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8711 Fort Smallwood Rd, Pasadena, MD 21122, United States

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REVIEWS OF Three B's Bakery & Grill IN Maryland

Jenna Bottge

Definition of a Classic Breakfast joint that carries the legacy of community and good food in Pasadena. The ambiance takes you back in time to a simple, fun and comfortable place to enjoy good food with good people. Thank you for being such a gem in our community!!! P.S... the marshmallow doughnuts are ridiculous but don’t tell anyone about them ;)

Brian Furey

Nice to see independent business where you can go in and get a nice breakfast for a good price. The owner and staff always provide excellent customer service!!

Anthony Abele

Love stopping here on the way to the golf course early on the weekends. Amazing food and amazing staff

Steven B

Valerie Watson

Daniel Lepper

Jennifer Gareis

chris r

Great food and service


Ginny Dull

Loved it! Great atmosphere and great food!

Jamie Daniel

Because of the great service and friendly people that always say hi to you when you walk in so go to 3 B's bakery.

David Furman

Stacey Chojnacki

Great- chipped beef and gravy.

Robert Chavis

James Brewer

Great food in a low key, small town atmosphere

S Cooke

I love this place. The waitresses are friendly, the breakfasts are always good and hot, and my coffee cup is always full !

marissa coomes


James Sills

Super spot! Great staff, good portions, superb bakery.

Tania Angstadt

Great food ,good prices, and the best coffee I have had in any dinner in Pasadena.

Bruce Warren

Nancy Fields

Love the little turnovers and donuts!

Lillian Adams

Condiments were very dirty. Bathroom dirty. Coffee cold. Pancakes ugh. Scrapple was good. Asked for butter my sever said it has enough butter. Was given margarine. Server seemed tired. Sampled the chip beef gravy. Lump of gravy with flour lumps. Wont ever be back. Just awful.

Chris Coto

chrispy boomhowr

Depends on the day if the service is good. They are short staffed Alot . and the two older ladies are never happy. But the food is decent and its 30 seconds away. But today I came in and was greeted with attitude. The lady asked me if i was ready and walked away. Threw some dishes in the sink and she comes back and asked me if im ready as if she were waiting on me. Then I noticed the bread on the counter was sitting there opened. And a there was a big noticeable green mold spot on the side of the loaf. That's when i decided to leave. I went to the grocery store and was happy. So thanks tripple b.

Erin Baker

Michael Drexler

OMGosh there Bakery is Top Notch and there marshmallow donuts are good

Michele Hughes

Mary Hiill

What's not to love. Charming, won't break your budget, fresh baked goods, yummy breakfast bring your appetite, you won't go away hungry.

Krystal Baker

Very good food. Great experience. Nice staff

Diane Krebs

3 B's is wonderful place for good food, good service from excellant employees, a small town atmosphere that is comfortable and enjoyable and the BEST DONUTS & PASTRIES in rhe county.

Maria Ferrara

Excellent local food. Very tasty and reasonably priced.

Daniel Frishman

Oops! Wrong 3 b's bakery,

Ryan Peters

Jamie Baker

The best!

James Marsh

Louis Bruette

Old fashioned hospitality and comfort. Great food and a bakery! I had the best steak I've had in years. Service was fantastic My wife and loved it and can't wait to go back.

James Porter

3b's is an icon of Pasadena and serves the best "home style" breakfast you will find here. They have a diverse menu with excellent choices served by a friendly neighborhood staff. Every customer is a "regular", worth a try!

Vinny Hynson

Kristy Singhas

Amanda Rae Noss Smith

Always really good food. Closes at 12 on weekends, so make sure to get there on time. Small town local spot. Same ladies working there forever....very nice. Food comes VERY fast and you can see them making it which is always nice. We do breakfast takeout sometimes...just as fast. I don't know much about the bakery part. Haven't tried that much. Great place for home cookin'. Check it out!

Angela Barth

The Best little mom and pop Breakfast Bakery in Pasadena! They have Great home cooked meals for good prices and large portions! Everything that they bake here is all home made and so delicious, sweet and savory! My family and I have been coming here for years and will continue to do so for years to come! They are such sweet and caring, friendly people that work here. I highly recommend Three B's! It is a must if you are in Pasadena, Maryland!

Leticia Martinez

I really enjoy this place my kids love it also they always ask if we can go to “the pig place”

Davud Gardner

George McKeon

Daniel Jerousek

Paul Brown

Craig Capitals

Chip P

Evan Whitley

Cory Stallings

Roland Kulig

Richard Fowler


Danny Hyatt

Love this place. Bolanders are quality people

Jimmy Jernigan

We go every weekend its are favorite breakfast place

william dougherty

I love this place. I'm 41yrs. old and I've been coming here since I was a small child. They have the best baked goods by far. So happy they made it this long, because of everything being took over by franchised bakery's and huge supermarkets. Way to go Three B's, please stay around for another few decades atleast.

