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REVIEWS OF Caluda's King Cake IN Louisiana

Talashia Miracle

So good

Jenna Mire

I'm new to New Orleans so I've been making my rounds taste-testing all of the "must have" king cakes around town. Caluda's is by far my favorite! Its super moist and the icing is never stale. I love the traditional but I've had the praline too and that was excellent! I even sent a cake to my family in Tennessee and it arrived just as fresh as if it were picked up directly from the bakery. I would highly recommend trying Caluda's out!

Melissa Triplett

Fantastic! We ordered a regular and a cream cheese filled. Can’t go wrong with either, but the cream cheese filled was spectacular!

Richard Kimble

Rebranded Randazzo's king cake that is inferior. The owner is rude to his employees and customers. Uses shady political connection to get his king cakes in certain stores.

Heidi Dragon

BEST King Cake!!! Believe me, I tried A LOT of them while in New Orleans for Mardi Gras and it was so good I couldn't stop eating it at this one crawfish boil. I ordered one to be delivered to me in Raleigh NC this year after the Epiphany... It was as great as I remembered! Friend from NOLA who lives here now ordered 2 different king cakes from 2 different places (both gross) and she was so happy I brought this over to her house to share! <3

Rodney Normand

GREAT EXPERIENCE EVERY YEAR, Our company sends customers over 100 Christmas King Cakes and they deliver the next day all around the USA PERFECT!!!!! GREAT TASTE!!! Thanks Dianne Eagle Industries of New Orleans

Tracey Whittington

My absolute favorite king cake of all. The Naked or traditional with no frosting is amazing.

Julie Peebels

Omg. I had my king cake delivered for my birthday. And it was worth every penny. It was beautiful and very tasty! Freshly made to order and delivered in a timely fashion

Kathy Ballon

I'm in the hospital recovering from knee replacement surgery done at noon today. My DIL showed up with a Caluda's king cake this evening. It's one of the best I have ever eaten and was one of the highlights of my day!

Michael Bower

Nice staff and great king cakes! Got the 4 de lis and the special: white chocolate with bread pudding and raspberry filling!

Samantha Lee

Compared to Antoines and Gambinos this is horrible

Robert Taylor

Jessica Mcnally

Love them

Carrie Haqq

Slater Swartwood

It is by far the best King Cake in New Orleans. During Mardi Gras I am there about every three days and I also mail King Cake to all my family and friends across the country. The people at Caluda’s are so nice and accommodating it just makes doing business with them such a pleasure.

Jennifer Dawn

2nd BEST King Cake in town!!! Manny Randazzo's is FIRST of COURSE! But Caluda's has it down!

Catherine Carson

Terrific king cake, moist and tender pastry and just the right amount of icing. Highly recommend, it's worth the price and waiting on the (very prompt) shipping.

Pat Lorio

Order 3 original king cakes on line without any difficulties. Delivery was a breeze. Out of town family enjoying their delicious king cakes within a couple of days.

Sarah Redman Eymard

Robert McCune

Had one sent home for a little taste of NOLA in Mass. One of the best they have to offer in NOLA!

Kathy Bensel

Caluda ‘a king cakes are amazing! I had this one sent to my daughter who is away at school. This is the first Mardi Gras she missed, and it arrived on time on Mardi Gras morning. She said it was very fresh and just what she needed! Will definitely order from them again!

racquell fultz

I ordered a cake online and it was so good! It delivered in 2 days. Will most definitely be ordering again

Dawn Sisung

Hands down , the best king cake in the city. I have sent king cakes to family over many years and now they only request Caluda's. Our office has also voted Caluda's as the best. Great job!

chad smith


Traci Howerton

I love Caluda's King Cakes! They are hands down the best in the city! Not only do they have delicious sweet flavors, but the savory options are a must try as well! My favorites are the bananas fosters and the strawberry cream cheese. I have shipped Caluda's King Cakes to family out of town on several occasions and they have always arrived fresh and on time. If you're in the mood for a king cake, this is THE place! I also must commend the generosity of John Caluda and his staff as they are always donating their king cakes, catering items and time to help the animals at Animal Rescue New Orleans (ARNO), so thank you!!!

