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1624 Grand Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64108, United States

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REVIEWS OF Messenger Coffee Co. + Ibis Bakery IN Kansas

Mathilde Delorme

The best place in KC for food/coffee/pastries/breakfast. These guys are doing quality bread and pastry products - tastes just as good as what you get in France ;) if not better! The service is unbelievable, patient, kind and very helpful. Very refreshing to stumble on a place like this one. The products are made right in front of your eyes in an open concept kitchen/bake house. Anyone in hospitality industry should be taking notes on these guys and everyone that loves a nice space to hang with good food and coffee - please do not miss this place.

Austin Mertz

I really enjoyed the cold brew here! I judge a coffee shop by their cold brew served black, and it was smooth and pleasant here. The 3 stories made for a really neat environment with a lot of seating, but it was still very packed on a Thursday mid morning, so it took a little while to find a seat for 2. Overall, a very good place! Parking took us a while to find, so make sure you give yourself enough time to find a spot.

data smybag

Best fresh bread in Kansas City!

Josh Drum

Great food. Great environment

Grace Wapelhorst

Beautiful space. Amazing coffe/drinks and food. Friendly staff and a great vibe here. Love the multiple levels and options for seating including the terrace!

Solomon Gerges

Outstanding Shop. Delicious coffee however served (drip/batch, cappuccino, iced latte, American Espresso, Kenya Reserve lot). Customer service consistently effortless communication on the individual and group level. In particular, Sarah went out of her way when behind the bar and busing to help me with literally anything that I needed. She ensured my outstanding experience in the cafe. 5 stars. Thank You, Messenger, and Sarah.

Russell S.

Awesome vibe! I love to take my family here on the weekends. Great food choices for a good price. Their coffee is always delicious, hot and fresh! I have been to a lot of coffee places in town and think this is one of the top coffee places in Kansas City. Or at least in the top 3. The staff is quick and friendly to get your order. There is so many great views and seats when you visit. If you are new to K.C. I highly recommend Messenger Coffee K.C. Thanks! Thanks!

Josh Farquharson

Great coffee. I can see why they won the national title. Roasts are great not over roasted. I had a cortado and a pour over. Highly recommend.

Dariusz Wit

This is so amazing place that I cannot write anything else than - it is wonderful. :) We were there for a coffee last year during our tour around 10 states in the USA. We stopped in a big cities and went for a coffee to one coffee shop in every city. This place belongs to the top in our list. There are three floors and each one have it’s specific climate. Second floor is for a work, for freelancers. You will love it. Smell of a fresh bread on the ground floor consume you completely. The baker under the same roof - in the same space it makes this place very special. Owners brought special way of baking from France (I hope I remember well). Forget that you wanted drink coffee only - bread, roll, cookie or cake it something what you must try staying downstairs. Do not go there for a lunch - it is to difficult to leave this place! You will want to stay there for a very long time. Be prepared that your heat will be torn. We would love to have something like this in Warsaw, Poland. We hope to get back there next time if God will give us opportunity for visiting this great country. I definitely must try sitting on terrace next time.

Connor Boisen

This is a awesome coffee shop!! The atmosphere is clean and comfortable with lots of natural light. The coffee is delicious and served very well. They even have some sweet merchandise (I'll be snagging a hat the next time I'm in there). All in all, I will be returning whenever I can while I'm downtown. Parking is as expected in KC.

Jessica Farris

This is my favorite coffee shop hands down. I love coming here in the mornings and sitting on their roof top by the fireplace. It’s a great place to chill out and do some homework. Their food is amazing, staff is always chill, and their coffee/teas are stellar. I recommend this place to everybody.

Matt Abbott

This is a great coffee shop and bakery in a really fun location. I love the neighborhood and atmosphere and staff. This is a great choice for a coffee or a tasty treat.

Kayla Campbell

Quite possible my new favorite coffee shop!!!!! The coffee was delicious!!! And the decor was mostly cute and it had lots of windows. It had a ton of natural light which was awesome!!!

Rique L

Good Coffee, Good Eats, and Relaxing Atmosphere. A nice place to go with friends or loved ones over a cup.

Amanda Renaud

The texture of their baked goods was perfectly tender and flaky, and they made my sensitive self decaf without flinching. Absolutely will return <3


I love this place. There are so many places to sit, three levels and a patio on the rooftop. I ordered a full order of the biscuits and gravy. It was $12, so a bit steep, but you have to figure in the fact that I ended up staying there most the day working on my laptop.

Kirk Provine

I really enjoyed this coffee. We got a regular cup of coffee and a vanilla latte. Both of them were excellent. We sat downstairs but I think there was a roof top option as well. I really enjoyed my visit.

Zechariah Gettig

Amazing clean and bright atmosphere even with the busy holiday rush. The staff was super helpful in answering questions about coffees and different breads. Definitely going to be a tradition to visit every time I'm in KC. Also you haven't had toast until you have some Ibis bakery toast, it's AMAZING!!

