a time but there is nothing traditionally Scottish here. They will say I’m being unfair to a small business but if you have online ordering and ship all over the country you have to accept that you will have huge amounts of order and if you can’t handle that because your a small business then you shouldn’t be shipping across the country.

Joshua Wright

Love the meat pies and sausage and cookies and everything else here!

William Reid

The best in the midweat.

Michael D. Milson CHt

This is a great place to buy all of your English and Scottish food, they have an assortment of freshly baked pies and pasties, sweets treats such as shortbread and other baked goods. They get in lots of different products throughout the year especially around christmas and easter. The staff are super friendly and the prices are reasonable for imported goods. Be sure to join their rewards card membership through Flok and punch your digital card in the Flok app every visit, some great freebies to be had.

Tom Parker

Great stuff! Friendly staff, exceptional goods

Lisa Medici

The best for a taste of Scotland

Kathy Kline

Yummm I love this bakery, I always get several of the meat pies and cheese and onion pie. The Empire and Fern cookies are wonderful

Jennifer Morrissey

I absolutely love everything I have ever gotten from Ackroyd's. The staff is always pleasant and knowledgeable. The food is delicious. I very much enjoy all of the specialty products that they sell in the rest of the store. If you haven't tried Scottish food made from scratch you should definitely check them out.

Jessica Hutson

We had such a great time here! The selection was wonderful and the owner was great fun. He advised not only in the items in his store but local history and entertainment and restaurants as well. Pot pies for dinner thanks to Ackroyd's. Can't wait!

Mary Ahlstrom

Counter lady extremely SLOW!!! Appears to not know what she is doing

Craig and Deah Wilson

A bit expensive (for my usual fare) but well worth it.... soooo good.

raphael trowell

The best "pasties" in the metro area..very very good pasties

Darla Van Hoey

Good place to get Scottish food, pasties, food from Britain.

Ronald Archibald

Desert cakes good. Pasties had too much dough. Won't get them again..

Kelli Edmondson

Don't miss out on this!!

Darlene Doute

The best bakery

Michael Brannigan

Went in for some small specific items but the baked goods and selections were too good to pass up. A lot of items that reminded me of my childhood.

Edward Linden

Love those Fern cakes!

Paul Mattison

Great Old World foods!!!

glen h

Food is decent but the price is a kind of high

Sydney Holley

Food is amazing! First time going and it will definitely not be my last. Service was great. So excited to have found this place.

Brooke Regensburg

Neat little shop. Bridies were good. Sausage rolls needed more seasoning to be close to a proper sauage roll. Has other UK items like jams, curds, chocolate, and crisps.

Joseph Smith

The only place for authenic scottish food in the state!

David Heino

I've been going here since I was a small child. If you are of Scottish heritage you need to go to this place. They have great Scottish favorites like Meat Pies and Bridies. Awesome oatcakes and shortbread cookies and marvelous Fern Tarts. I hadn't been there in a few years and was very surprised at the new Meat Pie offerings. Besides the original, they had a Pizza style one. And another that was filled with Mac N Cheese (sooooo good) , and there were a few others that I'd give a try to.

Terese Worful

Don't go in there hungry. You'll other spend like i did.

Bettyz a RN

Great service and yummy pastries! Many assorted Scottish products available.

Leslie Ann

Authentic Scottish food. The staff is really informative & nice. We'll definitely be back!

Karen Alexander

We drove an hour to get there. Place was so tiny, we couldn't get everyone in the door. Service was a bit slow and not at all friendly. Bought $60 worth of food and it was just ok.

Sandy Gallacher

This is "The Scottish Bakery". Our 1st time here and when ever we get to this area, we will always come in for the yummies

Kevin Branigan

Beware of expiry dates on any shelved items.

Diane Therrian

Delicious Scottish meat pies and other yummy things.My family has also been going there for years and years

Steve Haskin

Love this place. Delicious authentic Scottish food.

Laurie Beth Petrie

Very unique Scottish bakery. Everything tastes wonderful. Offer both savory and sweet selections. Clean establishment, friendly service.

Lady Anwyn

I've known Ackroyd's since their original location. It's been a long time since I've had the awesome experience and I've missed it very much since then, especially the fly pies. Thank you for still being here!

Drew Maggetti

We love treating ourselves the the meat pies a couple times a year just like Gramma used to bring home!

C Bruce Bartley

Love the short cakes

James Ross

Great bakery for all you Scottish needs.....been a tradition to go there for years

Emily Reynolds

I love this Scottish bakery! Get a meat pie, they're amazing!

