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REVIEWS OF Maple's IN Maine

Brian Bousquet-Smith

My pick is the chicken salad on everything with a coconut iced coffee. Both are delicious.

Jack Barter

Quite possibly the best bagels...on the planet! Very good coffee, friendly staff coupled with amazing food, this is why I love Maine! Keep up the good work folks!!!

Connor Dennis

YAAAS. Give me bagels and I will return the favor with cream cheese slathered smiles and an order for more bagels. As the kids would say, this place is "Litty dank."

Katherine Chloe Kregling

Delightful - try the salted bagel! Great coffee too!

Andrew Mass

Super cool and yummy place

Katryna Charczenko

Best bagels in Maine!

Christine Johnson

Best bagels and cream cheese around!

Chelsey Chambers

Very quick service and delicious bagels! I cannot get enough of their freshly made salt bagel with their bacon and chive cream cheese. Whether you want to sit down, or need a coffee and snack to go, it's a great local place to be!

Lesley Jones

Yum-yum. Young staff needs phone/ customer service skills, including: "Hello, may I help you, thank you, come again and good bye." #basic

BirthME Maine's premier doula service

The most amazing goat cheese and herb scone! Salty and delicious!! Washed down with a raspberry mocha and outside chatting with friends. Perfect!

Travis Fagerness

Couches and chairs to relax and drink coffee.

Rob Tracy

My favorite place to go get a coffee/bagel/pastry in Cumberland County. Discovered this place when I started working in in this area about two years ago. They know peoples order right when they walk through the door! Not everyone can be pleased 100% so any review that's less than 5-stars for them is crazy! P.S.- Shout out to the lady who was upset about the butter they use in their food. Life can be cruel sometimes but life really tossed you in the ring to fight the hardest fight of them all-- surviving every day with the uncertainty of cholesterol intake.

lexi Klingman

Used to live in Yarmouth down the street from maples and would go regularly. We now live across the country and still dream about maples bagels. We’ve done a lot of traveling and food tasting and still the best bagels!! The team is always friendly and happy and even f they’re out of bagels there’s always something yummy you can grab. Please open up a location in Fort Collins, we miss it soo much! (EDIT) as much as I love this place this is the second time this week I’ve drove almost an hour out of the way to get a bagel and they were sold out, they really need to meet their supply and demand.

Joshua Cousins

Hidden secret. Coffee is OK. Gelato is excellent. I lied about hidden. If it is before 10:30am this place is packed. Get a pretzel if they have them.

Keith Johnson

Great pastries and Coffee By Design coffee, awesome!

Pete Clark

Top notch food and service!

Dustin Whitmore

Great bagels, not much of a selection for anything else

Charles Foss

Great baked goods. Great coffee. Great people.

Laurel Amabile

Love this place, the people who run it, as well as the delicious Espresso drinks and bakery items.

Emilio Millán

Great bagels.

Joe H

We arrived at seemingly peak time, 10am, but where quickly served and found a place to sit. Servers were friendly. Don't expect too much in the way of food options, just bagels and pastries. The baked goods were too sugar encrusted or frosted (especially the scones) for my taste. The coffee was great.

John Pentecost

Bagels to die for, but I miss the gelato!

Frederic THIEL

The batista didn't really care about making coffee nor she realized she was handling a La Marzocco with bottomless portafilter. Please try to do justice to the awesome material you have in hands!

Phoebe Larsson

Cannot say enough good things about the staff here or the coffee. Salted caramel brownies are a dangerous treat!

Jack Maxim

Had to wait a couple if minutes while a customer had to open pocket book and look for cash. I had to sign a screen for $2 coffee. Come on!!!

Jake L

Ay this place is great, best bagels in Southern Maine. I highly recommend it.

Cortney Downs

Incredible service! Best bagel outside of South Portland. The maple Rosemary cream cheese was incredible!

Steve Trockman

Everything is superb, but the pretzels are ridiculously good.

Laura Jones

Great lattes and coffee selection. Bagels and sticky buns are the best! Great group of ladies who greet you by name and are always prompt and friendly.

Anderson Denduang

Staff, food, coffee, music, atmosphere are all great here. Been going here for 2 years now.

Cathy Gustafson

Delicious cookies! My staff love it when I come here!! I hear the bagels are amazing. I need to try one!

George Barber

A wonderful place to meet for coffee, bagels and Pasteur. Cozy, local, friendly, high quality, relaxed.

Elliott Thomas

Best bagles around.

Daniel Baber

It so good my wife made me drive through a snow storm because she heard they were open. The honey rosemary cream cheese on a plain bagel is great. Coffee is great. Staff is great.

Courtney DeWitt

Absolutely delicious every time!!

Myles Roberson

Go here now and get a bagel! Some of the best you'll find in Maine!

lidamunroe .

