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REVIEWS OF JennyCakes Bakery IN Maryland

Elisa Ferrante

I placed an order for a cake with only a few days of notice for something that came up. They did a great job filling the order, were extremely professional and the cake was not only beautiful but also super delicious. I am so impressed!

Man F

I had a cake made for my daughter's birthday, they a decent job, decorated the way I asked and the cake was Very Thick and delicious. a little pricey, but well done...

Jennifer Leach

I picked up a bunch of cookies for an event and they couldn't have been better. Even among really good chocolate-involved cookies, the granola ones with dried cranberries stood out. I also got a delicious cinnamon roll for me - just the right size, too, not to be overwhelmed by the generous icing. Nice people there, too, and a good selection of day-old, half-price treats.

kyle vick

It's dangerous even going in this place... you order a cake... and leave with three more things!!! Love love love!!! their carrot cake!

Qamaria Munoz

I went to this bakery one time & the staff stared at me as if I had 3 heads ! I’m appropriately friendly , so I didn’t understand the disconnect & silence ! The cupcake was average & the service was disturbing! The bakery was recommended to me by one of the moms of my sons school. When I mentioned the jarring experience I had while there she blatantly said “oh it was probably because you all are black “ I don’t think they’re use to seeing certain black on that end . Needless to say I never went back & I wouldn’t dare recommend any one else to them .

Christine Servando

JennyCakes has become my go-to bakery for special occassions or if I have a sweet tooth. The almond coconut cake is to die for and was a huge hit at my Mom's birthday party. If you haven't already tried their desserts you are missing out! :)

MOE Saadi

We love the place , a lot of different selections , The Champagne with raspberry is our favorite :)

joseyri Jamal

Tatiana Bonilla

Lovely little place. Their muffins are sooooo delicious, so fresh. Definitely going back. Price is not bad either.

Jackie Moyano

Delicious carrot cake cupcake!

Ben Katoski

WOW! Jenny and her crew did an absolutely perfect job preparing the cake I asked for. The cake looked amazing, Jenny was quick to respond to any questions I had, and most importantly the cake tasted delicious! I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a bakery.


I have known this bakery for quite some time already since they're fortunately located near my place of residence, but I never got to check them out until today , since the other bakery that I used to frequently go to was closed. I can't believe what I have been missing out on .They're so better than other local bakeries I have tried!

Graham Gillman

David Hurwitz

Dear Jenny, and "Decorator" (...I'm sorry, I do not know your name!) Lori's 60th surprise dinner was last night. My cousin Terri had picked up the Starry Night cake Saturday. They had sent me a picture before I saw it "live", but it did not do it justice! The piece or edible artwork was the hit of the evening! It was better than I could of imagined......and it tasted like a slice of Heaven. I wanted to thank you for all of your efforts in making this special occasion a huge success. My hat's off to you, your decorator, & your staff for going above and beyond to satisfy a clients whim so successfully. I will be sure to pass on your information to all my friends & family for future use of your exquisite services. Warmest regards, David Hurwitz a "Starry Night" guy

Marti Clark

I love Gluten Free Because it’s my favorite thing about it

Amy Cochran

Both times I've been here, I've been totally happy with my experience. The feeling you have when you walk in is that the bakers are making whatever they feel like making that day, and you just get to taste the delicious results. I have a sister who is a professional baker, who upon tasting their cookies said, "They are a fantastic cookie, like, as a bakery snob I'm saying this. They are baked to perfection. They are taking them out of the oven at the EXACT. RIGHT. TIME."

Kimberly Fields Shah

Very easy to order online. JennyCakes bakery made a first birthday cake for my daughter, it looked and tasted great!! Another amazing cake from Jenny Cakes Bakery!!!

Rebecca Gramling

I purchased several cookies and bars for a dinner party. Everything was delicious. I wished to have bought more just for me! Fresh, quality ingredients, friendly staff, reasonable prices.

Sherry Harris

Not open on Monday but still let us come in and buy a few cupcakes. Super nice.

Augusto Cangahuala

Wonderful cupcakes. We ended up there thanks to some friends who are regulars and this place didn't disappoint. The service was cordial and so quick. Also the prices are reasonable for the quality you get.

