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Taylor Village Center, 8001 Hillsborough Rd, Ellicott City, MD 21043, United States

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REVIEWS OF One Dish Cuisine Cafe, Deli and Bakery IN Maryland

brendon renken

Good food but not for the price you pay. It's delicious, it's super healthy and it's singularly the most expensive lunch I have ever had. I got a sandwich and drink and it was 20 bucks! Now don't get me wrong, I love a good sandwich but there is a balance to be had between the quality and the price and it just doesn't weight enough for me. Now I will say, if you have food allergies of any kind then this is the place for you. Glutten free, dairy free, nut free you name it, they avoid it. The bread is made from a special rice mix that they made and all their ingredients are fresh. And they are also honest and up front. Good place overall. Just expensive

Maria Cunningham

Great place to go! You can really tell the ingredients they use are good quality. Got to speak to the owners and I couldn’t stop laughing. Great place to go when you need a pick me up laugh.

Ed n Marla Lovell

Excellent food, friendly, and knowledgable staff they really get it!

Ivan Brown

The pizza was over priced and bland. There was a wannabe Cinnamon crappy item they had too that was bitter. Not worth going to at all

Howard Reinhardt

Their food is gluten free, allergen free and still tastes great. The prices are very reasonable considering the cost to continually certify that everything is allergen and gluten free.

Chris Fulton

I travel to Baltimore on business from Portland, Maine every month or so. I am making a habit of stopping by One Dish every time I'm in town. The owner is very friendly, accommodating, and the food is unreal. I highly recommend!

Priya Angamuthu

Staff is great, super friendly- unfortunately the bald guy- the owner- was unwelcoming and rude. The food is even respectable, however he wasn’t.

Molly Schuiling

It is a great place for individuals who have food allergies. The can veggies and vegan. They give new customers instructions before dining. So that the experience is better.

Brittney H

So I just want to say that I was so excited to eat here and have wanted to come here for a long time. When I walked in to order, I was a little confused as to how the whole ordering process worked, but u figure it out. I got a turkey club sandwich which was AMAZING! Never had such great gluten free bread in my life so that was a treat! I also got a gluten free cupcake and a blueberry muffin that I decided to take home with me to enjoy later, I definitely regret not going with one of the richer desserts.... So I went back and had the “hostess” cupcake which was so delicious, I definitely recommend! The white pizza is WOW! Don’t let the price turn you off it’s literally THE BEST pizza and better than anything you can make gluten free at home! But, the blueberry muffin that I had had a baking soda-like taste. I assumed that I had just gotten a weird one or perhaps it happened by mistake while it was being prepared in the kitchen. When I went back a second time, the owner gave me a different muffin to try and I was so impressed by the amazing customer service. Yes the owners are super passionate about what they do, and it may come off a little strong at first, but they do so much to make people like me feel happy about eating out again. I am so thankful for just so thrilled to have a safe place I can go to eat. I felt so comfortable eating here. Usually when I eat out, I’m asking my servers ten times if they are sure they put my order in gluten free, as I will become very ill. I didn’t have to worry about that here, I felt at ease and my tummy felt great afterward too, which I know celiac’s out there can appreciate bc it only takes one meal to throw off our whole digestive system. Hands down best gluten free food I’ve ever had. Yes it’s expensive but come on it’s GLUTEN FREE! And they can pretty much accommodate anyone with the main food allergies and that’s not cheap! You get what you pay for, homemade, quality food. Thank you, One Dish!

Kryst G

They made an honest mistake: marked our cake for pick-up the day after we actually needed it. The owner clearly cared about the issue; she apologized profusely. Totally forgiven! What I can't forgive? The cake was overbaked and underflavored. The edges were so crispy that I could feel the difference in texture when I cut into the cake. The cake itself tasted like Jiffy mix (not sure how they achieved it) and the frosting (which tastes fine in small amounts such as on cookies and cupcakes) was way too sweet over an entire slice of cake. It was a three layer cake, but the box was too small, so the lid of the box pressed down on the top of the cake. By the time we got home (20 min away) the pressure had made the cake layers uneven and the writing on top was smeared and illegible. Honestly, after waiting an extra day for this cake, the resulting poor quality of the final product was really frustrating. So disappointing...

Anthony Ramienski

If you need to eat Gluten Free... go here... good food ... decent prices...friendly service...

