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12268 Rockville Pike #A, Rockville, MD 20852, United States Located in: Federal Plaza

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REVIEWS OF Great Harvest Bread IN Maryland

Laura Mroz

They give out samples of breads they are making each day. Prices are reasonable for the area, and worth it because everything I've eaten here is always delicious! Customer service is so so, some days better than others.

Deepa Suryanarayanan

Samuel Neff

Absolutely love their bread, especially the cherry white chocolate and the Popeye. My kids love the pumpkin spice muffins.

Marcelo ARK

Gary Morin

Breads are great. But, some of the staff are indifferent or uninterested in serving customers.

Katie Miller

First time here. Picked up a scone for my kiddo and left. Then take home scones were cinnamon chip and blueberry white chocolate chip and they were to die for! Service was great and i was able to try a few fresh made breads. I will definitely return :)

Whitney Burton

Vicky Pohlen

Very friendly, clean, good atmosphere!

Marissa Aflleje

High quality products. Samples of baked goods. Nice variety and constantly changing menu.

Janice Temple

I went to the store to ask for sample of

Kimberly Capehart

Tsi Tsi McLure

Each time I get into Great Harvest, I forget amount counting calories! All the bread I have sampled taste so good. My fav is pumpkin yumkin!

Hannah Ajibola

Fantastic staff! They make the bread fresh I. the store and even mill their wheat flour there. It was such a great delight to find this place. Their bread and cookies that I got are so soft and delicious. Would definitely suggest this to anyone who is picking on their bread being fresh and soft or really anyone looking for a treat.

maurizio hendrix

This is a great place. There is such a great variety of breads, cookies, scones, and even treats for your pet.The staff is the best. Hunter is such a nice, kind, patient person. We even struck a conversation all while he tended to other customers. Something worth mentioning is that a customer came in with a question about vegan bread. Hunter was able to accommodate to their needs.I would definitely go back time and again. The staff is really kind and well knowledgeable, and very important, such a great variety of delicious bread!! !


Love this place the bread pudding is the best around by far. Seasonal menue and daily fresh baked goods are amazing.

Sara Lotz

Jordan Uehara

om nomnomnomnomnomnom. Still gotta get here early for the good selection.

Bartola Gutierrez

I don’t really get to bake anything anymore except cookies sometimes with the kids. All the bread my family needs is from this place. You can always be sure that their breads are fresh and baked with this highest quality in mind.

Kevin Barth

Heather Wellington

Amazing fresh bread with friendly service

Katherine Ciacco Palatianos

NurAini SW

Great bread

Rena Levy

Delicious bread cookies

Mark Benson

Great fresh bread, love the honey whole wheat

Jon Abulencia

Ian C. Albright

The bread is awesome and so are their chocolate chip cookies.

Frances Mills

The staff is great, samples given and advice on their yummy treats. Always a good could it not be??

David Rose

John Michael Healy

Great bread, a little pricey,, huge selection of fresh made bread, rolls, etc,, it's nice, small place just off Rockville pike,, but the parking,, omg,, there are so many stores in this strip type mall, that you literally have to fight for parking,, it's crazy,, trader Joe's and Ross are close by and the people shopping at those stores make it tough to get a spot for the little stores,, it's a shame because there are some really cool little shops here, such as Great Harvest Bread. I will NOT be back for this reason


Nour almasri TV

Tamara Johnson

Ali Washington

Anne Ledger

Great bread, good service.

SheRose 60

This bakery is so wonderful! The people are great and they are usually busy, so any ambivolence on their part is probably exhaustion. The baked goods that I have purchased are always fresh and amazingly delicious. I get the trail bars a lot when I'm in town and they are the bees knees - so good and very satisfying. My whole family loves this place and if anything I buy doesn't get eaten quickly, I double wrap and put it in the freezer; it's still awesome when we take it out.

Brett Weiss

Great bread. Fresh and delicious.

Lolita Wright

Very poor customer service. Server seemed annoyed When a question was asked. Fresh hot bread means fresh hot bread

Kristina Brown

Great bread! Great selection! Great cookies! Everything is great! The smell will hypnotize you to buy.

Marvin Fell

Very good bread not inexpensive however

Linda Piccinino

My personal favorite. They helped out during the government shutdown.

Femi steve-fagbemi

This is one of my favorite places. The smell when you come in is divine. If I come in before I get lunch, I always leave feeling full with the different delicious samples they have.

Janet Chiu

Delicious bread, genuinely kind owner who ensures that everything is perfect. All stores should be this good.

