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REVIEWS OF Jerusalem Bakery IN Kansas

Robert Haslar

Great service, food Usually is wonderful. Especially the chicken. Owner is very friendly and helpful. I usually eat here a couple times a week and will continue to do so. If you're stuck up and used to fancy dining then this probably won't be for you. For me, it's like the mom &pop diners at home, just Mediterranean.

Thank Full

Great food, great price. At home atmosphere. Eat here!

Daniel Simons

I want one of these in my hometown.

Don Baughman

Good buffet Mediterranean food, fish, lamb,chicken, curries, rice, veggies, soups

Kat Carlson

Great food! Very fresh. I ate waaaay to much! Great family environment. We brought our infant and the staff was very friendly and attentive. What a good experience! We will definitely be back! Thank you!

Jeshua Jolly

It was my first time going and the food was great! It is a buffet style and you get to try a lot of different Mediterranean type food for a fair deal. I'm definitely going to go back and try more. Also the man behind the counter was very friendly and easy to talk to. The only thing that I don't love about the place would be the furniture and building look, but that is a small nitpicky detail that doesn't matter in the big scheme of things. All in all a great experience.

Josh Palmer

All you can eat for $10. Great food, pay when your done, and good desserts.

Jason Lentz

Best buffet ever dont take my word for it take a $10 gamble and find out for yourself

Heather Davis

One of my favorite places to go

Ted Young

Falafel is fantastic, vegan options, fabulous pita, hummus and cucumber dressing! Affordable and tasty!

the walnut

A nice buffet with nice people. Not huge, but decent variety.

Hani Daifallah

Very good

Nick Zelei

Great middle eastern food. The owner is extremely friendly and welcoming. I'm definitely going back. Everything was fresh and very good.

Aritra Bhattacherjee

Honest and consistent! Two of the hardest qualities to achieve for a eatery are here. And, consistently here. A fresh spread of salads and dips to delicious meat and starch, all offered in a buffet all day every day, for a meager price! Baked chicken, curry chicken, batter fried fish, kebab, gyro meat, meat loaf (not my fav), meat and veggie moussaka, grape leaf, falafel, lentil soup, pilaf rice, now they even have a second kind of rice!- almost all of these are always served on the buffet. It is not a fancy "dining experience" kind of place. It is important to remember that good and bountiful food predominates the idea of "experience" in many cultures. But if you are with close friends or family, hungry and want a good meal (without even spending much), visit them. Their ingredients are fresh and good quality. Rarely do I find a place with such combination. I keep going back there. They recently got new tables, chairs, floor. If they upgraded their decoration and lighting a little bit, it will make a straight 5 for anyone.

Mahbube Khoda Siddiki

One of the best place for Mediterranean food at a lower price

tc riley

Very nice owner. Good food. Has a buffet.

jacob butterson

if you eat here do so at your own will get food poisoning.

Franck Santrom Romano

The meal are great, all the flavors, match perfectly

Becca Ann

Absolutely one of my favorite places to eat..beautiful Greek feta salad, hummus, eastern dishes with so much flavored! Not to mention the very kind service!

Rich Dewey

Delicious food. Great selection for a great price.

Kimbo FlyUber

Great food! Great price! Love!

Michael Kelly

It is always great!!

Calico Sativa

Best buffet in the city. Always fresh, friendly and amazing

jan wright

Great buffet. Wish food Dds were labeled more. Enjoyed the different dishes.

Liz Hicks

We love this place for food, customer service, and cleanliness! A favorite with my family! The owner and staff are kind and courteous - very! Food is delicious - fresh and abundant!! Highly recommend!! Go...and you'll find yourself coming back again and again.

Elijah Lawhorn

It's nice

Theodore John

The best food around. It is a hidden gem.


Food is outstanding at a price so inexpensive that it is hard to figure out how they are in business.

Farid Uddin Ahmed Farid

The buffet is okay according to the price. They have few delicious item. Others are not that much good.

Barry Albin

Going Down Hill

Steven Wiesner

Have eaten here before and my wife and I ate lunch buffet here again 7/14/18. As usually everything is so delicious!!! Flavors are so good. Awesome buffet for $10.

chrissy frische

Always fresh and hot. Great selection on the buffet.

Abby Babby

stuff made fresh everyday, clean atmosphere, very good food. some say its bland but I disagree. there is only 1 line for the buffet, so not alot of options like Ryan's, but super amazing food for what they do have! they are vegetarian friendly, they even have yummy fried cat fish!

Zane Benton

Fresh and tasty. Never disappointed.

Lucille Cody

This is my favorite place!! Absolutely love it!! I stop in was much as I can when I'm in town. The lil potatoes and rice are Soo good, everything is excellent at Jerusalem Bakery. I highly recommend it!!

