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REVIEWS OF Great American Donut Shop IN Kentucky

Riley Packard

Best donut shop in BG, and probably best I’ve ever been to. Would give these guys 6 stars if I could. Best tasting donuts, super nice cashiers, fair prices. 11/10 would definitely recommend. Also it’s open 24 hrs, so just a win in every corner.

Mason Sanchez

Best donuts in town. Locally owned, I think they're still 24 hrs/day, friendly and quick staff. Overall, this is the best place for donuts, hands down; Bowling Green absolutely ADORES this establishment. I'll be back, again, and again, and again....

Joy Page Manuel

No frills, straightforward great donuts! It's the soft, pillowy bread that gets you. Everything is fresh! They're open 24/7.

Francis Barcenas

Excelent donut

dustin danini

Great donuts fluffy and crispy like Asian style donuts but still dense enough to melt in you mouth after a bite.

Marty Travis

Really great donuts! Staff is always friendly.

Nikhil Ramaprasad

I can’t believe it has taken me over 4 years to review this absolute GEM of a donut shop. Great American Donut Shop (GADS) is the absolute best. Their no frills donuts are never disappointing. Let me tell you about their best 2 donuts though, the blueberry cake and the strawberry cake donuts. Both of these are probably the softest, tastiest cake donuts you will ever eat in your life. There’s an argument to be made that one is better than the other, but I absolutely could not choose. And why choose when you can just buy a dozen of both of them? Seriously, if you are passing through Bowling Greene, do not miss this place. It is an absolutely must for the donut, cake, or sweet tooth lovers out there!

Margaret Jolly

Always a great place for homemade donuts and family owned! They work very hard

Richy Rodz

By far my favorite place to grab some delicious donuts!!! Seen this place for years but it wasn't until a couple of months that decided to try them and well we got hooked. Our favorites are the strawberry shortcake the cinna suggar twists and the chocolate covered donuts with peanuts

Tanner Marcantonio

It's been about a year since I've been here visiting friends. The fact that I remember this place, and well, but couldn't tell you the name of tge baseball team we went to should be enough. Try the pink strawberry doughnuts. Next time that's all I am getting! Prices are fair too and the staff is friendly and lightning fast. Was a bit of a shock that they were all Asian. Not that it matters, just can't say I've seen many doughnut shop that were ran but them. Anyways, they are doing something right for sure.

Austin Flask

Cake donut was good. Glazed donut existed.

Michael Smith

The best donut shop in KY. Period. The donuts are always fresh, facility is clean, the staff is friendly and you are always able to get in and out considerably fast due to the fact that they are always packed. 10/10.

alisa holmes

yummmmmmy.. that's all I can say

Nicholas Sigman

The best 24/7 donut place in town. I can't tell you how many times I've showed up here late at night for some sweet doughnut goodness. My only complaint is that they run out of specific donuts because they are so popular. If you go enough you'll learn the times they put out the fresh donuts.

Cynthia Mathis


elizabette raby

Best Donuts in BG!

Missy Johnson

Blueberry cake is

Tina Francis

Loved it. Great donuts

Ivan Sanchez

Them creme horns are delicious

Norris Sizemore III

I've never been here. I have no clue where it's located other than a Google search. But let me tell you... I've got a friend that brings these into work occasionally and they are the best donuts around. THE BEST DONUTS. Go here. Eat them. They are worth a trip... I know I'm planning mine.

Larry Killian

I have been a fan of this place since I was a teenager (in the late 90s). Anytime I go to Bowling Green this is one of the places I have to stop at. The quality of their food donuts are just as good as they where 20+ years ago. The best time to go is 3am if you have the chance, this is when they make all of their donuts.

Susan Flores-Diaz

The donuts were all delicious and at great prices. Highly recommend the strawberry cake.

Scott Logan

Definitely the best donuts in town. Pick your mix though, sometimes having them pick a mix of donuts you get only a few kinds.

Wes Crews

Hands down the best place to grab a donut in the western hemisphere, perhaps world. These positively perfect pastries will not leave you asking why you pulled over to buy 6 Bavarian creme donuts and a bottle of milk at 3:15 in the morning. Staff has always been very kind, and never rushes me while I try and pick from the vast assortment of donuts they offer.