Kathryn Arceneaux

Ate lots of King Cakes. This is by far the best, 100% Best of all. Made the old way, so favoraful and delicious. Can't go wrong that's for sure.

Linda Koenig

Delicious king cakes. I buy them from NOLA Pharmacy on Clearview.

Elise Williams

Caluda plain king cake is good. however we have tried 3 of their specialty kingcakes and have been mostly disappointed. The bananas foster was good, real banana taste but real sweet. The white chocolate bread pudding did not taste like bread pudding and only had white chocolate shavings on top.It tasted mostly sweet...that's it. The Zulu coconut chocolate one has no filling that I could find and had only a little coconut shavings on top. I was expecting coconut filling, and the choco icing on top is too sweet and overwhelms the cake. These specialty cakes only come in large size for $30 so for that money I expect it to taste like what it says it is. And the label on Zulu doesnt even say there is coconut on it. I tried to call Caluda to ask them about coconut zulu but only got a recording. These cakes look beautiful but unless you like very sweet cakes avoid them and save money.

Arlene Mercadel

I had the opportunity to taste the bananas foster, the bacon praline, and the praline cream cheese. All of them were the bomb!!! This was the best I have ever had! They were fresh, moist, and tasty! I can hardly wait to get my own....I might share..hmmnn??

Curt Eberhart

Delicious King Cakes! I had one shipped all the way to Oregon this year and it made it in great condition and tasted really fresh. I highly recommend Caluda's for your King Cake needs

Arvel Callwood

Misty Dawson

We ordered the cream cheese king cake, it arrived on time and it was so DELICIOUS, I've never had one before but my fiance is from Mississippi so he has been craving them and I'm so glad I tried it! Seriously the greatest

April Layher

I ordered over the internet to have a king cake delivered to my son in another state. The shipping choices listed were confusing and somehow the free shipping tacked $30 on to the price when I checked out. However when I called to see about it the staff were wonderful and went to great lengths to find out what happened and they called me back at least twice to make sure we had it straightened out. My son was very happy with his King Cake too.

Candy Thompson

Years ago we lived in NO and loved the King Cakes (crawfish and regular) that we got from Coffee Cottage in Metairie. When we moved away, we tried the king cakes that various bakeries ship out of state but nothing compared. We order from John every year and refer any of our friends and family that want a "real" or unique king cake to Caluda's. We do miss the crawfish ones though.....sigh.....

Brittney Femia

Susan Viener

Mom Wilson

Mark Guillory

Open Arms Ministries Slidell

The best

Allison Batty

By far the best Kings Cake I have ever had. ( I am referring to cream cheese Kings Cake ). I ordered this from New York and when it arrived it was so fresh I could have sworn it came out of the oven just hours earlier. Customer Service was tops also. Allison- Stephentown ,NY

Sharon Menezes

Delicious!!! First time I ever got a King Cake from here, and loved it!! Definitely recommend it!!!

david shapiro

I buy their special every week for my office, we love it!!

Ann Aleman

It was sent to Home Office (Georgia) the day before Mardi Gras. Everyone loved it.

Traci Musso

Delicious. And they support Animal Rescue New Orleans so that is a plus too!

Ted Bundy

Amy Pracheil

Hands down, my favorite King Cake. I don't ever buy anything else, and when throwing a party and someone says "I'll bring the king cake!" I either cringe thinking of others, or beg them to get a Caluda's! =]

Valerie Zelinka

One reason why I am giving only 4 stars instead of 5: our King Cake was supposed to arrive on Mar 4th but it arrived on Mar 5th. When I called to let them know that our cake hadn't arrived, he advised me to "call back tomorrow if I don't get it." The boss was happy as he is from New Orleans and King Cake is very important to him. Mardi Gras was on Mar 5th this year so we got it on Fat Tuesday. It was very fresh and had a light cinnamon smell to it. Last year, we ordered one from another company and it was very dry. I suggest ordering your cake 2 weeks before you want it to arrive; you can choose your date this way, which is another great feature. You can only order your cake on-line ; they do not take orders over the phone. Except for the late arrival, I was very happy with the service and quality of the cake.


