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1150 Minnesota Ave, Kansas City, KS 66102, United States

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REVIEWS OF Bonito Michoacan IN Kansas

Edward R. Haro

I've been here a few times now. I'd probably say this is one of the top spots to get tacos and other entrees. They are usually very busy especially during lunch hours which is to be expected but they are very quick. The parking can be a hassle during peak hours, but it's worth it. I've had their Asada, Pastor, Lengua, Tripa, and Carnitas tacos. They've all been delicious and well flavored. Aside from the tacos, I've also had the Parrillada (eckrich sausage, marinated rib ends, onions with rice and beans) and it was absolutely amazing. Do keep in mind that this does take time as they cook for each order. It's a large portion so you make room! There's also a little store inside as well if you need to do a little grocery shopping while you eat/order. Overall, I'd definitely recommend this place for tacos.

Thom P

Having lived in Los Angeles and San Diego for over 20 years, I am accustomed to REAL Mexican food. Look no further, this is the REAL food.

Barry Lewis

Everything was amazing.

Brently Palmer

Some of the best tacos in Kansas City. You can’t wrong with the meats. I usually get the chicken, steak, or pastor. So good! Don’t go too late as they are so popular they will run out.

Irene Rodriguez

Service was good and very friendly, I ordered my dinner to go, so it was rather disappointing that they don't allow you get salsas from the bar to go, if you want them you have to buy the normal size container when you only want a small serving.

Jim Roberts

Delicious! Authentic! Well priced! Very casual! Bring your appetite! How does a non-Latino couple know they are in a good Mexican restaurant? (besides Google reviews!) When you can look around the room and you're the only ones not speaking Spanish! Worth a visit. Hope my review is helpful.

Lolita Cano

Excllent quality produce at low price and tacos are good!

Kristin Edwards

Love this place!

sherri moten

Love them, really good authentic food, I go every week!!

Joel Leiva

good food and good price.

Gloria Rodriguez

The food is authentic. They have horchata as well. This is a grocery store, meat market, cafeteria. Shop, but make sure you eat. Staff is friendly and fast.

Lachlan McDonald

Cheap groceries and good food.

Victoria Restrepo

Perfecto! This is the only place to get decent Mexican food in KS or MO. The grocery section here is amazing if you know what it is. Definitely not for the easily queasy.

Kyle W

They were super busy, but also quick. The food was hot and delicious. The staff was so helpful and awesome. The parking is tough, the dining area is barely big enough for their popularity, but they have bottle openers for your glass Coke bottles! Awesome! Reasonable prices and a good time.

Zach Cobb

Absolutely the best REAL tacos in town. These are street tacos that I haven't found anywhere near the Kansas City area! Replicate tacos I've tasted from my family & other street tacos I've had in Austin & El Paso, Texas. If you want to experience the real taste of tacos, you have got to try these!

Becca Lor

Food was great but poor customer service. The person who took my order was quick and fast. However when it came time to pay I used debit and took out my card to early. That part was my fault. The cashier gave the biggest sigh, Eye roll and yelled at me, everyone wondered what happened. What was worse was that I was surrounded by so many people who could have stole my card info, that's why I pulled my card out a little to early. There were people who waited on their order and were just a little to close. I had to retype my pin out in the open. No privacy, I will say that I will never pay with a card again at any place like that. No thank you to anyone who could have stealed my card info.

Donovan Castaneda

The service is fast the prices are good and the food is fresh in the staff makes you feel welcome

Ricardo Mata

There service is great,and so is there food there lines move quickly,gracias

Adam Langhofer

As authentic and local as you can get.

Mark R

Love the food and the people!

Christina Calderon

I've been coming here for 7yrs, and the food is not like it use to be!! And there plato is a lot smaller than it was before, anyway the price on that is to high and the meat has more grease, less flavor and I'm paying for more to get less

Richard Rocha

It was delicious!

Raymond James

Nice place, very friendly staff, and it looked as though everyone was enjoying their meals from the kitchen ...& they have a very nice full service fresh meat counter !!

Tracy Plant

Amazing food!

Harry Lim

It was very good really busy

Bo Flores

Insanely perfect and delicious! From the carne asada to al pastor, carnitas, lengua, pollo and barbacoa...all are amazing every time. Great staff and clean environment. After 7 years....still simply incredible.

Maite Restrepo

As always messy dirty and loud the music sucks and the food prices going up and the amount of food decreasing with the quality

Michelle Saxon

OMG...super friendly and wonderful food!! Accepting of all ethnicities and mitigating the language barrier.

Patrick Joyce

I go on Tuesday and get Carnitas for a dollar. Very good food.

Sherry Novick

Great authentic, fresh & flavorful tacos served with a smile!

