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REVIEWS OF Spalding's Bakery IN Kentucky

Mason Pines

Service was friendly and the atmosphere feels like you've stepped back into the 50's in a good way. You're gonna pay a few cents more per donut but it's ABSOLUTELY worth it. Arguably the best donuts I've ever had.

Devon Boykin

This is the best donut place in Lexington and surrounding counties! They have perfected their handcrafted donut! The glazed donut is outstanding and the cake cinnamon donut is a favorite as well! Not many specialty donuts but that is what makes them SPECIAL! They have specific ones they have are perfected! My family loves this place! They are friendly and remember faces as well.

Taylor Wright

Stopped in while in town to visit a family member at the hospital. The parking lot was full and the line was nearly backed out the door at 11:00. I thought to myself, this must mean that this place is good. I ordered glazed doughnuts, cinnamon rolls, creme horns, and strawberry cupcakes. Everything I ordered was delicious!!! I will most certainly stop by the next time I am in town!

Jeff Pergolski

Great old fashioned bakery. Bring your cash because its worth the wait.

Robert Walters

Spalding's.... best in town

Christopher Pierce

Quality donuts prepared by sweet old ladies. The wait was a bit long but what do you expect from a good bakery! When everyone knows that they have to get there early and that there's a limited supply, you usually have competition for a place in line. This place is no different. Bring cash and don't expect to get coffee. These ladies deal in the cold harsh reality that their pastries are all you need... And they're right!!

Tom Rueff


Kirsten Harman

I've lived here my whole life and had a plain one occasionally at events orsocial gatherings. I thought they were good but i dont care for sweets especially donuts. Yesterday i went in and bought my son a jelly filled donut, my fiance an apple fritter and red velvet cupcake and myself a slice of bourbon cheesecake. Oh my goodness! It was amazing!!! We all shared and it only cost me $7.70. There is no place u can go that beats the price or pastries. Hands down blew my mind and im inlove. Thank you!!!

Bev Gray

Im not a doughnut person at all BUT these chocolate ones have made me become a loveer of them!! I had my first one Saturday when a sweet man dropped some off for the staff at work. I can rarely wait for Wednesdays when they open again. I may eat a whole dozen!!!

Evan Trimble

Best glazed doughnuts in the world?

Keri Silva

Best donuts in Lexingron. They only take cash though so go prepared

charles horning

The best doughnuts in the world by far unbelievably delicious

Heather T

Love the chocolate glazed donuts here! My personal favorite. I haven't tried everything, but all that I have tried I really enjoyed. They have a small store front which creates a long line that I've seen go outside of the building, but these treats are worth the wait. They have displays of different items available as you go through the line to the register. Other than the small sometimes crowded space the only other downfall is they only accept CASH, No Debit/Credit cards, and they're not open on Monday or Tuesday. The prices are very reasonable though, and they do have a decent parking lot. If you like donuts, you have to try these!

tambra boyd

Yummy!! A crowded Saturday morning, but, worth waiting in line for.


Incredibly delicious! None better anywhere!!!

Kimberly Dacey

Get the most amazing donuts you have ever eaten in your life here, if you can. Check the day and the hours they are open before you go. Make sure you go early, make sure you have cash, and make sure you get a dozen regular glazed. You will like anything else you try from Spaulding's without a doubt. Delicious. So why get so many plain, glazed? Once you have tasted their glazed donut, you will understand. It is that good.

Jasmine Cartlidge

Ive been in lexington 5 years, and Spaldings is some of the BEST donuts I've had BUT, they really really should wear gloves especially this time of year with cold and flue and germs every where. Plus those little donut paper things don't cover everything and touching donuts then taking money just don't mix!!!

Amanda Anderson

Luv the homemade donuts

Matthew Fisk

Five stars are not enough. Best donuts I’ve ever had in my life.

Ashley Buckland

Best donuts ever! I get there early and they are still warm, freshest best donuts you will ever eat, highly reccomend.

