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Where is Pitango Bakery + Cafe?

REVIEWS OF Pitango Bakery + Cafe IN Maryland

Anne Preis

Tasty breakfast & coffee in a beautiful setting. Waterfront seating and relaxed neighborhood vibe.

Yazeed Alkhalifah

I love to come and hangout here, you could see people walking, birds flying, water running while enjoying coffee. What more do you want!?

Judy Daniels

Great atmosphere. Good food.

LGK Baltimore

Outstanding! Everything we order here is fresh and scrumptious. The Mediterranean salad with perfectly seasoned roasted chicken, fresh complementary focaccia bread, espresso panna cotta, homemade lemonade. And that Fells Point water view... ❤️

Adelicia Villagaray

Great quality Artisan Bread & Sandwiches. Chai's were on Point! Even better, they just opened up a huge section and took over more of the building so there's tons of seating with amazing light and views!

Don L. Price

Great food and fresh pastries. But your employees need training in customer service. A smile and being friendly with a thank you goes a long way. None of what I experienced this morning.

John Greenwall

Delicious, great location but pricey.

James Leong

Food was good but lines are long. Nice area to just sit outside and drink a cup of coffee and have a sandwich.

Nick Chappell

From their fresh baked goods to outrageous quick grab sandwiches this place has a lot going on. Outdoor seating to watch the boats, fancy cars, and people pull up to the Sagamore Pendry is just the icing on the cake. Did I mention the coffee? They carry Vigilante coffee roasters out of the DC area, this is a seriously good bean!

Gina Creger

Love the Cruffin so flaky and delicious iced mocha yumm. Great views very nice selection I have to get the beet salad next time for sure!!!

Stephanie Herring

The best crescents ever!

Mandar Bokare

Lovely place with lots of indoor and outdoor seating options. Only had a coffee but will definitely go back to try the food.

Daniel Hess

Always fresh food and ingredients! The staff is super helpful and informative about the food. The coffee and drinks are great and the space is super roomy. If you are in Fells and looking for a great lunch or breakfast spot this is it. The outdoor seating and being right on the water is super nice to boot.

KristinM Baja

The manager of the store was incredibly rude to me. I placed a pickup order and when I arrived to get it, he claimed they never received it. If you go to google, it says ‘place an online order here’ with a link. He then proceeded to be incredibly rude to me in front of other customers rather than taking it to the side and blame it on me rather than attempting to fix the situation. I used to be a regular here but now I won’t go back and I’ll be sure to tell friends and visitors to avoid to too. Customer service is important

Uri Rendon Owner, Pure Brokers LLC

One of the great pastry and breakfast spots of Baltimore!

A Alsheikh

One of the best views over the harbor, a lot of Hopkins crowd come here to study. The sandwiches and drinks are average.

Inna Na

While drink was okay, scone was not how scones should be. And its insanely expensive and not worth the price. Any customization of drinks is a whole $1 extra. They even charge $1 for honey which is outrageous to me. Their "iced latte" is a copout. They only serve cold brews. Daily Grind across the street is better.

Benita Williams

Had a lovely sunshiney waterfront lunch ... wish the mimosas were bigger!

Brent Parker

Didn't see a chess set. Kind of an essential game. They did have Cards Against Humanity tho, so +1 there

Ricardo Trevino

Nothing vegan other than bread...

Jon Gorman

I love the renovation /expansion. Makes it feel much roomier. Their almond amaretto cookies are the best I've ever had!

Julia McDonald

Location is so cute!

Ernest Duran

Excellent spot to charge your battery and continue shopping

Sharon Harvey

Great location for working on a laptop by the water. Nice views and good prices on tasty food and drink. I spent 3 hours here and was very happy with the experience

LaShanda L

Sandwiches and sweet desserts. prosciutto and ham are delicious.

David Salvatore

Sat on the patio. Great atmosphere. Baked goods all looked very fresh. Friendly staff. Amazing coffee!!!

Steve Carney

This place is great. It started as a bakery and everything on the menu is based on awesome fresh bread which is available with almost every item. They have beer. Wine and mimosas. It is pick up at the counter with many tables available. I highly recommend.

