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3515 N Hullen St, Metairie, LA 70002, United States

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Where is Manny Randazzo King Cakes?

REVIEWS OF Manny Randazzo King Cakes IN Louisiana

colleen powell

Ahrionne Levier

carol boudreau

These are the very best and I have been sending them to friends for years And they are hooked on them soooooo delicious

Taisha Law

My favorite place I just love they King Cakes but they always run out so fast

HHT 504

Best king cake I've had thus far. When i got here, it was a line out the door but it moves pretty fast. Pricey cakes but it was worth it.

Brian Migliore

Very good King Cakes

Sharon Joseph

Pj Batcho

Wish they would ship pecan praline ☹️ But only willing to ship original or cream cheese both DELISH but OMG, the pecan praline is a holy experience ❤️


So yummolicious!!!

tina unik

GPS got me lost but cute place quick svc sells out quick

Michael Timken

Iam #4

Delivered to Miami Beach and it was as fresh as if it had been made that very morning! Simply the best! I think a Randazzo King Cake would be my last meal if ever it came to that!

Sherry Williams

20 minutes in line, but worth the wait. Great product and friendly staff.

Nathan Williams

Some of the best king cake I have ever had. Only if lines were shorter

Jenial Banks

Ben Young

The cakes are amazing. The bread is fluffy and the icing is smooth. Best king cake ever.

Lynda Long

Long line but the cream cheese one makes it all worth it

Nancy Armstrong

It’s been years, but it’s the best!!! Wish they would ship

Greg Homer

King Cakes are Marvelous!

anita weatherspoon

Been employed here for 22 years great place to work for carnival time

Wayne Moore

Must say, All worth the wait

keishell pearley

Barry Laine

Inan G.

Neil Glennie

Buying a King Cake here is an authentic Nawlins' experience. Leading up to Mardi Gras, be prepared to stand in a line for 2.5 - 3 hours. Within that time, you can immerse yourself in your cellphone-shell or learn lots about the locals. The queue forms early in the morning. If they open at 8:00 am, and you want to "beat the crowd" or to "get what you came for" (as they have many flavors), then line-up at 6:00 am. Do not park anywhere where you might get towed because you will get towed! They run out of cakes to sell quickly (noonish?), so don't even think about having a selection if you decide to line-up later in the morning (meaning after 7:00 am for an 8:00 am opening). So why do people do this? Because they are considered the best of the best King Cakes. Locals mail them to family members around the world. There are, as always, other options. You can even get King Cakes at Walmart. Just don't offer one of those to a local if you want to impress.

Jordan Neustrom

By far the best king cake I have ever had. The freshness and flavors made were like none of the other kings cakes I have had in years.

Stacy Cohagen

VERY friendly and helpful staff. Always a line because they are so good, but it moves quickly. Highly recommend!

Zenetta Smith

Fast service. Lines are long, but move quickly.

Demiran Austin

Pam Wagner

Smells like heaven!!

Monique Thompson

The best but either always running out or closed knowing its mardi gras season..aggravating

Lillian S


Scott Richardson

Always the nicest people. Best king cake in the city. Pecan Praline new favorite

Philip Thayer

Trevor Bingham

These king cakes are amazing and they are huge! They are a little expensive, but worth every penny. I had a friend pick up a couple for me while she was over in that area. There was a bit of a line, but it didn't take that long to get through it. There's not a while lot of different flavors, but the ones they have are very good.

T. Poche'

Kimberly Reinerth

My favorite king cake but get there early.

Kash Carmon

lynn foret

L McCormick

Worth the 45min wait in line

Jimmy Vignes

Jonathan Sanders

Jed Rose


Rhonda Matherne

christopher andrews

Great tasting king cakes

Don Landfair

Darry Jackson

Early in the season, no lines, plenty of everything and delicious. You can't too that.

Ray Gregson

The best!

Fernandos Magee

A Mardi Gras tradition. . .