Esther McDaniel

Only donut shop worth buying from

Jeremy Luchene

Whenever I'm in Lexington I try to get over to Spalding's. Love their doughnuts.

Joseph Shanks Jr

Long wait, but worth it. Best doughnuts in Lexington!


This place is amazing love there donuts very nice will be back

Johnny Curtis

The original glazed donut from the past.

Regina Reedy

I've had better donuts

Josh Marotti

Super friendly environment. Absolutely delicious melt in your mouth donuts. A true treasure I'm Lexington and a must visit!

Bud Hembree

Nice people. Good donuts. Gotta get there early or you wont be getting no donuts. Been there for a long long time. Must have if you like donuts

D. Craig Kelly

Great doughnuts!!!!!!! Wait in line, do not leave. Worth the wait.

Clay Street

Always a wonderful experience. Eating an apple fritter right now as I type this Everything is amazing here. Try it all! But bring cash, no credit or check.

Kelli Vanderpool

Best doughnuts in town!

Darryl Jones

The chocolate doughnuts were fantastic!!

Leonard Dorcas

In town for a visit and celebrating granddaughters birthday, ordered a cake from the bakery and picked up some extra sweet delights just in case. The cake will make up go back for more. There is a reason that you have to wait in line for service IT'S GOOD

Vitaly lysikov

Best donuts in town get them early in the morning they run out fast and dot forget to bring cash they don't except credit cards

Stacey Green

Donuts are great they just need to come up with a better process to speed things up.

Jeff Lee Hagans III

Best doughnuts on the planet!!! Put limestone doughnuts to shame!!!

Jeremy Shannon

There is no greater donut in the entire world. It is hard to compare a Spaldings donut to any other variety. When I lived out of state, it was hard to even begin trying to find something this delicious. They are a Lexington institution. Be prepared that they are cash only.

Marquita Hudson

This is the Best place for Amazing homemade doughnuts in Lexington!!! The customer service is Exemplary!!! There is a lady there (I don't remember her name) that has multiple degrees or was a teacher, anyhoo....She's as Sweet as the

Scott Grimes

Crazy great donuts. Make sure you have cash because they don't use technology.

Alexander Milani

Sheesh. I’ve had many a donuts and this is the best one I’ve ever tasted! A legendary bakery in Lexington. Please double check hours, bring cash & get more glazed donuts than you think you want.

Necie Bennett

Love this place. When I come home I cannot leave without getting Spalding's. My favorite snack since I was in elementary.

Christine Adams

Always the best...

Yongwook Song

Best donuts!!!! This is one of few places that I can sacrifice sleeping time of Saturday morning.

Aaron Viles

Old school in the best possible way. Amazing doughnuts.

Johnny Matherly

Need to open another register. The lines and time to be waited on are to time consuming. My suggestion.

Codi Lion

May be the best donut I have ever had!! We got 6 donuts, a single layer cake, and 2 mini cheesecakes for $18!! I don’t think you could find a better place or deal in Lexington!

Sabrena Rikeman

Great I grew up on limestone and my mom used to go there too ! She loved the surprise!

Marcus Givens

Best donuts in the WORLD !!!! & you ain’t had a birthday until you’ve had there cake!!!!

steven lane

Best . Donuts. Ever .

Yvonne Branham

The service was great, the smell when you walk in is amazing it makes you jusy want to get one of everything, the selection and taste is just out of this world amazing.

Wendy Thompson

Legendary donuts! Simple, perfect glazed yeast donuts that literally melt in your mouth. They have several choices...but there is NOTHING like the original glazed or chocolate glazed. Every time someone comes to visit from out of town, one thing they insist on is a trip to Spalding's!

Gill Wells

Always the best, a little wait but well worth it !

Christopher Rowe

Fresh doughnuts, good fast friendly service

Denny Barcenas

Great doughnuts

Christopher Dunn-Flynn

The best doughnuts and cakes in town!

