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REVIEWS OF Donut King IN Kansas

Matthew Ryan

Great crew members and the kindest owners! I love their donuts. Fresh and homemade. They have a huge variety and never run out!

Curtis Scammahorn

The staff is amazing and always friendly. Every time I come in the donuts are always fresh and full! Love you all!

Daniel Hatfield

Is very nice donut place to go they have a very large selection and they have a card where if you get 11 dozen they will punch the card each time and the 12th dozen is free

Stephen Eastep

Four genetation of our family has loved their doughnuts

Terry Irwin

Seriously great doughnuts! This place has doughnuts down! I've been there in the afternoon and they still have a great selection in the cases, unlike other places that are out of everything. They have unusual flavors like maple with actual bacon crumbles on top, what appears to be fruity pebbles on another one, lemon, strawberry, chocolate, peanut butter, orange, and way more than my memory can retain. And every one of them that I've tried has been delicious. Adequate parking lot, fast and friendly service, great prices, clean, well-lit, everything you could want in a doughnut shop and more. They even have a drive-thru!

Elizabeth Clayton

I buy quite a few donuts from donut king to take to some of my clients. I get many compliments and sometimes requests. They have always been Accommodating, The best quality, And pretty in the Box. My favorite is the glades old fashion.

Vanessa Robinson

It smells so good once you step inside! The employees are quick when it comes to preparing your order, and they don't make you feel like you're being rushed to make a selection. And the donuts are pretty delicious, I love the fun variety in flavors that this place offers.

Chris Parish

By far the best donuts in KC. Others have come and gone, but nothing has stood the test of time like Donut King. Fried crispy and delicious sometimes they’re still hot. I’ve been a DK loyal for 20 years.

David B

Good donuts, fun homey atmosphere. Not amazing but good

Kyriana Foster

When I started working in NKC in 2016, Donut King quickly became my guilty pleasure. The variety of donuts, including some funky flavors like popular cereals, combined with awesome extended hours makes this one of my favorite places to pick up donuts. Almost any time of day I'm craving, I can stop by and satisfy my sweet tooth. And the drive thru makes it all the more convenient!

Angela Muir

Oh how we love donut king! It is by far the best donut shop in Kansas City! The yeast donuts are thick, fluffy and delicious. The peanut butter is my personal favorite and not to be missed! We love that they are open all day and late at night so we can get our donut fix anytime!!

Joe Ceritelli

The donuts were great. Probably the most important thing for a donut shop. The building is fairly small but the employees did a great job of getting everyone served quickly.

Joe Dailey

Very good family owned donut shop. Reasonable prices and extremely nice employees.

Harold Nelson

What can I say. Best donuts in town. Staff is very friendly and service is great...

Jeffrey Sams

Great donuts! Been going here since before they moved locations. Miss some the items they used to have, but they have a huge selection that's as good as any around!

Vickie Mersman

The best ever.

daniel grubbs

I come from St Louis where small family donut shops rule. this place makes a reasonably good impression, but I love to nitpick donut shops...there has to be better in Kansas City. the apple fritters are impressive-looking, but a little too crispy for me, and not a chunk of Apple to be found. I also had red velvet cake donut and a bavarian Bismarck (chocolate custard, hello). both were well done but I've had much better of both. thought the chocolate icing especially needed a little more flavor. overall pretty good, though.

Lico Delarosa

If u love fresh donuts in the morning, stop and pick up a dozen or two yummy.

john miller

Hands down the best donuts in Kansas City. Shelby gave us excellent service. Truly a Kansas City tradition.

Jason Eastburn

Great donuts at a reasonable price. Hidden gem in NKC.

Staci Leive

Super yummy apple fritters, peanut butter donuts and other seasonal flavored doughnuts.

Jana Kerns

These donuts are amazing! They have so many crazy choices… But everything we’ve tried has been fabulous!

Donna Crain

Best doughnuts in Kansas City!

Robert Wilson

Great donut freindly staff

Angela Dice

My fav donut place !!!! Awesome hours for us who are craving donuts in evening

Jarod Grobelny

There are not many GREAT donut places in KC. Donut King fills this gap and has some pretty cool and tasty donuts you won't find at a generic Dunkin. Give this place a try!!

Bruce Anderson

Good cinnamon roll.

John Lunchmeat

Awesome variety of doughnuts. Lots of pudding in the bismarks!