Susan Quandt

Best Al Postor tacos in Kansas City. I have ate at this location and the one in Olathe Ks as well, and I've always had a great experience at both. You can also buy AlPastor by the pound in the meat market which I do frequently because my kids love it so much.Overall, it is very authentic and delicious.

Conja Summerlin

Good food.

Chris czirr

Great food.

Matthew Sikorski

Great Food, Great Prices!! Love It!!

Barry Wilson

Fantastic food, great grocery, and friendly staff!

Hugo Trejo

Ok service

Laura Meyn

Great food. Especially beef cheek

margaret holland

The tacos are excellent

David Nolte

Having grown up in South Texas, this is the most authentic Mexican restaurant and market I have found in the KC area. It’s the real deal!!!

Fernando Ferreira

Great prices and super clean....

Patricia Lopez

I like the ready to eat foods

Anand Khare

Best tacos in town!

On'Rea Knox-Lewis

Authentic best way to describe a well rounded experience.

Randy Wilson

My two asada tacos were excellent and the service was especially speedy despite that it was the middle of the lunch rush. I like that the grocery store location allowed my group of 8 to pick from their huge variety of cold drinks.

Claire Jehle

Best Mexican lunch counter is KCK!!!

Linda Ramarz

Service slow and meat dry. The tacos we're stuffed with more fat then meat. You have to keep an eye on your server to make sure you get what you ordered. The cooks seem to be irritated. The cashier was a nice young lady.

Annie Mackie

Great food!

Raymond Charles

My wife craves their rice and burritos. Reasonable prices, and better tasting than chipotle.

James Symmonds

Good traditional taco shop set inside a grocery store.


Amazing authentic Mexican food everytime all the time! My husband and I love this place it's one of our favorite places to eat! Wish I had a picture to share it's that good! Enjoy!

Aline Campos

Horrible smell, prices really expensive and a poor quality on food( by the way expensive)

Mia Monarca

Some of the best tacos in the city and you can do a little bit of grocery shopping while you're there.

Carlos Seoane

I like the food and the people.

Claude Yves

Love this place!!!!!

David Ewing

Delicious authentic tacos!

Bryan Sherrow

Great food and market,

April Redic

Love the asada tacos and side of rice

Cindy Meeks


Lavetta Stevenson

Fresh and delicious. Highly recommended.

Charles Phillips

Great tacos!!!

Michael Robinson

Authentic Mexican street tacos. The Tacos El Pastor are very good. Good selection of Mexican sodas also.

Dajaun Benjamin


Sarah Speer

They never fail on making sure your food is delicious! Only taco place ie will eat at and eat left overs!! The steak tacos are the bomb though:)

Melanie Arroyo

I love this place! The food is filling, tasty, and very affordable compared to other taco restaurants.

Elmer Moreno

Not as good as it used to be. Very slow service now.

Peter Howard

Great dolar taco Fridays

Anita Sifuentes

Great selection of Mexican food

Arunachal Sen

Excellent little grocery and restaurant. I tried Chili relleno, excellent taste. Meat plates are also good. Look for the specials of the day during the week!

Adam Buie

The tacos were pretty good.

Jasen Thomas

Some of the best soft tacos can be had here. Great meat and a good selection of non-alcoholic beverages. Depending on the time you go, it may be packed, but the cooks move quick enough to where you won't wait too long. It's also a store if you wanna buy some groceries.

Bertha Covarrubias

ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!! The restaurant was open Sunday am picked up pan dulce @bonitomichoacanbakery then walked over for some amazing tacos de barbacoa and lengua!! OHHH EM GEEE!!!

Joi Parham

The best REAL Mexican food in the Midwest PERIOD!! I’ve been to several places and as a Southern California native, I was HIGHLY disappointed in every so called Mexican food place. They were all gross and catered to a specific crowd, but Bonito Michoacán kept their roots and traditional flavorful dishes. If you’re a California native looking for REAL authentic Mexican food like home....this is the spot!!!

Troy Blank

Best tacos in KC.

Dee Rios

Great food and not very expensive. Everything is fresh and homemade

Paul Weldin

It's a good place to go too

JenaAndRichard Harvey

First time eating here, for my birthday. Tacos were good until my son just bit into a HUMAN TOOTH in his asada!!!!!! Had him check his whole mouth and the tooth did NOT come from him! NEVER AGAINNNNNNNN

Teira Robinson

The best tacos in town!!

Dannyboy Preciado

The best authentic mexican food in missouri and kansas..excellent service exceptional food

Google User

Straight out a meat market with different cooked meats

Dina Morales

EVERY time I go here I get fast and friendly service. I will not eat at many "authentic" Mexican restaurants but I am always confident that I will get delicious food for my money at Bonito Michoacan. The food is always hot and because of the way the kitchen is set up you can see them cooking your food so you know it hasn't been pre-frozen or sitting out for hours. This restaurant is located inside of a store which is great because I can grab a few things after I've eaten. Employees make an effort to speak to non-spanish speakers in English as best as they can. Very kind people work here.

