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3221 Georgia Ave, Kenner, LA 70065, United States

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REVIEWS OF Norma's Sweets Bakery IN Louisiana

boss babe

Love her pastries

Rita Zirkenbach

Bakery is good!!

Maynor Cartagena

Parking it's a mess

masharie hebert

Best pan ever :)

Jose Perdomo

Julio Nunez

(Translated by Google) For your products (Original) Por sus productos

Ana Rostran

Very good

juan Ortiz

The person in the register it was very rude I believe is the owner looks like employees afraid of her but food is pretty decent

Tony San Martin

Reposteria es excelente, solamente que por las tardes ya todo está vendido.

jorge valladares

R K. Mm

Victor Gomez


Julia Vasquez

Doris Serrano

(Translated by Google) rich (Original) Rico

Gabriela Mejia

Ana Lobo

Good bread, casero.


I loved this bakery. Good pastries friendly staff.

Mara Rodriguez

(Translated by Google) Excellent (Original) Excelente

Brandon M

Have a lot of very tasty and interesting sweets here. Staff was very nice and friendly last time I was there. Always nice to go in and try something new. Haven't been disappointed yet.

Elvia Saenz

They have a good variety of pastries and bread and they are good, but u have to go early because after 9:00 am everything tastes old. They make the best Tres Leches in town. What i hate is that they only serve small & medium coffee, they dont serve Large. So that if you eat 2 items there, u don't have enough coffee because they don't give you refills and they don't have decaffeinated coffee. The restroom stinks and the manager is very unfriendly.

Karina Morales

Very loud music

el ez

Delicioso pastel 3 leches

Estuardo Martinez

(Translated by Google) Very good attention neat clean and variety in the bakery and pastry !!! (Original) Muy buena atencion limpio ordenado y variedad en la panaderia y repostería!!!

Dulce Vasquez

Me encanto los postres y la atencio

Francesca Bermudez

Those darn meat pies are the best

abdel jarquin

Really good Central America food and sweets, good tamales y Nacatamales from Nicaragua

Gerald Aviles

Always friendly and Great food

Woody Gregoire

Cuban sandwich..hold the pickles! $7 and it's so delicious. Friendly staff too!

1ta4 Chris

Mimy Barragan


HD Nica HD Nica

Some time the cashier is to much angry

Savage Mendoza

I love it


Best Spanish bakery around but pro tip call ahead of time , and place your order . Only con is that parking is akward and tight.

ChrisLikesYourMom 4Ever

Eduardo Gongora

Store was very hot, need AC..

Elida Herrera

hacen ricas semitas

Rosa Perdomo

Great sweet bread.

Genesis Reyes

The best pasetriese I have ever tried.the prices are great and they have friendly employs who great you with a warm loving smile that makes you feel at home

Pepper Jelly

It good

Elizabeth Chavez

I love the fresh made bread!

Roel Csoliz

En este lugar vas y ni te saludan estuve 15 minutos parado esperando que me atendieran mientras los empleados conversando entre ellos con el pretexto que primero hay que pasar a caja para después pedir lo que se va a comprar cuando no existe ningún tipo de indicación

Adarsh D. Karki

All sort of Hispanic, Latin and Mexican foods. Their fresh bakery is awesome too.


It is a must when in town.... try the pastelito de carne and empanada de pollo.

Jessica Cintron

Just visiting but needed to have a guava pastry and i was not let down with this place

Monica Guerra

Me gusta el pan y empanadas que ahí hacen.

Hector Matute

Es un. Negocio de familia atendido por su propietaria con un trato cordial y. Amigable .parte que. Tienen exelentes. Postres y deliciosa repostería

Hilda Gomez


I like their bread, is always fresh. Pasties are great.

Lana Galindo

Best place to get pastries in this area

Franklin Garcia Victor

Bakery is great, lack of customer service

Karina Ceballos

Best bread putting ever

Donna Apperson

Best Cuban sandwich I have ever tasted followed by freshly baked churrors! Yummy!

Teale Green

This is the sweetest little secret I've found. The bakery is great and the pound cake is delicious.

Zeniff Guzman

This place is really good If you are looking for a local hispanic breakfast they serve molletes, the Flat pastrie is really good and this place fits all budgets. This place is not only a bakery. They sell sweet bread and sandwiches like Cuban sandwiches.

Robert Larsen

I enjoyed the cuban Sandwich and desert.

Lyle Burkhardt

Great selection and churros!

Lois Licona

Good place!

Irene Estevez

Siempre que voy me atienden muy amable y respetuosamente, es común que personas vayan en la mañana a desayunar y hablar de cómo se puede arreglar el mundo.

