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REVIEWS OF The Pretzel Bakery IN Maryland

Tiffany Stevens

Just tried thos place for the first time. Nice lil place. The salted pretzel i had was so good and the basil lemonade was really good. Will be going again soon since its just a walk away from my house.

Shea Bartlett

This place is joy in the shape of a pretzel twist. I love these pretzels and the staff is always incredibly nice. I highly recommend.

Ella Downey

I love this place! The customers and staff are so friendly and the food is amazing. I usually get an Italian ice on my way back from work. You can also sit outside with your dog which is awesome.

Deneque Lee

Cashier and employees had these looks on their faces like "where did all these people come from and what should we do with them?!" which was kind of off-putting. The Sweet pretzel was yummy, but not amazing. It's still a good place if you're seriously carb-starved, but nothing more. Gets crowded on weekends with a family-friendly kind of crowd. Not the place to go if you're looking for somewhere quiet.

russ holstein

First time here and everything looked so good. The staff was great. A little pricey and this is the only my concern.

Ashley Hansen

This place is trouble, good trouble! The breakfast sliders on a mini pretzel bun (with egg, cheese and bacon) are incredible. I've also recently started getting their mocha's which is a mix of their coffee and nutella hot chocolate. I'm so glad they expanded to this larger space and I look forward to being a customer for years to come!

Casey O'Rourke

love the salted w/caramel mustard!

Emma Dillon


Race McDermott

Cool neighborhood joint. Breakfast sliders are great.

Marshall May

Great pretzels, good prices, the coffee was way too hot. Even after 20 minutes I partially burned my tongue.


Great pretzels, people and service. The only downside is how much they cost. But I'd say it's worth it usually.

Megan Mickle

One of the BEST pretzel bakery I have every been at. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The price is great! It’s a really cute place and they have amazing pretzels!

Toby Thom

The best pretzels in the city. Order for office events or enjoy their new location complete with patio and an expanded menu! Breakfast sliders are to die for.

Melissa Stefun

The pretzels are perfect and I really liked the breakfast sliders with egg bacon and cheese inside. The bacon was thick and the pretzel bun was soft. If you like sweet drinks you have to try the mocha that’s a mixture of their Nutella hot chocolate and their La Colombe brew coffee. It was nutty and chocolatey and bittersweet.

Larry B

The food is good, but do not ask them to do anything special for you.

Craig Foucht

Definitely worth a visit! Fresh!

Roberta Cummings

I love the pretzels & the service I'll always go there!!!!

Aaron Schuetz

Pricey but tasty

Kiesett Newton

Pretzels are delicious hot and soft. I have tried the breakfast sandwiches and roasted pepper canzone both really good.

Doug Moore

Do yourself a favor and get the caramel mustard

Jonathan P

Places like this are what is great about the hill. It couldn't be more casual and they couldn't take more pride in their food. Fun spot - and our out-of-town family still talks about a visit that was over two years ago. When was the last time you remembered a pretzel you ate a day ago? Give it a try.

Elizabeth Latham

Great breakfast sliders!

Ashley Siebels

What a wonderful experience. I was able to purchase a dozen pretzels for a holiday party with no notice. The pretzels were a hit. Can't wait to visit during summer.

Jamie Burnett

Definitely a great stop! The pretzels are fresh and delicious and you can tell that it's a well loved spot as you sit outside enjoying the refreshing basil lemonade while watching all the neighborhood family's stop in for their pretzel fix. I would highly recommend coming here

Rebecca Talbott

Great spot for morning coffee, hot and cold brew (no espresso).

Michael Thompson

The Nutella bomb is very tasty. Additionally they have yummy pretzel sliders.

Dan Cook

Best pretzels in DC. Get a pretzel bomb!

Josh Levine

Amazing pretzels, great coffee, and local beer. A neighborhood gem.

J Money

Awesome food!!

Mike Geller

Best soft pretzels in DC.

Michael Zidar

Pretzels are awesome and great food-both lunch/breakfast and dessert, always stop by when I can.


Delicious menu!

Chris S

Delicious super soft and tasty pretzels. Just get the 3 for $5 deal and try one of each (plain, everything, cinnamon). I liked the plain and everything pretzels a little more. The sweet pretzel is topped with a generous portion of the sweet cinnamon glaze. It definitely is sweet and very dessert-like.

Simona Ciampi

One of my favorite spot for breakfast, the Pretzel Bakey is a staple of this neighborhood but attracts folks from all over DC. Exclusively pretzel dough, they serve the breakfast slider with eggs, cheese and bacon for a filling snack.

