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REVIEWS OF Riley's Bakery IN Kentucky

Calesta Childress

So according to Shaun Riley, owner of Riley's Bakery my mother and I are liars and I am a lowlife. Also, his lawyer will be in touch with me about posting pictures of my cake designs.

Elizbeth Kean

Riley's Bakery saved the day! The previous bakery I placed an order with several weeks ago called the day before I needed the cake and cancelled on me. I called Riley's Bakery and the nice lady on the phone said that she could have me a cake ready early the day that I needed it. The cake was just how I wanted and everyone complimented on how delicious it was. Thanks Riley's Bakery!

Sharon Baldwin

They always have something different. The foods are always delicious and atmosphere is friendly.

Melissa cole

Amazing butterscotch's addicting!!!! Must try any of their pies...the best I have ever had in my life!!!! Friendly staff and very nice atmosphere! The staff and management will fix any issue without question if any small mix up happens but is rare. Highly recommended!!!

Chris Nicholson Jr

Awesome bakery, great custom service and awesome food.

david woosley

Creme filled donuts are awesome!

Nick Allen Brown

Best on the planet.


Has been around a long time for a reason

Lee Jordan

William Hines

Homemade sandwiches, needs more in between the slices of bread

Anystin Burns

Jackie Ellis

Great bakery. Love those little tea cookies!

Castle Care Services

All the way from Georgia & South Carolina, I place an order for about 12 dozen tea cookies throughout the year and a friend of ours picks the order up and ships it to me! I LOVEE Riley's bakery! Wonderful food and the staff is so sweet in helping me pay and get it ready in time to be picked up!

Jordan Bandel

Lea Whittmore


Julia Reynolds

My grandmother ordered my husband and I a wedding cake for our reception from Riley's bakery recently. We have had other cakes from Riley's before and they we're delicious and we we're very much satisfied. Unfortunately we was not satisfied with the consistency and texture of the actual cake part of the wedding cake. It was very dry, almost like powder when you began to chew it. We was unable to serve the cake to our guest after having a couple others try a bite themselves. The cake otherwise was decorated beautifully and the icing was great. Since we was unable to serve the cake at the wedding we called Riley's to let them know the situation and the lady on the phone was so very nice and asked us to bring the cake back in to see what they could do. Mind you we did not ask for a refund or anything at this point, we just agreed to bring it in. We returned the cake to Riley's with only 2 small slices missing from the cake. The cake decorator (very sweet lady) apologized and said she would take it in the back to her boss and explain the situation. After waiting a few minutes the owner of Riley's bakery came from the back asking who brought the cake back. We stepped to the counter and he immediately said we will give you a full refund but don't ever come back in a very hateful rude way. I explained to him that we had enjoyed other cakes from his bakery before and we was not asking for a full refund because we understood that it did cost money and took time to make the cake but there wasn't a need for his hostility. He then went on with how all of his employees tasted the cake and thought there was nothing wrong with it. When we're first arrived with the cake we was informed that they had new workers mixing the cake batter and baking the cakes so maybe something got left out or not enough added. We was not upset at all until the owner was so ugly and hateful that he made my grandmother cry! She even told the owner he did not have to give her a refund but he was still very hateful and nasty and told us not to ever come back! The poor girl over the counter was so apologetic for his behavior and almost seemed scared to say anything in front of him. More or less this review is not over the quality of the cake but more for the hateful, nasty attitude and behavior the owner himself had with us. It was horrible customer service and for that I will never recommend his place of business to anyone! If we was in there causing a scenen then by all means he had every right to be nasty but that was not at all the situation! Absolutely unbelievable!

Allison Hindman

Tea cookies and cream horns are to die for

Chip Johnston

Great eclairs

Walter Susong

Mary Chak

Fresh baked goods and cheap n tasty friendly staff

Carol Myers


I've never had a bad product from here. The selection is extensive enough to satisfy but restrained enough not to overwhelm. I love the olive nut sandwich.

Kali Barclay

Kristie Sandidge

Great service and great desserts!

Dakota Meredith

Best cakes in town.


Excellent cakes

Grimm Relic

Wendy Rone

Yoy have to try their egg salad sandwiches so good!