Stacy Coppess

Yuberi Quezada

Sarah Ruben

Cheryl Wiggins

James McDowell

So good. Just a shame jenny isn't there often. BUT THE CAKES, MAN. ADDICTING

Lane Rolling

Great place and staff, the cake i got for my daughters birthday was perfect and tasted delicious she loved it.

christa dodoo

May Saiki

jess gidwani

I ordered my military promotion cake from here and they did an amazing job! Jenny corresponded via email to make sure all the details were correct so that the cake would be perfect for my special day. I love how it turned out and all of my guests raved about how delicious the cake tasted. I definitely recommend JennyCakes Bakery to anyone looking for local sweets!

Jjj Potter

Never disappoints! Ever! And they are so kind

KJ Mburu

Lexi B

Best Cake!!!! Had a cake make for a birthday (9in chocolate and vanilla with strawberry buttercream filling and vanilla buttercream) and it was a hit! Not only was the ordering process a breeze, but the staff was friendly and super helpful. Everyone was asking where the cake was made. The cake was delicious and the icing was even better. I will forever be using JennyCakes for any future events when I need a cake or cupcake. If you are looking for a bakery for any upcoming event choose JennyCakes!!!

Anne Marie Reidy-Borenstein

I have to be careful going to Jenny's shop; I want one of everything! Particularly devastating: chocolate Bouche de Noel. Apple caramel cupcakes. I could go go, instead, and make your own list!

Whittney Matlock

Owner is rude and belligerent to customers. Because of my crazy work schedule, I've tried for months to get to the bakery while there are open I finally made it this afternoon. I saw they had my 2 favorite cakes in the world, German Chocolate and Red Velvet. Because of previous experiences with other bakeries mislabeling of chocolate cake as German chocolate, I asked if the German chocolate was actually German chocolate cake. The owner informed me that because she is such a small shop, she sees no need to actually make German chocolate cake, she just puts caramel icing on her version of chocolate cake. When I asked further questions about this substitution she threw me out of her shop. If the owner of the shop things so little of her patrons as to not bother making what she advertises and to mislabel the cakes she makes simply to make them sound more impressive than they are and then get's upset when a customer asks her about it, I feel they are cheating their clients and doing a disservice to the baking industry. There is a reason for different kinds of cakes having different names. Chiefly, they have different flavors and qualities that can easily be distinguished. In this particular case German chocolate cake is a very specific recipe invented in the US in the 50s with an culinary established history and distinct flavor and texture. If you don't care what's in your cake, giver them a try. If you actually care that the name of a food has meaning, this is not the place to shop.

Alexander Arman

We received a box of Cookies at work from one of our customers. They are the best cookies I have had in this area. They were very flavorful and most importantly not too Sweet! My plan is to get a cake for our next employee Birthday from them. I will share the experience.

Lindsey Paige

We ordered our daughter's birthday cake from here last week. We chose JennyCakes because we had heard such good things about the place and they have gluten free options. My son sampled a gluten free cupcake before we ordered the cake and he was sold! When I went to pick up the cake, our daughter's name was spelled wrong. They were not able to fix it while I was in the store so they offered to deliver it once fixed. Not only was the cake absolutely beautiful and delicious, they delivered exactly at the agreed upon time. What a gift! We will definitely look to JennyCakes for future dessert needs. Thanks so much!!

Dionne B

I went to JennyCakes Bakery today to buy a dozen cupcakes for my daughter ‘s birthday. The cupcakes were hard and 4 of the cupcakes looks like mice bites on them. Immediately put them in the trash. Ruined my daughter’s.birthday. I will never return!!!

Kalapothakos Efstathia

The cupcakes were delicious. I purchased them for my daughter's birthday and she loved the strawberry icing with birthday cake. It was a big hit.

Crystal Shelton


Great atmosphere, kind staff, and absolutely delicious treats!

John Seabreeze

Best lemon ricotta cookies and key line pies you've ever tasted! And always served with a smile!

Benjamin Slade

Manuel Alonso

Today we will go for a calorie burning walk and start our keto diet.......oh hay is that Jenny Cakes....oh is that freshly baked Banana bread....oh well......yum.....yum.....yum

Shakira Charriez

Mahetzy Viera

I got a 9 inch cake and a 4 inch cake from Jennycakes. The 4 inch cake was a smash cake for my daughter's first birthday and the larger on for the guests. I emailed them about a week before I needed the cakes. They were very responsive. They gave me advice about what size cake to get and designs for decorating the cakes. You can submit your own design but I went with one on the website. Both cakes looked absolutely adorable! Not only that, they tasted delicious! I do have to say the chocolate cake was my favorite. I would highly recommend this place to anyone!

