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REVIEWS OF Yia Yia's Bakery IN Maryland

Aleia Hendricks

I ordered a number cake for my birthday yesterday. Usually you must go into the shop to order to make sure your order is correct. I am recovering from foot surgery and cannot drive or get around well and the young lady who took my call said she would help me and scan the order form so I could review and approve. It took a lot of burden off of me to do that. The customer service was impeccable!!! My cake was stunning and delicious and everything I asked for and more. Yia Yia has a customer for life. Thank you for making my birthday cake so special.

Maria Sloane

Have lots of sweets!! Pies, cakes. You can dine here too! Located across the street from kings court shopping center. If you see pizza hut at corner, its across towards back. Check it out! You can order birthday cakes or any other occasion. The cakes are delicious !!

Kelly Bloyer

I think Greek bakery items must be an acquired taste. It just doesn't seem to be for me...

Joe Varacalle

Delicious diet killers ;-) Huge selection of beautifully created confections. Can't believe these guys haven't been on the Food Network yet.

Adnan Sharif

I ordered 4 cakes for an family event. Couple days later called to confirm the order. A girl told they dont have any order with my name huh. I ended up making another order, spent about $150.00. Well brought the cakes home they weren't even done right, the cakes sponge was so dry and crispy(well done). I took pictures of it and went to bakery with a cake as proof next day and manager alexis heard the issue and realised it was their fault she spoke with owner, she (owner) couldn't afford to give me a cake on the house, other then offered a $15 gift card. i didnt even want the refund. I have been coming to this bakery for 2years and live 30 miles away. But looks like they dont value their customers. Very disappointed :(

Shannell Cutchember

Cannolis are divine. Coconut cake is heavenly. Great, friendly service.


My co-worker told me about this place and it's great!

Floyd Godsey

The air is filled with delicious aromas from the on-site bakery kitchen and the display cases are filled with eye watering delights. Yia Yia's Bakery has a large selection of fresh and delicious; pastries, pies and cakes. If you have a “sweet tooth” then Yia Yia's is the place to go to. There's a nice area where you can sit, relax and enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee with a delicious sweet snack. The happy staff makes the bakery a relaxed and comfortable place to stop by and enjoy, “a sweet slice of life.” There's plenty of free parking in front of the shop.

tony pearce

Yiayias bakery is the place to go whether you need a custom cake or any dessert. We ordered our daughters’ Sweet 16 birthday cake and we were blown away. It was exactly what my daughters had designed . We had so many compliments throughout the night . Not only did it look amazing , but was so delicious ! It’s three days later and numerous guests are still calling and texting to find out where it was from ... I can not recommend yiayias bakery enough. Let me not forget to mention that the Oreo baklava and baklava cheesecakes are to die for ! We want to thank the staff and talented bakers for making our twins’ special day so perfect !

Dayle Liller

Friendly staff very good cakes and desserts

Steve Saval

I had the WORST experience! I’ve never been here before, walked in & it’s a big horseshoe on left there r people ordering bake stuff, I didn’t really want sweets. I was looking for breakfast stuff as I walked to my right there’s another counter @ l register. I asked the young man behind the counter if that side was open they had breakfast sandwiches. He said yes give me a minute he was waiting on someone else. I was very patient and he was taking a little bit to make a bagel with butter for a young man but I was being very patient and then a young lady came over there who (manager Alexis) works there. Didn’t hear them but their backs were to me but the young man asked the young lady to help me she turned around to me and said you need to go to the other register I said seriously I’ve been very patient waiting here for the young man who told me to wait a minute and you’re telling me now I have to go wait in a line over there. She replied yes and I said well I’m not gonna do that and I proceeded to leave and she goes have a nice day. It went on from there I went over to find out, because at the time I had no idea, to speak to a manager and guess what Alexis is the manager really really really really poor management never going in there again.

Suzanne Precious

Can't say anything negative

joseph wade

I've been coming to this bakery for the last. 8yrs. for Every slice of cake and pie that I had until my wedding day....

Michelle Montgomery

Best bakery in town.. Never had a bad experience

Vadim Yanushevskyi

Their cakes are beyond compare. They Always were. But note they reopened their deli, so again we can come in to enjoy amazing sandwiches in addition to Devine pastry!

