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REVIEWS OF Harmony Bakery IN Maryland

mark j

They are the best

Susan Walters

Very cozy, welcoming atmosphere! Lots of amazing, delicious, vegan items!

Nathalie Asnen

Best vegan bakery in Baltimore

GD Chen


Best bakery in the area, hands down!

Bonnie Gebhart

The cake I got from here was amazing. Truly a hit at my office. Staff here is also quite lovely!


Carl Butler

Better than I expected for vegan food.

Michael Coleman

Great great gluten free bakery.

Sarah Leite

This is my family's favorite place to go anytime. I take my toddler here for nutritious treats. Hi favorite is the oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. I swing by Harmony when I don't have time to bring my own lunch to work and get one of the Kale salads or a soup. They grain-free granola is amazing. You don't have to eat "gluten free' to love this restaurant. The owners and team of bakers and from counter staff are all friendly and professional. Love it!

Nurdan Durdag

I was excited seing the good looking food.They gave me something I didnt order which was okay! But the way they reacted to their fault was inconvenient ! They never say sorry and the intonation... It supposed to be combination of good food and good ppl! I don't like seeing such faces in front of me acting like it was my fault ! The food is okay but they need to learn about basic rules of respectful communication.

Pizza Party Printing

Been to this place a few times and it's always fantastic.

Grah Bella

Ross Lamont

Great food , coffee and service. Friendly service and is now our go to stop for baked goods. Best Gluten free baked good I have had.

Vonnie D

Oh my GOODNESS....I finally came here. I'm gluten intolerant, so I've been looking for a really good, not subpar, but good Gluten free bakery. This place had exactly what I was looking for, because everything and I mean everything is gluten free. Not to mention they are also vegan • wheat-free • soy-free • egg-free • dairy-free • peanut-free. I tried the chocolate donut which was superb. They have candy sprinkles on top which I am not a fan of, but that's because I personally don't like crunchy food mixed with soft food, but that didn't stop me from eating the whole thing. I also wanted to try something savory but didn't know where to start so they had a spin wheel for those who are new customers or just indecisive, which I am both of, but anyway I ended up with the the flatbread with a creamy spread and veggies on top. I ate the whole thing while driving (I don't recommend it), but I couldn't wait. So in conclusion, I highly recommend this place for those with certain food sensitivities or allergies. I'm glad I came here and I'm not disappoint at all with what I tried so far. This will be my new 'treat yo-self' place!!

Niharika Khanna, MD

Awesome gluten free arrays

Renee Dsouza

Best bagels ever! We love everything at this place and the owners are awesome and make you feel like family.

William Rigdon

My favorite weekend food.

Brian Pham


Golden milk put me in a better mood. Lite spice and creamy

V Lee


Kite Louma

Ok, the quality of the food continues to spiral downward. The vegan flatbread has become a lost art. First, It went from being served with fresh vegetables to a flatbread where the crust is pasted with a huge amount of white spread and few pieces of squash. The last time I ate the vegan flatbread the crust was super thin and hard with tomato paste and chunks of garlic. Furthermore, the bread literally smelt spoiled. Other items from the restaurant do not taste the same. I don't know if I will spend money there again.

Ben Fishbein

Great gluten free pastries!

Mark Stark

Great vegan and gluten free bakery

laura Carey-Blackman

Great food, but must cut back on use of oil. Will go back to try something different. Cesar salad was delicious!

Lauren Alford

Absolutely delighted with all of the gluten free options!

Kristina Peles

Good GF dedicated bakery; try the quiche

Bonnie Randolph

The desserts are fantastic!

Nick Love

Amjad Zauher

My wife is a glu-tard, so I've by default adopted a very gluten-free diet. These guys make EXCELLENT quality food. If I didn't know, I wouldn't never have guessed it's gluten free (are you guys slipping it in the recipes? ;) )

Tyneir Bethea

Soooo many yummy GF options!!!

Rukus Tattoo

Best kale salad on Earth. 10/10

Billy George

The churro was incredible, and the strawberry chocolate truffle was outta this world!

Karis Yoo

Cute vegan place. Really yummy savory tarts and sweet treats. Wish there was one in DC or VA.

