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REVIEWS OF Gambino's Bakery Wedding Cakes IN Louisiana

Elayn Eicher

Have been the last 3 years for my niece's birthday cake/cupcakes; every year I place and pay for the order in advance. Each year when I go to pick up said order I have either had to wait atleast an hour because something was incorrect or be told a mix up took place and they didn't know which order was mine. Happening once is understandable. This becoming your business' standard is inexcusable. I have used Gambino's for years because of the delicious desserts they are known for; but after 3 years in a row of being late to a child's birthday party, I will not use this business again unless it is to pick out what they have on hand. You would think as a returning, reliable customer that a bakery could at the very least have your correct order ready for the time agreed when you placed and paid for the order with over a week's notice. Clearly that is too much to hope for in 2016.

Bob LaCour

Easy to get in and out quickly, friendly staff. The King Cakes are delicious and priced well.

Toisella Junius

The Best


Had traditional and Praline King cakes. Mediocre cake drowned out and covered up with gratuitous basic icing and artificial colored sprinkles. Great for people who shove food in their pie hole. 3/5 stars minus 1 star for being in La and not being able to deliver quality food of their own culture. Definitely a quantity over quality type of cake. It has it's purposes. I guess you get for what you pay.

Z Davis

Can not come home from Atlanta without stopping by Gambino's.

Ishanek Allen

The cakes were delicious however the service was horrible!! The staff was extremely rude!!!!!

L Brand

Called to see if they had a Russian rum cake They told me it would be 2 weeks and small was $25. Way to long and to much!

joe shreeman

Terrible terrible terrible!!!!!!!!! I called and placed an order for a birthday cake 1-30-19 and then called close to the time they said it would be ready and they told me that they didnt have any orders for me!! Terrible service!!!

Courtney Williams

Great bakery!

Deborah Hinyard

I'm making Small Cake myself

Renita Whitaker

Cake tasted great!!

Adonis Cotton

There was a finger nail into my sister cupcake .

Cleve Williams

My king cake wasn’t done!! They normally have the best in town but I’m starting to stray away now!

jason favorite


Gelexis Jackson


Le Petit Studio

My cake was decorated very poorly it looked rushed and the picture we had them to put on the cake was all bubbled up. We had to deal with it because the party was happening that day but the cake was very delicious. I gave them 4 stars because I called and talked to a manager the next opening day and she was so sweet, she gave me a few options on how we were going to handle the issue. I will be back just because of her. Hopefully who ever decorates there cakes eventually stops. Lol

Demetra Hutcherson

Holy mother of God these cookies! I'd read an article based on their chocolate walnut cookie and immediately had to try it, and let me tell you, it lived up to its reputation.First off these cookies are gigantic! I ordered both the chocolate walnut and dark chocolate peanut butter. Both of them were incredible. They have a crispy outside that makes you think they'll be a bit crunchy, but the minute you break into it, it's another story. They're gooey, and soft and worth every minute of the post sugar coma you'll find yourself in. While the prices may seem a little steep at cookie, trust me it's worth every penny.The staff was incredibly friendly, and helpful.still a lovely little bakery.

Nycedia Collins

Robert Wimley

Very satisfied with customer service & products

Benny T

Best pastries I've ever had. Rated as one of the top bakeries in America and is well deserved.

Hunny Dew

Wonderful cakes and thw store smells delicious!!

Dana Salisbury

Their half lemon and half chocolate or caramel doberge cake is to die for! You will not be sorry.


Nice Employees


Very disappointing. I asked for the shield of captain America and i got everything but what i wanted. I had to returned the cake to be fixed and the second was disappointing as well. The cake had details that were hard for me to believe that they didnt see them.... It had lines and marks made with bakery tools and i dont know what else.... they cant make a simple design as the shield of captain america... not only upset, but extremely dissapointed. I guess that if they dont feel capable of doing such thing, dont make people waste their time, money and energy. Lesson Learned

Don Galvez

Great pastries

Stacy Holmes

I love this place.The cake squares are to die for

Betsy Slayton

Why can't businesses be consistent?!!? Cake squares were a disappointment. The icing was softer than usual and most of the 1 1/2 dozen I order were leaning and broken or on their sides and broken and couldn't be served. I was able to salvage 10 squares out of 18. Why can't businesses be consistent?!!?

Malcolm Gay

My chocolate Doberge cake was simply scrumptious!!!! I received it a week before Christmas, put in the freezer took it out on Christmas Eve and it tasted as fresh as it would have if I had eaten it the first day!!!! I'm more than pleased!!! I most definitely will be ordering again!!!

Hilda Moore

Poor but passing

James Edwards Jr

I absolutely loved the berry chantilly cake I had gotten for my birthday. I especially liked the fact that they were open all day Sunday, unlike other bakeries in Baton Rouge. This was my first time going there but I would definitely be back and I definitely recommend this place.

