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38 Main St, Milo, ME 04463, United States

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REVIEWS OF Elaine's Cafe & Bakery IN Maine

Pam Fortin

Last time I went to Elaine's it was in the old home down the street. She has expanded her business, flawlessy and has the same excellent home cooked food and baked goods. I enjoyed delicious food and perfect portions in her new building, with my best friend who bought fresh donuts to go!

Scott MacDonald

Rob Chavaree

juanita field

Brandon Gray

Joe Stone

Julie Hamilton

GREAT donuts!!

Jean Simon Lessard

Wow, we stopped here in our way to Canada. This place is worth the stop. The egg Benedict are delicious.

Jane Bennett

Always a delicious breakfast

Pamela Swanson

The best eggs benediction ever!!!

Rita Mountain

ollie dwelley

Steve Horne

Cj Castonguay

Reanne Bouchard

Super busy on Saturdays so I prefer to go Wednesdays but food is great!!

Dean Brownlee

FINALLY found a bakery that offers a choice of toppings for jelly doughnuts. I had a blueberry & a lemon doughnut with No sugar toppings. I'm in heaven and boy were they DELICIOUS

Cheryl Olheiser

Always a great place to have breakfast!!

Emily McCabe

Super friendly staff and AMAZING donuts! Had a blueberry donut so fresh that it was still warm. Delicious!

rich deming

Simply wonderful. Great selection for breakfast, generous portions, and a staff that cares.

Mary Gallagher

Great food, wonderful service, friendliest place in town. Elaine and Lisa are gems.

Syl Coulombe

Another great breakfast at Elaines!

Micheal Frost Sr

Michael Haslow

Excellent Eggs Benedict

Cindy Mcginley

Best place to eat in this area for breakfast. Great atmosphere and excellent service!

Michelle Anderson

The best breakfast to be had for miles! You wouldn't expect to find an establishment like this in a place like Milo. One in a million!

kimberly Bridges

Great breakfast food and bakery. Homey with antique decorations and friendly service. Unexpected find in such a small town.

Joyce Niles

william mcanirlin

ray belanger

I must say we have never had a bad meal here. The waitress are so attentive to all. Donuts are to die for .

Andrew Lagasse

It is great food

Phyllis Sprague

The food and coffee are very good, but they're usually understaffed. Don't go when you're in a hurry. The new dining room adds a lot of seating. The place has a nice atmosphere overall. The best place in town for breakfast, unless you're in a hurry and then Dunkin Donuts in Tradewinds Market is the only quick choice.

Jamayka LaPointe

Good breakfast lunch place. Cheap home cooked. Great waitress fast service.

Marcia Myers

To die for food!!!

Dawn Baldiga

Great baked goodies, cozy.

Paul Bishop

dave baxter

Alan Faloon

Thomas Boone

Warren Hanscom

Great country breakfast in downtown Milo.

Christopher Poulin

Great food ,great people

Judy Lyon

Jennifer Taylor

Went there today, The place had no seating left which I assumed was a good sign. We weren’t sure if we were supposed to seat ourselves or be seated by them so we stood there and the two girls at the register did not acknowledge us. We walked up to the side dining room and there was one small table that had not been cleaned so we moved back to the registers and were again not acknowledged. the girl went out back then came back to the front and said someone will clean a table off for us. The tables were too small to seat 5 so we waited for a second table to be cleaned so they could be put together, which was nice. We finally sat down and noticed in the full room of people only one table had food. We heard the couple at the table next to ours stop the waitress and ask if the food they had been waiting for could be changed to “to go” We asked the couple how long they had been waiting for their food and it had been an hour and a half. In fairness they said that it is not usually like that. We decided to leave at that point. I felt badly but we didn’t have time to wait that long and we felt ignored The food did look really good though.

Alan Smart

Elaines's is Great. Nice food, donuts and homemade style bread. Their service is worth traveling many mile to go to. Many of my cousens and I love to go there for a visit.

Eva Lambert

Cleanest restaurant I have ever eaten at. Plus awesome bakery goods.

Jody Winship

Worst expierance I have EVER had. Went for breakfast with 3 other people on a Saturday morning. We were the 4th table to sit out of 8 tables with people. 3 servers on duty. Waited over a 1/2 hour just for someone to show up and take our orders (I found a coffee pot and served my self and my group coffee 15 minutes in) then took another 45 minutes on food to arrive (just as we were getting up to leave) with no eggs were sunny side up-i ordered over medium, my toast was white and extremely tough- I ordered wheat, the bacon was ok, my home fries were seasoned with pepper--i don't eat pepper. I would not even recommend this place to a starving rat. One of the servers was wearing burkinstocks....where in the codes does it say anyone in the food service industry handling food can wear open toe shoes? Never in my life will I recommend, to bad I will usually go out of my way to support local. Hopefully others will have a better expierance than we had.

