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REVIEWS OF La Boulangerie IN Louisiana

Bethany Slater

My husband was looking for a good French baguette the whole weekend we were in New Orleans. He kept complaining "they call this French bread!" When we got to La Boulangerie we got so much more than just good French bread: amazing croissants, amazing almond croissants, amazing Napoleans. And a bunch of amazing other things we did not have enough room to taste on this visit. I guess we'll just have to drive 6 hours in order to eat here another time.

J Christopher Colaco

Lovely bakery and café which exudes the New Orleans culture

Tiffany James

The Le Dindon sandwich is amazing

Franklin Gilley

Yes it's an awesome place with a lot more than just bakery stuff!

Theresa Pham-Buras

Great bakery. I enjoyed eating there. They have a variety of wonderful pastries and hand made sandwiches. Love them!

DJ Oetken

I've always loved this place. It's been run by new owners for a while now and I miss some of the old recipes but I really like a lot of the new! Everyone is super friendly here and even when it's crowded it's still comfy. I bring all of my out if town visitors here at least once.. twice if they're good guest.

Melesa Shumate

Food was great.

Rene Szyller

I have gone there in the past, and as previously, the food is good. The staff was very pleasant. However, much to my horror, one of the staff, female with long blonde hair, moved both hands thru her hair four times, then twisted it into a ponytail. It was in the evening, and then she restocked the food. No handwashing, nor gloves. I did not say anything to the lady. I did apologize to the young man, that the reason I asked him to serve me was because the young lady handled the food after tossing her hair, without cleaning her hands.

Nancy Mikkelsen

Great latte! Tiramisu was dry and disappointing

Victor J Garza

Great for carbo loading for a long day of sight seeing. Pastries, coffee and breakfast options are great. Area is relaxed and nice.


The soup was really good!

Maria Pla

All their pastries are excellent.


Coffee was really good, but almond croissant was soggy and had a strange flavor.

Marcia Hirsch

My favorite local bakery with hands down the best croissants in town. They also make a decent French baguette. The brioche and quiche are also excellent.

Beau Cass

Quantity, quality, fresh, friendly, try it once, try more next times. Delicious.

Mark Barry

Best French bakery ever, great atmosphere, morning bun & breakfast sandwich were each over-the-top delicious, we'll be back every day!

Marina Lower

Nice & spacious place. Clean. Friendly staff. Quick service. Freshly baked bread. Avocado-egg sandwich (I ordered) was delicious! The full size salad that I ordered was pretty small in size ( about the size of a side salad).

Kyle Venn

Got the breakfast sandwich and a pastry and it was tasty :) Would recommend.

Samantha Winterburn

Great French cafe on a really cool shopping street. Chocolate croissant was delicious!

Leticia Cuellar

My favorite French bakery makes the best croissants in town. Ordered the avocado toast for breakfast last time. It was delicious!

Allen Nguyen

Totally corporate and wildly inconsistent from the Link group in the years since the French family owned this spot. Way overly ambitious pastries that are technically poor ranging from underbaked, poorly laminated kougin amann to burnt garlic loaves to under proofed baguettes. Volume as opposed to the high quality of years past.

Jordan Wolfe

Beautiful atmosphere, smells and looks amazing. Parking is very hard to find. I had to park on a side street and walk a ways. Some things are ridiculously over priced. The Quiche is good. Can't remember the others names. If you don't mind to wait a while and walk a ways its good. Ill try it again and sample a few more of the expensive items. $5 for an eclair is just outrageous. But we'll see.

Denny Gonzo

Love everything about this place!! Great place for a quick breakfast and coffee drinks. Loved the ham and cheese croissant

Brian Slark

Great food and atmosphere, perfect way to start a weekend.

Gary Chin

Friendly staff. Croissant, Morning Bun, cheddar & chive biscuit, and eclair were excellent. Almond croissant is different from others I've had, but is delicious.

