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REVIEWS OF Scratch Baking Co IN Maine

Charity Avila

Scratch Bakery never disappoints. The pastries are excellent--best and biggest chocolate chip cookies ever! They have a rotating selection of small cakes, tartes, and pies, as well as fresh baked breads and homemade granola. You can also find artisan sandwiches, organic dairy products, and last but not least, coffee! We are so fortunate to live only a couple blocks away. I highly recommend a trip to Scratch if you're in the area.

Cinde Tilton

Excellent bagels and other baked goods. They sell out quite fast. They are always packed with people.

Jane Croston

I have been a huge fan. Some things they do better than anyone- and of course the Bagels are one! The almond crescents and quick pickup sandwiches are super. We like to stop in and get lunch and coffee and head to Bug Light to eat. Staff are friendly and so helpful, too.

Caitlin Sweet

Amazing bagels, best in portland area, but on Saturday morning you will have to wait or fight for them they sell out almost as they are baked.

Allyson Redhunt

I go here every time I’m in the area and the only time I am disappointed is when they are out of bagels. I absolutely love scratch, employees are always wonderful, food is all always delicious.

Ben Wells

Best bagels, hands down. Great breads and baked goods. Crowed in the summer for a reason.

Rachel P.

This is my favorite place in Maine. Not my favorite bagel place.... Legit favorite spot in the state. The bagels are beyond delicious. So crunchy but soft in the middle. Sea salt... Oh my glob the sea salt. Those perfect little diamonds from the sea just make these round things more delightful. Then you take your sea salt bagel to Willard beach. And you will too see why this is the best place on Maine. Pick up after yourself and don't mind the line in the summer. It is worth it.

Laura Blutstein

Love the bagels. Love the miche! I go from Portland to SPortland at least weekly.

Isabel Sooben

Delicious bagels

Connor Mclaughlin

Excellent selection of bread and baked goods. The oatmeal cookie was the best I've ever had

Debs Wallner

Hands down the best bagels!

Dominic Barry

The best bakery in Portland. They might be known for there bagels, but you should be sure to grab a cookie or other baked good to. You won't be let down!

Kate Sellers

It's been over a week a d I'm still thinking about the amazing sandwich I had! I'd recommend scratch again and again!

K Wind

One of my favorite places in Portland. Amazing bagels by far the best I've ever eaten and delicious sweet treats!

Rebecca Little

The best bagles and so many delicious temptations! Love the easy grab to go lunches in the cooler. Only 1 downfall...I CAN'T stop buying the fresh baked chocolate chip cookies,haha!

Morgan Maxwell

LOVE Scratch! Their cookies are dangerous, and their fresh bread is also delicious! The pup is a fan of their biscuits, as well, so all around a fabulous place!

Karl Morlock

Best bakery in the area hands down. Long lines out front sometimes because its worth it! Nice variety and FRESH. We have been known to drive from 2 towns away for a Saturday morning treat. Food is amazing

Nathan Richardson

Excellent sandwiches, quick service even when busy. Absolutely worth a visit.

R W Hoskins

If you can find a place to park, stop in, grab some goodies and then head down to the nearby beach! Great selection of tasty pastries.

Jacob Firestone

The bagels were delicious and the coffee was decent but the cream cheese was overpriced. Also this place gave my anxiety! There were people everywhere and no order to the line or structure to the store whatsoever. They also couldn't toast and cream cheese my bagel which is fine but we were out of town and on our way to Willard beach it was annoying. I recommend the sea salt bagel but get ready for a chaotic experience and people aimlessly walking around. The staff was also not helpful and just stared at you I had to initiate all of the talking to find out they couldn't toast the the bagels.

James Denz

Best bagels if have ever eaten. I also like their cookies and scones.

donna goodrich

From the amazing bagels, the incredibly large portioned beet goat cheese salad, almond horn to die for & smiling personable staff, Scratch never disappoints Thank you a trip to Portland from Gorham NH always consists of a stop here

Alice Trent

When I visited my friend in Cape Elizabeth and she told me there was a fabulous bakery nearby I thought "How good can it be up here?" I owned a high end French bakery for 15 years and knew as soon as I walked in and saw the display that this was not an ordinary bakery. All I can say is, "Fabulous". The quality of the products is top notch. The pizza is so fabulous I insisted to my friend that we buy extra pieces and have it for breakfast--which we did. I never tasted the bagel. Why waste your time on a bagel when you have this fabulous array of wonderful pastries and pizza and everything else. Go here and enjoy yourself.