Sarah Weller-Bentivegna

We always feel welcomed and well taken care of - our allergies are taken seriously and food choices are recommended based on them, as well as, personal preferences. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. This is the only restaurant where we feel completely comfortable. Thank you for all that you do for families with severe allergies!


Amazing allergy friendly food, even better staff!

Snowden Stone

Amazing, delicious, food that I can safely consume. Lovely, relaxing atmosphere and wonderful staff. Hands down, our favorite restaurant.

Larry Rentkiewicz

Gluten free, dairy free as well if you like, and very tasty. Great chicken parm and meatball subs. Lovely staff. Overall an excellent healthy experience.

Ayanna Hawkins

Good food.

for G Productions

Go here every other week. Yes it's THAT good.

Hunter Voss

This Restaurant is Simply Amazing. It is 100% Gluten Free, and 100% allergen friendly. For those with Milk/Casein Allergies, there is a Blue Menu that is completely allergen free, and the Green Menu for just no Gluten. They told us they have 2 separate kitchens, 1 for the blue and 1 for the green menu. The owners were there working, and when we walked in the first thing they ask is what allergies we have. They are very knowledgeable, and very nice people. After you Order, you find a Seat. You can sit outside or inside. Inside was a very nice, clean atmosphere. I got the cheeseburger off the Blue Menu and it was delicious. It came with fries, and I was very comfortable eating it. Afterwards, I got a Vanilla Cupcake, which was Delicious. I went there on a Sunday, not to busy, just a perfect place to eat if you have allergies, and I would highly recommend.

Michelle Keller

One of a kind place for allergy-friendly food and baked goods. Amazing, dedicated owner and staff. Delicious food and bakery treats. Steak & cheese sandwich, meatball sub, chicken tenders and fries are some of our favorites. Our family is grateful to have a place we can safely eat together. Thank you One Dish!


This place gives me the feels cause she has found her calling in serving people with dietary needs but making the food DELISH! The people who came and went during our time there loaded up for college and trips! I had the spaghetti with meat balls and it was good! Friends had the Rueben and Pizza....all very VERY good!

Steven Warfield

Only place I can get a tasty and safe gf pizza. No cross contamination !

Kris Singleton

Mixed Highs and Lows - Wide variety of dishes that are safe for folks with a (or multiple) food allergies and conditions. Yay! Pizza: meh, Baked goods: Nah; esp. in comparison w Petunias on a recent trip to Portland OR. Owner is a little gruff, but you can see the care they have for the community they serve. Baked goods need more development work.

Dayna Pachman

The best gluten free pizza anywhere Bring in friends who are not gluten free and they can't believe how yummy it is

Tamara Harris

Excellent place for people with food allergies and gluten free! There were no worries about food content!

keith blucher

Got the blue tray pizza and it was great. Happy with our meal and the information we got.

kelly dungan

Serice was fast and the food was grest.

Krista Story Newgent

Absolutely the best for gluten free, soy free cuisine. The owners are so accommodating and knowledgable. One Dish is our favorite go-to for dinner out! So glad to have them in Ellicott City.

Jessica Mauney

Good food but very expensive. The guy behind the counter was overbearing. The whole place is based around being inclusive of those who have dietary restrictions, yet he ridiculed my request to make my sandwich extra hot because I'm pregnant and concerned about food safety.

Mama Bear

Nice bakery all gluten free! Prices are a bit high but I’ll definitively go back.

Andy Stumpf

One Dish has a very warm atmosphere that is very inviting. If you're not cool w/cheerful owners who love to talk and always smile, then this place is not for you.

Sharon W

Absolutely the best restaurant for people with food allergies! Everything tastes so good, even to my picky kids who have no restrictions.

Crystal Sabalaske

Most accommodating restaurant of all time. Thank you for the delicious and safe meal.

Jill McCarty

Food is delicious and everyone is very friendly.

jessica kellam-paugh

Finally somewhere my son can have everything on the menu!

Heather Tom

Unfortunately, there are signs up that this One Dish Cuisine with the current management will be closing by August 10.


For those highly allergic, this is a great place.

Samantha Payne

One dish cuisine hands down is the best allergen worry free restaurant I have ever been to. I would recommened this restaurant to anyone, especially people like me. I read a comment that talked about how the food was not good and it needed work. Well if you have not acquired a taste for allergen free food it may be different. For people like me we don't have a choice and it delicious. Most places have no clue how to make food accomodations as well as make it taste edible. You see when a person has to worry every where they eat, about how sick they may be after that meal for days, weeks, months, or possibly having a life threatening moment thats not fun at all. One dish cusine has made it safe for people like me. If you don't like the food thats ok. Find somewhere else to eat that you do like, but don't criticize the food. Some of us don't have a choice, and after 11 years I have finally found a place where I to feel normal again. Thank to the owners and the staff for all of your hard work. Please visit the restaurant, the prices a more expensive, but its due to all of the food accomodations. When you have to eat this way its no surprise, everything we buy is expensive.

elizabeth f

Delicious, safe food!! What a treat!

