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REVIEWS OF Stella's Bakery IN Maryland

Tom Canick

Really good. Better than Whole Foods and Balducci's.

Adele O

Best bakery in town! Great selection of cakes and cookies!

Jaime Rodríguez

Best breads and pasteries ive had in a very long time. Everything is fresh and its a place i recommend for anyone who loves cake!

Emily Condiff

Wow this place is incredible. The croissants and pastries are amazing and so affordable!

Tamara Micov

Love their cakes!

maria medina

I don't get to bake anymore as much as I used to be able to, and whenever I need or like some baked goods even as basic a bread, I go to this bakery. The prices are significantly lower compared to others but the quality is just as good.

Eli Sht

Very good cake. Tasty, creamy, not overly sweet and very pretty.

Ajeng Trihabsari

My Favorite Cake, so delicious ❤❤❤

Eric Jones

Delicious cakes. Unfortunately I was told, my favorite (tiramisu), won't be available again until the fall.

Irina Gartung

When you buy a $200 cake for your kid's B-day party you think they would be at least somewhat flexible. They cannot use green frosting. They cannot make it square. Really? Baking industry hasn't come up with a green food color yet? Chopping off a part of rectangular sheet to make it square is too much of a trouble? We used to buy cakes from them for all our work and home parties for years. Not any more.

Diane Yessoufou

Very small shopping center, very stressful to park, but i like Stella's Bakery. They are the best.

David Monash

Excellent bakery! Professional and top notch!

Madhusha Sarathchandra

Really good Cakes!!

Anoop Kohli

Great cakes and pastries

Tatiana Bonilla

Love their cakes n pastries

Soraya Javid

I placed an order for their assorted French pastries platter, and I couldn’t be more satisfied. Ordering was simple and quick, and the platter looked beautiful, all the treats were fresh and tasted delicious! My guests loved them and the whole platter was finished by the end of our daughters birthday party ( we had loads of cakes and goodies there, so these were among the guests favorite!) Thanks Stellas!

S Bhat

This is one of the finest bakeries in the DC area. I absolutely love their cakes and chocolates. The place is always busy, you will have to stand in a line on the weekends to place an order. However, it is worth all the waiting. I highly recommend this place.

Cristina Maya

This is the best place to order your cake's for all occasions we mostly order for everyone's Birthday in our family's

Omar Javaid

Some of the best cakes in the DC area. Highly recommended.

Qin Yan

Great cake

Ahmed A. Naby

High quality desserts for a good price.

Gerald Kirby

Absolutely superb pastries and deserts. This is an awesome family owned establishment that excells in superb friendly service. Please visit this place as often as you can, they truly deserve it and you will surely enjoy it!! Three cheers for this pillar of the community!!!

Adiba Chowdhury

Delicious savory pies and the cutest little pastries that are perfect for gift boxes or parties.

Yoshi Girmay

Absolutely perfect! This has been our bakery for years and has never failed us in any event. You gotta try, you're not going to be disappointed!!

Cui Ling

My favorite bakery, I love everything there

Lindsay Jacobs

Excellent cakes and truffles!

Sylvester Gomes

For 3 back to back birthdays in 2 months, we ordered their Black forest, white chocolate mousse and dark white mousse. All cakes were great. Thier black forest cake exactly taste like the German ones from Europe. Light, velvety, rich and super tasty. Try their you won't be disappointed but yes order early. They are super busy after 12 P.M.

Arash E

This is the best bakery in town. My friends from Baltimore, Virginia etc. order their cakes here. Certainly recommended!

Faith Zaker

Just found this's a hidden jewel!

Bahruz B

Stella is probably one of the best bakeries in Bethesda and Rockville. Great pastries, fresh cookies and of course their cakes. Around holidays, make sure to order cakes in advance, as it gets very crowded.

Rajpal Saini

This place is awesome. Bought fruits cake and that was so delicious. Really happy with their quality

gloria g castillon

very delicious

Claudia Barion-Rosario

Discovered it for the first time but will return on a monthly basis. You are really eating sweets as in Europe. My favorite is the Apple Strudel; if you have been in the Bavarian area you will not be able to tell the difference. The pear tart with Jasmine tea took me back to my walks in Paris and the chocolate eclairs are delightful. The best part of it is not too sweet. Enjoy it.

Elie F

Excellent cakes and pastries. Greek owned bakery, the quality is always good. I would definitely recommend buying their cakes for birthday, my favorite is their strawberry cake and great challal bread.