Pamela Panneton


Great place for all Vegans! Their treats are just delightful.

a. pellerin

Totally gluten free, great bagels and cookies.

Harmony R

Very nice atmosphere and friendly staff. Came here specifically for the gluten free food and was not disappointed. I got a mixed berry donut with powdered sugar and it was wonderful, not like a brick or too crumbly like some other gluten free products out there. I also got the vegetable tart which consisted of spinach I believe and some squash, I was worried the squash might be and overbearing taste but I enjoyed it as well. I currently have a lot of dietary restrictions which limited my options but the staff asked the cooks who were working in a open kitchen for people to see and asked what products were garlic free for me. Overall very nice experience and hope to return soon.

Bev Folkoff

Great food and nice people!

Nancy P.

Home-made exquisite vegan sweets and cafe food. Always love going to Harmony Bakery on Cestnut St.

Kisha Kiah


John Mink

Very eclectic menu, don't expect to like everything. But once you do find something that works for you, you'll love it! Also, great dessert menu for vegan/celiac.

Rachel McCready-Flora

Amazing food and outstanding customer service. The highlight of our trip to Baltimore! Their vegan quiches are ridiculously good and well with waking up early for on the weekend.

Amdalat Lawal

I love the selection of desserts.

cdm4885 .

I never knew Allergy-Friendly cooking could be so decadently delicious!! Gluten-free, Vegan, nut-free treats and savory breakfast fare fill their display cases. This visit was for desserts (cupcakes and cookies

Carly Fuller

A hidden VEGAN gem in Maryland. Worth the drive into Baltimore! Their vegan pizza with cashew cheese was delicious and the perfect size for one. We also tried their mint chocolate cookie


Love this place! Very tasty vegan and gluten free cafe. Coffee is always good and the quiche is incredible. Definitely worth a try

Belle V

Mascha Artz

Amazing food!! All glutenfree, vegan and super tasty!!

Ashley Ryan

Yum! As someone with celiac I really liked being able to eat whatever I wanted here, and not have to pick and choose!

Suzi Darlin

The best place to eat in Baltimore!

Geoffrey Boggs

It is a magical place! Their food is extremely delightful (like this extra tasty creamy pesto flatbread) and they offer such a friendly atmosphere - their employees are always friendly. If you're looking for a great place to grab a bite or snack, I highly recommend this little slice of heaven.

eilee boylan

The almond log is delicious. You can eat in or out.

Cheyenne Tandon

Desserts are great! Cake is the best! My husband and I tried their entree/breakfast dishes and we were both impressed. We will definitely be back for more.

Elizabeth Richardson

Very helpful staff, very yummy food!!

Faye Rivkin

jamie G

very nice staff and excellent vegan food. the everything bagel was excellent... even better with salt and chalula

Alexandra Lowry

Lenora Pace


I have mixed feelings about this place. The actual food was delicious like the pizza, etc. Its the bakery items that weren't so great. I got a little excited when I saw vegan bakery so I purchased a good amount of treats. I got a brownie, piece of cake, cookie, cupcake, etc. They were all distasteful. I wont be going to the resturant for any future sweet tooth cravings I have. But, I will be going for their regular meal options because the pizza I had was the BOMB!

Ilhaam Patel

My go to spot for kid friendly treats that everyone loves

Ben Lipov

Made my first visit today as a post-gymnasticts celebratory late brunch with my 10 y.o. daughter... we both loved it! We shared two of the tarts and two desserts. I'm a picky eater and strictly eat gluten-free and mostly vegan, the tarts were amazing made with great flavors, perfect texture, and served piping hot the way they should be! Atmosphere is friendly and cozy. Had a great bonding moment with my daughter for whom I'm trying to encourage her to eat this way too. Thank you harmony, we will be back!


Healthy and holistic done right!

Nelmari Ruiz Otero

Mikal Veale

Molly JC

I love all the baked goods

Susan Vernon

Super cute vegan/gluten free restaurant. Delicious food and really nice people. The kale salad was great, and the quinoa salad and polenta pizzas were awesome. Lentil soup was good, too. THEN there is a big variety of desserts. You won't miss the gluten -- I promise.

