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Shannon Rose

Visited for the first time Sunday, and I was incredibly impressed! I had the florentine Benedict, and it was sublime. The chai latte left a little to be desired, but the food (and friendly staff!) made up for it! Will definitely be going bad. As a suggestion though, perhaps adding a few more vegetarian options/alternative to the menu might be a good idea?

Nancy Murray

This place is quaint, and a hidden has dairy free,gluten free, peanut free, and egg free products. Everything is superb!!! Staff is always friendly and vegetarian, and there are a lot of choices. My fave is the black bean burger, so so delicious.

Cookie Crumbs

Been here 3 or 4 times. Loved everything I've tried!

Lauren Rowe

This is an excellent place to eat and would love to rate this place higher. However, this is the third time I have called to place a large order for either a birthday (10 days notice) or holiday (one week) and have been turned away stating I did not get my order in early enough. For Christmas this year there is no cut off advertised on your menu or the website - it just states accepting holiday orders. It's very frustrating to call one week ahead of time to be told they are no longer accepting orders. I fully understand how busy you must be but not advertising your cut offs is very misleading, especially when you advertise you are still accepting holiday orders.


My kid is allergic to nuts+ dairy. Great cupcakes. Great environment! Fast service too.

Maddie Conway

Amazing place. I can't wait to visit again and have lunch. Friendly staff and comfortable, quiet space. If you served their pastries and didn't say anything, no one would be the wiser that they're gluten free, and I'm a picky lifelong baker. The pumpkin hand pie knocked my socks off.

D Schube

Beautiful cake and cupcakes for my daughter's baby shower. Many phone calls and emails to make the design perfect. Our guests were amazed everything was gluten free. Toasted coconut filing was a big hit! My daughter loved the cheetah design. Awesome job.

Adam Riveiro

What a wonderful concept! The food for lunch was good, but not great. There wasn’t attention to detail that I was hoping for (wilted salad greens, unripe tomato slice in sandwich), but overall it was good. The bakery items were great though! We’ll definitely try lunch again sometime, I’m hoping they were just a bit off when we visited.

Mario Avdos

Any café owner running shop, right next to a Roche Bros, without a menu should be in a state of total chaos...a twist, if you will. And this one is no exception: You walk in, make your way to a series of screen menus "awaiting wifi", search for someone to take your order while you stand in line stealing glances at the table area to catch a vacant one. If you do land one, prepare to clean it yourself. The food ? For the price, abysmal. The 2 stars go to the most valuable features of any business dealing coffee beans: location and smile. The ones behind the counter really are sincere, but they lack training. This is on the manager.


Awesome place great food and pastry

Melanie Vagnini

Twist is a great place. Everything is gluten free and nut free. Many items are also dairy free. The food is great and the people are friendly. I also heartily recommend holiday ordering!

Allison Bergstrom

Spectacular baked goods that also happen to be allergy friendly. Everyone will love the breakfast, lunch, dessert, and baked goods here, regardless of whether they suffer from food allergies. Those that do have to avoid certain ingredients will find a large selection of options and clear marking of what they can and cannot have

Lauren Griffin

Amazing cafe and bakery- all gluten and nut free with plenty of dairy free options as well ... worth the hour drive for me!

Jill Rosati

Very good, tons of options for all sorts of eaters and dietary restrictions. Recommend

ellen webber

This place is a problem—because it’s so good! So many fun treats to try and friendly service too

William Hidden

Best grilled cheese ever.

April Crehan

Twist provides consistently outstanding food that never tastes like it has replacements. Although I have no allergies, plenty of my friends and loved ones do, and this place has been a godsend. The staff is fast and friendly and happy to guide you through their allergen warnings and make any substitutions. There is plenty of free parking and although it's often busy, I've never seen it so packed you couldn't find a place to sit. There are seats outside as well for warmer weather. For the best deal in town, buy their coco choco bar ends or day old Twist rolls, which freeze great. A lovely, subtle light roast is available too. I would honestly consider this place for a wedding cake, because it is the first and last example I've seen of a bakery that can make gluten-free recipes just taste like.... Recipes!

Denise Heeder

Second time had a problem, this tt a Turkey Bobe in Soup!!!


Fantastic GF dedicated bakery lunch shop. The soups are always delicious. Pricey but safe for Celiac's.

Sarah Frederick

Delicious gluten free items. We don't have allergies or celiac but enjoyed eating here anyway when we came to check it out for a relative. They don't cook any wheat in the place so seems safe for the most sensitive people. They also do some egg free items and I think use no nuts there. I enjoyed their omlette and a tuna melt. Kids might find the kid's meatball a little too herb seasoned or want some marinara with it, but it was yummy.