Quick and very friendly staff ready to help as soon as you walk in. Great selection of donuts, pastries, cupcakes, and very large cinnamon rolls (big as your head large). Great place to stop by on the weekend and they have a drive thru. I'll definitely return for more sweet treats some day.

Dennis Cahill

Best cake donuts on the planet.

Taylor Miller

Amazing donut shop. Cheap, fresh, and friendly is the name of the game here. They make great seasonal donuts and each one is unique. Their classics are lovely and I am always impressed with the variety here. Well worth getting a dozen even if you're usually a bag o donut person. They make great desserts to take to any gathering. Can't recommend them enough!

Allan Wrinkle

Great taste at great prices

Sara Tanus

Always friendly, always delicious!!!

Steve s

Nice but expensive

Deb Cusic

Caramel Pecan Cinnamon Roll that comes in its own cake box. They made it fresh and it is the best I've ever had. The service at the drive-thru window was superb, friendly and engaging. Start your day with a laugh and a memorable moment.

Chase Nelson

Great selection of donuts at cheap prices. I stopped in and picked up a bunch of donuts for work and barely spent a dime. Worth it.

Lisette Norena

Very friendly staff. I reccomend the strawberry shortcake donut.

geisha monifa

Pretty busy spot- delicious donuts and friendly service

James Ring

Best doughnuts in the northland!

tyrone lee

The donuts were very tasty


great selection!

Jason Pool

In my professional doughnut eating opinion, this is truly the King if donuts. The selection is amazing, the quality is superb, the flavors are extravagant, and the service is top notch! Open 24 hrs a day makes it easy to satisfy your craving whenever it may hit. Long live the donut king!

Kevin Graham

Walked a mile and a half to get here from the snakes Saturday parade. Totally worth it.

Katherine Delgado

The batter is as good as the frosting

Olivia Williams

Great donut shop! Love when you walk in you can see them making fresh donuts. Busy sometimes in the mornings but always get you in and out quickly. I could go on and on about what donuts are my fav but you really cant' go wrong with any of them. Clean shop and very nice employees. Love me some Donut King!!

Joel Fortin

Always a great staple when you need good tasting donuts!!!

Mike Peck

Excellent donuts. great price

Laura Machala

Great little donut shop with a lot of choices and a friendly staff.

Flyin Brian

So Good... Try the Snickers donut!

Maria C

So good do not leave without getting a peanut butter donut. They are incredible.


Pricey but good !

James Bland

Great place! Fast and easy. Always my 1st choice when it comes to doughnuts.

Ryan Peterson

The donuts are fine, but there are better donut shops in Des Moines for the same price. Nevertheless, if you are on the East side of Des Moines, it is a good place to grab a cake donut.

Heatha H

One of The best spots to get doughnuts ever in history of doughnuts.. Little can hold a match to the quality, taste, and price.

Kristy Maxwell

Recently i have noticed some of their recipes seem different in a BAD way. I used to go a cpl times a week but now after MANY disappointing experiences i have found a new place.

Summer Mulford

The donuts are amazing and the staff is so friendly! I love this place

Deirdra Scott

Donut King is my FAVORITE place and really only place to buy donuts! There are four of us friends who after going to dinner, we stop in to buy dessert and to get extra for the week. I'm a traditionalist in my donut choices...plain cake, glazed but your chocolate covered peanut is the cat's meow for me!!!!

Eric Johnson

I enjoy coming to this


I found Doughnut King by accident while on a work trip ! I will forever remember how amazing their doughnuts are !!! Amazing old fashion doughnuts with so many flavor options ! My favorites Included lemon orange and cherry ! They were open late and still had a lots of options choose from !

James Robertson

The donuts are great!!! Nice place

Amber Scouten

Everything was amazing and fresh! Red Velvet cupcake for dessert ... YES PLEASE!

Josh Bryant

Normally this is my #1 donut stop, but I’m finding the donuts getting smaller and smaller and the prices keep going up. My fav was a chocolate long john filled with white cream. The french cruller are great also. I had been a fan since they were located off of Chouteau Trafficway.

Timothy Rich

Great donuts. Great service and very friendly people who have a smile on their faces

David Allman

Love this place

Helen Scott

Good flavors

Kim Knight

My favorite donut is an old fashioned, they have a true old fashioned here that is yummy! I gave 4 stats because I'd never been here b4 & I went through drive thru to get my donuts. When I asked questions the staff seemed bothered by it.

Shana Fernandez

Best donut shop in northland!