Vincent Fancera

Good food. Slightly expensive. The ordering and waiting system crowds the small area

Patricia Bradby

I wish they had one of these in Richmond! A friend brought me here on a weekend visit to DC and I thoroughly enjoyed the little breakfast sliders. The sweet pretzel option with Nutella was also amazing. Great concept. I will be back.


Not sure how this place doesn't have five stars. Best bakery in Washington. Cookies are perfection, cupcake frosting is a little too sweet (alright there's my one complaint). Haven't gotten their famous bread they do but I'm sure it's awesome.

Dave Berg

Always good

Keith Boyea

Fantastic food but be careful not to get run over by a stroller!

Meg Weckstein

This is one of my actual favorite neighborhood spots - the food and service are always PHENOMENAL. I love to pick up a dozen pretzels for special occasions and bring out of town guests here for breakfast (two sliders, a pretzel bomb, and a Nutella mocha blows them away every time)!

Scott Himmelberger

Great local eatery. I was very skeptical of how this place could survive only selling pretzels. However, they do their one thing and they do it extremely well


The breakfast sliders are incredible! I highly recommend

Alan Neustadtl

Decent pretzels, they serve beer, but it feels more like a coffee shop. There is outdoor seating with umbrellas.

Christopher Ford

Great neighborhood stop.

Jennifer Stoloff

It's more formal and commercialized than when it first opened in its original location. The quality is still good. The menu has expanded so you can get pretzel dogs, breakfast sandwiches, a calzone (?), and more types of coffee.

Ben Spector

Employee was nice, pretzel was just meh. Not buttery or soft. A bit pricey

Jeffrey Ortz

The Breakfast Sliders are incredible. Service was friendly and fast.

Jay Frost

Such a unique and fun neighborhood joint, and with yummy food!

Ando Muneno

Nice newer location with more seating and their pretzel calzone is amazing.

Cami White

Delicious pretzels at a great price ($21/dozen). Pretzels were baked fresh to order and took 12 minutes. We ordered 6 sweet and 6 salty for our family of 10. Great selections of sodas (only $1/can or $2/bottle) and the pretzel bomb (nutella filled pretzel roll) pretty fantastic as well. It's a little out of the way, but I think it's worth the trip to the area. Parking was super easy too (but it's spring break, and we went at 2:30PM on a Tuesday, so that may have something to do with the ample parking...).

Roger Dacanay

Great way to start your day! Sliders, Sweet Pretzels, Basil Lemonade, and of course coffee ... all of it is simply awesome.

Max B

Super soft pretzels. It had a nice little seating area outside too for when it's nice out.

Colin Strylowski

An ingenious idea for a neighborhood joint. Getting a couple sliders and a pretzel bomb here is my favorite way to start a Saturday.



Alain Parcan

Get the breakfast sliders and you will not be disappointed!

Mark Hafer

These are some delicious pretzels. Soft with a light crust. I love everything about them except that they cost $2.50. You can get a half dozen pretzels at Philly Pretzel Factory for the same price. Sure the quality isn't the same but these pretzels are not 6x better than those. Its a nice bakery with a good selection of drinks and outdoor seating. The service was also very good when I went.

Amanda Cropper

The Nutella pretzel bomb is awesome. The regular pretzels are pretty solid, too.

Shannon Schneider

Would’ve been better if the pretzels were warm and had hot cheese.

Jamie C

Delicious pretzels and amazing breakfast sliders. The staff is friendly and it is a nice place to stop for a quick snack or beverage (the bail lemonade is perfect on a hot day).

David Stoker

Good soft pretzels and house made dipping sauces. There is also coffee, beer, and soda available to wash it down.

Sam Odle

We walk our dog

Mathew Hart

I'm a pretzel lover and this place toss the list of my favorites. Great pretzels and nice service. I go out of my way any chance I can to have one of these fine pretzels.

Tom Stanfield

Delicious! We arrived at 1030 so we were able to get breakfast eat in and then at 11 the lunch menu kicks in, so we took that to go. Food is amazing, service is fast. Highly recommend!

Ti P

Really tasty coffee and friendly staff! Highly recommend it!

Kelsey Chrisco

Tasty! We tried the sliders, calzone, & pretzel dog. Very good.


My new favorite thing! Just got back from Germany and this place his the spot for my pretzel fix. Had a regular, everything, and two pretzel dogs with beer and it was all delicious. Friendly service, great prices and good food and beer. What more do you need?

John Roche

Would have been better but Disney tunes were annoying and annoyingly loud.