I cannot say enough about the quality of King Cake as well as the customer service from John and his team. My cake showed up damaged from shipping and the random warm day. I sent an email just to let them know about it in case it could help another customer in the future as it wasn't the bakeries fault. John called me within an hour and then sent me another cake that night to apologize for what I had received. Amazing!!

Laura Kirchhoff

Best king cake EVER! We've purchased both the traditional and cream cheese filled, which are both delicious. We also ship these to our family members for Mardi Gras and they are always fresh when recieved. Online ordering is very easy as well. I've even started ordering them for our Thanksgiving and Christmas parties!!

Susan Bradle

Delicious king cake, delivered to out of town address timely as promised -- Awesome!

Amy Brousse

Our king cake was delivered fresh and was DELICIOUS! My husband is a native of NOLA and he approved! :)

Patti Harvey

Jolyn Sundquist

Angela Scurria

Worst king cake

Samantha Sullivan

On September 30, 2014, I ordered a Traditional King Cake from this shop to be delivered in time for Mardi Gras 2015. The order was supposed to ship on Feb 12 for overnight shipping. Guess what, it never showed. I called the following Monday (day before Mardi Gras) to inquire about my order. Woman says that they changed their order system after I had placed my order, so that my order was lost and did not get sent out. Woman then asks me to send my order confirmation email to their email. I did so, right after I got off the phone with her. I did not hear anything back until Wednesday (the day after Mardi Gras). The email only said "Is there anything else we can help you with." Like they already helped me. So I replied right back asking if they were going to refund me my money or send me the cake. I get another email back stating that my order is being checked on and that it's weird because their order numbers never started with a 6 (my order started with a 6!). Didn't hear anything back. I call the next day, and speak with another woman who was pleasant (both women were pleasant, do not get me wrong, one was just strange). I told this new woman my story and she took my information to refund me my money and is checking to see if my cake was sent out or not, but either way I'd get refunded. I gave this place 2 stars only because I am getting refunded, and might get the cake. But it's already too late to celebrate Mardi Gras! I wanted to surprise my office and bring the King Cake tradition here. Do not order from here, unless you want to never get your cake. I'm sure they are a good bakery if you live in LA, but don't get it shipped.

Susan Abramson

Susan Walpole

Fantastic King Cakes! Easy to pick up locally or ship to friends!

Beverly Lloyd

amazing cake, arrived fast and fresh. It is great to be able to have this shipped.

Rene Petz

Wow! I was born and raised in Louisiana. Being use to excellent food has become a minimum standard. Claudia's has raised the bar beyond the stratosphere. Each offering is better than the last. I suggest starting at the top of his menu and work your way down, but any choice is a good one!

Anasa Davis

Introduced to Caluda's by my sister in 2016, and I've been a loyal buyer ever since. They're moisted, flavorful melt in your mouth fantastic! I've moved out of state and I ordered for my co-workers as their introduction to king cakes... everything else will probably be a let down!!

Oscar Blank

Miche M.

I don’t know where to start, the good or the bad. I’m a fan of Caluda’s King Cakes, particularly the cream cheese and the praline/cream cheese. I bought a praline/cream cheese king cake today and it was amazing, just as expected. It was very fresh and moist. I also bought the flavor of the week, chocolate chip cookie dough. It was a huge disappointment, just a big conglomerate of bread with hardly any cookie dough to be found. When I was finally able to find some cookie dough, it tasted like chocolate only. I didn’t get any hint of cookie dough. It also was a bit dry. After today, I think I’ll pass on trying any more flavors of week and stick to what I know is good.

Patricia Corso

I send a king cake to my son in California every year for his birthday and he said that Caluda's King Cake was by far the best. Requested that I send Caluda's king cake from now on!!

Craig Siemssen

Dziban Molniya

My colleague brought their king cakes in all the time. Pretty good. I actually like Rouse's better though.

