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401 E 63rd St, Kansas City, MO 64110, United States

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REVIEWS OF Heirloom Bakery & Hearth IN Kansas

Yvette Cohn

My husband and I recently went on a date here and loved it. The atmosphere is so charming and has a lot of character. Great for photos. We had a few desserts to share and they were phenomenal. The service was great as well. We can't wait to go back.

Carrie Munyan

Adorable inside and out! Herbs growing outside at the entrance and unique, homemade offerings in a bubbly upbeat setting. Will definitely come back and try even more of the menu!

Hilary Keatts

This place is crazy busy but delicious. The homemade pop tarts are the best I’ve had. Rosemary shortbread is also fantastic. Haven’t been disappointed by anything they bake!

Elizabeth Madrigal

Great environment and friendly staff. The prices are fair for the quality and serving size. The cheesecakes are delicious and big enough to share (if you want).

Thomas MacDonald

Tried heirloom bakery for the first time today. They were really busy @ 0830hrs but I didn't have to wait long at all. The staff were very friendly and patient as I explored the options. I opted for the breakfast sandwhich of the day and it was very good. I also got a homemade strawberry poptart. That poptart has ruined me for any mass produced one ever again. They are a bit pricey but if u prefer quality food then it is worth every penny. I will be making this a regular breakfast stop.

Dale Ramsey

This is my favorite place for coffee and pastries. I am there 2 or 3 times weekly. Have never been disappointed. Folks are friendly and efficient in their service. Always a crowd which gives the place lots of energy and fun.

April M

One of my kc favs. The pastries & baked sweets are amazing. Biscuit & gravy are so, so good.

John Jantsch

Great bakery with very chill vibe and lots of selection. I go for the egg biscuit every time oh, and pop tarts. Really fun staff too

J.L. Clemente

Absolutely my favorite place in the entire world! Biscuits and gravy are to die for and poptarts are a must have! The girl at the counter needs an attitude adjustment for sure - probably the only thing I don't like about Heirloom. Everything else is lovely. Note that the kitchen apparently closes at 3 pm, so only bakery items and products are available during week nights.

Alies Dalton

Friendly staff, but challah is only available on Monday and Friday. It isn't ready until 8:30 or 9. Wish I had been told that when I inquired about the availability. I got there too early and had to wait.

allison lampone

Food is decent. The staff act like they're doing you a giant favor while serving you. I wanted to ask..."I'm sorry. Am I bothering you with my purchase?" Sheesh. Good food isn't hard to find and for a much cheaper price. For them to have that attitude makes me pretty sure of the direction this place will be going.

Fiona Holly

Had the spicy chocolate mocha which was perfect and a yummy scone. Only complaint is that it gets crazy busy and is a bit pricey.

Marquita Story

Finally visited on Thanksgiving morning. Lovely atmosphere and decor. I was delighted to discover they have bird's nests! I will definitely go back. What a treat!

Isaac Allen

Omg everything here is so good. A little expensive but well worth the extra dough. (Pun intended)

Joe Symes

Food, coffee and atmosphere were all excellent!

Miriam Feldhausen

As a bakery, this place is pretty great! I love the boho-rustic interior, with all the potted plants and wood elements. It is definitely a cozy place to hang out, and it's fun to watch the baristas and bakers at work, since their crafting table sits out in the open. My husband and I visited for lunch and would say that the food was creative, but on the dry side. The biscuits used in both the sandwich and gravy breakfast were slightly burnt/tough, and there was very little marmalade used, but the flavor of all these things was spectacular. Same thing can be said for their spritzer-- the blackberry is all color, no flavor (contrary to its advertising), but as a "spicy basil" beverage, this is a really fun drink on a hot day! So despite the hit or miss nature of the eatery section, their case of desserts/baked goods is where it's at. Do yourself a favor and try their salted oatmeal cream pie. That thing is just a heavenly smorgasbord of butter, cookie, and yum.

Stephanie Rios

So many wonderful pastry choices and my breakfast special was delicious. Will be going back soon.

Victor Arnold

Great staff and wonderful baked goods

Lydia Goodwin

We had a mother/daughter lunch here today. We loved everything about this place! Servers were friendly and the food was amazing!! Great atmosphere! We will be back for sure!

