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REVIEWS OF Wiltshire Pantry Bakery and Cafe IN Kentucky

mike mayberry

I ordered two items, the beet salad and the Indian roll. Both were huge portions and delicious. The salad had a lot of pickled beets, cucumbers and avocados and a salad mix that was good. The portion size was double what I expected for the price and ingredients. The Indian roll was great. Nice curry flavor and the eggs were very soft and fluffy. My wife had the biscuit sandwich which was also really good and espresso, which wasn't great but passable. Awesome place, quick turnaround and a beautiful assortment of baked goods that we had to pass on because we're already fat enough. Go there. Eat their food. Tell people.

Jason _

Great food and atmosphere. Roast beef sandwich was very flavorful and unique. Even the pickle on the side had a new flavor! Kombucha is available as well as a nice selection of treats and coffees. Great location for a walk to neat shops (avoid Mondays for shop browsing though since most of them are closed). Will be back!

Jake Allgeier

Wiltshire is quickly becoming my favorite breakfast restaurant in town. I like that their menu rotates by day of the week. I also like pairing a savory dish with a sweet pastry. The staff is friendly and brunch is tasty, hot, and fairly quickly served. My only complaint is that their coffee isn't the best and doesn't seem to be all that fresh. It would be awesome if they would pair their food and pastries with a local coffee shop's cafe.

angela wiseman

Everything from this place is great. Real quality ingredients with results you will absolutely love.


Love the place but the overt political posters are just childish for a place that's trying to be a notch above.

Mayghin Brown

Joseph Bartram

The food is great

Telly McGaha

I've only had their pastries outside the bricks and mortar shop, but they're always delicious.

John Brown

Jerimy Tate

Everyone here is so nice! I love the pastries and the food is usually quite good. Love that this is in the neighborhood!

Rami Elamine

Everything you would want for breakfast and lunch in a beautiful done

Larry Snyder

Excellent smoky corn chowder and chicken salad sandwich. Hippie bowl salad also was very good. The food here is always outstanding. A definite must for lunch or breakfast with great pastries

David Valdez

Tammy Jones

Staff are friendly here but the prices are ridiculous! I used to get the egg biscuit for $3.50 & although pricey, I felt it was worth it. They have raised the price of these biscuits to $6.50! 6 dollars and 60 cents For a single biscuit. Even if made with all organic ingredients this is way overpriced! Very disappointed. You should be ashamed Wiltshire. Please choose to do better so that everyone can enjoy!

Sarah Ostermeier

Jayne North

Adriane Murphy

Great spot for lunch and a pastry

L Jeter

As far as I know, the only place in Louisville where you can find cronuts, but sadly, they do not offer them daily or even on a regular basis. Other than that, the food was okay. Nothing any better than any other bakery in town.


Cute. Quaint. Excellent baked goods.

Amy Bernardy

Crazy awesome selection of fresh pastry and hot sandwiches and brunch options. I'm from out of town but I would come here everyday if I could! The Smoked Salmon Scramble melts in your mouth and the Indian Kati Roll is mind blowing. Very friendly staff and awesome vibes.

Billy Sanders

Our server was excellent. Wanted something of southern taste. She gave us recommendations. Menu has a great variety of different dishes. Food was excellent and the restaurant was clean and I love how they decorated!

samir samir


Best pastries in Louisville. The fromage blanc sandwich here is to die for. I never leave disappointed.

Sharon Mellon

Joanie Loch

My husband and I shared a ham and cheese croissant, a blackberry walnut croissant, and raspberry pistachio bread pudding with chantilly cream. Oh my gosh! Wish we could have eaten more! Absolutely delicious :)

Lorraine Hebert

Mary Anne Baker

Andrew Hornung

Ashley Fabel

Chorizo omelette was delicious and their pastries are out of this world!

John Skelton

One of the best breakfast spots in town. Everything is amazing. If you are going to treat yourself, do it here.

JP Lebangood

Insane chocolate pastry, nice lunches, good coffee and friendly staff.