Jalan W B

Love this neighborhood gem. Delicious fluffy pretzels; the breakfast sliders are delicious. Amazing Hotella (hot chocolate made with Nutella!) during the winter. And the lavender lemonade is perfect in the summer. Service is always pretty friendly; I really like the older black man that makes the sandwiches in the morning. He's always so friendly.

Stephen Kostyo

A neighborhood gem! Great breakfast sliders, pretzels, and a family friendly atmosphere.

Steve Mulder

Love this place! The staff is friendly and the pretzels are the best! If only they served beer with the pretzels...

David Yeh

The quintessential community coffee shop meets amazing pretzels

Andrew Wilson

Pretzels were excellent! Had the salted pretzel and the "pretzel bomb" (Nutella filled pretzel). Both were excellent. Somewhat disappointing was the cashier. Not friendly or welcoming. Hopeful it was just a bad day... Staff making the pretzels were very amicable and helpful!

J.D. Buchanan

Great place with my favorite being an everything pretzel with the carmel mustard. Tried the half tea/half lemonade and it was quite good and not too sweet

Silvana Tapia

Lovely pretzels. The facilities are a bit untidy inside but sitting outside is quite ok. Free coffee refills.

A Smallwood

Cool lil secret spot for the person who loves a good soft pretzel and quality fresh lemonade

Gregory Ruderman

Friendly neighborhood eatery. Come for the breakfast sliders: bacon, egg, and cheese on a pretzel bun, and stay for the hot chocolate made with nutella. The whole neighborhood seems to come here, particularly on the weekends, so do plan for a couple extra minutes, but it's well worth it.

Vishaan P

Sometimes you choose a great place. And other times, well, I don't want to get emotional, but the place damn well chooses you. I arrived on a sunny December afternoon. Coincidence? Before I could order I noticed the rare and strikingly handsome hat on the proprietor. I was wearing the same one. Coincidence? His name is Sean, btw, the anglicized version of my name. Coincidence? Wife and I ordered 8 badass pretzels. If you ever thought of how the perfect pretzel should taste, these probably taste better than your limited imaginations. Wife and I ate a few and headed back to Georgetown. Stuck in traffic, and couldn't help ourselves (from pretzels bozo!) we inhaled the rest. Coincidence?

Robyn D

This place is a gem. Tucked away on a relatively quiet street, the Pretzel Bakery is a pleasant surprise. The Breakfast Sliders are pure deliciousness stuffed between 2 soft pretzel buns sprinkled with a savory seasoning. Highly recommend!

Casey Iyer

The best part of Hill East life

Austin Conklin

I do enjoy a good pretzel in this place did not disappoint. I got a salted one and a sweet one. They were absolutely Dank. I would highly recommend them. I would have posted a picture with this review but I ate both of them..

prank on the block

Amazing pretzels!

Effie Nummer

Yummm. Great refreshing and caffeinated drinks. Pretzels and food to keep coming back for!

Stacy Shioutakon

Excellent! I want more choices, please!

Desiree Lindsay

Great food, great staff!!!

Pei-Hsuen Liao

If you can walk by and not be lured to the doorway by the smell of fresh pretzels, you're not human.

Tommy Renkes

Great food, great coffee, and they sell beer. Couldn't recommend it enough!

Paul Masbeth

Great pretzels. Good coffee.

Charlotte Taft

Full disclosure- I have not visited the store itself -but we ordered 40 pretzels for a work celebration. Well. They were amazing. We had the glazed sweet pretzels as well as the classic and everything - I can only say go eat these now. Dying to visit and have sandwiches. 10000/10.

Samantha Greene

We ordered pretzels from here for our wedding favors at the end of the night, and they were delicious! The guests loved them, and it was so easy to arrange. Highly recommend!

Linda Hepworth

Loved this small family bakery. Very reasonably priced and great service. Well worth a visit as the pretzels are delicious.

Scott Garren

Limited menu, good pretzels and pretzel sandwiches

Jamal K. Atkins

Best pretzels in the District!

Jesse Thomas

Andrew Glendening

Great, cheap, quality pretzels. The breakfast sandwiches are okay. The real draw is the regular pretzels, they are great. Coffee is garbage here though.


This place is awesome.

Gwen Alim-Young

One of our 'must visit' places when we are in DC. Try the frosted pretzels and pretzel egg sandwiches.

Jeff Aitken

Great Pretzels! Great staff.


Robert is the best, love the ability to personalize my order and they have decaf too.

Timothy Foster

The only downside to visiting the bakery is the wait time which, if you've ever eaten here, is testament to the quality. Situated on a quiet street tucked away in the neighborhood of capitol hill, the pretzel bakery is a simple, unpretentious shop that knows exactly what it is and does it well. It's certainly a must-have if you're in the area.