Marella Kim

Adorable European bakery. I always visit when I'm in the area. Everything I've tried, which is almost everything, has been delicious.

chanpen teeranon

Love the chocolate cake. So delicious

Lorena Geddes

Absolutely delicious pastries

Lona T

Great bakery. Delicious pastries,friendly staff, The quality of food here is superb.

Alex Praeger

Absolutely the best bakery in Rockville maybe even the whole DMV. We buy all of our special occasion cakes here. We've tried most of them. Our fav is the yellow cake with fresh fruit and whipped cream for frosting. If you can't eat nuts you can ask them to leave them off, but you need to pre-owned order for that. We adore the fruit tarts which have a very thin layer of dark chocolate between the shell and the creme Anglaise. They carry fabulous fancy chocolates as well. And they have excellent Illy espresso for lattes and cappuccino drinks that cost less than at Starbucks! Oh and don't miss the excellent Challah bread! So many delicious things here! Almost forgot to mention the tasty cookies.

Eugene Ivanchenko

Really nice cakes.

Wally Faye

If you love to eat sweet and marvelous cakes, you are at the right place. This is one of the best

James Johnson

Outstanding cake... thank you. WRM and friendly staff and a great location. You have customers for life!

Ruya A

We ordered our wedding cake at Stella’s (just a week before our ceremony). Stella was so nice and helped despite the fact we were under time pressures. Our cake was delicious and the marzipan is to die for! Highly recommended!

Aloke Roy

Excellent pastries, cookies and pies. Small store, always crowded. Line forms on the left, which can be confusing for the new comers.

Marthe Poutbe

Very nice bakery! Pastries make you travel through the taste.

Cedar Elliott

Cheap and delicious! I got a meat pie (delicious) and an Eclair (Also great, but slightly dry pastry). The first time we went here, the person giving desserts gave me and my mom both a free meat pie to try!

Ruth Mercado

Excellent pastries and service.

Katie Grose

Stellas has beautiful pastries for Easter including the mini bunnies and roosters! The egg cake is glorious also.

Rey P

Always yummy!! Can't go wrong with anything in there!

David Levin

Great desserts.Very slow service

marisa vilca

Love this place, the cakes are delicious and always fresh.

Kathleen Lantry

My favorite bakery. Where I always go for special occasion and holiday cakes and goodies. Everything is delicious, made on site from excellent ingredients. A little pricey, but you absolutely get what you pay for. Better than Whole Foods or Baldacci.

Jon Browne

Personal favorites are the cheese pie, spinach pie, baklava, and the cherry almond tart. This stuff is worth twice it’s price. So delicious

Manthan Mirani

Good cakes and pastries. Bit expensive but worth the money

Katherine Ciacco Palatianos

Great Grk & Italian pastries

Cory vw

Stella's Bakery almost feels like you're walking into another little world and it's one of the places you can marvel at everything behind the glass case. I don't know much about the authenticity of different pastries, nor have I tried an abundance of them here, but I've bought several cakes from here for various occasions, and all of them have been exceptional quality. You do pay a premium price, but they're very ornate and impressive. How the workers here write your messages in that fancy font I will never know, but they do a fantastic job. I will say that I also had the same experience as another reviewer where I pre-ordered a cake with a message several days in advance but still had to undergo the waiting period for the cake to be scripted with my message, but I suppose that's an understandable insurance for them in the event of order no-shows. Also, we've picked a cake up and eaten it almost immediately for a nearby office party, they're not quite as good when very cold / almost frozen and better to let thaw a bit, so account for that.

Ivaylo Krumov

Great Greek bakery. Lots of good items , fresh and delicious


My family number one's place to go for celebration cake.

Rosario V Santana

The atención os excelente,and the cake look Soo good little expensive but good quality.

Sima Z

Great pastries and cakes. Fair prices. I highly recommend it

Nancy Simpson

We have been going to Stella's for years and are never disappointed. The pastries are yummy and the tarts, "to die for." One bite and you are transported back to Paris.

Meheret Girma

The best cake ever!

Chris Hyun Choi

Their desserts are fantastic. My go to for special occassions or for a stop by if I'm ever in the area. They are not too sweet and are incredibly reasonably priced. I love you, Stella.