Rachel Toledo-Miller

Donut King, you were one of my first and last stops when I came back to KC to visit after moving away 4 years ago! I have searched all over my new home town in Phoenix looking for donuts as fresh, moist, flavorful and delicious as Donut King Cake Donuts, and they do not exist. The Donut King Cake Donuts are amazing! They use quality ingredients, you can tell. The flavors of each donut are perfectly balanced and pop through! Vanilla tastes rich. Caramel tastes smooth. The toppings compliment the cake, not over power it. If something can taste like "love," it is a Donut King donut!

Chris Velasquez

Have been going to this place since it was on the old Chouteau road. My kids love this place also!! Will always come back.

Jeffrey Lafferty

Friendly service and a huge selection of donuts! Delicious and fresh!

Steven Newendyke

Glad this is far away from me. Best donuts ever. Ever.

Amy Cook

Best doughnuts arond

Bryan M

Great donuts and Great service. The cream cheese danishes are excellent as well.

Matthew Keenoy

My favorite donuts in KC. Excellent product and great service make it an all around great place.

rodney phillips

Not the normal older ladies working, it was a bunch of young girl. Super super rude! I will be going to Ray's donut next time.

Kim Peek

Best donuts around. Always fresh. Staff is friendly and professional.

Deanne Foreman

Had a not done pumpkin donut. I called them just to tell them.They told me they would replace this.They gave me more then one donut.The rest of the donuts were good.I will go again and again.

Karen Laughlin

Love this place. Great donuts. Go there all the time. Staff very helpful and friendly.

DeMorris Glasper

My daughter and I love this donut shop we like to stop in when ever we are in the area. Staff is always so and helpful when trying to select from the many different donuts that they offer. Do you like sweet treats you enjoy the sweet smell to the atmosphere as you walk through the door. I'm a fan of the gla's but that's because I grew up on glazed donuts in general. I've tried many of their flavors and I don't think any of them are bad. I definitely recommend going to visit if you have not already.

WWE Just Nicholas

Excellent service. The donuts were fresh and delicious! I had the lemon cake donut and the strawberry cream cheese cake donut. Both were very good!

kathryn barry

Awesone as always! Those cinnamon rolls.............DELICIOUS! Service very friendly!

Kellys Peppers

Very good fresh made donuts, may be best in town.

Mark Phillips



Food is good. Place seems clean. Customer service is meh, employees are always rushing around like they’re drowning in work and there’s maybe 3 customers in line(I get it there could be an order ahead but it’s also 6am on a Saturday), they always have a “glazed”(teehee) look in their eye and act like you’re the last person they wanna see. Just at least try and greet me with a little bit of enthusiasm, it goes a long way.

Michaela Terry

Huge surprise. Didn't know it was there. Extremely tasty and cute place. Delicious, almost to the point of addiction.

Nychole Amor

Great service, great donuts

David Kucharski

A good local donut shop. Although, next time I need to get in earlier for more selection. But that's on me! I think the whole city had donuts on the brain that Saturday morning when I went in. The place was PACKED , and it was so heavily staffed that the employees had to wait turns for access to the donut cases! Kudos to their eagerness to help us all so quickly.

steve garrett

some of the best cake doughnuts n town

Jessica Parker

Omg their glazed are fantastic, and I havent had a donut there that I didn’t like.

gerald shaw

Awesome selection of donuts

Victoria Hinkle

Great variety! Friendly staff!

mike mcpheeters

Great variety

Kathy Camacho

Love this place too much! Lol it's hard to go by and not stop in for a great donut!

Stephanie Fugitt

Best doughnuts in kc

Angela Blackmon

Quick fast and delicious

Robert Eddy

Best donuts in KC

Seairra Bruntmyer

Domuts were amazing. Service amd attitude of workers not so much.

scott henness

The best cream cheese filling ever according to Pete!

Monte Cox

Excellent donuts - enough sugary sweetness in every bite to literally make your head spin.

Robert Fuimaono

Great donuts. Price isn't bad either.

Christopher Allin

Excellent variety of fresh doughnuts. They were about a buck apiece, and well worth it in my opinion. The cinnamon toast crunch donut was a hit with the kids. I really enjoyed the bavarian cream. Would definitely recommend.

Laura Katchmarik

My company needed 5 dozen specialty donuts in just an hour and not only were they boxed up and ready to go, the staff was SO friendly and accommodating!! Best part is that the donuts were AMAZING and wowed everyone. We will definitely be back!!!!!