Ellen Jones

Love them...have been stopping here since my daughter went to college...and now I live in. Gillette, wy...that does not stop me from my favorite Bakery and favorite goodies...

Matthew Joiner

Really great food and low prices

Beneka Rigsby

One of my customers brought some Blondies to me for gift. When I went to eat it I noticed metal shavings in the bottom of the brownie. When I took the brownies back to trade for something else (because I'm not eating metal shavings), the manager had such a problem about replacing my food. He went in the back and had a long conversation with two women who gave me several dirty glances. Finally one of the ladies brings me a bag with more brownies. Get back to work with the brownies and guess what? Metal is in the brownies. I would not recommend this bakery. All the food tastes the same and the customer service is terrible! If I could give less than one star, I would.

Bobbi Steelman

Excellent sandwiches.

Linda. You are a Precious Soul. Johnson

Very friendly staff. I always enjoy everything I have bought. Love there tea cookies, especially at Christmas.

Allanna Glover

Harold Bucy

The Best cakes in town!

Gina Medley

Christina Lawless

Riley's is always delicious!

Todd Browning

Joseph Zillmer

Tandy Burnam

Randal Martin

Old school bakery just like you remember as a child. Baked good are always fresh. Olive Nut sandwich is one of their specialities. Thumb print cookies, Mexican wedding cookies, creme horns... It's all good.

Amber Walker

Worst cupcakes ever. Unfinished and dry. I will never step foot back into this place. Customer service is horrible.

Bruce Richey

Hannah Hannah

6/26/15. We got cream horns, brownies, and Mexican wedding cookies. Everything was delicious and the staff were friendly as always. My oldest daughter said "they must let only angels bake there. Angels with sugar tipped fingers."

Tom Lewis

Victoria Rosa

Ashley Martin

Ammi Embry

A favorite since childhood. I get the tea cookies whenever I come to town.

Gary Woody


Terry Alexander

A timeless treasure!!

Tammy H

Great place for treats


Seems like a friendly and popular bakery. The caramel coated doughnut was very very sweet (they're only about 90 cents)

Gwen Wilson

Carries all different kinds of sweet treats, especially angel dips, love them

K Beaver

Larry Cassity

All I can say is WONDERFUL! !

Jennifer Rose Escobar

Delicious and friendly!!

Candy Pitcock

Love this bakery

Candace Rose

Larry Johnson

Love the apple fritters. will be in Bowling Green from Florida and will be getting me some before i leave for sure.

Dianne Smith

Walter LeSaulnier

A truly great classic bakery. Best cupcakes, cakes, and pies on earth for many decades.

Simmons Family

Great food, nice staff, clean bakery, fairly priced

Aaron Csajaghy

Great selection and highly addictive

Kim Rice

Excellent bakery

Suzanne Suarez

The only bakery I go to

Tony Garrett


Bill Myers

Any item you get from this bakery will most likely be OUTSTANDING! This is a true BG icon. Been eating items from here for about 35 years..always very impressed with quality. The sign says you better stay off your cellphone if you want any help...LOVE IT!!!

melissa neighbors

Love the tea cookies

Larry Riley

Great baked items

War Blade

Wasn't a fan of the Cupcakes but loved the brownies.

Regina dela Cerna

They have a huge selection of baked treats, including cakes, pies, cupcakes, tarts, donuts, and breads! Everything is delicious and really reasonably priced.

Robin Elkin

Lotus Green

First time eating donuts at this establishment it was very good

Julianna Pelton

Awesome baked goods

Myra K Bullock

Great as always ❤️

Peggy Candler

Charles Boyce

The white cake was dry.

Lauren Steen

I have been going to Riley's bakery since I was a small child. It has always been a treat for me & brightens my day. In my 42 years, the recipes haven't changed & the treats are just as delicious as always. The staff is kind & move quickly.

Tramaine Lewis

Marshall Clark

Slow staff.

Sherri Grissom

This is the best bakery I’ve ever been to. A variety of bakery items and they’re all fabulous. I highly recommend you visit this Bowling Green landmark. You will NOT be sorry. There’s no place like it.