Cody Wherley

First time in today, had a gyro with fries and out was so good! The gyro was as good as any I've ever ate! Will be back! Lots of food for the money

Michael Laird

Good lunch buffet and great fresh baked pita.

P Kline

we stopped in for lunch today for the first time and could not believe how dirty it was. this place is f-n nasty! half the tables sat empty with piles of used plates and food remnants everywhere. there were flies surrounding the buffet. food wise, the salad was lacking and the meat dish we tried was cold in parts of it and tasted very dry. i fell for the good reviews on here but would highly advise others of steering clear of this place.

Noah Parker

Mediocre restaurant, bland food and it's not clean at all.

Karma Law

They are out of business due to numerous visits from city inspectors. We were eating in there yesterday when all of us were ordered to leave and they were shut down.

Prashanth Ach

Great buffet with affordable price.


I will never eat there again. I got there at 1045 am with doors wide open and tells me we dont open until 1100 am. Ok thats cool I'll wait outside then order and the GYRO and the meat tasted like nothing there was no flavor. Ive had much better Gyros elsewhere in KC

Mike Gallacher

Finally!!!! A buffet price that includes the fountain drinks!!!! Cheaper than Golden corral or Chuck a Rama or many other local buffets. Good food!! Fun to try other countries foods.

Jaime Enriquez

Very good

Kofijeff Steudler

Always a delight, great food and price!


Delicious Mediterranean Buffett, the just needs a little TLC in the dining area and bathroom, but otherwise a great place for a quick bite to eat.

NBell NBell

One of my favorite places to go. Everyone I take there questions why I'm bringing them to this place because unfortunately esthetically it is not very appealing. However the food is rockin' and the price can't be beat. By far some of the best food of its kind in Kansas City.

S Turner

Don't eat here people, Jerusalem Bakery is getting ready to get its doors closed permanently due to one complaint after another filed against it for being the filthiest restaurant in all of KC.

Daniel Shanaberger

Awesome 10 dollar buffet, drink included. Hummus, falafel, and red chicken.

Paul Byler

Can be a hit and miss . The food is buffet style but the salad is killer. They have a pretty good vegetarian selection plus the usual Mediterranean food . The cost of 10 dollars is very reasonable drink included.

Cameron Moore

Great food, great price, Great service. I will certainly be back... The gentleman behind the counter was courteous and left us to our own conversations at the table and when you'd go up to get something would make sure and ask if you were enjoying your food;To which I can only say wow. While some of the food looked strange at first it was delicious.


Don’t get confused this one with Jerusalem Cafe which is not buffet but this one is. Normally getting buffet where they serve halal meat is rare but exciting and precious. It has a pretty clean counter area with clean plates and cutleries. I started with hot soup which was delicious as lemon flavor was added, Fish, falafel, chicken shish kabab. I’ve tasted almost everything so I would be better understand which one I liked most. Liked this chicken curry it was juicy. And obviously my favorite dish was beef with bone. I enjoyed it with fried potato, slightly sweet but delicious. Yes, yellow rice I’ve tried was delicious too. Will definitely return for this beef in sha Allah.

Robert R. Gaines

Love the buffet - something for everyone.

Will Schappi

Little dirty feeling but the food was amazing!

Justin Andre

Bit pricey for what you get, this was $10. Last time I went I got a much bigger serving for $8... Food was sub par and the service was not so great, seems like the employees don't care at all. The store is dirty! Bathrooms smelled horrible!

Tammy Beckett-Roach

We love this place and the people that make the magic happen here. Your taste buds will be in heaven! Casual, friendly atmosphere. Don't wait, just go!

David Preza

Good food and friendly service, overall great atmosphere!

TJ Ciaffone

Great food. Nice people. Good prices. Go and eat there.

Alex Canapa

Best falafel in town!

Bob Hoffman

I’ve been a regular here for many years. The $10.00 lunch buffet is filled with a variety of delicious foods for vegetarians and meat lovers. So many good salads: Bean, tabouli, cabbage, and lettuce with tomato, cucumber and feta. Tender gyro meat and a meat loaf that’s always moist and tasty. Moist chicken, fried and baked fish dishes, sides of rice, hummus, crunchy falafel (the way it ought to be!), and pita bread round out an always satisfying meal. I hear from those who like rice pudding that it’s great. I’m sure I’m leaving something out so you’ll have to check it out for yourself. I have to give a shout out to the owner, Mohamad, the friendly host. And don’t forget to take home some baclava!