Cathy Balfantz

Awesome Pastries

Nisey Nae

My FAVORITE BAKERY in Louisiana!!!

Felicia West

Bought my mom a stock cake. It was still fresh and delicious. She loved it!!

Brooke Netter

I was very disappointed. The cake itself and icing were too sweet! All of the kids threw their piece away. Never again!

Gary Smith

It doesn't get better than Gambino's. When you think King Cake you should think Gambino's. One Love

belinda augustus

Kathryn White

Great baked goods

Daniel Moñjarres II

The cake from the case was very fresh although I ordered a cake for my birthday last year that was not fresh at all. But I'll try again this year and see whatbi get.

Astonishing_ Elegant

Service is terrible cake looks ok but take GREAT! This was a personal preordered cake so yea

Jacqueline Washington

Very nice place, cakes and everything else perfect

Krystle Kennedy

Susan Seanor

It would be worth the diabetic come to taste everything in there! Got my $100+ of king called to take back to north Louisiana.

Ida Bottoms

Amazing candies

Natalie Krusemeier

Amazing sugar cookies

heyyy bl0ssOm

The staff is rude and believes they are right and the customer is wrong when it should be the other way around. The cakes, pastries, and treats are old with flies flying around them while in the case ! ..... Oh! And did i mention the cakes have no effort in them they look like toddlers are making them. The old staff at gambinos had class this one doesn't what so ever. The word to use would be ghetto and unprofessional with no understanding. I do not recommend anyone to go to GHETBIMOS FOR ANY EVENT YOU WILL NOT I REPEAT WILL NOT GET UR TIME OR MONEY WORTH!!!!

Sheronda Gauff

They are the best!!!!

Crystina Henson

DO NOT GO TO GAMBINO's! I emailed them the first picture and was told that they could do it just like the picture. I paid $3 for EACH fondant snowflake and an extra $5 for them to make the cake a darker blue. James went to pick up the cake this is what they have him. An ugly light blue cake with ugly CANDY snowflakes. I instantly got James to hand his phone to someone working there and complained. I was told there was nothing they could do for me because there wasn't a manager there. Well I called this morning and the manager pretty much did not care and refused to refund me for anything but the $3 for each snowflake and the $5 for the tint. And the only way she would refund the whole amount is if I brought the cake back in. But I had no choice but to serve the ugly thing at her party. I am beyond pissed, not just because I paid so much extra but because I was told they could do it and instead they just threw a bunch of random ugly candy snowflakes on her cake.

Wendy Williamson

Wish there was one closer to where I loved. Grew up in New Orleans and have loved Gambino's petit fours my whole life.


They make the very best Cakes!! The Staff are super friendly & so helpful!

Barbi Fields

So upsetting I ordered a king cake for my son's birthday and it was a day late !!! I put the order in online the week before !!! Very disappointing since it was for his birthday. And i ordered despite reading the reviews !! Lesson learned !!!

Kayla Clark Saltz

Smells so very good. Employees were friendly and helpful. Petit-fors were delectable: sweet, not too light, creamy.

Lisa Kinkaid

Clean, organized and very helpful and friendly staff. The desserts are moist and delicious.

Dr.H Teaches

The breads and cakes are the best. The staff are super nice and helpful.


So good

Kris J

I have been enjoying Gambino's since childhood. Never disappointed!!!

Lyn Hakeem

I always enjoy my visits at Gambino's Bakery. Customer service is the best.

Mimi S

Great king cake

Tamekia Cooper


Cory G

Best cakes

debora Washington

Delicious pastries and friendly customer service.

John C

The best bakery in town. Anything you get here will be a treat!

Wesley Cowley

Some of the best king cakes around

William Worley

Very yummy Cake tasting and professional!

John Stiffler

No visit today.

Jessica Sparks

This is a great place to purchase delicious pastries and other treats! The staff is super friendly as well!

Nope R.

Cake squares and petits can't go wrong!

Pamela Thompson

Loved it!

Bryant M

King cakes are the best!

Renee Bass

Wonderful place and so yummy!!

Veta Hicks

The best king cake!

Quinnitta Thompson

Lov the cakes. Always taste delicious..

Mike Applin

I haven't had anything from Gambino's that I've liked.

Angelique Cottrell

Always been the best Bakery still today new orleans is the best

Ash Taylor

What can I say it's a classic! The best bakery in time and I stop by often just to pick up some of the wonderful sweets!!!!

Im just saying look inside my life

Very good cakes and deserts

Dani Breckenridge

Awesome place! They did our wedding cake a couple of weeks ago, and it was amazing. It was so fresh and soft we had so many complements on it. Even after the honeymoon it still tasted really fresh! they did an amazing job. Thank you!

mecalette landry

Best party squares!

Latonya Crossley

The cakes is so good

Jamira Brown

I love Gambino's their cakes are delicious and the staff is always extremely helpful and very nice. 5 thumbs up!!!!!!

