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REVIEWS OF Stone Mill Bakery - Green Spring Station Cafe IN Maryland

Jake Adler

Service was great and the people were really nice. I came here for a work meeting, the place was clean and lots of other people kept coming in and out. Person kept coming to refill our mugs.

Derrick Davidson

The place is excellent, the food is very good , and the service is excellent, everyone. should stop by for Lunch or Brunch or Breakfast, usually after my appointments at the Green Springs Medical Centers John Hopkins, you're always hungry after a Medical appointments, so check out the Stone Mill Bakery at The John Hopkins Medical Centers, they also have excellent cookies and pies and their brownies are to get your sweet tooth on, enjoy the fresh breads as well and they have salads of every kind, so go check out the Stone Mill Bakery!!

dawn j.

The food appears to be quality, and clean, and I applaud that wholeheartedly. But honestly, my food was bland. I wish I could say that my party had been as impressed with the food as the guy behind the counter (Chris? He said he was the owner) seemed to be with the sound of his own voice. (That said, other reviewers seem to adore him, so maybe we caught him on an off day.) Factoring price, flavor and attitude, I'd place this solidly in the "Meh" category.

Tyler Wright

Robin Zimmerman

Love Stone Mill especially granola and soup and those parmeson crispy things, cinnamon and sugar too. Yum.

Tania Bautista Rodriguez

Great coffee specially when Cristina makes it

Jim Wilkinson

Service was great but very expensive

Robert Minch

My dental office has been right above Stone Mill Bakery for 25 years and my day could just not be started correctly without my Stone Mill coffee - as well as my morning greeting from Cris! Honestly, the coffee is the BEST in the city and Cris will leave you with a smile on your face and a spring in your step. The lunch food is simply delicious- my favorite is the home made veg soup and the scrumptious tuna salad. Stone Mill Bakery is a treasure at Green Spring Station- great food, amazing breads, tantalizing confections and a true Baltimore " scene" . And lastly - try the hot chocolate- best in the city!!!

Jeffrey Landsman

Been coming here forever. Chris is the man.

Mindy Christianson

Amazing place for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Always delicious! Top-notch coffee!

Michael Clark

Great place but a little pricey. Get what you pay for though.

Tyler Fogarty

I love this place. Good food and super friendly service though I feel it's slightly pricey for what you get but I think it's certainly worth it.

Blandy Becker

Very good, just very tight to get around

Rebecca Stoil

Very cheerful service and fresh food. The tables and chairs are not the biggest or most comfortable so this is not a great place to go and work or to have an intimate conversation with a friend.

Maria Stafford

Such a charming place with friendly staff and delicious food!

Joyce Burman

Very friendly atmosphere and great people!

George Becker


Phyllis Berlinski

Very good, the brisket was cooked just right.

Mark Karas

I stopped to get a breakfast sandwich. The menu board doesn't have much on it (like no breakfast sandwiches), so when I got up to order I had to look at the menu on the counter and decide what I wanted quick with a line behind me. I hate being rushed like that. I don't understand why they would do that. It was just a confusing experience all around. The food wasn't that great either. Not horrible, but I'm not looking for this place the next time I'm in the area either.

Dean Merritt

Best coffee and service in town

Michele Moore

Bill Koch

Expensive. Absolutely the best hot chocolate I've ever had. Other food on the menu was good, but that hot chocolate - geez...

P Dubey

Thomas Tuck

Excellent, great food and service

Bill Dunphy

Awesome food, Awesome staff, the right size coffee for a coffee lover. Great desserts, awesome poster every where, kid friendly too

Amy Dickman

Excellent food, lovely place to leisurely sit outdoors & enjoy lunch, baked goods, etc. Just about everything is made there. Fabulous place to bring your dog, sit outside for a bite to eat on a beautiful day & enjoy the surroundings & almost forget there's a hugely busy road right on the other side of the trees. Also great place to eat inside without a furry companion.

George Hein

Everything is delicious. I love the cuban!

Scott Silverstine

When you need to bypass a selection of awesome sweets and get a choice of the best vegetable soup in Baltimore you have no choice other then giving this café five stars.

John Comberiate

Always amazed how the owner seems to remember everyone who shops here!

