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REVIEWS OF Dong Phuong Oriental Bakery IN Louisiana

David H. Nguyen

Their king cakes are legit. Had a friend mail one to our office for celebration of Mardi Gras. Even a day+ old king cake was still the best I had ever had. The cream cheese filling is what sets it apart. It is super moist like eating a giant cinnamon roll. Generally, king cakes are too sweet for my liking but this one was a good balance.

Derek Davis

Of course it’s all about the king cakes here, the lines are EXTREMELY long- I can’t stress that enough- during carnival season. Cakes are good, but I don’t know if they are THAT good. Pecan cake was a winner for me.

Jada Collins

Amazing! I love Vietnamese food and this place was great. Feels authentic and comfy. Make sure you get the bread. Best in the city.

Douglas Tate

The king cake is pretty darn good. Worth a 2 hour wait....maybe. If you like King have to get one if these. Top 5 for sure.

Travis Letourneau

Quite tasty sandwiches and assorted Korean foods.

brenda curtis

Went for King's cake. Sold out. Got a really good poboy though!

Douglas McDougal

Lived up to its name! Try the Pecan King Cake! You won’t be disappointed!

Renee Smith Auld

Always excellent!!

R. Jeffrey Bridger

This Vietnamese/French bakery is simply awesome. Easily in the top 3 king cakes in the entire region. But it's the french bread, buns, and wonderful savory hand pies that make this the brightest culinary diamond in NOLA-East. Plus, management and staff are super nice and competent. The restaurant adjacent to the bakery is under different management (still in the family, though), but is also very good and worth a visit. One tip: If you want to eat banh mi from the bakery in the restaurant, my experience has been that you need to get your table and order drinks and any additional food, like pho, before you get your banh mi in the bakery. If you get banh mi in the bakery, then go to the restaurant and sit down, the servers assume you don't want anything from them. That may have changed, but has happened in the past.

J Ed

Hands down the best king cake!! Drove nearly an hour to pick ours up, but it was worth every mile! They have great bread, other pastries, and the sandwiches are great too! Get a #4.... Great pork and a load of fresh veggies with a special sauce! We haven't found much we didn't like here. The prices can't be beat either!

Naomia albert

This is an amazing AMAZING place- my first trip there for a king cake that I would kill for if I had to! Unbelievable king cake!!! Fresh baked by hand- no doubt the greatest cake I've ever eaten in my 48 years. To top it off I bought the duck lunch and shared with my husband - we were both full for 13$ WHAT? The duck was juicy and delicious! This place is Nola hidden gem!

Duke Tran

Great bun bo hue and banh mi. Great atmosphere and great food. Recommend.

Quan Phan

Good pastries. Wish I had been hungry enough to try the sandwiches. They looked amazing.

Terry Lee

King cake review They are not open on tuesdays. Go on a Wednesday 1030 am Sign says no king cakes sold on a Wednesday King cake available on Thursday’s 9 and sells out 1130ish Sounds like poor work ethic to me. I think they work for the government maybe. Tell me in what work that this is okay Open but not even attempting to sell something.

Andrew Duplessis III

Your one stop shop for the greatest sandwiches meat pies

Missy nonyabusiness

AMAZING food and AMAZING bakery!!!

Michelle Ngo

Born and raised in Vietnam, I grew up eating a lot of banh mi. And I have eaten good banh mi in other bakeries in the US too. But I have to say this is by far the best banh mi I have had in my entire life (so far lol). I had one week in NOLA but didn't rent a car, so I took a bus for one hour from French Quarter to get there (out of curiosity after reading rave reviews online). Totally worth it. p/s: I also ordered pâté chaud and pia cakes, they're decent but not as memorable.

jeremy esterly

Still dreaming about their banh mi. Truly one of the best I've ever had

Claire Eskind

If you haven't been here, what is wrong with you? Aside from there legendary king cakes, their baked goods and restaurant that's open the rest of the year is absolutely incredible.

Tyler Danley

Best king cakes in the world. Well worth the wait.

stefanie nelson

Drove over real early to try thier king cake . Disappointed to done to had. It's just bringing of the season Not even any small size to buy and sample in store . Cant image there making so much money that thier marketing and sales are not missing my dollars how many others dollars have been turn away . On good note the French bread is so good I'll keep stopping by for it[

Peter Pelitera

Had a couple croissants, they were amazing. Would like to go back for Bahn Mi for lunch sometime. Lady at counter didn't seem too friendly, so I ding them one star... If I go back and it's better I'll edit this this review accordingly...