Frankie Edwards

John Kenneth Ayes

Will Roberts

The best pastries anywhere I've been.

lyn mabry

Lovely atmosphere. Exceptional staff and delicious food.

Laurence Preble

Charming upscale restaurant.

Mind -Of-Michael

Service was warm and fast ,food left me ,,"wanting" more

jay baker

Artisan breads are few in Louisville but this place does okay job with the paatrie

Steve Sole

Wonderful catering service and delicious cookies!

Geneva Skeen

Michael Martorana

Great light lunch options and a very comfortable European feeling bakery and treats. I can't wait to try more pastries!

Caesar Archangel

Lots of smiles. Friendly and cozy atmosphere. Clean FOH. Food was prepared well, was hot and delicious.

Ethe Venus

I was very impressed with both the food and the atmosphere at Wiltshire Pantry. When I started following the cafe on Instagram and saw how delicious the dishes looked, I knew I had to give it a try. I ordered the Hippie Bowl and half a chicken sandwich and it was the perfect amount of food for lunch. Packed full of veggies and very fresh, the Hippie Bowl is the way to go! The iced tea I ordered was great too. Wish I'd had room for dessert! I'll definitely be back.

Lydia Brower

Good coffee, delicious baked goods, and a cute, cozy atmosphere.

Kyle Crawford

Mitchell Holley

Great place for lunch.

Drew Vlogs

Anthony Maiorana

I've never had a bad bite here. The food is a bit more expensive than a typical place because it is of such high quality. I love it. I would suggest starting off with a pastry and then ordering a sandwich and soup. Perhaps an iced coffee or tea. Take a loaf of bread home because they will slice it for you. Louisville needs more places like this.

s. fisher williams

I have never had a bad experience here, and believe me, I've tried! I've arrived here drunk, naked, armed with nunchucks, covered in my own waste whilst screaming the Cat in the Hat in German in it's entirety, and STILL everyone who works here is pleasant, caring and helpful...the food is amazing and the coffee is great. I will keep trying.

Rahman McGinnis

Roy Mattingly

Inviting atmosphere, great coffee, delightful pastries, tasty frittata and quiche, and expertly crafted salads and sandwiches with prime ingredients!

Lynn Hamilton

Cristal Saxton

Kristen Hawthorne

Patrick Southall

You get what you pay for. Expensive, but so we'll worth it. Atmosphere, service and food fantastic.

Brianna Levay

Such a delightful place!

Jenn Verdell

Charles Cecil

Allen Barnett


Brad Bosar

Wow..great bakery cool staff

Carrie Westenhofer

Brandon Cochran

Clean place with fast wifi. I only had tea, but it was good and hot! I wish they offered paper receipts, but I know that's not the "in" thing right now. Other than that, the staff was very friendly and helpful with signing onto the wifi.

Christina Severo

Mahk Adams

Food was good, barrista was very rude and unhelpful.

Mia Garuccio

so many delicious pastry options (both sweet and savory!) - can’t wait to go back and try the homemade pop tarts

Pablo Palacios

Great breakfast. Kind people. Jummy!

Emily Zachery

Pretty darn delicious pastries!

Professor B.

Great bread, but needs a broader selection.

Jen Belden

Brett zumFelde

Stopped by on the way out of town and had my mind blown. Absolutely Ridiculous Quiche. Croissants were also amazing. Next level.

Bradley Caffee

Patrick Jochum

Excellent choice of very healthy and visibly appealing foods.. Great Earl Grey pie !

james dean

it s alright. Would not go out of my way for it.

Michael Kelly

James Cochran

Anna T

We stopped in here last Sunday right before leaving for the airport and I have to say this was a very worthy extra stop before leaving Louisville. I love baking so I don't often buy baked goods but Wiltshire is one of those bakeries that brings their A-game so you just HAVE TO buy all the things, especially the things that are too intimidating for you to conquer in your own kitchen. Honestly everything was delicious, and I regret not coming here for breakfast (we went to Flora Kitchen nearby for breakfast and stopped here for extra coffee and pastries for the road). The only reason I took off the star is because their ordering/queuing system is incredibly inefficient (if someone is ready to order you should take their order not wait for the person who came in first but is STILL DECIDING, they need to move to the side...), and my iced coffee tasted a little strange - though it could be the fault of the flavored syrup, it might've been old? But something was definitely off. TL;DR: Definitely stop in here to try breakfast pastries!

