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REVIEWS OF Gigi's Cupcakes IN Kentucky

Fearless Dragon

I loved it, there they have a great verified of cupcakes

Lauren Takaoka

I am pretty picky when it comes to cupcakes and have been searching for a good bakery to end my craving for the cupcakes I had back home in Hawaii. Gigi's cupcakes are very moist and flavorful and their frosting is just the right consistency and sweetness. They make mini cupcakes too which allows you to sample the different flavors so you can pick out your favorite!! My go to is usually Red Velvet, but I like the Strawberry even more!! I'm glad they have locations in Louisville and Lexington; makes it easy to find my fix whether in East or West.

Kim Dent

Gigi’s did my daugher’s wedding reception. The cupcakes, both the large ones and the minis were delicious. They delivered and set up the display at the venue. It looked beautiful. I received an enormous amount of points towards future purchases. I am very happy with Gigi’s!!

Tim Stevenson

Tried to purchase 40 Gigi cupcakes for my teachers today. Have done this many many times they look forward to it. I was turned away!!! They won’t sell me 40 they can sell me 24 yet they have over 100 available???? The most Ridiculous policy ever the new management won’t last

Janie Walthour

Stacey James

Pat McGroyne

Super good stuff! Expensive.

gardazly crawford

Gary Watts

OMG!!!!! I have never been to gigi's cupcake before ever in my life, until just on one sunny day me and a friend of mine decided to go to gigi's cupcake. What made it so exciting was the great customer service that we received from the begining to the end of our experience at gigi's. I recommend that we all stop going to the regular cake and cupcake shops and start going to gigi's. If it wasnt for ALMA and KASSIDY at this wonderful gigi's location, I do believe that my experience would have been dull and boring. Not to mention that the moist, soft tasting, and extremely flavorful cupcakes were over-the-top and I would stop any diet that im on to eat one. So again thank you ALMA and her sidekick KASSIDY for a wonderful experience and education on gigi's cupcakes. Smoooooches..... love bugs xoxo lee lee a.k.a. SEXY LEE and WENDY

Trevor Goodin

ashleigh staten

Great cupcakes, icing is very sweet (cookie dough cupcake), friendly staff. Cupcakes were $3.50 each and $22 for 6. Also a great rewards program.

Jessi Jones

Yes, the cupcakes are expensive- that's why you use a coupon or watch for facebook specials. Yes, they are large cupcakes- but they'd better be at $3 a pop. There IS a preposterous amount of icing, but that's part of what makes it fun. Gigi's cupcakes almost require a plate and fork to eat (I'd never eat on site- I always take mine home). And they are sooo delicious. The tiramisu cupcake on their fall/winter menu is to die for. The aroma itself is almost worth paying for. I also really like their cream cheese frosting sprinkled with miniature chocolate chips. I've never had a cupcake here that I didn't like, but I do think they could improve their lemon cupcakes- I don't think they're quite tart enough. This is surprising considering the icing is supposed to be lemon flavored, as well

Scott Harper

Yum! Need I say more? These cupcakes look amazing, and taste even better.

Kim Perkins

They stopped putting the sticker on the box. I like knowing my box is sealed. Otherwise I love gigi's

Charletta Scales

trace Cress

So yummy!! A very unique and fun change for any party.

Heather Phelps

evo nevo

Velva Allen

Doug Denham

Great service but stale cupcakes. We took one bite and threw them in the trash.

Phillip Bowlds

Neva Bell

Glad you have Gluten free delicious

Alexis Hampton

Absolutely delicious treats

Lynn Rowland

Overpriced for average cupcakes with too much frosting.

Johnnie Rice

Review Master

Best service yet

Linda Clan

Alice Moulton

Best cupcakes I ever had! LOVED THE RED VELVET!

Amy Fillers

Trish Ferguson

Always good

Erin Brady

Nice staff, typical Gigi's cupcakes, which means great cake with to much icing (IMHO). Still with eating when you really want a sweet. Great gluten free options too.

Evonna Risinger

Cory Stewart

allan george

Orestes Hernandez

Always love Gigi's

Danny West

Sara Merrifield


Adam Vance

Icing is delicious!

Rena Signorino

Gigi's delivers through Postmates, but every time I place an order, the toppings are missing from the cupcakes. If I'm going to spend $3.50 per cupcake, I'd like the whole cupcake. Literally every single time. The toppings are never on there.

BigggDaddy Wildcat

Service is great and cupcakes are delicious a little pricey but it's worth the quality of cupcake you're getting

Aaron Cloud

Jason Zoeller

Service is great and cakes are tasty. Only issue I have is the mountain of icing they use on their cupcakes. It's just how they do it and some people like that, personally I take off about 2/3 of the icing.

Jessica Vance

Marilyn Crumbo

Love Gigi’s!!