Jessica Rainey

Amazing! People were waiting for the doors to open Sunday morning. The make your own biscuit sandwiches are tasty, but the cinnamon rolls are wonderous. The homemade pop tarts were flaky and delicious. Amazing!!!!

daniel grubbs

amazing bakery, great tea, nice atmosphere to plug in laptop and enjoy a great KC neighborhood.

Jakobb Baldwin

Great food. Just keep the JoCo dweebs away

R. B.

Wow!! Had pastries togo. I tried the tahini chocolate chip cookie, lemon goat cheese cake, and last but absolutey not least the oatmeal cream pie. The Creme pie is so amazing. Its got the perfect balance of saltiness to sweet with a great melt in your mouth crispy outside texture and super soft inside. Everyone should try it. I usually don't even like cream pies but omg. (The utensils are my homeware.)

Caitlyn Corwin

Their baked goods are delicious and their customer service was great!

Anand Khare

Great selection of baked goods and a good mix of beverages including various kinds of coffee options, shatto milk and tea! Loved the aesthetics of the sitting area as well.

Anna Nedeau

Meh it was expensive and the acoustics was extremely loud. You couldn't hear anyone talk. I'll got to a different place thanks.

Katherine Smith

The baked goods are heavenly! I devoured the chocolate croissant which was flaky, crispy on the outside, and smelled of butter. The latte was acceptable. I'd totally come again.

Mattie Mills

The food here is decilious and it has a warm atmosphere perfect to sit down with family or friends.

Austin Mertz

I wish I could give them 100 stars! I was in town for a work trip and once I found this place, I didn't want to go anywhere else! I tried Blackdog (which has way more seating) and Parisi in Union Station (which has way less seating) and Heirloom is better in every way! The breakfast sandwiches, the quiche, the cold brew, the lattes, and the pastries are all fantastic! (Can you tell I visited a few times?) The only thing that I didn't love was the pop tart I got, which was a little undefiled for how much breading there was, but it was still a nice treat, which is why I'd recommend this place over literally any other competitor in the city!

TT Tansey

Visited late in the day so not as much to choose from on specials menu but everything was exceptional. Homemade. Awesome vegan chili and I'm not vegan!

Madison Bateman

It was very busy which I don't mind but I was sadly not impressed with their coffee it was super sour, and my gravy was not very good I couldn't finish it. If I spend 12 dollars on breakfast it should be a bit better and the counter people should be more friendly. Next time I'll get a pastry, I here they are really good.

Eugenia Brock

I loved this bakery. It's a little pricey but well worth it for the delicious and unusual treats. I had a goat cheese lemon cheesecake and it was amazing. Huge portions, and delicious chai tea latte. Also, the hipster decor is pretty and there's plenty of places to sit. Only downside is that I went with a large group of friends around 10am, and it was so noisy and full that we had a hard time hearing each other -- not a very intimate atmosphere.

Gary L Shaw III

Derek adheren

Valerie Nelson

The food was not good at all. The staff seemed busy and not friendly. And for being a "bakery" they didn't have any dozen pricing available and not many options for baked goods. No impressed at all

Janelle Maher

Beautiful ambiance, sustainable/reusable serving ware. Coffee and a piece of cheesecake over a great conversation is the best way to start a day. Service takes a little longer than a big chain but it’s because of the quality of the coffee they’re serving.

Rob Lockard, SPHR

Make your own Breakfast sandwhich was the bomb! I went for the Egg, Bacon (which is thicker cut), and Pesto...which paired very well with their cheedar biscuit that comes with whatever combo you create. I was also impressed with the coffee. We are headed back this morning to pick up the pie we ordered before heading to the lake for the holiday.

Heather Athon

Best place to get delicious handmade pastries and food!

Andrew Roman

We came on opening day so ti was very busy, but well deserved. The atmosphere is very light and bright. The baked goods are so well done. It's a lovely little bakery with a homey feel. Very quaint. Good vibes. Beautiful interior.

Lauren Zabaneh

Attention to detail is their strength. From the flowers on the tables to each beautifully crafted pastry, you will feel like you're eating a work of art that was made with great care. So delicious. I love the feel of the place as well...airy, light and bright. It's just a happy place.