Richard Burbank

As a former baker/pastry chef and one who has studied pastry in Paris, I have to say this place is stellar. The coffee is always very hot and richly brewed. Lunch is always healthy and quick. The pizza's are my favorite and very reasonably priced. Whenever my work appointments take me to the South Portland / Cape Elizabeth area, guess where I'm stopping. Its my habit. Its that good!

Susan Dodd

My favorite bakery no matter where I go! Their bagels, breads, pimento cheese spread, and shortbread are my favorite. ❤

Seamus Barry

The best bagels there are

penny harris

Thanks food and service is excellent..A friendly neighborhood place.

Ana Szilagyi

These are the best bagels to exist!

Nick Childs

This is a really cute place! Willard square needs a good down to earth market just like this one. The bread is fresh and the San Pellegrinos in the fridge are cold. Their service is kind, just what you'd expect from a cute neighborhood bakery.

Linda Morris

Scratch is super fabulous! Love love LOVE all their baked goods, super yummy coffees/teas and awesome delish sandwiches & salads. And the staff is very friendly and efficient. Nothing but love for this sweet & savory neighborhood bakery extraordinaire!

tracy albert

Best Bakery in Portland! So affordable. Their case is loaded with REASONABLY priced goodies, different each day. I had the almond horseshoes-the best I've ever had in my life. Everything we've ever eaten from there has been perfectly flavored. Not too sweet, but not lacking the necessary sweetness. Thoughtful creations, taste is right on, price is palatable. Yes, its true, parking is not great and seating is non existent. Besides that, Scratch is the best of the bakeries in Portland.

Mike Gregory

Good if you want a bagel before 10am, if not, they will be sold out. Second best bet is 158 down the road near smcc.

Mega Zany

Great foods! Love the place, smells and feels amazing! I would recommend to all, as long as they don't have allergies.

Natalie Gunn

There cakes are big and look so amazing. There cakes taste really amazing.

Anne Baltren

One of the best bagels I've ever had

George Barber

I was not happy with what I saw. Bagel and cream cheese and coffee wad $6.21 They had no tables or chairs, they do not toast the bagels, the cream cheese was to be found in a refrigerator in a different room, the Everything bagels were ALL burnt to black, and so on. I had to ask for my bagel to be cut. We were directed to outside tables where the seats were all wet. Ugh!

Crystal Goodrich

Go on Wednesday to get a pop-tart scone. You won't be disappointed. I love the sandwiches and salads - soup in the winter (Monday- Saturday) and a lot of other sweet treats! A must visit in the Portland area.

Jessica Reed

My family and I went here at the recommendation of a friend. By the time we got there - shortly after noon - there were no bagels left. So I can't speak to the bagels. My husband ordered a ham sandwich, though they were out of the originally called for bread so they substituted a different kind. I got a pulled pork sandwich, and it was really yummy. We also purchased a lemon yogurt cake/bar (good flavor, a little dry - perhaps because it sat out on a serve yourself "bar" all day) and a brownie. Of all the things we tried the brownie was by far the most delicious and I would recommend stopping in for a brownie if you're ever in the area. :)

Rebecca Ayers

So Delicious!

Heather Robertson

Hands down best bagels anywhere

Ahmad A

Sorry New York. I tried more than 50% of New York best bagels. And I keep coming back to this bagel place in South Portland Maine paired to my taste, they make the best bagels on earth. Maybe I’m exaggerating but maybe I’m not but I do love their bagels. The first time I tried them back in 2015 I fell in love. I came back in 2018 and they do still make the same quality. It’s not only that they ran out of bagels by 9 AM. Yes that’s good. So that means you have to wake up early come here. Grab some bagels and coffee and take it to the lighthouse and enjoy the scenery over there. They have the oldest lighthouse with in five minutes from this place. I just love Maine so much.

brittany w.