The atmosphere was good. They gave me the wrong order. I would be very skeptical to go back due to a food allergy. The food was good, but not "to die for". The quiche crust was also chewy.

Stacey Bybee

Excellent coffee and fast service except they gave us wrong food. Tried a scone, overworked dough and overbaked.

Kayla Zimmer

Friendly. Cute. Good drinks. Good bakery. Muffins are huge and cakey, in a good way.

nick nelsonwood

Very good bagels and coffee. They have some unique cream cheese options like jalapeno and bacon. The line is often long due to popularity and the aren't super fast with service so the wait can sometimes be long.

Jessica Correale

My husband and I stopped by for the first, and probably last, time this afternoon. There was not a lot of variety. We bought an oatmeal chocolate chunk cookie, a blueberry muffin, and a lemon raspberry scone. The cookie was pretty good but the scone was very dry and had little flavor. Like the scone, my blueberry muffin was beyond bland and it had an unusual flavor that was not good. I asked, before ordering, if they had REAL butter for my muffin to which I was told, "Yes..we have REAL butter!" I got my muffin heated and when I got to the car I realized that they did not have REAL butter. It margarine-tasted like Country Crock. I do not eat anything but genuine butter on my baked goods. I cannot eat hydrogenated margarine. My husband and I had already drove off so after one taste the muffin was wasted. I never would have ordered the muffin if I knew they did not have butter. In my mind, any good, real baker knows the difference between butter and buttery-spread. That is just basic knowledge that the "bakers" at Maples should know if they want to be considered BAKERS.

Jim Mohler

I lived in the area for more than three years before stopping in here but this summer I dropped in on the way back from a long bike ride and was pleasantly surprised. The Gelato was excellent and the serving generous. I stopped again and had a blueberry muffin which was very good. It's a good place to get a quick snack. They no longer have gelato/ice cream but their coffee and baked goods are great.

The Red Lipped Reviewer

Amazing service and very delicious bagels

Mike Grill

Loops of dough have never tasted better, nice bagels!

Patrick Sullivan

Fantastic bagels! Montreal Spice bagel is like an everything bagel on steroids

Brit Daigle

They always have freshly made goods that taste wonderful. They are a little pricey, but for the area it's average. It is a great place to grab some breakfast to get your day started.

Brian Lewis

Best coffee


Great bakery and breakfast spot. Would go again for sure!

David A Stokes

Good coffee good help and the best Bagel Around.

Anton Pachkine

A nice cafe for your morning boost

Giselle Larios


faint iam

great gelato!! they carry coffee by design as well!

Eric Therriault

Awesome little place with great service

Katie Hatch

A little gem hidden in Yarmouth. Great coffee and food options. Perfect for meeting up with friends or colleagues, or for families looking to get out of the house or grab something on the go.

Ian Witherby

Stunning cold brew, delicious pastries. Definitely worth a visit!

Thomas Kessler

Great coffee, capable barista's, great baked goods, friendly, helpful staff


Bagels = good


Whoever said the scones were dry and tasteless was a bag of cats. THE SCONES ARE AMAZING. We had the peaches & cream scone and it was crispy on the outside and perfectly fluffy inside, the flavor pairing was creative and delicious!! The muffins are also Divine!! Grab a coffee and some baked goods and sit outside! This place is a gem in the heart of Yarmouth

susan marie Scavo

Best salt bagel I have ever had.

Abby Davies

I loooove Maples

Paul Bybee

Very good coffee and baked goods, busy but very efficient

Donna Stein

Best customer service!!! Anna was very professional and kind! Thank you!

Cydney Cox

Super good bagels!

Carl Ettinger

Their homemade ginger cookie was crispy and sugary on the outside and deliciously chewy with tasty ginger bits throughout. We also enjoyed their espresso and chai.

Lisa Hynes

Great coffee and service

Shawn Reilly

Excellent food, coffee and service!!

Rob Petrin

They always have weird exotic bagel flavors. But they're sold out because this place is rightly popular -- get the Asiago :)

Miranda Gildart

Best bagels around by far

Lauren Brinkmann

Absolutely LOVE it here! Every single thing we've tried has been super and the staff is the friendliest around :) The sesame bagel with the honey rosemary cream cheese is my go to!

ava fox

Went for the first time this Saturday. Amazing variety of bagels!! And cream cheese. And pastries. Everythiny really, and amazing service! (Talking about you, girl with the glasses!)

Andrew Schaefer

We've been going to Maple's since it was a gelato factory that sold samples out front. From that, Maple's has turned into one of Yarmouth's crown jewels. Everything about it is wonderful. The baked goods, coffee, atmosphere - it's like being at your indulgent grandmother's house. And if you ever want to watch the experts do their thing, you can sit at one of the kitchen windows and observe everything being made. Can't beat it.

