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1000 S Jefferson Davis Pkwy #100, New Orleans, LA 70125, United States

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REVIEWS OF Gracious Bakery + Cafe IN Louisiana

Jeannie Poole

Felicia McCulloch

Elliott Ford

Myra Peters

Victor Annan

Edward Weidner

Unique Lee

Good food. A bit pricey compared to other local bakeries.

Jessica Clinard

Wow....went there for an interview but instead found a jem and new coffee spot....its coffee is amazing all localy bought and the prices super low. I would give it more stars if I could.

Abril Cabrera

Almond croissant was heavenly. My French baguette was a little burnt and hard so there's room for improvement there. Still five stars because service and everything else was great.

Brett Bauman

Great pastries, coffee, and a always happy to see you staff.

Jared Jones

Cool spot with some good stuff for breakfast, brunch, or take home pastries and bread. You can taste the difference between this store and a grocery bakery and I'll take it 100% of the time


Visited during a girls trip to New Orleans June/July 2017 Absolutely LOVE this place ! Coffee, food and friendly service is fabulous! I personally recommend the Smoked Ham Sandwich (w/ pecan cheddar spread, house-made pepper jelly and apple slices on a baguette)...ONE OF THE MOST DELICIOUS SANDWICHES I HAVE EVER EATEN !

Develle Brown

When I saw the other comment about the racism at this business I said not the only one, they can't stand black people and the food is yucky and they are vary rude.

Elizabeth Treacy

Yummy roasted red pepper and italian sausage soup! Very hearty

Cristalle Poche

Nithin Gregory

Allison Gallagher

Food Republic

In a somewhat strange location in Gert Town/Mid-City, this small café serves coffees made with local small-batch roaster French Truck Coffee as well as exceptional breads and desserts. Pastry chef Megan Forman is a New Orleans native who honed her skills at Bayona and Sucre before opening this café and sweets spot in 2012. Fresh baked breads vary daily, but are consistently killer in signature sandwiches like smoked ham with pecan-cheddar spread and pepper jelly

Jeremy Buffenmeyer

Best croissants around. Awesome King Cakes too!

Wayne Boyko

Great place for sandwiches, soup, and baked goods.

Kim Uyen Tran

Cory Fontenot

The baked goods are beautiful and not overly sweet. We were thoroughly impressed by the quality of the croissant. So many layers.

elena evans

Croissant was buttery and flaky just like in Paris! Yummy!!

King Logan

mark gongora

Wonderful place went on my lunch break to go get some food then I wanted some dessert I looked on there photos online and everything looked good honestly, well after I ate I headed over there , I parked went in and looked around very nice place of business , then something looked to good to pass up , BOSTON CREAM PIE people omg so good luckily it was the last one hehehe, I paid for it and I sat down and enjoyed it omg so good the flavors of everything out together , especially the hint of orange so good !!!! Thank you gracious bakery and I will be seeing y'all soon again!!!

Christian Montesdeoca

Love this place!

Joye Bryan

Andrew Dodenhoff

One of the top bakeries in NOLA.

Natalia De La Mora

Julia Braudy

Linda m

Absolutely delicious! The chocolate croissant and salted caramel croissant are fantastic. Also had the chicken pot pie and smoked ham & apple sandwich. Everything was really good in a cute place

Charlottle Sykes

they have the best bacon n cheese croissant.

Heather R

Sarah Daigle

Stopped in before a meeting for a quick bite. Holy delicious pastry! Reasonably priced and fantastically friendly and lovely staff.

Jennifer McConnell

Anthony Green

Jessica Crutti

Lewis R

Simply the best bread in the New Orleans area. This bread has the closest texture and flavor replicating the baguettes you might enjoy in Paris. FYI: These baguettes are available at the bakery on Jeff Davis and at Martin's Wine Cellar.

Glenn Brecheen

Bradley Charlesworth

The BEST ice coffee in New Orleans. Hands down. Gracious may be known for their pastries and bread but the ice coffee is strong an velvety. Stop reading this review and go.

Ron Ferguson

Jamie Cousin

Best croissant ive ever had

Michael Duvic

Even if the service wasn't excellent, and even if the location wasn't convenient… If everything about this place was awful (which it isn't!), The French baguettes would still be worth all of that. You have to go here. There simply no place better for rustic baguettes. I guarantee it.

Colin B

Ana Kanellos

Aaron Hanz

I've been wanting to get here for a while since I've heard good things. Went today and found a surprisingly busy cafe. I go for the pastry and found a solid selection with a few interesting twists like the guava/cream cheese turnover. The chocolate croissant with carmel filling was really delicious. Lots of options for more meal oriented pastries. They were out of the brew I wanted so I had to go with another, however I don't expect the world to quit turning for that. I'll certainly go back if I'm in the area...