Noelle Harper

Oh goodness! Their king cakes are amazing. My hubby picked up some that I pre-ordered days in advance online (which is the way to go if you're out of town). We got the cream cheese, cinnamon and pecan flavors. The texture of the dough is beautiful... very light and flaky, almost like a croissant. And I will be dreaming about the icing. So rich and creamy!

P Wulfe

Best Vietnamese in the state. Hands down best, no contest. Bon Bo Hue is insane here and the prices are more than reasonable especially since they fill your bowl to the brim with the good stuff. So come on, sit down, order some spring rolls with that amazing peanut sauce, and thank me later.

P Ieong

One of the best kingcakes in New Orleans. If you're looking for something less sweet and more pastry-like, this is the place to come. There is a reason people drive all the to the East for this award-winning kingcake. The bakery is just okay, in my opinion. Lots of vietnamese options that just doesn't fit my palette.

Edward Y.

Good home-y feel. Good food.

Andra McClue

I go here at least once a week for lunch. The Banh Mi are so good. The Vietnamese sausage and bbq chicken are my favorites. The coconut and apple pies are also delicious.

Brandy Burton

Order 3 king cakes over a month ago for my family and I. Our date for pickup finally came and we were excited. We picked up at about 2pm on Sunday. Tasted one cake upon pickup and it tasted fine. I just remember thinking: it wasn't freshly baked today. May have even been baked a whole day and some change ago. Didn't sweat it. The next day, I went to share it with part of my family, and the cakes were dry. 2 weren't even opened yet and were dry. tried to finish them on Tuesday and they were stale. So if you're gonna purchase them, you need to eat it all same day. We were all so disappointed. I sold my family on the king cake due to the hype. I've been hearing about them and waiting a whole year to get my hands on them. We seriously would've done better going to Robert's Fresh Market, and would've saved a pretty penny considering the cost of these king cakes and the travel to the bakery, which is way out of the way from our home. On the brighter side, we did like idea of the flaky croissant bread and the not too sweet or heavy cream cheese topping. However, they are not worth all of the trouble and $$$ it will take to get them again. So that will be our last time purchasing Dong Phuong King Cakes.

Billy Riecke

This place is nothing short of magical. I'm convinced that there's some Vietnamese wizard in the back just conjuring up delicious food.

Jeffrey Kulick

Very good food fair pricing unbelievably fresh bread

Stephen Favrot

So the restaurant is separate from the bakery. Everyone knows about the bread... restaurant is good too. It's a difference sister who does the restaurant

Nick Conrad

Amazing bahn mi at this bustling roadside stop. Crazy reasonable prices.

Eugene Boyanton

Best bread in 51 states. Great sandwiches and fantastic desserts.

Bridget Nolan

An institution! If you want real deal Vietnamese food look no further. The bakery is top notch! All the food from the dining room is also amazing. Worth the drive out to the east every time!

Derrick Lendsey

Great food always busy but that's because it's so good

Janice Fortia

Love the bakery! The sandwiches are very good.

Rebecca Reyes

Best sandwiches! Worth the drive from Metairie!

Sarah Tran

I came for to-go when I arrived I ordered 4 drinks and they made us wait for over 30 min. they pushed us aside and told us to pay later because there were other people in line behind us. Other people ordered and left almost right away. When we left the door was crowded so i got pushed and my cup droped. So, I went inside to throw the cup away the receptionist side, “Look, she just droped her drink. Ahhh to bad.” Besides that the drinks were good but the service was not what I expected.

Diana Silva

Just the best kingcakes and pasteries

Dean Niemann

Best Pho around and beef rolls

Corey Clancy

Rating not based on food, never got that far. Tried to go and try the king cake. Stood in line inside the bakery part for about 30 mins. Then was told the line for king cakes was outside. That line was very long and would be at least 2 hours before we would know if we could purchase one and it may be even longer if that batch ran out. They need signage or a worker to direct customers to the correct place to buy something. And definitely signs stating how long the wait could take.

Angela Alexander

I'm addition to having the best King cake in all of NOLA, everything they sell is amazing.