John Nadeau

FANTASTIC! I absolutely loved everything about this bakery! The service was prompt and the food was, again, FANTASTIC! As someone who has been living with a Gluten Allergy for a year and a half now this Cafe was a true breath of fresh air. I was dumbfounded walking in seeing the kind of assortment that they had to offer. To anyone who has a problem with Gluten or even if you dont, you will be missing out if you don't stop by Twist.

marc Mavita68

This place is great. Friendly staff. And you'd never know everything is gluten free

bridget montana

The staff is super friendly! The cafe is very cute inside with a variety of menu options. Baked goods are delicious. I don't have a gluten allergy and would suggest offering a non gluten free bread option for sandwiches. Food is great! Keep up the good work!

Tim Leonard

It was an amazing experience the first time friends brought me there. If you are celiac you will think it can't be true. When you try breakfast or pastry you will be a repeat customer. I have not found another Bakery like this anywhere. I travel from Newburyport, Ma. for pastries and occasionally breakfast. Please open another Bakery in the Newburyport area. Thank you for providing this service. Greatly appreciated!

Conor Galligan

As someone with Celiac, it's always wonderful to find a place specializing in gluten free food. However, Twist didn't blow me away with their food. Everything is good, but nothing is particularly special. Put simply, I would stop by if I were in the neighborhood, but I wouldn't drive there specifically to get anything.

Pamm Gill Pamm

Great gluten free food and great service!

victoria johnson

I love that everything is gluten free. It's nice being able to eat somewhere and not have to wonder if I'll get sick.

Jenn Allen

Finally!!! An entirely gluten free, nut free, and sometimes dairy free establishment!!!!! Great little spot, well designed and decorated inside, great atmosphere. Sometimes can get pretty busy. Came here with my husband for breakfast. Food was delicious, portions are a tad on the small side if you are used to the sizes of meals at diners (so buy a cupcake on the way out :) ...)Massive selection of premade foods and sandwiches, salads, soups, etc. Baked goods are INCREDIBLE. Can't wait to come back!!!

Rob Ouzounian

BEST breakfast sandwich I have ever eaten, hands down. AND I had no idea this place was all gluten free. Pastries are also creative and delicious. looking forward to eating here many times in the future.

Chris Birch

Good to find an all gluten free bakery!

Heather Livingstone

Love this place. Regular place for me and my family and friends. The baked good are so so sweet. Just way to much sugar on and in everything. Tried to do cake here a few times but can’t do it again. Makes you sick to eat. They just need to figure out a better sugar ratio for their stuff. Happy there is a place that caters to those with allergies. Keep up the good work and try to solve this issue, many people feel this way.

Jeffrey Savarino

Best gluten free bakery I have ever been to. Menu is incredible. Can't wait to go back.

Nicole Lupo

This is the face of a happy and healthy girl with Celiac finally enjoying an amazing, safe and worry free meal at Twist! Can’t say enough about how much my whole family loves this place! Thank you Twist!

Dana Mott

Everything is gluten free but we didnt even know until after we ordered and ate! The food is delicious, coffee is delicious and made well. Good price too. Would definitely come here again.

KC Powers

We are from a small town in Texas and our area does not have gluten free places. This bakery and cafe had such wonderfully delicious food from the meatball panini to the whoopie pie. Even now, typing from Texas, we are missing their delicious food. We drove over 20 minutes to this restaurant while we were visiting (twice), and it was well worth it.

Van Spiros

Everything here is gluten and nut free. Many items are dairy and egg free as well. This is my granddaughter's favorite place for breakfast. She knows that she will not have any problems there.

james Curtin

Great gluten and dairy free options, all and all deliciousness

Sue Amos

Uh was dangerous to find Twist on my commute. Too much yum to even describe!

James Buonopane

Excellent food and friendly service. It's also a great place to go to if you have any allergies. Seating is limited, though.

Paul Daigle

Great variety. Friendly, delightful staff. Love the black bean burgers.

Kevin Braun

More expensive than I expected for counter service (maybe it's a false assumption I have that counter service locations are usually less expensive.). I found it strange that when I enquired about coffee I had to go back to the door to get the coffee menu. The wait was a lot longer than I expected, and there was no one in front of me when I ordered. On the plus side the portions were large and tasted pretty good (but I'd prefer smaller portions that cost less).

Deric Stone

Nice little café in a strip mall. I would go back. But the lemonade is not very good.


Worked here and ate here. Great food, great ingredients and friendly people!