Mark Clifford

It's the best, glazed, yeast donut in Lexington. That's all you need to know.

Barbara Ferguson

Loved it!! Will definitely go back

Ekya McDowell

Best Donut place in town!!!

Barbara Houck

Great donuts!

Christopher Michael

Very nice staff. Goooood doughnuts and a variety of other pastries as well

Alicia Campbell

Absolutely amazing donuts!! I've heard the rumors and finally found out for myself after living around here for over 20 years. Do not miss an opportunity to indulge in these heavenly delights

David Richardson

One of the best places to have a donut. I'm spoiled.

Adrian Kesten

phenomenal donuts. my favorite are the cream filled. but be aware that cash is needed.

Miles an Miles Tv

Has the best

Marilyn C Kyle

The donuts are great.

Auburney Clark

Best donuts in town, just make sure to bring cash!

Crystal Golden

Omg amazing

Niko Williams

BEST donut in town

LaDonna Cargill

Awesome donuts!

Monica Chenault

Best doughnut in town..

gary perez

Authentic food and everything tastes different

Philip Leveridge

Very friendly and they offer a sweet product.

Seth Parker

The best donut shop in town. You can't go wrong with the regular glazed donut.

Jonathan Burgher

These are by far my most favorite Donuts of all time.

Frances CLAY

Still same great donuts but the gentleman waiting on customers kept wiping his nose with back of arm/hand and they NEVER WEAR GLOVES or wash hands btw taking $ and preparing your food. Yuk!!!

melvin cofield

Too good to be true....I am from Chicago...and I thought no one could ever beat the Chi...and Spalding has the nerve to close when the donuts are gone...and be like what...u should have been in line 6 in the morning

Bridgette Crutchfield

Very Good

Krystal Rose

Great donuts and affordable.

glenn ratliff

Best bakery in Lexington hands down

Marilee Varner

There is a reason there is always a line for these donuts! The very best donuts in town. They never disappoint (unless they are sold out!

Wendy Moore

Spauldings is the absolute best dougnut place around.. OMG they we're soooo good... I got 2 glazed and one chocolate covered custard filled.. mm mm m, so good... Great work guys

Denise Vick Benson

Best donuts if you can get there early!!!


Best donuts I've ever ate!

Anthony Snowden

Please never go out of buissnes I love this bakery ,I grew up on on this bakery since I was old enough to eat solid foods lol I come every chance I get and there isn't a day that goes by I don't think of this delicious savory sweets this place awesomely cooks from scratch like they have for years please don't never change I've been in love with the delicious sweets that con ? Out if the oven fresh every week .thank u my friends for being #1 And only in my book.

Kevin Hughes

Absolutely the best glazed doughnut on this planet!

michael Snell

The most excellent cake donuts known to mankind! Not a sit down eatery by any means and very aged building but irrelevant. Cash only establishment as well which helps speed up acquisitions of the fine donut delicacies.

Alex Shaw

Probably the best donuts in town. They do not have a lot of "specialty" donuts, but what they do have is great. Excited to try one of their cakes. FYI: Cash only.

Joe Laco

Great donuts, kind staff. Definitely try the classic glazed and CASH only.

John Gahn

Absolutely mouth watering doughnuts. Great old fashion taste. Best glazed and chocolate covered.

Sherry Fishback

I remember Sunday's before church when they were on the corner of Sixth and Limestone!

Ruth Babbitt

worth the wait every time! Just like mom would make every fall on the farm! yummm!

Erik Lopez

Excellent donuts. So doughy so yummy. The older folk that are the owners and the servers are very nice all the time. I go there as often as I can... which is only about once every month. :(

unknown mystery

Best bakery in the state the donuts are beyond fresh they melt in your mouth the cupcakes are incredible the staff is sweet as can be I'll wait hrs just to get donuts it's worth it. No other bakery can compare to them. Can't just eat 1. The pieces are better then some cold gas station donuts

Jonathan Murphy

Their Glazed Donuts Are Supreme!