Jason Linker

Good food for being gluten-free. Compared to regular food the prices are ruinously expensive but reasonable given the allergy considerations they have.


Amazing food!!! I had a wheat allergy and I try to find foods to thrive on and this was beyond belief. I will be coming back again. Keep on going!! This is an amazing place to eat at. Even if you don't have a wheat allergy, peanut allergy, dairy allergy. This is still amazing 10/10

James Belch

If you have severe Allergies and want to feel safe with your menu decision. Make a pilgrimage here. The lady who owns the place is super knowledgeable and gives great advice to newly diagnosed Celiac's.

Jihi Bustamante

Really excellent food. Very friendly service. I ate the best whoopie pie I've ever had! Highly recommend. They also had great kids books we read to our kids while we waited for our food.

John Carrico

They make great food here, especially if you want gluten-free or gluten & casein (dairy) free. I'm not on either diet, but I enjoy their pizza, wings, and other dishes (great desserts, too!). Very nice owners.

Sarah Troxel

Has a vegan menu as well as allergy conscious kitchen.

Ryan Wirth

If you have good sensitivities, this is the place to go! Such a wonderful thing to know about now and although the prices were a little high, the care in the food was what we paid for! :)

Alyssa Currier

Absolutely LOVE One Dish! Since being diagnosed with celiac, this restaurant has alleviated the pain of no longer be able to eat yummy pizza and sandwiches. The staff is super friendly and almost never forget a face. The food is served quickly. Delicious!

Melissa Sisk

My girls can eat here. Everything they want. That has never happened anywhere other than our own home. That's the best thing in the world to me.

Kristen Ryan

Fantastic gluten free, dairy free foods! I love having the availability of an allergen conscious bakery. I had an Italian sub for the first time since I went gluten free. I really loved the bread! I had a cinnamon bun and took home some more baked goods.

Joanne Quinn

Great little place. Delicious gluten free food with vegan options. While I was there, three separate people, including the owner, came around to make sure everything was okay. Would definitely recommend and will go back.

Gabrielle B

One dish is amazing! Being allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, and gluten is hard. When you find a place where you can eat and feel safe, it's amazing!

Gillian Stoodley

My sister is a dietician in a nursing home, and we recently went to One Dish to find something a patient with multiple and severe dietary restrictions could eat. Extraordinarily helpdul staff, and my sister was able to give her patient the first real meal she'd had in weeks!

Rob G

Kids have a bunch of allergies so it is a welcome alternative. HOEWEVER, the guy behind the counter was getting visibly and audibly impatient with me because I forgot how the menu works. That's the only reason it's a 3 instead of a 4 or 5.

TMichelle Moore

If you have allergies or are vegan One Dish Cafe is a great choice.

Jo Kelly

Amazing food, friendly service. Donuts and pizza were the best I’ve ever had! Even my non gluten free husband and kids loved it. We’ll certainly be back.

JD Roberts

Just went there for lunch today with my son who is allergic to gluten. All I can say is WOW!! He had chicken tenders, which he has not had since we found out about his allergy. They were awesome! I had a reuben sandwich. OMG!! SOOOOO YUM!

Colten Rohleder

A very special, absolutely one of a kind restaurant with an amazing selection for those with extreme allergies, and ones ranging the whole gamut!! Whether you are Vegan, Vegetarian or allergic to gluten, dairy, nuts and much more, this is the place for you and that nice brunch, lunch or dinner! The staff is wonderful and such a delight to work with, as well as clearly very knowledgeable on their products they serve. I've been here at all different hours and it's always pretty busy! But not so much that you have to wait to be seated/for food or anything like that, thankfully. A nice, privately owned and maintained restaurant that is clean and comfortable and sure to impress. I'll be going back every time I'm in the area and can budget for it!

diego chica

Nice place for lunch. We all homemade. The deserts are great and the veg pastas are awesome. Great offerrings for people with food allegries and vegan.