Amanda Argo

This place is so great. I love the open feel of the bottom floor, where you can see into the bakery. The staff are all very friendly. The food is so stinking good. Their desserts are works of art and delicious; frankly put, they’re hard to pass up. There are three floors and one outdoor patio on the top floor (complete with a fireplace), which is helpful because this place is always packed.

Jesse Usrey

This place is solid. Great coffee that they roast in-house, wonderful pastries from the Ibis Bakery (also in-house), and the few items available on the food menu are delicious as well. The food options have gotten fewer since they opened which is disappointing, but it's hard to complain when everything that they do still offer is so good. I believe that they still offer quiche on Sunday. The building is fantastic as well, with good seating options on all 3 floors and a very nice rooftop patio with an outdoor fireplace and seating overlooking the Crossroads district. The only reason I only occasionally treat myself to this place is because of the prices. If you get a coffee, pastry and breakfast, expect it to be around 20 bucks per person unless you share. Enjoy!

Annie Artigues

Lovely atmosphere. Amazing breads, pastries, and breakfast/lunch items. The coffee is delicious and they have always had great service when I’ve gone. Favorite coffee shop in KC!

Anand Khare

Good selection of baked goods and very spacious!

Weston Nawrocki

Didn't get a chance to do coffee but had amazing almond crossisant, a leek sandwich on their fantastic bread, and the sample bread made with polent was on

Ashley Irwin

My new favorite coffee shop. 3 stories with rooftop seating and a fireplace. This place is fabulous.

Jacob Kingsley

Highly recommend for you coffee snobs. Great staff and great coffee. Plus a free workout when you get a coffee and go up to the roof!

Ryan Ramage

From out of town and I was so excited to find. The bakery smell in the morning was amazing!!!

Aubrey Sydow

It’s nearly impossible to express just how lovely Messenger is. Delicious coffee, pastries, and more are just the beginning of what makes this local gem so special. Boasting 3 stories, experience the bakery, roasting, cafe/slow bar, the rooftop patio, and more. Perfect for working on solo projects, catching up with friends, or meeting up with coworkers. The zen atmosphere makes it easy to accidentally spend the whole day here. Love this precious KCMO treasure!

Tina S

Some of the best pastries I've ever had. Don't worry about them running out.. I came at 10 and they had tons in the back. Love the space, the environment, tons of seating, lots of light. Lots of food options, coffee was decent, bathrooms are upstairs. Pastries were $3-5 but very much worth it.

Kristen Perdue

To say that we are obsessed would be an understatement. There hasn't been anything here that we haven't loved. My husband and I are obsessed with their seasonal Rosemary Polenta bread, as well as the staple Sesame. We also really love the Red Wine Brownie. For drinks I prefer the Honey Bear latte, which is wonderful for adding something to an otherwise plain latte. And my husband is obsessed with the chai. Also get the vegan pancakes. You will not be disappointed - SO fluffy!

Peter Carnesciali

Best pastries I’ve ever had

Betty Chung

Nice place. Aesthetic is marvelous. Can’t believe there’s three floors. Wow that’s amazing. Plenty of seating. So cute and awesome that they show the people making coffee and stuff. Very neat

Tony Alredo

Excellent service. Cole who worked the register was fantastic. Inspired me to try a coffee that had grape soda hints in it. And you know what, it wasnt bad. Excellent food and wonderful staff. Not to mention the entire place was very open and friendly. They have three levels all with their own personality. Again just wonderful place to eat.

Jia Li

One of the best bakery shops I've ever been to. All their pastries and breads I've had, and I've had quite a selection of them, have been amazing. I try to come here any time I'm nearby. I want to try more of their coffee selection but what I've had was enjoyable. Their location is also quite unique, I love getting to see the bakers do their work and seeing all the tools and machinery for both baking and coffee making.

Weakly Loser

I guess if ur rich like me, paying 15 bucks for a very small cup of coffee and two croissants is no problem. Come in here and get court side seats to watch bread bake. Employees r very nice. Even to Losers like me! And the coffee is as fantastic as the pastries. This is a cool place to hang.

Benjamin Danks

Very spacious, nice vibe, excellent coffee and delicious baked goods.

Elaine Lee

Great space. There are three floors including a well protected rooftop. Different type of seating and sufficient outlets. WiFi was good. Tried the bread samples and definitely took a loaf home (~$8).

Janelle Maher

Most beautiful atmosphere- and the coffee was perfection (caramel macchiato). The roast was really the star- with the milk and caramel highlighting the nuances of the coffee rather than covering them up. Sooo delicious.

Auyon Mukharji

Coffee and food was fine, but the server at the pastry counter was rude. They also forgot to include one of the dishes we ordered, and it came after we finished the rest of the meal.

Martha Medina

Love the food, coffee, atmosphere and service!