Dania Merrifield

There are not enough good things to say about this bakery. The bread is the best ever. Sandwiches are great.

Brian London

My favorite king cake.

John Radziewicz

Different king cakes than I'm used and very good. It's not close to downtown. Lines weren't bad both time I went this year

Alex Onstott

Amazing. Worth the trip, no matter where you are coming from. Visit the restaurant and the bakery.

Erik Johansen

Dat coconut king cake doh!

Kevin Slark

The bakery was closed today, so we ordered pho and com dia. Both dishes were the best we've ever had. This place is worth the drive to the East!

V Bethune

Online ordering is the best! Worth the wait @

Doug K

I found it to be pretty good, but not excellent, not such great service

Loc Ho

One of the best viet restaurants ive eaten at!!! Delicious food and bakery items

Dat Le

Fast and great service. Good food too. I will come again whenever I go to New Orleans!

Lisa Dell'Angelo

Best king cake ever. I can't wait till next year to ship some up north

Campy Lewis

Excellent restaurant for dishes from the Orient. Nice looking environment with plenty of staff. Service is polite and efficient. I have had fish dishes here that are flavorful and moist. Soups packed with vege and meat.

Javier Adames

Great place but they quit selling King Cakes after Mardi Gras day.

Chloe Young

I went here Sunday in the afternoon with my family to get some delicious meat pies. Its so buttery, crispy, and flavorful inside. It taste bomb even when its cold. The only downside is when its busy, the place is so cramped that there isn't a fast or efficient way to purchase and leave contently.

Walter Lipton

Great baked goods, and delicious Pho!


Fresh delicious king cakes!! The regular bakery has delicious savory meat pies. It’s always busy in the bakery so everything is fresh fresh fresh. Try their fantastic sponge cakes after the Mardi Gras season - very similar to the awesome sponge cakes you get in the Chinese bakeries in China Town in San Francisco, CA. This bakery is WORTH the drive from wherever you are. The restaurant food is ok. The Pho is not as delicious as the one at Pho Sunrise in Kenner. The older female wait staff could be a little more polite- they are a bit curt. And that interaction does nothing to improve tips - management could tell them to be more polite.

Gloria Cheng

Tip for tourists: you will need a car to get there and you should think about reserving a ride to get back. Great prices. Awesome Banh Mi with fresh bread baked in house. Pho soup base was flavorful. Couldn’t stop eating. Service was a bit slow.

Rimha iLa

This place was cool. Great selection of Vietnamese pastries and more.

T. Rick

so dang tasty, werth de drive from wherever you are inna Delta. totally reasonable prices/ servings. this joint is always jumpin', says a lot to quality/value/service.

Sarai Solis

This is one of the best Bakeries in New Orleans. There's a restaurant next to it as well. It is owned and served by vietnamese people, who are very friendly. The bánh mì or vietnamese sandwich is amazing, for vegetarian diets, you can have the one with tofu or just veggies. If you enjoy strong coffee, get a vietnamese coffee, you won't regret it.It is famous for it's king cake as well.

R Pierre

Good bake foods nice place to eat

Daison Kirkbride

This place is amazing! And I will go ahead and say it. It was worth the 7 week wair for the king cakes! You bet I will order again next year!!

Erza T

Awesome Bahn Mi and pate. Best French Bread

Pamela Floyd

This used to be one of the best kept secrets in the city but everyone knows now since the king cakes came out, and the food is delicious

Colten Creel

They have the best Pho soup in the greater New Orleans area. Also, everything else I've gotten at Dong Phuong's has been delicious! Highly recommended!

David Helbling

Best bread! Great assortment of meat pies and pastries.

Bill Greenlaw

Awesome King Cake! I had one brought home to me in NJ that was at least a few days old, and it was awesome!!! Better than anything I had when I lived there in the 1990s. My friend had to wait in line, then get a ticket, then come back, so don't expect to walk in and get a King Cake in season without sacrificing some time. They also limit the number of cakes per person. I may stop by on my next visit juts to see what other baked good they offer.

Katrina Nguyen

I've been to this bakery ever since I was little. You are ensured authentic Vietnamese food and the bakery is excellent. The bakery and restaurant may be small but the food is worth it! I love this bakery so much

Bradley Pierson

Went for King cakes. Got there right before 7 and was second in line. Once they opened at 8, I was back in the car by 8:03. King cakes are so good. I have eaten at the restaurant and bought from the bakery as well. Everything is always delicious. Well worth the drive!

james moragne

Great French bread. Try the fruit tart. It was steal at $ 8 dolla!