Peter Pelitera

Amazing, amazing, amazing, and did I mention amazing? The real deal French style bakery. Everything was fresh, incredibly tasty and genuine article ( real butter, real ingredients) and expertly prepared. Blown away by the quality. So many establishments in NOLA fake it and are no where near as good as they claim. La Boulangerie is a destination ! You need to make the trip here if you want an authentic bakery experience !!

Benjamin Legum

Cute little French style bistro. Great sandwiches. Amazing fresh bread.

Heather Simnitt

The food here was delectable. The atmosphere was perfect. Good lighting, nice tables, etc. The display is gorgeous. The only thing keeping this from 5 stars would simply be service. It was not terrible, but I could definitely sense an attitude of "I'd rather be somewhere else," from the two people who waited on us.

Wendy Hartline

My first time coming to la Boulangerie. Wow. The pastries, cakes, desserts look delicious. I bought a galette Rois for a party. It comes with a ceramic (baby) favor. I did grab a breakfast bun to munch on. Amazing

Ingrid Blackwell

Easy and comfortable to relax in and wonderful patries.

Andrew Dodenhoff

They had in adequate signage. I ordered an item, a meat filled pastry. It came with a salad for over $8.00. All the other pastries were less than $5.50. Then the clerk couldn could not figure out how to make change..

Joana Antunes

Amazing French style bakery in the uptown area. They won prizes for best baguette and croissant. I really enjoyed their pastries and amazing croissants. I truly recommend this place if you enjoy French style bakeries. It's yummy!


Some very good Pastries. It has expanded which is a plus. More tables to sit at now.

Ben Tinklenberg

People were needlessly worried when Donald Link took over. Amazing pastries. They also expanded their seating.

Gregory Tsilov

Yummy ;) French sandwiches, quiches, soups, pastry. Nice and cozy atmosphere.

Maria Vilenchik

Tasty sandwiches! Great lunch and coffee

Sandy Clabaugh

Very disappointed. Made special trip to have Kouign Amann. The first time we tried they only had savory stuffed wih baby pig so we went back earlier the next day. Then they had a fruit filled. A Breton pastry that is supposed to be layer upon layer upon layer of crispy, buttery explosions of flavor was anything but. Adding liquid only creates sogginess. The eclairs were split with a chocolate filling, not a traditional pastry cream piped into the pastry. But, the cheese straws are good although easily made by anyone with puff pastry.

Chaunty 83

Great pastries and bread and cakes and tartes, and croissants and everything really. Oh and coffee, the coffee's fantabulous too! I only wish I could eat here everyday, but if I did I'd need a whole new closet to accommodate my ever-growing behind.. LOL! My faves are the salted caramel eclairs, and the chocolate eclairs, they are to die for. Like I would literally rather die than live without them, that's how good they are. Just head over there already, you won't regret it.

Joanne Mcarthur

Fantastic choice of fantastic food!! Inexpensive.

Kenneth Juneau

Freshly prepared pasteries and bread. We stop by every time we are in NOLA.

Ty Provosty

Lovely Cafe. Great coffee. Delicious pastries and baked ready to eat savories. Highly recommend a visit.

Brandon Woodie

Still a great place to go for pastries. Not quite as good as when the French owned it but good. Prices are getting a bit outrageous on some items. A small king cake is $30 I nearly gauged my eyes out when I saw that. I wish they would bring the old quiche back it was perfect.

Nicholas McDonald

Great spot for croissants, desserts, coffee, and breakfast. Loved the ambiance

Marianne & Jay Shub

Damn; they make some of the best breads and pastries in the county.

Aaron Hanz

Do yourself a favor and pick up the Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding. It is delicious!


Cute place, friendly staff, good food, need more lettuce on the Cobb salad. Good but not enough for what you pay for. Very good soup and dessert

Chor Wah Lee

Very good Napoleon but expensive. They have the best drinking water, doesn't taste like N.O. tap water.