B Heschel

Never been to the store but I ordered meat pies and had a friend pick them up. Order was correct and the meat pies are delicious.

Scott waldron

I can always pick up something delicious at Ackroyds. I recommend the birdies, pizza pie, Irish stew pie, and pasties.

Barbara Murray

I love this bakery! Best Scottish meatpies and baked goods to be found. I've been going there my entire life and they never disappoint, always quality. Thanks for the memories Ackroyd's.

Nicole Klein

Fantastic!! highly recommend! Authentic flavor and taste reminds me of my childhood. On point! Great delivery services and great customer service!

Ian Strachan

Well going to this place it is awesome they got all the authentic scotch food


I've been going here since I was a little kid my mom her whole family this is the best place to go and I love being Scottish. The apple tarts are the best

Amanda Patton

The only place of its kind. You definitely want to check this place out if youre in the area. Try the mac n cheese pie!

Linda Handran

We LOVE Ackroyds! Just picked up our Christmas feast. I can't recommend it highly enough.

Beth Kregear

Love Ackroyd's, it's must stop when I'm back in the Detroit area.

Dan Delaney

A nice selection of hard to find UK goods. Helpful staff too. Today was Quavers, clotted cream and mincemeat.

Mike Strachan

Always good Service and surperb food. Can't find good Scottish Goodies and meat pies in Da U.P. anywheres like ya can at Ackroyd's in Redford

Ki O'Rourke

Wonderful Bakery. Always friendly service. They also have a few other treats from Scotland in the rest of the UK.

Bruce John Paterson

The Best ,but prices are very high !!

Dave Brice

I can feed the family! My kids love the Mac and cheese pies. Everyone loves the desserts. Small pies are great for individual taste, large pies feed the whole lot. Been a favorite for many years.

Michael Clements

As an ex-pat, this place is a goldmine. Lucky enough to get my hands on some Scotch eggs. Delicious.

Mike Siegwald

Been going since I was born. Great food

Mike D

Everything here is great. From the bangers to the sausage rolls to the meat pies. Friendly helpful staff every time I've been there. Nice old school bakery.

Robert Cunningham

Ackroyd's is a family tradition. What a Detroit area treasure. The meat pies are great! We love the steak pie. And the fern tarts are a must! A new favorite now is the date bars....Sinful...!

Mike Bach

Ackroyd's Scottish bakery is a family tradition for me. It started with my grandfather and my dad during the 60's and is still carried on today, with my father and myself. Stop in for authentic Scottish baked goods!

Elsbeth Hussey

I love this place! Being a Scott/Brit living in West Michigan, it is great to have a place reasonably near by to satisfy my borderline unhealthy addiction to Irn Bru! Yesterday is what inspired me to write this review. We were on our way to Ikea in Canton and were about 45 minutes away from Ackroyd's. Our GPS told us that they had closed at 3pm it was now 3:30. My husband called them, and i said " what are you doing? No one is going to answer!" Much to our surprise and delight, not only did someone answer, but when we told him we had come from Grand Rapids and were 45 minutes away still- He told us to come on by anyway! Needless to say we were very happy and grateful! I picked up 5 cases of Irn Bru, several lies and a few grocery items, and left one happy ex-pat! He also gave us a free piece if shortbread for our young daughter who was shopping with us! Great products, amazing customer service- we are definitely customers for life!

Craig Weis

I will be going back soon. Best Scottish bakery around.

Denny Pruitt

Best sausage in world bread is amazing

mj48310 mj48310

Visiting a childhood place bringing back many memories. The meat pies and bridies always a favorite!

Jennifer Griffin

Amazing treats, goodies, food, and people! I was told by a true Scot that the food is authentic and I can say I am hooked. Thank you for your hospitality and kindness. We will definitely be back.

Paul Koenig

Nice little bakery. New special - curry pies.

Deanne Kumah

They're super friendly and their food is delicious!

junnywadd web

Fast servive with a vast assortment of bakery goods.

Cindy Korolov

What a great little shop! Lots of traditional Scots sweet and savory baked goods, as well as packaged products. Owners and counter staff are terrific. I hadn't been there in ages and today's stop made me wonder why.

Julie Bennett

Always a perfect place to buy lunch or dinner. Meat pies are great in the microwave for one minute if at work. Oven is best for a crunchy crust but we love them so much we can not wait. The deserts are addictive and remarkable. This place is worth the drive from anywhere! They ship too. Yes, try this place you will love them.

Brian Graysmark

Absolutely love the food here. Well worth visiting and stocking up on some great comfort food.