Jen Hyacinthe

Roger Renfrow

I didn't even know this place was there. I was a couple of stores down when I spotted the store. I picked up a couple of very nice strawberry shortcake cupcakes to eat later. Several of the reviews here and for other bakeries don't seem to realize that bakeries run out of product. It happens. Items that take hours to prepare can sell out in minutes, with no warning. And even if prep time wasn't a factor, making an entire batch of cupcakes that may not sell, so you can have the one or two you want is a sure way to lose money, and go out of business.

Evelyn Kuhn

Best cupcakes!

C Warren

Cupcakes are dry. Big tip jars on the counter, very tacky.

Charlina Martinez

The variety of cupcakes is so exciting!

Susan Overmyer

durrett christy


joy morris

Kerri Leggiero

Cupcakes are amazing. Staff was nice and helpful

John Thompson

The cupcakes are delicious and the staff is friendly!

Paula McLain


Charlene Hess

Denise Lonsby -Babenko


Pete Malin

Consistently good.

Meera Alagaraja

Bill Myers

Best cupcakes money can buy.

April Sea

We had Gigi's cater our wedding cake on March 3rd, 2013. They were on time and professionally set up our cupcake stand beautifully! The best thing about it was they gave us a funfetti cake topper and it was delicious!!! The cupcakes were a huge hit at my wedding! Guests wouldn't stop awing over how good the cupcakes looked and how delicious they were. We had four different flavors for our guest. Everyone loved it!

Kanisha M.

Kate Alvarado

Pre-ordered and pre-paid for a dessert. The lady I was placing the order with asked when I needed to pick it up and I gave her a specific time. I asked if it would be ready by then she assured me it would be ready...40 minutes after my scheduled pick up time I was still waiting. Very disappointed.

Becky Thompson

The BEST cupcakes anywhere !

Jennifer Miller cake cupcakes yum

Nancy Siebert

The back story on the founder is just as sweet as the cupcakes! I would love to dive into a vat of icing! So wonderful!

Deszaraeh Arias

Kendalyn M. Darling

Great Cupcakes!

Ronda Fried

We bought a dozen cupcakes on Saturday and they were so dry. We paid way too much to throw these away but honestly they were terrible so they went in the trash.

Rita Willoughby

Wendy King

They have a nice rewards program. Some of their flavors are great. Not a big variety. Very friendly staff. Might be more of a 3 1/2. Cupcakes are sometimes dry

Ian Beierle

The cupcakes we're ok. The service though was very not thought out. There was only one person available and 15 people in the store.

Regina Phelps

Kristen Casey

Charity M

Staff is always friendly. Personally, I think most of the cupcakes are too sweet. Obviously, cupcakes are all very sweet but the frosting at Gigi's is so rich and thick, all I taste is sugar...the flavors that the cupcakes are supposed to be barely comes through; all the flavors just taste like sugar. They also put about 3" worth of frosting on each cupcake which is a little much in comparison to the cake...the majority of the cupcake is frosting. The cupcakes are also pretty expensive, $3.25 a piece but that is to be expected with a specialty bakery such as this. However, they do have a free rewards program that offers a free birthday cupcake and a certain amount of dollars off your purchase when you accumulate so many points. I stop by once every blue moon but it's not my favorite bakery in town.

Darlene Slone

This was our first visit to GiGi's and I'm sorry it will be our last. The staff was pleasant and helpful. However, the cupcakes were not good they tasted stale and old. They definitely were not fresh! ! Don't waste your money go get you some Krispy Kreme's!

Branden Dale

Karen Snow

This place is fabulous

Janet Jackson

Tim Smolenski

karen reynolds

Jeff Jarecki

Best cupcakes you'll find around Louisville, honestly!

Sue-Ann DiVito

Delicious Cupcakes with Gluten Free options!

Matt Owens

Gluten "friendly" cupcakes are great and such a relief to see somebody doing this. I'm sure the regular cupcakes are good but didn't have any. Very friendly, very clean.


Awesome as usual!!

Volena Stoner

Carol Dahmke

Twisted Sisters

The worst customer service I have ever received. Purchased gift certificates at a fund raiser would not except. Told me to go to different location.

Jason Leppert

Your cupcakes make awesome gifts. People love them and it's unique.

Angelina Leezer

don kushstien

Melissa Abell

Hills Sanchez

Michael Atherton

Called the place 40 min before I got there& they said they had plenty gluten free cupcakes. When I arrived there was like 5 setting on the shelf. She said the guy before me clean her out. After talking to her a few minutes she said he bought 6. I traveled along distance & she was not sorry at all& was the manager. Service is terrible but my wife loved the cupcake.& seemed to be very expensive. I won’t give 1 star but that’s lowest allowed.

Layla Lowe


tiffany ponce

Cristy Atherton

I went to Gigi cupcakes because last time I got a gluten free mocha and gluten free wedding cake and they were soo good. Today I went and got a wedding cake cause they didnt have the mocha. There was a hair in it and it was dry like it been there for a week. 2nd visit had me very disappointed.