Aisha Williams

Great coffee & atmosphere!

James Garren

Different kinds of pretzel-based foods. If that's your bag, you're in for a treat.

Janine Czarnecki

Philly roots definitely shine through with these handsome pretzels but don’t expect street prices (as you get in Philly) since they are hands-down much tastier and worth the 3 bucks! They also have other delicious options like breakfast sandwiches and pretzel dogs, as well as local brews. Go for the “everything” and enjoy!

Austin Graff

For the record, there's no other pretzel bakery in all of Washington, DC, but that doesn't matter because even if there were others, this one would be the BEST! It started out as a Hill East neighborhood joint and even though many travel from other parts of DC to enjoy it, it's still beloved in the neighborhood. They support local parent groups, have a community board and are active in the community. I've been a loyal fan from Day 1 when it was literally a walk up window a block from its current location. Back then they had a few homemade lemonades and just three different types of pretzels and three dips. All those exist (You can get three pretzel for $5 and I recommend the sweet pretzel or the regular with nutella or caramel mustard as a dipping sauce). Now they sell La Colombe coffee, craft beer, pretzel breakfast sliders, and something that will change your life- the pretzel bomb. Yes, I am going to devote an entire paragraph to the pretzel bomb. The straight up pretzel bomb is a pretzel hole with warm, melted nutella and cinnamon inside. On top, there's a warm glaze and just a kiss of salt. It's $2.50 for one and order three. You will NOT want to share yours! Now they have seasonal ones including a pumpkin cheesecake pretzel bomb for the Fall. I'm dead.

Adam Emshwiller

Awesome! Would be five stars if they were not so expensive!

Rita Elise Martinez

Overrated but a cute guy works there so (:

Chris White

Excellent pretzels! Try their calzone! I swing by on my work route for a quick lunch!

Joy Aviles

Great atmosphere, great staff. Delicious everything else.

Kelly Paras

Caution: these pretzels are addictive. I wasn't sure I would like to combination of a bagel and a pretzel, but it works marvelously! They're maybe a bit pricey given they're a pretzel, but dip them in some cream cheese and it'll improve any mood!

Rosie Walters

The staff is very friendly outgoing very courteous great fresh bread coughing the light. In the morning

Derrick Max

Great food and quant location. Good meeting spot. The prices are a bit high and the food a bit slow and small. But, overall, a great little place.

Dondré S

This is a nice pretzel bakery located in a quiet neighborhood. The food and service is excellent. I've been here multiple times for breakfast and I recommend it to friends often. They also serve beer here.

Justin Sommer

Awesome ppl and the desserts are a must.

k c

Breakfast here is quick and delicious and inexpensive. Try the breakfast sliders and nutella pretzel bun.

Tasha Alvarenga

Everything is amazing. My favorite is the pretzel bomb with nutella and cinnamon n sugar and its the perfect dessert or cure for a sweet tooth!!!!

Thomas Mosier

The sliders are great - tasty and reasonably priced.

Judy Hagemann

Great pretzels and reasonable prices, glad they have places to sit in and out. Was glad we had a great day to sit outside. Got the pub cheese dip, it is more a spread than dip and quite potent.

Gabriel Shapiro

Delicious pretzels, hot and ready from the oven. Zero pretension, just great food and folks from the neighborhood.

Norman Metzger

Terrific pretzels, of course, decent coffee, and plentiful mustard to accompany. Liked the salted pretzels, the sweet -- think cinnamon and sugar -- not so much. But then I'm not a sweet(s). Pleasant staff and pleasant place to spend a little time, with bright daylight and views streaming in through the plate glass.

JD Wedding

Pretzels are amazing. Calzones are great and if you want something sweet their Pretzel Bombs are just the right amount of sweetness.

Veronica Licha

The pretzels here are fantastic! I tried their everything pretzel with a grainy mustard dip. You order off a window and there's limited space for seating. Lovely place and amazing pretzel variety!

Anastasiya Voloshyn

Let me tell you these are the best pretzels I have had so far. They are moist, warm and fresh. You must try the sweet pretzel, it's a surprising find! These are pretzels definitely worth straying from the beaten path for in Washington.

Justin Henry

Bring a box of these to work instead of donuts. Everyone will love you for it. Also, excellent quick lunches and snacks anytime.

Josh Clapper

I walked here to get the breakfast sliders. They stop selling them at 2 pm normally, which unfortunately wasn’t on their website. Settled for the pretzel dog instead, which was good if a little simple. Dijon, mustard and ketchup bottles are available in the drink refrigerator near the register, bottom shelf. Overall it is a nice peaceful space with outdoor seating.