Ronnie Vincent Jr

Always awesome. Drive 100 miles just to get them.

Kevin Johnson

The Best Doughnuts anywhere...

Casey Adams

There are donuts and then there are donuts from Spalding's. The best donut you will ever try. Seriously.


I love this place its local and the donuts are delicious the only bad thing is the long line in the morning but its worth it!

Alex Rigal

Donuts were amazing, but there's no coffee!

George Haley

Been going to Spalding's over 40 years. Never less than outstanding! Sometime the line is long. But, always worth the wait.

Thomas Humble

These are the best donuts ever! They are worth waiting for.

Jonathan Combs

Spalding's may very well have the best glazed donuts around. They are definitely the best I've ever had. I typically go for something with icing or filling, but at Spalding's the glazed are the best. That isn't to say that the other donuts aren't good, because they certainly are. It's just hard for anything to compare to those glazed. I'll be returning... again and again.

Waqas Ahmed

Hmm, I don't know what the fuss is about. I'm a big fan of the small town vibe once you step in the door and there are lovely employees on there. But the store hours are inconvenient and the options are a little lacking. I would suggest adding pastries to make it look like more of a bakery.

murchhana roy

Best doughnuts ever!

Jesse Jordan

Awesome doughnuts from a real bakery that knows their stuff. Great selection and helpful staff especially for newbies like me. Expect a line, but it is worth it. Note it's CASH ONLY.

Kimberly S

Good donuts. Get a bag and put a piece of bread in with the donuts and over night it makes them soft and less stale. This was two days after I baught a dozen. Use same trick with hard cookies.

Ryan Black

I was shocked to find an actual old fashion bakery so I went in and literally bought one of everything. The donuts and pastries are some of the best I have ever had. It was annoying that they won't take debit cards or credit cards. The staff is super friendly. Their process for placing an order is very slow, it could really be streamlined a little bit. Also I wish the staff would wear gloves when touching the food or just use tongs or something I know its supposed to be "old fashion" but basic food hygiene would be great. Also I found a hair in one of my pastries so some hair nets would be great. Even with the grossness of this somehow they earned a 4 star review from a germaphobic which tells you that they are actually good at baking. The old women that works there is super sweet she reminds me of my grandmother and I was happy to tip her.

jangchuna kate

Original glazed

David Elkin

Best donuts in America. They don't just skim chocolate on their donuts.

Dan Bevington

Epic old school donuts! Don’t let the line outside scare you away. It moves pretty quick.

Matt White

Awesome doughnuts from a local bakery. Staff is always super friendly. My coworkers love the doughnuts from this place and rave about it when I bring them in. For those not aware, they only accept cash.

Christopher Sullivan

I really love doughnuts and I feel comfortable saying these are the best I've ever had. The crumb is fantastic, light but with substance. The sweetness level of both the doughnuts and fillings are spot on, wonderfully sugary without being cloying. The rise of the crumb is perfect such that you get a good bite without having difficulty fitting it in your mouth. The imperfect shaping makes it clear these are handmade. I had the regular glazed, the cream cheese filled cinnamon sugar and the creme filled glazed with chocolate icing and all were phenomenal. An additional plus is that these are very reasonably priced, cheaper than even the doughnut chains.

kerry Smith

Great donuts! If you have to get up extra early to wait in line outside in the dead of winter so you can get some donuts before they sale out. you know they have great donuts!

Nhật Hà Trần

Well worth the wait! Their original glaze is great, so nice and crispy on the outside. Pairs perfectly with a nice, hot cup of coffee.

Melinda Gholson

Get the chocolate iced. So good. Different donut from all I have had. Just the right consistency. Arrive early or the line will be long.

Michael Casey

If you are in Lexington, and you like doughnuts, you have to go here. This place is special.

razy uy

Best donuts in lex but small area for customers which develops line outside but doesn't matter the line starts at 0645 and they don't open till 7 would give 4.5 but not a option

Jimmy BP

Best donuts in Kentucky, if you can catch them open.