Lucas Heiby

Always looking for great coffee shops.. this one might be one of my favorites! Nice staff, great coffee (including 1 free refill) and the tartines were very good. Can recommend the red wine brownie as well

Kholton Dwyer

Great coffee and an even better ambience. Not sure there's a better place to have a relaxing cup of coffee whether that's inside or on the rooftop overlooking the city. Keep up the great work.

alice lemmons

Great atmosphere and great coffee. The food smelled great, but didnt eat. 3 floors and outdoor patio!

Sandy Christmus

Great local spot for great coffee and pastries. Bread looked AMAZING and I’m sorry were just tourists cause I’d love to take some home! Palmier pastry was flaky and flavorful; perfect with a well-made latte. Good energy on a weekday AM but not too loud or boisterous.

Marcella Nichols

Wow! So glad I checked this out after hearing that the guys from 'Queer Eye' recommended it! Their coffee is unique and well prepared. They also have amazing pastries and breads from Ibis Bakery. I was able to taste a variety of samples before standing in line! It was so great. The space has an open and modern feel. Street parking wasn't hard to find during the week. I would definitely go back and try their chai latte and order brunch.

James M.

Largest coffee shop in town. 3 floors and a rooftop access. It is Messenger and Ibis bakery. You can't say anything wrong about this place! Food, coffee, and atmosphere are all great! Give me a thumbs up if you think this place is awesome!

Austin Brown

Definitely more of a coffee/bakery experience. If you're wanting a quick cup of coffee or a place to sit, choose your visiting hours carefully. There's not a lot of seating (considering it's three floors), only one line from which to order coffee and/or food, and a large body of enthusiastic clientele. But the hype, for the most part, is deserved. The coffee is fantastic and reasonably priced. The pastries and food are on the pricey side, but they look incredible and the open bakery let's you see how seriously Ibis takes baking; I didn't get any, so I can't fully verify if the food prices are warranted, but the coffee undoubtedly is. The service is friendly. This is hardly a critique, but they're almost too friendly such that it makes the process of ordering slower than I personally prefer. The facilities are super clean, an impressive task for a very white interior. The restrooms are probably the cleanest public restrooms in Kansas City - this is coming from a germaphobe. Visit this place if you're wanting an exciting location to hangout with great coffee and pastries. Not ideal (but passable) for studying but probably not your best choice for a quick cup of coffee. If you like coffee at all, you have to at least try this place once.

Alexander Rogers

What a cool place! Probably one of the coolest coffee shops I have ever been to. The Ibis Bakery certainly had something for everyone and the Messenger Coffee Side had a ton of different choices. There were three floors including a rooftop with views of KC from three different angles. Truly a wonderful experience and something that I am very excited to return to. Weather permitting, go sit upstairs!

Pat Bradley

Amazing baked goods and coffee

Juan M Pacheco H

Awesome place with an awesome view, very friendly staff. Awesome coffee. Overall great.

Ann Isenberg

Delicious cappuccino and a buttery, melt-in-your mouth croissant.

Kelly Murphy

They have GREAT pastries, coffee was delicious, and the service was so great. I recommend the bread plate if you're a carb lover

Michelle Dwyer

Coffee Flight!! 9-1pm Saturday. We walked in not knowing about the social flight option and had a delightful time talking to the baristas on the second floor about their creations (they created for a recent competition). These people love their coffee and do their craft well, making you feel welcome and a part of the process. I like that I felt "closer" to my food and its process when I left.

Brian Abbott

I love what these guys are doing, and have tremendous appreciation for them. The 3 stars is for the coffee. I have had it many times and feel it is a little over roasted, as much as I wanted to love it. I find myself avoiding Messenger Coffee for that reason in favor of other local roasters. I am curious to know if anyone else had the same opinion. The bakery is mind blowing, world class, hands down.

J Williams

Yet another coffee house - although this one is inside a really sharp location. Large, open, and painted white, it is moderne and clean. Very smooth. Coffee is good too.

Jodie Miller I got the special family and friends what-not tour not because I am family, but yes, because I am friend. After analyzing the coffee art the result is that I was impressed. Very impressed. I feel that this place upholds the tenants of coffeedom, all with a high level of professionalism and downtown funk. Dare I say the h-word as well? No, I won’t. But you know what I mean. Pastries delicious. People great. Atmosphere on room, yes. All good. All coffee. Only regret is that I didn’t try and croissant.

Deanna Kelly

Very lovely coffee and pastries in a cool environment. We we also able to have eggs and bacon cooked to preference.

Sam Kear

I love everything about this place. The coffee is excellent and the bread is amazing too. I can't get enough of their orchard bread. The vegan pancakes are fantastic too! Grab a table next to the bread ovens or the coffee roasters up stairs and enjoy the aroma.

Casey Wright

Aesthetically, this is one of the coolest buildings in KC. So many places to explore and cute nooks and crannies to sit and do work in or just relax. Their rooftop patio is also gorgeous! Their coffee and baked items are excellent as well but their menu is a bit difficult to understand. Great staff and service!

F Ford

Bakery item was very tasty. Lack classic sodas. Service was just alright. Environment was a bit cold and sterile.

