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REVIEWS OF Jasmin Bakery European Bread IN Kentucky

Cory Sego

Literally the best gyros in the city, also very friendly staff, truly great place.

Rami RamRam

The food is amazing, the owner is so nice, polite, I've been going there for few years.

Kris Blausey

Fantastic gyros! There are many options on the menu, but everything I've had is delicious. The chocolate turnovers are my favorite. My wife lives the strawberry turnovers. Their baclava looks great, but I haven't tried it yet.

Sayil Suleiman

Love the beef sausage

Al Pomey

Great bread

Adel Migirova

Favorite place to come for lunch! They also have the best bread at an affordable price!

Adriane Murphy

Fluffy light loaves of bread and pastries! We like to get a sandwich and coffee while we are there. Very comfortable and clean.


Very tasty food and really cheap, hospitable people and clean place. Thanks Jasmin Bakery owner and staff

STEVEN roselps

If you truly enjoy roasted lamb then Jasmin Bakery is the place to get your gyros. Flavorful lamb with a mild taziki sauce on a wonderful loaf of bread.

Marcella Kennedy

Loved the cevapi. The bread was just perfect. I'll definitely be back!

Chris Leland

Go in, get a table, and order a large with extra sauce. They will bring you heaven on a plate. Gyro sandwich with perfectly seasoned meat and incredible bread. If I'm heading south from Indy, I will go out of my way to hit this place on my way through.

Zaynab Riley

Try the Big One it's great!

Rashid P

I wish there were more bakeries like this through our city. Nice, neat and clean, cozy with good food and coffee.

Thomas Rasinen

Best gyro in Louisville! You can get different size gyros, small or large based on your appetite or how hungry you may be. Jasmin bakery has great stuff and unique cookies you can bring when visiting a friend or relatives. Nice, small inexpensive chocolates 5918de

Great baked items, good gyros,friendly service Always stop there when in town

Patrick Cox

I always like Jasmin's. I get the "big" whenever I go. It's been a lunch-time staple for me for a long time.

hamza boudjaoui

They have good sandwich but very slow

Kemal Sulejmanagic

Great service and even greater tasting food.

Dragan Pala

Best ćevapi in this state.

bih .bih

This is the best kept secret in Louisville. Buechel is really thriving with all sorts of foreign stores and bakeries and this is the best one by far. The menu is not extensive but you have couple of Bosnian sandwiches that are very filling and also very cheap. Moreover, you will also find fresh Bosnian bread, pastries and other items on sale from Eastern Europe. Chevapi is highly recommended. Go get some.

Austin Gibbs

The gyro really is the best one i've ever had. And very affordable

Portia Manhema

I just love their fact, i love everything on their menu. The rolls are awesome.

Jezi M

A great little bakery with sandwiches made right there and interesting international food items.

Mohamed Abdulaziz

Taste food coupled with outstanding service. Love it!!!

John Reeve

Great gyros. Great staff

Khalid Al Farhan

I wish they open branches everywhere ... The best healthy fast food you can eat in this city.

Mitchell Underwood

I've been coming here for a few years now and it is fantastic! Awesome Kebops (gyros) and also people!

Iain Johnson

Slow, took about 10 minutes for someone to acknowledge me being there. Food was really good though. A unique place with hard to find goodies

Admir Mandzic

Great Food,Great People,Must Try

Jasmin Patkovic

It's a good place to buy me bread and they got some good food and people are lovely

Gregory Schardein

Great quality, limited choices for meals but always high flavor, high quantity, and low price. Also, bread and pastries baked daily, espresso, and imported Bosnian groceries. Great place for lunch.

William Lally

the gyros are great but didn't care for the sausage

Michael Wright

Incredible food and value, outstandingly friendly staff that make you feel welcome. A real hidden gem.

Meliha Topic

Nice European shop.

Meghan Wright

Best gyros in town

Tamara West

Super yummy sandwiches


"Great service, friendly staff, excellent food."

Stanton Clark

Good coffee, good food, great customer service.

Carolyn Young

Ordered 2 large gyros, they were great. The meat was to die for! Will be back soon.

Veronica Kavorkian

I loved this place! I have no idea what is on the menu except a "big one" which is the best gyro sand which ever! It has an old world feel and good old American Immigrant hard working atmosphere! I will be back!

James Knoer

The food is amazing and cheap! The family that runs it is kind and friendly!

Tomo Veselinovic

Great food and nice people working there!!!

Nermin Ramic

Every time we go the food is great, the atmosphere and they make the worlds best bread. The owner and employees are really friendly.

Alex Munits

I love this place. Amazing bread amazing sandwiches very affordable very cozy

Kathy Stonestreet

Best Bosian bakery, deli, has some jams, jellies, boxed cookies & candies, and family owned.