Cheryl Patterson Zaic

I order a King Cake every year from Caluda’s to be shipped to New England. I have tried some other King Cakes but have not found their fillings and frostings to be as tasty as Caluda’s. The size of the cake is generous. The dates shipments were promised have been received on time. I have had nothing but pleasant experiences with Caluda’s and will continue to purchase its King Cakes annually.

Nathan Cardinale

Kyle D. Hebert

I’m a Louisiana native who wanted to show my Minnesota co-workers what a real King Cake was like, and the traditional from Caluda’s really did the trick.

Wil The Great

They make all the king cakes sold in walmart for the holiday seasons

Jennifer Pezzarossi

We had most our king cakes from here this carnival season. They are delicious. Love love the bananas foster! That they do once a year . That's a must try for sure. I really enjoyed their raspberry filled. I was happy to be able to pick these up on the North Shore too at one of their Satellite locations during the season very helpful.

Sam Obgartel

Very prompt shipment of my online order to family, the cakes arrived in good condition and tasted very fresh according to my family members.

Karen Lovett

Have a king cake from Caluda's delivered to my son for his birthday every year. He thinks this is the best king cake of all I've ever sent throughout the years. The price is correct. Always fresh and fully enjoyed!

Mimi Nothacker

Delicious, high quality King Cake.

Cary Williams

malik peralta

Daphney Young

Rachel Jeandron

Lashowntia Jackson

Kent Shropshire

In person or ordering online, you can't beat this place!

Abdo Aljamal

the best king cake in town

Ryan Cole

The best king cake I have ever had! Unbelievable!!!

Kurt Hamm

We bought the Mardi Gras kit. It included some beads, coins, and a cup. This was very cool. The cake itself was delicious. I couldn't get enough and it was gone pretty quickly even though it was a big cake. I highly recommend Caluda's!

Emma Jackson

We received today our King Cake Traditional (Old Fashion), it's delicious!!!. The best King Cake we had in a long time.

Gary Gibson

Best king cake ever!!! Strawberry and cream cheese is very delicious...

Nicole Bruzik

Great service, yummy king cake

Linda Hill

Best I've had all season

cindi ward

We've ordered MANY times and never been disappointed! The King cakes are the absolute best and one of our favorite gifts to give! Thank you for happiness, delivered! Until next time..... ♡

Jenna Evans

As a Gulf coast native, it was important to me to provide my open house guests with the most authentic NOLA King Cake experience in Northwest Arkansas. Caluda's cakes arrived as scheduled, overnight , and most importantly FRESH. We chose two raspberry cheesecakes. I upgraded to the package that receives a few doubloons and three beads, history of king cake card and cup. They made great giveaways for my guests. I'll be using you again next year! Laissez les bon temp roulez! MERCI!

Sonja Holley

Delicious! Speedy shipping. Packaged nicely! Thank you!!

E Rodriguez

Lady in gray jacket was so sweet! Thanks for the great service!

Pang Van

Shannon Morris

Caluda's was extremely helpful and accommodating with my online order! So many other places would not let me place an order the week of Mardi Gras. I needed the cake delivered to California a week after Mardi Gras and Caluda's made it happen. They were very kind and professional and our LA son-in-law loved receiving his birthday King Cake! Thank you Caluda's!

Jimmy Heigle

Very good Kingcake and very fresh all the time

Dianna Bee

Shawn Tullier

Lynne Roberts

We have sent our friends and family king cakes from Caluda the last several years. The reviews are always great. When we did have one issue (Fedex smashed the box), I spoke with Diane, another king cake was sent and they handled the claim with Fedex.

Cindy Whitaker

We LOVE the king cakes. Perfect and always quick shipping and fantastic customer service!

Ryan Coulston

Great customer service, delicious king cakes, my only complaint is that they dont make enough specialty fills per day

Shirlene Wheat

Mark Dailey

Delicious, awesome king cake! Got the Raspberry special during Mardi Gras. Delivered next day, was so good I took my wife's extra piece! She was MAD!

