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10348 Metcalf Ave, Overland Park, KS 66212, United States

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REVIEWS OF Tous les Jours IN Kansas

Emily Majors

Lovely, bright little bakery with exceptionally good pastries. The macron's are to die for. The cream cheese blueberry muffins will make you cry they're so good. Worth a stop (every week)! Treat yo'self.

Tommy Harmon

Freaking addicting. I come weekly for my pastry with fresh whipped cream and fruit, kimchi stuffed rolls and my bubble tea. I need to beg the owners to teach me how to bake! Definitely recommend!

J.L. Clemente

Everything here is delicious! It was my first time trying this bakery and they did not disappoint. Can't wait to go back and try their savory baked goods.

Mark Ross

Amazing food!

Luke M

The pastries here are on another level. Sweet and savory pastries are on display with many options, some more standard as well as the exotic. A great place to get meat filled pastries or sweet pastries, and the cake is pretty much mind blowing. The last 30 minutes or so of the day, fresh baked goods are discounted.

Elaura Seavey

We went later in the evening so most of the savory baked goods were pretty picked over. But the cake I tried was so yummy! The service was excellent too.


Love the cakes

jose ak

These guys are not bakers.... They are magicians...!!!! They definitely have some spell that they put on their cakes and pastries which makes u a big fan of theirs the moment u try them for the very first time... and u tend to keep returning... Love their light and fluffy cakes and pastries... If u r considering taking out someone for a breakfast treat.... I would definitely recommend this place...!!

Matt Schott

The bubble tea is absolutely delicious

Brian Kong

Bread - good. Pastry - goooood. Cakes - excellent! Diverse selection of sweet pastries, cakes, macaroons, and overall the best quality bakery bread you will get in town. Great for all ages and all taste buds and also provides a wide variety of drinks from bottled juices (for the little ones) to coffee and tea!


Very interesting and delicious selection of light food, breads, pastries, and drinks. There is a discount on food toward the end of the day, 8:00 pm if I remember correctly. I'd recommend the hazelnut chocolate bread.

Diamond Lambert

Love their cakes! I've purchased several Tous les Jours birthday cakes and each year, the quality is quite good. My family doesn't care for heavy cakes, so the moist airyness combined with that awesome whipped cream icing is a real treat everytime.

Randell Brown

My aunt and uncle always bug me to pick them pastries from this place every time I visit KC.

Hawraa AlQattan

I’d live in this bakery if I could it’s so amazing


I love going here for my sweet fix! Local family owned bakery with only the freshest of ingredients ! Delicious range of French and Korean pastries and breads!

Angus Bennion

Fantastic pastries in a clean and comfortable place. You can get traditional European pastries as well as pastries with an Asian influence.

Rahul Raghavan

Wonderful space with some great options. Loved the bakery for some of its unique food and would definitely visit again.


fancy bakery

Dallas Anderson

Good macarons, bakery items looked so good. I'll be back to try. Tasty iced mocha

Linh Tran

Best place to visit

daniel grubbs

amazing fusion bakery!


Nice bakery just a short walk from pho at Cafe vie.....curry filled like bierrocks gotta get

Yoav Bittan

Incredible pastries

Aysun Scott

Excellent pastries

aswani kumar

Love this place and they have very nice collection of cakes

Tina Mohanty

Absolutely beautiful cakes wish they had more variety of cakes or even the bear cake for kids . The bread also tasted fresh.

Jason Bigler

All of the baked goods look fantastic here! We stopped by later in the evening so the selection was a bit limited. The many cakes on display look delicious! This place is kind of hidden back behind the strip mall at 103rd and Hardy.

Jennifer Sarver

You really get the bang for your buck here. Lots of options, beautiful presentation, incredibly delicious bakery treats. Not to mention everything is half price after 8pm!

Bao Thao

Can't say enough about this place!

Janet S

This is my favorite bakery in Kansas City, fresh luscious artistic pastries. The filled cromuffin is amazing!

Daniel Q

Delicious birthday cake, not very sweet, so very edible for Asian and who doesn’t like very sweet cake. But it’s a bit pricy

Jose Chavarria

Why 5 stars? The bread is not loaded with sugar. You can actually enjoy it.

Jahania Pena

LOVE IT! Very aesthetic and amazing pastries

Leny Santos Martin

Love their cakes and pastries

kingdom0aerith .