Manasi Apte

Great cakes and middle eastern eats

Haeri Kim

$10 potbingsoo with hard red beans were the worst bingsoo I ever had. Cookies were burned and pastries were staled. They were not Silla quality because it is Pike bakery runs the bakery with old Shilla sign outside.

Timothy Poland

A nice family was on the front porch with me, and they had bought about six coffee drinks, but one of them had a drink from Starbucks, so one of the staff from the shop came and gave them somewhat of a hard time. I understand a policy, but there needs to be some balance in these type of things, especially because they had several children with them. It kind of turned me off from the spot.

Edward Hernandez

The best cake in town, there's no other place I can find the best birthday cake for my daughter, thank you all for the help and specially for make me this amazing birthday cake

Jasmine Beltran

Best place for cakes and other goodies !!! Great customer service!!!The staff is friendly and helpful . Great work :)

Mame Dior Ndiaye

Stella & Yannick Are Always the Best since day one of opening their store

Suzanne Fine

The cake I ordered was good. But the customer service here is horrible. Very disorganized when you enter. The older man behind the counter was incredibly rude, surly, and unhelpful. He did not want to be working there and should not be working there. Even sadder if he is the owner. Not impressed and even though the end product was satisfactory, I would not give them my business again.

Brian Willis

You want a great cake? THIS is where to get the best

Andrew Tantillo

Great macarons, croissants, and espresso drinks. More European than American comfort food.

Cristiana Wilson

The best! I recommend the layered chocolate cake with white milk/condensed top!!! To die for!

Giovanna Chavez

Great quality european pastries and desserts. Good coffee to go.

Kaaren Agnez

I bought pastries there when my children were in the French School. We bought a wedding cake there and now, I go weekly. The pastries are beautiful. I think they make the best baklava in town and they import Istaeli halvah that is out of this world and inexpensive!

B. Mansouri

They have great stuff here. We buy cakes, breads, croissants. We stop by to grab a latte or espresso. I love this place.

Amy Glassnor

Absolutely delicious

Heidi Schramm

I love Stella's bakery. It is family owned and has been in same location for decades. All the beautiful desserts are handmade. The service is polite and friendly. There is so many tasty items that it is hard to choose and I always find myself bringing home extras.

Alex Szollos

The best bakery/ patisserie in town. As usual, excellent service, outstanding cakes, their linzer is like the ones you get in Vienna. We have known Stella since she opened the store and the quality is still exceptional.

oby duru

They are ok but was not very impressed with the chocolate cake. Pecan pie was very good

Alden Leonardo

Great variety of cakes, pastries and pies! Have been looking for a place like this for years.

Antoine farhat

Excellent cake and baked good.

Jonah Liu

My wife bought a birthday cake for her mom, but the cake wasn't soft at all. In fact it was way too hard as a cake and I was suspecting the cake was made a few days ago. Not recommending.

Andrei Manoli

Have been a customer for a decade probaly. They are delicious and consistent. Bring one of their cakes to a party, and you will own it :)

Kristina Barney

Purchased 2 individual portions of tiramisu yesterday. It was the best I have ever had! I bought it as a 'gift.' I asked for a special bow (small fee for that). The box looked so beautiful as did the tiramisu! It was almost too beautiful to eat. I also bought a box of 8 assorted chocolates that I shared with friends. They loved them!! I will absolutely be back!

Mathieu Greenwood

To say that I'm impressed is an understatement! Stella's Bakery is simply fantastic! The layout and presentation is vibrant & bright, the staff are really helpful, and they have a wide array of delicious European pastries, cakes, cookies, and many other treats! There is something for everyone to enjoy here

Daimon Rikuhei

You would be able to buy well balanced cake. Not too sweet, but delicious. Also there are several kinds of breads and cookies. I purchased a fruit cake. So delicious. I love here.

Rupinder Kaur

We having been going to this place for years due to excellent service and yummy cakes. It is a must try place.

Rose Morton

High quality, freshly made pastries, cakes & deserts. You can pick up from tiny bite size servicing, to slices to whole cakes or batches suitable for deserts or appetizers.

Ingrid Duarte

Cakes with great taste and good looking presentation. Service is very quick

rodrigue aime NGONGANG

Very tasty cake

toum diomande

Looking for fine cakes ? Upscale dessert? That special and unique tasty cake? Look no more. The frozen European pastries are my favorite, freshly baked dish to take to a party.