James Horger

Friendly staff, good and diverse amount of product.

Sabrina Young

Best 24hr Donut shop, in America! Wonderful service, great tasting donuts!

Keith Brock

Was only in town for a few days, but I decided to check the place out. The good reviews are true. Great donuts and friendly staff.

N Fenner

Caaaake donuts! You know the kind: heavy & moist, dunkable & delicious. Excellent selection, friendly service, and the coffee was surprisingly not bad. We went out of our way to stop here on a road trip and it did not disappoint. Will return the next time we pass through Bowling Green!

Tonya Gabhart

They have the best donuts in bowling green.

Mandie Wills

The best place in Bowling Green to get fresh donuts! They have a ton of different kinds, milk, juice, coffee, etc. They aren't crazy expensive and it's usually always packed! Worth the wait every time!

Robin Blankenship

I love this place. Best donuts on the planet. Super friendly. Great prices.

Trent Parker

The donuts were pretty good here. Not the best I've ever had, but still good. It's great that they're always open so that you can get donuts whenever you want to. The people were friendly and respectful. As other reviewers mentioned, there wasn't a lot of filling in the donuts. Mine had about a small bouncy ball worth of filling in the middle. Wasn't upset or disappointed, but just something to note.

Mollie Harlan

Hands down the best donuts and donut shop ever! Great prices, amazing selection, ALWAYS FRESH! GADS is wonderful at any hour for any meal no matter what! Nobody beats GADS when it comes to donuts!

joshua kleinman

Best Donuts in the South Western Central North Tennessee area. Blueberry, Strawberry & Plain Cake Donuts are the best though everything is good there. Highly recommended

Camille Wartman

Best donuts around! The 24/7 service is so convenient. The donuts are exceptional, especially the chocolate chip donuts. Staff is so kind and helpful. :)

Jennifer Bluett

The best donuts in town. And they're open 24/7

Ember Animus

Fantastic donuts, quick, and friendly staff. Glad its 24hrs too

Amber Clements

This is a great place for a homemade donut any time of the day, every day, for a great price. There is no bad donut to be found here.

Ashley Hook

Who knew there was a 24-hour donut shop in bowling Green! My friends and I were in town for one night for a conference and one of them had gone to school in bowling Green and suggested that she take us to this 24-hour donut shop. Everyone got one or two varieties and it was great all-around! Wonderful donuts! Great service.

Michael Riggs

Amazing doughnuts for a great price, and the atmosphere is pretty chill.

valerie goralski

First time going and won't be the last. Friendly girl behind the counter. Yummy donuts and price was great.

Inna Bezhenar

We always get friendly service, though it can be inconvenient if you come in without cash and spend <$5. Friendly advice, bring cash if you only want 1 or 2 donuts.

Samantha Bersig

One of my favorite little gems hidden in Bowling Green! I have to stop by any chance I get. Very sweet small staff team. A bakery with a mom and pop feel.

Beck Fatzinger

It's fresh donuts you can't go wrong

Jessica Payne

Fast service and good food

James Hammock

Best doughnuts in Bowling Green!

Matthew Short

I can't believe these doughnuts taste this good and are so affordable.

Bridgette Carey

My grandson and I go there every Friday morning before speech he loves this place the lady's that wait on you are great always friendly and very Sweet I would recommend to everyone

Mark Troutman

Are you kidding me? This place is the BEST. Family owned and operated for 30 years.

Candy Pitcock

They are not filling their doughnuts as full as they used too. I hate a doughnut that you only get filling in the last few bites.

Jay Anderson

They have some amazingly good doughnuts. I went fairly late for when I would expect fresh or nearly fresh doughnuts, with the exception of krispy kream when lights on, but they had really good quality, wide variety, tasty and cheap doughnuts at 9 at night. Courteous friendly and helpful staff.

Dona Schicker

Great tasting, and very fresh as they make them throughout the day.