Michael G

Food isn't good price is way to exspensive. I paid $15 and change for chicken salad sandwich and a lemonade. Lemonade was watered down chicjen salad had no flavor even with tons of pepper on it. Very friendly staff though. Thats why they got 1

Carlos Taylor

Expensive but good

Gypsine Surcross

Amazing craft food, a little pricey to be an everyday cafe visit but definitely worth it for the treat that it is.

Bill Mixter

Nice selection for breakfast, friendly staff.

Timothy Wilkins

Greg Ferrara

Fernando Puerie

Very good salad!

Gail Enid Walker

Excellent food and service. Give it a try.

Tanya Bryant-Nickens

They have a public bathroom which is a gem this day and time. They also have vegan and vegetarian options. The aervice is prompt and pleasant.

Beth Ritter

The highlight for me about this cafe, besides the food and the atmosphere, is the gentleman behind the counter. He recognized most of the clients by name, remembering key points about thier lives and making each guest feel uniquely special. Seriously full of a plethora of knowledge, he's engaging, entertaining, great at upselling and smart.(I know this because I listened to his conversations with everyone, from little munchkins to highly degreed professionals). The wait for my husband's procedure in the doctors office in the same building was made much more enjoyable just by watching and enjoying how he interacted with everyone. Well done dude, you rock. I wish there were more customer service representatives as good as this guy. I think his name was Chris.

Arjun Menon

Amazing cafe. Love the bread, all made there. Breakfast options are phenomenal, with aroma fresh coffee. Owner was exceptional with making our experience A+.

Sebastian G

One of the ladies wasn't so kind. Hope it's not the same person when I try again.

Edward Kafes

Very good and very expensive

Katy Gaffney

absolutely love this place! recently discovered it near my work. Love the food and the lattes! Delicious and wonderful customer service!

Deidre Fuelling

Linwood Davis Jr

Really good quick bites

Richard Hantgan

Great quality. Expensive & crowded. Breakfast food is the best.

Rebekah White

This place is manna from heaven! So awesome! Amazing coffee, cool experience, so clean now the best part they have toys for kids to play with while mom's can have there coffee!! The food was so good, my son got a cool pirate cookie and they give refills on coffe!!! This is my new favorite spot! So cute they use actual coffe mugs and cute creamers!! Love it!! So much fun!! Please go here and endulge in the experience!!!

Mary Haught

Everything is yummy! ! High quality ingredients.

Anthony Lanier

As expected, we liked it

Keith Daw

Faith Wachter

Great baked goods, sandwiches, salads. Service with a smile!

mikah calp

Best almond crossaint I've had

Lorine Smith

Amazing food and coffee. Friendly people!!

Jane Mackley

Shelly W

Paid $3.75 for a Chocolate Brownie that was Hard and didn't have a strong Chocolate Taste. The other thing I don't like is they don't post pricing for their items which makes me more timid to ask the pricing of everything before I decide. I won't be coming back.

Erin Durbin

Stone Mill is not only a Baltimore area tradition, but its food and service are amazing. Granted, it IS expensive, but it's still one of my favorite places to go, so clearly I think it's worth it. One of the best places to eat in the area. Favorites include: the chicken cheesesteak, chicken caesar salad, gaspacho with shrimp. Drink - mocha latte.

Bonnie Carver

Christine Garvey

I was in Stonemill bakery just to get a cup of coffee. How wonderful to be handed a cup of coffee and some "love" from the very kind gentleman working behind the counter! It's the little things in life that keep people coming back. He was so kind and happy! My kind of person...You never know when someone just needs a kind word! Thank you for the kindness!

Maeve Jana Durga

Pricey but so worth it! Very friendly staff & personable!

Roger Easter

Martín Estrada Contreras

Fantastic service

salvatore seeley

Great selection of food and treats

Alan Scharf

Consistently excellent food and wonderful service!!

Michael Lipman

Friendly staff

Michael Powell

Anibal Gonzalez Jr

A nice place to grab coffee and a good bite to eat. The owner has a warm and engaging personality.

La Familia!

The Menu has great options. A+ Customer Service!