Simon Marshall


Rob B

Scottish Bakery with Savory pies and dessert items. They also have a number of other Scottish food items jams jellies teas beverages Etc. On their savory pie items and their dessert items in each of those categories if you buy five items you get the 6th one free. you cannot mix between categories each category is separate. Savory items are $4 each . Top selling items are sausage rolls, meat pies, beef pasties. They also have items such as shepherd's pie chicken pot pie, curried chicken pot pie. I ordered six items I liked the beef pasties best. Chicken pot pie had a good taste and a nice gravy but wasn't filling enough for me also got some of their shortbread. It was the best shortbread I ever tasted.

S Gomulka

Delicious Scottish favorites. Family owned. Friendly.

Donald Wilson

Nothing like it anywhere in Michigan.

Catriona Nagel

Wonderful Scottish bakery. Walking in there reminds me of Christmas.

Beth Smith

If you want Scottish pastries, this is your place.

debra crandall

There foods are very good. A little pricey. Staff are very friendly!

Sherry Carr

I placed a mail order for the steak pie (8 servings) and steak pasties. Several years ago we placed a large Christmas order and were very happy with it. Unfortunately, this last order was very unpleasant. The puff pastry topping was so dense and hard that it was not edible. Both the steak pie and pasties had a bad after taste (like maybe the oils used on it were burned?). The steak pie was extremely dry as well... nothing like the first one we got a while back. People are usually fighting over the pastry topping but not this year! Needless to say the elderly folks that we were entertaining were very disappointed and our celebration was a big let-down. We won't be ordering again.

Kristy Murphy

Their meat pies are amazing!!! But they are getting a little too expensive. I go all the time but getting tired of spending 100.00 or more when I can go to another bakery & get them cheaper


This place is awesome. The ladies behind the counter packaging up the meaty pies and pastries are friendly. They have a small selection of Scottish groceries as well. Best shortbread cookies I have had!

Katrina Mitchell

Wonderful experience! Delicious treats!

Nicoletta Valenzano

My family has been going to this bakery Since they opened! It is so great and such a dying art that they manage to keep alive! The meat pies are so delicious, and my grandparents(originally from Scotland) claim this is just like they used to eat when they lived there.

Lori Hudy

Always delicious, meat pies and shortbread

luke naud

Only place in town to get empire biscuits

Lyns A

Good traditional food!

M Hinges

Love, love, love the goods they have here.

Michael Bailey

Scottish meats - haggis and black pudding. You can get UK confectuinary supplies here.

Jackie Williams

Had everything we were looking this place!!

Brian Carnesecchi

Their food is great! I have only been there twice in the past 4 years. It would be helpful if they had a menu out. If they did, I didn't see it. I went up there to buy some good bread for toast. But when I asked them what kind of bread they had, the lady told me they only had one kind of bread. I thought that was weird since they are a bakery. But the bread they had was excellent!

Diane Cassar

My grandparents used to shop there. Good selection. Expensive, however they offer selections that are not typically available at chain markets.


Excellent pastry, the chicken curry was delicious. Also, very unique food-type gifts such as chocolate liquors

Ann Marie O'Connell

Wonderful made on site pastries and sausage rolls, plus Scottish import foods. Also meats and meat puddings like a US legal haggis.

Ronald Valcke

Great products. Just like i remember. My family went hear years ago. I will definitely return even though its a 1 hour drive each way

Jacqueline Stephan

I was introduced to Ackroyd's in the late 70's. Have always loved their bridies and pork pies. Shortbread is so wonderful!!


Everything is way over priced, and they have stopped putting prices on shelved items so you have to ask the price for everything. Also, while we were looking around, the staff behind the counter were talking about an earlier customer. Very unprofessional.

Heather McDonnell

If you know birdies, meat pies or sausage rolls then this is your place!

Jason Nichols

Meat pies were delicious couldnae get enough

Samantha Amore

I can't believe I didn't try this hidden gem sooner! I love this place! You can get pre-made food. Like beef pie, chicken pot pie. All for cheap prices. Their desserts are so delicious. Give them a try!

Gina Weise

I used to live in England many years ago and this shop took me for a trip down memory lane. The store is filled with candies, chips, cookies, tea, and pasties. Cadbury's, Digestive biscuits, Walkers crisps, etc. They had little knick knacks too, buttons, tea cups, and more. The lady who helped me was very friendly. I bought some Cadbury's, chips and 2 sausage rolls. It was all great

Adrian Lark

Nice selections of savory pies and sweets. Loved the Bridies! Good selection of imported items, and fun candy too. Friendly & helpful staff.

Steve Riddle

The best...everything is so delicious

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