Maayan Israel

Food and coffee are delicious! Insane pastries. The staff aren't very nice or helpful for the most part, but I guess that makes it feel more French! Definitely doesn't feel like I'm in New Orleans. I like that their king cake babies are pigs, that's so cute!

Megan Gargiulo

Amazing pastries; a must-go in New Orleans.

Taylor Griffith

Tried to find the best chocolate chip cookie in Nola but this definitely wasn't it :/ cute shop though! All I had was the cookie so other things might be amazing :)

Sty Robinson

The site and smell when you walk threw the door is amazing. Breads and sweets of all kinds. The worst thing is trying to pick just a couple of items because you want it all. There is something for everyone. I chose my few items and intend on returning another day.


The almond croissant was fantastic. My party had the chocolate cake which they also said was good. Seating was plentiful, the staff was friendly and attentive. A very good experience. The espresso was a bit bitter tho.

Yotam_ and_Anna

Another coffee house we go to almost every single day! That's a lot of coffees... well, their latte is fine. But their baguette... is the *best* in the city. Their service is quite varied, sometimes fast and kind, sometimes slow and bored. But four stars for its location and quality of baked goods. Sometimes the lines get too long... but it's ok. There are two cash registers.

Nicholas Doan

Coffee was good, Avocado Toast was great andthe ladies helping us were all pleasant and smiling. Great experience, thank you!

Elaine Hyland

Delicious food. Courteous staff. VERY loud!

Kevin Maggio

Good ice cream. The pastries looked fanstastic. We will definitely try them next time.

Emily V

Ham and cheese croissant was amazing. Kouign-amann was not traditional--goopy cinnamon stuff in the middle and no caramelized layers. Kind of like a soft, weird apple fritter. Highly disappointing. 4 pastries set us back $18. I'd return, but stick to croissants.

Charlene Hinrichs

Wonderfully baked breads and pastries! Coffee is great too.

Avis S. Domingue

When I tell you dessert were so fresh, so tasty: brought home fresh whole strawberry onto of custard pie, a dark chocolate pie, 2 other scrumptious, actually difficult choices. Also had grilled cheeses sandwich and chicken gumbo, ate all of that!

Benjamin Myers

Deloshus sandwiches! Beautiful pastries!

Margaret Guidry

I used to go here when the French gentlemen first opened it. Only thing I miss now under new ownership is the peach Danish. I went again recently and got an almond croissant. It was an experience. I forgot how good pastry can be until I got this. Magnificent.


I've been going to La Boulangerie for at least the last 15 years, before and after the new ownership, and although the menu has expanded and many of the daily specials are quite good, I've found that the quality of service has gone down as well as the attention to the quality of some the items. Sunday I bought a baguette and when the girl bagged it, I asked for a lighter one and she said there were none left. Having never bought such a dark baguette, I figured it must be ok if it was being sold. It was totally inedible. It tasted burnt and I felt like I could break a tooth if I bit into it. Today my mother and I had lunch which was good, then she treated me to a slice of tiramisu after. The tiramisu was dry and flavorless. I brought it to the counter and told the guy who waited on us that it was dry and tasted old. I asked if I could switch it for a slice of carrot cake. He said yes then said it was made that morning and then proceeded to ignore us and wait on other customers for 5, then 10 minutes. We just sat there at our table right in front on the counter. After about 10 minutes, I was tired of just sitting so said I did not want anything after all and would like my money back. I watched as a girl took the tiramisu to someone then that someone went behind the counter and took all of the tiramisus out of the case. Another girl approached me and said the amount was taken off my card and she showed me a receipt. I saw a Visa card on the receipt and told her I did not pay with a credit card that my mother and I had both paid in cash. She then gave my mother her money back in a bit of a huff and we left feeling like we were treated like we had done something wrong! Burnt bread, dry and old tasting tiramisu and poor customer service. And, I didn't even mention another bad experience I had there a few months ago after I had spent almost $50 on lunch for my family and a guy at the register treated me suspiciously when I told him I was 2 cents short and I'd be right back after I got some change from my family! He was rude and made a very big deal out of something very small after I had spent that much. Really sad. Sadly, I won't be returning for a while. This is the second time I've had to stop going because of bad experiences. Please work on training your staff to treat people with respect and watch what you are putting out. There is no excuse for burnt bread and dry, old desserts when so many of the offerings are actually quite good. Extremely disappointed.