Shana Brown

Not one complaint amazing

MKI Shuvo

Great food with reasonable price

Erin P

My family and I have loved this local restaurant for years and years. The daily lunch and dinner buffet is absolutely perfect for those wanting to try middle Eastern cuisine for the first time, but who are unsure of where to start. There are fresh salads, hummus, pastas, rice, potatoes, meat dishes, chicken and sometimes fish. Also included is lentil soup, flat bread, stuffed grape leaves, yogurt sauce and more!

Joe Hillbilly

Buffett has good variety of Mediterranean food

Amanda W

Gyro meat was sadly dry and a little underwhelming, but everything else was delicious.

Henry m

... nope

Tom Miller

Food was excellent. The place is a dump. Clean, but that's about it.

Jack Gates

A wonderful place to grab a quick filling meal. First class Middle East favorites. I always do the all you can eat buffet. Three kinda if hummus, awesome rice and my favorites...the kabobs! Check it out!

Frances Windler

I believe it's best to eat here when they are relatively busy. The food is restocked more frequently and the selection is best then. It's a lovely buffet of Mediterranean favorites!

Lance Hansen

Food was like warm and unappealing

Anne Russell

Delicious food and lots of options

Nita Cederstrom

Absolutely love this place! Food is great and very yummy. The owner is very accommodating to my family when we come in. ( My mum is in a wheelchair) They always make sure to keep a table that is easy access for my mum.

mike simmons

Not my cup of tea

Winston Hinton

Great buffet

Russ Gregory

Oh man i could eat gyro meat all day! Plus it is buffet style so no wait! You can try something different without paying too much for it

Jessie Mehl

A really nice variety on their buffet. Go early in the afternoon when everything is fresh. The falafels are really good. The price is extremely reasonable.

Ember U

Really great, fresh meats, salads (including some dynamite pasta salads), and some of the best hummus ever! The gyro meat in tahini was fantastic and a new treat for me. Unfortunately, the pita tastes store bought and the grape leaves were a bit stiff and bitter. But everything else was so good, I can put up with it. $10 buffet including a drink = a solid A.

karma law

This is the NASTIEST buffet in Kansas City and I strongly advise people to ignore the fake good reviews posted by friends of the owner. Many people have gotten sick here by eating this food and the health department is shutting this place down anytime now due to dozens of health code violations.

Haley Hill

I LOVE this place. It's a great buffet and they have melt in your mouth baklava.....I most definitely recommend this place. Very affordable also!!

David Pycior

Great buffet, ive eatting there for around a decade.

FatKat On A Bike

Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. No idea it was a buffet. At first. Walk in, grab a plate, get what you want! Everything was just fine. But.. I didn't like how someone things was warm, some was cold?? It didn't mix well with me. For two people it was about $25. Was ok. I didn't get sick. Wasn't my favorite but worth the experience. The Manager on duty was a great person. Was on a Sunday.

Smooth Sailing

This place is the worst restaurant in KC and anyone who eats here is putting themselves at risk. Owner Mohamad is rude. Food is terrible. The entire place looks like a garage filled with outdated mismatched items. The bathroom has a hole in the ceiling, the floor is covered in filth and it smells like a sewer. If you must have Middle Eastern food, go to Jerusalem Cafe down the street.

the boss

I love the curry chicken

Abed Wahbeh

Very good place to eat at the service was excellent and they just started doing shawerma too.

Ilyas Mahamed

Because they are not clean

Eric Kirkwood

Nice buffet variety of Middle Eastern food. One of my favorite gyro spots.

Cassandra jennings

The sign said best gyros in town somebody lied

Carter Clough

Slightly pricey for a buffet, but excellent, fresh Mediterranean food. I try and visit 3 - 4 times a month.

Doug Goldsberry

Excellent place to eat

Victor Rodriguez

The best buffet

Caitlin W

Delicious food and friendly, helpful staff. $10 lunch buffet is super worth it, the lentil soup is always amazing, and the baklava is delicious.

Abhiik Bottorff

Good middle eastern buffet with a changing menu built on a solid foundation of favorites. Many excellent vegetarian options. Reasonably priced. Friendly staff. Always worth a visit.

Chris Harris

Good food. Owners are so nice

Moneyman Starling

Nice .

Thomas Grey

Lentil soup is too salty. Salads are good.

Bob Zahner

I love this neighborhood spot!!

marcia hurlow

So many beautiful treats and the buffet was excellent--lots of choices for both meat-eaters and vegetarians. Terrific tabouli salad.

Ahmad Elsewe

I love their variety of dishes

Rod Phillips

Good food!

Dino Kaye

Food is delish!


Food was really good specially the sweet called Baklava. It's mouth watering.

Robert Merrick

ROACHES!!!! Crawling on the serving spoons in the buffet. Dirty. Watery hummus. Some kind of legal trouble seems imminent with conditions like these. Great concept, so disgusting though.

