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REVIEWS OF Bam Bam Bakery IN Maine

Alanna K

The food there is fantastic, but I wouldn't go back and here's why. We met with Tina for a tasting and spoke about a wedding cake for us. The tasting was amazing and we were very excited to have a wedding cake made by them. We needed to make some adjustments based on dietary needs and were going to wait for Tina to see about making them. I waited to hear from her for two weeks and decided to call to see if the adjustments could be made. Based on the tone of the conversation, it didn't seem that there was much commitment to making a cake for us. There was also a lack of communication that was extremely frustrating. We are very disappointed. It is not a short trip for us to travel there. We will not be returning after that experience.

Kevin Bell

My wife and I were very excited to find this all-gluten-free cafe. The diverse amount of baked goods made it hard to choose one -- so we got three things to share. My major complaint was: They make a delicious looking breakfast sandwich which is displayed on the counter. So I ordered it. The staff then immediately took it and put it in the MICROWAVE. It ruined the food. You spend all this time creating home-made food...then you ruin it in the microwave. Ugh. Bummed me out. The cheese was now rubbery. The bread totally ruined. Luckily the Raspberry Oat bar was phenomenal.

Toni Jayne

The food looks amazing and is gluten free however I have to say it’s the worst service I had on the vacation. My bagel was forgotten about so I waited 15 minutes for it and then had to ask where it was - by that point it was stone cold. Before that I had to wait around 10 minutes for the milk was refilled for my coffee. Really disappointed as I came here based on the great reviews.

William Nickerson

Coffee and pastry are good. Help is also very good

Timothy Johnson

Definitely worth a visit!

Misteerr RERR

Very nice breakfast. Cute scenery.

georgi petrov

Fantastic. All gluten free and very tasty. Very friendly staff. Lovely atmosphere.

Patrick Conant

Jo Peterson Gibbs Landreth

Everything is gluten free. There are also dairy free, vegan, and vegetarian options. My gluten loving husband said that if gluten free can taste like this that gluten has no purpose.

Mattea Jones

Great gluten free bakery, with spectacular cookies! They also have a good number of vegan options.

James Sneakers

We are so glad for this place. We need more places to offer gluten free options.

Tracy Boschee

Amazing gluten free bakery! Visited from the west coast and by far exceeds other gluten free bakeries I have been to. I travel frequently and try to find a gluten free bakery in every city..Bam Bam is #1 so far. You cannot even tell the difference in taste in all items I purchased. Definitely worth the visit. Exceptional products! Thank you for the great treats!

Andres Guzman

Amazing! It's such a treat to walk in someplace and have so many choices of delicious gluten free goodies! Every time we come up to Maine, we go out of our way to stop in and stock up!

Nicola Shields

Tasty quiche for brunch! Lovely athmosohere.

Josh Furman

Brian Cribb

Nice baked goods. I'd put them up against any other bakery, gluten free or otherwise. My wife's allergy makes no difference here. We can just enjoy a coffee and some goodies. Glad we found the place. :-)

Jeff Tilton

Great food that just so happens to also be free of gluten products.

William High

Erin Klau

For a GF traveler, this place is paradise! Try the brownie ice cream sandwich!

Carla Faucher

Great service

Susan Geffers

Gluten is not a problem for me but I really enjoy the pastries and breads at Bam Bam. Love the texture and find the pastries not too sweet.

Jacob Watson

Great cozy spot to meet friends and share fine fresh healthy baked goods. Alert, friendly staff.

George B

Good place for coffee and breakfast treats. The staff is very friendly, store very clean and the pricing is very fair.

Lincoln Pasquina

Delicious, friendly, a must if you're gluten sensitive and anywhere near Portland.

Enzo Rascionato

Unbelievable gluten free bakery- made a special visit just to try it again and it didn’t disappoint!

Audrey Cooper

Excellent selection of specialty baked goods and lunch dishes, complimented by their stellar teas and coffees. Best option if you or your group have dietary restrictions but still crave delicious pastries and goodies:)

Conor Galligan

Fantastic food no matter the meal or time of day, good coffee, and great service. As someone with Celiac, couldn't be happier. Best compliment I can give is that I rarely tell anyone that it's a GF bakery beforehand, and they're always surprised when they find out after enjoying the food.

Adam Kirby

Sorin Toma

Good food. Nice atmosphere.