James Yuhasz

Amazing selection of all vegan, gluten free food!

Slimygirl 200725

Karriem Farrakhan

Makes me smile every time I walk in! So many delicious treats. The kale salad is amazing!

Ana Neder

Amazing food and bakery. I an not vegan or gluten free and I loved it. The brownie was especially delicious

Hope Jean

Delicious food at very reasonable prices, especially considering it's specialty food. Friendly staff. You can get in and out very quick.

Zev Tovian

This is the best bakery I've ever been to, hands down. Everything is so gooood and I just can't believe it's all gluten free!

Daniel Batkhan

Amazing all Vegan Gluten Free Cafe, high quality food...very affordable.

Monica Sizemore

It's an awesome place. I think you should go there

Aileen Geraghty

So grateful for this restaurant. I can't eat gluten or dairy. I can eat anything they make here with no worries. Relatively quiet too. And it's all delicious.


gluten free and vegan baked goods. The food and service is outstanding.

Jen Swett

Delicious turmeric and ginger iced tea, quinoa burgers and chocolate thin mint cookies!

Dana Bell

The samoa bars were amazing. Cozy vegan, gluten free, and you can get a meal and desserts

Hugo Fernandes

What an amazing vegan place! The food is healthy, fresh, and delicious; the staff is very nice; and the space is quite nice, though small. I returned three times in 24 hours. Their Kale Salad is phenomenal and my fave, but the Spinach Tart and Crab Cake are very close seconds. Their sesame bagels are also fantastic, and everything is gluten free to boot! I'll be back the next time I'm in Baltimore.

Laura Proudfoot

This place has delicious everything. I'm currently eating a side kale ceasar salad and a quinoa burger on a sesame bun with pickles and roasted tomato hummus and it seriously might be the best "burger" I've had in this city. I don't eat meat so take that for what you will, but it's so delicious I was compelled to write a review, that never happens. Before I stopped eating sugar I had the privilege of eating their baked goods (cupcakes, cookies, power bars, donuts) and they are also delectable. Everything here is vegan and gluten free, but also delicious as my bread-eating, meat-eating fiance will attest. Dynamite coffee. A block from my house. This is amazing. My new lunch spot for sure. Just out of reach of a pokestop, but if you sit outside you might make it. Some of the nicest service in Hampden.

the Vegan mechanic

Beyond amazing place . I had the v crab cake.


Lola Manekin

One of my favorite places EVER!!! Being gluten free is now delicious and amazing!

sandy darrow

It's very nice

Nickie Millington

Stopped in and ordered one of each available donut. (Yay, vegan donuts!) The cake donuts are quite dense, almost like a muffin. They are very tasty, but not quite "donut-y". The chocolate coated one had a nice flavor. It was more chocolate glaze than frosting, sweet and good. The coconut one was amazing, with an unexpected lemon touch! The cinnamon sugar one was a little lackluster compared to the others, but that lemon-coconut one is hard to beat!

Michelle Stafford

I love that it's a family owned and run business. Lisa is always very welcoming and takes the time to connect with customers. The food is always fresh and full of flavor. I eat there regularly!

Carlos E. Guerrero Argueta


Update: I loved this place until I visited the bakery about a month ago to buy morning glory muffins for my daughter. The young lady who was working behind the counter went to the baking area to get additional muffins. I saw her pick up my muffins with her bare hands. I instantly became angry, I was speechless, and at the same time I did not want to make a scene because there was another customer in the store. Yes, I did purchase the items and immediately regretted buying them and not saying anything after I left the store. Unfortunately, I have not been able to go back again even though I really love there baked goods. I’m completely scared. Previous post: I love this place. The chocolate cookies and I believe it’s called the glory muffin, are amazing. Additionally, I don’t have to worry about asking questions about gluten or dairy because the bakery only offers gluten free and vegan options.

Wendy Kurtz

This place is fabulous! I do nutrition counseling and this is my favorite place for a healthy breakfast or lunch in Baltimore. You can tell that everything is made with love. My favorite is the salad combo and it always comes with a healthy homemade raw cracker. The salads are made fresh each morning. They also sell soups and smoothies. All their baked goods are gluten-free and they've got several healthy sweet options too! Try the Bliss balls or the Maya balls.