Absolutely exceeded expectations. Immaculate, cozy little bakery with delicious items. Went for the curry bread, stayed for all of it haha. So many options too, all neatly labeled. I’ve been wanting to try ‘authentic’ curry bread for so long and it was perfect. 11/10 definitely going back.

Michelle Rice

Wow is all I can say. Can't believe we have these amazing pastries local. Price is decent too!

Gordie Wetmore III

If you have a sweet tooth, no will power and a credit card, then you might be in trouble here. This place is a hidden gem!! Outstanding pastries, friendly staff, and a cool environment. A wonderful stop to try new things or indulge in old favorites. If you come by once, you’ll be hooked!

aliya alekhya

Best breakfast place. Lots of variety. Their cakes are bit pricey though. But their items with Bread are amazing

Alberto Lorente

Great croissants.

H S Kallinger

I don't think I can say enough good things about this place. Their food is fresh and delicious and full of variety. They list their ingredients so you can check for allergens (this is not an allergen-free bakery). They also have an assortment of Asian drinks (I love the melon milk). They have all kinds of filled breads, croissants, macrons, cakes, coffee, and tea.

Sherry Bender

Beautiful and delicious pastries!

L Her

Great customer service and baked goods!

Kayoua Yang

Love this place! Great pastries! We go at least once a week!

Kolika Simmons

Unbelievably gorgeous pastries. It's a korean-based company, but they do great work with classical French techniques. The strawberry cake is my favorite. It tastes like a cloud! Everything they do is visually stunning and I've never had a complaint with anything that I've bought there.

Taylor Counter

Its the most interesting french bakery I've ever been to. It has a strong asian influence to the pastries and it's awesome. Loved the pastries with the red bean paste!

Esther Yu

LOVE LOVE LOVE this place. Real, actual bakery baked bread daily. Sweet treats and savory breakfast choices. A bit pricey but I go in at 8p. They have 50% off after 8p!! They have fancy cakes, French macarons, so many things to choose from. I don't know where to start sometimes. The whole family loves this place. LOVE LOVE LOVE

Chaz Pup

A traditional Japanese bakery serving the most delicious pasteries. I love the fact they list all the ingredients clearly as i have a number of obscure food allergies. Truly a gem to visit when you can. After 7pm everything left unsold is marked down 50%.

c h

The older lady who runs this place is never friendly or welcoming. Hence the 4 stars. Her staff, however, is awesome. Always upbeat, helpful and careful to handle the food properly. Pastries are not as amazing as experienced in LA or out of the country but will curve a craving. If I dine or carry out at Cafe Vie I will stop here for dessert. Otherwise not making a specific trip.

Brandon Martin

This place was like a hidden gem shown to my wife and I. We now bring a cake for every family event (they make us). Their macaroons are amazing too.

Diana Diana

Very nice staff and amazing menu:)

Kara Jursich

First time and the pastries look so good and was hard to choose. Had the Chestnut pastry and it melted in my mouth!

Trucly Thach

Always fresh bakery good french styles, a little on the pricy side but it is as authentic as it gets. My favorite place for cakes and french pastries

Gattu Akhilesh

It was the first time I have been here and cakes taste very good. You might not believe me the macrons are literally awesome. Especially the red velvet macron I loved the most. Rates are bit high but they are worth spending.

Wuji Fei

This is a chain operated by a Korean bakery company. Pretty standard Asian style bakery with lots of sweet and savory (less so) options to choose from. Solid coffee option, not a big fan of the bubble tea as those are literally sugar water. But overall experience is nice. Spend a weekend morning with friends here could be fun.

Pete S

This bakery is awesome. If you are looking for freshly baked goods and fancy cakes, this is the spot. Also, they serve Korean style shaved ice, which is simply awesome if you need to cool down during hot summer days.

Turtle Person

I love this place! They have amazing food, extraordinary interior, and they have very good packaging that makes you feel like you bought it from a five star restaurant. The only thing I don't like is the parking lot and where it is located. It is kinda tucked away so it could be hard to find but it is worth it.

Esther Pedersen

Literally the best pastry I've had in all of kc...And this is coming from a chubby girl!

Matt Shoaf

One of a kind French-Asian bakery.

Pinkie Abu

Great atmosphere and excellent pastries. Everything is fresh.