Mary-Carol Sheard-Trock

Delicious baked items. The best granola cookies I have ever had. Healthy too! Lots of other options, both sweet and savory


The main guy behind the counter was great -- friendly, efficient, energetic. He seemed to know many of the customers. I ordered a breakfast burrito to go and the 1st couple bites were great, BUT then I found a long, dark hair in my food. I was kinda grossed out, but this was an $11 burrito and I was hungry!! Two more bites in and more hair, ughhh....I was very disappointed to trow it out after that. I'm not writing this to trash the place, but to encourage management to make a change so hair will not be in the food. If I hadn't driven 20 minutes away, I would have gone back and requested a refund as the food there is not cheap.

Stephanie Brody

This place is awesome! Staff was so pleasant, didn't mind all our children taking over. It was a great place to sit and chat with friends while our kids played. We will definitely be back!

Matthew Staley

Just unbelievable. The tall guy at register was phenomenal. Great food and ambience. Had the Buffalo chicken wrap. Nice spice and crunchy chicken. Absolutely loved the brown sugar lemonade. This place is a must visit if you are in the area. No regrets.

Raymond Infussi

Food was good, once it got to our table. They gave us a number for our table but that seemed to have no bearing on us getting our order. Not the most organized operation.

Teerra Battle

I've never been to this establishment before but as my first experience every one was very attentive, knowledgeable about the food, and efficient. My son and I had a scone and a corn muffin. Both were baked fresh that day and delicious.

Michael Werdin

Great coffee. Soup a fav. Bit $$$

Con. H.

The food is delicious and you are always greeted and treated in the most friendliest manner.

Lucy Robins

Delicious casual food - if you can afford it. Great soups, salads, breads and pastry. Very crowded at lunch time!

Corina Fratila

Kim Mcmillan

Good and Good service

Duckpin Consignment Shop


Jade Neal

Walked in for baked goods, couldn’t resist the food!

Rick Ramirez

Delicious hot chocolate, bread and very friendly folks!

Elaine Weiner

Fresh and delicious and pricy

Stella Kocharyan

One of my favorite bakeries in Maryland!

Michelle Bramucci

Nice place to sit outside and enjoy some coffee. Tasty scones too!

Ashley Mancuso

After paying nearly $5 for a small capp with an extra shot, which was extremely mediocre by the way, I had to wait for the extremely slow barista to make the drink for the obviously wealthy, hideously dressed and very ignorant woman whose order was taken AFTER mine. It took 5 minutes to make a capp. and no one was in front of me, except the woman who was behind me. But I'm not important, I'm just a paying customer. =D Ridiculous. Never ever ever ever again.

Jamie Campbell

First impression: very cheerful. Outgoing staff. As much window area as possible. Next impression: this place is much larger than you think. Ordering: very personalized. (Example: offered to hat my pie.) Food: good and plentiful.

Drea Yo

This place is Amazing! The sandwiches are so good and the bakery treats are to die for!

Araya Gibson

The staff was soo perfessional, I had cappuccino and coffee cake and it was great.. will be returning..

James F. Eaton,III

Oatmeal is a go-to

Jeremy Schatten


Danette Shue

Nice local eatery. You will pay $$$$$ but its a nice place to go now and then. My ccmplaint is this. NO CERTIFIED ORGANIC.CHOICES IN BREADS, NO LOCAL PRODUCE, NO ORGANIC CHOICES ON FRUITS AND.OTHER FOODS.. however the prices are as high as my organic food places. Seriously unacceptable. I will stick to a.cup of coffee. Please get with the times

Ian Sonia

Great pastries and freah breads. The coffee left something to be desired bit the staff were very friendly!

victor jerome

Wow. Eye popping expensive cafeteria food. Two sandwiches, one soup, two coffees came to almost forty dollars. The menu didn't have prices on it for a good reason, I guess. The food was decent, but not great. Coffee was lukewarm. First time here, and obviously the last.

Gabby Cha

Good food and service, but definitely very pricey

DV Yost

Very expensive. The pastries, coffee and atmosphere are great though.