Cathie Mullins

I can see how this bakery has been open for 90 years. Absolutley the best donuts I've ever had. I got an apple fritter that was still warm - amazing! My husband had a chocolate glazed donut and the glaze was rich but not too sweet. This place is a must visit on any trip to Lexington.

Christopher A

Incredible doughnuts!!!! Their classic glazed ranks for me as one of the best Doughnuts I have EVER had!!!

Sean Qureshi

The true judge of a quality donut at any donut shop is how good their glazed donuts are. These glazed donuts are excellent. Everything else here is also quite good, especially the cream filled. Worth the visit.

Michellette Mason

Best doughnuts. People come all over. They have 'em lined up out the door.

4rankly Candid

Great out of the norm donuts..This place is always busy and has people standing on walkway for door to open.

Karen Collins

These donuts have been the same for as long as I can remember... delicious for over 25-30 years!! Service is what you would expect from a family-owned business. Kind and pleasant!

Charlie Mode

Great donuts

Nick Ratliff

Spalding's is a name that is well known in Lexington. If you want to earn favor in a business, show up with a dozen Spalding doughnuts. They are a cake style and are always fresh in the morning. There will be a line out the door 20 minutes before they open. If you don't want to wait forever, get there very early.

Alicia Hanson

When I was in high school, the bus driver would pull over every morning and let us get off the bus to get doughnuts! I am now 50+ and I still enjoy them!!

YOLANDA Averette

What can I say. Spaldings. The best damn donut that you will ever put in your mouth. If your sick of those over sweetened puffs of air called Krispy Creme glazed Donuts, then hop on over to Spaldings and bite into a donut that has a nice thin crust on the outside, and is simular to something from a European bakery on the inside. It's not a puff of air like Krispy Creme.

dulce cortez

Best donuts in town

Tracy Schultz McIntosh

Best donuts ever. Period. Get them warm, and you'll think you've gone to heaven!

John Tepe

You can't beat Spalding's donuts! They have a good variety and are extremely nice and helpful even when they are super busy (which they always seem to be). Make sure to get there early as they get crowded and might run out of the specialty donuts (blueberry cake is my favorite). Also make sure bring cash as they don't take card or check. If you are a donut fan, make sure to check this place out.

Donald Reynolds

Best doughnuts in Lexington.

Cj Malloy

If you haven't already, Spalding's is a Lexington staple. Just be sure to bring cash, as this is a cash only establishment. Do yourself a favor and get a cream cheese filled cinnamon sugar donut.

Eric Williams

Outstanding Doughnuts and pastries. No matter how long the line is, it moves very quick. Bring case, cards not acceptes

Perry Hall

Best donuts ever. Seriously, no other donut compares. I drive all the way from frankfort to get them.

Charles Stewart

Wonderful donuts and greatl service

Katie Weitzel

Cakes, doughnuts everything is top notch

Moses Colbert

They all the best in town

DR Morningstar

Best donuts in KY!!! Fair price too ,

Amanda Sellards

The best donuts ever

C. Jeff Butler

The absolute only complaint I have, and the reason for less than a perfect score, there are no forms of payment accepted other than cash. No checks, no cards.

Ralph Carr

It was pretty good. The long lines are evidence of that. The prices are also extremely reasonable.

Brian Hillard

1st time I ever had their donuts. They are fantastic.

Dave Stiltner

Old Lexington staple. Best donuts in town. Cash only, be prepared. There's an atm next door.

Stephanie Cherry

Great place to for doughnuts

Anthony Petrenko

The OG doughnut. A Lexington staple since forever. There may be a bunch of craft doughnut places around but these guys did it right first and they stick to their traditional receipe in a perfect way ! Enjoy this delicious and timeless treat

Chuck Combes

Best donuts anywhere! Still warm!!! Right off the rack.

thomas wallace

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