Matt R

Great bagels, treats, and coffee. Worth a visit

Going With The Joe JP22

Wow! What a find! A Top Ten Maine Experience and I have visited Maine many times. Wonderful, fresh baked bagels, scones and pastries. I had the FANTASTIC Coconut Creme Scone. Excellent coffee. Fun and friendly, good vibe staff! Made my day and vacation.

M Cameron

Bagels are good, when they're available. Most of the time all bagels are sold out when I stop by. The owner needs to up her inventory.

Jim Weaver

Great bagels and quality service!

Adam Archer

What can I say, “Everything here is awesome!” The staff is great and the bagels, cookies, scones, and so on and so on are awesome! Go in and get something.

Sidinei degois

The best coconut scone and quiche I'm addicted ❤️

Bethany Smart

Awesome morning spot! Recommend the salt bagel with maple cc & a seat by the kitchen!

Cindy Frost

Heat baked goods and coffee. A very special place.

Molly Adams

Line was long but moved fast. Great Poppyseed Bread.

Mike Giampetruzzi

Best bagels around. Get there early.

Thomas Romano

Best bagels in the greater Portland area. Nice place for coffee and WiFi.

EJ Fortin

Great homemade items! Friendly staff!

Michael Sedgewick

Come for the bagels, stay for the bagels.

Ellen Allen

Loved the blueberry lemon scone; perfect stop, as we drive through.

Bobbi-Lyn Feathler

The baked good are amazing..

Tina BroomhallSnow

I have gone to Maples more times than I care to admit to. However, today was the first time I had a bad experience. I placed my order, then moved to the side to wait. I was standing in front of the glass case when one of the servers came up to me, handed me a bag and said "here you are, thank you". I was so disappointed to find that I had someone else's order when I got home. I called to let them know I had the wrong order and the girl immediately blamed me. "Yeah, she called Amanda's name and you came up to the counter and took the wrong order. Your stuff is here and we made Amanda a new order." I said that is not what happened and I got an extreme "Whatever" attitude. "Well, clearly it was a miscommunication" was the answer I received; no apology, just attitude. I wouldn't be writing this review if she hadn't tried to turn it around and argue with me and make the fault mine. I felt like she was calling me a liar. That is very poor customer service. A simple apology would have sufficed. I love their food and have never had anything bad; but the attitude I received today definitely made me feel like my patronage doesn't matter. I'm not sure that I will go back.

Douglas Hayward

Great coffee and friendly service

Mike LePage

Happy place

Philip Baran

The bagels are great and the service staff are very friendly

Greta Tucker

Our favorite place in town! We could eat here every day:)

Carmen Huston

Best bagels ever! Their homemade cream cheeses are very good as well.

Alan Levenson

Not terrific gelato. Instead hike up to Brunswick or down to Portland and have truly excellent gelato at Gelato Fiasco. Now THAT'S the real stuff.

Michelle Montanez Castillo

"My experience here was fantastic!! I would totally go back to this great place!!"

Meg Allen

Just go. That's all.

Alicia Willette-Cook

Great little bakery! It seems to be more directed to breakfast type pastries. Scones. Bagels. Quick breads. But they also have amazing bars. Such as the one I got. Chocolate and white chips, over a crust with coconut and sweetened condensed milk. Delicious!

Victor Trodella

No better place.

henry nichols

Always very good service!! And the bagles can't be better!

Deborah Thomas

Very bossy and rude staff especially the lady with brunette hair tied in a ponytail. She acted like it was a privilege for me to be there. NO THANKS there are plenty of bakeries out there that have nicer staff and better baked goods and don't order me around


Best bagel in the state of Maine. Most friendly staff, best customer service.

Jayden Moore

Super delicious snacks

Patrick Chambers

Nice little Cafe with good bagles if you can get them. They routinely run out unfortunately. The pastries are hearty and reasonably priced but not remarkable in any other way. They serve coffee from Coffee by Design. Their lattes are nothing special either though. It is cozy inside though and has a nice atmosphere.

Ruth Breytman

I was really looking forward to trying their bagels but when I got there they were all sold out. So sad. This only tells me that they are THAT good. I guess you have to get there before 11 or even 10 am. I did try one of their delicious scones. It was moist and super fresh. They have a nice variety of coffee. And that was good too. Definitely recommend.


I don't usually write reviews...but these guys deserve it. We get bagels & cream cheese every week for our office. I have never had a better bagel anywhere. These are fantastic! The cream cheese is fresh and very flavorful. I recommend the bacon and scallion or jalapeno cheddar.

Elsie Martinolich


Jennifer Yilmaz

Best bagels around!

kim gilpatrick

Best. Bagels. Ever! Love this small local bakery.

