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454 Heymann Blvd, Lafayette, LA 70503, United States

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REVIEWS OF Champagnes Market IN Louisiana

Gayle Guidry

Great place to buy food and wine

Charlie Cantrell

Good wine, cheese, liquor and meat department. Maybe a little higher price but clean and quality products.

Mike Waldon

Medium sized grocery with lots of selection of fine wines and cheese. Usually short checkout lines.

Clark Rider

Always well stocked with a courteous staff. My favorite store.

Hannah Guarisco

My awesome local market! They are doing exciting renovations and really expanding their deli and bakery - delicious food for on the go. This will be the second year we ordered our fried turkey for Thanksgiving from them - a huge hit when we walk in with our beautiful yummy turkey!!!

Beenish Chaudry

Well organized, nice staff

Jennifer Romero

Love the home town feel of a local grocery store

Jay Massey

Great local market. I pass by Champagnes ever time I'm in Lafayette... シ

Justin M

Great king cakes at even better prices! Can't wait to get another one.

Kimberly Labutka

Lovely lovely merchandising of quality products. It's always a joy to walk through the store when looking for something special! Being a retail management specialist and buyer for over 30 years, I really appreciate all the hard work!

Shane Blasingame

Champagnes Market is great place to shop with friendly and courteous people at all locations. My favorite is Champagnes Market in Duson.

Tab Lee

Scratch offs available too! Heck yeah!

Hal Goudeau

Not a bad place to shop. Kinda pricey and did not like the snooty young black girl at the checkout.

Enola Goodie

The best place to shop, very clean store and the food is very delicious with a beautiful atmosphere. I give it a 5 star!!!

Elizabeth Henson

Catering options can be customized and reasonably priced!

Steve Durst

Boar's Head !!!

CajunRealtor Phil

I mainly go get a quick lunch here. Being in the oil center makes it so convenient.

adam delcambre

Good deli food and lunches but the groceries are pricey

Whitney Donovan

I usually have nothing bad to say about the store, but this was a rather inconvenient instance. I faxed in an order for a large sandwich tray 10 days in advance. To make sure they received it I called 3 days before the pick up date to check that they have it. I was reassured that they received it and they reviewed it and acknowledged that I needed it for open, 7am, that date. I showed up at 7:30am to just be sure that it would be ready and I was informed that it would not be ready and that they were still working on it. I asked how long it would be and was told it would not be ready until 8am. A whole hour after I stated and was confirmed that it would be ready. I had to leave work to go and get it since it wasn't ready when it needed to be. I called the manager on staff and we received a discount. We will be back, but not for catered occasions.

Candace Celestine

Love the daily plate lunches & the service is great.

Christopher Broussard

Great prices

Eli Cure

Fast checkouts, great service. Looking for a specialty item? ... they might have it!

Jim Brazee

Great chicken salad

Leah Guilbeaux

Clean friendly and easy to shop for all my needs

Jeanette Mouton

Clean and friendly place to shop

Mae Jones

Great grocery store a little expensive but small you can find everything easily.

liza whittington

Beat homemade food EVER!!! The spaghetti is the absolute BEST EVER!!!!!

Katherine Williams

Friendly staff and quality products.


Over priced, and full of rich entitled jerks.

Ann Marie Smith

Lots of gourmet items. Wide variety of deli items. The best brisket !!! Great hot lunch plates and sandwiches.

Wendy James

Love this convenient, friendly market!

Edward Turner

Small local market. Better meat and seafood but in limited supply. Small deli but good quality. Vegitable section is limited. Had a wonderful wine and cheese department. They also have a superior liquor section. They are clean, convenient and the stage is friendly and helpful.

Jason Webb

Organized and treats their customers with respect and dignity

Kimberly Escalante

Service, food, wine, everything at Champagne's is amazing!

Jodie Sinegal

I can find my honey I like

Loretta Lindon

Champagnes is one of the CLEANEST grocery stores in Lafayette, with the most FRESHEST products.


