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REVIEWS OF Cafe Europa IN Kansas

Jay Kimball

This is a nice neighborhood cafe with a varied menu and incredible pastries. I had the quiche Lorraine, which was nicely moist without being runny. The crust was perfectly baked and tasty. The grilled onions were flavorful without being overwhelming. The house salad is nicely served with the house vinaigrette dressing. I look forward to sampling more of their well prepared cuisine soon.

Keith Anderson

The Cafe is comfortable, the meal & drinks & dessert were incredible, and served quickly!!!

Bob Clark

Craig Henkle

great food, great service, Susan is a very knowledgeable bar tender.

Jason Fort

One of our KC favs. Usually go here for drinks and desserts but went for Valentine's Day. So romantic and the hanger steak was superb.

Cindy Sullivan

Always awesome!

Edward Straley

Pamela Cervantes

Went for brunch. Delicious food.

Kevin Curtin

Damon Paul

A real gem

Aritra Bhattacherjee

Overall nice place. What's best? Their baked stuff..hands down! You might as well buy some off the front counter and walk away. For dine in, to my judgment, they underperform for what they project. For the price line and level they apparently serve, cooking skill is mediocre. Ingredients are however good. Why still 4 stars? It overall gives a nice experience, good for two or small groups..and certainly for their desserts and bakery! Saying that not being even a sweet lover.

James Wartell

Best brunch in KC!!! Sundays only.

Sean McFarland

I love Cafe Europa. The food is exquisite, the atmosphere is relaxed. The portions are decent, but do leave room for their signature lemon cake. It is a must. I've been for dinner, and Sunday brunch as well, and this is one of my very favorite places now.

Gwen Shirkey

Love the quaint, warm atmosphere, terrific service and delicious food. A favorite spot in Kansas City.


Gary Myers

Excellent food, Devin gave us great service. The only negative was the bad drinks.

David Wolfe


Mack Savage

Z. M.

Great atmosphere and great food.

Deidre Langseth

Kellen Rotert

Jim Phillips

Excellent. Great location, ambience, service, food, libations, desserts. A favorite.

Cory Puckett

Nicholas Pogany

Pierre Hourquebie

Delicious dinner. Fantastic Bordeaux wine selection.

Mike nimmo

Ron Clond

Intimate, small local bistro with excellent food. Bakery items are outstanding as well

TT Tansey

High quality paleo lunch options. Excellent baked goods!!! Interesting tea room environment with limited menu.

Alankar Patel

Wonderful food and excellent service!

Elisha Katamura

lisa haigh

European small cafe atmosphere, pleasant wait person, delicious food.

Joseph Spirk

andrea b

Very cute, very friendly spot with a simple, sophisticated menu. Wine list is well curated.

Jonathan Fryer

This has been a favorite for a few years now. Good food, great service!

John Rose

I'm an Uber driver, so I went in for a coffee and hit the jackpot! Oooh the pies and cup cakes! So fresh, soooo delicious this is my new mid Town spot. P.s. the music was all that too

Kris DeLaurier

Julie Bowers

This is one of my favorite restaurants in Kansas City. I've had breakfast, lunch and dinner here many times and the food is always outstanding and the service is good. Everything is very fresh, beautifully presented and feels like a European cafe. The bakery and pastries are the best in Kansas City! I can never resist if I'm even close to the restaurant. You won't be disappointed at Cafe Europa!

Reed Anderson

A great place to eat. The food and service are always top notch. Reminds me of a fine French brasserie. The Green Salad is my go to choice for lunch and you can't go wrong with any of their desserts.

Scarlett Cooley

Thomas Creach

Melinda Dreesman

nick crofoot

Linda Collier

Mary Anne Sneshkoff

Mileivy M Marquez

(Translated by Google) It is very cute. Good attention. At first I thought it was a caffe to sit talk to drink coffee or tea but it's a restaurant (Original) Esta muy lindo. Buena atención. Al principio pensé que era un caffe para sentarse hablar tomar café o tea pero es un restaurant

Patrick Brooks

There were 10 of us having different bagels, cream cheese spreads, and pastrami- tasting lox. All delicious. Too often bagels are bread with a hole in the middle. These are really bagels--delicious. We went on Sunday and it was a good busy, but not crowded.

David Deckert

The food and service are great! Can't make it out the door without a quick stop at the bakery for a little something for the road.


Steven Berger

terrific food, service and drinks; our table had the special of the day pizza (light and fluffy, tasty) , some great cocktails (elderflower in one and the best Manhattan i have had in kcmo), trout and pork belly. all wonderful.

Kolika Simmons

This is easily one of Kansas City's classic Staples. It's really popular with the blue-haired crowd, but that shouldn't stop you from going there. It's wonderfully old world with a passionate staff that cares an awful lot about their product. It's really great to see the classic techniques of The Culinary world not going to waste!