Dwayne Tucker

I stopped in for lunch one day. Every time I am in the area I stop in. Great atmosphere friendly staff and delicious food.

thomas brackenridge

Chris Janoff was so incredibly rude to my family that he left my daughter in tears - the same daughter who exclaimed delightedly over the bakery/café when we first stepped foot inside just moments before. I have never been treated so rudely by any person in a service capacity in my entire life as I was by Mr. Janoff, who also identified himself falsely as Stone Mill Bakery owner Alfie Himmelrich. That Mr. Himmelrich allows Mr. Janoff to interact with the public is absolutely mind boggling.

Alejandra Rivas

Richard Swartz

best place in town, the food is spectacular, only out done by Chris and the staff!

gino wear

The Best Coffee Cake I ever ate.

Thomas Neuin

Very good food and service. I had the breakfast burrito, and my wife had the French toast. The coffee was robust and tasty. A little pricier than expected, but not too out of line for the quality.

Deb Tolley

Food is excellent, have never had a bad dish. The lemon bars are incredible. Staff are extremely friendly. Owner is usually behind the register taking orders and treats everyone as if they are a long time regular, even if you've never been there before. They will take the time to explain items, answer questions and ask how you want your order customized. That, plus the crowd makes for a long line at times. The layout is a bit awkward and crowded, but they have added in some chairs to wait. There is also outside seating, if the weather is nice, but the chairs are a bit uncomfortable. The only negative is the price, quality is much higher than chain restaurants and you will pay for it (plus add in the upscale location). Lunch here will cost 2 or 3 times what you'd pay elsewhere.

Nicolas China

The staff was so friendly and engaging that I went out of my way to write this review. So refreshing these days to have great service!

Michael Akey

The food is fine. However the service is absolutely terrible. After a nice discussion about what to order, the young man behind the counter suggested the Brisket panini, his favorite. I agreed and said Id have that. Then a salad and a turkey sandwich and 2 loaves of bread, and 2 quarts of soup. Not only did it take 25 minutes to get a damn turkey sandwich, they forgot not only to MAKE the brisket panini but they didnt even put the order in or charge me for it. I suppose I should have checked the receipt more closely. But come on... They had 2 registers taking orders on a busy saturday at lunch, 2 guys serving the orders out of the kitchen and the place was swamped. Skip it. Bad service and overpriced food is no way to go through life.

Jim Bennett

Had the key lime cheesecake for a special occasion

Andrew Flood

Azalee Fisher

3/13/17- 9:30am I just went in the stone mill cafe for the first time today. I was met by the most fabulous guys with big welcoming smile and chipper attitudes. I was feeling very uneasy coming in the door because I am on my way to my fine dentist appointment..uggg But these guys said...if your not feeling better after the appt just come back and rest their and they would make sure I was ok. Thats love at first site... Thank you guys..I'll be back

Dan Poole

I don’t get the opportunity to stop here often, but it is an absolute must when I am in the area. The menu is vast, most items are made on site, the staff is extremely friendly and the main man Chris is ONE OF A KIND. Honestly, interacting with this gentleman for only seconds will make you a better human being. The soups and sandwiches are plentiful and flavorful. The lattes are amazing and I’ve never had a better cheese danish. You will not be disappointed.

Andrew Dickman

Beautiful outdoor dining area, quality ingredients, but very expensive. Dishes tend to be bland and underseasoned, especially the turkey and soups. If you aren't afraid of it, opt for a spicier dish and you'll get a better amount of flavor. The grilled onions on my sandwich tasted of propane and it put off the sandwich. Still a good spot for an upscale lunch. Outdoor seating is dog-friendly.

Abdulelah AlMalhem

Never Again! Been here at least 4 times, trying to convince myself its a nice place with different types of dishes to choose from. But NO, after at least trying out 4 types of sandwiches, two types of soups, tgis place still sucks BIG TIME! People only come for the outdoors, and surrounding nice place, but not the food. As I had 4 people with me every time I came (and I bought that time too!) all said wayyy expensive for sh** worst then anything they have tried before! Yes, RUN AWAY

Doug Heffernan

Food was awesome! Fairly large portions. It is a little pricey but worth it! Friendly staff

Brian Meltzer

Delicious breakfast options and a nice place to get some work done or meet up with a friend.

Idan Zrihen


Pat Johnson

Love Stone Mill Bakery! Great menu, high quality ingredients, and wonderful staff!