Guillermo Balfour

Stella's is superb! Just like being at a pastry shop in Europe!! Ana Maria and Guillermo Balfour

maria virginia valles

I’m a midwesterner, so you can expect my love for the Midwest’s beloved, century old tradition, cream puffs! And I’m glad I found them at this place. I just love its combination of a crunchy shell and fluffy filling. Check them out.

Maga Vargas

We love.. love... love Stella's Bakery!!! You can't go wrong with anything you get from here.

Eric Viers

A beautiful storefront. It's clear a lot of love and Care goes into what they do.

Diana Guerrero

This is the best bakery!!! Everything is so fresh & delicious

Ephraim W

Quick and Friendly service. Oh yeah, great cake.

Sandra V

This is a family owned pastry shop that puts pride into their work. Delicious, professional, artistic, you will find cakes and pastries plus . This pastry shop also has cheese and spinach empanadas to die for. They sell items fit for a social English High Tea.

Afshan Najafi

Best Napoleons ever! The only issue is a shortage of staff and so, longer waiting time; but it is totally worth it!

Fariba Kazemi

Great taste.Great quality

b c

I called at 8AM to order a cake since this is their hours. I offered to wait on the phone since only 1 guy can take the order. A guy came on the phone and wanted to take my number to call me back but I am at work and can’t be taking calls. Hence, why I called first thing the morning but the guy was busy already but they just opened! The guy hung up on me when I tried to explain that I would rather hold. I called back and told him how rude he was and I would order my cake somewhere else. I was a returning customer but no longer one!! How hard is it to have someone write the details of the cake and give to the baker? Stella has good cakes but if they are so grump in the morning and can’t take an order politely, I rather go somewhere else!

Ken R

Loved the bread the sandwich was good

Priscilla Day

Excellent quality and variety of pastries! Delicious! Staff was courteous and helpful!

Robert Zuckerman


Marvin Fell

A high quality bakery at less than high prices

Scott Haass

Delicious baked goods and excellent service!

A. Moore


Hiromi Tsuchiya

Cakes are amazingly delicious. They are not too sweet. I am shopping here every week.

Lovisa M-O

Whilst the cakes are definitely European inspired, they are nevertheless 80% American based. As a person who has visited a variety of European countries and have tried many types of European desserts, this came as a downer. It's a step above American cakes, but a step below European. The cake I tried, the vanilla raspberry, had a moist cake that crumbled quickly. The cream was as thick as icing. The raspberry was good but too little. It mimicked the twizzler flavor. So bottom line, if you are a fan of American pastries and want a slight European twist, this is the best place for you! Price was great too - 3$ for a nice slice.


Like their bakery so so much, miam

Dwight Clarke

Best in the area! Friendly staff. Family-run.

Ayaz Khan

Best white chocolate cake ever.

Elise Christopher

Very fast service! We got there to get some Napoleon desserts and there was a long line... We were ordering within a couple of minutes!


One of my favorites for desserts. They have amazing cakes!

Stephanie Quon

A gem of a place, tucked into a strip mall along a busy highway. Reliable pastries and cakes for special occasions, or just because. Love the chocolate mousse cake...and everything else I've eaten here.

Katy Irving

Fantastic bakery. Great americano and mocha buns.

Rebekah Milford

Love Stella's. They never disappoint. Picked up two cakes for a 50th wedding anniversary and everyone loved them.

Skoalwa .

I will be thinking about the Apple Tart I enjoyed for a long time. Indescribably delicious!

Deb U

Stoped by today. Picked up a fruit Napoleon and a slice of Grand Marnier hates. I love Stella's because they understand that sometimes you just need ONE slice of something yummy as a treat. Everything is delicious - cookies, little pastries, big or whatever...It's all good. Perfect for special orders for events/parties.

Michaela Pacesova

Stella’s bakery is a hidden gem on Rockville Pike. The cakes are delicious and the coffee as well. It reminds me of Europe. I always stop by and we get our birthday cakes from there. Highly recommended!

Prashant Singh

A great collection of cakes, tarts, and pastries. Cheaper compared to other options as well.

Mitchell Anderson

This place is good but slow and the to go service is poor.

Alex Popova

Some of the best european pastries in the DC area!

Maria Luisa Anger

Love it

Marjan Asi

I don't think I've ever reviewed anything badly before. But I have to say that I had their cake before, it tasted ok. Called to order one of my own, the gentleman on the other end of the phone was very rude and uncooperative. Is it really so much to ask to taste a cake you want for 50+ people before buying it? He treated me like a burden, not a customer. Sorry Stella's, you're not worth that negativity.