Fabiana Berenguer Gil

Great experience here! Comfortable atmosphere inside and outside, great owners who explain everything on the menu and why they choose to use/not use certain ingredients, and lots of yummy food options. I had the vegan cheeseburger, and it was definitely the best black bean burger I've ever had, and they make it there themselves! I find myself craving it often. I'd recommend this place to all types of eaters. Some people believe that the price is a bit too high, but for the quality of the food you're getting, it's well worth it. Food of that quality isn't going to cost the same as a burger at McDonald's, and I'd say the price is on par with Panera. I'll be coming back for more soon!

Orsolya Polgar

The only place in the area where you do not have to worry about cross-contamination when eating out. My daughter with celiac loves that she can order anything of the menu. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Cinco May

What a joy to have so many safe, delicious options! I have Celiac Disease so it's wonderful to visit a restaurant where there is zero risk of cross contamination. Try the pizza (leftovers reheat really well)!

Barbara Hopkin

Sorry, I was unhappy with my steak and cheese sub, the roll had very hard edges making it difficult to chew. I ordered mushrooms on the sub and did not get them. The French fries were limp and a small amount for the price. This was tough as I had been looking forward to this hluten free meal for a few days and I was disappointed

Mike Samras

A fantastic allergen free option for the DC area. DC can be really hard for people with food allergies so I'm really happy they have this dedicated spot for them, even if it's really far outside DC.

Douglas Goddard

Love One Dish. The pizza, chicken parm sandwich, and chicken tenders are my favorites. You can have multiple favorites, right? Dedicated gluten free facility. Really great awareness of ingredients, allergens, and the latest in food allergy science. I didn't eat here for the longest time because the name sounded like some hippy raw vegan food (I must have been thinking One World). Glad I went, it is awesome. Been a customer for a few years now. It is on the expensive side, but no where else can you be so sure of what you're eating. If it's a busy time, call ahead to see of the kitchen is backed up. Highly recommended.

Teany Meehan

Great place for people with lot's of food allergies like myself. Plenty of options. Delicious bakery goods!

Elizabeth Flatterich

It was so nice to be able to eat a meal without having to worry about anything. A little bit of my humanity has come back!

Jenn Hoffmann

Everything was wonderful. The sub rolls are soft and delicious. The pizza is flavorful and addictive. One of the best places for a gluten free vegan to eat.

Dianna Chambers

My family ate here tonight and it was a very pleasant surprise! I was shocked to see the measures taken to ensure a safe environment but glad to find a place that did. Having a dairy allergy makes eating out difficult. The struggle is real!!! Anyone would know how difficult this can be if they had any type of restriction on their diet. The 2 sided menu options was a nice touch for groups that had different dietary needs. We ordered the pizza and meatball spaghetti with a bunch of bakery goods. I’m assuming his name was dale (the tall bald guy taking orders) in another review someone said he was abrasive, but I totally disagree...he was knowledgeable and informative. Seeing how ppl don’t typically have life threatening allergies often, glad he was so informative. It didn’t take long for us to get the food and once we sat down to eat my whole family was shocked how delicious it was. My picky child actually ate her food at a restaurant! That in itself is a major win. It was “pricey” but that’s totally understandable seeing how we live with this dietary restriction. I personally know the cost of making things from scratch with ingredients that meet our restrictions and believe their cost of goods is very reasonable. I definitely plan to be a regular! Will be back soon :)

jon lee

Seriously, check this place out. Food is amazing, the staff is awesome. Took my girlfriend there for our first date, and they remember us every time we go. Great selection of gluten and dairy free foods. The pizza is out of this world, I choose it over regular flour pizza.

D Papa

I'm really tired of having to pay Extra just to eat healthy. Yes the food was good and the employment seemed to have a extremely good understanding on the food they were serving, however why must I pay 16.00$ for a sandwich or 30.00$ for a pizza its highway robbery. So thanks I guess, I'll continue to be poor so that I may eat once a day and not have to worry about dying from my allergies. PS. If the pricing were to drop a bit they would get all 5 stars

Curtis McTavish

Always awesome!

Brandon Lichtenwalner

The only place like it! The food is delicious, they have gluten free items that are often hard to find, and I can eat anything on the menu without fear of cross contamination!

Teresa Putt

Food was great worth the 2 1/2 hour drive.

justin krafthofer

Amazing pizza, great atmosphere and great people


The man working there was very rude. I believe he may be the owner as well. Coming from a customer service background myself, it's not good business. Treat others how you want to be treated, you never know what someone is dealing with in their own personal life. In my case, I am dealing with the loss of a very close loved one and the last thing I needed was for someone to speak down to me and be rude. I am really disappointed in the customer service of One Cuisine and don't plan on ever calling or coming there again.