Hell yes. This is the best place in all of south Portland. The best salads. Outstanding sandwiches. Super friendly staff and obviously the best desserts this side of the Mississippi. Love.

Jeanette Wolfarth

Everything is the most delicious version of what I get.

Jen Murphy

HOLY COW, Scratch Baking Co! Everything is delicious. Go early and get one of their heaven-on-earth bagels. They sell out! Every sandwich I have had was fantastic, and I enjoy the black/mint blend iced tea and almond horseshoes. I've been known to bike 40 miles round trip up the rail trail and back with friends just to visit this place.

Peter Osiecki

The best bagels period! If you think I'm kidding, walk into Scratch, look to your right, and be wowed! The vibe in there is good too! You won't be able to wait for home.


Most unique, soft and flavorful bagels I’ve ever had. The sea salt bagel is perfectly coated in a light crust of salt. We also tried the hot pepper, ham and chive scone and the ham and gruyere croissant. We are up visiting family in the area and when we return, we’ll be here for breakfast everyday! Everything looks scrumptious.

Kevin Ferguson

Delightful cookies, pastries and sandwiches. Can get busy on weekend mornings but worth the wait. The bagels are famous but don't miss the fresh granola and hearty English muffins too.

Annette Koziol

Wow! The bagels are big, and soft and chewy in the inside, while having a beautiful crust on the outside. Get the Maine sea salt. They have an in house pimento cream cheese. Get that. I'm in serious trouble now with the breakfast sandwich. Off the charts. It's on a Maine sea salt bagel with sliced up hard boiled eggs a special sauce, ham, arugula. There is a vegetarian one too. They are grab and go. And I seem to be grabbing and going them a lot lately. Yikes! They have some great local offerings of cheese and butter and some great in house made condiments. Pastries are epic. I sit in my car while I'm thoroughly enjoying my breakfast sandwich and look around at the local houses and think how lucky they are too live right by the bakery, where I drive from Brunswick to South Portland to get there. You won't be disappointed. The staff if kind, patient and helpful.

Josh Lovejoy

Best bagels around Portland. Awesome (though not typical) breakfast sandwiches. Delicious pastries and coffee. One of my favorite places.

Evan Fox

This is the perfect place to grab some amazing bagels, coffee (try the crack!) and pastries.

Josh Howe

Great local business that makes everything in house. The staff is friendly, the food is great and coffee is hot. Pick up some baked goods if you are in the area!

Nicole M

THE BEST BAKERY! I've been coming here for a year for the bagels, herbed cream cheese, olive bread and various sweet treats, never once have I been disappointed. I'm disappointed in myself that in a year's time I don't have a single picture of anything I've purchased form Scratch on my phone, but I'll sum that up to the baked goods being so good I never thought to take a moment away from stuffing my face for a pic.

Lindley Hinitt

the best neighborhood bakery i’ve ever been to. i love biking in the summer with my friends. we always get pulled pork sandwiches because they are the best things EVER (i highly recommend)! it’s in a great location as well. after lunch we usually stop by Scoops i’ve cream before heading to the beach. bagels are also a favorite in my family. even though you have to get them early before they are sold out, they are always worth it. they are the best bagels in the world. the almond horse shoes are amazing as well. they are so delicious and full of flavor. in my opinion, the best cake in maine is their coconut cream cake. every party my family ever hosts has this cake. it’s SO GOOD. if u have never been to this bakery, i would definitely recommend

Ivelisse Lizardi

fresh baked goods

Trisha Marie

Most amazing place on the planet!

Ken McLoud

Absurdly delicious baked goods at rediculously low prices, great coffee too!


Delicious and fresh! Amazing sea salt shortbread bars and lemon star bars. A must try!

R Rooks

Always a stop or two when in town! Awesome!

David Purdy

Just awesome! Lots of sweets and great bagels.

Geno Desaulniers

So good..... so good

Jake Lyscars

Nice homemade biscuits. (Wish it was not almost $8 per breakfast sandwich)

Brenda Thompson

We each tried a few things, all incredibly delicious! Staff was friendly too.