Eva Patterson

David Evans

Holy moly! Delicious sweet treats!

David Eaton

This place is amazing. Bakeries that make their products in-house are few and far between, so I really need to give it to them. The desserts are beyond delicious. I would recommend going to Frankly... Pizza! for dinner, then going over to Jenny Cakes to get a cupcake, or some other sweet treat, whatever your fix may be. I've tried a variety of foods there, but my favorite is definitely the red velvet cupcake, but everything's good.

Beth Sawicki

Delicious custom birthday cake. Fresh ingredients and not overly, sugary sweet like some icings. Will definitely be back & will look for reasons other than birthdays to have cake.

Rajesh Bhan

I loved the cake. Wanted to surprise my wife with a beautiful cake and I was very happy with the Italian cream cake :)

Aileen Vaughn

My post is well overdue. We used Jenny’s Cakes for our wedding (May 2017) and we were most satisfied with them! The staff was friendly, super responsive and our delivery came on time, in perfect condition. Our cake was simply delectable! We ordered a Buttercream/Italian Cream/Salted Caramel 3-tier cake w/cream cheese icing decorated with our theme colors of ivory, aqua/turquoise (Tiffany color), trimmed around the edges and the result was not only beautiful, but the taste was simply magnificent. I highly recommend Jenny’s Cakes.

Aurora del Vecchio

Sophia Miller

The cupcakes were dry and hard, however I did enjoy the frosting. I do not recommend and will not return.


I'm allergic to milk and eggs and received a vegan chocolate cake with buttercream icing as a gift from my wonderful co-workers. The cake was absolutely delicious. I'm a part-time vegan baker and I can assure you their vegan cake is superb.

Cathy Martin


Stephen Hendrickson

The best.

Seth Heilman

I purchased a chocolate cake that serves up to 50 people on 26 Aug 2017. It was incredible. It was so delicious. Everyone thought so. Everybody talked about how great it was. It was chocolate with chocolate ganache. Oh, and did I mention the owner of the business e-mailed me shortly after I placed my online order to make sure my order would be as perfect as possible? She had great recommendations by the way. Thank you Jenny!!!!!!!

Andrew Tantillo

People give huge compliments when I get a birthday cake from JennyCakes. I also love to pop in for a cookie ice cream sandwich. I mean my kids do. Not me. Definitely.

Donald D'Amato

Golda Simpson

JennyCakes is my go to for any occasion. Her cakes are moist and delicious without being overly sweet. She communicates promptly and her decorators have made my cakes exceptional every single time. Place an order, you won't regret it.

Dionecio Headley

Delicious cupcakes

Stacie Peyton

Wow! They have very great cookies here for $1 each! I purchased a blueberry cake slice that was also excellent. Would be a regular consumer if I lived near this bakery because these are wholesome baked goods! I had to go in twice in the same day just to purchase more to take back to VA with me!

Sheila Cantor

Super great

Lauren Quinn

Even the GF cupcakes are stellar.

Carrie Lopez

Mia Carre Long

Great gluten free cake.

addie Cookie

Jennifer Gelman

Delicious desserts. Gluten free and vegan options. Can order ahead.

Deon Dorsey

Nice friendly environment with lots of goodies!

cindy smith

Cupcakes are pretty good, but their customer service isn’t that friendly.

Alicia Thacker

The pull apart cupcake cake was EXACTLY what my daughter wanted. What a hit. They were delicious. We had a very pleasant and professional experience. I would recommend JennyCakes.

Megan Dreyer

I have been coming to Jennycakes for almost a year now. Recently I went to another cupcake bakery to try something new. Nothing is on par with Jennycakes. Friendly, welcoming atmosphere, and customers are always greeted with smiles. They just expanded into the store neighboring them, and the whole set up is very beautiful and charming. This is a seasonal bakery, so some items will rotate depending on the time of year. Other things you can almost always expect to see, like the absolutely wonderful chocolate chip cookies (yum!) or sugar cookies frosted with buttercream. I can never seem to go wrong with Jennycakes!

Calandra Whitted

Miguel Teixeira

The place for cakes

Eliot Gerson

Damn good cupcakes.

Richard Ford

Lovely neighborhood bakery with terrific salted caramel cupcakes (among other treats).