Kelly Vazquez

Inexpensive fresh bread, and very good service. They gave each of my kids a bread stick, on the house! We will be repeat customers:)

Jason Frost

Great food

Malinda Vogel

Great bread, coffee and sandwiches.


Probably the most authentic Mediterranean food IN THE CITY!

Greg Leichty

We have been buying our bread from Jasmin for about 10 years. We were introduced by a neighbor who gave us a sample and our whole family was hooked. You need to try out their pastries too. They are simply out of this world. You can make special orders with them too for buns for group occasions.

Mohammed Ali

The best sandwich place in town ever, The owners are great and the food is always fresh

Eliza Leis

Delicious food at a very reasonable price. Small menu (4 items) with no words. Can order by saying “small” or “large”, etc. smells amazing when you walk in as bread is made fresh and sold by the loaf!

Andromeda Zen

Food is very good! Especially the Cevapi

Sara straub

Best food in town

Norik T.

It is mainly a bakery, but they also have a simple limited lunch menu too. Tried their Gyro sandwich, and it was pretty big one and delicious. Would like to see more selections of middle eastern sandwiches.

Arais Machado Teruel


Igor Guryashkin

Best bread, grea sandwiches, best pastries anywhere close to here. Period. Fight me.

Denisa Corbett

Bakery is my favorite. The dad is up baking up fresh goodness daily .

Lauren Nugent

I love Jasmine Bakery! They have tasty bread and pastries, but the most important thing to order is a "big one." It's the best gyro you'll have in your life! I made the mistake of getting a "little one" on my last visit, and spent the rest of the day wishing I'd ordered the big one instead. Friendly owner, too. There's indoor seating so you can enjoy your lunch there or take it away with you.

Zoran Cuckovic

Love this place, partially because it sells products from my country and of course because the products are delicious!!!

darko _p86

Great place to experience Bosnian cuisine and culture. The bread is always fresh and just crisps in your hands. The food is tasty and absolutely won't make you obese like fast food. Ćevape (grilled beef sausage links in between two grilled bread buns with sour cream and delicious onions on the side)and/or doner (which is the same as Greek/Turkish Gyro. The meat is even shredded off of one of those spinner griller mashines) are my two favorite dishes out of many that they serve. The people are friendly and welcome ALL and EVERYONE with a good heart regardless where from. Yes the service may sometimes get slow but that's usually due to many orders at once. And it's not your corner fast food restaurant, they don't have twenty people working at once. It's a family run business that values quality over quantity. So please relax, don't rush, make yourself at home and enjoy. You will love it.

Christina Severo

Really good sandwiches for good price, but really slow service.

Sean Naamani

Excellent Bosnian food and big cups of espresso. Very nice people. Close to the Russian/Bosnian food store as well. I love the Chivapchichi sandwiches. One of Louisville's best kept secrets!!

Adil Murathan

I liked their bread. We call it Turkish bread.

Michael Blair

Great food and service!! Loved it!!!

Alexander Daugherty

Awesome place for brunch or lunch and coffee

Semil Dzebic

Great food

Christy Orser

Awesome food, limited selection.

Shonnese Reed

Really delicious bread

Yoelbys Casas

Friendly speedy service and very affordable food made with quality ingredients.

Micheal Walker

Incredible sandwich. Bit slow but well worth the wait. Take lunch early to beat the rush.

Azzam .

I'm probably one of the pickiest customers when it comes to restaurants and other businesses. That said, Jasmin Bakery has got to be one of the best experiences I've ever had. The good was delicious, the place was clean, the service was top notch and my father loved it too. 10/10 will come again.

Malcolm Tyler

Jasmin will greet you as you enter the door, you will get a smile and hello from Pappa too if he has finished baking your fresh bread in all shapes and sizes. The smell will make you buy more than you can possibly eat. Lunch time is great for freshly built gyros, full of flavour or try something delectable from the sweet pastries case. This reminds me . . . I have a craving for fresh bread.


Good food , exellent service and very nice ambience

Tyler Williamson

This place is the best. Delicious gyros, amazing bread, and fantastic pastries, all for a very good price. The staff is also extremely friendly and helpful. Jasmin Bakery is highly recommended to everyone.


Great gyros, and some of the best baklava in town, family owned and fantastic.

Jeff Klingeman

Wonderful sandwich, reasonably priced. Be sure to ha e a pastry for dessert


Awesome bread. Gyros, turnovers and pastries are just as awesome.

Joseph Boyle

Delicious. Super busy at noon on a sunday. I had a sandwich and it was phenominal. Everybody else was buying tons of bread.

Charlene Bharadia

Such a great find. I’m so happy to be able to enjoy the same wonderful breads I’ve found in my travels abroad.