Carissa Bubier

Ginger milk tea is always amazing, pizza great, desserts great, bagels great. I go out of my way to stop here. I value good customer service and everyone I have dealt with is friendly, polite and prompt.

Myles Jeffrey

If you want the best bagel in New England (or probably the entire eastern seaboard), look no further than Scratch’s sea salt bagel. Soft, yet chewy, this sourdough bagel has just enough salt to push it over the edge. It’s incredible. The other baked goods and pastries are delicious as well, and the sandwiches are tasty too. I love the vegan jerk chick’n sandwich from the picture!

Hank Lang

As always, you can't beat Scratch's baked bread and bagels (and I'm from NYC).

Andy Madsen

I love their breakfast sandwiches but I think they would be better if they were warm. Great looking bakery. Very clean and great service.

Pat Town

We come here nearly every day when I work at the boatyard... best part of the day!

Xiomara Rodriguez

Every thing is well done thank you

Bradford Clem

Best baguette I've had in New England. And I have searched all over. Plenty of other bread and goodies too. Nice Miche, yum

David Coco

Great bagels and cream cheese coffee

Jeff Draper

Excellent coffe, cinnamon rolls the size of your head! Couldn't find one thing I didn't like!! Friendly staff a big bonus. Maybe crowded, but that says everyone wants to be there

Graham Porell

My parents recently introduced me to Scratch during a recent visit to the Portland Area. The bagels are amazing and the other baked items were just as good! Keep up the good work - will be back every time I come up to Maine!

Bonnee Pecquex

Love, love this place! Their bread and baked goods, sandwiches, and especially their bagels! Go early, they sell out quickly

Mike McKernan

Fantastic bakery known for their sourdough bagels. Big selection of other goodies including cookies, cakes, and breads. I really like their coffee as well. Never had a problem finding on-street parking right in Willard Square. Suppose it depends on timing.

Alex Guerrieri

Amazing bagels, fantastic baked goods, and plenty of free parking nearby. We only get here once a year, but we tell just about everyone we know to check it out.

Ruth Clarke

Amazing salad. Great greens.

Michael Ludwig

Far and away the best bakery anywhere. Excellent sandwiches, coffee, wine, beer...but the baked goods are so good. No corners cut, top notch ingredients, attention to detail. I can't say enough about how good this place is. I particularly like their coconut cake, almond horns, and macaroons, but EVERYTHING is delicious.

Ryan Schramm

Excellent pastry. Get in line. Its busy in the morning.

William Ardisson

The best bagels! Worth the trip. Best bet is a weekday or early morning. Weekends can get very crowded mid morning with a line out the door.

Brenden O'Brien

Excellent local bakery! Great stop along the way (especially if biking) from Portland to Portland Head Lights. The salt bagel and herb cream cheese was outstanding. Peanut butter cookie was fantastic.

Anthony Sgaramella

Great bakery. Wish we were closer to it. We're from NJ and read such great reviews we had to go there and it was worth it!

Jessica Simpson

Had absolutely delicious mini cherry cheesecakes, and a small chocolate ganache cake for dessert for 5 people, and we had leftovers. Love their rocket rolls, which are perfect for a small sandwich. Others will talk about the bagels. Don't go into Scratch if you don't have willpower. The smell, sights and choices are incredibly hard to resist!

Benjamin Moodie

Fabulous bagels and baked goods. Best oatmeal-raisin cookie you'll ever find.

James Stewart

Hands down best bagel in the world. We lived several years in Portland and so sad when we left. Living overseas we craved a quiet weekend morning of grabbing a fresh baked bagel and walking down the street to Willard Beach to enjoy it looking out over beautiful Casco Bay. Every time we’re back in the area this is a must stop. We also enjoy their cooking magazines and have used a lot of their recipes.

Mike Vecc

This neighborhood bakery is always the best. They have it all. Great food. Great pastries. Perfect small business quaint atmosphere. Super friendly staff. If you are in the neighborhood you should stop by. It is our favorite Maine bakery stop.

Bill Horn

Bagels are some of the best I’ve had. Sweets, less so, but ok. Breakfast items had sold out by mid-morning on a Tuesday, but a steady stream of fresh items seemed to be making an appearance, perhaps in preparation for the lunch rush. Clientele was a fair mix of neighborhood folks and tourists, lots of families, people on their way to be nearby beach, all ages. Counter service was friendly and efficient. Not much seating apart from a bench and a couple picnic tables out front - everything’s ‘take-out’. No bathroom.