John Fenton

Great food great staff

Sarah Day

I love there food . only went for breakfast my son wants to try there lunch but not open for lunch on sat and sun

Mr Maynard

daniel martin

Ron Helmick


Hope Ziemski

Richard Lechner

Good food, good service.

Jairo Maldonado

Stephen Harper

Slow service and the food is cooked with centuries old cooking techniques, leaving the food susceptible to cross contamination, bacterial growth, and low quality flavor.

Yvonne Henson

Was like home made food Loved it Service Average

Dan Stein

I've been in Pasadena for 8 years and I can't believe I just tried this place for the first time. It reminds me of little country restaurants I used to see when I was a kid. I ordered chicken fried steak and it was delicious! The portions are VERY generous! So there is a restaurant, a small bakery with donuts and danishes, and a small store. They only serve breakfast and lunch. They only take cash, which surely costs them business in this day and age. I will definitely come back here!

Mrs. Nezbit87

Denise Arnold

3 B's is awesome but you need to go on the weekdays When Miss Virginia's cooking. I know she's been there for over 25 years. On weekends people behind the counter have a bit of an attitude. And the food is good

David Minnick Jr

Les Jenne

Always great service and always great food. Perfect local owned shop to eat at.

Dave Higgins

Best breakfast sandwiches anywhere. I highly recommend that you get double egg.

David Minnick

Mike Maurer

Nice mom and pop place to eat. Good food limited menu. Fair prices as well everyone welcomes you as you come in the door

My Stowe Boys

Great food!

Justin & Michelle Williams

AMAZING FOOD!! GREAT PRICES!! And the employees make you feel like you've been coming there for years. Plus they have a delicious bakery and a nice little candy/snack and drink selection.

Stanley Martin

Great old-fashioned turnover pies

Angie Anderson

Great people & good food

Denise Dunaway

susana diehl

Philip L. Meckel

Christian Bowser

Went here on a weekday morning, there were only 3 other customers in the whole store. ordered 2 breakfast sandwiches and ordered some homefries and I asked " hey on the homefries could you cook them a little extra please? every other time I come here they're raw." she said "you'll get them how they come out, I'll be there for hours cooking them extra" I said "maam, I just would like them cooked a couple more minutes than normal." and she scoffed at me and went back to the grill and for the next 15 minutes, until we leave, shes sitting there running her mouth to her employees about how "if we wanted homefries cooked a little extra we should have called ahead, and not been stupid." or why cant you, as a business owner, buy a better grill that doesnt have dead spots? or piles of grease 5 foot high behind the grill? or just learn not to make fun of your customers and belittle them the whole time they're sitting 30 feet near you.


Mark Hannon

Nice place to eat great bakery only on weekends

Mike Griffin

Miranda Daniel

They are always welcome and ready for you also you can get donuts and the donuts are super good they also have breakfast lunch and dinner at 3 B's bakery

Scott Forbes

In the past I have always enjoyed my experience here, looked forward to my next visit, and have recommended Three B's to others to go and checkout. After my experience today, I won't be doing any of those going forward. A friend was visiting from out of town and we stopped in for a late breakfast. We were ignored when we walked in with everyone avoiding contact of any kind. When I approached the waitress about whether we should seat ourselves we were only told that it would be awhile. We took a table and waited for 20 minutes to be offered a drink and a menu. Half the tables had cleared of customers during that time and no one approached. Final straw, two gentlemen who I can only assume were regulars, came in, sat down, and were promptly offered their coffee. Not once were we addressed by the staff during this time. So we left and went to the Breakfast Shoppe in Severna Park where we were immediately greeted, sat, and served a delicious meal. I understand that Three B's has a loyal base but you should really do better if you want to retain and host new loyal customers.

Ken Castle

Honest Breakfast

Ben Hoopengardner

Great Breakfast

Thomas Lamb

Good homestyle food

Nathan Brown

Fast service and good prices.

Larry Rogers

Favorite breakfast place in Pasadena

Nancy Peterson

Cozy breakfast spot, they sell good pastries, donuts and cookies, all freshly baked in shop

Erna Fedarcyk

Jacob Nahory

Muriel Hill


Jacob Sammer

The food more than makes up for the mediocre service. It takes a while before you get your order taken by the same two old ladies that have been working there forever. They recently took on a new, younger girl, so I hope that helps. The omelettes are the best anywhere. I mean anywhere! They are huge and come with home fries (which I recommend) or hash browns and toast. The french toast is really good too.