Christine Whitmer

Abserlaute great place

Emily V Murphy

Breakfast is always delicious at Elaine's!

robert sprague

Nice coffee shop

Brenda Volz

Really great home cooked food. Love going here.

Robin Parady

The charm of this cafe is great! The food is even better! Best donuts in the state!

Bill W.

John Russell

EDITED - You can see my original review below. At that time, I gave Elaine's two stars. However, I have doubled that rating to reflect the kind response which I received from Elaine herself, apologizing for my experience and offering to credit my meal to make up for it. --- If I were evaluating the donuts alone, Elaine's would earn four or five stars. Unfortunately, there was far more to this experience, and it wasn't good. I went to Elaine's yesterday with my two young children. When we arrived, I looked for a sign instructing me whether to seat myself or to wait to be seated, but I saw none. Erring on the side of caution, I awaited guidance from the staff. While there were two employees present, neither of them acknowledged us in any way. After a few minutes, a friendly customer noticed the challenges I faced standing idly in the middle of a room with two toddlers and told me that I could seat myself. At our seats, our waitress was friendly enough, but the wait was abysmal. On the upside, she had the grace to apologize for the delay, and my donut was quite good. Unfortunately, the worst part of the experience was yet to come. For my children, I ordered the crepes. Since they are, as I said, toddlers, I told the waitress that they would be splitting the order. I requested blueberry for my daughter and cherry for my son. After the aforementioned considerable wait, our waitress brought out what appeared to be two orders of crepes. Distracted as I was by my children, I did not immediately realize this. By the time I did, the waitress had left again, and I figured I would work it out when I saw for sure what had happened on the bill. The crepes themselves were quite good (although the filling was a major weakness, coming as it did straight out of a can). Of course, my small children were barely able to eat one crepe each. When we went to pay the bill, I saw that we had in fact been charged for two orders of crepes even though I had clearly ordered only one. I clarified that I had only placed one order. The waitress disappeared behind the barrier, presumably to speak with someone higher up. When she resurfaced, she informed me that it was not possible to choose two different fillings for one order of crepes, and so my doing so had basically triggered the second order. I let her know that I wished I had been told this at the time, as I would've ordered both children the same filling so as to get just one order, as two was clearly too much food. She shrugged and said sorry. Of course, any restaurateur who values customer satisfaction would have removed the second order from our bill. I was pretty disappointed when this did not happen. I am happy to know that donuts of such quality are available north of Bangor, but, unfortunately, this experience has made me unlikely to return to Elaine's to purchase them again.


Best bakery around

Monty Rowe

Diane Smith

A great place to eat. Very clean bathroom too!!!

mark aportria

David Katzenbach


Really good food. Only serve breakfast

debralee sawyer

Best doughnuts and home town feel.

Dayle Beebe

Gary Prescott

Amazing donuts! I can't wait to dig the bike out this spring and take a ride for coffee and donuts

Bonnie Macdonald

Food is always good, friendly atmosphere, close to home and the donuts ate awesome.

Rebekah Smith

Love the food! Best place in Milo to grab a bite to eat.

Jack Bragg

Linda Blue

It was very relaxing good music good singer I'll definitely go again Linda blue

Carol Hart

Great food at a reasonable price !!

Katie Ring

Anthony Frenette

Everything is excellent as always.

Wendy Bubar

Iva Brimmer

Great breakfast.

Joe Drake

Great breakfast, baked goods and atmosphere. :)

Sarah Perigo

Amazing homemade food!

Ed Page jr

Very good food.

Norma Wing

We had to wait for quite a while to place our order, but they were quite busy. After placing our order we waited for an hour, only to be told they lost our order and we would have to reorder. We asked for a house paper while we waited. After waiting for quite some time we asked again and were by the waitress that she had forgotten. Finally, we were served. I then asked what kind of donuts they had. The waitress said she didn't know, but would check. We waited again. Finally, I went to the cash register and asked our waitress again, only to be told again that she had forgotten. By that time there was only one other table of customers. We were there almost two hours with no apology from management. Definitely do not stop here if you don't have time to waste.

Josie Knowles

Best breakfast food in the area.