Joanna Lee

Spacious atmospere and great pour overs. Breads were delicious with sharp contrast between the crust and center. The goat cheese bear claw was delicious. Croissants were over baked for my taste but I enjoyed the flavor from the butter. I found the bread and butter the most enjoyable out of the Classic Breakfast. The poached eggs were inconsistent, one cooked perfectly the other over cooked to rubber. Jam was rather bland and watery. I will be back but will stick to their bakery items and coffee.

Todd Borisy

The Messenger Coffee Company also houses the Ibis Bakery. Where fresh roasted coffee is processed and ultra fresh pastries are baked. The building has three floors including an outdoor deck with a fireplace, a sitting room with the capability to choose your own music, and multiple open sitting areas. All super chill and cool looking. We, the three of us (two regulars and me an out of towner from Chicago) , had five different pastries because we were having such a difficult time deciding. One was a Gruyere cheese pastry (yum), the two others were just as delicious, but the piece de resistance was the two chocolate croissants (soooooo good). I would highly recommend this place with one word of caution, get there early because shortly after we arrived everything including the on street parking was booking up quickly. Enjoy!

Ryan Hauder

I love the bacon tartine ..(who wouldn't it's got bacon on it?) And the Kenya pour over was top notch! this is the standard of coffee I strive for!

Dan Carnesciali

Ibis Bakery is simply fantastic. I believe the pastry I had to be the best I have ever had. Maybe I better have another to be sure. The ambience is excellent.

Jamon Hauder

A bit pricey but totally worth it occasionally! Three story building with access outside on the rooftop! Coffee is good and they have a great selection of breads and pastries!

Crystal Lewis

Breakfast for 2! The ham and cheese croissant is life changing, every flaky layer is flavorful! The ham has a smoky flavor! I got my usually cortado for here and toddy to go. The building is breathtaking! Great experience, great date destination!

Jeff R

I've been here several times for coffee, breakfast, or to grab a loaf of their fantastic bread. Huge, trendy space on three floors. Can be extremely busy on the weekends so try to get there early. Friendliest staff in Kansas City!

Mark McFerren

All around awesome. We love the bread and the coffee.

Juan Carlos Rozasatti

My wife and I absolutely love this coffee shop, from their fresh bakery to their delicious roasted coffee. I would highly recommend this place to anyone that lives local or is in town for a visit. Definitely a place you must see.

Chevy Pile

The price and size of my sandwich ruined a good part of my day. Dude said it was a big sandwich but it was not. However it still was 12 dollars.

Vincenzo Aceto

I was looking for a decent cup of coffee close to my hotel, Messenger popped up and I decided to give it a shot. It was busy but service was quick, clearly they are used to rushes. I ordered a manual brew, definitely worth the wait!

Keeva O'Mealey

Great staff, coffee, food, and environment! Plenty of room for larger groups.

Easton Crupper

This place is the crown jewel of the Kansas City coffee scene. If you visit this Java Mecca, you will enjoy a beautiful space with wonderful pastries and coffee options. The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable. Try their new naturally processed Ethiopia Hambela Wamena if you’re into specialty black coffee—phenomenal!

Meredith Seversen

There's no place with a staff as patient, hard-working, and attentive as Messenger. Any time I'm in town Messenger is the first place I stop. The biscuits and gravy with mushrooms keeps me from trying new things because it's too incredible. Apart from Messenger I never eat biscuits and gravy but here I can taste so many true flavors and ingredients, and a fresh and flakey pairing is so so good. It's worth the wait in line and the price-point! Also appreciate the commitment to compost and source locally. Love you, Messenger!

Chris Chandler

Some of the best coffee in the city! They roast so much that their coffee is consistent. I know exactly what I'm getting with them. It's always crazy busy but I can always find a seat. Early morning is the best time to go IMO. The only frustration I have a times is that I typically start with a drip coffee--an order that takes about 45 seconds to complete. Regardless I have to wait for the lunch and pastry people to order to put in an order for drip coffee. I don't know if there is a way to make a "coffee only/express" line (or if that would be smart from a business perspective), but that has been my only frustration. Their pastries are not to be neglected either. My wife and I split a goat cheese bearclaw and it was OUTSTANDING. You can't go wrong stopping by Messenger!

Denys Kovalenko

Amazing place. You can see there bakery and coffee roasting and preparing factory. You can sit in between production facility and see all of it. Total they have 3 levels and nice patio on the roof. Coffee is awesome, bakery is awesome and super fresh (especially croissants). I recommend. Usually overcrowded.

A Michael

This place is insanely good. It is a little slice of heaven in KC. If you are visiting and could only try one cafe I would say try this place. And another thing...I would give 6 stars if I could because their bathrooms are immaculate. I wanna move into one of these things theyre so clean. I'm actually writing this review while on the toilet! but I feel like I'm in a fancy art museum bathroom or something. Bottom line is even their bathrooms throw good vibes. Much respect to whoever cleans these bathrooms.