Mary-Jane Blanchard


Brome Lake Books

Really delicious breakfast sandwiches and bagels.

Bill Madden

Excellent sandwiches and desserts. Very friendly and helpful. Limited seating outside on picnic tables.

Galen Fitzpatrick

Everything about Scratch baking is wonderful. Even waiting for a fresh batch of bagels somehow seems like a benefit. Great bagels, great baked goods, ok coffee and every type of person from South Portland from blue collar workers to college hipsters, long-term residents and tourists. It is a busy little hive and is not to be missed. Daily offerings (other than bagels; get the sea salt) are variable based in the whims of the team of Baker's working on any given day.

Ken Moulton Jr.

Flat out amazing bakery! Great pastries, cookies and cakes, but the bagels are what you want here. Just get some bagels and a snack, and you'll be won over by Scratch.

James Zahornacky

One of our go-to for bagels/bread/baked goods. Worth the trip

John Baldwin

I was introduced to this local neighborhood bakery by my brother in law about 6 years ago. He is a local and we live in upstate NY. Whenever we are in town I make it a point to stop here for bagels. These are some of the best bagels I have ever had. 7/19/18 Update:Back in town, back for the bagels. Yum.

Sonny Howell

Must have bagels and sweets when visiting Mom in S.Portland. The service is always great. Solid all the way around. Thank you Scratch!


The bagels here are unbelievable. How can they be so delicious? It's a baking miracle, if you ask me. Every single one of their bagel varieties are delicious on their own or with the various cream cheeses they have available (especially pimento!). Their cakes and pastries are so cute or beautiful you almost feel bad about destroying them except that they look too tasty to spare. Coffee is good as well! It's nice to grab a hot cup and a pastry before walking down to Willard Beach to lounge and nibble, especially on a cold day when your hands need a good warming up!

Leslie Barteaux

Best bagels Best staff ... First stop every morning on my way to work

Morton Krantz

Great ood backery

Trevor O

Always fantastic service and food! Get those sea salt bagels fast hahaha

candice patrick

It was ok I guess I expected more. The granola was awesome like open bag and dump in mouth right away awesome. I wasn't overly impressed with anything else.

Thomas M

Who hates a bakery..

Leah Twitchell

There's a super delicious chick-pea sandwich here, try it on the ciabatta.

Pat Kenneally

Very fresh selection , terrific prices and delicious food.

Art Siegel

Great pastries, coffee, sandwiches.

Brady Kegley

Just went for bagels, and they were amazing. The Maine sea salt bagel is a MUST

Danielle Gillespie

Unbelievable bakery selling breads, bagels, pastries and cookies. The bagels rock.

Don LeBel

Best ever bagel! Is there really a need for sesame and plain? Just load the bins with sea salt bagels, please?! Love the coffee and wife loves the ginger, steamed milk & honey tea.

A Hattaway

Nice bakery with good bagels, wheat bread and sweet baked goods. I wish they would offer more types of breads, but the quality of their limited selection is outstanding.

Carly Sobczak

The. Best. Cookies. 10/10 would recommend everything they offer!

Charlie Yao

Amazing bagels! Also had the monkey bread and it is on point! Would recommend visiting this local bakery if you are going on a trip to Portland!

John C

This place has some dangerously good baked goods. Their bagels, which seem to be sourdough, are positively amazing. It doesn't end there however, since their coffee is also great, as well as their cookies, and their sea salt shortbread...etc etc

Donald Elliot

The Bagels are the draw and the legend, but all is good. Chocolate Chip cookies are excellent and generous and just the right chewy with lots of chips. This is important. But the bagels.. I stopped by one frigid, I mean Maine cold, morning just after sunrise. A line out front 20 people long, in the frozen dark, waiting for them to open.