Kevin Sahakian

My office is nearby this place and Mary Kate Kelly and I have had very similar experiences. The desserts are okay for gluten free fare, but the staff is incredibly rude. I've had multiple negative customer service experiences here and my most recent visit will certainly be my last.

Khalid Khan

Love their pies and bread pudding! And spicy brownie is yummilicious as well

Jana Gill

Had a GF DF cinnamon streusel coffee cake fresh out of the oven. Was killer. If I lived here I’d be a regular.

Jon Decker

Great little quirky gluten-free bakery with small pre-made items for lunch too. It's a very Portland place, which is to say that it's more like visiting a friend's house than it is going to a business to buy food. I just wish it was open after 5p.

Monique Anne

Incredibly slow service. If you've got 30 mins to wait before ordering and another 15 to get your pastry, come here.

Vivianne C

Everytime I go the food gets better. Great pizza today with lots of spices. Highly recommend

Jay H

Just stopped by for a cookie but I really like the place. The staff was friendly, plenty of room to sit and relax, and the space had a nice hipster coffee shop feel. I would stop by again!

Paige M.

Linda Dunn

Great selection! Cinnamon roll was fabulous! I am thrilled to have found you after several gf baking failures at home.

Andrew Griffin

Great food and decent coffee. Has a wonderful atmosphere as well. Everything is gluten free and what I had (breakfast cake) was outstanding. The thing holding my review back from 5 stars is the service. My girlfriend and I were looking at the spread and the girl behind the counter just glared at us impatiently. Never asked if she could help us or if we had any questions just made it feel like we needed to hurry up and make a decision. From other reviews this is something they need to work on. Their food is on point and I'd definitely recommend it for that. Some of the best gluten free options I've ever had!

Booktolight 777

This place has wonderful gluten free bakery items delicious. Relaxed atmosphere.

David Laks

Great Quiche, Chocolate chip banana bread

Megan King

Amazing and delicious! I was so happy to find a designated GF bakery. So many tasty options! Highly recommend!

Austin G

Inconsistent quality. First 2 times I went there it was great... The 3rd time I went I got raw chicken on my pizza and raw pizza dough, and my loaf of bread was dry from a hole in the bag. Waste of $12.

peter jorgenson

Great service and great food!


So yummy and safe!! I am gluten free and dairy free and they had a ton of options. I picked up a peanut butter cookie, cupcake, coconut bread and a shepherds pie... tasted some of each and everything was absolutely delicious!!

Ursula Hershey

Gluten free everything, great selections

Jennifer B

Awesome Bakery! While visiting Portland this weekend this bakery was recommended to us. I was very excited to hear they were a gluten free bakery. Not only are they gluten free, they also make nut & dairy free items as well as vegan. I bought almost one of everything to bring back to CT. My daughter and I are both Celiac and finding a good dessert is hard. Tiramisu is our favorite dessert and we have yet to find a gluten free option. I bought three from the bakery & traveled back to CT with them. OMG, my whole family was fighting over it. It was so good and you couldn't even tell the difference from the regular. I highly recommend this bakery. Every item we had was super yummy....wish we lived closer !!!

Katie Hatch

Such a great shop for the community. My go to for any friend with special dietary needs (GF).

Rebecca Chabot

I absolutely love coming here when I'm in the Portland area. I always treat myself to a large box of goodies when I'm there. As a human who can only eat gluten free this place is heaven. Literally everything here is gluten-free and it's not just desserts! When I have gone they always have different options for pizza a hot food item like macaroni and cheese or chicken pot pie and also loaves of bread for sale! They have a great selection of coffee as well from ice too hot to lattes and espresso! They have some nice tables chairs and couches if you want to sit and eat! I always buy enough to bring home and Freeze and everything I've ever Frozen before has always tasted delicious later on!

Mark Alcarez


The food is delicious. They take allergies seriously and where very helpful.

Bert Smoluk

If you are looking for super high-priced baked goods, this is the place! Simply not worth it.

Curtis Scribner

Loved the open spacious atmosphere, great coffee, and especially the glutton free treats.