Bob Fremin

Super King Cake it is Delicious

Kaitlyn Fogarty

Madeline Buckalew

Best king cake I’ve ever tasted. I’ve never really liked them because they’re always dry when I try them. I hesitated to try this one, but when I did it was so moist and full of flavor. This is the only king cake I’ve liked/loved so far.

oreana wilson

Howard Gillett

Every time i go there they at either sold out our closed. It's noon on a Wednesday and they are closed with roll doors down. Everyone brags on them but i have been trying to experience this do called baked joy for 2 years. i give up! Like a previous writer said "no f's given"

Russell Guarino

zebulon williams

Apparently closed until December

Dan Mac

Had King Cakes from Lafayette, Baton Rouge to New Orleans! Manny King cake is the best ever!!

Shane R

If you want the best, then this is your place. Best King Cake in New Orleans or anywhere else I've ever tried. Go early as they sell out quick during Mardi Gras.

Hal Ross

Over the top.....OUTSTANDING! Tough parking, but more than worth it for the best.

Mel Pavon

The King Cakes are worth the wait. It's a great way to meet people and share Mardi Gras experiences.

Sheila Montecino

Very efficient staff!!! The cop, too!!!

Philip Leggett

Great cake...the line was a little long this morning.

Tabby Lockett

Delivered on time!!! I’m in NJ!! It was amazing!!! Love this place

Gio Garcia

Cannot wait for my next king cake from here!!!! Yes, it's a bit pricey compared to other places, but it's well worth it. There IS a difference just like there's a difference between one steak with another steak's quality and price.


Absolutely the best King Cake around! Not a crumb was left when I brought an apple filled cake to the office. The flavors melt in your mouth. And the baby inside was a big hit too.

Tyler Green

Best place to get a King Cakes, but be prepared to wait in line!

Elizabeth Ohara

WARNING: DON'T PARK AT THE LAWYERS' OFFICE ACROSS THE STREET. THEY EVEN TOW ON SATURDAY. Great king cake and the long line moves rather quickly.

Laura Hastik

kristine menasco

The best King cake I've ever had

Robert Wilson Sr

I travel from Georgia to the New Orleans and North Shore area Monthly and went on a recommendation for this King Cake from a fellow worker. I visited the one on Hwy 59 on the North Shore and found the staff very rude and short. I purchased two which were supposed to be cream filled but could not find any after returning home, they were dry. In the past I have purchased cakes from Rouses and they have been very good and my choice for King cake will be Rouses in the future

Cindy Rabalais

The staf are really nice and friendly and of course the king cakes are great

Patricia McKinnon

By far the best king cake in the city

Wayne Pitts

Best King cakes hands down. Period. Drop the mic. ;-)

Jason Ragolia

Yeonsoo lee

Nathan Gu

Everybody says they have the best king cakes. I just know they are always super busy. So go there early or they will run out.

Douglas Branch

Its the best king cake ever

Kim Lanclos

Best king cakes ever!

Tiffany Martin

They have the best king cake!! We look forward to it every single year. And if you need it shipped anywhere, they do a phenomenal job shipping! It's super easy to order from their website.

Roi-Lynne Hulin


Priscilla Hydell

Terry Martin

Felicia Marshall

It is good.

Chuck Abate

My wife went to randazzos at 6am to get a king cake when the Web site the night before Mardi Gras said they would be open they had a lot of upset people

Catherine Holmes

Tracy Cline

Just wish there were more flavors

Joshua Anderson

Totally worth driving for hours to grab a bunch of cakes for the friends and fam.

Iesha Dantzler

Becky Garner

Awesome so moiste best cake I ever had

Gerard Hebert

The best king cake in Louisiana

David S.

The filled cakes are generous and delicious!

Lynette Stewart

It is the most enjoyable place to work

Kevin Bryant

Excellent king cakes!

Karen Matthis

Best king cakes ever

Mr. waffel

The cake is sooooooo good


Working close to this place this time of year is a nuisance. Either you should get more parking or allow pick up of your wares by appointment only.