1st class place.

Glenda Massey

Love love their stock. Their staff is friendly and helpful

Sandra Conley

Nice neighborhood market store. Good selection of stuffed meat items

Armand OLivier

Good selections, nice people

George Aoyagi

More local products than Rouses. A little less of a "big box" grocery store and not as hectic as Albertsons. Better wine selection than most beverage stores in Lafayette too.

Sandra Hoffmann

Good variety of groceries and pastries.

Shane Daly

Wow awesome place!!!

Mark Carbo

Great market. They serve plate lunches and offer prepared dishes anytime of the day. They have a full salad bar and the sushi rolls are prepared onsite. Check out the great selection of wine, beer and cheese.

Austin Crumley

The hidden gem in the Oil Center. We go there almost every other day for quick shopping trips or prepared foods. Its clean, well stocked, well attended by an excellent, courteous staff and rarely crowded, even at peak times. It is a little small and pricey for major grocery trips, and they close a little early at 8 PM on week nights, so it is best to go right after work.

Paula Power

Great shopping spot with fresh selections. A bit yuppie, however if i lived downtown would use for specialty meats, wines and beautiful fresh flowers.

Christopher Reggie

Locally owned! I can always find what I always find what I here

Arline Lavergne

Great plate lunches

Janece Francis

Very clean store. Fresh foods!

Jeremy Hoof

Love them pork chops at the deli!

Kevin Lewis

Local Original

Stearns LaSeur IV

5 stars of they would let me wear my backpack into the store. They let purses in but not backpacks...lame

Melissa Smith

Need more Ms Meyers cleaning products

Desiree Birdsong

Best wine and cheese section in town! The staff is knowledgeable and helpful when looking for a good wine or cheese. Recently remodeled the produce section. It's a small grocery store so they don't have as big a selection as a larger one.

Anita Bendy

It is a nice store, they are remodeling to make things nicer. They have a large variety of foods to choose from that would please quite a few palates. It is a little pricey but you can find most of what you want. They even have seasoned meats that are salt free if you are on a low sodium diet.

Andrew Alford

Great plate lunches and breakfast. I held the fifth star because the liquor is hidden behind the counter and you can not browse the selection.

Tom Ernst

A little on the high side for prices, but super clean, well stocked & great variety.

LeeAnn McDaniel

Love this store. Great variety of items. Neat and unique gift items available. Must stop and shop!

Karen Stelly


Brad Berard

Awesome grocery store. Great alcohol selection

Mrs. MooGoo

Perfect neighborhood grocery store for quick stops and plate lunches.

Michael Boudoin

Good pricing and fast friendly service

Patricia Ann Lewis

I really liked shopping here for the first time

Rusty Primeaux

Great place for plate lunch

Eric Greenwood

Love This grocery store

Dustin Daigle

I didn't realize how close this place was to where I live and work, so now its my go to store for anything that I have to run out of the house to get. They have an excellent beer selection here. Almost a whole wall of the store dedicated to local craft beers and beers from around the state, as well as craft beers from all over Amercia, as well as some imports and of course the domestics. They also have an extensive wine selesction. I'm a craft beer conneseiur of sorts and this place, being especially close to home, is my go to place to pick up a brew I've never tried before. It's also my pre-tailgate spot to get snacks and beer before UL football games.

Chad Beraud

One of my favorite places to grocery shop in Lafayette.

Brenda Theriot

Food in deli was spoiled

Wendy B

Wonderful store-made rolls! I needed a huge salad, rolls and presentation roses and arrangements for a large event. The ladies in the deli were so sweet and got all the food together-usually you have leftover salad but they added lots of cucumbers and tomatoes and it was delicious! The florist did an outstanding job on the arrangements and rose bouquets. The ladies recieving them thought they were beautiful and so did I. Highly recommend!!