Visit here Everytime we are in town! Never disappoints!

Luke Irwin

Quality bakery. Don't wait too late in the day, best variety earlier.

Andre Mauboussin

Went there with my wife and two sons. We had ham and cheese croissants, almond, chocolate and almond/chocolate croissants as well as a cinnamon roll and two strawberry crepes. The food was exceptionally good and the staff we're friendly and attentive. Bravo! What a delightful place

Sarai Solis

One word, Delicious! I love this place, it is a must go if you love bread.

Serene Elyse

Noisy, crowded, expensive, & the food was passable at best; the atmosphere was very stressful for me and I nearly had an anxiety attack. Good lemonade, though.

Gio Garcia

Loved this place!! Great eats!!

Katie Sliwoski

Always very popular, but every item I have ever ordered is delicious. Be prepared for items to be gone if you go later in the morning because of the popularity. My favorite is actually the mini baguette and jam and less then $1.50 too!

Timothy Joyce

A really great Boulangerie! Loved everything I ever had there. It does get busy at times. I like to relax and have a pastry and a coffee but finding a quiet table can be hard. Guess that speaks well of this establishment. Now that Sucre is gone I'll probably make this place my first stop in NOLA. Not as upscale as Sucre, but they aren't trying to be. If you're looking for really, really great breads, pastries and savory treats this place is definitely worth a visit!

Joel Nolasco

This place was great the baked goods were delicious. I had the chocolates almond croissant and it was delicious. I sat there and worked on emails the staff kept refiling my water and was very helpful.

Nathan English

Pastries are great. Very fresh, and price's are good.

Richard Morrell

Great croissants and pastries. Good iced coffee and amazing not overly sweet gelato.

Gisela Garcia

So, so good. Great and friendly staff. Best latte I have ever had.

Heather Siegerdt

Wonderful selection, prompt friendly service despite the business. We forgot a bag. We came back 20min later. They recognized me immediately and I didn’t even have to ask- they had saved our bag of breakfast croissants, kept them warm, and ran to retrieve them as soon as I returned.

Mrs Lee

Oh my GAWD the sausage breakfast sandwich on a croissant was perfect in every way! Sausage was delicious and the croissant held all of the ingredients together without losing its crisp. Also, it was only $6.50.

Timothy Ballisty

New larger space. Very roomy which is sometimes hard to come by in NOLA. My boys devoured their cinnamon rolls. Breakfast sandwich could be a bit larger for the price. On the flip side, a large coffee comes in a very big mug.

Jaime Hernandez

Visited as a guest in the La Boulangerie restaurant for lunch just today. We were entertaining friends from California, and enjoyed our City side table. We chose to stay indoors - to enjoy the air conditioning

Tonja Jackson

My favorite Uptown Spot.

Candace Elenez

Great escape to this adorable French bistro! Great options for breakfast or lunch. They had a great options for bread, pastries and ice cream too! I enjoyed a smoked salmon bagel with a side salad and it was divine. It was such a great atmosphere with a blend of people working, reading or enjoying each other's company. Highly recommend for small or large groups looking for a great meal.

Tres Barnard

Almond croissant is da business!

Oscar DeNessuno

La Boulangerie is one of the places I miss the most since moving away from New Orleans. It's perfect for a quick treat early weekday morning before work or even for a longer hangout with friends on the weekends. They serve an assortment of delicious pasteries (both savoury and sweet), cakes, cookies, tarts and breads. My favorite treat here is their chocolate almond croissant paired with a cup of black coffee.