Brian Rice

I wasnt sure what to expect when I showed up, i guess by the name i was expecting a true French bakery, I was more surprised by the Korean/Japanese baked goods instead. I didnt expect to find hot fried curry buns, sweet red bean buns, melon breads and jelly roll cakes! I didnt think I would get to enjoy these types of fresh baked goods until I got back to Japan again. The quality of all the products were top notch and super fresh.

RW McCord

This is a hidden gem in Overland Park. Bought a strawberry cloud cream cake for a party and people raved about it. Highly recommend it.

Hien Nguyen

Dropped by this bakery after a coworker recommended. Very impressed with the high quality bakery & cleanliness of the store. We got fruit croissants. Will return!

Alli Carollo

Amazing and unique variety of pastries and are always so fresh and tasty!! Always something new to try, and the prices are great, too!

Emma S.

Outstanding selection of pastries. I walk around the bakery for no less than 10 entire minutes, lapping each item several times before I pick something. Adorable bakery, awesome treats.

Lilli Harris

Two words. MELON BREAD

Kim Giuliani

I called this specific location to ask for the price of a 7” chocolate golden layer cake, which I was told cost $30. Upon arriving to place an order in person, I was told that this location doesn’t offer that particular cake. I was then told that I could choose whatever flavors I wanted for a 7” cake, yet when I requested chocolate I was told that the minimum size was 8”. They clearly sell 7” cakes as it was written on their pricing sheet, yet they were unable to explain which options were available in that size. I assumed a bakery would be accustomed to taking a cake preorder, but it all seemed baffling to them. Left without ordering due to difficulty communicating. Would really recommend having a menu available to customers for custom cake options, especially since the staff seem unable to communicate the options. Regret going out of my way to go here based on the incorrect information I was given over the phone.

Jordanna Kincaid

Love this place! Probably the only bakery I know that’s open late.

carmen moreno

Beautiful Bakery, great atmosphere and service. So delicious I want to keep it a secret .

Amos Chiang

Beautiful food, beautiful people, beautiful store. Trifecta!

Lindsey Griffith

Best bakery in town! I love all the unique goodies and being able to really try new things. They also have excellent pricing for the amazing quality of their goods.

Chris Foster

Positively love this gem! A French-Korean bakery! Unfortunately, they were out if the kimchi croquettes today, but got all sorts of other yummy things!



Hue Gia Gerry Nguyen

The breads looked delicious. The boba smoothie was good except the boba was quite hard.

James Smith

It's all good

Aarthi Gunda

I love their cakes!

Suvra Roy

We have been here just twice and both times for their cakes. The ambiance is great and the moment you enter, you want to buy something from here, most attractive are the cakes. Each time everyone who had a piece of the cake, just loved it...They charge a premium which I feel is justified looking at their quality which is also a premium. The cream cakes are just out of the world. The only thing to note is that if you're interested in a particular cake, do order it before 11am in the same day to be confirmed of getting it. Even icing to write a message is something that only their chefs can do not anyone else so make sure you mention it during ordering ahead of time.

Alisa Reintjes

Delightful. I wanted a sweet treat at night and this bakery did not disappoint. Coffee, cake, baked goods, etc. Super nice service. A hidden gem!

Uday Tadikonda

Many variety of bakery items are available here and everything we tried was delicious and fresh. This is the first bakery I have seen that also lists the time of the day when that item was baked along with price and list of ingredients to ensure you choose the freshest. It is a must try.

haripriya reddy

Looking for a coffee shop with freshly baked croissants, cakes? Bad mood? Looking for peaceful place to spend some lonely time? Tous les jours is the place you should head to! I absolutely loved the green tea cake there! Also the cakes aren’t very sweet!

Donna Rogers

Kimchi croquet, red bean donut, local coffee is my go-to for this place. They have excellent pastries, the bread is phenomenal. They do have more traditional flavored pastries, also tiny beautiful cakes and macaroons. This place is one of my KC go to's.

Diana R

Good coffee and croissants, excellent service!

OPeCKiE Productions

We drive 2 hours Just for the Milky Bread! Everything tastes so good, so fresh! Pastries so soft, they practically melt in your hands. Top Notch!

Michael Melloy

Fresh, very fresh pastries. Roasterie coffee to keep things local. Excellent variety of pastries, rolls and bread.

Judy Zhang

I hope we can have this store everywhere in KC, so I can eat it everyday!Love it!!