Jeremiah Lary

Good food horrible service the waitresses seem not know how to handle things waited an hour for our food while others got theirs even though they ordered after us not goimg there again went with a group of deaf people


Sometimes W

Best place in the area to get breakfast. The food is delicious, the interior is nice, people are friendly. Also, their stove is gas powered, so it stays open during power outages. The whole town goes there when the power goes out. It's nice.

edwin marrero

the best in town for breakfast. the waitchrest are great!

Chris P

I love Elaines . Their eggs Benedict is the best I've ever had. The hollandaise is homemade, rich and creamy. Order is always spot on. Sometimes the wait is a little longer on the weekends when they are really busy but worth it. Been going here for 4 years and actually went today and was very satisfied as usual. The canoli was a great finish to the meal.

Robert Brooks

Best donuts this side of anywhere!

Barbara Smith

Our breakfast was delicious

Bethany Varnum

Best donut around

Deb Hichborn

Cyndee Pratt

Slower than death. The healthy and light fruit was old and gross and the eggs were cold. Our home fries where burnt .Won't get breakfast again. Also we heard others complaining about how long it took to get their food after they ordered and that it was cold when they got it

Katie Granese

Food is SO GOOD!

Thomas Langerak

Nice place for breakfast. Good food and good service. The place is clean and has a kind of a country/home town atmosphere.

Nikki R

Great breakfast, amazing breads and pastry, with a homey feel! We love it!

Sheila Mcallister

Breakfast anywhere else is not going to be as great as this place, they have affordable prices and great breakfast.

He Man

Melanie Richards

Awesome bakery, and convenient. The cafe only serves breakfast and bakery items.

Dawn Etchason

Owner chatted with us and had fresh out of the oven cinnamon rolls. Yum

Skyler Gilbert

Best eggs Benedict east of the Mississippi

Nikki Chadwick

great baked goods

Fozia Qayyum

Good. But long waiting for breakfast

Justin Ingalls

David Wolf

Awesome place for breakfast!

Tenma Spencer

Low prices, awesome food, friendly service, great environment!

nischal Ravi

Toni Lovejoy

Great breakfast a little too busy at times. Good for owner not so good for customers

Tiffany Medina Gill

Very good

Dana Blackman

Maggie Guthrie

Breakfast menu and food incredible! Bakery products to die for, esp. Chocolate glazed donuts with sea salt...yummy!

A Schmidt

Awesome breakfast and the wait staff very friendly. We are here at camp and so glad you expanded your menu. Your new addition could use a couple cozy booths.

katherine drew

Love Lisa. She already knows what we want.

Chris Poulin

Great people and food

Taylor Renner

Terry Livingstone

Valerie Ekholm

Best Chocolate Cream Pie ever!

Tim Hallam

Good donuts

David Brown

Best eggs Benedit

Stephanie Duarte

Beautiful family friendly bakery. The outdoor area is nice for a hot day in Milo. The don't serve lunch and when we went in during that time the employee on the floor was a little rude. During the morning and evening is a good time to stop in. It's located near the river and the vets park. We usually stop by when we bike in the area.

Kimberly Campbell

We stopped here last year for the first time and couldn't pass it by this year. The donuts are delicious and service is excellent. Highly recommend!!!

Casey HuntingPA

Excellent food and friendly staff. It's the first place I stop at every November when I go up deer hunting.

Norm Dubois

Great tasting food. This includes breakfast and pastries. Service and surroundings all very good.

Alex Maillet

Sonja Littlefield

Great food and awesome folks taking care of us!!!

Heather Anthony

Chris Hayden

Great bakery, good coffee and pleasant staff


Good food, fair prices, best donuts ever. Try the eggs benedict and biscuits and gravy.

Pauline Mullins

Love it

Billie Jo Lewis

Michael Sherman

OMG! What a fantastic place for great food, local color!

Matt Sullivan

Service isn't fastest, but food was good, and bakery items were great

Amanda Anderson

Alika T

Very nice atmosphere, great people, and excellent food. A must stop for breakfast!

David Rosania

Absolute best donuts I have ever had. A must stop anytime you travel through town

yeet 420

Andrew Johnson

Delicious breakfast, especially the bread & French toast. Get a few Whoopie Pies to go, rated with the best in the whole state. Bismarcks are also top-notch.

Petrah Jacques

Michael Carroll

Tan tan

Jill Moniz

Dan Macgregor

I really like this bakery. The pies are my favorite. Huge variety of products.

Robert Vitale

Love the food been a few times while bear hunting absolutely great

Brian Reeves

Michael Jack

Great service. Good food

Maryanne Bragan

Warren Heath IV

Kathryn Hastings

Maureen Towers

Emilie Sullivan

Christina Higgins

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