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742 Congress St, Portland, ME 04102, United States

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REVIEWS OF Tandem Coffee and Bakery IN Maine

Arielle Polites

I would like to thank the tandem team for their professionalism and quality. I ordered a baked goods basket in January for a wedding in June and they were wonderful throughout the process. The service I received at pick up was wonderful and all of the baked goods were amazing. Tandem is worth all of the accolades it’s given. Their coffee is incredible too!

Jasmine Rosario

While visiting the area we are so happy we stopped by this cafe; it had great reviews and it did not disappoint!! The area where the cafe is located is also a beautiful neighborhood that I am glad we walked through because of this cafe. The food was delicious and they obviously know what they are doing flavor-wise; it is a higher end quality for breakfast and pastries. The coffee was good, and I loved that they made their own almond milk in house. The prices were a little high though, and we had to wait a bit in line to order so expect there to be a wait. After eating there though it makes sense why there was a long wait; delicious food and quality ingredients!!

Kyle Hutmaker

Coffee is so good. They roast their own beans. Lots of bright citrus notes in the light roast. There was a line but it moved quick. The savory biscuit was phenomenal

Scott Dimmick

They have what they call "sticky buns". I am from Pennsylvania and these are not sticky buns. Think of a cake with icing rolled up to look like a sticky bun. They are very good, just not what you would expect from the name. The coffee is …

Tom Bander

Unbelievably good bakery. Always love their daily egg and cheese biscuit sandwiches for breakfast and amazing selection of baked goods. Cookies and pastries are all amazing and unique with great selection. Loaded biscuit with butter and jam is also a favorite. Great coffee and local vibe. I go whenever I can!

Allen Schroedel

Good coffee but over priced for the size. I think holy doughnuts had better coffee

Tanner Whitney

Makes me happy to see a great business thriving and excelling at what they do! The malt iced coffee and blueberry scone we ate while sitting outside, along with the beans I took home, were all delicious. Staff are very friendly and efficient!

Miguel Hernandez

That blueberry scone they make is out of this world!! Coffee is also fantastic!!

Caitlin Sweet

Iced coffee is kind of stingy but the loaded biscuits can't be beat!

Ivan Elliot

Best quiche I've had in a very long time.

Amanda Ostraat

Bring your own mug or sit for a spell and enjoy your coffee and a pastry. Good atmosphere to chill or socialize.

Nicole Johnson

We visited twice while in Portland. I love their pastry and breakfast sandwich. But most of all I love their story.

Paul Peterson

Classic bakery, wonderful products

William Putnam

Out of sandwiches by 11am the last four times I went there. Is your hipster model not to make money and anger customers by not having items. All four times I just walked out without buying anything. Last time I go there, it's not that good either.

JoAnn Greves

Place smells great upon entering, run out of everything with no replenishment early, service too laid back...bordering on lackadaisical

Evan Doyle

Great coffee, amazing breakfast sandwiches and baked goods.

Taylor Dunn

Great biscuits! Awesome people.

Thomas Saulnier

This place is pretty rad. If only there was any way to expeditiously serve all the folks who chose this location. Instead enjoy some time in the sun in their line outside the door... At least it's beautiful lately!

Vanessa Nosotti

I wished I lived closer because it is my favourite coffee shop. I love their coffee and the bakery is unbelievable. Best scones and butter biscuits I've ever tried !

Travis McGrath

The pie I had was delicious.


The coffee was pretty good for standard drip. The service was excellent for such a busy time , super friendly staff. Sitting outside on such a nice morning was excellent and dog friendly !

Will Akin

Fantastic indie coffee shop and cafe - this is one of my go-to breakfast stops when I don’t have too much time and need to get on my way; that being said, it makes for a great place to hang out and talk over caffeine and breakfast sandwiches when you have the time. Many of my weekends start here! I’d recommend the spinach + ham + cheese breakfast sandwich (it’s actually on a decadent homemade biscuit replete with salt and fluff and everything wonderful in this realm). They have great cold brew, though I usually spring for their warm drinks - cappuccinos or lattes are more my forte.

Joyce Bramhall

Boy we enjoyed our spot in the sun! So much that we did a late morning coffee and stayed long enough to have lunch of yummy focaccia bread ham sandwich with a slab of cheddar and a bit of coleslaw.

Mike Kelley

great coffee and espresso, best sticky bun I've ever had

Adam Wetterhan

Bakery cafe done right. Great drop coffee and savory pastries

Robin Raskin

Crack of baked goods! Hit bring your own coffee cup or you'll pay 25 cents more

Trevor Caruso

5 star for the place itself, 1 star for the coffee (personal preference). If you like your coffee to taste like lemons (extremely sour, acidic) then this place is for you. There is definitely some interesting complexity and subtlety and i can appreciate that they do coffee very well. But for me, its the antithesis of what i am looking for in a cup of coffee. Thanks guys. Awesome place to visit either way!