Nan Lyon

Normal food but Gluten Free Vegan, relax and eat like a normal person. Garlic Bread my favorite, and ice cream sandwiches. Most knowledgeable GF person around, the proprietoress! Support them!!!!

Chris Kohout

Great service and food. Cheese steak sandwich was awesome and my husband inhaled his Reuben so that’s a good sign. Kids enjoyed the daily special curry chicken over rice. Gluten free sub rolls were impressively delicious!

Erica Gates

It was so great! The owners are so caring and knowledgeable! The food is worth the risk of going out to eat! #celiac

Krysta Aten-Schell

Traveling used to be so difficult with Celiac but I found this place on the Find Me Gluten Free app and it was fantastic! Had the Ruben sandwich with fries and donut holes for dessert. I stood and stared at the menu with tears of joy because I could literally eat EVERYTHING on the menu! And they cater to all allergies, not just GF/Celiac. Enjoy!

David Alt

Expensive but safe. Refreshing for those with dietary restrictions.

Gregory Austin

Perfect for anyone with celiacs perfect for anyone with celiac

Amber Fuller

This place was awesome! The owners are so knowledgeable about food allergies and they know everything that goes into their foods. My daughter loved her lunch. It was the first time she has ever had food from a restaurant. Everything was delicious. I highly recommend.

Alison Majerowski

I am so grateful that One Dish exists! I never write reviews, but this place is so wonderful. I was diagnosed with a rare disease a little over a year ago and cannot have milk, eggs, gluten, or fish. Needless to say it makes dining out very difficult. If I'm lucky, I can figure out how to modify something at a restaurant and there's one thing I can have. At One Dish i can have anything and it's so delicious! They put so much attention into ensuring safe ingredients and that taste is the same if not better than other places. Their sandwiches, soups, and desserts are all so yummy!! I even got my pumpkin pie and stuffing from them for Thanksgiving and my husband (a very picky eater) said it was the best stuffing he ever had. I encourage all allergy sufferers to dine here and support these wonderful people who put their life's work into making dining an enjoyable experience for us again.

Rebecca Sora-Scott

Awesome glutenfree pizzas

Jennifer Smith

Great lactose free cupcakes that our girl can actually eat. Will get more for her birthday.

Marcy Tsan

Good clean food

Jessica Schmidt

Love the pizza

Nikki Clark

The food here is amazing.....the bread is great!! The service is fantastic. We definitely recommend this place for gluten free / dairy free. We drove from Washington DC and it was definitely worth it.

Gregory Ressler

We struggle to fine places that serve gluten free foods, let alone good tasting options. We had the BBQ Chicken pizza and a Reuben with fries. Everything was fantastic! Not only GF, but tasted excellent. We definitely will be back!!

jen broderick-Anderson

This place is amazing for people with food allergies. Great gluten-free baked goods !

Bob Kreh

Very good food but pricey.

Gaby Rivas

I really wanted to love this place. Their prices are a little on the high side but I really didn't mind too much since they do use allergy friendly and fresh ingredients. The problem I had was with the food. With their prices, I had higher expectations for the food but the black bean burger that I ordered fell apart the second I picked it up and we ordered a chocolate chip muffin and a chocolate whoopie pie to-go and they were both incredibley raw. That was $8 spent just on inedible desserts. I want to give this place one more shot, in hopes that they just had a bad day. The service was great, it was just a disappointing experience.

Bethany Burleson

Lots of vegan options and a very nice owner who engaged with all the customers and really seemed to enjoy operating this business.

Brandi Campbell

So friendly and very clean! Plus delicious food!

Susan R.

If you have food allergies or sensitivities, this is the place for you! They take food preparation seriously and every order is prepared individually. They don't allow any outside food or beverages - they take food allergies very seriously! Their prices are reasonable for the quality of the food. I have thoroughly enjoyed every meal I have had there, with the exception of the bread or rolls. As I am not gluten-sensitive, I don't have a good comparison to other gluten-free breads. I find their rolls extremely chewy and not always bread-like. Their baked goods, on the other hand, are amazing! I've taken to always ordering a whoopie pie on each visit. If you are vegetarian or vegan, the menu is very accommodating. We have eaten here many times and will continue to go back. Staff is very friendly.