Kathia Duran

Delicious Latino pastries at reasonable price

tm s

I bought at birthday cake from Norma's because my usual bakery started closing on Sundays. Norma's uses a marshmallow type frosting which is a little different from what I am used to. It's very sweet, but also light and airy. The cake itself was on the dry side, but the vanilla cream filling was very good.

Manuel Morales

(Translated by Google) Your product of the best but the service with the very bad staff (Original) Su producto de lo mejor pero el servicio con el personal muy malo

susana zapata

El pan de aroz esta delicioso, bueno todo esta rico ahi!

Angel Rubio

(Translated by Google) excellent bakery (Original) Exelente panaderia

Mia A.

Delicious pastries, a little expensive but delicious. Cashier is very nice .

Edy Murillo

Very good pastries And excellent service


Pretty good Mexican grocery and bakery. I wasn't able to eat the Cuban sandwich!

Alicia Accardo

Bryan Castillo

Sweet bread and authentic hispanic foods!

Jaime Guevara

(Translated by Google) Quality and taste (Original) Calidad y sabor

Edison Coronado

Fresh and delicious cakes and empanadas. I like the Cuban Sandwiches they make at this location.. The store also offers a variety of Latino products..oh and the meat pies are the best I have tried...

bertha leura

(Translated by Google) To start, it's super hot !!! The cashier doesn't say hello !!! (Original) Para enpezar, esta super caliente!!! La cajera no saluda!!!

Walter Guevara

Most baked goods are good but some tasted old

Felix Villareyna

Muy buen producto el pan es fresco y buena atencion

Lazaro Leon

Es agradable y tiene muy buena atención al consumidor !

Corazon Peres

Mmmmm no muy bueno no me gusto el parqueo

Jessie moore

(Translated by Google) Great three milk (Original) Great tres leches

Antonio Martinez

karen spellman

Awesome as usual

Randall Howard

Fresh baked goodies, from savory to sweet.

Gabriel Briceno

Prices a little too high

JD Rodríguez

lo mejor para comprar unas buenas semitas



Cecilia Cabrera

El pan esta demasiado hueco, los precios caros

Martin Salinas

Soy hondureño y vivo en california y decidi venir a visitar a mi familia a pasar las vacaciones de navidad y visite a comprar nuestros productos hondureños pero me llebe el desagrado de una joven malgriada y mal educada....sera que no podemos cambiar el chip y darnos cuenta que no estamos en honduras y tenemos que aprender a tratar a las personas esta misma expeeiencia la pase el miami.a los dueños de este negocio tratar de hablar con su personal. Gracias disculpen.

Amalia Garcia

(Translated by Google) Good attention (Original) Buena atención

J Castillo

Everything is over priced. They even went up on the price of the Cuban sandwich.

Yaneisy Guerra

Karla Jones

Los pastelitos de carne delicioso

Francisco -Altenio Diaz

Buenos dulces y buen servicio

Alvaro Jimenez

Great pasteluitos

micaela bueso

Muy delicioso todo !!

Lauren Orellana

oh man I don't know where to start. Everything there taste good..

george almeida

Good pastries, a little overpriced but still good. This place would not make it in Miami but the best local place for guava pastries. Parking lot is freaking nuts.seen a few accidents in the lot. Another local in New Orleans.

Kayla Gonzalez

Authentic and so yummy!

Ian Severan

Cuban Sandwich... you're welcome.

Gladys Barrionuevo

Georgina Cribas

La atencion es muy buena, y el producto me encanta

Barbara Sabillon

Place is nice, you usually find what your looking for. Parking is a bit of a mess, so getting out can be a challenge when full

Brian Morales-Maldonado

(Translated by Google) Excellent (Original) Excelente

Clart Hello

Lester Orozco

Un sabor latino

Lili Contreras

Las empleadas deberian cambiarlas son groseras

Rosa Family Fun

If I could rate this place zero, I would. I went to order my son's birthday cake and wanted yellow and chocolate cake, they were honest and said it would split in the middle so what they could do was make a yellow cake and have a small chocolate cake for him or cupcakes. We chose to have 30 chocolate cupcakes, 10 with blue icing, 10 with yellow, 10 with orange. When we went to pick them up for his party they were completely wrong, they were yellow cake with white icing and rainbow sprinkles. When I said they were supposed to be chocolate with colored icings they told me that they don't make chocolate cupcakes! How ridiculous! I will never purchase anything from here after this horrible mess up when I was never told they don't make chocolate cupcakes I wouldn't have ordered any cupcakes at all.