Rebecca Paige

Quick and friendly, great atmosphere, lots of space. It is very modern and the baked goods are scrumptious.There are so many delicious things about this place.

Ken Plahn

Great bakery items and coffee. Nice view from upper levels.I recommend the pecan toffee cookie!

Kristin Whitehair

Friendly and inviting atmosphere. I really enjoyed the avocado tartine. The cheese and avocado nicely complemented each other. The toast was nice and hearty. The radish slices topped it quite nicely. At lunch the restaurant was plenty busy. With street parking it can take a bit of time to find a spot during busy times.

Brad Mueller

Great place for coffee and a small bite! The Pina Colada Danish was very tasty and went well with the iced coffee. My advice when ordering the Iced coffee would be to get light ice as the cup is full of ice when given to you. Also They ran out of iced coffee from the one pitcher and topped it off with water which is why I rate them 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Rich Kemple

Excellent coffee and great baked items. This is a new favorite for me.

Luke Wenger

Big, beautiful building with phenomenal coffee and baked goods and friendly staff. The rooftop has an excellent view of downtown KC and the building itself has multiple floors ensuring that you'll always have a place to sit even at the busiest times. This coffee shop is quickly becoming a KC staple.

John Glynn

Great addition to downtown. You'll have to navigate aggressive grassroots groups looking for signatures and thousands(?) of sidewalk scooters on the way in, but the setting is impressive and the crowd is a good mix of never-go-out-of-style bearded hipsters, families and tourists. It would be nice if they could find a talented crow who could play the harmonica for a little bit more ambiance but otherwise it's top notch.

Billie Barnes

I tried Ibis country bread once at a farmers market about a year ago and vowed to visit the bakery. I was pleasantly surprised to find it coupled with Messenger Coffee this past week. I bought two loaves and made “Dagwood turkey sandwiches for my men folk for a day trip.” They said “These sandwiches made with THIS bread must be a tradition for all of a our future road trips!” Clearly a hit and Ibis must stay in business forever!


The line to order speaks for itself! Get here early!

Lorina Daiana

Aw this was such a wonderful coffee shop in Kansas City! It is 3 stories, with a rooftop deck (I bet this is amazing in the summer) and natural light flooding every area. The aesthetics of this coffee shop is so beautiful. I got the Honeybear Latte with Oat milk and a banana pudding pastry and both were so tasty. I’d love to live close to this coffee shop and come here with my laptop and work for hours.

Elle G

My first visit ever to Kansas City started with lunch at Messenger! What a tremendously positive experience from the friendliest staff to the most delectable tartine I've ever had! I paired the uniquely delicious sesame tartine with a perfectly-made iced chai tea latte and my day was set! Will most definitely return the next time I'm in KC and will tell everyone I know that comes/lives here to visit this gem!

Beth Mauk

I ordered a Breve Vanilla Latte with an extra shot of espresso. The espresso tasted great, the drink had a nice little foam heart on it, and overall was a nice flavor. However! My vanilla latte tasted like a flower, not vanilla. Not sure what kind of flower because I don't usually drink flowers and I don't have that discerning of a palate, but it definitely tasted like a flower.

Laura Eirinn

Amazing coffee and pastries. My new favourite American coffee shop. I am a hard sell being British.

Libby Wassam

Is it possible for a coffee shop to be so beautiful? Everything was done with such excellence, from the delicious baked goods to the building layout, everything was meticulously presented. I was blown away by the excellent customer service. Often, at coffee shops that are really nice, the atmosphere and employees can be somewhat condescending, but such was not the case with Messenger! Everyone was so happy and helpful. I will definitely be returning the next time I’m in town!

andrea keefer

The Hazelnut Croissant (I forgot the name was AMAZING, as well as my Mocha. The atmosphere itself is super cool, the open layout makes it so fun. The only thing I was disappointed in was the Biscuits and Gravy. I really enjoyed the crusty flaky biscuit, but the gravy left much to be desired, it had too many things going on and i felt that really took away from the star of the dish, which is the biscuits. The scrambled eggs that accompanied, unfortunately made their way to the trash as they were just a big blob of half raw egg :(

Matt Peppes

Perfect place to grab a cup of coffee and get some work done. The atmosphere was super energetic yet quite enough to get some work done. I posted up with my laptop and downed a few cups of chai lattes! Can’t wait to come back!

Leilani Haywood

The rooftop is my go-to for showing off Kansas City to visitors. The fire pit is very warm and the view is wonderful. Messenger serves great coffees, baked goods and wine! Plus they have a food menu. You have 3 levels to pick from depending on your mood with great views and plenty of seating.

Dorothy Glick

Love this place! The food is always fantastic and the coffee hits the spot. There is ample space to work with the three floors. Be sure to take advantage of the rooftop patio on a nice day!

CJ Hansen

This place is huge. Three levels of open, modern space that looks perfectly suited to what they've got going on here, which is top notch coffee and a grade A bakery. I had two of their single origin pour overs, both of which were excellent, above average. Their biscuits and gravy are not typical, more like a gourmet version, and phenomenal. Their version of avocado toast with poached eggs on their house made bread was also amazing. Will definitely go back here.

