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4700 Rhode Island Ave, Hyattsville, MD 20781, United States

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REVIEWS OF Shortcake Bakery IN Maryland

Darlene Newbill

Omg....I love this place!!! The pastries are all Fresh!!! The taste is all homemade from scratch....I recommend them highly!!!

steven jones

Used to love Shortcake. Went to pick up my cake and the order was never placed. Ok mistakes happen I understand. But then was told that they would need two weeks to make the cake. Their new policy was 14 days for custom cakes because they are so busy. Just got insulted for suggesting they put that on their website.

Joel Mercado

Enrique Merino

(Translated by Google) Excellent place (Original) Excelente lugar

Jonathan Boram

This is a very good bakery, I highly recommend the Nantucket bread. However, I recommend that you call ahead if you want something specific. They only make croissants once a week, and they were out when we were there.

Ryan Gomez

Olivia Harris

It was the first and will be the last time that I come to this bakery. I ordered a red velvet and coffee for me and brownies for my daughter. My coffee was cold, my cake was cut by the cashier at the moment of purchased. Well, when I got to my office, I opened the box and noticed my sliced was not more than 1 inch on one end and ½ inch on the other end. The taste was more like a regular pound cake. I paid almost $10.00 for my order and honestly, is too much money for the quality of bakery. Everything on display looks like it had been sitting there for days. I will never be back to this bakery.

Dale Crowell

My family and I always love coming here for a sweet treat. The savory patties are excellent as well. We love that we can walk here on a quiet afternoon or early in the morning. Oh. And the chocolate cake with chocolate frosting is the best we have had in years!

Rosa Williams

Edelmira Quijada

(Translated by Google) Delicious (Original) Riquisimo

rishabh uniyal

They serve some pretty good stuff at reasonable rates.

V Welch

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tasia rayton

The beef patties this morning were deliciousssss -

Ken Mendez

Tonja Peña

Cheryl is a true bakery chef. She bakes what she wants and you go and eat it. It's always good!

Juana Macedo

Es el mas rico pan de pastel que hacen

Ted Porter

Sweet and fine


After living in the neighborhood for several years, I finally stopped by Shortcake Bakery. (I'd been meaning to visit for a while but they close relatively early for my schedule.) I'm so glad I finally came in - Shortcake Bakery is an old fashioned bakery with everything made on the premises. I don't know of any other bakeries in Hyattsville like it. I got a cheese cake slice, an oatmeal biscuit bar, two kinds of fruit turnovers, a 4-berry mini pie, and a chicken curry pocket (all for ~$20). My family and I ate everything over the course of a few days and everything was delicious. I'll definitely be back soon to try more of their items. I hear the blueberry scones are a must-try. They do have a few tables and chairs if you want to eat there, and they have some local art for sale. However, I don't know if they have WIFI. Also the cashier gal and the owner are very friendly.

Mac Moore

Nice people. Decent products. Had to come back for my turnover.

melany rincon

Normally, I am not really a big fan of cakes and pastries, but I make this one exception for this particular bakery. I tried them casually for the first time yesterday, and I think I am going to be a regular customer now. Try their red velvet cake and you would know what I mean.

Jonathan Brier

Claudia Ferguson

Great place for sweet treats

Kensei Tsubata

Wonderfully cheerful staff, decent goodies, Jamaican pie is good if wanting more substantial chow

Cameron Conte

Great desserts, the cupcakes are heavenly. Not a good place for people with food allergies though!

Michael Klein

Amazing Jamaican patties.

Jane Henderson

Michael Cavey

Delicious almond croissants!

Eileen S.

Joseph Poindexter

Very clean Place delicious food compassionate people and I have diabetes I will be going back

Reshell Beanie

Some of the best pastries cakes etc etc. Truly heavenly. I have to constantly fight the urge to buy more than I should. Everything is so fresh and not at all stale or lacking in anything. A favorite spot of mine for sure.


The cupcakes and pound cake were tasty. I'm not a fan of the chicken patties. Taste like alot of pepper instead of being well seasoned.

Thurmon Bundy

It.was.very Tasty.

Sara Noser

Great place for coffee and pastries! Bike friendly (just off the Northwest Branch Trail, 2 bike racks out front, owner brought us a pitcher full of ice to refill our water bottles), artwork by local artists contributes to a homey feel. Will definitely return!