Marcella Nichols

Love this bakery! It has a nice and hip feel, with fresh and changing menu options. I love their soup and salad, and their sandwiches are delicious. Fresh made bread and fresh ingredients. Cookies are also tasty, but I was a little disappointed in the quality of their cranberry and orange scone. It's my favorite flavor, but it was too dry and didn't have much flavor. Get here early if you have a favorite item, because their zucchini muffins were gone for the day.

Shaun Damico

It's like a family in this joint. Great people, service, food and coffee! A neighborhood staple for sure!

Katie Manring

Had a vanilla latte and a seriously good build your own breakfast sandwich. The atmosphere was perfect for having a work meeting with a client. Just wish there was more parking. Absolutely cannot wait to come again soon!

Bridget Clonts

Incredible food and excellent coffee from Thou Mayest. Highly recommend for breakfast or lunch.

Patric Garrison

Great little bakery, nice looking interior with plenty of seating. They are known for their awesome poptarts, but they also have lots elevations on classics. Chocolate chip cookies with tahini to up that nuttiness? In. Had the blueberry ricotta gallette, ultra flaky crust. Will munch again

Ashley Van Meter

The coffee was perfect strength and the dipped cookie was to die for! I love the atmosphere, warm, homey and inviting. So many cool plants to look at!

Luciana Abrahamson

Everything hear is fresh and divinely delicious. Do not miss this place!

Emily Kratzer

WOW if you haven’t stopped into Heirloom you are missing out! The food is simple and delicious. Everything I’ve had here has been amazing (the BLT is my go-to) and all the baked goods are divine. The atmosphere is bright and sunny, clean and creative. You won’t have anything but a great day after leaving!

Angela Engel

We went to the Brookside location. This Bakery had great cookies both for the gluten free and the gluten lover. They also had delicious gluten free carrot muffins. I'm a fan.

Tiff Any

I LOVE Heirloom Bakery and I highly recommend for locals who haven't tried or people from out of town. I usually go and either get a breakfast sandwich or I'll get a few different pastries to sample. Definitely try th pop tarts if they aren't sold out. Their orange cold brew is really good with cream.

Doug Walters

Went in and ordered a latte. They made one for me to go. It was very tasty. The service was excellent.

Kathleen Doris

I went there today and got disgusting coffee and an overbaked chocolate chip cookie that tasted a lot like butter and not at all like chocolate l do not recommend.

David Deckert

I've eaten at several of these types of restaurants in multiple cities. Generally a mid-town location in a renovated building with a great bakery kitchen frequented by primarily millennial or younger clientele. That said, this place has one of the best BYO biscuit sandwich and granola parfaits that I've eaten. Also, a great cinnamon roll and raspberry danish. Definitely worth the trip if you are not nearby or if you are close you probably already frequent the place.

Sarah Chao

Expensive, but a great way to treat yourself with quality and tasty baked goods.

Jamie Olson

A bit pricey but the best bakery in the city. Edit: consistency seems to be lacking. Have had a couple noticeably things recently.

Trevor Flannigan

I am a carb-addict. It's a hard addiction to beat. Heirloom is the best bakery in the city and I don't say that lightly. I mean it! I go here often and end up spending wayyyy too much money, but I never regret it. The breakfast sandwich is amazing, get it.

Kolika Simmons

Get the goat cheese cheesecake. They also have great deals on the day-old loaves of bread.

Sue Tomkus

I could not believe how rude both the cashiers were. Rolling their eyes, snotty little brats AND one of them was...wait for it...THE MANAGER! No wonder the other one was so snotty, she's following the leader! I don't know if my cashier was just having a bad day, but I brought family with me to have a great experience that turned into a nightmare! I asked for the owner because the manager was no help, and she told me they weren't there, so I asked if there was a card with their phone number on it so I could call them, and very happily and with a snotty smile and tilt of her head, she handed it to me. I called from my table AND GOT the very bakery we were sitting in!!! The MANAGER answered and said are you the woman sitting in our restaurant and on the phone? I couldn't believe it! She told me he wasn't there! Then when our food was brought to us I asked the waiter and he pointed to a man in a blue t-shirt and said the owner is right there! Unbelievable, right? Well not so unbelievable yet, I asked for him and when she saw that he was at our table she came marching over with her arm swinging and had the nerve to interrupt our conversation to ask if I was fixing everything or clearing everything up... The manager still didn't see a problem with this and I asked her to leave so I could continue a private conversation with the manager she started arguing with me and only then did he finally asked her to step away so he can finish our conversation. After speaking with him I realized he clearly does not understand the importance of treating your customer with dignity and respect and expecting his staff to do the same. I'd like to add that the waiter was extremely professional and stayed away from this situation with a ten-foot pole! I regret bringing my family there now, and I promise I will never visit there again so she won't have to worry about being overwhelmed with work with one more customer!