How could you not love rileys

Sandy Watkins

What's not to love

Brad Graham

Doughnuts, baked goods and more...always fresh. Several unique items.

Kt Roberts

I stopped in here on my birthday of all days, I had heard about this place before but had never been. I received a free coffee cake because it was the first time in the store! Anyway we ended up grabbing multiple goodies to try and I was expecting it to total up to $20 but it was like $10. Would go back in a heartbeat!

Lee Reeves

Grew up with their caramel frosting cakes and tea cookies. It's always an amazing treat. My biggest - and only - complaint is that they haven't had much desire to figure out how to ship! (It's something I've mentioned for 20+ years whenever I'm back in town to visit).

Denise Lipscomb

Like homemade baked goods. Delicious.

Milton Marlin


Jennifer Belcher

Jen Duck

Best all around!!

Robert McAllister

Good food

Katty Kane

Roy Deemer

Probably the best bakery I've ever been to! Consistent quality, nice, helpful staff, can't say anything negative. You can't get this on the internet!

jeffery phillips

Cade Nicholson

Delicious and quick!

Denise Simmons-Williams

Well where do I start. I can't give a high rating anymore. This use to be the best bakery in town,however in the last year or more I've watched this place go down hill. The taste of everything they make has changed, especially the cake and icing. The creme horns are always hard and old tasting now. I believe in trying to say money but when it comes to hurting the taste of your product then I would say SPEND THAT EXTRA DOLLAR!!! Go back to the old Rileys Bakery way.#disappointedcustomers

Red Velvet

Honestly this place sucks. I got food poisoning from the sandwiches. The owner is an absolute jerk and treats his employees horribly. He's a psycho that intimidates people constantly. The food is all frozen before you get it.

Danny Price

Overpriced. Over rated

Kenny Dillingham

Quality baked goods and nice staff. I like the brownies the best. Taste homemade.

Tim Hatton

Candice C.

Everything tastes like lard. Very disappointing. Was hoping for a good quality hometown bakery. :(

Kelly Hayes

I ordered my daughters 13th birthday cake from this bakery. I paid $126 when the cake was ordered after spending 30 mins talking to the cake decorator, when I went to pick up my cake it look like it was made by a child. The top piece was not centered on the cake the lines were not even in thickness nor in height. I spoke with the owner Sean Riley who said he was going to come in and look at the cake so after I wasted 30 mins and 2 trips across town his worker told me he wasn't coming in at all because he had been drinking and he didn't think he should drive. So at that point I realized the kind of people I was dealing with and it is not someone I would have chosen to do business with, had I known how deceitful he was. He did give me the cake for 70, which was too much but I didn't have a choice since the party was in 2 hours. The cake was so DRY. They have lost any business from me in the future as well as any recommendations. This was the worst experience I have ever had with a bakery. The ONLY reason I am giving this place a star is because I had to to be able to post this review.

Beverly Douglas


Terry Johnson

Has delicious made-from-scratch sandwiches

Antonella G

Joshua White


its a good hometown bakery but i think all the items taste the same. its worth a try


Get it fresh it id's the best, but lately they've been serving two- day old pastry (as it seems).


Mark Shibish

Button cookies were great! Pastries were good , Service was great.Too bad my coffee was terrible .

david costigan

Fresh bakery

Tony Violette

best bakery in Bowling Green

Suzanne Walther

The bakery staff were professional and courteous. I ordered a 12 inch round layer cake, German chocolate, coconut pecan frosting between layers and on the sides, decorator frosting on top with a picture decoration. Price was $55, higher than I expected. The cake tasted bland and was dry and crumbling. The coconut pecan frosting was waxy and bland. The cake top decoration was exactly what I ordered. For appearance, I rate the cake great. For edibility, I rate the cake poorly. For price, a delicious cake as well decorated would have gotten an okay. The price was too high for a bland cake that lacked German chocolate flavor and moisture with a waxy frosting.

Ayanna M Peake

I visited this Bakery for the first time to purchase a pecan pie for a friend's birthday. She loved it! And said that it taste homemade and was perfect!

Ben Johnson

As a kid I mowed Mrs Riley's yard, so I'm totally biased.