Chelsea Merta

Great selection of French pastries & other breakfast items. We ordered a peach almond danish, seasonal pop tart, and iced café au lait, and everything was superb. Highly recommended if you’re in the Garden District!

Alina Karimova

Amazing coffee delicious bakery

Rick Najdzion

Always enjoy this place, food and coffee is wonderful, services quick and attentive. The bread is by far some of the best quality in the NOLA area.

Daniel Fleisher

Great pastries and environment. Not great for my figure.

Andrea F

Great little bakery. Great service, friendly employees.

Dr. Steven Anthony Sola

You come here for the food and you will not be disappointed. The cakes are marvelous. Worth a journey.

marit-karen glaser

If you like fresh baked bread like in Europe, you are at the right place. Little pricey, but for where it is located, to be expected.

Diane Grube

Amazing sandwiches and peach tart!!! Had to get an additional sandwich for the road . Delicious!

Joni Davis

Love everything about this place. Le parisien is full of delicious comte cheese and they make their own baguettes which are probably the best in town. Ham is fatty and delicious. Huge cups of coffee and beautiful pastries. It's hard not to over indulge at this spot

Lana Keenan

Wonderful food, atmosphere & even better coffee made by a talented barista named Adam! Prices were very reasonable & parking was plentiful. Would recommend this place to anyone.

Joshua Kesling

This bakery is the HEAT!! Crossaints were the best I've ever had- maybe it was just the day I went, but JESUS!! I highly recommend!!!

Allon Guralnek

The avocado toast doesn't have a lot of avocado, and the red velvet cake isn't very velvety or moist, it's too dry. The chicken soup Danish was tasty and unique!

Wyndie Hains

Very popular place. The coffee and the sausage kolache were good

trey wiggins

Great sandwiches (had the dindon) and the ham and cheese pretzel was great!

Allaina Mcdonnell

wait is about 5 to 10 minutes. great breakfast sandwich. need more employees for a busy place. stop cutting labor

Chris Elliott

Just got back from France and this is honestly as good as anything you can get there. I don’t know how they do it or who they are, but this is where you want to be to how to blow your keto diet! It is the real thing!

melvin crump

Great food and service

Sheril Price

No choice of bread for their sandwiches. Despite being a bakery. Limited menu. Service is good. Nice atmosphere. Not good for Low Carb eaters.

Jim Claudia Blumthal

Excellent food and coffee

Heleen Raes

So so good! I came here for breakfast and had a latte, a fruit danish and a mini baguette. Their baguettes are voted "best in town" and they really deserve it, they're delicious and follow the French recipe. As a European in the US it's always a blessing to find an authentic French baguette. The service is friendly as well but you should be prepared to wait a bit if you want to dine in.

Desmarie Johnson

My fav morning coffee spot, friendly effecient staff. Croissants are the best I have had, so many beautiful breads and pastries. Well worth going a little out of my way

Catherine Lopez

Best place to get fresh breads and pastries.

Berçin Uluz

That place is one of my favorite spot to get fresh bread. They have the best foccacia for really reasonable price. But I don’t like the spend time in there because their fan and AC! It smells too much, Gives me terrible headache!

Paul Barnard

The lemon blueberry danish is one of the best pastries on the face of the planet. I would try to describe it, but I'd surely fall short.

Julie khuy

amazing place with good pastry, coffee and food!

Edgar Borrero

Very nice French cafe. We had sandwiches and pastries that were delicious

Sébastien Vigneau

Best chocolate éclairs I have had in the USA...

Nancy Dybowski

Was a very disappointing experience. Bought a small selection of pastries to sample: apple turnover, chocolate eclair, lemon blueberry Danish, and a lemon scone. The pastry dough was dry and tough on all of the desserts and the lemon scone was also very dry and had too much salt. Will not go back. The restaurant itself was quaint and would be a lovely place to have breakfast or lunch if their products were good.

jake seagle

Almond croissant, chocolate tart, and an espresso. This place is fantastic with amazing service. As far as choices, you can't go wrong.