Kristin Tassin

masterviolinist k

Sam Mcelroy

Worst customer service I have ever received from these greedy, rude people, including the owner, whoever it is. I ordered a king cake, as I have for many years, to be shipped to NY. This year it didn’t arrive on the day of shipping because of one day of bad weather. Fine, no problem. I expected it the next day or at worst the following day. After three days of not arriving I checked ups, which had no shipping information available anymore. When I called Randazzo’s for help all they had to say was that “there was a disclaimer about bad weather” when I purchased it and there was nothing they could do about it. I asked for a manager to call me back, they said they would talk to the owner and get back to me and repeated the thing about the weather disclaimer. After one day, nothing. I called back again the next day, same answer, no call back again. The third day I called they repeated the thing about the weather, someone named Cindy promised she would call back same day, nothing. Finally they said someone would email me and that’s when I knew they could care less. They got their $53, UPS got paid and I never got a king cake. Real nice way to treat your customers. Disgusting, greedy people.

Ruby Castillo

Sharon Bonnecaze

Best fresh and soft with the best icing in the world!

Al Brown

It's simply a must in NOLA! The very best king cake anywhere!

Leslye Hughes

The best Kingcakes ever.

Andrew Matherne

neon King1o2 Johnson

i love this place i just think they needs to find a better way to service there customers i mean the wait is between 2 to 3 hours in line

Kelley Keegan

Best king cakes ever!!! For all those complaining about the line and giving low ratings, quit it! It's obviously like that because of how amazing they are! There are certain times in the day when the line isn't down the street. You can order online too, so there's no excuse! No other king cakes can compare!

Amy Perdomo Haines

Steven Williams

I would stand in a longer line to buy their King Cakes!! Extremely Delicious!

Terri J Brown

Must say, the flavor and king cake was absolutely delicious! I was disappointed in the cream cheese filling, as I felt they slacked in quality by truly providing a cream cheese "filled" king cake. The cream cheese was minimal and not filled, but on top the cake under the icing. It was close to more of a regular king cake.

Sarah Kelly Adams

King cake doesn't get any better than this!

Joycelyn Jones

I hope they have Easter Cakes.

Jim Sullivan

Rebecca Wilbee

Dora Casas

Tyeshia Scott

Teneha B

This is my FAVVVVVVVOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTEEEEEEEEEE place in all of the NOLA to get a Mardi Gras King Cake. You can smell the scent of cinnamon in the parking lot, even on a cold, windy morning like today. This place is known for having long lines wrapped around the building as folks LONG to get ahold of this cinnamonny goodness during the Mardi Gras Season. If you get a King Cake from Manny Randazzo on Hullen... someone REALLY cares for you. Thats the truth; because battling those long lines is not the most sought after activity. Man oh man, the taste is oh so perfect. The right blend of cinnamon & icing. This place is a god-send. The bread is never hard it's always soft, doughy & mouth melting. The cake is good for eating alone or with a cup of coffee or did I say alone in closet away from the crown because you don't want to share? Lol. Watch out for the baby, it's normally placed on the underside of the cake, instead of being hidden deep inside, which can be shocking to the novice King Cake Consumer. Pricing is fair. You can get a large King Cake for a nominal fee. We normally enjoy this treat a couple times during the Mardi Gras Season. Got a couple more times to enjoy before the season ends... WoooooooHooooo!!!

Diedra Jackson

My daughter purchased me a King cake from Randazzo in Metairie La on Saturday. I have purchase cakes from them several times, but today was not a good day. Was at work and brought me a piece for lunch and as I'm eating the cake I bit down on something, I thought I cracked my tooth, but it was a piece of someone fingernail. I felt sick to my stomach. I then phoned Randazzo on Hullen and told the lady she put me on hold, then came back and said they use precaution they use gloves made me upset why would I lie will never eat there again someone nasty fingernail!!!!!!!

A. Cuervo

It was my favorite! I have bought king cakes here for long time and I can tell that this year (2017) the quality is getting bad. They seem super sweet filling and almost no dough compared with many bakeries around, I found better ones than this...

Kerry Colwart

Robert Newpoff

Very unprofessional e-mail responses and no help. I am in Tennessee right now, although I live in Florida. My friend in New Orleans stood in line for a long time to get me a King Cake. He bought it as a gift, sent it to me priority mail and when we all cut it in slices, there was no baby inside. I must have e-mailed back in forth with the more than 6 or 8 times. They said to tell my friend to come pick up another one that he could send to me. I said, I am not going to ask my friend to spend more money for another priority mail for something that is your fault. Now they won't answer any e-mails and they are being very rude. They are wealthy people, so you would not think they would mind paying for the postage for something that is their fault. They at first seemed they cared, but at the end, they just avoid you.