Katie Rodriguez

Came for coffee during rush hour on a Saturday morning. They were organized and efficient. In case you wondered: no gluten free options, even prepackaged. At least not when I visited.

Daniel Tanner Ortega

Great place to socialize and have good communications with friends and family. Hate the flies though.

Marian Rosenberg

Loved this place when it was Napoleon's. Still love it. Carbalicious.

Charlie Thorne

Great food and coffee!

Tracy Fleming

This was a cute little coffee shop in Fells Point. We would have liked more of a selection of pastries or cookies. There were only 3 cookies there when we were there and no pastries. Great tasting sipping chocolate. It was truly great.. smooth and thick. The hot cocoa was ok but the shipping chocolate was much better. There was a good mix of people eating brunch, working on laptops and some just stopping in.

S Cornoyer

Excellent char.

Tina Nguyen

Great ambiance and amazing food! It is rather expensive but you get what you pay for. The tomato foccacia is a must.

Casey Daniels

Over-priced, slow service, no taste, food poisoning. Nice location though.

Ian Stewart

Loved the Mocha. The latte wasn't bad but not the best I've ever had. Go check it out. Oh, the pastries were pretty good too.

Seana H

The best quality pastries I've ever had. Quick and friendly service.

Sonal Chaudhari

A very very nice place to study, with lots of tables available for use indoors and some outdoors. Cost of coffee and pastries is average but cost of food is above average. Highly recommend it as a study spot, and wish they were open later on weekdays.

Veryne Lawrence

Excellent cafe and bakery, I ordered the almond croissant and it delicious and better than expected. I'm assuming the hefty price of $4.99 was because of the waterfront location.

Jeremy Epstein

Tasty food and drinks. Ample indoor and outdoor seating. Seemingly only 1 highchair with broken strap though.

Agatha Isabel

I was staying nearby/visiting for work, and was glad I found this place! Great morning spot with good food and beverages. There's a calm vibe, and always a spot to sit if you want to get some work done. Being next to the water is great too, and there are also a good amount of seats outside.

Dylan Ridener

Fantastic place in so many ways 10/10, the best almond/raspberry/blueberry fruit tart you'll ever have 22.5/10. The only reason I'm typing this review is to personally complain about my experience today (hopefully a manager sees this review). The experience I'm referring to is of eating the newest menu item, the fig tart. What MONSTER thought the fig tart was a good idea to sell (especially for 5 dollars)! For me to eat one ever again, you'd have to fly Joe Rogan out to Baltimore and set up a "fear factor style" challenge where, if I manage to somehow eat one of the fig tarts without instantaneously vomiting, I get paid the 5 dollars. It's that level of OFFENSIVELY bad. Don't get me wrong though, the tart was delicious once I violently and aggressively ripped those figs off, but the figs just weren't meant for the tart. The weird thing is, I like figs.... but not on those tarts. The fruits that go on pitango tarts can't be chewy with the texture of a pepperoni. They have to be soft and give-way, like a ripe banana or slices of a cooked apple. For the love of god (or science, whichever you choose), remove the abominable fig tart from the menu and try something else (i.e bananas, apples, blue berries, coconut, sandpaper, bolts and screws, tire rubber; literally anything else) .......... or........... keep doing what's been working with the almond, blueberry, and raspberry tarts AND DON'T FIX IT, IF IT AIN'T BROKE.

Oscar Suastegui Q

Great spot with good prives and nice Service.

Sarah-Jane Parker

Nice setting with outdoor seating away from the hubbub of the fells point bar scene. Good dessert and sandwich options. The coffee is solid. 1 star redacted for two reasons: Few veg options or savory options for non-pork eaters (I know it's Italian, but nevertheless). Also, I wish there were more healthy options. I often go and grab just coffee because everything is dessert-level breakfast food. But I would love to have an avocado toast or egg toast option. Try the cruffin if you want an indulgent treat. *Originally 4 star review but avocado toast is now on the menu and it is good! They have also added a caprese croissant which is a nice savory veg option. Thanks Pitango!

Carlos M García M

I love coffee, going to Starbucks is only as a last resource. The coffee at Pitango is outstanding for my taste, the cortado is delightful. If you like real coffee you can't miss this place. BTW they also have the best prosciutto you can imagine.