Emily Kim

One staff is not very friendly but the cakes are very tasty.

gricelda mendez

The bread was fresh and well-baked. The price is very reasonable. The location is accessible. The service was top-notch. Just about everything you could ask for from a bakery.

Christina Saremi

I ordered a Napoleon Cake with fruit and it was like eating a delicious piece of art. My 70 year-old father in law said it was probably the best cake he’d ever had in his life. The shop was busy when I went to pick up but the service was fast. The staff was very quick and efficient but service & mannerism is a little abrupt- as to be expected. I’d definitely come here to order my cakes again but I wouldn’t sit down to eat here, even though they did have a few tables. I would give them 4.5 stars if I could due to the staff service.

Ivan Ko

Lovely place. Great choice, delicious.

Bryant Nguyen

Best cake ever


I'm definitely not going to this place because of the answer of the workers there when I ask for a cappuccino 10 mnts before closing I think that is closing at 6pm all on the menu should be available till closing

Armin Cannon

Got a cake for our wedding here. Very reasonably priced and beautifully done. Everyone at the wedding couldn't stop talking about how good the cake was. Will definitely be going back for more.

Stuart Markowitz

Excellent European baked Challahs,Breads,Pastries ..

Antony N Joseph

Bought the white and black cake. It was out of this world!

Panos Chatzigiannis

Nice stuff but not much variety of things to choose from.

Tiffany Dang

Nice selection of cakes and pastries. I've had two birthday cakes here and they're delicious. Black forest cake tasted a little bland (how's that possible right? But it just needed a slightly more touch of rum and chocolatey-ness for it to be great). My go to bakery in Maryland.

Michael Hillman

Classy and upscale the cakes and candy ar tops

ChihMing Huang

Very good desserts. But felt very silly that they wouldn't hold anything for you over the phone, even if you are willing to pay first.

Madeleine Diop

Sorry, but the white chocolate bûches was not good .

Felicia Jones

Great service and de electable desserts

Jocelyn Ventura

Best Place ever!!! Been a customer for years. Definitely recommend !!

sity kamdem

They have good cakes for birthday and wedding here

Francis Edoh

Nice and clean shop. A lot of variations of threats, cakes and pastries for all ages at fairly affordable prices.

Michael Jaworski

Great food, gets very busy, so go on off hours.

Clive L

Best cake shop outside of DC with superb variety of selections including specialty cookies and pastries. Rare gem in the area that knows the art of not making cake too sweet. The quality is so stable, I am never disappointed coming out of this place. Highly recommended.

Eric M

Good food but bad customer service . You have not enough staff to help people they run out of food and if you want some cake slice they tell you that you have to buy the whole cake In sunday they dont sell tea and coffe because they are busy . They keep the meet and cheese and the meat together on the same tray and some people like my wife is veggie and when you tell the owner he dont really care and cold. No recommended at all

Cora Davis

Chocolate mousse cake A+++*

Caroline Hugon

Cakes are good, but don't beat the French Bakery: Les Délices. Les Délices have more fruit flavor mousse cakes and is cheaper too! Better and cheaper :) I find Stella a bit overprice... But it is normal, the business is growing. A difference of $5.50 between here and Les Délices for the same size mousse cake. We ordered at Stella's to pick up a cake for my boss at a specific time and by the time I came, the cake was not even ready (the imprint was not even done when I came). I waited 15 minutes and was late to the surprise birthday. I understand it is a busy business but when we ordered days in advance, it's not quite acceptable. I'm sorry but this is my honest opinion.

Yayay United

It was a very clean , crafted dessert woth flavor , but the the food is in small portions and pricy. Some of the desserts there dont taste as well as they others. This is my opinion and hope you dont take it to seriously.

Naïde Obiang

Please order le grand marnier cake. You won't regret it.

Kimberly Arevalo

My sister always order the Napoleon cake from here it is delicious!!!!

james wi

Love this place

Lili Younsi

Remind me of back home parties I love it

Jun Lee

Very nice neighborhood spot. Pastries and cakes are delicious. Reasonable price. Always busy.


Awesome bakery and amazing cakes..

Chelle Nasam

Quaint, warm, and cozy family owned business. High quality, but limited variety.

Jehan Fevriere

I love everything about this bakery. My Mom has been going here since I was 16. Every special occasion we go here and get a cake, chocolate or any one of their goodies.

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