*Princess Melody*

The pastries and cakes here are outstanding.

Angel Br

Tasty pastries. I love it. Just bake them too much. Hope they could improve their baking skills.

Swapnali Kulkarni

All time favorite place for birthday cakes now. Always freshly baked and soft. Doesn't feel heavy even after finishing the cake which happens most times.

Kim Kim

Amazing selection. I've been to Japan and tous les jours' selection is on par to the Japanese bakeries. I come here everytime I'm in the area!

Jacki Newcomb

A hidden secret of yummy pastries that should be on your list to try.

Emiri White

The cream filled pastries are so good! The macaroons are also delicious!

Minjia Tang

A little pricey

Wendy Erwin

Great variety of delicious pastries and baked items.

medical studies for me

Such an incredible selection and great service!

Andrea Iagar

This place has awesome crescents and pastries!

megan daniel

I just had an americano but it was good. The service was great, very friendly staff. The food looked very good.

Miquelas Couture

The pastries I had were good (the sweet and savory ones I had) It is expensive ranging from about $2-$4 for one pastry They have cakes and French macaroons They do have like 20ish options to choose from at 8ish am If you want to see all that they offer dont go before 9am because the breads wont be out which I was sad but I guess only one person does that job

Antonio Deleon


d n

A lot of pastries to choose from that are both tasty and unique. The texture of the cream on the pastries is light and tasteful, not too sweet. The mango smoothie was a bit too sweet for me, but the coldness of it was great. Customer service is very good. You notice their teamwork.

Lori Sprenkle

I would give this 5 stars, however I've been there on multiple occasions in the AM...they open at 7, right. So by 730 or 8 they should have everything or most their offerings out....nope. You have to tell them what you want and they have to go find it in the back. I like to browse and if you open at 7 items should be out and displayed. Seems they have a huge turnover too...which doesn't help. However, the treats and coffee and worth - most the time. Best advice - don't be in a hurry.

Samantha S

I love pastries and baked goods. This has everything from melon pan and red bean buns to bottled jasmine tea. When I have time, I stop in and grab breakfast.


Love this place! Always fresh, never disappointed whenever I'm here. Self service based trays to pick a variety of items you like and pay at the cashier except for cakes. Yeah they have kept them locked in (jk)! It's a bit expensive comparatively but totally worth it! I like the ambience too if you cannot handle the temptation it's pretty cozy to gorge right there!

Avery Porter

We went at the end of the day, and the pastries were still quite fresh, which surprised me as they are stored in non heated racks. I got three pastries and all were very good. I would go again when I am in the area.

Barbara Ray

Amazing bakery with the best macarons in KC! I would've gone 5 stars but it's a bit more pricey than it needs to be imo

Elizabeth Stone

To expansive

Sarah Cleveland

Amazing. That is the only thing I can think of to describe this place. The coffee is delicious. The pastries are amazing. I kept finding things I wanted to try. I settled on a croissant filled with whipped cream and fruit. My mother had a pastry filled with cream cheese and strawberry jam. My husband had chestnut bread. We all sampled each other's and couldn't decide on a clear winner. We left with gifts for friends and family (we are from Nebraska) and I would totally make a day trip just to visit this place again.

Tilly Bent

Took one bite of a lavender macroon and it tastes like a spoonful of lavender soap. On the other hand, best chocolate macroon I've ever had.

Юлия Гуревич

It's sooooo good to the point it's highly addictive. It needs to be illegal lol Minus 1 star for them charging us for 4 pastries when we actually bought only 3. We looked at the receipt only after we were done eating, so we decided to not make a big deal.

Scott Britt

Awesome fusion of European and Korean style pastries. I visit about once a week.

Diane Huynh

Love this place!! Everything is so good!

Nana Z

The best ever cakes I ve had in this area!

Anthony Grado

Fantastic selection and everything tastes amazing. Very friendly staff. New items baked throughout the day.

Nathan C

Food is always great and very affordable.

half driven

Very cool pastry shop. Lots of unique and tasty items here. Do yourself a favor and visit

leticia martinez

I was so pleased to visit this place, excellent quality!

Gloria SoLloyd, Ph.D.

A wonderful French Bakery So glad that there is a French bakery which adds a variety to the regular bakery shop. We bought a box of pastries which was delicious. We also purchased a chocolate birthday cake for my son. It was light and not overly sweet. Take the adventure by stopping by Tous les Jours.