Jamie Creamer


Bethany Walsh

The bagels are amazing. Great coffee, and good seating. A nice place to hang out, or grab and go. Often busy in the morning.

Denton Weimer

This place is popping they make everything in house there Bagels and cream cheese are worth the drive alone from Portland.

Arthur Hamilton

Good food

Kyla Hershey-Wilson

Some of the best bagels I've had in Maine, though they are disappointingly out of them if I don't go early enough.

Erica St Laurent

Best coffee & baked goods in the area, unmatched service & comfortable atmosphere.

Kerry Gallivan

The bagels and baked goods are amazing! Seriously, a hidden secret, especially if you’re driving up/down 295. They also have Coffee by Design Nitro cold brew on tap!

Charles Miranda


Joshua Clark

Scones and a lemon rasberry bar is to die for. Definitely a hidden gem. Great coffee also.

Daniel Winsor

The baked goods did look great, and I honestly do believe they would taste good as well. But I paid nearly $5 for a nitro iced coffee, and nitro iced coffee is one of my favorite things, that was not good at all. I should have got a scone...


They cook the bagels perfectly.

Jesica Garrou

Best Bagels ever! Baristas who know how to make a great latte. Maple Bacon Scones... need I say more? The Gelato is yummy and the flavors are diverse enough to delight children and adults alike. Add in the friendly staff and child-tolerant environment, and you have found a Yarmouth gem.

scott stafford

Love the bagels!

Andrew Sachs

Best bagels in Maine, although they are not inexpensive - $2+ each. Love supporting their business, though!

Nick Clarke

Best 10/10 bagels. No issues. Top of the heap. Bagels to set standards for others to follow.

Maxim Lowe

Salt bagel + maple cream cheese = bliss

Andre Erasmus

Friendly and quite cozy!

Mick Daigle

Great coffee ( coffee by design, always is) and I had a giant chocolate chip cookie. Cannot really go wrong with a stop Maple's!

Martha Shellman

It's Maple's. Enough said.

Benjamin Murphy

Great cream cheese spreads and pastries. Green goddess tuna salad is

Morgan Rose Rand

Best baked goodies, great coffee and espresso drinks, and the kindest staff. Maples is the best!

Charlie Emmons

Good bagel and coffee.

MIke Adams


Katelyn Estes

I absolutely adore the atmosphere here, prices are pretty decent, lots of food options from your basic Bagel to phenomenal looking baked goods. A lot of coffee options as well

Michael Maddock

Someone gave me a bag of their Blueberry Almond Granola and I couldn't stop eating it!

Chris Daubert

Great brownies!

Sosanna Folz

I have not been to the shop in Maine, but I recently purchased a pint from a local specialty food store. When I tasted it, the texture was extremely gummy and grainy. I am guessing that this particular pint had thawed and refrozen at some point before I got it home. I contacted Maple through their website to let them know about my experience. I am all for local, organic food, so I wanted to be sure they knew about the issue. I got a very curt, unapologetic email from the owner saying it was a shipping issue and they were not longer using the distributor. No apology for my bad experience and even more worrisome, no concern at all that a damaged product was sitting on shelves. Apparently they are quite happy to continue having customers pay $9 for a damaged product. Who knows if this is the best gelato on earth. I was ready to be a devotee, but for the price and the treatment I received, you can count me out.

Patrick Loring

This has to be hands down the best place to get a treat. They have the best scones I have ever had, hands down. Great I am hungry


Just tried the maple bacon scone. The perfect combination, the sweet maple icing with the savory bacon and the richness of the scone itself which is lightly spiced. Now if they could only take out the calories. If you want to treat yourself it's the place to go!!!

Nicole Stafford

One of my favorite places to go for a bagel and a treat from the bakery. Their bagels and treats are all amazing. They are an awesome team and get to know you and your name when you're around enough. Also the best piece of crumb cake I've ever had :)

Seth Wilschutz

Excellent baked goods. Come early if you want a bagel — they sell out.

Isaac Daily

Great coffee and pastries, the staff moves really fast and efficiently.

Ryan Schierholz

Maple's is much more than an "ice cream shop." In fact, it is also a bakery, and I would say that is a better description. Their homemake breakfast sandwiches, quiches, and breads are all fantastic.

Hadley Levat

Maple bacon scones on Friday. Nuff said.

Charles Crandall

Nice high end stop

Will Kline

Friendly staff and phenomenal baked goods. Fair price for the quality food. Best place in Yarmouth for breakfast and treats!

Drew Landgrave

Very good breakfast sandwiches and cinnamon rolls!

Kevin White

Best bagels I've ever had, anywhere!

Susan A. Inman

We love everything about Maples!


Definitely gives a classic NY bagel a run for its money. Just wish they would lighten up on all the sugary icing they don't need to put on their scones.

Kelli Wescott

Great place to meet someone. Always bustling.

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