E Martinez

Nothing spectacular. Over priced food and VERY BOUGIE. The sandwich we ordered was bland and mostly bread and the mint lemonade drink I ordered, while tasty was overshadowed by the way they portion their drinks. [Let me explain] They actually portion out their drinks they don't do it by glass size. The lady gave me a tall glass of lemonade with ice filled to the brim and when I asked for light ice she looked at me as if I was crazy she then takes my drink and gives me a smaller glass with light ice. When I noticed she gave me a smaller glass I mentioned it and she and the gentleman behind the counter proceeded to tell me that they portion it out. [So essentially I was paying for a few ounces of lemonade with mostly ice.] They changed it for me but I felt as if I was pulling teeth to get what I wanted and felt I deserved. Who wants to pay for ice? I just was not impressed at all with their selection of pastries either. It was however, a beautiful building, the ambiance was nice with it being near the water. If you dont mind over paying for bland food, getting rushed to put your order in and a small selection of pastries, then by all means go ahead this is the place for you. Other than the ambiance I feel it was nothing special at all. If you want to have a good experience and a European feel to it, great food, a nice atmosphere and at a price that will keep you coming back then go to "The Daily Grind coffe shop" just a block or so away from them. Experience was so much better.

Chris Plato

It's a great place to hang out but they have great sandwich ingredients on baguettes you can't chew.

Yasser Al-naemi

Good coffee, great atmosphere and the sweets are amazing but get here early because they sell out fast and everything is prepared fresh everyday.

Glen Hyatt

Great breakfast and pastries A little pricey.

Mike Marks

Overpriced. Over hyped. Better options nearby.

Philip Priolo

Great bread! Because of the bread these are the best sandwiches in B-more.

Maribel Pintado Espiet

Exquisite bakery. Try the walnut cranberry bread. All baking done in the premises. Superb sandwiches are pricey but oh.... Very generous and with incredible ingredients. Coffee is superb.


There was a bird flying around and it kept coming in and out. There was no issues with the employees, the food and drinks are good. The bathroom isn't obvious but there is one. The internet needs to be fixed. No big problems just not 5 stars.

Erin Kelley

Great drinks. Sat outside by the water!

Kianna Cooper

Great coffee!

rohit gupta

All the coffee options are great. They serve it in actual cups and not in to-go cups which I actually like. I also have cheese cakes and other cakes there with the coffe. They are great too. The view of the water front is great from the cafe.

Vanessa Phillips

Loved the croissant and vanilla latte

Mitko Georgiev

When we arrived the place was very busy and the host was greeting most patrons as if he had known them for a long time. Lots of locals. After our meal and the excellent service...

JR Johnstone

Nice place in Fells to have a coffee and sit out on the patio.


Love their half and half tea! Delicious food.

Anthony Walther

Overpriced. 9 bucks for the prosciutto which turned out to be a stingy portion of meat and cheese on bread that was more air then bread.

Drew B.

My wife and I love this place mainly for the environment and incredible coffee. Without a doubt, they have the best coffee in Fells Point serving Vigilante, they do an especially good job with their batch coffee. We go here at least once a week to have a great cup of coffee, delicious baked good, and read or get work done. It's also a great environment to meet friends and catch up.

Ravi Dutt

Like the location on the waterfront. Ambience is good. They serve beers making it a good place for quick bite or long work and chill

Rhonda Klees

Coffee..was good

Joe Valeri

Overpriced sandwiches that are 95% bread. Great baked items but stick to being a bakery

Steven Lunsford

This is a great little coffee shop and bakery right on the water. The store is wide open with lots of windows that create a warm, inviting atmosphere. There may be a long line when you walk in, but the staff behind the counter work quickly and you'll be up front before you know it. The bread and pastries are delicious, as is the coffee. Highly recommended if you're looking for a spot to caffeinate and relax in the Fells area.