Steve Jurkovich

Marcelle Novak

William Bruce

Keri Woodbury

Jeff Cohen

I visit Bam Bam once a year from my home in McMinnville, Oregon (1 hr south of Portland) and walk away with a box full of DELICIOUS gluten-free goodies to take back with me. Yes, Portland, Oregon has a few outstanding gluten-free bakeries like Back To Eden, Gem, and Petunias, but Bam Bam has scrumptious pastries I can't ignore

Brandon Cruz

Never ever again, my fiancé and i were So curious and excited to try Portland famous blueberry pie and for what..... coming to find out she buys the pie thinking is blueberry pie she brings it to her families thanks giving dinner and guess what.... it was APPLE PIE!!!!! ! -____- it was 27 dollars!!!! we should of gone to McDonalds if we wanted an apple pie!!! I’m super pissed 27 dollars Down the drain please please be mindful of what your buying never again!

Vikki Taggart

Really tasty. Lots of options. Friendly staff.

John Adams

Other coffee shops in Maine take note. Bam Bam Bakery is how it's done!


Pretty sure I died and went to Heaven..

Tim Williams

Fantastic food and coffee. Great vibe. Super easy to work with any dietary restriction and still get a wonderful treat.

Michael Lewin

High quality GF baked goods in downtown Portland. Staff seems more focused on their love of baking than customer service, but the product stands on its own.

Robin Rogowski

100% would go again! The staff ate very friendly and the good is amazing! A must for everyone to visit!

Jordyn Curley

Bought a dozen cookies this morning. First thing at 8am. 4 different kinds. I would expect them to be fresh but they are so incredibly dry. Almost like they are just the leftover ones from the day before. Very disappointed. Especially since they are not cheap.

Jean Nolte

If you have to be gluten free, this place is a Godsend. Everything on the menu is gluten free, and the entire facility is dedicated gluten free, so there’s no risk of cross contamination. I just ate a delicious eclair, which was great on it’s own merit, but made even greater by the simple fact that I haven’t eaten an eclair in at least five years. Other allergens are clearly labeled too, and they take care to avoid cross contamination with dairy, peanuts, etc. The vibe is very laidback with miss matched furniture and exposed wood and brick. You clear your own dishes and sort your compost and recycling. Great place to come to hang out for a bit, and the food is good enough that you can bring gluten eating people and not have to apologize for your food restrictions.

June Keniston

Delicious gluten free baked goods! Well worth the visit. Staff are very friendly and helpful. Relaxing atmosphere. I’ve brought my kids here several times as a treat and they love it!


worse service ever

hanna daniel

terrible customer service

Shari Landry

Mark Thornton

Grabbed coffee here one time. Pretty nice place and friendly staff. Had a cold, unwelcoming feel to the the location, though.

Keri Thibeau

This cozy and warm place on Commercial is one of the best places to grab coffee and breakfast. Among their wide variety of breakfast selections including muffins, strudels, bagels, bread, quiche, and so much more you'll find a large selection of coffee flavors. There are gluten free and dairy free options, which are quite tasty since I am lactose intolerant. The staff is always friendly and the seating is abundant. There are plenty of different seating options and another bonus is you can get your coffee in one of their great mugs or get it to go. Don't forget to check their 50% off basket for some goodies to go.

leon lowell


Gerry Doyon

Great deserts and service.

Sarah Dee

Delicious gluten free whoopie pie! Everything in the bakery I could eat, because they're gluten free! Amazing place. Reasonably priced too.

Ximena Olds

Delish GF and Vegan! Yum yum

Natalie Avent

Kim Crosby

Great gluten free options. A real treat for those of us with celiac. The eclair was so yummy!

Emir Avilés Pagán

The desserts were pretty good. They have a good variety, with vegan, gluten free and dairy free options. Nice, tranquil space that seemed to be popular with families. The coffee could be better, but still a good place overall.

Joshua Mullins

Best gluten free bakery I've ever been to. Now I've had better chocolate chip cookies, but not much better. This place is so great because of the huge selection and everything we tried, whoopie pies, chocolate eclair, and chocolate chip cookies, was amazing. And very reasonably priced for a good bakery, especially GF bakery!

jodi murphy

Best Food ever!

Shannon McGinty

Kent McKenzie

Perfect place for those who are gluten-free. Friendly staff and fair prices.

Cecily Muller

Wonderful!! Worth the trip from Randolph, Maine. Thank you Bam Bam <3

Ted LaCrone

Baked goods, gluten free (celiac) mecca. Great variety, things taste very good and atmosphere is happy.