Ted Gifford

One Dish serves excellent allergen-free food. The menu is standard deli, with a few specialty items thrown in. The sandwiches and pizza are excellent, even for my non-allergic family members. The salads are average. The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable about food allergens. Definitely worth a trip if you or someone you know has a food allergy.

Tenay Benes

The absolutely best health-restaurant I've found. As a first-time customer, the owner asked me detailed questions about my food sensitives and preferences, and then showed me which foods would be the best match. I had the gluten-free, dairy-free pizza and it was delicious (even if a little oily.) They have lots of great dessert options, too! Plus, strong wifi in a clean and comfortable atmosphere. I'll be back!

Bethany Mullins

One Dish is one of my new favorites. Being gluten intolerant, I don't have to worry about ordering anything. I can eat everything in the restaurant, including their delicious baked goods! The pizza is amazing!

Brianna Freeman

Food was delicious. And friendly service.

Joshua Redden

Excellent personalized service. They take food allergens very seriously here. Safety is their priority. Food is very tasty and lots of menu items.

Michael Graham

My wife loves to eat here because she has Celiac disease and everything served at this restaurant is gluten free and, therefore, safe for her. I have no food allergies and always get the BBQ chicken pizza. The pizza is excellent with a crust that is a perfect mix of crunchy and chewy. Dairy free food is also available here, but this is made optional through the use of two different menus. Finally and most importantly, the people who work here understand the importance of avoiding food contamination and work hard to insure that those with dietary restrictions can consider this place to be a safe haven.

Chris Gilson

Great food, great service, always gluten free

Kara Mullarky

Wonderful to have somewhere I can eat without risking getting sick.

Deeanna Franklin Campbell

Good food. If you have a special diet, or food allergies definitely pay them a visit. Or go if you just like a delicious Rueben sandwich.

Jennifer Roberts

They have some excellent lactose free food options. Cupcakes were delicious! I also really enjoyed the white pizza , and they were able to make it without the garlic which is great since I am intollerant to fresh garlic. Wish they could make more sauces be without garlic for those of us with garlic intolerance. Perhaps if I call in advance and request it for a particular item? Loved this place, and will be back.

Robert McCarty

Great food, with friendly, knowledgeable, and caring owners. A gluten free oasis for my granddaughter.

Jessica Cerkvenik

Owner was beyond rude when asked simple questions regarding allergens. Based on her condescending nature, I won't even bother trying the food.

Scott Jolly

Great place to eat if you have food allergy concerns. Very knowledgeable staff will take the time to discuss your particular needs.

amy clayton

We love this place. Getting to eat safely is priceless!! This is one of those rare places where my celiac kid feels like a regular kid. We love them!!

Kim S

Good food and incredible service! All of their menu items are gluten free and I believe nut free too. They even have lactose free, soy free, and corn free options, so they're perfect for anyone with a food allergy, or even anyone that wants to improve their diet and eat less agitators. And to top it off, they did a great job keeping the flavor and consistency of what you'd normally expect from these menu items (the gluten free, nut free, soy free, lactose free pizza was surprisingly good). I could tell they take food allergies very seriously and take pride in the creative and yummy ways they can accommodate them.

eldred Fornah

Great lunch and dinner selections for the "finicky" diners. The backed goods are good; you won't be disappointed!

Kris Murawski

Very nice people. Great gluten free and allergen free food.

Rabia Saher

My best friend only eats gluten and dairy free and I was glad to come across a place which served the proper food!

Leigh Frame

Phenomenal customer service on to of delicious, safe food! I had the cheesesteak, and it was fantastic...and I'm from Philly!! Cannot wait for the next trip, but I brought home lots of frozen goodies until then. Of course, it was especially nice to be able to just enjoy the meal and not worry about being glutened (Celiac).

R Tonkyro

This place is amazing. They are friendly and have a fantastic menu. We enjoyed pizza, fries, chicken tenders, sandwiches, and desserts without any worries. My kids couldn't decide what to order!

Erin Loraditch

Rude service people

Victor Sanchez

Great place for anyone with food allergies or without.

Kellie Schwartz

Food was ok and that's being generous. Got a steak and cheese and it was extremely greasy. And WAY to overpriced. 18 for a sub and fries and it was deli meet. Overall I won't go back.

Judy Hagemann

If you have allergies or health issues then this is a good place gor you, I dont have the severity of issues they cater too, but my friend does so she was ecstatic. The cost is high. $15 for a sandwich and chips, not a huge sandwich either.