Ahmet Okay


Brittany Longmire

Amazing fresh bread that is so fluffy you just might die.... Their Gyro is my favorite! It all starts with a freshly baked pita bread that is light and airy, then layered with mouthwatering Gyro meat. A satisfying tiziki sauce that is paired with fresh, thinly sliced onions and tomatoes to top it off. The way the tiziki hits your tounge refreshes your palate with every bite.

Yvette H

Food was great hot and fast

Edina Terzic

Amazing food! Great customer service!! Love this place. Most definitely one of a kind.

Todd McMillon

Great food for price


Best place in Louisville to get a brunch bet

Big Dogg

Best Ćevapi in town hands down!

Shantel Miller

Seen so many great reviews. Decided to try was very dissatisfied 3/17/19, they didn't have a small had to get a large. Only to have hard cold meat and lettuce that tasted as if it has been just sitting. Currently just sitting in my fridge smelling of old lettuce.

Carly Sands

Told them it was my first time and the person taking orders was very pleasant! The portions are very large for the prices. Fantastic!

Nihad Bektasevic

Family atmosphere, great food

William Bezoenik

Get some euro bread and good eats.

Maritza L

The best bakery in the state of ky

Clara Baggett

Delicious, authentic food. Need to improve ordering process as customers don’t really know where to stand/wait. Also, the wait time can be slightly long if they are crowded, but nothing ridiculous. Overall great place for tasty, inexpensive food. Their gyro meat is amazing!

Sam H

Bosnian bakery and small grocery store. You must try thier gyro sandwishes "big one and long one" over fresh baked bread. Very tasty.

Matt Carrico

The bread is phenomenal and they have the best gyro I have ever eaten.

Joshua Rice

Awesome food at better prices.

Ahmed Salem

Very quiet nice service and good bread

Mersed Cardakovic

Best cevapi in louisville, definitely reccomend this place.

Viota Uhles

Second time I have been here. Such amazing food. Moving to Kentucky from Indiana I had not found a gyro I loved! Now after being here I am going to compare every gyro to.this deli!!! Absolutely amazing! The people here are genuinely kind and sweet. Will visit every chance I get!

Caroline Austin

Delicious bread. I’m vegetarian so didn’t try meat sandwiches but did treat myself to some baklava, which was the best I’ve had since moving to Louisville, and an espresso coffee. The owner and people who work there couldn’t be nicer. Limited menu but what they do, they do well.

Michael Wilmes

Sandwich is the best have been coming for years always the same.


Great pastries !

Selman Bixon

Hi. They are not serving a halal meat !!! They have a good bread.

T Bone

I can't stay away the food is so good..

Terras Tolliver

Great sandwiches!!!

Tim Fournier

Big sandwich. Nuff said

Meagan Lampton Gregory

Get the 'big sandwich'! It is awesome. Take a little bit of time but is worth it.

mark g

Great European food an expresso shop has some European grocery items very small quantity mainly sweets and has an amazing gyro the largest currently $6 and is large enough to fill the hardiest appetite anytime I'm near the bakery I will purchase bread gyro love this place

Alden Thompson

I always try to get something from here when I'm in this part of town


Pretty good establishment. Their bread dries out within a day.

Susu Lopez

Amazing Halaal sausages

James Murphy

Wow!! Amazing gyro! And big and flavorful!! I will return.

Cara Boardman

the gyro sandwich is incredible. it's a big sandwich, so that and a bag of chips will fill you up!

Pastor Romero

Best bread in Louisville,friendly staff

John Gentzel

Food is absolutely delicious. You can tell the bread is baked fresh in the store daily. Pastries are absolutely wonderful.


Literally the best gyro I've ever had...go

Mario Streger

Very nice place, good food, satisfying size. And dessert is delicious

Jason Geary

absolutely the best gyro type sandwiches. I also have to load up with the fresh bread on every visit. it does take a minute or two they make it fresh when you order. well worth the wait 5 stars

Matt Davis

Jasmin is a bakery/sandwich shop. The bread is nice and pretty cheap, while the sandwiches (especially the gyros) are incredibly tasty. Typically I will go there for a "big one," which is a really big gyro for $5. It's pretty filling! Scrumptious gyro meat on some very good bread with tomatoes, lettuce, onion slices, and tzatziki sauce. Here are a few tidbits of info: The place is small, so don't bring a group of 5 or more to sit down during rush time because you probably won't have a place inside for everyone. No public restroom. There is no menu, but there are several pictures above the bread shelves that show the sandwiches offered. If you have questions about them, ask someone! Last time I was there I learned that their gyro meat is a combination of beef and lamb. To order, go to the cash register and tell the guy what you want. Find a seat or ask for carryout You don't really have a waiter, the cook will bring your food to you. After you've eaten, head to the register and pay

Merzo Ramic

Good bread and best cevapi.