ACynical Narcissist

Pirmin Kopta

Good date spot

Jim Rush

Brenda Thompson

The food was excellent but our waiter had an bad attitude, not personable, and slow to serve us throughout the night. Came in at 7:30 and left at 9:25. 2 hours is too long to be in any restaurant. He was also hesitant when we requested the beet salad to share between us before our main coarse. He didn't think it was enough to share but on the contrary. I had the scallops which were great. The other 3 guest with me had 3 different entrees which were perfect. The waiter didn't offer dessert after coming with the bill despite me stating we wanted dessert. He finally came back with a menu. Dessert was great. I had my favorite, lemon cake. He gave us the bill then walked away for several more minutes after he seen us put in the cards. My husband finally flagged him down. He came over, we said thank you, he gave us a dirty look and walked away for another 10 minutes. Horrible service!!

John Becker


Raphael Brown

The desert

Beth Anderson

Tanya Bartlett

Philip Read

Is good

Carol Head

Chirag Patel

Went to pick up a lemon cake for a friends wedding but someone else had already picked it up. They stayed with me while I called to confirm that someone else had picked it up. They gave me a cookie for my troubles. Will be back. The lemon cake is a must



Jose Sparza

tim mccullagh

Great drinks and very engaging bartender

C Louise Laubach

Kevin Sabacky

Christine Webster

Lucas Kirchhoff

Great dessert!

Nichole Burrow

Courtland Park

Quaint upscale eatery with great wine selection and a lemon cake to die for.

Elise White

Wonderful food and ambience. A special place. Excellent desserts as well.

Austin Hamm

Daylen Holly

David Edwards

Jeramy Page

Fantastic restaurant for dinner or a nightcap. Desserts are always a hit and I've yet to be disappointed. The food rotates with availability and season;you'll leave satisfied.

Dayna McDaniel

Only had one of the desserts to go when I visited here but it was a delicious cheesecake-yummy! Must go back soon for a meal, very comfortable ambiance.

Carol Wagner

A++ Wonderful atmosphere. Great service and the delicious food and bakery items! This is as good as it gets!

Josh Ellis

Pamela M

We enjoyed our experience at this restaurant. The people behind the bar are friendly and helpful. The wine selection is interesting as well, with several wines of nice complexity.

Charles Lynn

Grace Blanchard

Desserts are heavenly

Angry Runner

I think our waiter, Tim, was hungover. He was polite but rather absent. Pouring half cups in the already tiny coffee cups. With the decor, menu, and unique charm i had high expectations for the food. The food was bland and far from interesting. Coffee was burnt and bitter, reminiscent of chicory

kevin Donnelly

Bill our waiter was great! Food is amazing. We will be back soon.

Amber Brown

Seth Kiefer

The pasta was bland and underseasoned. The pomme frites were really just thick-cut soggy fries; all at an over-inflated price. Staff and atmosphere was friendly

Linda Mcnicholas

Food OK, people nice.

Dustin Kindall

Doug Stone

Excellent upscale food in an intimate dining area. Some of the staff were a little off the night we ate there. Otherwise terrific.

Teresa Dirks

Marta Henshaw

I love this restaurant locally owned great food!

Dorene Disbrow

Warm hospitable hosts in a cozy atmosphere with amazing food.

Rachel D

Wonderful meal from starters to dessert. The fries are lovely and the beet salad was one of the best I have had in town. The steak was lovely but the potatoes and garlic cabbage with microgreens stole the show on the dinner plate. Holy cow that lemon cake packs a beautiful lemon punch. I also grabbed a small pie and a slice of almond cake from the bakery before leaving.

Susan Scanlon

Bread was stale on my sandwich chicken salad days old

Leah Panther

donna reynolds

Always a wonderful experience!

Jacob Hahn

Not sure if I can ever go anywhere else for Steak Tarare. Upon suggestion from a regular, I ordered the steak tartare as a meal with an order of fries. I was blown away but the detail and effort put into the Tarare. It was as elegant on the tongue as it was the eyes. The capers do an excellent job of completing the complex flavors. The fries were of Belgian/Dutch upscale style and go excellent with mayonnaise. I will try to test their legendary brisket Burger next time if I can keep my hands off the tartare.

Holland G Humphrey

Good food, nice ambience. Will be going back soon.

Tammy Jensen

Victor Vabson

Hands down the best lemon cake ever. I've been coming here for 3 years, and their lemon cupcakes with cream cheese icing are top notch. I love the staff there, always warm and inviting. Come sit at the bar and enjoy a slice of lemon heaven with an americano. The restaurant features an ever changing seasonal menu. Which is impressive.

Terry Wilson

Rachael Redler

Baked goods are on point. For the price you get a made from scratch delectable treat. Enjoyed a strawberry lavender bar with some blueberry headband...incredible!

Catherine You

Great cozy little restaurant with amazing service and great food. (The Sunday Supper is a fun, easy, and yummy night out )

James Parks

Sean Callahan

Carol Busch

Angie Taylor

Laura Seymour

Quaint and nice. The food is good, but the dessert case is where it's at. I'd sell my right arm for the chocolate chess pie. The carrot cake is also delish.

Vee Osborne

Whitney Sullivan

Lisa Haigh

Always excellent. Peaceful atmosphere

janice williams

Christopher Wells

Josh Stephens

Fabulous and quaint. Great place for an amazing dinner with a group filled with laughs and lots of delicious flavors.