Joanne Scurato

Love the space and the bread. Parking is a pain. Kale salad lemon dressing and lentil sandwich both bland and needed seasonings. No salt or pepper mills on table. Was so excited to try but very underwhelmed. Prices steep for quality of food.

Everett Gossard

Ordered a gibraltar, a "honey-bite" and a scone; everything here is phenomenally good.

Chelsea Lewis

Wonderful bakery. Mid range prices. Fresh bread in the morning. Smells amazing. Good lunch options.

Miles Williams-Lewis

Overpriced, utterly pretentious, hipster nonsense. And I absolutely loved it. At a party of two I paid for two slices of bread with some cheese on it, a latte with some salt in it, and an incredibly sweet lemonade. Came out to about 30 bucks. There were laptops, and man buns, and Ugg boots Galore. I drink out of a mason jar and felt like I was poor. They have an "all gender" bathroom and a playlist that's still in college. The atmosphere is stereotypical, and I had a blast. I'll definitely be coming here again but not for a while.

Joe Quinn

I didn't order anything. Maybe I came at the wrong time, but if you're expecting the smells of various, baked goods (like, I don't know, maybe BREAD?) you won't get that here. It smelled pretentious (yes, I described the smell as pretentious!) Then I thought it almost smelled like a Chinese restaurant. Strange. Also, there were no prices on anything, and everything is just sitting out on countertops and a fly was buzzing around a few of the plates. The food looked amazing, but I don't know if I would ever go back to actually order anything. Sorry, first impressions...

Harriette Berry


Vincent Valentino

Place is good, good owners, good staff, good food.

Kevin Tipton

Delicious Bakery. Friendly Staff. Clean Establishment. Free parking lot. Dog Friendly Patio. Lots of Amazing Choices. Overall A Must Try in KC Area :)

Remington Kesten

Best coffee shop and bakery in Brookside! The owners are amazing people, the food is excellent, and they source their meat, cheese, and produce from only trustyworthy, local farmers. Not to mention their landscape is nearly all edible!

Blake Swearngin

I heard about this place for their cinnamon rolls but they only do those on the weekends :( so I got a homemade blueberry pop tart, a chai latte, and a biscuit sammy. First off, how are homemade poptarts not a staple in every home, maybe they are hard to make, but my goodness they are delicious! The chai latte was a little to spicy for me but each one is different. The biscuit sammy was amazing, the biscuit itself is a masterpiece, then add bacon, a perfectly cooked egg that the yolk runs out of onto the sandwich with spinach and more phenomenal ingredients. The sandwich is a little glimpse of what heaven will be like. I will have to return for a cinnamon roll. 10/10 would recommend.

Leslie Hairfield

Love this place! We've eaten here many times with our family.

Choco Holic

Food was good and their homemade pop tarts make me want 2nd and 3rds!!

Carrie Alexander

Stopped for lunch after a friend recommended it. Very good but a little pricey. You're definitely paying for the quality ingredients. I'd go again. We also bought treats & a loaf of sourdough bread to take home.


Very cool interior that makes you feel as if you are in LA. This place has delicious baked goods including homemade poptarts! You can watch them make new pastries as you sit and drink or eat, and staff is very friendly. The coffee is also pretty good! There is a parking lot right outside the establishment so parking is easy. Definitely worth a stop!

Mg 0

Adorable down-home meets urban atmosphere with drool-worthy baked goods. The 3 drip coffee options in the self-serve pots, however, were, on a recent weekday afternoon, bitter and thin. Hope that it was a one-off.

Esther estevez

Great homemade bread and fresh lunch options

Connor Rasmussen

Amazing espresso, delicious and varied sandwiches (egg Sammie on house tomato herb biscuit was killer), and the desserts, goodness gracious, house made pop-tarts? hell yeah.