Brandon Smith

Pretty darn good


Ok but slow service no welcome no thanks no greetings.

John Schmidt

Freshly baked bread, great sandwiches, and good service.

Justin Sexton

Amazing!! I live in Indiana and have always been happy to make the trip over regularly just for this place. Been visiting here for years.. since they had the old small location. Always friendly and happy to help. The groups are extremely tasty and prices great. My kids always want to get a loaf of fresh bread to eat plain in the car on the way home. Simple and amazing you guys are doing a great job

Brad Yoder

Great pastries and bread! I have been visiting this place for years - even before they moved to the current location. The gyro and sausage sandwiches are awesome, and they definitely put together a high octane espresso. The big secret is the pastries. They generally run out before lunch is over, so get there early.

Mary Crook

Never been there

Rachel Gomez Boulanseur

Fresh bread every day and the service excellent..

chris schreck

Great food some of the best value in the city

Robert McDowell

The best gyros anywhere. I love their gyros. I've ordered gyros from perhaps 2-3 dozen restaurants, in Kentucky and out of state, but can't find anything close to being as good as Jasmin's Bakery. Also, there is a friendly and honest European favor to experience as you walk through the door. They have other good foods too, but its their gyros that keep me coming back. I wish they were located in Elizabethtown.

Daryl C. Jackson

Great lunch food at excellent prices. Tasty and fresh with a family atmosphere. I've been there about 12 times.

Saif Kurdi

Delicious gyro and great service!

Huss R

Cevapi is on point and only 7 dollars. You always get a lot for your money. Their gyros are also excellent and only 4.50, probably the best and cheapest gyros youll find in louisville. During the weel they arent too busy but weekends you may have to wait 20 minutes to get food. Highly recommend for those that like bosnian/mediteranean food or would like to try. You will not be dissapointed.

Srdan Milosevic

Authentic and delicious food.

Tommy A

Love this Gem....owner and son so very nice. Always gives my young son a mini loaf of bread to chow while we order. Food is delicious great prices. Large selection of European chocolates, snacks and drinks. A must if you're in the neighborhood. Closed on Mondays. Big lunch crowd. Enjoy....

jeff Abell

Great thanks

Nick Murphy

A wonderful and simple place. Always smells amazing and owned by a father/son team who make a few simple delicious breads and pastries, and the best gyros in the city. A family favorite of ours for over 15 years.

Maurice Tiotsop

I like this place. Good bread

t hart

The sandwich I had was wonderful. The bread was so good and fresh.

Brent Smith

Serves an authentic gyro on their fresh baked bread. Their baked bread is awesome. Bosnian heritage proud to serve their wares. Warm and friendly place with excellent baked goods.

Leith Clough

A must!

Tyler Poore

Amazing gyros, fresh bread, and baklava!

Tom Keeter

Best gyros in louisville.

Islam Mostafa

Jasmine Bakery is a cozy warm place , Starting with the expresso which in my opinion the best in louisville not only because the the italian coffee beans but the body of the Expresso which is just right, The smell of the fresh baked bread brings back memories from your childhood and for sure it will make you try their food which is simple and delicious. I would highly recommend Jasmine Bakery.

Mara Eballar

Gyro is the best around. I always order with extra sauce. Great prices and a clean restaurant. One of my favs!

Blue Murphy

One of the gyros in town. Super fresh, pillowy soft bread.

Amanda Lause

Always great service and the food is amazing.

Laye Ousseynou

Nice food nice people

Dakota Phelps

Amazing gyro and friendly people. Don't get me started on the baklava.

Justin Rutledge

Hands down best gyro ever! On fresh baked bread. Just ask for a large for the full size or a small for a half.

Michael Kornblatt

Such amazing food.

Cesar Aguilera

Great place and friendly people work here good food really recommend

Elena Hughes

Love the bread

Pam Wallace

Had large gyros ....barely finished mine, my big eaters ordered 2 large sandwiches a piece;they couldn't finish theirs! Coffee was to die for!

Eric Carlson

Amazing gyro style (döner) sandwich for super cheap with the best bread around

Jessica Leland

AMAZING GYROS! Jasmin recently relocated and it seems all their 5 Star reviews disappeared from their Google place page. Order a Large Gyro, then come back on here and thank me. Seriously. Do it now.

Eathan Roehrig

A must go for a authentic gyro. Very tasty and friendly customer service. Very reasonable as well

Ivan Drobnjak

Great Balkan spot. Perfect baked bread, excellent ćevapi, good selection of groceries you miss the most from there.

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