Graciela Rodriguez

carrot cake is da bom

Rory Forde

Steven Beasley


Whitney Jarrett

Juliet Adega

First experience was good second experience was OK Third, VERY BAD! Went in March 27th to place an order for cake for April 6th. They told me they weren't going to be doing anything until after the holidays. Which was good because I wanted the cake for the 6th. The baker at the moment was too busy to attend to me but someone took down my orders and she said she will call me within the next hour to finalize the details. I waited the whole day, nobody called me. So I called the next day and the baker said, I have your order right in front of me, I will call you within the next 30 minutes. She never did till today. The baker is always more concerned about how expensive the cake will cost you then exactly making the cake. I feel like they don't want to be in business, they can just close the shop up for good. They never open on time...I'm just very unhappy with the service I got. That's not how to treat your customers especially ones that come often.

Wendy Romero

I went to the bakery early this week to place a cake order for my mother's birthday. On my pick up date I walked in and the owner along with her staff did not have my cake ready. I will never make business with this bakery ever again due to their lack of professionalism. The staff forgot to place my order in the system and did not notify the bakers. Now I'm off to a birthday party for 30-40 people with no cake.

Stephen Streeter

Undefeatable 503

Brownies are bombbbb!!!

Jeanette Corley


Antonio Santana

I have stopped by here a couple times now and no complaints. I tried the patties and some of the sweets and it was all great. Staff is nice.

Resheeda Wilson

Awesome cupcakes, scones and beef patties!!!

Hans Engler

Excellent pastries (scones fresh from the oven!) and very friendly service.

Rebecca Sheff

Niels von Deuten

Kathleen Donovan

adrien charles

Fresh, yummy and made from scratch.

alex glover

Jack Rasiel

Finally had a chance to stop by. Had a delicious cranberry poundcake-y square thing, great with a cup of coffee. This place has great vibes. So glad that they've reopened and rebounded after the building was damaged earlier in the year. A Hyattsville gem!

Cheryle Ringo

Love the almond croissants, scone and chicken patties

katrina burson

Glendy Espinoza

Very consistent in offering quality treats. Staff is always friendly and pleasant. I ordered a red velvet and coffee for me and brownies for my daughter, they were fantastic and full of flavor. The chocolate cake with chocolate frosting is the best! I love the atmosphere in this establishment, always clean and tidy

D. King

Alice Gardner-Bates

Camille Mosley-Pasley

The brownies were the perfect texture and so chocolaty that I could only take tiny bites and chew slowly . Cookies and curry turnover were delicious too.

Smokeejr Smokes

Nice friendly people.

Barbra Bearden

Had a meat pie, which was delicious, and some pound cake, which was a bit denser and more buttery than I am used to. It was moist and the flavor was good, but for me the fat in the cake was too dominant.

Genesis Gaia

Disappointing, as they didn't have but one pie for sale--apple. And it was just 8" diameter, for nearly $30. I really actually wanted a cheese cake, but was informed that these have to be ordered in advance. Poor selection, and this was on a Saturday!

Margie Burns

steven kelly

Guava and cream cheese danish....that's all I'm going to say

james scott sumter

I am a loyal & satisfied customer and heartily recommend both the savory and sweet offerings at Shortcake and served by a most pleasant staff.

Morgan L-R

Very homey bakery!

Renard Sexton

Helen Lee

The best bakery I've ever seen in my life) I love this place!)))) Thank you for your great service and fresh bread)

Edgar Hernandez

Latisha Wilkes

I love the family friendly atmosphere. The food was great and fresh.

Chibuzo Opaigbeogu

Lovely small business. I got their brownies and loved it!

O Scola

This is a hidden

Ileana Rodriguez

Such a nice bakery with good eats.


Great sweets and meat patties

Nancy Quinteros

Christopher Brophy


Jorge Lopez

Jeff Knight

Great little family owned small business.

Paul Samuel

Good nice respectful

Dustin Shahan

Great Jamaican meat pies!

Gyobani Garcia



I was expecting more since I checked the reviews. I bought three cupcakes. The were very small plus half of the cupcakes were icing! No joke. Pure icing. Icing was old, too. The display vitrines were empty. Well maybe a cookie, not much in the jars. The tablet was dirty. The music loud. I did not like it. I will never go back . The place stole from me $9.02!!

Rafael Garcia

willie gluck

Nice flake turnovers!

Robin Shipp

Absolutely wonderful!!