Dayna McDaniel

What a great LOCAL bakery!! I have tried numerous things on their menu and loved every one of them. Owners are very nice, so are all the employees. Come dine here for a very good meal or treat!

Brooke Dewing

The employees here are all super nice, they have delicious food and great items on their specials!

Hilary Andersen Carter

Amazing baked goods, all locally sourced ingredients. It was bumping on a Friday morning. Watch out weekend brunch!

Andrea Raglon

Uniforms are dirty. Seen one the workers eating off the cinnamon rolls tray. Flies were on the bake goods that sit up front. Will not be going back.

Grace McBride

Best biscuit sandwiches I've had. I love this bakery

Danika Hanson

So many tasty options: savory and sweet, from which to choose!

shannon hammer

Amazing! Definitely worth the price. Soooooo healthy!

Patrick Eades

The five of us enjoyed our selections.

dan ross

Not so good experience the location is convenient the parking is not. The general setup and operation is inconvenient. However it's interesting to see the baker's at work while you munch on some of the Oddities that they offer there. Most of the staff is Young and unattentive and carry an I don't care attitude but other than that a lot of money was spent building and planning this Bakery slash restaurant. We wish them well and hope they have a successful run as they survive.

Brian McDowell

Excellent coffee and pastries. Glad we found it- just be aware you might have to wait. Everybody else thinks it's that good too.

Heidi Barnett

The food and drinks are wonderful and the staff is super friendly! I was so happy to see that something new was being built in the area that I live. It's on my way to work and super convenient to stop and grab a tea and muffin. I am disappointed though... I went in at two different times and asked for info from the manager to cater for my wedding. I was told that I would receive an email. I still haven't. It's been several weeks. Almost a month since the first time I went in. I then called about a week ago and talked to someone and told them that I had been in two other times and asked for prices and information on how much it would cost to cater. The person apologized for me not receiving anything and told me that I would get a call that evening and an email. It has been over a week and I have still not heard anything. I am very disappointed. Heirloom bakery has become my new favorite place to grab a bite to eat or sit and have a cup of coffee with a friend. The atmosphere is so chill and homey. I love it! But I have not been impressed with my experience recently.

Mathew Hoelting

Awesome baked items! Drinks are delicious as well!

Bobbie Martin

Fresh, fresh, fresh. I had the quiche of the day, very hearty, and my friend had BLT on sourdough. Always friendly service even though you have to bus your own table. My chai latte was a nice addition. Coming at 1.30 helped so no wait.

laila a

Great place for nice breakfast and a cup of coffee,cozy and beautiful decoration

Angelica Bustamante

Yummy! You can taste the love they put into their work

Troy Kyser

Everything is very yummy! Coffee, sweets, bread, sandwiches, you name it it'll be good! If you sit at the bar you can watch them bake and see what their making next!

Michael Skinner

I really liked the atmosphere and service. The food was also great.

Turkey Hungryy

One of the best breakfast sandwiches I’ve ever had!! Build-your-own-biscuit. Egg, bacon, greens. The biscuit is cheesy and delicious.

d n

Nice place to enjoy a meal made from local produce. Lot of pastry variety. Items go fast; they have a bakery list of what days specific goodies are available. Staff have been friendly and informative, thus far. Background music has always been lovely and at a good volume level-not too noisy that you can't have a conversation or enjoy a juicy book. Parking is limited- about 10 to 15 spaces, though. I have been able to find a space on their lot- I usually visit ~0900.

Jane Collins Rafter

Unbelievably delicious if you’re willing to wait just a few minutes to sit on a Saturday morning. Totally worth it and I’m old.

Josiah Casey

Great atmosphere and plenty of nice, helpful workers. B-Y-O sandwich and grilled cheese are great options. They work hard to locally source as many things as possible and everything on the menu is high quality.

Geoff Geist

Banana nut bread was dry and unremarkable. Coffee was hot and unremarkable.


great food and interesting location.

Ron Fields

I stopped in here today simply because it was the closest place to grab a coffee. I had never been here before, and was instantly impressed to see fresh bread on the shelf and bakers working within sight. I ordered coffee, a fresh scone, and fresh from the oven loaf of Sourdough to try. The bread was still hot! I am happy to say everything was really good! The service was quick and very friendly, as well. I will return!