Hannah Sandoz

no pomegranates. shame

Debbie Ducote

I love this place! Awesome varieties of food.

Sherry Castille

Always the best! Only place we shop for our dog's Fresh Pet food.

Nicholas Leonards

Great place for a quick lunch, wine, or even good prepared meats for the grill. Never a long wait to checkout. Great place to run in and run out for in between big shopping trips

Charlie FPV

Very clean and recently remodeled. Good prices.

Bobbie Armstrong

Seemed old and kind of dirty. In fairness, deli area was under construction. Prices high.

Travis Felix

Great store. They don't make enough quick grab breakfast platters.

Brian Butler

Convenient for getting groceries when I need them for work, wide selection.


Not the cheapest but you get what you pay.

Sharon Calloura

Saw owner chewing out employee. Take it to the office!

Alan Benit

Champagnes Market is a wonderful grocery. They have an outstanding wine and liquor selection but I go for the freshly cooked entrees and sides. I stock up on three or four a week to bring to work for lunch. Currently my favorite is lasagna. Also, it seems to be the only place I can find the Cucumber-Lime Gatorade! There is a connected Subway sandwich shop, also.

Kathryn Waggenspack

Great selection and great prices

Tabitha Lee

Fresh sausage!!

Jill Romero

Sweet little place great customer service

Debanjali Banerjee

They take foods for donations

Arthur Alley Alley

There deli items are to die for from sweet to salty and they have peach flavor propel water

Loves LSU

Nice clean grocery store. It has a nice selection of take home/ deli food. Out also has a good selection of wine and alcohol. It is connected to subway and the kitchenary.

Big R R

They have everything you need.


Clean store, have never had to wait to checkout. Lil pricey.

Allen Boudreaux

Good lunch spot

Danelle Barnes

Great wine selection


Excellent service

Elsie Ridley

Very expensive!

kathy hawkins mclain

Very good sweets...don't have hot food on Sundays

Conor Cashen

Excellent taste and variety!!

Joey John

Great neighborhood market with an excellent selection of wine.

Lea Loftin

Nice home town grocery store feel. Employees very nice. I liked the fresh flowers section and the additional gift items they have available.

Helen Burleigh

Every thing that was on sale was in stock in store.

Bhyllie Mouton

Always clean and friendly.

Rachael Duhon


Jared Stevens

Clean store. Great location, not many other options for those of us who live nearby. Good meats. Big selection of good beer and wine. Docked one star for pretty high prices on general grocery items.

Gil Pete

Excellent choice for lunch

Bobbie Smith

Great place to grocery shop, close to my home and I run into a lot of people I know .

V Anthony

I love the chicken salad but the prices for off sale items are expensive

Anneysa Vidrine

Plate lunches with local flavor at lunch time and lots of Cajun food located here for all of your cooking needs. Located near LGMC I was there to buy snacks and other food items while my daughter was in the hospital. It is in the Oil Center and located near many other businesses as well. Give them a try, you won't regret it!

Tom Grasse

Very nice, clean and well stocked stpre.

Jeremy Janice

It's convenient.

Destiney Themis

Love the food and the selection of meat is fresh and wesomw

Ida James

Nice place to shop.

Courtney Johnson

Nice store however two of the younger male employees were quite rude whenever I asked them simply for a plastic spoon. They stared at me and then proceeded to ignore me . I walked out annoyed because I felt that was very disrespectful

Christophe Pilut

Excellent products at a decent price for the size of the store! Excellent service.

patty Richard

Close to hospital

Michael Wike

A little pricey but worth it when you need it

Ann Russell

Don't miss their excellent wine selection.

christopher trochez

Local grocery in Lafayette. I try really hard to spend my money at the local places rather than the larger chains. They had a great selection and a helpful staff. This isn't Megalomart; if you need bread and a kayak go elsewhere. If you want friendly folks and a good selection you're going to like it here.

Gracie Goudeau

Nice and clean location

Crystal Robin-Racca

Variety of selections and yummy lunch plates.