Zenobia Venable

Excellent service!!! The staff was wonderful!!

Amy Scott

Best cake ever

Paige Southern Girl

Awesome! Staff's very friendly. Bakery filled with delicious options...all different flavors of King Cakes. My favorite Original and Pralines & Cream my MY!!!

Joelle Harps


Ashlie Raina Pete


Celeste Sanders

Delicious desserts. They don't mind if you buy just one cookie.

richard frye

Best bakery in town. If you need to impress someone, cheer someone up, or need the best birthday cake ever, here is your spot! Friendly service, clean and fresh. Try the dipped cookies, YUMMY!!

Toni Williams

Excellent service with excellent and I absolutely loved my cake

charlena mitchell

Love this place

Dee Jayy

Always the best! Gambinos has been THE bakery since I was a small kid in the 90s!

Dewan Dickerson

Delivered wedding cake on a Sunday, great! Colors were all wrong! And did not want to compensate for their error

Eli Tate

The Diverge cake is amazing.

Debbie May

Very good quality.

Tamika Porter


cathy kelly

I Love They're Cakes l Recently Purchase Our Birthday Cake From There It Was Delicious & Beautiful ..

Carla Verges

Their king cakes filled with cream cheese make for a great special order birthday cake anytime of the year. Sharon is great making the order to include written HBD names on it! In fact, don’t forget getting giant pecan-filled pralines while you’re there!

John Wheeler

excellent cakes!!!

Bebe Carter

The worse service EVER!!! I have been buying cakes from here for 5 years . At first the staff was the BOMB ! ,,, but now it's like they hire anybody with NO experience on decorating at all ! It look as if my 4 year old decorated herself. The staff is VERY RUDE and don't waste no time calling Corporate because I called the head Man in charge and he also sided with his rude staff and said that the cake look nice . When I first start going there my cakes were Flawless but now Garbage!!!

Dennis Williamson

Fresh banana cream pie cannot be beat

Carlos R.

Best cake squares in the city. Fresh and always tasty. Try the almond butter and lemon squares!! You won't be disappointed.

Rhonda Gray

Good bakery

Ashleigh Pichon

Amazing service, amazing king cakes.

Tim Schroeder

Good pastries. Helpful service.

W Joseph

The cake squares are great!!

aisha tate

Love the cinnamon rolls!

Katie Celmer

Best king cakes in town! Very accommodating staff

Chef Divine

Honestly Ive never had a cake from them personally but was planning on to. I never witnessed the type of customer service I recieved on yesterday. As a business owner and chef, I like to support local businesses .I called to place an order in which I was placed on a 5 minute hold that ultimately got disconnected . I called back to only be asked can I call you back because we busy. Ask me if I recieved a call back? NO. Not ACCEPTABLE! ILL MAKE MY OWN CAKE .

Michelle Lacombe

Service was fantastic! My daughter's B-day cake was beautiful & delicious... I'll be back... Thanx

Linda White

Nice pastry

Cindy Nielsen

Very good pastries


Super Place

Lynette Miller

Wonderful king cakes!!! And I love LoVe LOVE the cream puffs! The ladies were super nice as well!

Kristina Dezendorf

Did my wedding cake, and now I go to them with everything! Best bakery with reasonable prices!

Carrie K

Strawberry yellow cake. Filled with fresh strawberries covered in pink icing and a large chocolate covered starwberry. Delicious. Doberge cake. I love buying the cake squares for a quick delicious dessert. Customer service is excellent.

Yolanda Dixon

Love this place

A Walker

Cake was fresh and delicious.

brian winters

One of the best in town

Eksanimo D. Fuzzpott III

Being from New York I see the sign that says Gambino's Bakery so I dropped in to see if they had any cannoli's, but none to be had, so I thought let me try something else that looked like a lemon square and a cream puff pastry. Product was an old cake with a yellow top no better than a Walmart off the shelf, the cream puff was old leftover's from the refrigerator with a bland heavy lumpy filling, and too boot all over priced. Fuhgedaboudit ! ....No really, just forget about it.

Jason Jackson

Great service

Aj Oxley

The Ladies here from the cashiers, decorator, to manager they were friendly extremely patient with me and my wife, though I hit them with a little humor, they didnt act like they didnt have a sense of humor, they accommodated our needs with some personal creativity and style. Great group of staff...

Lashonda Jackson

Loved it

Alonzo Landry

My best bakery in baton rouge Louisiana

Jasmine Gaulden

Great selection. The best bakery I've been to since moving to Louisiana.

Terri Carter

Delicious Cake Squares

Stephen Simon

King cakes just ok, use to be better

Kenny Smith

Poboy rolls are awesome and not very expensive.

Dwayne Dunn

Claire Fontenette

This is the place to go if u getting marry

Shonda Bailey

Cake always on point

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