Minh Pham

Hidden gem located in New Orlean's East Side. We always stop by here and load up on french-inspired Vietnamese baked goods whenever we visit New Orleans. They make hands down the best Vietnamese po-boys I have ever eaten (beats those made in other large Vietnamese communities from Los Angeles, to Houston, to D.C.). A must do: if you see the lady rolling a cart of fresh baked french bread from the bakery, located in the back of the building, to the store, located at the front of the building, buy yourself a handful! Split a loaf in half and sniff in the sweet smell of freshly baked dough. Pinch out the center fluffy piece and enjoy as it literally melts in your mouth. Next bite into the crunchy/flaky exterior and savor the same amazing test in a different texture. Finally voraciously devour the rest of the loaf because that will be the only logical thing to do. Enjoy!

Marcia Handbury

Their food is amazing! From kind cake to phö, it's all great!

Virginia Fernandez

Take the ride to the NOE for the best, cheapest banh mi you've ever had made by a very angry looking lady with sharp, bitter eyebrows. Homegirl will slap your sandwich together in 5 seconds and YOU WILL LOVE IT. Get some of the delicious pork/chicken/pate pies that are only $1.50 HELLO and the famous french bread which is also super cheap.

Tayler Jones

Absolutely delicious! I drove thirty minutes during Mardi Gras season to arrive just as the shop opened up to get one of their famous king cakes. Believe those who say that they best around, because they are awesome! The dough melts in your mouth and the price cannot be beat. I also tried one of their vegetarian bahn mi and it was the best I have ever had. Never again will I settle for a dry, mediocre bahn mi. I'll happily revisit Dong Phuong for the quality food they provide.

Allan Mueller

Makes me feel just like a little girl

Trang Ha Le

I like the food. But the service at their restaurant is horrible.

Andrea F

This place has the absolute best Vietnamese food in Louisiana. It is way out in New Orleans East, does not do dinner hours, but is worth the drive. The bakery part also has wonderful desserts. It is well worth the trip out.

Fishman Hype

If you want what the best Nola can offer in terms of Vietnamese crusine, this is it. It gets very busy here and the bakery is a bliss to visit. Everything is delicious. Seat yourself, but make sure the staff sees you. It is a little tight and cramp. Everything on the menu is great. They do close early because of the crime in the area.

Kenneth Kinler

The sandwiches are excellent, and the pastries are delicious. Buy some bread for later.


Busy place. Very good food and sweets!

Jerome Jimenez

A tiny place with great food. It's a hidden gem of New Orleans East.

Doug Joubert

Friendly people, incredible baked goods. Their almond cinnamon roll is incredible, and their King Cakes are renowned.

Christopher Powell

Best Banh Mi outside of Vietnam. Great service, low prices. Totally worth the drive if you enjoy making your mouth feel like it is back in Siagon.

Theron Gibson

I love this place

Dave Kessler

Definitely authentic. A bit of a drive to get here. I can't judge against the other local spots but I would like to explore a little more before locking it in as my favorite local pho spot.

Cindy Vice-Arriaga

Amazing place. Tiny, but bread is as good as any old New Orleans bread I've ever tasted. Can't wait for another day trip back


Finding this little place was worth the trek. We just got carry out right before closing. The Vietnamese sandwiches were fresh & tasty, and a great deal at $4.00 The red velvet cake was also superb, and the King Cake was the best I've had so far in NOLA.

Thi An

I absolutely love this place. Fresh bakery, delicious food, fast service!

John Plouffe

Best bakery in the town. Like the bun and cake of the bakery. Attitude of the staff towards customers is also nice.

Jeff Stoyanoff

Best banh mi I've ever had. And the steamed buns were also delicious.

Susan Phung

Great for the Vietnamese sub, unfortunately I haven't had a chance to try their famous king cake. Missed it by a day.

Joshua Kruebbe

From their well priced deliscious food to their amazingly designed website, dong phuong is all around an amazing business.

Richard Frazier

The best king cakes.

Jaelene Cumba

$3 Bahn Mi on freshly baked bread, pastries for days, best king cake and good restaurant too!