Today was a bad day for Heirloom with food and service. The cashier was rude and rolled her eyes when I asked to sample the orange cold brew, which was tolerable but not exactly the best coffee. However after her impatience, I wasn't going to get anything else. She was most attentive when she looked to see if I tipped her, which I did but regret. Then our biscuits in our B&G and breakfast sandwich were burnt and hard as rocks (pictured), even after they brought us a second batch. This is a would think that would be safe. Normally this place is decent, but today was not their best and I hope they learn to be patient with their customers and food. Sidenote: the rest of the service seemed nice and polite, but unfortunately my cashier was not.

mathieu acker

Good and fresh pastries. Nice space at the counter to observe the making of the delicious threats. Good atmosfear and sitting in the back of the shop.

Paul Toigo

Heirloom offers a wide range of baked goods that are phenomenal, if a bit pricey. The only thing that puts me off about the place is audacity to push for tipping (minimum recommendation of 15% is presented when using a credit card) for quasi-counter service and a demand that you BE A DOLL, BUS IT ALL.


A great neighborhood bakery with interesting and unique flavors to classic bakes. I would recommend one of the toasts, we like the chocolate hazelnut! Haven't tried the poptarts but that is one of their well known favorites!

Patti Sosa

We are so lucky to have a neighborhood bakery of this caliber! Excellent pastries, breakfast sandwiches and bread. Not to mention iced coffee. They are also excellent community partners - you'll see them at farmer's markets, in-kind donations and more!

John LaRoe

yummy baked goods and coffees in a comfortable atmosphere

Ann Cheverton Rogers

Authenic neighborhood vibe - tried the healthy and tasty veg chilli w/harvest kale salad - both delish!

Mace M

Great experience here. Very good baked goods, lots of variety. Very nice atmosphere and design as well.

Michelle Moudy

Great food. Fun snacks. The pop tarts are so yummy

dawn rousseau

Amazing! Cheddar biscuit, egg, cheddar, & chicken was delicious! Great selection of bakery items.

Alexandra McCaughey

Heirloom was my first restaurant experience in KC and it was incredible! Street parking was easy, the customers were very kind and helpful and the employees suggested a delicious latte. It was rosemary and Ginger, I highly recommend it! I got the quiche off of a recommendation from a customer and I loved it! The quiche was bacon, cheddar, potato and onion. The crust was flaky and perfect. Thank you KC!

Daniel Sucher

Great coffee and baked goods. Excellent service.

Tom Edmondson

The Brookside abbreviation also represents Heirloom Bakery. BKS - BEST KEPT SECRET. Great food, great employees and Java. I'll be back.

Betsy Allen

I am addicted to their cheese crackers that come in two different flavors. It would be impossible for me to select a favorite between the two. My husband loves their croissants filled with ham and gruyere cheese. I often pick something up to take for dessert when going to friends'. Everything I have selected has met with rave reviews. Caramel brownies are amazing! Kate and Scott, the owners, are so talented and incredibly hard working. They and all of their staff are welcoming and extremely customer service oriented. I love the quality of the ingredients used and the artistic way that they combine flavors and textures. Finally, their iced coffee is delicious.

Josie Pennington

Huge selection for breakfast, lunch, and dessert! And the coffee was great - I love their iced Mochas. Staff are also super friendly. I would definitely recommend!

Peter Gallo

Hidden gem with a constantly updating menu to serve the freshest food possible.

John Wilczewski

Great bakery and brunch spot.


Great place. Folks are nice. Food and coffee is is good. Really like the layout of the place , decor, and patio.

Megan Tieso

Delicious coffee and baked goods. Lots of seating. Could go to catch up with friends or get work done. Lots of healthy options and gluten free as well.

Griz Wool

Tasty, overpriced, but the staff don't seem to care about customers. Came in and ordered a coffee, clerk said it'd be right out so I sat down to work on some things. 15 minutes later I realized I didn't have my coffee, it was sitting on the counter lukewarm. I interpreted what she said to mean someone would bring it to me. Once you realize no one had come to get their coffee maybe take 30 seconds to let me know it was on the counter?! (Place was mostly empty) Later ordered a sandwich, was sitting waiting for it when I noticed others with sandwiches had chips. Asked the person who brought it if chips are included, apparently yes they are. It's not mentioned on the menu and the (same as earlier) girl behind the counter didn't say anything. Saw the exact thing happen to two other customers before I left. Add in the fact that customers are expected to bus their own tables (according to a cutesy little sign on the tables), and I don't really know why they expect tips. TL;DR good food and coffee, but not so good it's worth being treated like you don't matter by the employees. Especially with so many other great places to go. Won't be back.