Brandon Gable

5 stars just cause those crazy good tea cup cookies.

Pete Livingston

Riley's has been a favorite for me since I moved into the area back in 2010, I've never had a bad experience here, the pastries are always the finest to be bought in Bowling Green.

Vicki Darnell

Best bakery in BG!! Love the coconut cake!

Cindy Haynes

Tamera Summers

Delicious everything

RN Deb

Not at all what I expect from a bakery. It's been around a long time and many locals recommend it but I am never really impressed. Expensive for what they offer, baked items look good but not "bakery quality" taste... others love them and probably mostly because they're a small local business but personally I think they need to up their game. Just my thoughts

livvy4176 thomas

Had a cake emergency (dropped and ruined a custom make 2 tier cake) and had to come pick up anything that was available so we had something to serve for dessert at a graduation reception. I made a phone call and the lady that answered was very patient with me in my moment of high anxiety and stress. She boxed up 48 cupcakes and had them ready when I got there to save time because I was going to be late arriving to decorate for the party. Rileys cupcakes always look decadent and they saved my daughter's fancy party. Thank you Rileys!!!

Michael Butler

Seems to be slipping, used to be my favorite in BG

Henry and EJ Belcher

I have been going to Riley's Bakery for many years. Everything they have to offer is delicious. I've gotten to know many of their workers. I adore Robbi and Ms Hollis. You can't go wrong with Riley's Bakery!!

Charles Sekafetz

Very helpful. I needed some cupcakes to celebrate a birthday for someone in our group of travelers. They had an assortment which made it easy. Even had a candle for me. Sandwiches are available - I bought an olive sandwich for the road and was very happy!

Richard Hudson

Gator Grinding

Charles Kincaid

Love this place, I would visit my sister and her family and when the sun was up, so was I and heading to your bakery was a must. Your pastries and hot coffee and hot chocolate and such was a perfect way to start the day. I should gather my herd and make a trip down now that school is out and buy up some goodies. Good memories and a few pounds...

chris harrell

The best within 500 miles.

Carlee Johnson

I love the tea cookies they are so amazing I love them

Ellen Micheletti

I have been going to Riley's Bakery for a very, very long time. I'm 66 and I remember when it was down town. In my family, a birthday was not quite right if it didn't have a cake from Riley's. They have the best brownies in the world, bar none. And their thumbprint cookies are a Bowling Green icon. You can't have a party without Riley's cookies. I love this place.

j gheist

Amazing place

C.Ann Sorrell

Awesome as always!!

Theresa Thompson

Always wonderful

Todd Rudder

Love this place, amazing sweets and they are always very polite.

Lou Carter

Good baked items. No prices are listed. You have to ask how much everything is. That is soooo annoying.

Jackie Suddeth

Wonderful bakery. Clean, great food.

Donna Cooper

Curtis Pearson

Michael Woodward

Great bakery! Everything you could imagine, including incredible sandwiches and loads of treats you certainly don't need but are oh so good.

chelle lawrence

Got a cake for Lucille Lindsey's 92nd birthday! It was so pretty and so delicious!

Larry Masters

Fresh baked and oh so yummy.....not a place to go to if you're on a diet :-)

Ivy Parsons

Came in for my first visit to buy a couple cheesecakes for Father's day, and was given a free coffee Bundt cake for making a decent size purchase on my first visit! Had a great visit with the ladies there and they truly seemed to enjoy their work!

C.J. Bush

Anthony LaPointe


Patsy McCormack

Good cakes cookies and pastries

Chris Calkins


Jackie Gammon

Reda Meador

Just as delicious as it was in the 70's!

Martha Dinwiddie

Wonderful and good I have had wedding cakes and pastries and sandwiches it is always good I go there when I have a sweet tooth! I have bought wedding cake to sandwiches !

Teddy B

Got the red velvet cake. Awesome!

Barbara Polley

Proud Parent

Almost always this is good.

Steve Grimes

Love their bon bons!

Cathy Myers

Great bakery products...especially when you or your special loved ones deserve "special treats". Indulge and find your morsels.

Syndee Rice

This is the most AMAZING bakery in town... !!!!!!!!

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