Emory Hufbauer

Lovely spot for fine pastries

Jessica Bostic

George Bat

The best

Anthony Peluso

Everything about this place is perfect! They do not miss a detail.


Don Parr

Tori Hurley

I love their pastries, and they know how to make a London Fog well. The prices are a bit steep, so we only go when we want a treat. The seating is not very comfortable, so I don't think this is the kind place you want to pull out a laptop and study for hours. But then again, I don't think it wants to be.

Christina Bitzer

Charity M

Cute, small little eatery/bakery on the outskirts of Phoenix Hill and The Highlands. Limited menu, so picky eaters beware, but what they do they do well. Friendly service and super fresh tasting food. Prices are a little steep but it's a local shop and good quality food so I didn't mind paying extra. A sandwich+side,an iced tea, and a 15% tip (they don't serve you, you pick up your food at the counter) cost me $16. What I like the most is the rotating selection of artisanal pastries such as fresh macarons, kouighn, tartes and more featuring sophisticated flavor pairings that you can't find in your typical chain restaurant. If you're looking for a new lunch date spot, I recommend Wiltshire.

Carlos L. Felfle

Great food and people

Nathan Langdon

Had a very nice experience. Very nice shop.

Aaron Guldenschuh-Gatten

Chris Davis

Ben Horman

Great little place, awesome food, just a little tough to get a group bigger than 4

Jil Savery


Gail M

All food fresh. Good size portions. $

Katherine King

Great baked goods, excellent coffee. Closest thing Louisville has to a European bakery.

Geoffrey Runge

First off, they have a host of vegetarian options, which is delightful. I avoid sugar, but this place is my regular exception. I have a hard time making a decision about what to pick because really every dang thing they do is a work of art, but if it has pistachios or pistachio cream that usually breaks the tie. I will often get two or three pastries and cut them up to share with my coworkers. I was at a wedding they catered over the summer, and the food was nuts for that too.

Elizabeth Wiley

Great pastry items! Try it! You won't be disappointed.

lori franklin

Really enjoyed the chocolate chip banana bread

Lisa Gilbert

Monstres Lu

Lynda November

Cara Boardman

Even in the middle of the day after most of the window items weren't morning-fresh, I had a DELICIOUS tomato & cream cheese croissant. I also had the oatmeal cream pie which was beautifully spiced and close enough to the original that I tasted the nostalgia. Relaxed ambience & friendly folks.

Paul DuBeck

Laura Meisner

I love their selection!!

David Shapero


The coffee and breakfast is the best. I usually get the monsieur or quiche. They can make a simple thing much better. They seem to know how to build a dish and work the pallet. The taste makes up for the price and sometimes small portion but it's totally worth it. I like to pretend I'm a judge on chopped and Wiltshire is the winning contestant. My 5 year old requests we go get a muffin every Sunday.

Kimberly Nichols

Pastries are amazing!

Sharon N. Hughes

The Shatshuka!!!! Love the food and the Stad of Africa tea. The atmosphere reminds me of my life in London so love it here.

Mark Frazar

Forrest Duffy


Bill Ballard

One of my favorite places in Louisville for breakfast/lunch. Food is amazing and their in house made bread and pastries are fantastic.

kelley dunlevy

I can't say enough good things about their lunches! They are so unique and fresh! The pastries and desserts look devine!

Brian Dougherty

Delicious! Best kept secret in Lville

Fritz Games

Love it. Great pastries made in house not shipped in. Everything I’ve had there is excellent. Try the bacon and biscuits. Leave your carb watching at home!