Frank B

Old school donuts but some have a new school twist! The ladies at the counter are really sweet too. Diner coffee just adds to the ambience.

Avery Chambers

This place is actual heaven I enjoyed my donut very much. It honestly made my night. Great service and even better donuts. The donutguy even took my donut and added fresh jelly inside it to make it a perfect Time 10/10

Richard Craddock

Great donuts, great people, great times! This place might look like a hole in the wall and only seats a few people but when you walk through that door for the first time and smell those fresh donuts you will be hooked. My favorites Blueberry Cake, Bavarian Cream, and Cream Horns, everything I've ever tried has been delicious and guaranteed to wreck any and all low-carb dreams. Enjoy!

Savannah Jane

Good donuts but they need a soda fountain to wash down all the sugar.

Carol Wilson

Love them! Only reason I didn't give 5 stars is the bldg is old and bathrooms reflect that. They are friendly, always have a full, fresh case and are open 24 hrs. It's our favorite donut - even over Krispy Kreme!


Best donuts in town!!!

Janessa Perkins

Fast kind service and a great selection! Can't beat the price. With all the places trying to have fancy doughnuts these days and charge you $2-3 this company makes delish options for less than $1.

Kevin Daniels

I used to come here and study when I was at Western. Some of the best memories started with GADS


This place is always the best place for donuts always open and always good service and mmmm tasty fresh donuts

Susan Crain

Best place in town

Cody Rehor

I don't understand. This place is just amazing. Cheep donuts, 24 hours, more than 4 flavors. Yes, I'm a college student.

Kristi Mendenhall

Kind service. Delicious donuts

Abby Boothe

I have went to GADS for year. I love the environment. The people are very nice and customer service is GREAT!

tim roften

Good but not the best

Finding Life Now

10+ years of consistently the most awesome donuts & service. I have to stop here every time I come through Bowling Green.

Shannon Lakanen

Went out of our way to stop here- and it was definitely worth it! Great donuts, selection and price! Loved the apple fritters.

Stephen Carlisle

Best staff any where and great doughnuts!

Mike S

Best donuts in town. Always fresh and delicious!

TheWatcher Dumauh

I visit every time im in bowling green

Donna Kasznel

Great, quick service, excellent selection, donuts are always fresh, and the prices are reasonable! Even when it is crowded, I never have to wait very long because the staff is so efficient. The only problem is deciding which donuts to order because there are so many delicious choices.

susan creaney

Love this place! Good fresh donuts open 24 hrs

Ashley Cox

Amazing donuts! It is a small rum family business but they are fast, friendly and never mess up my order. Would recommend this jewel to any travelers coming through.

Wendy Crittenden

It was a little bit busy, but we were served in a timely manner. Cashier was nice!

Eddy Cuisinier

One of the landmarks of Bowling Green. A 24/7 family owned donut shop that prepares homemade donuts. The donuts themselves offer quite a variety and are delicious, fresh and are served at a very decent price. You may also get coffee or milk to accompany those tasty treats. Definitely a must if you are in town.

Corey H

Great donuts and friendly staff. I would recommend the old fashioned or the cake donuts.

Gloria Lynn

Best donuts I've ever had, hands down! They could use a remodeling, for sure, but don't let that keep you from going. They got a cherry turnover donut that's to die for! Friendly staff behind the counter too.

Ben Neal

Cheap And Amazing Sprinkled

Marshall Clark

Small hometown place.

Chris Harwood

Small hometown feeling. Great selection and delicious donuts. Coffee is pretty good too!

Caleb Combs

The donuts are cheap and delicious. The coffee drink I got, I think it was a white chocolate cappuccino, was painfully sweet to the point I couldn't consume it. The donuts were incredible though... They definitely met the expectations I had built up from all the hype.

Bevin McClain

Husband notices that these doughnuts are nice and fluffy like croissants. Since the store is small, chances are they do not have automated machines to make their doughnuts but rather they are hand made. This is a great place for wholesome, hand made doughnuts!

Bethany Pape

Always delicious.

Derek Howard

Just a plain little shop that serves great doughnuts. It ain't fancy but they have doughnuts to rival just about any other shop. Always a favorite for the entire family.