Dahc Deeper

It's just awesome that they are open till midnight most nights. And they are So good!

John Martinez jr

It use to be a whole lot cheaper than it is now cause a half dozen donuts were 4.25 but now they're charging 5.95 for them which is a little pricey to me since I'm a valued customer that has been comin here since they were off of Chouteau Trafficway in the late 90s early 2000s neither in North Kansas City and I think they need to raise their prices just because they're in a new location so in my opinion next time I want to get a half dozen donuts I'm going to either Dunkin Donuts or LaMar's Donuts because they're a hillock she / dinner Donut King is now charging for just a half dozen donut

Nicolai Laquaglia

Best doughnuts in Kansas city in my opinion.

Kelly Turner

Great donuts and friendly staff, what's not to like? Really yummy bismark pastry, filled with Bavarian cream, lemon custard, cherry, strawberry, or blueberry filings. I always stop by when I'm in the area!

Jacque Voss

The fruity pebbles donut rocks!!!

Cameron Younglove

Amazing place for high end donuts! Also have massive cup cakes that are great for birthdays or any occasion.

Amber Clark

Okay for a late night sweet tooth.

Anji A

Used Doordash last night and got the cream cheese cinnamon roll, red velvet cupcake and strawberry and cherry donut. All were soft and flaky and satisfied our sweets cravings. The cupcake looked like it came from a fancy cake shop and was better than I expected. In fact, I'm eating it for breakfast now. I have been missing out. I would even say they are Krispy Kreme good and maybe even better. Thank you, my people at Donut King.

Hoby Harper

Best Doughnuts around

Trent Mordhorst

Great breakfast treat

Bob S

These are the best donuts anywhere. Everything thing is so good.

Brian Hatcher

Hard to beat this place. It has a drive through too.

Rae Marquart

Great selection friendly service delicious cupcakes

Jose. G Gonzalez

The best donuts in the metro area

Jon Spradlin

Always Good, Always Fresh. Never low on donuts. Everything is always soo good.

Chelsea Edwards

My daughter and I frequently go to donut king. They have fun creative donuts along with all the classics. Everyone is so speedy and friendly and if you have to wait (for seemingly more than 30 seconds) they apologize for the wait. We like to dine in if we have an extra couple minutes to spare in the morning. The cinnamon rolls are like out of a dream. GET THE CREAM CHEESE FROSTED CINNAMON ROLL! ❤

Elizabeth Peresic

The best Apple fritters in the North Land.

Jenni O'Connor

This is one of our favorite stops when we are in KC!!

sri chaitanya peddinti

Just loved it. Best donut I've ever had.

Shalanise Walker

They are the bomb so good

Christy Zeltner

I Love their donuts. So soft and tender. Not dense. Great variety. Love that they are open late.

Alex A

Long time eater, first time commenter. Some of the freshest donuts around are found here. Great veriety. Recently the frosting has been somewhat iffy, maybe too hot at application. The hours are really agreeable too, being open late matters a lot for those of us who are up nights.

Kimberlee Jones

They're the best donuts I've ever had!!! I wish there was more of these around.

Mikayla Jo

Havent been here so not sure why it's showing that I have been.

V Young

My first time here was to pick up a large order for a corporate event. They were very accommodating and friendly. Everything was as promised at a fair price. 300+ people at a corporate event raved about all of the fantastic sugary creations. Thank you Donut King!

Rob Frederick

Maple Bacon donut was great!

joselyn garcia

My partner and I were very excited about coming here because it was my first time. The brown haired, young girl at the register taking our order was rude and condescending. As we were choosing our donuts she looked at us and very rudely said, "are you going to tap that glass again, I'm not getting your donut if you tap on that glass one more time. I just cleaned it." I strongly recommend that her manager if not the owner of that establishment give her a lesson on good customer service. We will not be coming here again because we felt unwelcomed.

Chasity star morgan

I had my first donut king experience today. We got a mixed dozen, two “frostaccinos”, and a cinnamon roll THE SIZE OF YOUR HEAD! After the first bite of the cinnamon roll I truly forgot we’d even gotten anything else! This is THE BEST cinnamon roll I’ve ever had. Aside from the food, the staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. I voiced that we were new customers and needed some time to decide and the woman helping us, who’s name I wish I’d gotten, took her time to layout all of our options. She was very helpful with all of our questions. The building was clean. The cases were full. The donuts are amazing.