Free Demographics

Completely average in every way shape and form. I can only speculate about the cleanliness of the kitchen itself that is not reflected in my three star rating

Christopher Burton

Great dining, great bakery, and friendly faces!

Michelle Machado

The Bahn Mi is the best I've ever had and the streamed buns are delicious. Really anything in the bakery is super good.

S. Ahmad-Nabhan

We came from LaPlace and waited 2 hours in line and boy, was it well worth the wait. Delicious!! But I must mention my only complaint is that they made clear that there is a 2 per person, but the young cashier allowed a gentlemen behind us to buy 3 just because she said please.Very unfair when you made your policy clear for everyone else standing in line. So apparently, if you want 3 just say please to the cashier.

Anais Cheyenne

Best food I've ever had

Michael Wong

I go there every Friday to get bahn mi. The Vietnamese Sausage is my favorite since it has a peanut sauce in it. Also the (green) steam bun with the red dot and the baked one are good char siu bao. At least that's what we call them in Chinese


Best Vietnamese food in the New Orleans region. We regularly visit Dong Phuong. Our family (including our 15 year old son) loves the pho, and other dishes. Everyone is friendly in the restaurant, so don’t worry if it is your first time visiting.

Quynh Truong

Worth the drive. I went during the lunch rush so there is a bit of a wait, but the food came out quickly once we put the orders in. We had the wonton noodle soup and the vermicelli noodle salad with grilled pork and shrimp wrapped sugarcane. Just as good as mom makes at home

Sarah - Ann Palmer

This is one of my favorite places to visit on Sunday afternoons. I've loved the boba tea since I was a little girl. I could eat everything in the bakery, especially the steamed buns. They literally have the BEST king cake in the city. Hands down.

Nancy Gervais

The only reason I took off a star is the sketchy neighborhood and the fact that you have to get there pretty early if you want to get exactly what you want. This goes double for king cakes, which are incredibly delicious and incredibly popular. The icing is more of a buttercream than the traditional kind. The cream cheese filling is most definitely not out of a can. Moist and so yummy! Be sure to go hungry to take advantage of their fresh banh mi on their excellent French baguettes. Take home some meat pies and bao. Just make sure to lock your car doors and be aware of your surroundings.

Kyle Risser

Absolutely love this place! Best bahn mi I've had plus great meat pies and pastries.

Carla Sprattling

The food was so good that I scarfed it all down before I could take a single picture. Delicious... delicious... DELICIOUS!!! Stop by both the bakery and the restaurant. Trust me it's worth it!


This place has been a childhood favorite of mine for the past 35 plus years. The French bread bag s or the top seller and their Banh mi prices are unbeatable. Also stop by their restaurant to get Family Classics from their menu as well as their boba drinks

Pete Broussard

This place is the absolute best Vietnamese food and baked goods in New Orleans and is quick and very reasonably priced! It is a treat every time my wife and go and sometimes we go twice a day! Haha, It’s that good!! Thank y’all for being here!

Matty Huynh

Best Banh mi sandwich I’ve ever eaten!

Heather West

Dong Phoung is my favorite spot to get bahn mi. So good! I'll typically go to the bakery side for a quick (and really good) lunch or snack if I'm in the area.


Their always very busy and if you dont get what you want in the beginning thier so hard to get them to come back to you because thier is so many people there.

Tam Van

Always a solid choice for Vietnamese fare in the NOLA East area. The bakery attached to the restaurant offers freshly baked sweets, savory pastries, and banh mi. Come early for the best selection, they sell out often. Be sure to check the hours, they close pretty early in the day.

Dale Hanan

Coconut macaroons! Best I ever had! Also the traditional Vietnamese food in the restaurant was amazingly fresh and delicious.


This place is a bit off the beaten path, especially if you're a visitor to New Orleans, but well worth the drive. This place is generally pretty crowded, which is always a good sign. Prices are reasonable and there is a variety of authentic Vietnamese dishes to choose from. Love the bread Have you had a batch out straight from the oven? O MG ... you would want to wait for them to bring them from the back and just break into a few loafs and find bakery heaven!

Matthew Rafat

My vermicelli noodles with grilled chicken and my sister’s bun rieu (seafood soup with light, non-spicy broth) were amazing. My brother-in-law liked his vegetarian pho, too. The restaurant is connected to the bakery, which serves sandwiches on toasted French bread (banh mi) and assorted desserts. (February 2019)

sherrell martin

Fresh, hot, delicious bread

Rae Zoom

Didn't get what we came for. King cakes were sold out.