Jeannette Gerry

A Celiac's dream bakery! The cinnamon raisin bread is to die for, and the cupcakes are so good you would never know they're gluten free.

Laura May Farlow

Very over priced. I paid almost $4 for a cupcake that was very small. I don't mind smaller portions but please price accordingly. I've had several of their sandwhiches and did not find them to be any better quality than the deli down the street. They are not gourmet sandwiches but they are priced as such. A lot of places these days can accommodate gluten free and allergies, which is what this place does, so I don't feel that's reason enough to jack up prices.

Jason Duke

Best gluten free baked goods around! They are also able to accommodate lots of other allergies. Fantastic breakfast and lunch options as well. I would suggest the brookie (combination of a cookie and brownie) if it is available - it is delicious! Also offers great allergy friendly cakes that can even be made egg and dairy free if needed.

Joseph Collura

Excellent gluten free pastries and food. The only problem is I can't figure out how to stop eating cake pops!

Rose Conway

Amazing food without the wheat!!!!

Katie Thompson

Absolutely love this place. Super allergen friendly. Has the most delicious gluten free food I have ever had. I love going on weekends to have their brunch.

Erika Perone-Bailey

Good food, a little pricey.

Don Howes

Great options for GF and other food sensitivity/allergy issues.

Lyndon Gruner

I'll get the bad stuff out of the way. It's a bit pricey. However, it is all totally worth it. The stuff they make is better than most bakeries, but it's all gluten dairy and nut free. No idea how they do it. If you have an allergy and don't often go to bakeries because of it, coming here will be a great time.

Michael Ferrick

Great coffee and breakfast. Plenty of dairy free, gluten free options

Donna Allen

I needed a quick lunch and Twist was right there, so I tried it. I know most people go in for the coffee and pastry. I read that they are the NUMBER ONE gluten-free bakery in the country. They also offer plenty of gluten-filled products. I got a chopped salad, and it was very good, as was the coffee. Order at the counter then choose a table. I will definite;y go back. The place was extremely busy at noon on a Saturday. Mostly take-out coffee and bags of pastries.

Jeremy Heaston

The food is great, allergen free or not. Some of the best gluten free bread I've had.

Michael Thompson

Great for people that can't have gluten or have other food allergies. Everything is clearly marked with whether it contains shellfish, dairy, egg, coconut, and soy.

Kerry Blossfeld

Delicious food, inviting atmosphere but best of all the whole menu is gluten free! Many items are dairy/soy/etc free, too. They have yummy baked goods (cupcakes, brownies, muffins) but breakfast options and sandwiches for lunch! It was so fantastic to be able to eat anything off the menu and not have to worry!

Tanya Vishnevsky

Had the deli sandwich and fudge brownie. So good!

Matthew Levy

We bought a platter of pastries, cookies and brownies and a sheet cake for a birthday party. Everything was delicious.

Chandler Balkman

Best GF offerings I have ever seen at a bakery, and I have chased GF baked treats for years. This place was amazing. My wife is the GF one, and I was so happy to finally walk into a bakery and watch her have a hard time choosing anything she wanted. Usually, she is relegated to one or two GF options and the rest are off limits.

Kurt Redlitz

The food was just okay, and the wait was very long oh, and the location was poor in a strip mall with a supermarket and Florist and Bank. It took a long time to get our food and the people didn't seem all that interested in ask specifically. There are things missing like silverware and straws and no place to sit inside so we had to sit outside basically on the side rock in the parking lot. Not a excellent feel and not excellent food so can't really recommend it the one good thing they have going for them is gluten-free if you are into gluten-free then I guess this is the place for you

Ashley R.

The girls that worked there are very very nice and the food was out of this world amazing

Laurene Ingham

Tried it once years ago. The waitress (who turned out to be the owner) was really rude to me. I had never been there and she was impatient and almost bothered by my questions. I never went back until last month with a friend who was visiting from California. She has Celiac so I decided to try it again. Wow! Everyone was so rude and inattentive. Still! the owner always replies “this is so surprising to me.” Really? Still? After all the people who leave that on their review? ARE expensive! Oh and YES the staff is rude! The food is good and my friend loved the roll her sandwich came on but I was SO embarrassed!!!! I kept apologizing to her for the wait and the staff! I would rather cook at home from the gluten free section at the store and save myself the abuse. I am not sure why this place is succeeding and frankly don’t think they deserve it?

Veronica Mars

I love twist. They make unique and delicious breakfast. With options from eggs benadict to omelettes and plain old bacon and eggs, it's so good! Eggs are always so fluffy. Their fluten free toast is also outstanding. I stop here whenever I am in the area for breakfast or lunch. Also.. try the chocolate cupcake amazing.