One of the few top notch bakeries / coffee house / cafes that have sprung up around the greater KC area last few years. If you enjoy fresh baked on site breads and pastries, with your fancy coffee drink or are in the mood for a creative egg sandwich or biscuits and gravy, etc. This place is for you. Their hours are limited and it can get busy. Worth it!!!

Jeff Howe

Girlfriend had one of their cookies as part of a pairing at the Boulevard Brewing visitors center. It was so good ahe wanted to make a special trip to the bakery. We took the kids and got treats and it was excellent. Much bigger than I was expecting and with lots of seating. She and I now plan to go back for a full breakfast sometime.

Scott Tucci

Awesome little breakfast spot. Great pastries, coffee and breakfast items.

Andrew Presnal

Fresh and tasty

Sally Lloyd

Really enjoyed a visit here for coffee and breakfast. You can watch people prepping and making the baked goods in the open kitchen which is great fun. Food freshly prepared and lovely. Coffee is excellent standard. The whole thing is an Instagram shoot ready to happen! Friendly staff and Friendly atmosphere.

Charlotte Cramer

I've been to this place several times and 8 of the 10 times I ask myself why I bother? It's gorgeous inside and the baked goods really are lovely, so if you don't mind particularly rude staff, at an exceptional price, this place is for you. They can be rude, very rude, regularly. Some of it is so unnecessary too, as though simple communication is just too much effort so just roll your eyes instead. Also there are many aspects that haven't been fully thought out. For one, if you just want a loaf of bread on a Saturday? Forget about it. You'll have to wait in a long breakfast line. Second, do you have a child in diapers? I hope you have a giant automobile that you can change your kid in, cause there isn't a proper place in either bathroom to do it (but there are half a dozen highchairs so...). Take note, you don't have to have an ugly plastic changing station. Happy Gillis has done this beautifully. I think I'll head over and thank them, actually. I'll probably go back again, because: the breakfast sandwich, but I'll regret it...undoubtedly.

Whitney Sipp

DELICIOUS FOOD and great coffee, but we were so disappointed when we pulled up (after driving 30 mins to get there) and they were closed. We checked their website for business hours before we drove there and it said nothing about an extended closure.

Roger Cline

I like this neighborhood bakery good but not great. Prices are high and the Challah bread is like a brick, not very fluffy or tasty. The lunch sandwiches are good though as well as the cookies I've had there.

James Hunter

Great food and drinks. Not cozy.

Amanda Horne

Pretty expensive. Several bakery items with no prices.

Madeline Hogan

Understandably packed! Breakfast was fantastic and the vibe is way cool.


Best lunch spot in Brookside. The Chef Naomi makes arguably the best hot sandwich in Kansas City. This restaurant is like Starbucks meets Whole Foods with a old school spin

Dave Hines

Excellent baked goods - the bakers here are true artists. You pay a premium for the creativity, though - it's not cheap by any means. Was also put off by the prominent default tip amounts on the credit card screen, in a place you order at a counter and carry your own food and drinks to your table, where you find a sign asking you to bus your own table. What, exactly, am I tipping for?

Remington Smith

Great coffee, baked goods, and bright, happy atmosphere

Micah Holdaway

Some of the best pastries we've had in the city. They're doing it right. Continue to meet my high expectations each time I visit.


The food is good; baked foods, salads, sandwiches. All innovative, fresh and well prepared. Something I find OBJECTIONABLE is the preset tip amounts on the register iPad. Mind you, this is a walk up, place your order, get your silverware and sit down place. Or, you may get your food to go. Or is't just a loaf of the delicious pests bread. Whatever it is, the present tip amounts are 15%, 20% and 25%. A 20-25% tip implies a level of service that is quite a bit above this informal set up. It just seems gauche.

Margaret Sweeton

This place is awesome. Locally sourced and wonderful taste combinations. You will come back again and again.

Patrick Dunn

Excellent food and nice facilities. You order at the counter, find your own table, and they bring it to you. Reasonable prices. Very relaxed.