YB Husain

Love, love, love. Excellent pastries and quite the selection. Best chocolate croissant I’ve ever had. I don’t love the coffee though. But still, I absolutely recommend!

Joseph Connor

Overwhelming selection of simply magnificent treats. Efficient and friendly counter staff, and bloody Mary's to go.

david norwood

It's fun to go back to this place. When it first opened, it was about a third of the current width. There was a glass case and a stove behind and that was all. And if you came late in the morning they were usually out of baguettes. Still the best baguettes in town and a very fun menu. Had the Moroccan lamb sandwich today (whether that's lamb from Morocco or from Iowa, served in the style of a Moroccan, I can't say. But it was terrific)

Micahel Smith

Excellent food! I loved the breakfast sandwich and the morning bun! This is a nice place to people watch too. It's a little pricey, but worth it.

Chris Cole

Loved everything! The almond croissant was amazing. Arugula salad had a great dressing, Smoked Salmon Sandwich on olive bread was delicious, and the latte was a generous pour and very good too. A little pricey but still easily 5 stars!

Claudia Taylor

I don't even know where to start! Breads, coffee, cake and everything in between! Wether you have a sweet tooth or like something more savory...they have everything! Great place to sit inside or out or take it to go

Dale Hanan

Best baguette in Nola! Every time I grab a coffee from La Bou I always get a mini baguette, crispy on the outside, super fresh and tasty on the inside! But I always try some other pastry as well and they are dope AF. Chocolate almond croissant is delicious and goes well with a cappuccino!

Pantelis Panayiotou Plan B

The service was great. They were fast, kind and friendly. The variety of things can make you visit then every day. The taste though is way better. A must visit place. I recommend it.


French bread & pastries in lovely dine in air conditioned spacious space in 4600 block Magazine St. A nice French pastry, soup, sandwich, and salad restaurant in New Orleans. The staff is fast, efficient, and friendly and the prices are commensurate with the quality of the cuisine. Great atmosphere and lots of room inside and out. It gets busy but it moves fast.

Kiel Corwin

Breakfast sandwiches are great, but bring a book, you'll be in line for a while

Seamus McGuire

Best Patisserie in the city, hands down. Croissants, Cinnamon Rolls, and Avocado Toast is my go to.

Lucas Frey

Great bakery with decent prices and good coffee.

Trent Rodriguez

Loved it. So many incredible baked goods. The chocolate bread pudding changed my life

Makayla Steiner

The food is great! Great quality and selection. I especially like their Citron Pressé drink, its super clean and refreshing. I can't find it anywhere else. The staff is usually friendly and knowledgeable about their menu. My only complaint are the prices for certain things, like their sandwiches for example; They're delicious which is why i get them, but at $9+ they're a rare treat for me.

Nyla Conquers

My iced coffee and bagel were lovely, but, please properly show customers where the bathroom is. There was no sign and there was construction IN the building. If I am on Magazine St., I expect Magazine St. customer service.

ambar Gutierrez

The staff is super friendly and the food really good

Tst Mkr

One of the best and freshest bakeries in all of New Orleans. Tucked deep in to Magazine is really one of the best spots in Uptown. Great service, everything fresh, and lots of good sights, smells, and tastes. Would recommend brining people from out of town here on their visit to New Orleans. Outside seating for those with dogs.

John Landry

Great quality and quick service. Nice atmosphere too.

Thomas Krajewski

A nice bakery and cafe The prices are reasonable but certainly not inexpensive. The coffee is pretty good, I had a croissant while I was there and was very pleased with the quality. The venue is nice, it is bustling but has ample seating and the service was friendly and adequate.