Chris Slesarchik

Top of the heap for coffee shops in Portland, and that’s saying a lot since the competition is fierce. Tandem’s coffee is second to none, the baked goods are uniquely incredible and the atmosphere is cool and chic. Their awesomeness causes Tandem to be crowded during peak hours (especially weekend mornings) so plan your visit accordingly. But even if you find yourself standing in line, know that it’ll be worth the wait.

Catherine Heath

Good coffee and great biscuits. The only issue I have is the price for a cup of coffee.

Andre Perry

Great coffee spot in downtown Portland (original location is in another part of town). The coffee selection is simple and solid. The food is good too. In particular the chocolate chip cookies are superb. The atmosphere is cozy yet comfortable - good place to post up for a quick break though maybe not the spot to post up at for hours (that would be Local Sprouts just down the block). The owners also have a commitment to the local art + music scene; I saw both a reading (outside) and musical performance (inside) there while dropping in for the Waking Windows festival.

Gilly Hager

amazing coffee and BEST BREAKFAST SANDWICH I’VE EVER HAD (egg, cheese, sausage and caramelized onion on biscuit)

Adam Abdelaziz

Line was long but very good latte

John Lefkus

Delicious coffee and pastries. Definitely a must if you need a good pick me up! Quick and pleasent service as well.


Super touristy but also really good. There’s a reason the line is (literally) out the door.

Marcus Dempster

Excellent breakfast sandwiches and coffee in a cool environment. Egg and cheese biscuit melts in your mouth. Would go again.

Chris Fultz

Mind-blowing baked goods, coffee and service! A must when in Portland!

Zack Gerber

Had the goat cheese and pepper quiche which was fantastic!! Great place to go for an early morning breakfast

Wil Snodgrass

Outstanding biscuits and we are making room for their kumquat scone!

Clayton Kreisel

Awesome place. They transformed an old gas station into a great bakery and coffee shop. More in the shower than sweet side, which I like. The we biscuit with cheese and Canadian bacon is incredible. Granola is gluten free and amazing too.

Mark Downing

Excellent food and coffee with great service. We will absolutely come back

Casey Asher

captivating coffee and delightful desserts.

Joseph Crivilare

The staff is always very delightful. The food is absolutely wonderful. Great coffee with equally great music while you enjoy everything.

Stephen Smith

Convenient location, superb staff, great coffee.

Michael Szymkowski

This place is amazing. Everytime we come up from NH we stop in for their biscuits. The coffee is also delicious.

Ella Batten

The coffee was good but the baked goods were even better. My iced coffee was probably one of my favorites I've had. I also had a biscuit with jam and butter. In my opinion it was a little heavy on the butter but I think thats just my …

Dan Fisher

Baked goods, breakfast sandwiches and coffee are fantastic. Place is fun to be at.

fitness strength

It's a good place to go for coffee and hot chocolate and other good treats

Inna Z

I am so glad I don’t live near this place. I would be there every day. First time we drove by, the line was 50 people long. We just had to try it after we saw the line. We went after lunch on Wednesday and there was no line. Everything we tried was awesome. My favorite was blueberry scone and loaded biscuit. I tried their latte. It was beautifully presented but I wouldn’t go there for latte.

Sean Arendell

Almond milk used for the espresso drinks here is maybe the best I've ever had. That creamy, nutty, frothy goodness that you don't always get when other coffee shops use subpar almond milk. Not sure if it's made in house or they just have a special way of preparing it, but it was phenomenal.

Nicole McCollem

Killer baked goods and amazing coffee. Their Malt Iced Coffee haunts my dreams.

Mike Vecc

Solid 4.8 stars. Our second most favorite bakery in the Portland area.

Courtney K

I loveee the coffee and hot drinks here. A local fav

Vickie Knowles

Best scones and jalapeno biscuits EVER....both made perfectly. Delicious coffee. Cool place. Nice staff. Yummy food.

Goodwin Nicole

Amazing bakery and coffee is perfect, too. The quiche was great and I can still picture the egg biscuit from 6 states away here. We went there each morning we were in Portland!

Ted McDonnell

Great coffee, great service, amazing pastries! A must visit while in Portland.....small lineup but worth the wait.


Now I feel 2% more American

Joshua Douty

This place is really great. Definitely one of the best coffees I've had in a coffee shop. The lines can get long but don't let that deter you. They're very efficient and you'll get through the line in no time. Don't forget the blueberry scone. You won't regret it.

Kristin Irgens

The aroma that met me when I walked in the door told me that this place has some great baked goods. And I was right! I had a rhubarb tart which was delicious (and huge!), - not too sweet, and lots of fruit. My friend had a "stuffed" biscuit, which was also fabulous. I don't drink coffee, but they had a very good iced tea.