Tom Stevens

Everything is good but the strawberry cake donut will change your life. That is simply the best donut I've ever eaten. Super friendly staff.

Harlan Holmes

Good in and out donut shop for when you're late and need to bribe your coworkers with donuts. They have a ton of different flavors of tasty donuts.

Samuel Martin

Since coming to Western Kentucky University as a freshman to the present 8 years later, I have always enjoyed the sweet treats that GADS (Great American Donut Shop) has to offer. The convenience of dining on donuts at anytime sets this place apart. As many have said before me. “They do The Lord’s work”

brandi wilson

Always solid. Always perfect. You will not be disappointed.

ashton miller

The best donuts in town. No national chain can compare to the quality donuts

Shirley Douglas

A Bowling Green tradition, with the most amazing donuts. If you want to eat like a local, you have to visit here at least once. Get there early enough, and you can watch them make the donuts through the window.

Victor Elliott

My grandchildren love that place


Best donuts in TOWN!!! Super cheap too. They don't chince you with the cream in the donuts. Nice staff, and very reasonably priced! Very tasty!

Lucy Allen

These Donut's and pastries are SO GOOD. My first thought was, "these are as good as Greek Pastries in Tarpon Springs FL." and I have nothing better to compare the taste. AWESOME.

Jamie Morehead

Making fresh doughnuts at 2am is my kind of place

John Pendley

Good place 24 he a day


Lovely donuts. Totally In love with SUGAR CINNAMON donut here. Light on the Pocket and tasty on the pocket.

randy boroff


Holly Jensen

They have the absolute beat donuts! Try the Strawberry Jelly Filled!

Benjamin n

Yummy especially when they have hot of the oven donuts.

Tiffany Korrigan

REALLY GOOD donuts!!! We had to wait in a small line, which obviously meant this place must be good, right? The ladies working behind the counter were very polite, patient and friendly. As stated before, the donuts were REALLY GOOD!

Stephanie Clemons

They have the best donuts. We drive over 45 minutes to get them.

Kieran Barnett

Loved this place! Stopped through while traveling along 1-65 N. Super friendly service, beautiful (and delicious!)donuts, great variety, and great prices. This place ought to be proud-- I'm so glad I stopped in!

Wesley Vincent

BG best


The yummiest donuts in town. Their cream filled chocolate donut is to die for.

Dustin Carey

Good local donuts, try to get them fresh.

Michael Brindley

Awesome and fresh day and night!


Great American donut are the best donuts in the world. Always friendly service. Old place, never any changes, but that makes it great.

Crystal Embry

Best donuts anywhere!!

Cheryl Chandler

Good donuts at a good price. Really friendly.


Friendly staff, awesome food, and very fast and cheap. The only thing is, is that the donuts can get stale after a day or two

Ross Kimberlin

Love this place! If you're in Bowling Green and you want donuts, this is the spot. Their apple fritters and and French crullers are awesome, a small coffee is only 69 cents, and they're open 24 hours. What else do you need? I wish there were more places like this. Support them instead of the chains!


The best freshness! I like how you can order them fresh and warm even if that item is already made and available in the case. Great drink options as well

Jacob Quiggins

24/7, great prices if you're buying a small # of donuts. Only downside is there is no discount if you buy a dozen or more. (Try their cake donuts, trust me)

Joshua Webb

I've been coming here for over a decade and it's still my favorite donut shop. Best donuts and the best people. I don't have enough kind things to say about this place.

doc boyer

Best pastries for miles

Jennifer L

Nice sweet tooth academy lol

Jerry Lyons

Need to know when you can get hot fresh donuts other than that pretty good .

Steve Brown

Absolutely the best donuts I have ever had try a blueberry cake ask for a crispy one you will thank me eat it there dint put in a bag it will lose its crisp edges the are open 24/7 hand made old school donuts

brian preston

Best donuts in BG. Cheap, tons of choices. Go around 3am for fresh hot donuts. Great place to hang out with a few friends or family.

Stephanie Hanson

Unimpressive. Okay donuts. Fritters were undercooked and not much flavor. Service was lackluster to say the least.