Paula Russo

Ordered the breakfast sandwich, sausage was way undercooked. Asked if they could make another minus sausage and add ham instead. Was flat out told they do not substitute meat! They also do not substitute bread! Wth??? Not very accommodating. Only gave 1 star cause the lemon tart was very good!

Sheila Stegall

Excellent breads, quiches, sandwiches and pastries.

Murelle Farmer

Pastries, coffees, prepared foods are all delectable. There's plenty of tables here inside and out. One of my favorites in the city to relax with a cortado and chocolate croissant.

Richard T. Nall

Great selection of fantastic pastries and sandwiches. Great coffees, too.

Linda Miklowitz

Amazing assortment of sweet and savory. The breads are crusty and fresh. Couldn’t order everything, but tried.

K. Wilson

Croissant! OMG and that ice cream.....

Alan Berg

Awesome bakery, great French bread and coffee.

Rico Magsino

Very good French bakery with delicious croissants and other pastries. A great place to have coffee and dessert.

Phillip McWilliams

A quaint place for a great start to your day. Good coffee, exceptional pastries, breakfast croissants, and nice morning atmosphere. The line moves quickly and the pricing is moderate. Taste is fabulous.

antonio safwat

Carrot cake was ok but I had better croissants.


Very good customer service. The menu has a wide variety of items and they are reasonably priced.

Ryan Haney

Delicious grilled cheese and carrot-ginger soup, followed up by a hazelnut pastry for a delightful afternoon snack! Cute and casual, with friendly service, and pleasant atmosphere.

Mia Pacey

Great local bakery, serving fresh bread and pastries. The breakfast muffin is just what you need. The service is fast and friendly never waited very long for anything including latte of hot breakfast muffin. Would recommend their cinnamon bun and almond croissant.

Melanie M

Food and breads are great but the customer service needs improvement. They were not accommodating to my order, which I've placed multiple times. They were neither understanding nor polite. I don't think I'll be coming back.

Rosalinda Segovia Robertson

Food or service? 1 star for SERVICE - staff (lady w/green hair) is rude, impatient and doesn’t even smile. Went there twice, both times - she was rude. Would it kill you to be nice or smile? 4-5 star for bread and food! The pastries and bread are phenomenal. Hence my two visits there while traveling. However, I wouldn’t go back just because I wouldn’t want to deal with that rude staff member again, even though the food is fantastic. Wonder how many customers Boulangerie is willing to lose for a rude, unpleasant, not helpful and condescending person working the counter?

Jo'von Phillips

Passed by this place in a tour van. The neighborhood is nice looking!

Obed Yabbath Hernandez Serrano

I love it! The breakfast its pretty good!!

Tammy Monteforte

I finally ventured out to give this place a try since its within walking distance and I fell in love with it immediately. The breakfast sandwich has easily become a favorite and the atmosphere is productive yet relaxing.

Bryson Lloyd

Always always always love La Boulangerie. Great food, great service, great atmosphere. I will definitely keep going here consistently and recommend it to all my people!

Terri Gregory

One of my favorite places on Magazine whether I'm grabbing a nosh ir meeting for coffee. Window shopping is great there too cuz thw pastries are beautimous.

Elizabeth Hoffman

Tasty veggie sandwich and of course a cafe au lait for lunch on Magazine Street.

Laurie Lamb

Very chill. Quiche was good. Cheesecake was amazing

Ted Briggs

One best bakeries in NOLA. Great place to hang out and enjoy the neighborhood. Great selection of savory and sweet. Delicious!

Biker Doux

Wonderful pastries. Delicious bread. And we'll crafted coffee. What's not to like?

Steve Gin

The bakery goods are amazing. The sandwiches are also really delicious. The cooked breakfast dishes are a bit over salty, so stick to the baked goods.

Sophia Thomas

Great customer service; Cindy was a delight! The food is absolutely amazing. My family and I ordered the lemon tart and baguette one day, and it was so good we were back the following day to order the same things and a sandwich!

james caulfield

Great deserts to choose from. Friendly staff

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