Wow- what a disappointment. This is NOT the Europa of the past. The food was horrible and over salted to the point of inedible (tuna salad sandwich) and the bread was tasteless. The Caesar salad was over dressed and served in a side salad bowl and the salmon on top was unseasoned and raw. I had to return the salmon to have it cooked correctly, and it still did not improve the taste. I couldn’t stomach eating the rest of salad. The service was very lacking as well, the server never asked how the food was and then we asked about desserts, she told us to get up and look at the desert case! I wish I wouldn’t have gone back and that I could have lived with the memory of how great Europa used to be. What a waste of money on a $50 lunch!

Julia Graves

I love this cafe the people and the atmosphere is fantabulous. I drive 52 miles round trip to visit so that tells you alot.

Andrew Leonard

Delicious. It's quite out of the way for me and any of my errands but it'll be worth going back. The pastry case was pretty bare when I got there around noon I think, which is a shame, but that seems to be this city.

Jodi Dyer

Ruth Stark

I normally love the food and atmosphere at this place. It’s where I have gone for every birthday dinner and celebration for years. This past time the hostess was absolutely brutal. She sat us at a table and then 5 minutes later came over with another patron right behind her and tried to tell us we were sitting at the wrong table. We offered to move but she apparently she just wanted to try and make us feel terrible and then move along with her day. I asked her if there was a problem and she continued to try and blame us (with a raised voice) for sitting at a reserved table — where she personally sat us. Being in the service industry and blaming a patron for your mistake to me is inexcusable.

Sherri Bertram

Matt Keller

Great food. Great pastries!!

Krissy Diggs

Very quiet and charming. Great food. Lovely.


Great at the bar! For dinner

Jackson Braatz

Excellent food and service for a great price.

Jenny L

Scallops and lemon cake (obviously not together). Best things on the menu!

Donna Cushman

Nice atmosphere and menu choices

Marion Boyd

Nick H.

This place has great brunch and dinner, best of all there is rarely a wait for a table. They also have plenty of delectable desserts made in house that are worth a try.

Patty Hazel

Nice for all ages. Granddaughtes loved the pizza. First time for us our host had been there many many times

Becky Hartke

Really cute atmosphere and lovely, simple dishes. Very cute place for a date night. :)

Robert Barrows

Raymond M Coveney Jr

Reid Bangert

We always have a wonderful experience here. Cute and easy location and the food is really good.

Wanda Bonner

Katie Olsen

I've never had a bad experience here. Great food and service!

Thomas Brinker

Stephen Hoffman

Excellent food.

Oscar Campos-Soto

Hanna Oswald

James Mills II

Bryon Whitman

Texas Books

Kay at Cafe Europa went above and beyond helping bring JOY to a birthday girl. Thanks for everything!

Jon Johnson

J Stuart Hoffman

Abigail Tempel

Excellent service, pleasant helpful staff and consistently great entrees and appetizers. Wait staff Emily and Taylor are outstanding!

Chris Hobbs

Jack Sippel

Small and fun. Local chef and interesting food. Bakery onsite and all items looked scrumptious. A little pricey.

Stephanie Heher



I can't even make this stuff up.. We ordered two bottles of sparkling water and the cup they brought was so dirty I thought maybe she just grabbed the wrong one? I let the server know and she brings a new glass and set down a plate for the Catalina muscles. Once again the plate was covered in food particles. At first I looked around as if maybe I was on a reality prank show? I couldn't believe it just happened again?? So here's where it gets even weirder. I let the server know and her response is "that's alright because thats where the shells go?!.. The two of us looked at each other in disbelief, and I turned and insisted I recieve a clean plate. Server eventually sizing up the plate says "well yea this one is pretty bad". She returns with another plate and relies "Sorry about that we don't have a dish-washer working today"... Ummmm Houston we have a problem... Nervous to really continue our meal, we realize the Cuban's missing the pickles. The server was at the bar behind us speaking to a bar patron while we couldn't get her attention. Three times a charm with "Maam excuse me". As she whips around and says "Yea, Whats up?!" My guest now irritated points out the sandwich is missing ingredients. Server says, "We'll bring you some". She brings out a cup with pickles and apologetically says "I told the cook but he just shook his head". Oook not sure what that means. The owner is having words with a customer in the restaurant now and the customers little girl has some french fries from the local food truck festival with her... Buddy, let the kid have her fries. The customer then starts venting to our server. We're purely being entertained at this point, but not sure what will go to the bottom line faster, saving 8 bucks on a dishwasher or making the kid throw their french fries out. My suspicion is the majority of customers just come to sit on the patio in the evening, and are mostly oblivious. You may wanna grab a pair of ear-plugs since they were blaring Brittney Spears 90's music. Awesome! Which is probably the last time it had any updating. My reccomendation is to order ANYTHING not requiring plateware or utensils to be washed. Comeon guys.

Gentle John

Nice casual cuisine. Good food. Great place for a special night out.

Lucas McNabney

Katie Wetzel

The service is excellent and the food is always delicious! Each member of my family has a different food preference, but we're all happy here. It's one of our regular places for a nice meal.

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