Audrey Anderson

Wonderful food and desserts. Fresh and flavorful.

Maggie Teller

Outstanding food period but even more amazing because its all free of gluten, dairy, and many other common allergens. Love Twist!

Samantha D

I can't say enough good things about Twist! I've been twice in two days with a Celiac houseguest. I've literally never seen him look so happy, he'd never seen such a big GF spread! And the prices were incredibly reasonable. The weekend brunch is AMAZING!

Corey Rex

Found them on Happy Cow. Exterior is an unassuming, strip mall place. Interior is chic, minimalist but welcoming and nicely done. My drink was iced coffee. I drank it black, and while it is strong, very strong, there's no off flavors. It wasn't a struggle to finish by any means, and I typically prefer a lighter roast. For my meal l, I ordered the black bean burger. This type of burger is usually hit or miss for me. It's typically either flavorless or loaded with cumin. Im happy to report, this burger was neither. I can say without a doubt, it was the best black bean burger I've ever had. I put no condiments on it, and while they may compliment it, they weren't necessary imho. It had a nice, crisp texture on the outside, and a well seasoned and soft interior. I can confidently say it was the best veggie burger I've ever had. Although I didn't have any of their desserts, rest assured I will on my next visit. Very impressed with this little gem in Millis.

Marie esposito

Yummy bacon cheddar scone.

Michael Caplan

Variety was great and the food was excellent! One of the best GF lunches I have had. I heard about this place years ago, but never made it since it's not on our way to anywhere, but now we would make a special trip just to enjoy the wonderful little place. Definitely can't wait to try breakfast!

Molly Costello

Great coffee and great food!

Jenn Sturm

LOVE LOVE LOVE! Everything here is delicious! Got my birthday cake here this year and it was so fresh and tasty. Just a simple vanilla cake with chocolate frosting but you can tell they use great ingredients! In go there often for lunch too. The bread they make in house is wonderful! It is hard to turn away from that bakery case!

Juan Alvarez

Voted best gluten-free bakery in America by USA Today!!

Dawn Sok

I had heard alot of wonderful things about this bakery . People rant and rave about how wonderful it is . Wanted to try it out myself . It's a Pretty cute place with plenty of parking . Gluten free everything and I hear the food is awesome . So I decided to go check it out and bought some cupcakes . I find that it's pretty pricey and when I got home I'm not sure if I got an old batch of cupcakes or not but it was pretty stale ... was a bit disappointed

Margaret Witzke

Wonderful gluten-free and nut-free goodies. I regularly recommend GF customers here, and swing by when I teach out this way. Get some of their scones, if they have them!

Laila Renee

Such great food. Bonus is that it's gluten free. I've had their meat pies, breakfast sandwiches, and French toast. All excellent.

P.L. Frederick

Love. First visit, surprise find. Helpful employees. Nice store design, inside or outside seating. Wonderful menu: gluten free and nut free (except coconut). Egg free, dairy free, soy lichithen (spelling?) free offerings too. Vegan choices and meats. Good coffee. My sandwich was $9 and was pleasantly surprised it came with a choice of side. Filling! We also bought a big bag of food to take home since we live an hour away. Would make a special trip!

Diary of A Sagitarius

The place has really gone downhill in 2016. I used to be a frequent customer as I was thrilled at the prospect of an 100% gluten free restaurant. My past few visits I have been very disappointed. The staff have been rude on weekends as well as the owner (Cathryn??) and the food mediocre. Last meal I received a Shepards pie that was burned at the top and uncooked at the bottom. Don't get me wrong some of the front staff have been friendly but overall I and my daughter have been very displeased with the service and food lately.

Maureen Camillucci

This place us great. I have Celiac and it feels so great to be able to eat out worry free. The food is awesome and the staff are great.

elizabeth johnson

Everything is gluten free and delicious. Expect to spend a bit of time there.

Kristen Fowler

Cute place, great if you are looking for gluten free options otherwise just ok

Jennifer Koury

Best GF food & yummy desserts. Always great service with a smile & consistent quality.

Julie DiPillo

Best place!!


Thoughtful baked goods


Great food, and not just for the gluten-conscious. Everything was delicious. Great coffee. Friendly and knowledgeable service. Try the Cuban!

Angela Nichols

Food here is absolutely outstanding! I have celiac and as such gluten is like death to me. We actually live in California but when I travel to Boston, this is my first stop. Most of the time you can tell the difference between what is gluten free and what isn’t. By far this is the best allergy free food I’ve ever had. Not only can you get gluten free, you can get dairy, egg, nut and soy free as well. Make sure to check it out. Worth the drive. Bread is to die for!