Jerry Zitterman

It is excellent. However, I resent you messing with my phone. I'm sick of it and I want it to stop.. Where and when I go is my own business. You people are sick! Leave me the hell alone. Look, all I wanted was a donut, not the KGB.

Kevin Ginther

Easily some of the best doughnuts in the city! Dozens and dozens of flavors and styles all made fresh in house throughout the day! They also have a very wide hours of operation to accommodate people working any shift or those late night cravings. I highly recommend Donut King as they truly are the king of doughnuts!

Melanie Biggers

Delicious! Very helpful staff. I now understand why the line was out the door!


Bake more so you don't run out by 7am..

Angel Peer

Great tasting donuts and friendly employees. So many to choose from had to bring home 13. We were lucky enough to get some warm melt in your mouth glazed donuts.

Jennifer Dawn

The best donut place in town... Amazing customer service. Call in orders are welcomed, especially on first fridays of the month! Loyalty cards are definitely a plus! Try them out, u won't regret it!!

C. Dozier

There is nothing in Sanford, FL that compares.

Christina Mudd

I love this place, donuts are always warm

LJ Johnson

My FAVORITE Donut Place North of 70

Savannah Howell

I was really excited to work with Donut King but it was a huge let down. I was quoted an extremely low price when I called about 3 months before my wedding and was told to call and place my order 2 weeks before the wedding. So I do and the new woman I spoke to was very indignant that they would have never quoted me that price. So they re-quoted me about $15 higher... Seriously no big deal at all!! I was not upset about this but she made it so unpleasant with her attitude. When my husband shows up to pick up the donuts on the wedding day, they charged him about $40 more than what we had been re-quoted 2 weeks prior! We were furious. The icing was also not the right color at all. Extremely disappointing experience. At least they tasted good.

Kristen Franklin

Lovin those pastries! Maple bacon...yummy in my tummy!

Alyssa Rose

I won't lie it's hard to be in the mood for breakfast when you walk in and the first thing I see is an employee sitting in the lobby eating taco Bell with her shoes off like it's her front room. I understand people need lunch breaks (950am) but isn't there an employee break room? Or at least leave your shoes on? Other than that good donuts.

Hannah Perkuhn

Delicious donuts! I highly recommend the carmel delight donut.

Raymond Woods

Great place

Victoria McLear

Yummy donuts and fun staff!

Sarah James

Clean, cozy and the donuts are delicious! I loved this place as a kid and it's every bit as good as I remembered!

Tina Montejano

2 ND time in and it won't be the last. My new favorite place

Magical Hoops

Open late, and if you catch em after they just a did a batch it's so tasty. But even towards the end of it's shelve life the donuts are amazing. And they usually have some good experimental flavors going on. And a dozen for just $10!? Wow.

Nick Leiker

Not too bad. Great customer service. The 3 donuts I got were good, but not great. Not sure what they're known for, but I got the original glazed, old fashioned and apple caramel.

Dana Skaggs

Fresh and delicious donuts every time! Great price and friendly staff! I love their pumpkin donuts❤

Tom Vanderpool

You get fat(er) just walking in the door but that's what you're there for! VERY good donut shop, just wish it were closer to my house. But then I probably wouldn't be able to get in my car since i had put on so much.

SpongeBob SquarePants

The donuts are SO good!

Jason B.

First time visiting today, will definitely return. Friendly staff! Doughnuts & cupcakes every where. Several flavors of gooey cakes, too.

Amy Bozick

I am not normally a cake donut person but their's are amazing!!!

Joseph Weeks

some of my donuts were raw on the inside. i rather go to quicktrip

Whitney Standlea

There are so many good reasons to love the Donut King. Their donuts always tastes fresh, but they also always have a full selection. It is amazing to have a good donut place that is open 24/7. Nothing like being able to go in and get an evening donut treat for the kids! There are always cheerful inside, and they give back to the community with coupons and discounts for local organizations such as the library's summer reading program. I also love their seasonal Donuts, especially their strawberry cream cheese cake donut. Whenever we go out of town, we always leave early and take the kids by here for a special treat! Note that they also sell cupcakes although I've never had those, and they have some healthier options such as fruit that you can pick up while you're there.

Scott Smith

The crullers are super yummy.

David Barton

My favorite donut shop by far. If I am ever in Clay County, I make sure to go here. Excellent donuts, unique flavors like peanut butter and orange. I used to like Dunkin Donuts the most, until I discovered Donut King!

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