Nia E

I have no concerns for the bakery. I have eaten occasionally at the restaurant. However, recently the service have been bad. I am not saying the food is bad. The food is great. When it gets busy, they prove to rush their cooking quality. Also inside the restaurant, there is a lack of space and in cleanliness. I average around 5’3” and yet my chair hits the chair of another customer from behind me. I have no space to back up in case I had to leave. On my right side, my chopsticks would hit the curtains on the windows. And the curtains are not so clean. We had to fit in the table so I had no space in which I had been smooshed to the window side of the table. There had been one time when I had to change my order at least three times. The waiter herself was laughing at me for not having my order. Although, it had not been my fault, for the restaurant was out of their dishes that were on the menu. On the menu, there was no written text or italics that the three dishes were unavailable or limited. They also had not had my sweet tea, which is a pretty common drink to order in Louisiana that, so I had to just get water. Another time was Due to the lack of restaurants around this area, my family decided to go to Dong Phuong. I decided to give it another try. All of my family’s food have arrived except mine which had taken a little bit over ten minutes. One of my cousin’s meat in his stir fried had been under cooked. We usually order our boba tea at the end as a sort of dessert once we have finished paying, so my cousin went to order Thai Tea. The wait for the Thai Tea was longer than ten minutes. We had asked politely how long the wait for our Thai tea would be. They replied with five minutes. We were in no rush to leave. However, 15 or more minutes is too long of a wait for Thai tea. The lady at the cash register was saying that we should have ordered our drink right when we ordered our food and that they had been busy. When, on the other hand, we can clearly see her making the other customers’ drinks that had been ordered after us. I do not what the long wait was for, either as a result for our complaints or whatever, but we could clearly see that the Thai Tea had been made. All that had to be made was to put ice and seal the cup. Therefore, I do not believe the wait could be so long for just one Thai Tea. There are many other restaurants that are busier than this place. I usually don’t write complaints like this. However, after consistently be let down because of this restaurant. I am not happy with it. Customers should be all treated the same despite their complaints.

Sara Hodges

This is my absolute favorite place to eat. And the bakery is to die for.


Always a pleasure to sit down here. The food is fresh and delicious, and the establishment always has seats available due to not too many out-of-towners knowing of it. If you're ever nearby, definitely give it a visit and don't forget to tip the wonderful staff.

Natalia Hannan

Here is my detailed king cake review: The dough is closer to a croissant than a typical king cake. It has great butter flavor, followed by cinnamon, and is not sweet. It works spectacularly with a generous amount of cream cheese/buttercream frosting with colored sugar adornments. The frosting is distinctively cream cheese flavored and is very generously applied (almost as much as a cupcake). The cream cheese variety had more of the delicious cream cheese within it's flaky layers. The strawberry is like the perfect marriage of fruit and cream cheese: strawberry jam, tart and fresh, blended with cream cheese filling. It's phenomenal, and I don't usually like fruit fillings. Overall impression is that it's as perfect as a kingcake can be. I arrived at 0545 and was within first 20 people in line. Even the long wait was pleasant because of the entertaining and agreeable people I stood near.

Cindy Plauche

Their king cakes are so good I was in line 3 hours before the bakery opened. Their French bread is really worth the wait.

Gregory Matusoff

Amazing food! Did I mention Amazing food? If you have not been there you need to put this on your absolutely to do list!

Mark Herman

I've come to the bakery only once before. Decided to cross over to the restaurant. Had stir fried vegetables with beef and chicken. EXCELLENT! bakery is packed with customers. Service in restaurant is excellent and efficient.


Pastries are always super fresh.


Good place to eat. Fresh, good tasting food. King cake pretty good

Tommy Nguyen

This place is run like a well oiled machine. The ladies keep a tight ship and skip all the friendly chat but they are quick and efficient. This place has a home in my heart since it is located near my family home.

Dot Lohr

Great king cakes... worth the visit!! But be very careful when traveling Irish Bayou & 90 Junction a car pulled up out of no where, driver wearing bandanna threw huge rock at my vehicle hoping to get me to stop... Be very cautious... Police Report Filed...