Crawford Gossen

New beer, wine and cheese section make this a 5 star establishment.

eva jones

Clean store with a variety of products, produce and deli items, I love going to that store.

Yvonne Dedo

The best!!

Green Angel

Absolutely amazing!!! I only got a small shopping buggy at front & wished I had 4 large & another 2 hours and unlimited funds!! Highly recommend

Louis Theriot

Very clean Well stocked Excellent customer service

Pool Boy

Always the best customer service.

Andy Zillen

They have the best sausage!!!

Tatiana Joseph

Customer service was horrible I was followed around whole store until I checked out.

S Durham

Cheapest La. Crawfish in town

Lakeisha Angel

I love this place! It’s always clean and has items that no other stores has.

Earnest Demouchet

Very very clean store with great employees.

Scott Segura

Champagne's is a much better market than others I visited in the area, very much so!!! Food, people etc.

Tammy Poirier

Love shopping @ Champagne's Grocery store. If uh ou can't find it "ASK" and they will serve you!!

Jordan Poimboeuf

Great little grocery

Mary Braquet

Cater to health conscious people.

Harvey Ozbirn

Always great place to shop

Sharon Savoie

Beautiful store; excellent selection of items although very pricey. My family and I try our best to support local businesses, especially local grocers. One normally expects and receives welcoming and friendly customer service from store employees...especially when supporting a local business. However, customer service, with the exception of the cashier, was lacking. No one in the deli department nor the meat department acknowledged, greeted or even bothered to ask if their assistance was needed. And, yes, they saw even stood arranging food in the meat case (from behind the counter) directly in front of me. Unbelievable. I guess we're spoiled to other local grocers who truly care about the service extended to their customers...come to the North side of town to see and experience how awesome customer service is delivered...with no regard to status quo.

Hardy Ulmet

Nice neighborhood market with a large craft beer selection.

Shawn E

Great liquor selection and prices

Tina Chambley

Love their deli

Edmond Smith

Beautiful remodeled store but very high prices.

Brandon Stelly

$5 sushi on Wednesdays!

Skip Amidon

Great place for any event. Small problem with displayed sale price and price charged. Great folks working there, great selection.

Marquie Isaac

This market has everything you could ever need. The atmosphere is inviting and welcoming as well. A very well kept and clean store.

Joel Fruge

shame on Whitney donovan. This place rocks all others! How bout the good. Waiting for the bad? I've had 10-15 parties.catered. You are wrond Whitney Donovan. What they do there is special. Personal service is 5 star. They gave you a discount. Shame shame. What do you do that is so perfect?

Robert Rountree

Very unique store to Lafayette Louisiana in general our prices are quite high for the same products that you can get elsewhere

Joseph Pembo

To expensive...

Candy Lynch

So much good stuff to choose from

Mike Brignac

Perfect spot for a grocery store. And I love the unique items. Great selection of liquor, too!

Robert McElligott

Great store

James Winters

Nice clean Neighborhood Grocery Store with non GMO products

Rhonda St.Romain


Dwayne Thomas

Look at you funny when you walk in as a black person

Dawn Vincent

Always a convenient stop for quality products.

Raney Young

I wish all grocery stores were like Champagnes. From selection to more importantly the staff are the best in all the grocery stores I could choose from. Friendly and helpful beyond words. I tell all my friends if you want to feel appreciated not a single store can hold a candle to the staff at this store. I'm very grateful for them as they make shopping there a total enjoyment by miles. Fell free to call me

natalie cole

Best meat in Rayne

glenn ellingburg

Love this place

Brooks Dupuis

Love this place

Joe Sullivan

Wonderful selection and staff....

David Brantley

People are great stores always clean prices are a little higher than most places but overall a great place

Charon Blaney

Quick service. Clean and excellent gumbo

Gary Jackson

They got some friendly people that work there and some very sexy ladies.

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