Corey Dudley

Great Bakery location one of those hidden gems you have to just stumble card if you hadn't heard about it. Well staff everything was fresh

it's me Dobry

Their pastries are delicious and the cakes that sit around the shop are incredible. You can tell how much effort is put into each one. My personal favorite is their apple turnovers! P.S.: to all the people leaving bad reviews because their custom cake order wasn't accepted, calm down. They say on their website 2-3 weeks and almost all of you are complaining about your 5-6 day orders. Calm down, you're not the only one who needs a cake and some people actually saw when they recommended to order.

Cynthia Krol

Love the brownies and cake slices

James Allen

We visited the bakery for the first time this past week end. Although we were a little sticker shocked we believe you should pay for quality and it all looked so good. We spent a fortune on a wide variety of sweets, only to be severely disappointed. The only thing that we all agreed was " good" was the cake. The rest was way overpriced and lacked flavor. The chocolate was like tasteless wax. There were no selections of breads either. None of us plan on returning for any thing. Wegmans has a much finer baked goods section. If people think this is what good is they would not know good if it bit them and they have not visited many bakeries. Terrible

Brendan McDermott

The desserts are great. The deli section not so much. But I came here for cakes not sandwiches. The place has such a wide variety of desserts that theirs always something to try.

Mel Barnes

Bought a cake for my 4 year olds birthday celebration I think the can it self is yummy but the picture print scan was less than expected I was recommended to do a picture scan by the staff but I wasnt impressed. It looks like there wasnt alot of effort put out on quality. I wish I could post a picture of it so you guys can see what I mean....

Shannon Call

I simply adore their macarons and their cream puffs! Everything always looks so tasty!!

Nat Z

delicious pastries

Gary Moore

Fast and friendly service. Cakes and pastries here taste amazing.

Olga Ustilovsky

Thank you so much to Yia Yia’s Bakery for helping make my daughter’s baby shower so memorable. They made a beautiful, custom cake, cake pops, and vegan cupcakes for the event. Everything was stunning, delicious, and came out exactly as I imagined it! The staff was very friendly in helpful in making sure I got the desserts I wanted, and even assisted in loading the car properly to make sure the desserts got to the party safely. Thank you again!

Bledar Ligu

Excellent; every product is superb and amazing service.

Wm. Edwards

Excellent service and selection! I'd give 10 stars if I could.

Kee Dee

My go to Bakery for Birthday cakes Best cakes for special family loves them

Asim Kiani

I drove 45 mins for a cake and it was well worth it I will definitely come back

Carrie McGowan

I had never personally went there before. I was in need of a strawberry shortcake for my grandmother's birthday. I was so pleased to see that they had one. She loved it.

Michele Seymore

At first ordering my wedding cake was a hassle because only certain people can make orders... but once I had a chance to talk to someone, they took the time to meet my needs and cake came out awesome Yayas did the cake only...

angela gaydosh

Counter help a little on grumpy side

Doretta Johns

This place is heaven on earth. The bomb cake is the epitome of desserts.

Bacon Commander

Fantastic baked goods. Friendly staff.

thekillerfog Gene Roberts

Yummy baked goods

Aqil Khan

They have one of best cakes in town fo like other stuff too they carry going again soon

Baby Snaps

Yias yias bakery is the perfect place for dessert. Their cookies and cakes are delicious. We buy their regular and powder greek cookies. They have seating. Pleasant place to be. The picture is of the No-Bake Cheesecake Cup and the other one is Cinnamon Cheesecake.

Carmen DeFranks

My family brought me a coconut cream pie for my birthday. I'm not crazy over cakes. It was the best coconut pie I ever had. My partner doesn't like coconut because it's always too sweet. He even loved it. It was not sweet, but very rich and did require allot of milk. The pie crust was similar to my mom's. If I ever get a chance to visit there, I'll definitely but something.

Keken Chhetri

Oh my goodness. One of the best bakeries around town. I can't emphasize this enough. Thank you Yia Yia for making great cakes and other assortments of bake goods. I am definitely happy this place exists. A+++ on their behalf as well as their awesome staff. Keep up the great work! :)

rod Nelson

Always a great job on cakes....very creative

Ana Leigh

I love me some Yia Yias!!! The staff is super friendly and the desserts are delish! My favorite is the fruit tarts and the French macarons! They made a cake for my daughters birthdays every single year!! Thank you yia yias!!!


Andrea, the wedding cake coordinator really went above and beyond helping my fiance and I choose and design a cake for our wedding. Then the special day came, and it looked beautiful, tasted delicious, and simply made our day! I highly recommend this place!