Big Utah

Have been here several times and have loved the cookies, cupcakes, and cakes. But I have to knock off a star for the bizarre business model where the phone number doesn’t ring the store. I called to see if they had any cakes for a last-minute birthday cake. After 3 failed calls, I finally got through and asked if they had any cakes. Jenny said yes, there should be several. So I immediately drove there and the employee said they just sold the last one. When I said the person I spoke with (30 minutes before) said there were several, he said that Jenny was in Rehoboth. Now I realize the call failures were not me but the probable poor reception on Jenny’s phone. And it explains why I’ve had troubles previously when I have tried calling to order cakes. Maybe I’ll go back because the baking is great...but not sure I can support this type of customer service.

Lisa Heaton

We starting looking for a cake for my daughter's wedding in November of 2017. Her location was Antrim 1844 in Taneytown, MD, so we went to a number of bakeries recommended in Frederick and Carroll County, but they were all ridiculously expensive and everyone used fondant icing, which looks great but tastes terrible. It seemed that as soon as you said "wedding cake" the prices went way up in a hurry. So, I reached out to my local high school network, the B-CC HS net, and asked for recommendations. Lo and behold, of the 20 that I got, 15 were for JennyCakes Bakery in Kensington. Oh my goodness-we sampled a number of flavors and everything was delicious. We chose the Coconut Almond flavored cake with buttercream frosting (no additional coconut in the icing or on the cake, just flavoring) with four tiers and a rough edged icing, which we added flowers to. Jenny did not automatically double the price as soon as she heard Wedding or Bethesda. My daughter's wedding was Friday, August 10th, and the cake was beautiful. EVERYONE said it was the most delicious wedding cake they had ever had. If the Antrim staff had not moved FAST, we would not have even been able to save the top tier! In the ensuing months since last November, our go-to place for special cupcakes is to go get a dozen of the different flavors. In fact, my 22 year old son just found my lost, rather expensive prescription sunglasses and I told him he got a reward. What did he ask for? A dozen cupcakes from Jenny's.


Greatest baked goods in the DMV!

Gen Zaudtke

Michelle Labovitz

Delicious I can't wait to try the mint brownies!

Ramneek Kaur

Fantastic local bakery! I've had great experiences ordering cakes for two separate family events and also just dropping in to get cupcakes. My family and I have been trying to explore more of the menu recently, but we absolutely love the cookies and cream cake and chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream and just keep getting those! Their cookies and cream cake has cookies in the frosting and in the cake (which, in my experience, is a wonderful surprise for people expecting just a plain chocolate cake), and the peanut butter frosting has a great recognizable peanut flavor that doesn't taste artificial. So glad I found this bakery a couple years ago, especially since cakes from several other bakeries in the area are outside my budget.

Andrea Parke

Fiona Lee

Kim Queen

V Sansing-Foster

Jenny and her staff did an outer space cake for my child and it was gorgeous. It tasted delicious especially the cookie and cream filling. Everyone asked where I got it. Will be ordering and recommending this Bakery for birthday cakes and any other cakes.

Michael Fox

Best Cakes ever! Try the bar cookies like the Magic bar with a great cup of coffee. Super combination

Bill Ament

So They Have Little Tin Muffin Pans sitting atop the cupcake case filled with Massive Lemon Deliciousness unassumingly called lemon cupcakes. Topped with a glaze. Bring a spoon. Get more than one. You're gonna want more when you get home!

jessy napper

We used Jenny Cakes for our wedding and couldn't have been happier with them! Their staff were friendly, responsive, our delivery came on time and in perfect condition, and the cakes were delicious! We ordered a gluten free bride and groom cake decorated to look like birch bark and the result was not only beautiful but the taste was indistinguishable from cake made with wheat flower. We ordered 4 different flavors of cake for the rest of our guests and it was wonderful to be able to offer a variety. Their prices are extremely reasonable given the quality of their cakes!

Jerry Watkins

Everything we've ever gotten from Jenny have received many raves from our guests.

Sammy. Styled

Amber Palmer-Halma

This place is great. I love the cupcake flavors and the cake decorating is superb. They do wonders with butter cream frosting. Looks great and tastes even better.

Eric Smith

Great cakes and service

Sarah Woo

I requested for a same day order of a custom-made cake, and JennyCakes were able to do it so willingly. It turned out so pretty and so good. We all loved it - it was a gluten-free cake and it was delicious. The frosting was my favorite! Definitely going back! Thank you!