Selena Schreyer

Great food great vibes! This little cafe is beautiful and the family that owns it is too xox

Luke Quell

Great selection of vegan baked goods. Cozy atmosphere and delicious treats

Allan Rombro

I'm neither vegetarian nor gluten sensitive. I love everything they have. Super friendly family run place.

Kiezha Harrison

Great food, great customer service, and great atmosphere.

Mark Spurrier

Really nice people and great coffee and pastries!!

Robert McCarty

Best gluten free bakery around. We bought bagels, spinach tarts, quinoa salad, and bliss balls. All were excellent. The staff were very friendly and helpful. Highly recommended!

Sherrell Savage

One of my favorite places for special baked goods

Beatriz López

Comida gluten - free y vegana excelente. Muy recomendable para celíacos y para no celíacos!

gary rogers

What an impressive little bakery! I stopped by here after getting brunch in Hampden and had no idea it was was vegan and gluten-free. I spent a solid ten minutes ogling at all the options and the lady working there was very polite and patient with me. There are many unique pastries that were made with ingredients I wouldn't have thought to put together {no-bake "bliss ball" with mango, pumpkin seeds, and coconut = actually quite yummy!} They also had real breakfast items like quiches, tarts, soups and salads. I'll have to come back to try these out. This shop itself was so chic - wooden displays, chalkboard placards, bookshelves with real books? It is a bit cozy though, so it might be difficult to grab a seat and stay a while. Overall, a real cute place offering some tasty, food-restriction-friendly treats :)

Andrew Flood

james pisano

Outstanding baked goods. Small inside, but excellent food. Vegan treats that you would never believe are vegan. Had a quiche today with some kombucha and delicious black coffee. Best chocolate chip cookies I've ever had. Highly recommend Harmony Bakery.

Cullen Stalin

Their tarts and brownies are quite tasty. You don't have to be vegan or have a gluten-free diet to enjoy this place, but for people who are both, you especially don't want to miss this spot.

Harold Williams

Great food

Jonathan Randolph

Excellent vegan dessert menu, whatever you do get the samoas.

Ina Griffin

Best Gluten Free Bakery Experience Ever!!! Delectable choices. Reasonable cost for the creative and delicious choices!!! Highest recommendation from a Celiac diner!

dj impulse

LOVE it here! All vegan and gluten free. I get the kale Caesar every time paired with a quiche or the mock crab cake. Leave room for dessert!

Laura Stearns

Nice little bakery/cafe. Has lots of sweet and savory pastries (seems many vegan options?), and you can also buy a loaf of bread (sandwich loaf shaped). I ordered and iced coffee, which was good, and a sesame bagel with jam. They heated up the bagel well which was nice. It was a bit expensive for a coffee and a bagel with jam, but overall it seems like a nice neighborhood spot.

Sheila Matano

Great gluten free bakery. Has pretty good lunch options. Love this place! Service is always awesome.

Emily Briggs

Amazing selection of vegan options! I’ve never tried anything I didn’t like!

Michele Levasseur

Best vegan in town!

Jacquelyn Torres

My new favorite bakery in the city. From the spam and egg bun to the coffee cake, everything I tried was delicious.

Ron Samuels

Fast becoming one of my favorite healthy choice venues especially with the departure from the local Farmer's Market... Great food. and Baked Delights highlighted by a cozy atmosphere....

Patricia Neal

Amazing staff! I'm always please with the food . DELICIOUS

Jonathan Kozachyn

Jamse Masterpolo

Always great

Marc Rosen

Dons Lemmon squares may be the best desert I've ever eaten....and everything is gluten free! Well done.

Rene Shapiro


Michelle de Groot

For vegan, gluten free bites in the Hampden area, this place simply can't be beat. It's always hot and cramped inside, unfortunately.

Sage Johnston


David Guth

Best bakery in Baltimore

Agha Khan

My go to place in baltimore for gluten free food and desserts. Very tasty.

Ryan Wetzelberger

Constantly varying and providing great, new, and healthy food

Philip Hall

Heart warming little cafe. Great food. Staff that cares.