Deborah Everson

The chocolate ganache cake was delicious! This was a light and chocolaty dessert.

Julia O'Dell

It's delicious and highly addictive! We go there almost every week for the super tasty, not typical American pastry and cozy atmosphere. Everything is half price after 8 pm, btw.

Anthony Gee

Got there late so most thing were already sold. Got some blueberry bread and macarons which were very good. Definitely want to go back earlier in the day to get the full experience

Miles Sandler

Amaze balls! This place has such good desserts. Delish.

Nehal Mishra

Cakes and breads are tastes good. The products here are fresh.

Scarlet Ivory

This place was amazing when it first opened. My brother and I were excited about it because we loovvveee their pastries with sausage in them. We always go to Tous Les Jours when we travel out of KS to like LA, NY, and so forth. However, they barely make those sausage pastries anymore. And when they do, it’s cold like as if it’s been a day old or so. They used to have their breads warm and fresh, but now I feel like they just don’t care about their pastries anymore. They’re cold, most of them are hard, and it doesn’t taste as fresh as it used to be. My parents were disappointed too since they love coming here. On the other hand, their cakes are still good. Best place to get cakes in my opinion even though it’s expensive. It’ll be sad if they gave up on that too ):

awestruck wong

Fresh and good bread as well as pastries. Good value for money. Bought a mocha cake which is soft, not sweet and absolutely fantastic!

Kelli Welch

Delicious bakery that serves local coffee and boba tea. I'm especially a fan of the green tea cream rolls. If you like green tea-flavored things, you should try them. But they also have a wide selection of other kinds of pastries, including chocolate, coffee, fruit and cream, etc. I've never had anything from here that wasn't delicious!

Honey Saranya

I love Korean food and bakery so I like Tous les Jours! Their pastry is delicious as always! This time I gave 2 stars because I ordered 3 slices of cake and lots of pastries but the cashier lady put everything in the bags (normally the previous cashiers placed them in a box for me.). So the cakes are messed up and the chocolate croissants mashed up to each other!!! I suggest they should train their new staff how to pack the cakes and pastry.

April Matthews

Tres chic....just kidding, but it sounds good, right? :) Great atmosphere, good vibes, nice selection. The macarons are to die for! Can’t wait to try other things here!

Lelouch Valentyne

One of my favorite bakeries in all of the greater Kansas City areas. Their selection of pastries is great, with a wide variety of sweet and savory pastries and breads. They have a quality espresso machine and great coffee tea, and blended drink options. The pastry case is always full and packed with pastries made fresh every day and the staff is extremely nice and very customer service oriented. I go every chance I get, it is worth every penny.

Suzan Biswas

Great coffee and everything was just being put out around 7am on a Saturday. The curry bun in the warmer was too greasy for my tastes but everything else was wonderful. Sweet but not too sweet

Andy Caraway

The pastries were unremarkable ... good, but nothing super special. Counter girl was a little short with me ... could of had a better attitude. Limited choices if you want anything but a sugary bread related treat. I would try it again however because the food was good enough and there are not many places that carry that style and variety of pastries.


Nice bakery with ample parking located in a strip mall. I bought some pastries and had coffee with a friend there. It wasn't too busy on a Thursday afternoon so there were plenty of seats. Not as pretentious as Black Dog Coffee House and the staff at Tous Les Jours are much nicer. Every time I go to Black Dog there's absolutely no place to sit. A lot of "cool cats" go to Black Dog and park their asses there for hours at a time reading books above their pay grade or trying to look cool on their laptops. The coffee at Tous Les Jours was good enough for me. If you want to people watch and fight for seats with people who are legends in their own minds, go to Black Dog. If you want coffee carryout, go to Black Dog because they have a larger coffee selection. But if you want to eat good pastries and drink coffee with a friend at a table, go to Tous Les Jours.

Jenice Elley

Not authentic french bakery...was told by staff that this is a chain and no one was trained in French cuisine. Very disappointed... doesn't come close to what I purchased from local bakeries throughout France.

Gina Wayas

Always friendly staff and fresh yummy delights!!! I don't get to go often, however, when I do, I always enjoy the pastries.

Nicholas Bunch

Everything was cooked perfectly and tasted very good! Definitely worth trying!