Kenneth Bookmyer

Service is always friendly and they are my favorite moister than Phon dong

S Anne Johnson

I TOTALLY disagree with the review discouraging king cake shipment. I am from the New Orleans area but live in the Bay Area now. I had a king cake shipped overnight to my work so my colleagues could have a taste of an authentic Mardi Gras experience. And it was fresh and delicious and everyone loved it! Both thumbs up. Hope the fellow who got the baby orders from Caluda's next year!

Warren Crimiel

Don Stevenson

Best king cake in New Orleans

Billy Bradburry Jr

Mike V

Love the cakes and now that we don’t live in town we order king cakes regularly from local NOLA bakery’s. Caluda’s has a very good king cake and have always like them. When we ordered two cakes this time I decided to pay the extra money (I think I was like $5) for the Mardi Gras package which is 3 beads, 2 doubloons, wooden coin, and a plastic cup all of which have their logo / advertisement on. This is just facts, what I have a problem with is them smashing the cup in the cake. So I paid extra for their advertisement to smash the middle of my cakes..... Boooo! See Photos. Do yourself a favor if you’re ordering from out of town, pass on the extra whatever and just get the cake. I know next time I will. Update: 1/24/19 Thanks for review your process, those of us who don’t have easy access to the “Goods” appreciate it. Who Dat!

Craig Struening

Purchased the Saints King cake for a playoff game . Arrived on time just as asked and it was great. I will only purchase king cakes from Caluda's. Thank you very much!

Dean Morgan

Best king cakes ever


Carla Brechtel

Friendly And professional staff. Awesome ! King cakes

Jean Jacobs

I've purchased Mardi Gras King Cakes from Caluda's for 8 years, some for myself and several shipped to friends and family. This is the 3rd year in a row that I've bought their Halloween King Cake too. Everytime I send them, the recipients always love them as much as I do. I'll keep buying and sending them as long as I'm able to. The quality and service at Caluda's is excellent!

Ingrid Cheek

Ever since I tried the maple bacon king cake my life has been forever changed! Caluda's is also my favorite booth to visit during Jazz Fest. My daughter loved the crawfish strudel so much she ate 2!

Brett Francois

Best King Cake Period!!! Live in California from New Orleans, and when I need my King Cake fix Caluda's is the place. Easy ordering, comes fresh and quick.

Kellex Bergeron

Angela Coon


I love the King Cakes, the traditional and of course my favorite is the cream cheese; I only order these 2 b/c I am not a fan of ANY other fillings at ANY other bakeries. But I was born/raised in New Orleans and have had the privilege tasting ALL the bakeries that make king cakes BUT Caluda's king cakes are the freshest/tastiest EVER that you will find. I've had wonderful experiences when picking up my king cakes b/c living here I have had first hand meeting the hard working employees who are constantly busy- NON-STOP. I applaud the ones who also get up very early in the morning to make the delicious king cakes as well. I'm so glad I live close enough to pick up my order that they always have ready w/NO problems. Such very good and pleasant service. CALUDA'S ROCK!

Sandra Chambers

Their gluten free king cake is excellent!!!

Dwayne & Treschere Washington

Delish! Easy in and out. Ready for the crowds.

Tracy Crider

Had a king cake delivered to Atlanta. The cake arrived on time in protected packaging. The cake was DELICIOUS! I will absolutely use Clauda’s again. Great service :-)


Tried one of the mini king cakes and I think it must have been a week old.

Michael Austin

Their plain is better than most other filled!

Dee Donivan

Marilyn Robins

I ordered two king cakes to be sent to NY, in honor of an upcoming NOLA wedding. My daughter and her office mates were surprised and thrilled. They love your king cakes! Thank you so much!

Rocio O

Our cake was smashed. I tried calling and they wont pick up the phone and not able to leave a message! Will never order from here again. Bad service!

Terez B. Harris NOLA REALTOR Group

Evelyn Barrera

The King Cake was delish!!!!! the only thing was the inside packaging could have been a little better. one of my boxes arrived a little damaged. other than that delicious!!!!!!!


Blueberry and Rasberry cream cheese were amazing!!! See you next season!

Renee Veillon

Awesome Cinnamon King Cake, one of the best we have had.

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