Auntie M Arrington

One of the best bakeries.

Robocop Martian

Tried the Caramel Tres Leches Cake. Loved it. Then we bought the whole cake for a party!

Idalia Umana

I love this bakery, all desserts are so special and delicious and the workers are so nice

Manthan Mirani

Best tres leches ever. Hands down.

Scott Rabalais

Always the best! Staff are friendly too! Go to for all cake and pastry needs!

John Gallier

Scrumdiddaliumptious! (Not too sure about the spelling but you get my drift...)

sunny irfan

Beat cakes and pastries in town.

Stephanie Uruchima

My friends recommended this place and kept telling me how awsome the cakes were. They were not lying so far I've tried there atomic cake and velvet cheesecake and ot was delicious.

CkeyCkey Games

The baked goods are great they taste amazing they are pricey but the quality and taste is worth the price. They do have baked goods with tree nuts and peanuts in them but they will have cakes, cookies, cupcakes, cake pops, etc. In the back that are not made around food allergens, so even though they show baked goods mixed with other food allergens behind the glass just ask for the baked goods from the back. All of their cakes, cookies, cupcakes, etc. Look professionally baked and decorated beautiful colors they make wedding cakes, special custom birthday cakes, or for any other occasions.

Kelsey Goetzel

I have no clue why this place is so highly rated. Been here twice. First time got a tres leches cake. It was overly watery and just gross. Second time we got a banana cream pie. It was all whipped cream and a few banana slices and the few banana slices that were there were rotten. Will never come here again.

Mark Gross

Best bakery in Maryland. Greek establishments are always the best places for Greek food, diner food, or baked goods.

Jerome Lee

This place is simply great.

Joann Wright

Love this bakery. Haven't found one better.

Marcus Carstens

Try the Atomic Cake!

Galina Y

5 stars for food, and 4 stars for service, if you had a problem. Will check twice your sign on a cake before take your cake, it will help you to avoid upset. A long time answers for emails, better to call.

Gilbert De Guzman

My favorite is the strawberry chocolate cake. Food here is always fresh and the variety of choices are a lot. Every friends birthday wont be complete without something from YiaYia

Ahmed Nassar

Great hidden place near the White Marsh area. They have everything from cookies to cakes to bread to baklava. I come here for the pre-made cakes and have yet to be disappointed. Their chocolate cakes are dense and rich but my favorite is the Tres Leches cake. I've tried the regular and cappuccino Tres Leches cake and you really can't go wrong with either! Staff is always friendly and very responsive, which is nice.


Rude people. Overrated bakery.

Christina Coulling

Love everything they have!

Warren Dillon

The cakes are delicious can't go wrong on the desserts

Lauren Lockett

Put in cake order 3 weeks in advance for both my boys bday party. The party theme was WWE provided a photo of each boys to have on the cake. Let just say this I’ve seen yai yai work and has there cakes before so my expectations were high! I was so disappointed with the cake it looked like a grocery store cake just thrown together especially the pictures it looked like they just cut out the pictures and stuck them on the cake it’s looked so cheap! When I brought it to the person in charge attention Lexi, she actually copped an attitude no once did she apologize I was stunned! She offered a refund if I picked out another cake...another cake from there display, are you serious there party starts in 40 minutes?!?!?!? A 10 and 7 year don’t want a cake topped with strawberries! The cake was supposed to be a big surprise the big reveal we’ll needless to say that was ruined! I would of been better off with a grocery store cake, they lost a customer!!!

Delcia Whitaker

Always a great deal on the freshest pastries. Their muffins r some kinda good.

Mohamed Qasem

One of my favorite places for dessert, some of their stuff alittle high in the price but test, quality and customer service are always good

Georgia Kolarik

WOW!! Fresh baked pies and cakes and bread and cheesecake to die for!! My favorite is the strawberry shortcake!! Light and delicious! Best bakery in Baltimore!

Rebecca Shoff

We never leave here without getting 1 of almost everything

valerie pini

Baked items are very dry. Not good at all. Just extremely sweet!

john brooks

Awesome desserts, helpful friendly staff

Clara Frado

The best Greek pastries ever

Rick Ruiz

Good customer service in and out quick and friendly.