Ronald Chavez

Nice upscale coffee shop. Staff is friendly. Only had the Chai tea, and it was good. They have a great selection of pastries. Will go back to try breakfast.

June Copperfield

Best Carmel iced latte I've ever had.

Daniel Sucher

Best baked goods in KC, great coffee shop and restaurant with a rooftop deck.

Kyle Miles

This is one of the best places to sit down for a coffee in KC. The coffee is delicious, plenty of seating on multiple floors and a view of downtown from the roof. The Ibis Bakery is also incredible.

Sydney Ilg

Great coffee and yummy pastries (we tried the coffee cake and were not disappointed) with a great vibe. I am a personal huge fan of cool adaptive reuse projects, and the story of this building and how they’re using it now is very cool and so appreciated. Also, LOVED soaking up the sun while playing cards on the rooftop deck! Keep up the good work!


Great coffee, amazing breakfast, friendly staff. Will definitely come back!

Taylor M.

Love going here. Great place to work/meet clients. Love their coffee and food options.

Apartment Brookside51

Delicious food and treats. Great coffee. Our favorite coffee place in KC!


This place is excellent! From the street you see an aged building that blends in with the downtown area. Upon entering the space is bright, wide open and airy. The first floor houses the bakery and seating area plus the coffee bar. The second holds the coffee roasting area and more seating. The third floor consists of a more intimate seating area that can be reserved for small groups and the top floor also has the rooftop patio. Great view of the city. The menu is delicious!!!!! The bread is thick, well made and delicious. The menu items are superb and come out with excellent presentation. Five stars for this place!

Dave Bois

Big, 3 level, unique coffee shop with amazing bakery. Roof top deck. Must-stop coffee/bakery experience if you're visiting downtown KC

John Belser

They forgot my lunch. Had to ask twice. Nice place but wont be back. Messenger Coffee Co quickly replied to my post with their apology and I have updated my review. Again, this is a really nice place and I must have just fallen into one of those unfortunate situations which I'm sure will not happen again.

Skye Gray

What a killer coffee shop. Such good energy and vibes. The store itself has amazing architecture and the food and coffee are just as good. For more amazing travel and photography content follow my IG (graywolf_photography)

Dakota Timmons

If you are jones'n for a trendy, modern coffee shop to satisfy your millennial palette for minimalism and sans-serif / handwritten font faces, Messenger Coffee Co. is your best choice in Downtown KCMO. Messenger Coffee is a three story coffee behemoth, with gorgeous blue industrial stairs leading to the upper floors, sweeping views of Crossroads and a rooftop with a fireplace. A large gloomy painting of a pool at night hangs over the barista bar, and is visible from the second floor, which gives a sense of scale and ties both floors together. The color palette of the painting echos the teal hues from the large sweeping view of the Kansas City Star. The entire space is full of fun textures, colors and patterns. The furniture is unique, modern and comfortable. Messenger really has nothing to hide and they prove it by putting their bakery and roasting operations right in the middle of the cafe. I found all the smells of the roasting process intriguing while I enjoyed my coffee and got some work done. You can expect a Google Fiber experience on their shared wifi. I metered 130Mbps Down and 140Mbps Up. Their coffee is balanced and tasty, just like any solid specialty craft coffee spot should offer. The gift shop is full of goodies to buy. This spot just has it all.

Mary Licata

What they do well is delicious. Bruchetta, potato soup, apricot pastry, bread were all very good. What they do poorly ( the hummus) they really need to change.

Megan Tieso

Only downside is the parking! Definitely go not during peak hours and you will have great, quick service in an adorable location

Ricky Alan

Just want to start out by saying i am very critical of customer service and quality of food and drink. Big plus: All employees at this coffee house were very helpful and greeted their customers. No doubt this is a very popular place by the volume of people in the shop. The reason for the 3 stars are for the drinks we ordered. Had an oat latte which tasted good, but warm at best. My better half had the hot chocolate which was not hot and not a rich chocolate taste at all. Now to be totally fair, we visited on a weekend in which the line was extremely long, so with the volume of drinks and food leaving the counter, they may have short-cut the the time needed to sufficiently bring the drinks to the proper temp. We will visit again on a weekday and adjust the rating if needed.

Walter Margot

I love this place, the interior is amazing, the coffee is wonderful, and the staff really seems to care. However, walking in, you just get harassed by people who have literally camped outside of the building. They'll follow you up until you go in, and it makes the entire experience go from enjoyable to more...depressing. It really is sad since I used to absolutely adore going in, but I can't until the exterior problems are better handled.

SJ Crandall

Coffee was good, so could've used a refill on the simple cup of black coffee ordered. The food was great, eggs and toast, chewy with little pepitas in there. Have a plan ahead of time for parking. I should have tried the roof, definitely will next time.