Willow Stulsky

Delicious gluten free food that is safe. Always visit when on a trip.

John Karvounis

Great gluten free cafe. Always a delicious meal.

Vi Moore

Allergies and eating out? Difficult. Scary. NOT HERE! Safe, outstanding food and bakery items. Knowledgeable owners and staff. Deliciousness for everyone. It was such a wonderful experience. I was so busy eating that I got zero pictures.


The food is amazing - you would never know it was allergy-sensitive - plus the menu is very diverse and offers lots of options no matter what your dietary needs are - the owners truly care about their patrons and the food they serve


The man working there is extremely rude and unapproachable like he has a serious chip on his shoulder, and they're overpriced. I'll never be back and I'll be telling my friends about my negative experience. The woman who rang me up was nice, but the guy was so rude that it sadly doesn't make up for it. Customer service is everything. He should learn how to talk to people.

codey rogers

First time here and we have mix reviews. We got the eggplant Parm which was amazing !! But I got the black bean burger which to be nice was not the best. My burger was impossible to eat the bread was hard as a rock and neither one of us could bite thur the bread. However the cupcakes are amazing. Still will go back just not get what I had.

Royce Phoenix


Jenn A

I stumbled upon One Dish through Google searching for gluten free restaurants. They take their mission seriously here, and as someone with food allergies, I appreciate that tremendously. Although I've only been there once, I tried a variety of their foods and baked goods and will return many times, I'm sure. <3

K Parry

Great allergen-friendly food. The sandwich was amazing, and I loved the pizza. Which says a lot--this is the first pizza I've had since Celiac diagnosis. I'll definitely be back!

Nicole Kathryn

Excellent food from owners who really care about their customers.

Joel Wasinger

Tears literally welled up in my eyes as I tasted my first Reuben in six years (since my celiac diagnosis). This is hands down the best gluten-free restaurant I've visited, and I make a point of searching them out. The first thing you'll notice when you approach is a sign on the door forbidding any outside food or drink. Here's why--as the sign itself explains--that's important. Staying gluten-free, for those of us with serious autoimmune issues, is all about avoiding cross-contamination. These folks take it very seriously. Some supposedly gluten-free kitchens keep gluteny flour and bread perilously close to prep and cooking areas; the proprietors here do everything they can to not even let it in the door. The menu itself is split into two sections, one of which is also completely dairy free. Otherwise, in addition to gluten, they eschew a half dozen plus other major allergens. Again, this isn't a restaurant that addresses allergens casually, on the side or as a second thought. They take what they do very seriously. The food itself is delicious. That Reuben was amazing. They also have the best gluten-free fried chicken I've tasted. They make lots of desserts as well. If we lived in the area, I'd be there all of the time. I've told my wife that it'd be worth the flight out just to grab a meal. On top of everything else, the couple that owns and runs the place are extremely friendly and more than willing to share details about the operation and even give you insight into their personal experiences, which was also very welcome. And you can tell that they have good relationships with their regulars. One Dish is very close to BWI. My suggestion (and what we will be doing) is that every time you visit DC (let alone Baltimore), fly into that airport (Southwest flies there and from what we've seen the airport and the airline have the cheapest prices in the region, so you'd be doing yourself a favor anyway). One Dish was fortuitously our first stop after landing and picking up our rental and our last stop before heading back home.

Audrey Schreiber

Honestly I don't ever write reviews, but after visiting One Dish Cuisine I felt compelled to share. Since discovering my gluten and lactose intolerances I have never felt so comfortable in a restaurant as I have at One Dish Cuisine. I had a delicious meal here that I didn't have to worry about accidentally ingesting gluten or lactose. I had SO many options- I NEVER have options! Plus, the owners are so friendly and knowledgeable and dedicated to this restaurant. It was a wonderful and delicious experience. Even though it is 50 minutes away from my home, I've been back twice now, and am looking forward to visiting again.

Roxanne Ready

Nothing tastes better than safe food, and this place is on the ball. Also love how friendly and helpful the owners are. Will be making this place a regular stop!

Robert Hotem

Great food for those in need of protections from Gluten and the major allergies... The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly.

Eric Frederick

Amazing place for Celiac and gluten sensitive people. There are also vegan options for everything. The desserts are incredibly tasty, you won't want just one. The owners are friendly and make you feel like family. Go there.