Galen Scott

Maya Furukawa

Absolutely adorable little store with scrumptious cupcakes! Their red velvet is a favorite at my house. Their frostings are incredible, which makes up for the fact that some cakes are a little dry. The service is amazing and they really do their best to make you happy! While I was there last, someone came in with a last-minute cake order...and they got it done!

JJ Yore

Andrew Turner

Felicity Holt

Delicious cakes have ordered twice now. Accommodated last minute orders even though the bakery was closed the owner emailed me back same day and agreed to help out with a gluten free cake. Fantastic service.

Greg Porter

We got a combination coconut and German chocolate cake for a 1st birthday party, and it was amazing. From the decorations to the taste....perfect.

Jessica Lamour

Emily Ceresa

The cakes are gorgeois and delicious. Jenny and the staff were very interested in making sure we got exactly what we wanted.

Glenn Stevens

Anne-Lise Sanzey

tasia coles

Horrible. Me and my son share the same birthday. I drove an hr in the snow to get to this bakery. They screwed up a simple flag cake. No creativity. I asked for a super mario cake, and everything but Mario was on it. But I looked past that because I just knew the cakes were gonna taste great right??...boy was I wrong! The cake tasted like week old cornbread w/icing. It was really heavy, and the icing had a weird processed after taste. Definitley not fresh.The very next day the cakes were hard and crunchy.Not to mention I spent close to $100 bucks for 2 cakes. None of my kids wanted any cake, and we are huge cake fans. I had to trash them. Thanks alot guys. Super disappointed.

Anna Krauss

Jorge Rivera

A #1 the absolute best

Yoni S

I ordered a cake from Jenny Cakes, it was a last minute order and it was still made on time. The cake was moist as expected and the service was great. Its a small bakery but was welcomed with open arms. Will come back and recommend to friends and family.

Isaac Wedin

Terrific local bakery - their cupcakes and cookies are always a hit.

D Heidler

JennyCakes is outstanding. Consistent quality and taste. The value is excellent. Definitely worth the trip.

Motts Zilla

Very yummy. Coffee good too. Staff friendly and service fast. Parking lot is small and tight.

Jenny Olszewski

Awesome cupcakes and brownies, and just really nice, helpful people


Great carrot cake! Her cakes are great, made custom the way you want it decorated! Jenny is really good at getting back to you fast when ordering a custom cake. Prices are very comfortable! Definitely recommend for any event

dianne horrilleno

The cakes are so Delicious...especially the Red velvet one . I always order at jennys and they never let me down. The prices are affordable too. Everytime we have parties, I get the cakes at Jennys and My guests loved it. <3

Armen Mirzoian

Friendly service. Good selection of cakes and pastries.

Inna M

I heard great things about this place from my neighbor, so I decided to try it out for my Co workers birthday. Every single person who had one loved them. I personally enjoyed them so much I ordered more the next day! It's safe to say, that JennyCakes is now my cupcakes and cakes destination for all occasions.


I got the cake for my daughter's baby shower and everyone raved about it. It looked amazing and tasted even better

Noah Carter

Amazing cakes!

Martha Thomas

My mom is gluten free and my dad often refers to things like gluten free cake as "chem-food" as in made from chemicals and not very delicious. He went back for seconds and thirds of the gluten free birthday cake made by Jenny! Brava - an exceptional cake made with only a day's notice. Couldn't haven't been more pleased with this bakery - highly highly recommended!

Heather Law

The apple pie we got for Thanksgiving was really good but the big hit were the cookies.

LaAngel Hartman

The cupcakes are amazing!

A Herro

Dustin Williams

The cupcakes are delicious!!! I don't know what else to tell you. The folks that work there are nice and friendly. You can place an order online and pick them up. You have to try the Key Lime with Mango frosting.

Seth Sobel

I was in a rush when I came in to pick up my baby gender reveal cake on Saturday, but I wanted to say that it looked great and tasted even better. Everyone was raving about the cake. Thanks so much for doing a great job and having it ready on time!

Max Murphy

The staff are lovely and the cupcakes we're divine. It was nice to have a cupcake at a shop that did not taste like mix. It had been too long.

Timothy Christensen

Maya Barnes

Went to Jenny Cakes the other day for the first time and omg so yummy! The smell alone when you walk in is wonderful. Smells like warm sugary fluffiness haha. I ordered the vanilla/strawberry cupcakes for my boyfriend and he loved them. I tried the carrot cake cupcake and this one is by far my favorite. Can’t wait to go back!

Robin Willis

Great service, and beautiful, delicious cakes

David Hatwell

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