Patrick Mclanigan

linda fetter

Absolutely zero frills at this establishment. If you are hungry for breakfast, this is the place! I heard lunches were also great. Portions are large, you won't leave empty! Cash only, so be prepared ( very reasonably priced(.

rosemary mounts

Good food but need better sevice.

william fithian

Dennis Hauhn

Food is very good. ..friendly place. .. nice place to take the kids. ...priced good

Lisa akers

William Schroeder

My wife and I go here every Sunday for breakfast. The waitresses staff trish, damon are great people and also renee the cook.

Michael Mkala

Always a great eat. Ridiculously large portions, good prices and awesome service as usual. Must visit if in the area. Forgot to mention they open at 5am!!! Great for us early morning working folk. And it's also cash only.

Mike Rash

Very delicious home cooked breakfast!

Cj C

Food is amazing

Nancy Lilly

Emily O'Brien

Great place. Great food. Great price.

Shawn Cook

I come from aberdeen md every two weeks just to have the country fried steak and eggs, and the sweet tea is to die for love the tea.

Rori Thomas

Cash only, but ATM on site.

Lizzy Wedell

I have always loved this place always would go before school before softball games the big ones! Been there several times, the last two times i have been i have waited for the big rush to be over with i show up at 12 when they close at 1 and tell me that their grill is already off the older lady was rude. I asked For a number because the one they have on here just gives you a busy signal. She replied “ we have been busy all day” there’s no way that the phone has been busy every minute from 9-12!!!!!!! And if you were really that busy wouldn’t you want to serve your customers walking in the door at 12 that’s just ridiculous. This place has definitely taken a turn for the worse which is really sad!!!

Krissy Suzanne

Our favorite local breakfast spot

William Covey

Nathan Allen

LL Fitz

Awesome home town place with delicious food and reasonable prices. Staff is friendly, many customers seem to be regulars but this was my first time here. Sat at the counter and got the most delicious pancakes with bacon, next time I'll try some of the baked goods in the case. You don't find places like this anymore and I'm glad I tried it. I'll be back for sure.

carl g

eddie reyes

Great little hometown eatary. Great breakfast and lunch. Little hidden gem. Highly recommend!

Joseph kirkpatrick

I remember going to this place with my dad when i was a kid. Im so glad to see that its still going and still making the best donuts in town. What a great place. (last time i was there was probably 1991)

David Stokes

David Bishop

GREAT food and fast service!

B.J. Parrott

Very good food good service Monday through Friday! Cooks not so good on sat and sun they don't seem to care a bout food quality

chris hirsch

I absolutely love this place friendly neighborhood atmosphere with food as good as grandma served

Christopher Jagielski

Good food nice people

Nosferatu Dracula

Great mom and pop bakery and breakfast food. Friendly staff and home country atmosphere. A must do for a Pasadena resident. Fried food tastes like they need to change the oil, coffee tastes great and wasnt too expensive.

Nick Holm

Awesome breakfast fast service good coffee

Patricia Oerman

Ian Quasney

Bakery is Good. Don't eat the Breakfast there

Erik Weber

Don't get rid of this bakery. It's been here so long and now is a piece of history!

Thomas Myer

One word sums it up...... Yum

K Kel

It is a most interesting place....

Christopher W.

This place makes me swell with Pasadena joy, best breakfast on Earf. 5 Stars

Mark Doy

julia stratton


Ryan Deters

Timothy Bush

Inexpensive "home" food or your traditional diner fare, down home feel.

Frank Nichter

Joe Shehade

William Jones

Great breakfast and people.

Ren Wolf

No good food except for Choco milk

M.B. B

Awesome food and amazingly nice staff!

Beth Schmitz

I love this place! I have been coming here since I started driving! Great food, great service...for cheap! Nostalgic and the same as I always remember. Lots of candy and drinks you can't find anywhere else and opens super early in the morning!

Jaime Wynette

Billy newell

wayne messenger

Ken Shiflett

chuck mccaffrey

Mike Reuling

T C Robert Moran

Omen Moon

Ashley Terry

rick hargett

Clint O

Waitress was very rude and never smiles. When I asked for OJ she just pointed at the cooler for me to go get it myself. She rushed us to order and said they closed in 5 minutes. I politely let her know Google shows them closing at 1PM and not 12. We went a day prior and had the same waitress who again never smiles and always is nasty. The food is great though. The cook thanked us as we were leaving which was great! I would like to think the waitress was having an off day but unfortunately it is every time we come in there. If she smiled and was polite I would give this place 5 stars, but because the customer service (waitress) is rude I can only give 2 stars.

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