Mary Maans

Best ever, quality, quantity, kind and gentle workers and reasonable prices I give it two thumbs up in a z formation

Shelby Carter

Have had a few things from this bakery but have always felt they were a bit overpriced. My last visit was what really pushed me to write a review. I wanted to get some cupcakes (only three) with a word written on the top of each cupcake. "Treat" "your" "self" (from Parks and Rec). I came in a few days before I actually needed them to ask if I should place the order then and then come pick them up or if I came in that day I could just pick them up. The girl at the counter told me designs take TWO TO THREE WEEKS. I could not wrap my head around it. Do your employees not actually do any cake writing or designing themselves, do things come into the store already made, and you just sell them there? Either way, this lead time is really absurd for just writing some words, no design or intricate detail involved. Whatever the reasoning is, I definitely won't be buying any cakes or cupcakes from this bakery moving forward because if you need that much lead time, it's either not done in the shop and is sent in, or is not fresh and they prepare them in advance. It's not even worth going back for their cookies or macarons at this point.

Curtis Partin

These desserts are amazing, red velvet cake is to die for

Sonia Galdamez

There make my good tres leches cake I love it

Meli Danny

Delicious in every slice

Carmen Escudero

I bought several chocolate but rolls yesterday and I was disappointed. Usually they are excellent. Yesterday the chocolate nut rolls were small and hard. The chocolate at the ends had a white film over the chocolate so they were not fresh as usual. Next time I will double check before the pastry is packed in the box. Usually all products are fresh and delicious. I know now to request the items closes to the glass because they are fresher and you see what you are getting.

Gary Budny

Bakery itself is great. Try " The Atomic cake" only if calories & sugar is not a concern, but the cake is really Great! Bakery has a large assortment of sugar free bakery items. Customer service is not always what one would expect from a bakery of this stature. Their is a parking lot to accommodate their customers. I would recommend this bakery to everyone.

Monica Wyatt

Of course, Yia Yia never disappoints, from the breakfast bagel, to the last minute office cakes, or the specialized party cake orders. I been supporting for years! This week was the strawberry shortcake. Yum!

Chelsea Blake

Delicious deserts for a great price. Very clean, great customer service. And even had a little section where you can stay and eat your deserts if you'd like! They made my sons birthday cake last year and it was so good!!

Vibha Sagar

It’s awesome place to get cakes. I just love it and had bought a number of times for birthdays and office parties. Though a little expensive but totally worth it.

Tiffany Green

We got a cake here for my mothers birthday and it was the best cake we've ever had. I would recommend this company to others.

Theresa Brown

Customer service was awesome the Orange dream cake was scrumptious and I have tried a few other things and they were all good as well

Chelsea Molnar

I appreciate the variety of items here. Some things are great and others are ok. The black bottom cupcake I had was dry. The bread is alright. It doesn't have that crusty outside and soft inside, it's all sort of one texture.

Shameka Burton

This cake was great but I did like that when my order was placed they wouldn't take my payment over the phone and let me customize my cake. Which gave me a basic red velvet cake for my daughters birthday.

pinky macharia

Why I loved this place? CAKE Who doesn't love CAKE???? Plenty flavors, plenty varieties, plenty colors...... Cheese cake, Oreo cake, oohhh mouth watering. For cake tasting go in on a weekend- in case you are particular about the flavor that you want. They also have day old donuts for $1- donnow how often this happens but why not? The taste is........CAKE.!!!!

Marlene Ball

Yia Yia' has amazing pastries and desserts. You won't be disappointed. The staff is as amazing as the pastries.

Mani H

Wow! This place has a great selection. I bought a red velvet cake for a co-worker's birthday and everyone loved it.


Delicious everything!

Nora Borkman

The best bakery around my daughters wedding cake was the best also the other cakes are great

Elise Procopio

My mistake was ordering prefilled cannolis. The shell was soggy and disappointing BUT the cream was outstanding. I dont recall the name of the cake but it was many layers.. chocolate and vanilla cake layers, cream cheese, cream and chocolate ganache. TO DIE FOR! I must return and buy an entire cake next time. So nice to have a local homemade family run bakery.

Lynette Robinson

Nice varieties.... Prices are reasonable and good tasting too!!

Frances Beasman

I love their cakes and will always order from them! I just wish they would have someone with more experience at the cake ordering counter so they wouldn't have to keep running to the back to ask questions about custom orders.

tamika hammond

The staff here are very friendly and helpful. Cakes are always fresh & delicious!