Katie Bennett

Place is very cute. But did not like the drip coffee or blueberry loaf

Frank Julian

This is a great place to eat and for our community. Food at brunch was fantastic. Avocado Toast very good. Staff was attentive and cheerful. Very good vibe here. May it last a long time! Definitely will return.

Nathan Brubaker

Had a great time here with the family. Great food, better coffee, and an awesome vibe with the bakery and the roastery open to the seating areas. Three level building with a roof top deck. Check it out!

Dan Leach

They know what they are doing with coffee. The pastries are in a class of their own. The other food selections are ( even the simple soup and salad) are well presented and delicious.

Jes Caylor

Their espresso beans are the best I've ever had, and Ibis bakery is top notch.

Cristoph Kuhn

Nice coffee and scrambled eggs. I approve this place!

Derrick Riley

This is probably the best new coffee shop in KC. Delicious food, fantiastic space, but the hours are TERRIBLE. I’m not sure why a space with such a fantastic roof patio would decide to close at six in the evening. Not really sure who that serves. And closed on Monday and Tuesday? despite the bakers being there to work??? PLAN AHEAD: you might get here and realize it’s closed and just decide to go to one of the other ten coffee shops in the crossroads that are actually open when you want them to be.

Joseph Yeow

Great ambiance, great pastries, friendly service and great coffee. Open another in KS please. We frequent their sister company in Lenexa KS called Black Dog Coffee. Another great option if you’re around that area. However, sitting on the rooftop on a great breezy day, sipping on the coffee with a slice of pastry, that’s hands down the best thing to do on your day off.

Jay Grimes

Great place to hang out with friends. The coffee is great and so are the baked goods!

Daniel M

Messenger Coffee was a wonderful experience. The moment you step inside you know it's going to be a good time and great quality. The openness and brightness of each floor really makes you feel welcome and not feel how busy the place really is all around you. The smell of the bakery and coffee is enticing and makes you want to try everything you see or smell. The Baristas are well informed and Ibis employees seem to really enjoy doing what they do and trying to incorporate local grain to their recipes. It's fun to see the roastery and flour mill that are on the second and first floor. Make sure you go to the top floor and go outside to take in the view, don't worry... There's a fire there to keep you warm.

Dustin Shay

Beautiful space, delicious pastries, and friendly staff. The music was a little loud, but it was a great place to just get some work writing done. Loved this place.

taylor louchart

Great atmosphere, amazing location, wonderful use of space. It's a tad more expensive then what I'm use to spending but it's worth every moment and minute spent.

Molly McCord

The BEST coffee. A great atmosphere and the coolest building. Be sure to check out the rooftop.

Casey Davis

Wow!! I had the Sesame Tartine and the Gianduja Croissant and they were both excellent. Their coffee was some of the best that I have had in Kansas City.

Mayra Oré

Nice place! Elegant, clean and affordable

Sushu Wang

BEAUTIFUL SPACE! All 3 floors are decorated impeccably. You must visit the roof-top because there's an OPEN FIREPLACE!! The coffee and freshly baked goods are delicious. Demoted from 5 stars because the actual food-food wasn't on the same level as the coffee/pastries/environment.

Lawrence Hu

Absolutely beautiful place. I love the open-air feeling, the great views of the area, and all the great art. WiFi is fast and there is limited seating because it's always packed with people getting stuff done. The rooftop is also really nice. I'm giving this place 4 stars because I feel like there should be more of an emphasis on sustainability. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a single recycling bin in the whole place. And for a coffee shop giving out single use products, I'd love to see that extra step taken to make it a greener place.

Hannah Perkuhn

Delicious coffee, pastries, breakfast, and more! Chill vibes. Plenty of seating and a nice view of the Crossroads from their giant balcony on the third floor.

Paul Houseman

This was our first time to Messenger coffee and Ibis bakery. The place was much larger than it looks from the outside. The place smells of fresh brewed and roasted coffee along with the smell of fresh baked breads and pastries. It had a great ambiance. My wife ordered a chia bread and a mocha and I ordered the standard breakfast which came with two poached eggs, fresh cut fruit, four slices of bacon and two slices of fresh cut bread. We then decided on which of the three floors to sit on. We ended up on level two which gave a nice view of the city. The third level has a conference room and roof top decknl with an open fire pit for those cool mornings or late afternoons. We are excited to come back and look forward to a other great cup of joe and something new from the kitchen.


This is the best coffee that downtown KC has to offer. Also a great place to spend time with a friend!

holly bastin

Everything is delicious, from coffee to pastries, as well as some wholesome and very solid food options! It's a winner!

Jason Crowley

Excellent coffee. This place is huge and busy, but it's really good.

Gisela Fajardo Rodriguez

The cofee and space is awesome!!! They have a seasonal butternut squash latte and its amazing!! I got mine with almond milk and it was delightful. The outdoor patio on the top floor is a must! Pasteries are delicious.