Tricia Connors

Delicious corn muffin and cappuccino. And all gluten free! So relaxing to not have to worry about cross contamination

sheel shah

Service could improve. Order taking is the bottle neck and improvement needed area. Especially how to have people form a line to how to place an is great

Erin Williams

Why did I wait so long to make the trip?!?!? Twist is beyond worth the drive if you have food allergies. Their food tastes normal, you aren’t missing ANYTHING. It is our new favorite place according to my GFCFSF 9yo who loved the prime rib sandwich and the buffalo chicken. The deserts were yummy too, my cake pop was rich and decadent, my kids loved splitting a huge whoppie pie.

Erik Haan

They're kind of a hidden gem because you can't easily see their storefront from Route 109. I love their turkey club and the fact that their food selection is exclusively gluten-free, nut-free, and peanut-free and that they never serve food with hydrogenated fats or corn syrup. We need more places that offer healthy yet tasty choices like this. I want to put nutritious food in my body but don't want to eat a boring salad all of the time. This place is perfect.

Kelly Angelo

I do not go to twist only went once 2 years ago not impressed with it

Nick Tatar

Amazing food. This is our night out with two Celiac family members. Every trip is a true joy. We use them for Thanksgiving dishes as well.

Kathy Noran

My favorite place to eat! All gluten free options!

Brindah Benz

Not a very friendly place.

Adam Smo

Food was excellent, staff was even better. Amazing experience, highly recommend.

Brenna Levitin

Twist was the unicorn I'd been looking for-- a dedicated gluten-free bakery! I was impressed by the clear markings about content and the staff's knowledge of non-marked ingredients (such as corn, to which I am allergic). The prices were also impressive, as I'm used to paying at least double the price of gluten foods. The food itself was delicious, and I would eat the crust on the lemon squares forever. It's a little bit of a hike from my house, but I'll definitely be going back for special occasions!

Alyssa Tham

Best allergy-friendly food I've ever had.

Kathleen MacKenzie

Great coffee house for the area, totally beats Dunkin or Starbucks. Was a little disappointed they don’t have almond milk, but believe it’s because they are an anti-nut establishment...coconut milk they do have, and although it doesn’t froth as well as almond milk, it was an okay substitute. Kitchen was closed, so assuming it must close an hour before the end of their day (that would be something to include on their website IMO). It would also be great to see cups and lids that were compostable/better for the environment - especially for a place that cares enough to be nut free.


This bakery is a godsend for people with a gluten allergy or celiac disease. Being able to eat everything is such a joy! The food is delicious and the staff is so friendly. A wonderful place to have breakfast and great tea or coffee with a friend

Donna Deangelis

Best bakery ever! Order early for holidays and birthdays. Love Italian rum cake, chocolate raspberry cake, pumpkin pie and trying German chocolate pie this Christmas!!! Lunch and breakfast and lattes are excellent. It's all great!

Peter Kahn

As always, it's great. Lunch rush on Saturdays seems to start just before noon and tables are limited. So, calling it brunch and going early works really well. Shhhhh, don't tell nobody

Matt Ferguson

As always... fantastic for gluten free

Friedrick Wolfgang

Nice staff, and the best gluten free options around. Highly recommend

Elzy Tee

Delicious, fresh, gluten-free food... A favorite!


Ordered large corporate lunch for Customer Service Week and not only was the food incredible and received with immense praise in the office, all the staff were friendly, professional, efficient, and 100% accurate with every small specific of our order. We came here because it was allergy-friendly and artisan, and we will continue to come back for the excellence in quality, service, and flavors. Please note: we have severely sensitive Celiacs in the group and have eaten here now more than once and have never been ill. What a refreshing, wonderful gem!

George Konstas

Great breakfast!

Yvonne Lashway

ABSOLUTE find, I wish we had your sweet little bakery back home in NY!! ❤️

Sarah N

Great food for all diets and allergens. I recommend it to anyone who is reading this!!

Corene Vaillancourt

DID SOMEONE SAY GLUTEN FREE!!!??? It's so amazing to walk into an amazing bakery where ALL the goodies are safe for you to eat. The hard part was choosing!!!

Lisa Hyde

Good menu; pleasant staff; great to sit outside on a nice day.

Jessica Mullin

I wish there was one in Westborough. Amazing.

Alicia Tapper

It is so refreshing to go to eat and know that you can have anything on the menu while following a gluten free diet. This place is also kid friendly.

Susan Bradbury

Stopped in to purchase Nut free cupcakes for my niece to try. She was excited that she could eat them and definitely will be back to get more.

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