Rachel Cooke

Shockingly mediocre. I have had the salmon sandwich, the grilled cheese, a bagel and a salted caramel cupcake. Everything was bland and under seasoned. The grilled cheese was soggy and covered by old greasy potato chips. The salmon tasted old and the beets over powered everything else on the sandwich. I couldn't even finish it. The cupcake was stale but had good flavor. The bagel was alright. I want to love this place but it just isn't there yet. The bread for the sandwich was really well made.

Alyna Karaush

Patrick Armstrong

GlassColour70s GlassColour70s

Alaa Fallatah

I go there every weekend, nice staff, delicious breakfast, and clean space.

Robert Adams

Amy Y

Delicious pastries and desserts along with salads and sandwiches. If I wasn't worried about my waistline I'd eat here all the time.

Gabriel Cruz

Ronald Rogiero

Barry Brunet

Sweets are good not great, but it's the savory fare that really makes Gracious stand out. Amazing breakfast sandwiches, lunch options, and baked goods.

gnome computer workshop

nom nom nom.... so good!


Terrilyn Cunningham

Good breakfast and lunch.

Jay Hebert

Hiep Nguyen

Yummy! Love their baguettes, sandwiches, and pastries.

Ethan Anderson


Emily La Rose

Wonderful customer service!

Monica Smith

"Horrible" old food,Customer service.And "Racist"????????"WHY"are you still open selling in "BLACK"!areas "If you hate us so much".l will make sure anyone that i know will never come there and i have a huge social media following good day.

Erin Backus

Delicious breakfast. Great selection of breads and pastries. I was glad that they had warm breakfast options as well. It did up being a tad expensive for my family of five to eat a quick breakfast. But, that being said... I'd go back!

Sally Marold

Ross Ritchey

Consistently undercooking then overcooking the same food.. How about you start from scratch... Workers dont know what they have in their own store. Oh and dont get me started on how they treat their male coworkers. They hire lazy women just because theyre female... Id put money on it.

Kelle Ory

Bradley Pierson

All I have had is the iced coffee which is fantastic, but the food looks amazing as well.

Alex Mikulich

Great quiet cafe with space and tasty bakery!

Angelia Bennett-Eudy

Hard to find, but the food was worth the effort!

Joe Johnson

Nice but expensive

Nathan Best

Kyle Goss

Kia Lyons


April Lawton

I cannot stop saying this.....every....single....thing... Is amazeballs!

Malia Balas

Amazing decadent pastries with light and flaky lamination and beautiful flavor combinations. Also the best King Cake I've eaten

Jay Kim

My wife and I love Gracious and stopped off recently to look for cupcakes, but ended up walking out with a bunch of other treats (blueberry scone and chocolate peanut butter donut). We actually first came here about 5 years ago to order their delicious "kruffins' as wedding favors and are so glad to see that they've done so well and expanded to other locations.

Adam Loup

Caroline Obregon

Great service

Jeremy Lape

Jason Watson

trey wiggins

Good sandwiches and bakery selection.

Agreen Thistle

Absolutely delicious, fresh fare. A wonderful selection of pastries, sandwiches and *so* much more! *FREE* public wifi! Did l mention the coffee? Fresh and tasty! Plus a huge selection of other fine beverages. All served efficiently and yes, very graciously. I would *literally* not have survived had Gracious Bakery not been so...gracious. l happen to also know for a fact that this fine establishment donates all "day-olds" (which are still fresh!) to local charities and not- for-profit organizations. THANK YOU, GRACIOUS! ;)

Sherri Cain

Tanishia Tinson

If I could give more than five stars I would! With a large open space, fresh tasty food and a lovely staff, this place is my favorite place to meet up with my woman's group. There is plenty of free street parking which is a plus for the NOLA area. This place is off the beaten path for the Feret and Magazine Street lovers, but nonetheless it provides the airy, upbeat vibe that those streets provide. If you have a large group meeting (approx 10), then this placd would ve a great fit for you too.

D. Patricia

DeNeil Thibodeaux

Randall Dours


Wendy Florence

This bakery and cafe looked fairly new. Very clean. We stopped here for some breakfast pastries before catching our morning flight home. Staff are friendly and welcoming. Food is reasonably priced. The ham and cheese crossiant tasted great!

Harry Morse

Good but not great coffee; exceptional pastries.


Best breakfast sandwich I've ever had! And I've been to France. Twice.

Joe Manetta

Megan Messina

Love ❤️

Jocelyn D.