William Kottner

Neat bakery, amazing number of breads limited number of pastries

Ian Mcburney

One of the best places in the Portland area to get baked from scratch pastry English muffins bread and bagels. They make fresh cakes and cookies daily, along with Specialties like homemade ring dings, fruit flavored coffee cakes, and wonderful almond horns. If you loved homemade style baked goods there's no better place in the Portland area! Also offers sandwiches and espresso drinks and coffee. Plus a small selection of take-home items like eggs cheese and cream cheese. Get there early for the best selection.

sean poirier

The best bagels in Maine. Period. I haven't found a decent bagel outside of NYC until I came here. I drive from Portland just to get one, yes I'm crazy, but you're crazy for thinking that you can find anything better.

Holly Gerard

Delicious desserts! In love with the cookies. I haven't tried the coffee but I hear it's good.

Karla M

Candy stores are to kids what bakeries are to me. I had read online about this bakery so I had to go pay a visit. Walked in and it was a feast for my eyes. What we tried: Chocolate chip cookie, delicious, soft center and crispy edges. Peanut butter cookie, same texture as the chocolate chip one, flavorful, had actual peanuts in it for nice crunch. Almond horn cookie, macaroon texture, strong almond extract, nice toasted almond exterior. Sea salt shortbread, soft and bland, tasted and felt like eating plain flour. Plain bagel, great crunchy exterior and soft chewy interior with a a nice tangy flavor from the yeast. Grilled cheese and tomato sandwich, meh, tasted like toast and tomato. The cheese appeared to be mozzarella, which would explain the flavorless factor. I honestly was expecting a sharp cheddar in it. Turkey club sandwich, bread was great, filling was bland. I would say stick to the baked goods. Definitely worth more visits to try other things.

kim gilpatrick

Love this place! Great bagels and wonderful lunch options.

Andrea Little

I am sad because I doubt I will ever eat a bagel of this quality ever again. We visited this bakery several times while on vacation in Portland. It is a special place with delicious baked goods.

Keith Russell

All homeade awesomeness and the coffee was excellent!


Amazing. Well everything. Great stop. Great food and great bakery goods!!

Megan Ayers

For the love of God if you haven't been here just go here and get anything. I really love their Apple spice molasses cookies and plain bagels. Well any bagel. And cake. Just all of it. You can't go wrong.

melissa wallace

Amazing place. Just the Artistry and what they do on the day-to-day creating treats from Savory to Sweet. Staff is so very helpful and extraordinarily friendly. We were shocked that there wasn't a line around the corner. What a beautiful gem to an already chock-full foodie town.

Greg Graf

This place makes amazing baked goods! I really wanted to give 5 stars, But only 3 stars because i had a severe allergy reaction due to cross-contamination and i was very careful and asked for all the ingredients for everything i bought. They need to be more allergy friendly! Love the food but grow up a little and fix the cross-contamination and dirty kitchen when baking. I think you have outgrown your kitchenspace.

Charles Miranda

Great as usual

Bettina Pearson

Nothing needs to be said!

Robert Levin

I don't understand how this place makes the best bagel EVER! Yes, that includes everywhere in NYC

Jonathan C. Fenton

I wish they toasted their bagels. Great cakes though!

William Church

This is a neighborhood institution. If you want to get the flavor of living in SoPo and Willard Beach before you buy here I strongly urge all to come and hang out here on Sat or Sunday morning. It seems like the entire community shows up to buy coffee and bagels which are the best in the area. The bread and sweets are to great. The ocean is only a few minutes walk away so buy here and have your breakfast on the beach, which by the way is a dog friendly beach.

Curtis Libby

Great little bakery! Salt bagels are fantastic, and the sea salt short bread is a must try

André Wolff

Really nice surprise in South Portland. Although the sandwiches were not properly warmed up, they tasted great. I loved the bagles offering. It all looked authentic and properly cared for. Strongly recommended for any bread lover.

di jens

Nobody makes a better blonde brownie. I love this place

Cameron Fritz Fernald

Best bagels ever! Amazing breads. Try the ring ding cake! Great sandwiches too!