Eric Neuhauser

Great food, great coffee, and great people! Be sure to look at the daily specials because they often have amazing breakfast sandwiches on their freshly baked biscuits.


This place is a few blocks from me and I'm in big trouble! I will soon be significantly heavier as the baked goods are amazing. I was lucky enough to have some strawberry/rhubarb pie. I've never liked it but theirs is now my all time favorite dessert. Yesterday I bought two peanut butter cookies with chocolate sandwiched between. Delicious! Unlike chain places where all the baked goods taste alike, every item here is different and unique. Breads have different tastes and textures and you know you are getting an extremely high quality product. This is a locally owned place so don't expect a chain. Everything seems prepared with great care and there isn't a gigantic selection. The items they have are high quality and extremely good. I doubt they will be going anywhere soon. At least I get to walk there.

Stuart Garrett

Homemade poptarts. That's all you need to know to warrant a visit !


This place is so delicious! I had the biscuits and gravy and a home made pop tart! The biscuit was flakey and delicious with this incredible gravy. The pop tart had fresh fruit filling and I think the crust was made of short bread! I want to come back and try the sausage biscuit sandwich!

Elizabeth Rolfe

Amazing rosemary shortbread!!! Blueberry pop tarts are very good. I have only had one bad experience where the scone I ordered was a little doughy. I didn't care or complain though, everything else is awesome.

Allen Mowat

Fresh, good quality, decent valie

Melody Clevenger

Staff is pretentious with scoffs of annoyance especially towards children. Food is unremarkable and overpriced. We won't be back.

John Pontius

The food is very tasty and seems to use quality ingredients. Price is comparable to high end restaurant

C Connor Rasmussen

got an americano; delicious. breakfast sammie on a perfect herbed biscuit with all the fillings; divine. their house made pesto is bomb. about to dive into a handmade blueberry pop-tart...

Ashley Burdell

Near perfect croissants, sweet and savory pastries that aren’t overly sweet have kept me coming back to Heirloom bakery. The honey lavender biscuit is a no fail; the flavor combination is amazing. Breakfast sandwiches are rustic and delicious. The quiche was quite ordinary, and a bit salty for my taste. Their breads are high quality and the loaves I’ve bought had amazing crusts on them. Also, don’t miss the homemade pop tarts! Super sweet but they’re a special treat! Great selection, staff, and atmosphere. One critique I have is their menu. It’s not simple to navigate because they have several menus (drinks, breads/breakfasts, daily bread schedule). The only thing I would change about this place is the self busing concept. It’s unfortunate that the system doesn’t work as it’s supposed to because people don’t clean up after themselves.

james schaefer

My favorite place for breakfast in all of KC. Delicious pastries. Breakfast sandwich is pure glory...i could eat it for every meal for the rest of my life. :) In house pop tarts are awesome. Friendly and helpful staff. Parking can be tricky because the place stays full. Chill and family friendly environment.

Spencer Lutes

Don't miss out on this not really hidden gem!

Tammy Kudrna

Delectable, great menu and bakery choices. Iced Chai Tea Latte was great!!

Matthew Null

Food was excellent with a very warm and cozy atmosphere!

Melissa Noland

I love Heirloom's products. Their lattes are always beautifully made and they always have some unique offerings. Their bread is great - good crust, chewy on the inside. I also love their homemade poptarts. The only reason they get 4 stars is because of their slow service. It took 19 minutes for me to get toast with cream cheese. So, please, definitely try this place out, but make sure you have time to sit so you can fully enjoy the experience.

Justin Jacobson

The BYO Biscuit Sandwich was the best breakfast sandwich I’ve had.

Steve and Joni Halpin

Great place for quick breakfast that is not fast food.

Caleb Sommerville

A great little neighborhood spot. Pretty darn good breakfast, always a lovely quiet time eating, and crazily tasty pastries. Oh man. Every cookie, brownie, and loaf of bread I've gotten from here is fantastic.

Ann Dickey

Delightful homemade breads and breakfast/brunch options. Got a delightful goat cheese cheesecake.

Will Lehotz

The service was very decent and nice sitting area we had a cup of coffee there no food but it all smelled great

Michael Savwoir

Good food, good crowd!

Natalie Skadra

Beautiful space, gorgeous pastries

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