John Vorwald

Wholesome, tasty bread

Jocqulyn Mason


Mike Mike

Katya White

Arba Miha

Amazing Everytime! Scones are to die for! Super Friendly staff too! I wish I lived closer, but when I'm ever in DC, I won't miss going here for a delicious scone!

Len Davidson

Best whole wheat bread, so chewy and thick, I pick up a loaf every week!

ashish sharma

Greg Minneman

Helene Flanagan

Rachel Holmer

I have never been disappointed by any purchase or experience at this store. The employees are wonderful and the bread tastes amazing. They even give our samples to make sure that you are buying something you like. MANY times the bread was so fresh that it was still warm by the time I got it home. I recommend the cinnamon swirl bread and the cinnamon chip halal. So delicious!

Tameka Evans

Kimberly Deibert

The only reason I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5, is because of who I assume was the manager (he acted like a manager). It was my first time in there and the lady who helped me was very kind and very helpful. As I was checking out, the (assumed) manager kept rushing her along and just didn't seem to treat her too kindly to the point where he even snapped his fingers at her, to hurry her along. At the time, there was no one else in the store besides me, and a gentleman who was using the phone and I myself was in no rush, as I had told the kind lady repeatedly. I found it quite rude how he treated her. Long story short: very kind and helpful lady who serviced me, excellent bread, and not so kind to staff, manager.

Tamara Alfonso

Might be a good product, but costumer service is very unpleasant. I was looking for good bread for my afternoon event; but the clerk was quite dismissive. I bought an expensive bread with a very strong taste, which I was not able to pair with my food... dissapointing.

Braden Fouts

ernesto romero

Personal muy amable, puedes probar el pan que te guste, pan recién echo, promoción después comprar una cierta cantidad te regalan pan

Salema Horn

Nicol Preston

The bread is amazing! An app would be great for customers to see availability of what is baking each day.

Grace Priyadarshini

Carolina Obregon

Brad Fordham

Vivian Yip

I went today after seeing a facebook clip and was hoprful that the rockville one might be as wonderful as the one in the clip. I went to the website and saw some very bad math comparisons to Giant. Even by the ounce, the prices are not only higher, but the image from the facebook clip makes a person believe that the bread is fresh daily...not 3 days old sometimes. The store in Rockville looks like a empty shell...the cash register(?) is a tablet looking thing....not much nice warm bread smell and unless asked point blank, the employee does not answer whether the bread is made that day or not. The plastic wrap also does not state when the bread was made. Sure, the bread is good for at least 7 days, but a person going into the store wants to buy fresh warm bread. I went thinking of the magarita bread or maybe the dakota bread, but since I didn't see the dakota bread, I asked when the magarita bread would be coming out. I was not going to wait over an hour for bread, so when the employee mentioned the simliar popeye bread, I was okay. However, as I paid, I encountered problems (I had 2 prepaid rebate cards, which their system would not accept) and then when I went to try a sample of what I purchased (I was already sort wondering since the bread I had was not warm to the around 10-11am, there should be some kind of bread that was warm), I sorta decided to ask on a long shot if the bread was made that day. The employee answered it was made on Saturday, so I started having buyer's remorse and held off until I bit into the sample. the sample sealed the deal (seriously, it had some staleness to it) and I requested the refund of what I just purchased. There were very few other freshly baked(?) products there (cookies/ muffin/scones/cakes easily seen...very discouraging) so I'd say it would be hard for a person to go in for an impulsive purchase. I would also recommend that they put stickers on when the bread was made or when the next fresh loaf would be coming out. (Similar to a Krispy Kreme sign or something) I hope other people who go there have a better experience than I encountered. My experience wasn't that bad, but I will not go there again. I was too disappointed.

M. Nuñez

Deedee Vans Evers

Timothy Hoffman

ArtCrawl Harlem

My favorite bread shop. It so good its dangerous.

Orit Shilo

Claude Ndahayo

If you love freshly made bread, this is the place for you!

Priscilla Yuen

I should stay away from carbs, but their Margherita Pizza Bread keeps calling me back to Great Harvest Bread. It's their new bread, which has tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil, like a real margherita pizza! Since it has tomatoes, the bread gets a little moist in the bag so best to keep it in the fridge. It taste even better when you toast a little to melt the cheese. I also still enjoy their Popeyes bread, which has spinach and provolone. They're chocolate chip cookies are amazing too! They offer free samples, if you don't know what you want, get a slice of them all. Their bread is supposedly baked fresh daily so check their website to see what they have each day. If you buy bread often, get their stamp card.

Ivan Trofimov

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