Peter Roehrich

Fantastic pastries and coffee in a cozy neighborhood bakery. Friendly staff. A few parking spaces, but parking had never been a problem.

gaby carpez

I work at shortcake bakery and honestly it's the best place I know. In a way, this is my Happy place! I work several jobs, live on my own, and do school online... but each day that I am due at the bakery I look forward to catching up with Ms.Cheryl (owner/Baker) and best of all I enjoy the loyal customers that have fallen in love with Shortcake bakery's pastries! It is a great place to connect with good people and eat things that were made with love.

Eniola Awofodu

Joshua Brown

AMAZING CUPCAKES! I loved the icing surprise in the middle. Absolutely delicious and moist. I couldn’t believe how good they are!

Lisa M. Pansegrouw

Most amazing Bailey's infused chocolate cake with raspberries. Stellar. Best birthday cake ever!

David Meni

Greg Hitz

Christian Zeis Romberger

Great little place for sweet or savory treats. Everytime I go they have something new to try, had the guava/cream cheese, and it was awesome! Good coffee. Interesting little set up of a place, good for sitting and enjoying your baked goods. Small parking area. I wish there were prices posted somewhere in the shop.

Melissa Blain

Yummy cakes

Cyrus Chimento

Karen Perry

Obinna Oji


Logan Smith

Hidden gem, can't say enough good things about this place!

Sergio Herrera

Really good customer service, and amazing pastries.

Canieka Fleming

lamar cameron

William Hanff

Amazing little bakery. Next to a skate park.

Zahid Hussain

Everything is always good

Marshall Kaiser

A fantastic neighborhood bakery. Service with a smile and excellent products. The cherry pie was amazing. Recommend you stop in!

Barbara H

Sergio Portillo

I came in to purchase cupcakes & the staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. Great vibes and loved the jazz music.

Lorenzo Cardim

Aaron Brown

Great place for a light breakfast. Both the chicken curry and beef patties are well-seasoned buttery and flakey. Although those were really good the quiche is the best. Limited menu so you can't really go wrong with anything. They also had a very unique guava and cream cheese turnover that was good.

Claudia Simasek

The place is lovely, welcoming and clean. The dessert variaty is just right and all good. The staff is very nice and comprehensive..


I love most everything here but the Pineapple Upside Down is to die for and in the summer they do floats with Creme Soda that will change your outlook on life.

Metro Ashby

What motivates me? AWESOME SWEETS! Thank goodness I live close to Shortcake Bakery! It is my motivation when I need a little :) I ride my bicycle on the local trails and my reward for riding 25 miles or more is something yummy. Shortcake is my last stop after a long ride as it never fails to make me want to earn some cookies tomorrow. If you haven't stopped by there, you really should. The staff is warm and welcoming and it is just so awesome. I just can't say enough great things about this bakery!

Will Stein

Nice place!

Janet Taylor

David Cassidy

Nice. Very nice.

Chris Nobody

No Other Bakery Like This Little Piece Of Heaven, Everything's Delicious. I Come To Hyattsville, Sometimes Just For Shortcake Bakery! You Have to Try Their Chicken Pot Pie, Carrot Cake, Seasonal Treats, Or Famous Jamaican Beef Patties!

Natasha Wells

I have had a few of the cupcakes and cookies and I absolutely love it. Have to make sure I get in early to get all the flavors I want since they go fast. Can't wait to get here again.

Cindy Cruz

Local bakery offering excellent desserts and exceptional service! Very hospitable owner with a true love a passion for what she does, which is reflected in her baked goods. Highly recommended!

Bethe Almeras

Pretty average as far as local bakeries go. Was not a fan of the buttercream frosting. But a cute little spot and a nice lady runs it

Anthony Henderson

Always delicious, always friendly. I like the businesses I support calling me by name when I walk in. Great for this neighborhood! They will also support large orders and corporate or other events, like weddings. I recommend Shortcake to others a lot.


Joshua Wallace

Outstanding Customer Service and Outstanding Food! You have to try the food!

Shari Flynn

Nadiè C

Bridget Wright

Everything we have had here has been excellent and it's all freshly baked! Their scones are a personal favorite, but get there early because they're popular.

Ash Loow

Good spot. Nice ambience.

Alison Clark

Gluten Free vanilla cake w Chocolate icing !

T. Carter Ross

Brian Akpa

Lucky Weaver

Black owned business! Love the flavors of the veggie patties are worth another purchase. Their prices are a bit high for some things but still worth trying everything on display

Meredith Massey

The food is always fresh and delicious! Also, the service is always friendly.

Nia Williams

Very warm and ecclectic vibe. Very tasty baked goods.

Karen Scott

Awesome experience.

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