Hands down the best baked goods in town. Cutest little staff people. Location and atomsphere isn't the best foot traffic wise but it's worth the visit for the croissants alone.

Keri Taddie

James Brown

Cher Oats

Cheryl Bauman

Great Service - wonderful pastries.

Yiraliz Beltran

Mike Cyrana

Clint Nunez

Talented front and back of house Staff!

Christophe Pilut

Delicious French-inspired pâtisserie ;-)

Allee Sharp

CC Chapman

Best baguettes in the city!

Evan Trapani

I've been here many times and have never had anything that hasn't been terrific

Johneth Bolden

Valerie Bouldin

Smiling faces + superb customer service + a blueberry fritter = Panera who?

Marissa Allweiss

Great chai tea and awesome pastries

Greg Kulp

Lorenzo Johnson

Good deserts

Felicia Roberts

Timothy Wilsey

Awesome, amazing, fresh, and delicious, can't say enough good things.

Joe Lahatte

good coffee..great employees..super pastries

Marti Scheel

Great coffee, bread, and friendly service

Rhonda Davis


Miliss McKay Christman

Love the service the most. Pastries always delicious. Coffee very good

Kiril Johnson

Best iced coffee in the city and their pastries and sandwiches are delicious.


Jasmine Chalai Brown

Amazing atmosphere and the best hibiscus iced tea. The staff is so amazing that coming in before meetings and classes for the day has become a pleasant addition to my morning. The music also has a good variety and isn't distractingly loud.

David Buckingham

The Queen Cake version of the King Cake is probably my favorite king cake in the city. It's a lighter, more airy cake with a frosting that doesn't over do it. The sandwiches I've had were all very good. The granola is good too. Best to eat it fast or maybe put it in an airtight container when you get it home because it will go stale faster than other store bought granola. Great for Saturday or Sunday breakfast!

Chelsea Boyle

Amanda Kerr

Meg Bloodworth

I go there almost daily. Fantastic service, great coffee, and delicious food/baked goods!

Christopher Rinaldi

Marieke de Klerk

Faith Simmons

andrea daniel

Love love love this place. I love the atmosphere. I love the iced coffee. I love the pastries. The sweet cruffin is great. The Warm Cheddar + Green Onion Biscuit Sandwich is where it's at! I have just one complaint. The PB+J didn't work. The bread was all wrong, kind of dry. The PB & J were both spread on too thin.

Haley Daze

Aaron Giambattista

Amazing pastries, friendly staff and great coffee.

Patrick Cotogno

John Christman

Excellent as usual!!

Marie Colby

Johannah White

Gracious is a lunchtime savior next to Xavier. The patisserie is hard to turn down when you're supposed to be choosing your lunch. Great coffee and very consistently friendly service, especially Allison.

Julia Reil

None of the bakery items I tried was overly sweet at the Gracious Bakery and Cafe. The Salted Caramel Cupcake was one of the best cupcakes I've ever tasted. The Almond Croissant was delicious.

Leslie Molson

I've started coming here more regularly, and Gracious is now go-to place for coffee, bread, and sweets. Everything is much more delicious than it needs to be, and the people who work there not be friendlier. I just a hand pie I bought there earlier, and I swear to god I am high from it.

Rosa Burton

Beth Larkin

Good king cake, reasonable prices

Angela Trabona Pinsonat

Unicorn cookies and pecan tarts!! Delish!!

Rick Montgomery

Ryan Doolin

The worst food in new orleans. Maybe the fat guy in the back should go back home. Locals only.

John Nguyen

Best king cakes in the city!!

Raul Garcia Jr

Awesome place! Great food and excellent service.

Tony Thomas

Very quiet coffeeshop which is hard to find these days. Ample seating and great food. A little pricey though.

Annie Labruzzo

Justin Kray

This is the place to get what is probably the best croissant in the City! They have several varieties, but I like the Pain au Chocolat and Ham & Cheese croissant the best. Good place to study. They have a "breakfast happy hour" from 10-11am M-F, where you can get a free small coffee with a pastry, or $1 off an egg sandwich, or $2 off a salmon bagel

Kerwin Reddix

Delicious pastries

Becca F

Esther castillo Phelps


Thomas Steffen

Friendly staff and terrific sanwiches and salads. The bakery goods are awesome.

Jane Thomas

cannot beat the pastries and sandwiches at gracious. truly one of my favorite low key spots in new orleans

Milton Patrick

Ryan Cook

You absolutely have to try the savory cruffin. It's a really nice treat that you can share with a friend.

Karrie Pennington

Great pastries, friendly service, delicious coconut cake.

Jason Joubert

They have decent food and coffee.

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