Debbie Booker

Coffee was just ok, pastries were a bit odd. But nice place to sit.

Gregory Panarese

The coffee is amazing. The breakfast sandwiches are amazing. Their staff is AMAZING. Everything they do you can tell they put their hard work, effort and love into it. They do everything right.

AJ Stangl

Staff is friendly and the coffee and food are good. There are long wait times and it is expensive for what you get. Make the price is justified in some way that is not apparent but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Leonardo Guzman

The line was ridiculous, but the blueberry pie was ridiculously good, and worth the wait. The breakfast biscuit was finger licking good. From, A guy who doesn't like to wait in lines

Stephen Koplin

All I can say is: damn, that was a good latte. I don't know if it was the espresso or the milk, but it was one of the best I've ever had. Good baked goods, too!

Jillian Burgess

Delicious coffee and quaint interior. Will definitely come back when I'm in Portland next

Tyrone Pham

This is a very memorable bakery and coffee shop. Located in an old gas station that dates back to the 1960s, the gas station has been completely renovated into a space to enjoy coffee and homemade pastries inside or at the long wooden tables underneath the old gas station canopy. What to order: Tandem's flaky yummy biscuits, slathered with butter and jam. Not only are they amazing, but they are also quite photogenic. For a repeat visit, try their egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches with bacon and grilled onions. You will love them! Honestly, you can pretty much get anything here and it'll all taste great!!!

Jake Review

Horrible and insanely overpriced. Drink was also ridiculously small. Don’t know why anyone goes here.

Tom Wilhelm

Quintessential hipster Portland coffeeshop and bakery. Had an excellent scone and a serviceable iced coffee. Good people watching in a Sunday morning.

Light Biaggi

Best coffeeshop in town . Check the desserts

Ghassan 'Gus'

Awesome staff, delicious baked goods and great coffee! Come try it and you'll be hooked. The blueberry crumb pie is amazing. Highly recommend this place.

Anneliese Harrison

This place was such a great find! The people working there were so nice and gave me a coffee for my birthday! Their egg sandwiches are incredible and their malt coffee was to DIE FOR! this was my first time in Portland and now I’m making sure when I go back to hit this spot up again!!

Cory Johnston

Wonderful place, I could eat the pistachio cake every day.

Shelby Sheridan

This was a cool local coffe place but very long lines and coffees were very small for the price but the bakery stuff was amazing

Gerry Ram

Nice hipster place being run out of an old garage. Best of all, the coffee and pastries are super good.

Mark Ware

Expensive but worth it! Great service and awesome coffee. The loaded biscuit was delicious with copious amounts of butter and strawberry jam.

Michael Shook

Entirely worthwhile place to grab a quick bite. Super friendly.

Evan Linger

It’s fair to call this the best coffee place in Portland. I can’t even eat any bakery here due to my dietary restrictions and I’m still completely sold on this being miles ahead of any other local coffee shop. The coffee, espresso and specialty drinks are immediately recognizable as having care put into them at every step in the process. I live across the street and still wait happily in line for coffee here. The staff and decor provide a comfortable and relaxed experience to enjoy their drinks in.

Wesley Gross

The sausage, egg, onion, and cheese biscuit was one of the BEST breakfast sandwiches I’ve ever had. The cinnamon bun and loaded biscuit were equally outstanding. Would definitely recommend!

Raeme Miccio Gavino

Some of the best coffee in Portland with a super cool staff! We always make a pit stop at Tandem when we’re in town from Brooklyn. I don’t drink milk, but they make their own macadamia-almond milk that’s super creamy and nuanced. Thanks for the swell coffee, Tandem!

Keith Tharp

A shining example of how successful an environmentally responsible business can be! Delicious coffee, great food, fantastic service, community minded, and committed to continually working toward improving sustainability and reducing their impact.

Erin Simons

Fantastic bakery! The cheddar biscuit was great, but the blue cheese and black olive scone stole the show. Their espresso is bright and fruity, with a nice complex finish.

Daniel Brennan

step back since my last visit ...2.95 for a cup of coffee ...refill $2.. outrageous... too much salt on the jam and butter biscuit.. banana bread was dry ...dry... dry ..! like I said just a step back won't be back anytime soon...

William Higgins

Great taste. It is actually Yord Prom Coffee

Nicole Leonard

Holy god. No wonder people line up in the morning. So worth it. Get the stuff that sounds weird, like pepper plum pie. That is amazing. Also the everything scone!!!

Charles Crandall

Best breakfast sandwich ever. No argument.

stephen barton

Food is amazing. They are always busy and for a really good reason

Alden Conant

Perfect road trip stop to refuel.

Jared Pooler

Convenient location, it has a interesting bicycle theme, the coffee is good with typical prices for the area, and if you bring in your own cup they will drop the price by $0.25.

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