Mikhael Polotsky

This is one of the only high quality food options in the nearby area. However prices are VERY high even when accounting for food quality. A simple sandwich or wrap starts at around $10. The line and wait times can also be quite long. A simple chicken wrap ordered at 5:28 p.m. did not get prepared until 5:55 p.m. (ticket time of 27 minutes, unacceptable).

Poppy Seed

Elizabeth M

I ordered 1 snapple it cost something like 3.25....that's crazy !!!!!!! I feel like I was taken !!!!!!

Nancy Fink


K Kel

Yummy food crazy to get take out at lunch time

Martin Hyman

Recently had an 11am breakfast at SMB. The coffee was a bit strong but smooth tasting, and served with milk on the side (4 out of 5 stars). The breakfast burrito was tasty but cool to the touch, as was the skimpy side of potatoes that came with it. I think most people expect this dish to be served warm. The croissant was like bread and a big disappointment. A good croissant ought to be flaky, airy and buttery. Food was delivered to my table promptly. But I had to wait 10 minutes for a coffee refill, which came only after I walked over to one of the staff and asked for it again. The atmosphere is nice. But the food is mediocre and the service spotty. I wish there were a local cafe like Paul in Bethesda MD which simply blows this place away both in quality and service.

Ana Sabrina George

Amanda Mensah

Katie Webster

Janice Longaker

Went to have a nice breakfast with my husband and a friend. Have been here several times before. What a totally disappointing experience this time. Will not be going back. The food didn't come out at the same time. We had to get up and keep asking the server for out food! When it did come out, only two of us got our meal, the third had to wait for another 10 minutes. Our breakfast seemed like it had been sitting in the warmer for some time, and we both had 3 little pieces of potato. How do mess breakfast up. They weren't even busy! I don't care what kind of reputation they have, we won't be going there again.

Karen Varecka Cruz

Denise B.


Sharon Miller

It's my go-to place for everyday dinners and lunches. And the ribs are to die for!


Not cheap, but the salad was perfect

Stuart Ray

Always courteous service, great food. The pumpernickel loaf is a great take home treat (toasted with butter it's heavenly), as are the varied soups. My favorite breakfast there is the oatmeal but I've heard others rave about other selections. Excellent coffee.

Mark Yount

Very good sandwiches, soups, and pastries. It is located in a small shopping area in a large complex with doctors offices. Whenever I have to go see a doctor there I always look forward to stopping in at the bakery.

Amanda Lam

Dale Griffiths

Got a blueberry muffins this morning. It was hot and great

donna simmonds

paul wilson

Andy Man

suzanna alexander

Stone Mill Bakery informed me Sammy my little poodle puppy is not welcome at the cafe . - even though I always sit outside with him as others do. The only time I enter with him is to order their EXPENSIVE everyday deli food - as soon as I order I always go to the back of the cafe & we spend lunch there as other pups do . I was informed by Chris. Ps... my Sammy has more character than this nut! I’ll give my patronage to a venue that appreciates it & doesn’t say my little fur ball “Sammy attacks their employees “ - LoL -

Chris Cummins

The staff is great

Rachel Sherman

Delicious food, baked goods, and coffee/lattes - just on the expensive side. This is more a once in a while treat than a regular hangout unless you can afford the steep prices regularly. *bonus outdoor seating in nice weather

Marianne Dias

I love this little place. The food is good and the service is great!

evans e

Jim Weaver

The Reuben was fantastic! The owner was friendly and a lot of fun to talk to. Stone Mill Bakery is a gem of a place tucked off the beaten path. 10/10 will come back for more.

Hillel Glazer

True... it's not cheap. But, it's worth every penny. This is a high-end experience with high-end food and accommodation to your exacting needs. The menu and the specials are merely ideas. Don't want a sandwich? No problem! Have the same thing with a salad base! Don't want the omelette they have on display? Want that with chicken sausage instead of just cheese? Not a problem. Want that amazing soup in a quart container to go? Already thought of that. Seriously... impressive place and always an interesting crowd.

Eric DeBaugh

Sherri Hutchinson

Really good food and great desserts. However, very pricey for what you get. Alsio, only one cashier and had to wait in line for quite awhile.

Lewis Sparrow

Beautiful Cafe with great fast and friendly service...

Laura Camponeschi

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