David Raffman

I have to start off by saying I have no allergies or food restrictions. I just happened to be in the area, when i stumbled on this gem. I ordered the steak & cheese sandwich and it was one the best I've had. It's expensive, but well worth it for the experience.

Charles Spaulding

Great Allergy Free Food. Awesome place.

Walker Sue

A MUST for food allergy sufferers

Helen Smith

Great food, especially the desserts. Looking forward to my next visit. So nice to have a safe place to eat!!! I would give more stars if possible!

Dale Wood

I LOVE THIS PLACE! This is one restaurant where I feel absolutely safe eating although I have celiac disease. I can 100% recommend it if you have food allergies or similar concerns. Their care in avoiding cross-contamination is second to none. They even offer dairy-free and vegan food (as well as a lot that isn't vegan). I can tell you, as a vegan with celiac disease, this is not easy to find everywhere. It's a little expensive (for a reason--this is a specialty service) and some dishes are a bit greasy, but even though they aren't close to where I live, it's always a big treat to drive up and have lunch or dinner at One Dish with friends. Everyone finds something they like. I wish I were there now digging into a pizza!

Colleen Jeno

This place is amazing! I thought Google was talking me to an incorrect address but it was the right one and I'm so glad it was! The whole place is gluten free and allergy free. All the bakery items are dairy free. I had a grilled cheese sandwich with bacon and a few items from the bakery. So far everything is amazing. I am going to bring my family here when they come out for a visit. And go back whenever I'm up there. Thank you so much!!

Jen McClurg

We love it here. They are SUPER allergen friendly for the Top 8. They use no nuts, gluten or eggs in anything and the kitchen has a separate section that keeps things dairy free as well. The food is good and the desserts are great.

David Fish

Completely allergy friendly restaurant. Food I great, desserts are great. You CANNOT take any food in, even water. They are serious about cross contamination. Our Family favorites are the Rueben, BBQ pizza, Turkey and avacodo sub and the whoopie pie.

Julia Flynn Werre

Food was exceptional and the service was amazing!! New favorite place for gluten free dining. Thank you for taking the time to explain everything and feed us. Yum!

Debbie Bright

Fun, snarky staff. Really good food.

Jen Edwards

Amazing. Safe place for people with food allergies to be able to eat and enjoy food without the worry of cross contamination. This was the first time my son was able to have a chocolate chip cookie. I will be coming back soon and frequently!

Jennifer Saltzman

We drove 250 miles to eat here and will be going back next month! We need more allergy friendly restaraunt.

Dan Bednarski

Allergy-friendly restaurant. This is the place to go if you're near Baltimore or Washington DC and have food allergies (or with someone who has allergies). It serves cold and hot sandwiches, salads, pizza, and spaghetti with meatballs, and more.

Megan Gilmore

You simply cannot ask for better. Aside from the fact that the food is safe for the top 8 allergens, it's simply delicious! Our whole family can eat here without any worries!

Guillermo dighero

Great food great customer service and vegan options as well defiantly will recommend to anyone

Mike Maas

Love the dual kitchens

Diane Perez

It's the best. If you have any food allergy you can be sure you will be

kellie ketron

I stop by here anytime I am around!

Adriane Cornish

The owner and staff was very friendly and the food was delicious. One Dish Cuisine is going to make my gluten free lifestyle very easy for me.

Nater Kane

The owner was a bit abrasive, and the ordering process was awkward. The prices were about 50% higher than what would be reasonable for two sandwiches and two lemonades. The black bean burger needs work, and needs a binder to hold it together. My friend did not enjoy his sandwich either. No complaints on the bread, it was what it was. I didn't try any of the baked goods. Unless you have strict food allergies and need someone else to make your food, there's no real reason to eat here.

Wesley Robertson

The cupcakes tasted good which is why they get 2 stars. If they had called me back any of the times they said they would or had a baker in when they said they would the multiple days I called they may have gotten more. They did finally call back the day before I needed the cake. Save yourself some headache and go somewhere else.


Fantastic place to take anyone witb food allergies. I've never had such a large amount of options and for such reasonable prices. Will definitely be returning.

Jonny Quest

Maureen the owner is passionate and committed to making food that is safe and accessible for everyone. I'm so happy to have found this place. It's a beautiful spot and this restaurant is miles ahead of where restaurants should be for those with allergies and sensitivities. Excellent experience. Excellent service.

Kevin Eckart

staff was very knowledgeable and helpful, good was fantastic

Colleen Palmateer

Good restaurant for those with food issues.

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