Lenora Gutwin

Great gluten-free, yummy baked goods, nice coffee, pleasant staff, clean comfortable seating. All good.

Carol Fanning

Tina, you really came though with that delicious quiche. Our friends ascended upon us with a phone call and his wife is gluten intolerant. Like I do not even cook for us, so to make something she can eat was let’s say, not possible. We also bought some bagels and muffins and she said she hadn’t had a bagel in years. We all loved it. You are the best.

Donny Lowe

It has become woefully inconsistent. The once fresh soups are now reheated. Microwaving them really ruins the fact that they are homemade. Sometimes the turkey chili comes with corn bread, other times it doesn't but the price remains the same.

Aleigha Bangart

Love this place! EVERYTHING on the menu is gluten free and delicious. This place is a rare gem to come across in downtown Portland.

sam rothe

I bought a dozen whoppie pies, and ate half of one, and had to throw the rest of them away. I can tell you from my experience i would rather agiate my celliac diease then eat those pies.

Jonathan Waldo

Very friendly staff and atmosphere. Being able to purchase gluten free with out worries is wonderful and very tasty.

Erica Cabral

My father went into your establishment on Friday, 1/13 at 7:30am, prepared to shell out WELL over $75 on your chicken pot-pies and desserts to bring back home two states away. When he ordered, he was refused service. Flat-out refused the 6 chicken pot-pies he ordered. The cashier told him the following: "Oh, we can't do that. We will have people coming in today expecting these to be here; we can't just sell that many to you." Umm...what? He WAS a customer. He was looking to purchase them. And they refused to sell them. Side note: My Dad is Celiac. Our entire family - Celiacs. I thought that was who you catered to, the GF community? We used to love this place before rude service (from waitstaff AND owner Bevin) and failing food quality abounded. This behavior is shameful. Try treating your business like a business.

Robert Ring

Great selection of gluten free food, the best I have had.

Virginia Rabjohns

Food was ok, parking can be difficult, loved the dessert options

Jessica Rascionato

I love this bakery! Everything is gluten free and most is vegan. And absolutely everything is delicious. Such a treat to come here!!

Ali Louis

Oh man, I don't know how I accidentally left a 1-star review for Bam Bam Bakery. It's been 4 months and I am STILL drooling just thinking about those scrumptious cinnamon rolls! Actually, I took one out of the freezer this weekend and enjoyed it. For my lazy tossing them into cheap zipper baggies, I'm shocked they held up so well in the freezer. I also highly, highly recommend the banana bread and the whoopie pies. I hadn't planned on returning to Portland but I'd go back just for this bakery. Seriously.

Robin Pellerin

Delicious gluten free baked goods! Highly recommended!

Lee Edwards

Great gluten free bakery plus lunch foods.

Cynthia Turner

Sweet and Intimate! Soo many yummy GF treats and coffee was perfect!

Sammy Antinoro

This place came through in a pinch. Never thought it would be so hard to find a Blueberry Pie in Maine. We had called/went to a handful of places on our drive back home and they were the only ones who had two slices of blueberry pie. My husband and I ran downtown and grabbed them. It was so delicious and so abundantly full of delicious blueberries and the crust was equally delicious! We will be back!

Alexey Seredin

they are so awesome

Charlotte Dench

Great place! I was with a large group and they took care of us quickly and cheerfully.

Emily Siegel

Don't miss the carrot cake or cinnamon bun!!!

andrew dolby

My wife and I recently moved out of state and Bam Bam is on the short list of things we miss dearly. First of all everything I have ever eaten there has been delicious. Second, they really take pride in creating amazing gluten free treats that those of us with gluten intolerances don't get to experience often. I miss their cookie bars and especially their lemon bars. Their food isn't good "despite" being gluten free, it is good BECAUSE it is gluten free. The flavors are textures unlike anything else. So if you're big on sweets (gluten free or not), check them out. While you're at it ship me out a box of everything.


Awesome place!

Nicole Gallagher

I love all of the different options. Good GF goodies are hard to find

Christina Alves

great options, fun place

Lorie Moore

I have never been disappointed! They make the best gluten free goodies anywhere! Especially the pop tarts!

Raghda Salman

The worst latte I've ever had; cold and untasty. Not clean, cracked cups, and so many flies.