Danny Nguyen

Great banh mi! They supply a lot of other places in the city with bread.

Sam Wagner

Lines begin at 8: James Beard Awarded King Cake Dong Phuong; Journey East #NOLA_Haiku #DongPhuong #NolaEats #JamesBeardAward #KingCake #JourneyEast #NOLA #OutEast #CarnivalTime #BlackAndWhite #WhereBreadIsKing #MardiGras #CityOfYes #NOLA300 @dpbakeshop

Lance Jones

For the ultimate sub sandwiches and fresh baked goods, you can't go wrong here. We love to get their freshly baked French bread. Their mini-pies and cinnamon rolls are to die for.

vanny sou

They need to hired someone who can understand English to take customers order on the sandwiches!!! Didnt drive 2hrs buy so much for them to F up my order than get mad at me after I repeatedly telling them 5 to 6 time which sandwishes I want!!!! Will never go there again


So friendly! I love this place. 43 min, round trip, to visit but worth it. And their king cakes are the best!

Aretha Cassimere

I love, love love the sandwiches bakery, restaurant & the prices are great!

Tiffany Hawkinson

The pho was amazing and their king cakes are the BEST. Their coconut pies are really good too!

Jane Cradic

Pho and bùn we're amazing. Brought some bahn mi home for later.


Hot meat buns cheaper than burgers, get it by the tray. Don't forget the Subs made to order! Take some for the road! If you're visiting New Orleans, better stop by here first and load up before heading over to get scalped by the French quarter!


Great freshly French bread and Vietnamese Banh Mi. Highly Recommended

Edward Pitard

Best croissant, maybe in the world. Better than Paris experience

Kevin Decker

Bahn mi sandwiches are fantastic and the cakes and pies are double YUM!

Khema Sati

The people are very nice here. I tried the sweet dessert bread. It was like moon cake but it was so much better than any moon cake I ever tried. Delicious!

Francisca Copeland

Loved them pastry!!

Tuyet Nguyen

Best bakery and Banh Mi

Michael Schafer

Best bread. Best pastries. Such good meat pies.

achi jade may

It's so pathetic. Went to fall in line Weds Jan 16th, 2019 early AM, it was windy and cold, I came to buy 3. I wanted the PECAN badly so I sacrificed to go early. To my dismay, when I got home the box labeled PECAN KINGCAKE was Coconut and NOT Pecsn. Grrrr... I tried to call the store 5 mins ago to complaint... no answer. Voicemail full. I cut them into 3 parts and gave the coconut away! The other 2, were bought to give as gifts to our friends. Hopefully, each has the correct flavor filling. SHAME.

20 acc

Great service. Friendly and corteous staff. Would come again

Greg Woo

Pretty good food at the bakery. Was told king cakes sold out between 8-10am. There was a restaurant and bakery section. Restaurant was so slow that we got up and ordered bahn mi. The sandwiches were great. Baked goods were fresh and tasty.

Paula Foster

I can’t even begin to explain the exceptional customer experience I have had with this company. Coming in from North Carolina we were told about this company and it did not disappoint in any way. The king cake was absolutely amazing!! I highly recommend this company and their baked goods.

Caylie Sadin

The king cake is amazing. The coconut king cake stole my heart this year. Very subtle and delish. Also the bahn mi are always good.

Denise Marcotte

Best bread and King cakes..

Emily Thomas

A true New Orleans institution! Highly recommend the pho, spring rolls, milk breads, and the pate chaud!!!

Cal Vincenzi

The vermicelli is good but best reason to come here from the northshore is the bakery. Had a banana puree thing with coconut milk from the bakery turning around to get 3 or 4 more now.

Kenneth Queen

We love this place. Best bread in town, we drive 25+ miles just to buy the bread & pastries. They make great sandwiches too. For dining in, the restaurant next door is well worth the visit. Fair prices and fairly quick service, attentive and friendly staff.

Bobbi Pinns

Love the bakery. Love the bakery. Love the bakery. Omg, so good. Everything is made there too, which makes it even better. The mooncakes and the meat pies are my favorite.

Roscoe Van Jones

Good food great prices.

Theo Roll

Every kind of food was delicious. The combination of bakery and restaurant was convenient. Even the 6 year-old and 3 year-old enjoyed their food and the maro. The service was friendly and helpful. Highly recommended.

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