Theresa Cangialosi

Best bakery/cafe in Baltimore...period.

Crystal P

My go to lunch spot! Always have to have my brownie fix

Stargirl the Practical Witch

Once a month I Uber eat breakfast to my house before work to make waking up and going just a little less miserable. This morning I ordered a avocado melt from here and it was the greasiest nastiest mess I have ever saw. The bagel was burnt, the “vegan cheese” was the color of green snot and slathered ontop way too thick and sloppily while four slices of pitiful tomato drowned in the slop. The taste was not much better. I have been a vegan in many different cities and have never lived in a city where vegan food was so uninspiring: Baltimore smh. The food is the equivalent of the city.

Julia Hsia

Not vegan but their chewy bar is so rich and tasty!

Chris Todd

This is a very pleasant little cafe for a vegan bite to eat.

Alicia McNee

I would literally eat here every single day if I could. Everything is vegan and gluten free. The staff is so nice. I love it and come here once a month even though it's on the other side of town from me.

Lysa H

Gluten free everything! Vegan too. Nice surprise; we'll visit again sometime.

Heather Elliott

Gluten -free & vegan and delicious!

Kati B

Heaven on Earth. I'm gluten intolerant and allergic to cow milk - I love finding a place where I can eat cake, cookies, brownies, quiche, etc. Food is great.


great food ! cool artwork by greg !

Brittany Maureen

Wow. I cannot express how great the food was. An all vegan bakery

Mildred Suggs

Plant-based is GREAT!

Numm Zilla

Excellent Vegan options and they are wonderful people. Never been dissapointed

Lisa Hogue

We stopped by yesterday. Every thing was amazing, from there vegan quiche to there vegan cupcakes! They are also very friendly! We will definitely be going back and wish they were closer to where we live!

Amy Weishaar

I am a regular customer, and I am always pleased with the selection, service, and Soo thankful for a place that is safe for my dietary needs!

Imani Stewart

A gluten free staple. If you are either gluten sensitive or vegan this is a must. Try the donuts, spinach tart, and kale caesar salad.

Zoey Meyers

This is my favorite vegan spot in town! Everything I’ve ever tried here has been delicious. Highly recommend you stop in for some crab cakes, quiche, or grab some donuts!

Rennie Pasquinelli

This is my favorite place in Hampden to get baked goods. While everything is vegan and gluten free, I can safely say most people would never guess that after biting into one of their absolutely delicious muffins, brownies, cookies, or other treats. They also genuinely care about customer feedback and are always so positive!

Lauren Tiberi-Warner

Amazing. Everything at harmony’s is delicious. Go there as often as I can. The owners are also lovely.

Thomas Moore Jr

Fresh and delicious Gluten free

Lyn Walley

Nice variety of fresh gluten free food!

Carmen Tomas

best damn vegan treats in baltimore! and BONUS: they are all GF! So there is bound to be food for everyone <3 every single thing I've had here has been delicious: toona melt on bun, everything bagels with butter n jam, mini donuts, pumpkin spice donuts, chocolate donuts, blondies, arugula deli salad! everything!!!! too bad i live in Oregon, or I'd be here every other day. I can't wait to come back for more :-) thanks, yall!

Sonia Su

EDIT: The service here is very subpar. While the items are good, I didn’t feel welcomed there. Warming up food shouldn’t take that long and then be forgotten. Omg the veggie quiche was the best quiche I’ve ever had. Perfect portions and absolutely delicious! The chocolate brownie was also moist and scrumptious

Madeline Bieler

I was really skeptical about this place initially as someone who is not a vegan, but was being dragged here by my sister. But 10/10 would come back here, the food was SO GOOD! Kale salad and spinach tart we're delicious! Sister loved her quesadilla, husband had the quinoa burger-he really enjoyed it but I was less excited about. BUT THE SPINACH TART! everything in the baked goods case also looked scrumptious, we got muffins to go, but haven't sampled them yet. Coffee was classic. I did not miss animal products at all here. The one downside to this place is that it's popular, and they have very limited indoor seating. When the weather warms up I suspect they have outside seating though. Overall, come here. Come here and get this life changing spinach tart.

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