Christina Moss

Best donut shot in BG

John Gott

Great donuts any time of day. My favorite are the "old fashioned" ones. Heat one up for about 5 seconds in the microwave - it'll change your life. Gads is a fixture of Bowling Green. The building could use an update, and I don't think Gads would lose its charm for it.

Carlee Johnson

They have the best cream horns I love them so much

Ryan & Nicole Bufford

GADS is amazing. My wife and I actually bought 100+ doughnuts from here for our wedding reception. They were a big hit, and for good reason. They’re cheap, delicious, and open 24/7. Simply put: the best.

Phillip Caudill

Love it

Rutuja Chinchankar

Must visit!!!!!! Best doughnuts i have ever eaten

Ellen Micheletti

Whenever I keep my grandchildren, we always go out to eat at GADS (as this place is affectionately known). Best donuts I have ever had - bar none. The range of flavors is amazing and they are all good. No, they are all excellent! Whenever I crave donuts, I skip the chain store down the road from where I live and drive across town for some GADS.

Kevin Brock

Wonderful people delicious donuts

Chelsie Hudspeth

Best donuts in the world

James Ball

This place was ok. I was expecting much better from all the reviews, but huge selection and fresh is what counts.

Murphey Kilgore

Great, fresh, cheap local doughnuts. One of my favorite hangout spots in Bowling Green. Come around midnight for the fresh batches

Metta Devine-Qin

AMAZING CHEAP DELICIOUS. I would eat here everyday if I could

Blake Blackburn

Best donuts in town and GADS is open 24/7! Really love the people and their food is always good! Don't leave Bowling Green without trying it!

Jim Blankenship

Always great donuts and friendly service

Melissa Sloan

This place has the best donuts in town, hands down. Personal favorite- blueberry cake. So delicious!

Sam Fraley

Great place to eat lovely time lovely service


Great family owned business that is _always_ open! Their donuts are absolutely delicious and their service is always top notch. The deliciousness is making me so so fat.

Wendell O'Reilly

Great family owned donut shop

Terry Price

Good doughnuts although out of my favorite, raspberry.

David Francis

Enjoyed the donuts. A couple of miles off of 65. The maple glaze is very good.

Patrick S

Awesome customer service and donuts were hot now. Soooooo good.


Best donuts in Kentucky. The staff are so friendly and make you feel like you're family. If there's ever a chance you pass through Bowling Green, don't miss out on some amazing donuts!

Roy Parker

Donuts here are okay. The selection is good, and they are usually fresh. I've had better though. They stay open late.

Kallie Schmidt

BEST doughnuts in Bowling Green. It's a staple place for the town.

Chantay Offutt


Anthony LaPointe

This may just be the best donut shop in the state. I have had my fair share of donuts and man these are very hard to beat. Not just that but this place is completely family owned and operated. Same man has mad these donuts for years just look at the newspaper clippings they have. This place is amazing! I don't think it would be the same either if they updated it. I think its great how everything looks the same as when I was young

Danny Lloyd

Always the best in town

Teddy B

Every I know in Bowling Green rave about this place. Donuts are tasty but nothing different from most other bakeries.

donna dinwiddie

The best donuts in Bowling Green Ky, so fresh and a big variety. I’d drive out of the way to get these donuts! Not too pricy!

Russell Long

Hands down bestest donuts in town!

Ashley Pendley

The Greatest Donuts in America

Stephanie Crawford

Best damn donuts I’ve ever had! Besides a shop in CA. So many options and they’re just the best! Nothing fancy or crazy! Hits the spot every time. I drive 45 minutes from TN just for them and turn around.

shreyas suresh

Best in bg

becbec gal

It was so convenient that it is open 24/7. The donuts were very well priced, looked great, and smelled delicious. Unfortunately I could not enjoy them as I am gluten free and they had no offerings....

Ron R

These are the best local donuts. I don’t do a lot of reviews, but OMG.

Jared White

Fantastic doughnuts, good coffee, and great service! There was a smelly homeless guy there when I went but I still give them 5 stars

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