Branden Ramos

This place. Where to start. I didn't even know this place was here and now it's a treasure that I will never let go. The pastries are out of this world. Freshly made daily and the service is delightful. Tous Les Jours is a must for all coffee loving, pastry tasting individuals.

Christina Smith

My husband is French and I lived there or 8 years. When we moved to the area we had resigned that we'd never have a good baguette or croissant again. We were wrong! This place is amazing and we try to come as often as possible.

Joseph Yeow

Great selection on bakeries but taking shortcuts on everything else, from silverware to boxes. Ordered a fruit tart and they couldn’t provide a box. Instead, it was placed in a bag that ruins the tart. This is not how a business saves costs.


An awesome bakery with amazing pastries. It reminds me of the bakeries in Seoul.

Marcelle Bruck

The most delicious, moist cake. What a gem in Kansas City! Very kind staff and great food.

Fernando Quiñones III

I was super excited to see that there is a Tous les Jours not too far from where I was staying at during my visit to Kansas City. Their bakeries and cafes are always amazing and this location is no exception. The staff members were very nice and friendly, as I have come to expect from Tous les Jours, and the foods are no less than delicious!

Nicole Ritter

Everything I’ve had here is delicious. My favorite thing to get is a fresh cream cake with a Thai tea boba blended.

Sushu Wang

Yummy pastries that go on sale twice a day!! Cheerful atmosphere and staff makes this cafe & bakery a great place to chat and chill with friends. However, not a 5 star rating because they often run out of pastries by end-of-day, and not an ideal study environment since the space isn't huge and it can get noisy.

Christos Sofianopoulos

Some of the best baked goods in Kansas City

jairam munuparthi

Our go to place for a low calories cake.

Zacarias Michilinsky

Best Macaroons in town. Very quaint and small little place but they make it up by their delicious bread and sweets. I continuously buy macaroons for my nieces on special occasions.

Cami Smith

Try their Milky Bread! You won't regret it! The staff is super friendly, and their selection of pastries is ALWAYS above and beyond what you would normally think a bakery would have. They have a wide variety of macarons, and teas. I love their Green Tea filled cakes for the drive back home. I make the 2 hour drive from home SOLELY for this bakery.

Maria Luna

great place for a bakery tailored to Asians like, not too sweet

Rachel Perisho

So excited to find curry pan here - called croquettes for their purposes. A great indulgence for revisiting Japan food memories. The kimchi croquette was also delish. I look forward to returning.

Jason Spilker

First time visiting today. The food and coffee was great! I especially enjoyed the curry buns. Definately coming back.

Jay Sprenkle

A hidden gem. Good coffee and better pastries

Lyndsey Emmett

I took home 5 different pastries. All were phenomenal and worth the money. I spent about $12 (I’ve been known to drop some serious cash on fresh pastry) but the excellent quality makes the prices seem like a bargain. Can’t wait to go again and load up on more goodies! Kids and husband loved what I brought home. Weekend donut breakfast just got an upgrade!

Jennifer Gum-Fowler

Love going here! They have helped me celebrate birthdays and graduations with their amazing cakes. The bread and pastries remind me of the ones I ate while in Japan. The staff is friendly and helpful with any questions one might have. Will most differently be making a return trip soon. Oh, and did I mention bubble tea!

Brianne Roney

Exquisitely delicious and affordable

Halle Marett

Best french pastries I've ever had! There was a huge selection and it was hard to decide what to get

Erin Rafferty

A must go to if you have any love for Asian store sweets, but also really for everyone. Their bread textures are amazing! Coffee is amazing! Love this place so much. Many things are just the right level of sweetness... Lightly and not overdone. Can't recommended it enough :)

Aaron Erlendsson

Great staff and a great selection, my wife and I are partial to their croquettes and melon bread

Nathanael Gilmore

I happened upon Tous les Jours early Sunday afternoon. It was a spiritual experience. I went home after and told my roommates and then napped. When I woke up, I wasn’t sure if my time at Tous les Jours had been real because it seemed too good to be true. I went back later that day to check, and it was still there. It was no dream. It was like finding manna in the wilderness.

Collin Clifford

Good variety and reasonable prices. Many of their fried options such as doughnuts are quite greasy on the bottoms.

Pp Rocks!

One of my favorite places of pastries of all time! Coffee is amazing, too!

P Herr

Nice little bakery. Very contemporary. Neat and simple. A lot of options. I like how it's set up.

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