Jeanette Parker

Great place if you need to do some work and have a quick bite or just for coffee. I enjoyed their Red sandwich and dirty Chai! A lady there told me that they will have more beer and wine options soon. Nice view of the water with indoor and outdoor seating.

divita mathur

The food is great! Do try their fresh pastries!! Light, flavourful, artisnal. The layout of the ordering counter is not intuitive so it takes a while to figure out where to look for the menu and then walk around to where the ordering line is, then cut through the line to pick up your order. Then look for water across the room.

Cameron Knight

Favorite cafe in baltimore, right on the water, it is the perfect place to sit and drink coffee, while eating a scone and reading a book/talking to a friend. Unbelievably tasty sandwiches, coffees and pastries. 11/10 would recommend.

Christopher Chang

Cafe lattes, fresh baked goods, and sandwiches have always been very good.

Noubodi Sperrfct

Staff weren't particularly helpful when finding things and the food is over priced.

Dacia Balch

Fresh salad and perfectly baked bread. Delicious!


The sweetest staff, no pun intended

Naomi Lopes

Love this place - while the breakfast sandwiches are pricey, they are well worth it!! Pitango uses fresh ingredients and housemade bread, which is perfect for breakfast or lunch. I love their baguettes and pain au chocolat, as well. In the wintertime, their hot chocolate was perfect - not too sweet and the perfect way to warm up!

Zhanna Hountz

Come here for late breakfast. Yummy sandwiches , salads and bakery goodies. Love the service - always get you what you want, the way you want it.

Vernon Brown II

Rustico sandwich was dope! Really good espresso too, nice views at the Baltimore location too. I will go back, I recommend you visit as well!

Drew Pilant

On Chesapeake Bay, water lapping, ships, cobblestones, architecture, dogs and people in motion. An excellent place to observe and recharge.

Marta Karaś

I have been going to Pitango every month or so for past 1,5 years: I typically go for coffee and cookie, and then for some larger meal (toast etc) while spending there a few good hours working with my laptop. I am sad to note that the place's food has deteriorated badly. Recently, the cookies are slack-baked; the bread was never good, but recent toasts are the barely eatable - hard to bite (let alone cutting them so as to eat in a non-messy way). I have been never a fan of their coffee - it is a kind of Donkey Donout sour kind of a coffee you oay $4 for. The superb location is the only good thing about this place for me now.

Renan Lopes

A little pricey but very good selection of pastries and breakfast

Marwan Dabbagh

Great location. Spacious inside. Awesome outside seating with nice view on river.

Elizabeth Eden

My favorite cafe in Baltimore. Great coffee and Almond croissants

Cara Fulton

Bakery n bar in 1-- so Baltimore!


Not a huge fan but whatever

Eric Miller

Best views I've ever seen at a café! Check them out!

San Tai

The best coffee I’ve ever had in Baltimore so far. Nice view, quite and relaxing.

Minoo Tgh

If you want to have a great Sunday and study a little bit, go there! Great location, great coffees and desserts. I also ordered the chicken salad and it was delicious and fresh! People there are so nice. I can’t find anything to complain about.

Eric Merlock

Friendly and fast service. Great product. Great location and wide open seating area.

Reb Lynn

True European style coffee! I’ve grown to love this place. Great service and tons of natural lighting. Only downside is it’s very overpriced.

Viktoryia Laurentsyeva

Incredible place to have a coffee and great dessert

Najad Tuffaha

Nice bakery and

Paul Boyle

Good cafe.

Caitlyn Johnston

Really good food, great outdoor seating and good prices.

Maria Sosa

Love this place. The sandwiches are divine.

Teresina Palumbo

Pitango is right down the street from our office at Marketplace at Fells Point! Anytime we need a sweet treat, this is the place to go! The fresh banana gelato is out of this world good.

Bradford Bennett Jr

Best place for great coffee and a study sesh

Houda Derkaoui

Five stars for the service. The croissant were not up to my standards but at least edible. The place was clean, which was a plus for them.


One of the best lattes in Baltimore. A billion times better than Starbucks!

Daniella Strat

Their almond croissants are the best!

Kimberly Kong

Words can’t even begin to describe the goodness that is Pitango. They have locations all over the DMV, but the Fells Point location is my favorite by far due to their ginormous food menu! If you haven't been yet, you NEED to go because their sandwiches and pastries will blow your freaking mind. Must-tries are their cruffin - it's so good, you'll be back for more - their almond croissant, and their Red sandwich. FYI, they now sell alcohol here as well so get here STAT!