Amelia Seidl

I have been disappointed in the available variety. There are usually at least 5 cupcake choices in addition to a few specialty/seasonal varieties. Lately, there have been 3 or 4 types-with 2 being the same flavor of cake and icing-decorated differently. We visited February 16 to find zero specialty/seasonal varieties. We used to rave about the strawberry icing but it seems to have lost some of it's unique taste. We have been wondering if the location is going to close soon as it seems to have tapered off the selection and quality.

Remington Crawford

I love this place. It's one of the only bakeries that offers Gluten Free and it is delicious. Removed one star because they constantly sell out of GF offerings but they never consider stocking more of them. The demand is there, why not increase the supply?

Rebecca Mohedano

Awesome cupcakes. Gluten free cupcakes are wonderful. I go as often as I can.

N Woogle

Best cupcakes ever!

T Kay

First time going to Gigi's and I was pleasantly surprised. When I entered, it was nice and clean. It was also 10 minutes til closing so no one was there. Upon being greeted, the cashier wasn't very friendly at first. Very sharp, indirect and matter-of-fact, almost to the point of rudeness. I was going to walk out but then someone else came to the front. She was very knowledgeable, asked about my experience with the company and proceeded to tell me about the cupcakes. I purchased 3. The Louisville Burbon, Chocolate Chip and Wedding. The icing is thick! Very rich and tasty, however, I had to take some of the icing off. I haven't gotten to all three but the Burbon was pretty good. Nutty, I think with walnuts or pecans. Either way, it was delectable. Not my favorite but good nonetheless. I am happy i stayed.

Wesley G Brockway Sr

This is a nice little restaurant with an excellent array of cupcakes very nicely decorated and with a good taste. It is located in Town Fair Center shopping center and during busy times can be a difficult place to get out of but it is well worth the effort.

Latrecia Pierce

I could eat gigi's cupcakes all day!

Sheryl Howard

Wonderful cupcakes, but high prices!

Juliana Yates

Judy Lamb

Poor selection.

roger harris

Gary Quick

We often get cupcakes from here for birthdays and special events. Delicious! And everyone gets what they want instead of trying to settle on a cake.

Uniquily Southern

Diane Perry

Brent Smith

I called Gigi's, having never been there, and asked if their cupcakes are the size we'd make at home or somewhat larger. They said larger. I ordered 4 devil's food with chocolate icing with one decorated somehow to say happy birthday Mom or something to make one special in some way. I sent my daughter to pick them up. We paid a few pennies less than $15. The cup cakes are not any larger than one made at home. It's the icing that's more than double what would be put on a cupcake. It was piled nearly three inches high on the cupcake. There was nearly as much icing as there was cake. The only special thing about the cupcakes was the extraordinary price. We'll never go back there.

Willie Sullivan

This is an absolute must visit place. I love their cupcakes. Service is outstanding.


Brenda Burgess

Dee Sawyer

Thomas Chambless

Good stuff. All around.

Travis Jones

I purchased 12 cookie dough cupcakes for my son's birthday. The website shows the cupcakes have a cookie on the top of it. I picked the cupcakes up, and after taking them to the car I looked at them and noticed there was no cookie on the cupcakes. I took them back to the store and requested my cookie for each cupcake. I was then told they ran out of cookie dough for the cookies. After I stated that this was not acceptable the manager came out and said that they ran out of cookie dough for the cookies, and that this type of thing happens in a bakery all the time. First of all, I should have been told the cookies were missing from the cupcakes when I picked them up. Second, it should not be acceptable for a bakery to run out of ingredients for desserts that are advertised on their website. The manager's attitude was very unprofessional, with a " so what, it is what it is " approach. I was told that this was a privately owned store, so they did not have to comply with what was on their website. She begrudgingly offered a 10% discount, and then went to the back and stated negative comments reflected towards me with her staff. This definitely left a bad taste in my mouth about this establishment. I just read reviews, and saw that this was an issue that another customer had as well. They really need to get it together at this location.

Kim Laun


Alexander Townsend

I am her

Customer service sucks, she needs to offer everyone the reward card. No matter what color they are. To much icing on the cupcakes. The cupcakes are very good even though I take off most of my icing. I'm only giving 2 stars cause I had to ask her about a reward card.

Randy McLain

Great cupcake but a bit much on the icing

Wayne Priddy

Erin Highbaugh

Okay, so Gigi's is a love it or hate it type of place. They make huge decadent cupcakes that have as much (or more) icing as they do cake. They are a chain and to my knowledge they all have the same 15-20 varieties, plus 1-2 seasonal varieties that rotate. My favorites are Wedding (white cake, white icing) and Midnight (chocolate cake, icing and chips). My husband's are the KY Bourbon Cake and Oreo. My kids like the funfetti, Peanut butter cup, and Caramel Pretzel. They're all very pretty and make great edible gifts. So about the love-hate thing. Gigi's cupcakes are an indulgent treat, and not something you'd want all the time. They get a lot of criticism about being so overly indulgent, but that's kind of their thing.

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