Juan Carlos Ramos

Awesome best Latin bakery in lousiana

Yessenia Case

Norma's Sweet Bakery

Jennifer Carter

I love this bakery so much! Ive lived in Kenner most of my life, and i always remember my mother coming here to buy the flan, Tres Leches cakes, and the Guava/cream cheese pastellitos. I also like how they have groceries and fresh produce too. I highly reccomend this bakery!

Al Prieto

Norma has some of the best breads desserts pastries and Cuban sandwiches

Bertina Patelli

Ohhhh The FLAN!!!

norman marquez

Jessica Steele

Delicious desserts and great customer service.

yeripalma Corinto

(Translated by Google) Exuberant attention (Original) Exselente atención

Kimberly Espinoza

Their cakes are so tasty. You should also try pastelitos

Steven Molina

Definitely my go to for my occasional breakfast and pastries coffee is not bad at all and the prices for the taste of the food is superb and affordable

Angela Lara

Victor Hastings

Best Cuban sandwich in the area!

Florinda Fajardo

(Translated by Google) Very good (Original) Muy bueno

Jessica Calderon

Roberto Ayala

(Translated by Google) Well the sweet bread (Original) Bueno el pan dulce

Moises Tellez

Los productos mala calidad esos pasteles q elaboran es dinero botado pesimo

Adrian Sandoval

When ever i visit NoLa i came here to get my central American goodies mmm


Amazing service:)

Manuel Ochoa

I love the pastries and products from this store. The reason why I didn't give it 5 stars was because the line to pay was very slow and very long. Other than that the place is just fine!

Michael Vargas

Excellent! Great tasting pastries and cakes! Probably the best Cuban sandwich in New Orleans!

Allan Hermida

Best Latin pastries

Pia Trillo

Delicious empanada, tamales from both Nicaragua and Honduras. Friendly staff, delicious tres leches cake. Friendly customers too

Cristian Sandoval

Love the pastelitos.... cuban sandwich A+

Jose Pequeno

Melin Portillo

Love it! Been coming here ever since I moved into the US.

Harry Bodan


Mirna Bustamante

Yeri Palma

(Translated by Google) Excellent (Original) Exselente

Rhodora Wong

This is a store, bakery, with few small tables. Clean, well lit area. Ordered Cuban sandwich, it was delicious. The bread is fresh, toasted, crunchy, the meat filling is just right, though I wish they have chorizo. I will come back again to try other warm sandwiches next time. The pastries, tres leeches cakes looks delicious but I did not try it. There's always next time, sooner than later.


Like it

Karol Zuniga

Buen lugar latino para comprar especialmente resposteria.

Doyly Ortiz

Me encanta mucha variedad de panes muy rico

Raúl Rodríguez Ortiz

Kenneth Dowers

Excellent Cubano Sandwiches and pastries.

Claudia Calvert

The best fav shoesoles, puffs, flan...YUM!!

julio garcia

Good hispanic food

Andres Halaburda

Very happy with affordable products...


Buen lugar pero necesita un poco de organizacion

cookie lovato

Alberto Cardenas


jeannette Villacorta-Rubio

They're Cuban sandwiches out of this world fresh French bread made there all the time they have the best selection of birthday cakes regular cakes homemade tortillas you name it they have it

Mildred Medrano

El mejor tres leches q he probado

twintendo switch

Delicious sweet expensive sweet bread. Bad customer service

Elvin Garcia

Great place, too small and low variety on the bread. the services is great


Ofrecen el mejor pan

Clemencia Sagastume

It need changes with they products.

Ivelis de Leon

Could eat here every day!!! Love it

Cecy Calcaño

(Translated by Google) A girl who did not know how to treat the client took care of me. Very badly spoken. There is no record to attend to the client. (Original) Me atendió una chica que no sabes tratar al cliente. Muy mal hablada. No está acta para atender al cliente .

Tracy J. Kelly

Great empanadas, cuban sandwiches, honduran tamales, cherry cream cheese pastries, and flan to name a few. Great selection of hispanic groceries as well.

Claudia Rivera

(Translated by Google) Good customer service, kindness and very fast .. satisfied with the staff (Original) Buen servicio al cliente ,amabilidad y muy rapido ..satisfecha con el personal

Alexander Arciniegas

Lorena Matherne

Everything they make and sell is very good.


Really good breads

Domenica Montiel

They used to bake the best conchas in town, now it is not fresh bread. And smells like bimbo conchas. Not good at all.

cesar jaimes

(Translated by Google) Very good attention (Original) Muy buena atención

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