Rachel Perisho

The space alone makes this place noteworthy, but pairing it with delicious treats would compel even me to find a reason to leave the house to linger with a good friend or book. A croissant and the hot green tea were perfect. They provided me with the steeping pot after they poured it so I could go get it re-steeped after finishing the first cup. Finding an ideal cozy spot to sit is sometimes a challenge in the spaces of similar concepts, but there are so many options here from floor to floor. It was bustling, but there was still seating. I would like to see a more accessible menu option before you get to the front of the line, feel pressed to make a decision, and realize they have savory options in addition to the piles of pastries and sweet treats, but perhaps I missed it because of the crowd.

Shelby P.

Nice place with good bread. Counter staff were friendly. Would go there again.

Sean Christensen

Fantastic cafe. Amazing bakery. Probably the best place in town to get fresh roaster coffee and fresh baked goods under one roof. Make your way over on a weekday morning if you can, else it's going to be very busy.

Crimson Sparrow

Pastries are AMAZING. Coffee is good. Atmosphere is pretty awesome. Private room for groups and three levels of seating around the on-site bakery and coffee roasting or up on the roof deck! You have to go at least once!

Jason Toevs

An expansive cafe with plenty of areas to work, meet, or just rest and enjoy the city views. It's an incredible flagship for seeing how the coffee roasting and specialty bakery supply chain works. From grain to pastries, and beans to black gold you can see the whole process!

Barett McGavock

Stellar, 3-level space with a bakery, roastery and sun deck on site. Decent food with limited menu (only poached eggs tho)

Brook Hevalow

Beautiful store with great coffee and bakery items!! Make sure you visit all three levels!!

Alex Goldberg

One of the best breakfast places I've been to (and I take breakfast very seriously). Totally beautiful environment, awesome rooftop patio! They do serve full meals here as well as amazing pastries. If I were to recommend a dish, it would hands down be the biscuits and gravy. They have a sausage option and a garlic mushroom option and both are crazy good. Definitely worth a visit!

Greg Duncan

Fantastic breakfast menu in addition to the amazing bakery selection.


Great atmosphere, great coffees, wonderful breads and pastries. Definitely going back.

Mark High

Such a great spot to spend a morning! We didn't notice the food menu on our first visit, but the coffee and baked goods were great! And what we had from the menu on our next visit was terrific, too!

Stephanie Ball

Atmosphere is awesome! And I really enjoy their coffee... And I've tried a lot of coffee. The ham and cheese croissant was alright- mostly bread and air but taste. Would recommend this place!


What an amazing atmosphere, not to mention the croissants goat cheese and and ham and cheese, had mocha lattes as well. Will definitely go again. Also would like to mention the customer service was slendid! So hard to find that any more. Thanks for a beutiful lunch all the way around!!

Maureen Chung

The people up front are all super sweet and helpful, and parking is somewhat of a pain but it comes with the territory. There is normally plenty of street parking, just need to be smart about it. The pastries and desserts are always beautiful and delicious

Caleb Webster

Visiting from Portland (the Mecca of 3rd wave coffee) so wasn’t expecting much from the KC coffee scene. Messenger Coffee completely took me by surprise though - the space is beautifully designed; the symbiosis of bakery and coffee shop work together beautifully, the coffee exceptional good and the baristas lack the subconscious pretentiousness that is often par for the course in 3rd wave coffee.

Brad Beggs

Awesome, awesome, awesome. This place is great!

J Stuart Hoffman

This is a great place to meet up for business. Great coffee and quiet.

Jeff Newby

This is a great place for someone in their late 30's to come and realize that their youth is well behind them. But seriously, it's an amazing coffee shop and bakery. Highly recommend!

Michael Swan

What a great addition to the Crossroads. The first time I walked in, I was stunned. It's a beautiful space with thoughtful, bold design that makes you want to stay and hang out. I love the tall ceilings and multiple levels. The rooftop deck is amazing. The coffee was great, I thought perhaps for a place so big they might have a larger pastry selection, but not a biggie.


One of a handful of great coffee / bakery / eateries in greater Kansas City. If U want a great cup of coffee or a baked good or breakfast or sandwich you can't go wrong. Vibe as U would expect for a downtown location is younger and hipster but that's OK

Hope Timmermann

This place was beautiful, and the iced coffee was good (and strong!). However, for how nice it was inside and for how large of an operation it looked like it had, I was disappointed and completely turned off by the fact that all "for here" orders were served in plastic in my group! Plastic cutlery, plastic Solo cups for the iced coffee, and I saw real glasses in a tub, but I thought it was strange that plastic was the default option, even for in-house orders. I thought it not only cheapened the experience but also made me sad at how much waste was being made due to the large line of coffee-lovers coming in. I would return to this beautiful joint if I knew they were taking even a small step toward being more green.

Jet Puff

What can I say? I loved it. I loved the chai and American espresso, since they had the option of American or Italian espresso. The ham sandwich was also great, and i loved the rooftop view of the city and the 2nd story coffee lab. P.S. The baristas were super cute, especially the one who took my order.

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