Anthony C

Laid back basic no frills atmosphere, pretty good middle eastern food, buffet style, reasonable lunch prices.

pat smith

This place is gross and all of the people posting good reviews are just friends of the owner Mohamad. If people would just look up Jerusalem Bakery on the KC Health Department website, they would never go near this roach shack and it would be closed permanently like it should be.

Real Talk

should never have walked in. we went in today and the food was pretty gross. there was a bug crawling around in the salad on the buffet bar. the place looked terrible like nobody cared at all. there were used plates piled up on numerous tables preventing people from being able to sit down...owner was outside in the corner smoking. the bathroom was the worst of any i've ever seen in any restaurant. will never be back.

Scoutk Bartholomew

The guy behind the counter is always really nice. I really like the gyros there. I can't wait until the place next door opens.

Chris Kelley

Fantastic. Went in later in the evening before closing. Owner was very polite considering that fact. Food was still hot, and he even insisted on cooking me fresh rice. Found out I hadn't had some of the food before, so he began recommending his favorites. Everything tasted great. And he even threw in some baklava on my way out! Gave it to my girlfriend so it'd be a surprise when we got home. Definitely going back again.

Nissa S

The best!

Tomas Tucker

Been going here for 2 years and glad I found this place to eat. Want a good gyro come here

Ramene Grajeda

My husband and I Really enjoy there selection!

joyce leahy

All you can eat buffet is the best Mediterranean un town!

Mindy Upshaw

love the food here. grab n go buffet.

Kyiia Clark

Jerusalem Cafe in Westport is eons better

Matthew Perkins

Foods incredible.

Sami Alshammari

I love the meat balls here. It's amazing. The drink comes with the buffet.

Ashton Walters

FANTASTIC SERVICE. Very pleasantly sureprised

Tony Diamond

love this place been going for years , the food is very consistent

Jason Simmons

Great place to be able to try out everything.

Instagram hamchorugs Bassam Hamcho

I do love thet please avry dey they have fresh food and very healthy

Nick Alexander

Buffet here is great. Make sure you grab some baklava and pita bread to take home.

David Dejarnette

If you haven't do yourself a favor and stop in

Justin Kovac

Delicious food! Bad labelling of said food. But still delicious.

Daniel Dryden

Amazing food and great buffet. I stop in after work and get a warm meal to go.

Nathan Fugate

The food is great and so are the people that work there. So friendly! And it is a great price.

Timothy Amundson

This is my absolute favorite place to eat! So many incredible salads to chose from. Exquisite hummus and baba ganoush. Lentil soup is unreal. Creamy meatballs, juicy meatloaf, dreamy sumac chicken, curry stew. MMMMMM. The buffet is such a good deal. Take your time and eat until you're ready to burst. Don't forget to grab some baklava before you go, you wont regret.

Marie Gail Stratford

The best thing about this Kansas City institution is the all-day buffet--only $10 including tax. Food is good. The baba ganoush is amazing. Owners have made modest decor and facility updates to keep it comfy. Great place to bring kids who wish to sample Mediterranean cuisine.

Andrew Johnson

Very good food! Pleasant staff.

Colton Crook

It's a Mediterranean buffet, what more could you ask for? Great selection of meats, veggies, and hummus. Pita was a little dry when I went, but might have just gotten a bad batch. While it might have a bit of a "rough around the edges" look, this place is great.

Mark Waite

Great great do it and choices yum yum

Jesse Lowe

Big buffet style Mediterranean casual restaurant with perfectly balanced price and quality. A great place for a quick lunch or informal dinner with friends.

Cedric Hatcher

Oh my! Very very good! Did i day very good

David Winter

My favorite lunch stop. The best buffet. So friendly and so good. Never eat fast food if you are in the area. Cost is right around the same as mcwhatever but it is wonderful.

David Gilbert

Definitely a must dine! Delicious, healthy, and all you can enjoy!

Ali Haliche

Great food good customer service

Alpha Landingham

Decent middle eastern food. The chicken is fire and so is the sweet corn salad.....

Butwitha_ Pinchofsalt

This place is so nice. Not to fancy , Delicious one price buffet. Super cheap. Small nice place.

Carol Gallmeyer

Family owned and operated. Delicious Dolmas and rice pudding. Chicken is tender and tasty as well. Yummy gyro meat and tazaki sauce. Very friendly staff. All-day buffet. Will be back.

Jeremy Williams

Upon walking in you could smell heavy bug spray and it mean heavy. I went to use the bathrooms to wash my hands and the buffet line had roach in the cold line. I dropped my plate and left as fast as possible. Never coming back

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