James Beswick

We've visited 3-4 times in the last 3 months, and though I admire the gluten free angle, there are some issues here. The presentation cases look very appealing and there is a wide selection of items. Unfortunately many of the cupcakes and bakery items we've tasted have been very dry, some of the point of practically crumbling apart. The service can be a little stand-offish generally but on the last visit it was just rude - my wife got blasted for asking for steamed soy on the side for a coffee drink. It was an unnecessary reaction so I think that will be the last visit.

Scott Payson

4 stars as my experience something of a mixed bag. The gluten free cake I purchased was very good (purchased to accommodate my gluten-intolerant brother-in-law so I think it's great having this place available). If I had only gotten the cake this review would be 5 stars. Unfortunately, I also decided to buy a slice of pepperoni pizza while I was there becauseit llooked so good. Nope. Truly vile. Unequivocally the worst slice I have ever tasted, no contest. Too bad. Literally too bad to eat.

Ciara Adams

Great food and tea, good music, helpful staff, nice vibe. All their food is labeled with allergy info and there are many vegan options, which is rare and much appreciated!

Dave Song

excellent if you have gluten allergy; average otherwise

Cheryl Anderson

Absolutely wonderful almond horns! Gluten-free paradise!

Jim Dwyer

I’d like to rate them higher as the products are good but their service was a bit lacking. People are allowed to cut the line and they don’t enforce it.

Mary Kate Kelly

As someone with celiac disease, I was thrilled to find a cafe that really caters to those with food allergies. Everything there is gluten free, which is wonderful! However, every time I have been there over the past few years, the staff has always been incredibly rude. I come to Portland from out of state once or twice a year, so I tend to want to stock up on gluten free goodness! This last time, the staff behind the counter made fun of me for all of the food I was buying. Over all, the food and drinks are great, but the staff are consistently rude.

Christopher Maurice

The cake tasting was fantastic was super impressed. Can't wait to eat them again.

Véronique Delcourt

Christina Milazzo

Unfortunately, I found the cupcakes and cookies to be very dry and tasteless. It is probably unfair that I am judging them against a Gluten/Dairy/Nut free bakery in Connecticut that is absolutely amazing. Sorry.

Lyne Cloutier

Two words: coconut macaroons!

Jenna Carlson

I love this place. Staff is always super friendly and answers any questions you have about coffee or the yummy treats they have. I’ve had their coffee which is great every time, never had anything that has that gross burnt or bitter taste. I love their mocha latte, it’s a great treat. It has a fresh taste and it’s not too overbearing where some places have it loaded up with way too much syrup. They have a lot of gluten free choices here that actually taste good! It’s not too busy, at least when I’ve stopped in. It is kind of hidden at the end of the road where they aren’t anymore shops.

Wilhelmina Drengwitz

Great atmosphere, happy smiling service, excellent quality baked goods and coffee!

Michele Tatro

Absolutely delicious!! I would definately recommend to anyone who is traveling through.

Michael Chipman

Jane Trinidad-Hennes, BS, IAHC

I was looking for a place to eat breakfas it was very hot outside and I had my dog. We ask for permission to bring my service dog in. This was a homerun. To my surprise the pastry display was unbelievably gorgeous and full of delicious choices. Great coffee. gluten-free pastries, quiche and more. The owner brought my dog KC water and everyone was welcoming.


Was next in line and waited about 10 mins for the girl to take my order. I got a corn chowder to go and it was poured out of a container sitting out on the counter. After she put it in a bag I asked if she could heat it up. She rolled her eyes and threw it in the microwave. Since my friends coffee took 20 mins to make (not exaggerating) I ate the chowder inside. It was freezing cold. My friend went to remind the girl at the register about her coffee and she said she forgot. Friend also got a breakfast sandwhich that was gummy and tasted like nothing. Not sure why there was a line out the door for this place.

Susan Mizzoni

It was the day before christmas-did not seem that overpowring busy, my husband went to pick up a cake that I was told days prior they would have but no preorders. He just inquired if there was a cake available and the woman behind the counter was rude, dismissive and bothered. Its too bad customers have to take the brunt of others poor insight, even the person behind him was like OMG!! very sad. you lost a customer today and will tell others not to buy at your bakery. customers don"t need to be treated like that when just asking a question regardless what was going on. I called to speak to the owner and was told NO. I asked to be called back and nothing. treat people like this and hope your business ends.

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