Diana Kudayarova

Great welcoming space that smells delicious! The bagels are awesome, so was the English muffin and a pound cake

Paul Dixon

The best bagels I have ever had. Who cares if they're not officially 'bagels' or not - they taste awesome and are pretty darn huge as well. The sandwiches are massive too. Have to say the sweets aren't 'quite' as good. Only downside is the 'weekend' crowd that makes it practically impossible to get a bagel there after 9am at the weekend - and where are you people at 6:30am on a mid-week morning in the winter when I'm there getting my bagels after my morning!!?

Rafael Adams

Anyone who gives this place less than 5 stars is bonkers. Reviewing Scratch without having a bagel doesn't even make sense. People move to the Willard Beach neighborhood just to be close to Scratch. Or at least they should.

Benjamin Brewer

Best bread and bagels around! I literally stock up extra when I head for home.

Robert Kelley

Absolutely the best of its kind in New England. Different by design. The best cookies in the area.

Kate Savidge

I dream of their scones. Whenever I am on that side of South Portland, I stop in to get a bagel and a scone.

David G

Wow wow wow All amazing

Jamie Stevenson

I love this place, I stop here a couple of times a week for bagels. All of their baked good are delicious!

Tony Tyler


Angela Brown

Food is delicious , service is excellent, only downside is it's a little pricey.

Denis Chekuristov

This place is something. Once you walk in, you feel the special atmosphere, crowd is nice. Food is just great and fresh. The interior is simple and beautiful. I love the tables outside. Such a chilled place. Recommend everyone to visit!

Josh Logan

Good coffee is always available, the Confections are out of this world. I recommend the Almond horseshoe... unless you're allergic to nuts.

Steven Li

Bagel Perfection. Warning - Once you've eaten a delicious bagel from Scratch Baking, you may never be happy with bagels from anywhere else ever again. This sucks for those of us that don't live nearby Scratch Baking! Ever since I ate one of their bagels last year, every bagel I've eaten since has just seemed utterly average. My mouth craves the scrumptious, chewy bagels with a sprinkle of sea salt on top. These bagels are perfect with or without cream cheese. I miss you, Scratch Baking Bagel. I will need to make another trip to South Portland soon!

Nastia Blake

The Coconut Cake is out of this world! I brought a friend who used to live in Charleston, South Carolina and she thought it was better than the cakes in the South.

Travis Kroot

Everything you can find at Scratch is excellent. Bagels, breads, pizza, sandwiches, pastries, sweets. The coffee bar is great especially with their house made caramel! The number one bakery in all of Portland.

Jon Oken

Very attractive place

Cheryl Smith


Vanya Caron

Cute little store with bagels that border on legendary. Gorgeous and imaginative pastries

Matthew Polstein

The best bagels in Maine, no question.

Charles Crandall

So Good

Fredrick Drake

Best bagels in the area. Only downside is a bit of a wait if you want sea salt bagels. Also the cream cheese is incredible, especially the herb one. Other than the bagels there is an excellent selection of baked goods including, fantastic cookies, bread, cinnamon buns, and really good blueberry muffins. The space itself is quaint and the staff is friendly.

Yared Armstrong

Best baked good and amazing breakfast foods. They also have a lunch menu. Just go

Josh Higham

Stopped in while visiting from out of town. Got a cookie and a slice of cake. Both were wonderful and affordable. They provide biodegradable disposable forks, which I think is a great touch!

Logan Caldwell

Well worth the wait. Their sandwiches are delicious and their bagels are the best in New England!

Howard Gallagher

Excellent quality baked breads and cakes, pastry and homeade sandwiches. Their coffee is also excellent

Kaitlin M

The bagels. THE BAGELS! They were so fluffy, chewy, delicious. We waited in line and missed out on the famous Maine Sea Salt, but the seed bagels were delicious! The line went quickly, and I had a ginger scone while waiting-super moist and a great crumble. I also had a wonderful latte. The line situation is confusing, so ask people around you in order not to accidentally offend! Get there early because they quit making the bagels at a certain time!

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Bakery - Maine


Tandem Coffee and Bakery
Tandem Coffee and Bakery
Bakery - Maine


Daily Bread Low Sodium Bakery
Daily Bread Low Sodium Ba...
Bakery - Maine


Botto's Bakery
Botto's Bakery
Bakery - Maine


Stones Cafe & Bakery
Stones Cafe & Bakery
Bakery - Maine