Adrian Chimal

Very delicious king cake of all sorts and lines be long so be ready but totally worth it

Tara UnKauf


Jane Pfeiffer

alejandro lugo

Well worth the wait in line.

john vindas

sylvia justelien

Doris James

I have never taste any king cake so delicious like it!! There are friends and loved ones I look forward to sharing it with

Louanne Parker-Buquet

The best King Cake I've ever tasted. I tried weeks before 2016 MardiGras to order online, as I have out of state relatives that wait each year for a shipped King Cake

Kristy Inman

Best King Cake Ever!! !

Holly B

My family and I have grown up in New Orleans and there is no king cake better than Randazzos in Metairie. We have literally over the years tried everyone’s so we consider ourselves king cake connoisseurs. They have set the standard that all other companies try and compare themselves to. I can’t deny that at times waiting in a long line, or them selling out of your favorite kind before you make it to the front of the line can be inconvenient but as they say...... “All good things come to those who wait”. Definitely worth the wait, you won’t be disappointed!

Meekie Juvon

Paul Landry III

Very filling!

Clio Mouse

Sold out right as I arrived from the other side of the continent. Zero f's given. Thanks guys! Not impressed. Beware a waste of your time...

Joyelle Wills

Don’t say you have had real king cake until you’ve had a filled raspberry and cream cheese one from Randazzo’s. Simply the best king cake I can find in LA.

Marketta Golden

Kari deNux

Simone Watson


Liz Hill

Our lovely cake arrived in pristine condition and it was the absolute star of our party. It was so good !! This is without question the best King Cake I've ever had.

Lisa Wharton

The product is very good and tasted. The employees are very professional and helpful. The line move fast even though its very long.


Always a line during Mardi Gras! Always worth it!!

Jonathan McSwain

The king cakes are very good as advertised. The staff however is not friendly at all. No one greeted me when I came in and no one asked if I had any questions. I had never been there before and no one seemed to care. I asked if I could order a king cake since they didn't have the cream cheese filled that I wanted and the woman very rudely told me no I could just come and wait in line with everyone else tomorrow. Very disappointing first experience. They were so rude and indifferent to me as a customer I don't think I'm going to go back to wait in line at 6:30 in the morning.

Rosario Mendez

Hey, a silver lining after the devastating Saints loss (and the cold temps), almost no line at THE BEST King Cake place in New Orleans! Got six of them to bring back to Austin.

Jason Blanchard

There is a reason the line is always out the door. Most of the time down the block. The Mardi gras season is not complete without a Manny Randazzos King cake.

Yesenia Ramirez

Quintara Cook

You have so many options for king cake you cant just get one. Also by the time you wait minimum 30 minutes you won’t just purchase one. But you haven’t had king cake until you had one from Randazzo. Trust me it’s worth the wait.

erin stamps

Get there early during Mardi Gras. Line was out the door. Worth the wait though. Don't park in the spots across the street. They have a tow truck there waiting.

Sanchino Franklin

I love it


Jennifer Cabibi

My favorite place for king cakes!

Carissa Rodriguez

Best customer service in the industry! King cakes on their way to NY and TN. Thank you so much for going the extra mile!!! -Sheilah Wentzell

Christina Mollere

Betty Thomas

Best King Cake I ever had!! I will be trying Pecan Praline when I go back in a couple of weeks.

Erica S. Young

The absolute best King Cakes! Their cream cheese, Praline, and even the plain ones are delicious! It is worth the wait!!!

Cindy Lipton

Worth every minute of the 1 hour wait. Made new friends in line. Best King Cake. New Orleans Tradition. My friends owe me big time. Get there early.

AJ Loyacano

John Branch

Royal and cream cheese cannot be beat.

Yasir Handal


Except no imitation, this is THE Randazzo's King Cake! Go for the cream cheese filled.

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