Suzanne Colton

I MOST HIGHLY RECOMMEND WILTSHIRE PANTRY. We hired them to cater our daughter's wedding and from start to finish the staff was very professional. During the planning process they communicated in a timely fashion and understood our aesthetic vision for the wedding reception. Wiltshire made sure that all rental items were arranged, communicated with various vendors and helped us plan delicious appetizers, a signature cocktail, and dinner. We especially appreciated the 'farm to table' freshness of the dinner. Servers and bartenders worked very efficiently and professionally. In addition, the groom's parents arranged a lovely rehearsal dinner at the Wiltshire on Market Restaurant. I would describe Wiltshire Pantry as a Louisville gem!

Stephen Stricklin

This place is well worth every moment you wait and every cent you spend. The best pastries... Anywhere.

Bill Jordan

Friendly staff. Good chicken salad. I didn't try it but my wife loved the vegetarian soup. They need to install something to chain your bike to when you go inside. We had to eat outside while some guy eyes our bikes the whole time. Put in a steel bike post to attach a cable.

Bill Fleming

Ben Jordan

Good coffee and breakfast.

Chelley McMahon

Delightful little bakery and catering spot with top notch nosh. Stopped in for a cuppa and a bite. Lattes, espressos, pastries all so good. Keep up the culinary culture, y’all;)


Delicious bakery with tasty treats. Picture shown here is the Indian version of a breakfast burrito. Sooo good. Took the derby pie to go.

Stephanie Self

I have never physically been to this place but the coffee shop down the street from me, Safai, is usually stocked with some of their sweet treats! I go almost everyday to see if they have any specialty croissants left because they usually sell out so fast! Seriously I could eat a million of these croissants. I'm sure I will stop in to the actual bakery sometime soon and highly reccomended you do too!

Olivia Troehler



Byron Tse

The best

Mike Smith

Very good..will.go back...

Stephanie Lopez

D Stringer

I don't like to think of my life before Wiltshire Pantry. It is my favorite breakfast and lunch spot.

Jim Kaczor

Nick Murphy

The bakery portion made me,realize that I had never been to a real bakery before. Strange named delights that I had never heard of bkew me away with every tasting. The salads are the same way. If all salads were as unique, fresh, and flavorful then salads as a whole wouldn't have the reputation they do of being boring and unsatisfying. I could eat here everyday. One downside is the price, but balanced against quality it makes it 100% worth it.

Brenda Ryder

Absolutely one of my top breakfast and lunch spots. Thoughtful, delicious and well presented.

Rohit Wason


This place is a little pricey but nothing beats this bakery. Always try something new and it's always amazing.

Devin Roos

This place is a true treat in Louisville! Whether you like sweet or savory, breakfast or lunch - this place is for you!

Nzingha-Beverley Sheppard

Good food

Scott King


Evan Guarr

Amazing pastries. The pop tarts are wonderful!

Michelle Cunningham


Victor Lancaster

Very cool spot, excellent food!

Scott Weber

Wiltshire Pantry has fantastic creative pastries, croissants , cookies, pop-tarts, cakes and many other desserts. They also have some nice lunch options as well as daily juices made in house. The staff is friendly and inviting, definitely stop in for breakfast or brunch.

Gina Toomsen

Great place to have lunch!

Piero Thol

It is a great place to eat. Everything about this place is just awesome.

Libby Hollingsworth

Here on vacation and we are so crazy about this place we are going every morning while we are here!

Naela Serikali

Fresh, good, clean food

Stephanie Roethke

nope nope

Grant Benjamin

Beautiful treats that are delicious. Wonderful service. The Wiltshire Bakery is a lovely cafe. Recommended!

Dean Prewitt

Alan Chewning

Brian Kinnaman

I've literally dreamed of their pastries. So tasty! And their day old bread is just as tasty with a good discount.

Ian Reisert

Amazing as always

Michael K

The food is great, the atmosphere is great and everyone on the staff is great! Best challah in the city. :)

William Martin

Consistently one of the best lunches in Louisville. I love that they're always changing their specials, and they're always really good!

Parker Cox

Wendy Ion

john Johnson

Michael Burns

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