Ed Schrader

Amazing ! Just turn down the emo music -does not fit the theme / play Bach !!

Frugal Immigrant Mama

I didn't have the cafe food, just chocolate cookie (which is superb) and a brewed coffee. The brewed coffee didn't turn out good, must be out for a while already. It was lukewarm. So, my hubby asked if they can just add ice to it, so it's an iced coffee. I guess because he mentioned that it's also my 40th bday, they replaced the brewed coffee with a latte instead. Nice gesture and friendly atmosphere. It seemed to be not just a popular tourist place, but a local favorite. Customer service and location gained them 5 stars! We will try the cafe food next time we visit!

Felipe Arango U.

Nice cafe. Good food although I would not recommend the avocado toast (peanut butter? really?). Great staff, nice view, spotty wifi.

Kari Bryan

Love the food and drinks but fairly annoyed with them always telling me my drink order "doesn't make sense" and suggesting another drink with more milk than I'd prefer.

William Bourgein

Cozy coffee shop/Bakery

Daria Gorbenko

Extremely overpriced. But nice place

James Rogers

Really nice bakery near the water in fells point Bought some fresh baked bread and mint lemonade which were both excellent Great place to sit outside and have light lunch or coffee and pastry

Jay Cizzle

Staff was friendly and accommodating - offered to change the bread on a sandwich I was considering - the walnut, cranberry bread sealed It! Place was packed with a diverse crowd.

mahendra rao

Excellent but a bit pricey

Cory H

Excellent lemonade! My biggest complaint is they ran out of croissants, which is what a lot of the breakfast items come in. How does a bakery run out of croissants?! I'll probably return another time to try them.

John Watkins

The grilled Asiago is excellent!

Berlyn Carlson

Delicious baked goods! Beautiful view. Pleasant staff. Coffee offerings oh so delicious! Talented baristas!

William Yawn

Good spot to study. Plenty of seating and the coffee is really good. Didn’t have anything from the deli/bakery this trip but it looks fantastic.

Dustin Dorries

Craft Cocktail Courtney is a diamond!

Claudia Valle

The food is very fresh and tasty. On summer time they allow BYOB so they uncork your wine, provide glasses for a small fee, and you can order cold meats (prosciutto, ham, etc) very fresh. So you can unwind and enjoy the sunset and pretty sights at Fells Point.

Justin Doctor

They have everything a pot smoking, not showing, hiperster would love.

Valu Quest

Nice waterfront location, with views that get about as good as Baltimore vistas can get... Excellent coffee and pastries. Highly recommended if you're in the Fell's Point area.

Cynthia Wung

A beautiful sunny day was my first visited Pitango bakery where was clean, cozy, and comfortable cafe. You can get a high standard coffee. I must said it’s the best pastry in Baltimore city!! All look attractive and taste delicious!! I found not difficult to park during weekday morning in that area! Must back soon

tanay shah

Amazing Location! Really great selections of breads and drinks.

Cecil Stone

Great food. Great coffee. My daughter is having her wedding here and I am super excited about this as the venue.

Natalie L

Cute coffee shop with good pastries and decent coffee. The best part of this shop is the great location and the amazing view.

Jaisal S Rangar

One of the best Flat white coffee in the area.

Jennifer Hale

There olive bread is great and there sandwiches are out of this world. I work half a block from them and go all the time.

Chad B

Absolute rock solid old world-style bakery. Just shy of 5 stars, they seem resistant to invent new food perhaps for fear of the market adoption.

Chris Herlihy

Coffee was good but nothing special. Dessert was not my favorite, dry and bland. The one good thing was service, super friendly and helpful.

Sonia Malaiya

Lovely cafe situated right on the waterfront in Fells point! They have a large selection of breads, sandwiches and desserts and their drinking chocolate is to die for!

Andy Flacks

Macchiato and banana bread were fantastic

Abdullatif Alsalman

One of the most amazing coffee shop in Baltimore

Aarsh Dave

It's a great place!

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