Chris Trent

Still the gem of Hill East. Put a little spicy mustard on your sliders...

Alainna Cox

Everything about this place deserves a 5. the staff is great, the location is in a cute little area of DC, and the pretzels are AMAZING! I have nothing negative to say about it

James Ashenfelter

Like mini loaves of fresh baked bread! Nothing more comforting than that!

Andrew Seavey

Very friendly service, interesting drinks and food. Pretzel calzone was very good.

Matthew Muir

Love the breakfast slider and the everything pretzels.

Charles Jude Prestia

Been frequenting this place since it was selling pretzels out of a repurposed house down the street from the current storefront location. If it's your first time, get one of each of the salt, everything, and cinnamon sugar pretzels -- you won't be disappointed!! My friends love the bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sliders, but since I don't eat bacon I can't personally speak on the sliders, however they do look fantastic and probably can't be beat for the price/quality anywhere in the District.

Michael McCullough

Sliders were tasty, good cold brew coffee.

Nick Kaufman

Breakfast sliders are super tasty. Iced coffee is really good as well.

Sarah Stricevic

Breakfast sandwiches are so small!! I don't understand why people line up for them.

Mark Sussman

I don't really eat the soft pretzels anymore, being on the paleo diet, but there was a brief window when The Pretzel Bakery first opened that I tried their soft pretzels I've ever had without being overly buttery or salty. Since that time, they have only expanded their offerings. Every house guest I've taken here loves it.


4 stars for the pretzel hot dog. 5 for the pretzels. And 6 stars for their coffee.


Gr8 little location. Best pretzel EVER! Friendly staff and very clean. BUT, the egg was cold and the iced tea was old.

John Giannini

Amazing pretzels, coffee, and hot chocolate

Yvonne W.

It's new location is a 2 minute walk from the old location, and it's all indoors. There's a few additions to the menu. I tried something new. Should have stuck with the classics, original, and cinnamon glaze. But over all a good pretzel.

Catrice Barnes

Great spot for a snack! The pretzel bomb and breakfast sliders are delicious. The basil lemonade is a great, refreshing drink. Nice neighborhood joint.

Andrew Brown

They have pretzels, and they're awesome!

Tim White

So yummy - got the breakfast bomb pretzel sandwich and the Nutella filled pretzel #amazing

Mark Jones

Picked up 18 salted pretzels and some assorted dips for my office party today. The staff was very welcoming and helpful, and the pretzels were a hit among my coworkers! Highly recommended gem of a bakery!

Nunya Nunya

The experience wasn't bad but the pretzels and pretzel dogs are only just okay. This place would get a 3 but unlimited coffee gives it a 4.

Krista Stormberg

Wonderful neighborhood addition. The only thing better than the amazing pretzels is the stellar service!

Toni Flaspeter

Delicious. The breakfast sliders are fabulous and the basil lemonade is perfect for a hot day. The pretzels are the best in town!! And they now serve beer

Ricky Hanzich

Best pretzel dogs ever. Should be available all year long!

Marko Marko

Love this place!

Uhma Merlos

Absolutely amazing.

Jalen Smith

Quick and great taste

Michael B.

Best bakery in DC and it's not even close. Alan, Sean, and the gang will brighten your day and electrify your tastebuds.

Kelsey Livingston

Lovely local join that serves breakfast pretzel sliders with bacon and egg. Easy to get in and out and on with your morning!

Eric Morris

The best simply the best. Wanna a breakfast sandwich here's we're to go in lower capitol hill. Wanna a place to enjoy a beer and a pretzel in a adorable neighborhood in the summer here it is

shay doron

Microwave egg in the breakfast sandwich was a total letdown and a very small portion for a high price . cute place but didn't like the taste of the sandwich. The pretzel itself is good

Gavin Dennis

Amazing with nutella

Rudolf Harmon

Amazing, tried the breakfast pretzel, went back for the cinnamon and regular too. Best breakfast sandwich! You won't want to share the breakfast pretzel, they are too delectable.

Nate Fullam

A lovely little place with great pretzels and coffee

Jessica Hill-Ferraro

Yummy pretzels. Sweet pretzel is more like a glazed doughnut than a sugar dusted one. No plain buttered pretzels.

Nathan Hurwitz

Super delicious pretzels and other treats. Got the regular pretzel, pretzel bomb with Nutella and the slider. The best part is the salty doughy pretzel.

Meredith Purser

Absolutely phenomenal calzones in addition to their great pretzels

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