Tarik Fadly

A building full of deliciousness!

Daniel McDonough

Every dessert you can imagine and more

khaleeq Kaashif

A smorgasburg of bakery delights.....

Denise B.

Their cakes taste like Sam's Club sheet cake to me.

Jason R

Fruitty Pebble macarons are amazingggggggg

David Thomas Sr.

The last two days, I've ordered sandwiches from here, with today's being an Italian Cold Cut. It was amazing. I can't wait to see what else is on the menu.

Jay Be

I don't normally do sweets but it was my girlfriends birthday and I didn't wanna go to a grocery store for something. I grew up in the area never been here before. Impressive location, great layout. Very large display case with a lot to choose from, I'm interested to try the deli, Boarshead is an amazing product. Staff was friendly and the eating area was clean. Love that you can see into the work area a little, very large space for very creative baked goods.

Vizz Sihn

Fresh tasty and affordable

Chelsea Walstad

Yia Yia's has an assortment of delicious baked goods. The pastries are an array of colors and flavors with fillings that suite differing pallets. They also sell breads, custom wedding cakes, special event cakes, and anything else that you'd like for a reasonable price.

Sara Lopez

Get all my custom cakes from here, and they always do such an amazing job. got my desserts for easter and my out of town family was obsessed with the strawberry shortcake i got for the house. too good!!!!!

shaun C

Ordered a cake for sons birthday. Went well.. will update once cake is picked up!!!

Ann W

As much as I love the cakes here.. One young lady doesnt seem to like what she's doing (forgot her name). She does not even smile, and when you ask her questions about the cakes, she shows that she doesn't want to answer.

Hind Elasri

I love this place every time I need to buy cake I go there, very delicious and reasonable price. I recommend this place try it, u will love it.

abdulsamad almabari

My wife and I were hungry, We stopped by for light breakfast, It was cool, everything bagel with butter, banana muffin and coffee. It was fresh. Thank you.

Danielle Calloway

Yummy!! This is bakery Heaven!!! Omg!

J Farley Sr

Excellent job with birthday cake!!

Don Kennedy

Great food and coffee

Caleb B.

Great service and dessert! Staff super friendly and helpful especially Nicole!

Martha Buchanan

Great cakes and cheesecakes. We often leave it until the last minute to get a birthday cake, and they always have a great selection as long as you get there early. They're friendly and will write your greeting on the cake. Additionally, they have cake by the slice!

Pattie Ayala

What good are you guys if you can’t even bake and make a wedding cake

darnell penn

Went to.purchase some baked goods and they only had 1 person helping customers. Had to leave because it took so long.

Dawn Chevery

Always excellent service.

Theodore Lah

The supersonic was *phew so good and had a creative idea to it

JCrayne Charles

Definitely the WOW factor from the Atomic cake!! We wanted a special unique dessert for our foodie guests at our 4th of July pool party and this was it!! Everyone raved!! Will be back again!! Captain Jonathan @ Marcel's DC!

Angel Medrano

It is always a good experience with the people who work in this place the cake are delicious everything is very good my family love this place

That Rena Rouge

The bakery's quality is great. Only minor problem is that some things are expensive.

Lisa Thiess9opolloqoqo

Always awesome

Christina T

Oh, to be super skinny and on a shopping spree here.... The staff is very patient, so browse away until your dessert calls to you.

Dayna Cohen

Always warm, welcoming and full of freshly baked goods and sweets. The staff is friendly and helpful. They even make sandwiches and wraps, besides desserts. A go-to Saturday brunch spot for me.

Amanda Philipp

This is by far our favorite bakery. Every single thing we've had here has been fabulous. The staff are exceedingly helpful and very friendly. We try to make this a quick stop for a couple of quick treats weekly or every other week and are never disappointed!

christopher pioth

Fresh good food!

Delise Lockett

Have gotten the regular and caramel tres leche cakes, they are not like the traditional tres leche cakes that I am used to buying at the Mexican grocery back home in the midwest (extremely soaked in milk) but they are still delicious. I bought one for a office party and one for thanksgiving (so greatful they were open thanksgiving morning!) and everyone loved them and asked where I got it from. A little far away from home for me but I will be back to try other cakes.

Brian Wishon

Always great cakes

Brian Kelly

Delighted with food and service! You may pay a little more then buying bakery good and the grocery store, but it is definitely worth it! Custom cakes are Beautifully done! A must for a special event!

Adrian Wong

Deliciously amazing pastries and desserts. This place stands above all when comes to bakeries because there's nowhere else I've tried so far in Baltimore that can even compete. Your taste buds will not be disappointed. It's hard to even recommend only one item to try.

Vernon Scott

Great, Also Outstanding Products

David Croft

Gain 5 lb walking in the door

Lysa Locke

A local legend! The black forest is a must!

Lance Evans

Staff was nice but the bakery items were meh. Tuxedo Cheesecake was bland and tasted like plastic. Had better cheesecake from Walmart. Cannolis were also meh.

Cyndi Hoesch

Amazing pastries, pies and cakes! Had the best red velvet cake I've ever had! Loved the little seating area inside.

Doris Potter

Even with providing detailed descriptions and drawings they didn’t get my custom cake order correct. They also don’t have box tops for two-tiered cakes. The frosting and writing was sloppy! I paid $200 for something that I could have done myself as an amateur! NOT HAPPY but no time to go somewhere else or to wait for them to fix it! Give yourself at least a day as a buffer or better idea go somewhere else!

Bee Jay Asbury

This place knows their stuff!!! I adore the staff, they are always kind and very helpful. If your Having an event, they will make you feel like all hands are on deck, and your cake will not be at the top of your worry Now for the taste.... Omg!!! They make a perfect caramel tres leches cake. It made me happy for the rest of the week.

Carol Orefice

My experience at Yia Yia's was excellent. Staff was friendly and NOT pushy sales ppl. We bought several cakes and they tasted great. Will be back very soon.

Ray Wallace

Bought a few cakes here for our last few occasions. Well they were all great, Chocolate cake, Carrot Cake, Cheesecake, etc....


Best cake I've had in a long time! Good friendly service. It too no time to get what I wanted. The muffins were a little dry, but other than that, was super good.

Kassy Lamb

I’ve had cakes from friends birthday parties from this bakery and they’ve always been great. I finally went in the store myself and first of all, smelled fantastic! Secondly, I purchased macaroons and a fudge brownie and both were exceptional! Highly recommend this bakery!

Antoinette Grant

Do better with your holiday orders. My order was wrong because the staff were rushing. Not to mention my order required refrigeration when not used and they had it sitting out on a rack with the other orders as if it was a basic pound cake. As a result the whipped cream icing started melting. Why would you have a refrigerated cake just sitting out in the open in a bakery? Stop playing. Holiday service is too rushed.

Frederica Hall


Bianca Calles

Simplemente deliciosos cakes! We are a big family and we all get cakes from Yia Yia’s bakery. Recommended

Elaine Gerke

Individual cake slices of cake are too large and were too sweet.

Sean Johnson

Their baking skills are excellent in the classic sense.

Charles Alexander

Pastry beyond your imagination. My entire office goes crazy when I bring in their bakery goods.


I should begin by saying I grew up with a mother who owned and ran a catering business. She was and is to this day a superb cook, baker, and mother. Their German chocolate fudge cake is The BEST GCF cake I have ever tasted.

I Smothers

I love them.

Shawnika Newton

Amazing cakes and desserts...great staff!

Amir Mograbi

Awesome bakery with great sweets

Tim Neuman

Yia Yia's always has the best pecan sticky buns. Not cheap, but delicious.

nancy phillips

The best bakery I've ever been to, and if they don't have it they'll get it for you.

Dustin White

I have never actually been to Yia Yia's but a vendor always brings their pastries and donuts every couple of weeks and I have not had a bad one yet. My favorite is the chocolate eclairs (out of this world!) I will have to swing by the actual bakery one of these days and try some of the other delights they have.

Sheena Parker

Omg! I order cakes for my husband and kids birthday EVERY year. They have really great cakes and muffins, everything taste so good. They are reasonably priced as well.

Anita Buckner

From AZ and always hit Yia Yia's when in town. Always get the cannoli although disappointed today. Shell tested old and stale (slightly damp) filling was good. But also had a carrot cake cheese cake that was to die for. Highly recommend it. Best and smoothest cheese cake I have tasted and moist carrot cake.

Timothy Smith

Amazing baked sweets and breads highly recommend coming here.

S Davis

Ordered a basic birthday cake which was good. Selections of cake, fillings & frostings/decor was great. I think they are a bit over priced though.

O'Dell Williams


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