Joshua Munoz

Absolutely amazing food!

matt eeks

Can't say it enough, this place is the spot. Staff is great, grub is fire & the salsa bar is killer. Hit here at least once a week!

Rolando Calderon

Great food and service

Rick Brashear

Some of the best tacos in town folks!

Nicole Skinner


Liz Garcia

Love it here!!

Stacy Jones

Best tacos you'll ever have but yes I agree with the others if your white..

Adan Salazar

I love the service also they could learn Spanish so they can talk to Mexicans like me I asked for a tray and they have me a thing for salsa

David Lee

Best tacos in KC!

Wendy Wright

Love it my Favorite place....

Esther Yu

Tasty food but they're a bit prejudice. . . . Let's just say if you're not Hispanic, you're mistreated.

Dea Stevens

Amazing tacos.

Shane Stark

Favorite place to get Authentic Mexican food. And it's all cooked right in front of you. And it's a market to get your own ingredients to take ho.e and cook it yourself

Nikhil Rajuri

Very authentic meats, for the meat lover who doesnt care for ambience.

carlos v

if you havent been here then you are missing out. excellent tacos. i will definately be back soon.

Daniel Wenzel

Really great food and friendly smiles....

Kim Ramos

Too much grease on the food

Trucly Thach

Go early, lines are always long. Authentic Mexican

Darryl Wayne Bagley

This place has a problem serving customers of color . They are very rude. And also displays thay dont like black people.

Abraham Eberry

Great place for authentic mexican cuisine

Ubaldo Ortiz

Love it

kevin haislip

Great food and service

Oscar Fabian

Worst customer service ever!! On Friday afternoon I stopped by their Minnesota Ave location and ordered 3 pounds of cooked meat to take home and put some tacos together, I also purchased drinks and some fresh made tortillas that they sell there(also for the tacos). The guy on the line packing up the meat, way over weighed the meat and didn't zero out the scale for the container. I paid for the weight of the container like it was 12$ a lb. taco meat. When he was finally got done packing up the meat and the fixings for the tacos, I get up to the register and the very incompetent cashier starts giving away my food. She managed to get back the meat from some guy that was about to walk away with some free food. She how ever didn't manage to get back the cilantro, onions, and sauce. So I ask her if they could give me another ration and a piece of foil to wrap the tortillas I just purchased there so they wouldn't get cold. She got super bothered that I asked her to replace the fixings, and told me that they don't give away anything for free. The foil would cost me a dollar. I was in disbelief that after spending that amount of money I wouldn't be extended any courtesy, or the least bit of customer appreciation. she then shrugged her shoulder and said that I would have to speak to the manager and that she was too busy to deal with me. At this point I just wanted to leave and not deal with these people. I will never be returning here and I will be advising all my friend to do the same. There is other places in town that sell the same stuff without the attitude.


Great food and friendly staff. I love coming on Tuesdays for the $1.00 tacos.

The Llamas Bunch

Love the food. Awesome price and friendly people working there.

Jeannette Brummett

Food was delicious and great service!

Gilbert Pineda

These ppl think I'm white

Bry'Anne Bennett

Love it! Decent selection of ethnic foods with fair pricing and the restraunt inside is good! The bakery is across the street and that is good too! Only problem is the parking isn't so good, but worth it.

Brittnie Saunders

Love this place!

Jesse Castellanos Alonzo

Viva mexico

Tanner Wilkens

Will fuss if you ask for water. Besides that good food.

Richard moore

Good cheap food

Mark Burns

Best and one of the most authentic taco experiences in KC. Go on a Tuesday or Friday for $1.00 tacos.

Robert Wayne

Good food

Connie Lim

So good I luv the store and food

Diana T

Absolutely love their tacos !! My boyfriend and I are currently residing in Dallas, Texas and I told him countless of times that there is no place that has tacos as good at this Kansas city location. He is absolutely obsessed with this place...We look forward to visiting family here and coming for the tacos.

Thomas Morgan

New favorite. Tacos here are so so so good!

June Bradford

Excellent authentic tacos. Authentic grocery as well with excellent meat selection. Would definitely recommend & worth the drive.


Best food ive had. Real mexican. Clean store and friendly staff

Adrienne Kensinger

Tacos!! Delicious & authentic, pastor is my favorite

Ruben Acosta

Best tacos around

Aziza Aslanova

The best tacos that I ever tried! Amazing food with perfect quality and low prices.

Christina Sandoval

Burritos and Horchata are amazing!

Miguel Pena

Great mexican food

Ryan Woodson

True Mexican and Latino store, as all the hard to find things!

James W. Harrell II

Good place to go for an authentic Mexican lunch, small seating area or you can take out. Music on Saturday nights.

Scott Knight

Great place and great food.

Adam Plunkett

Good food, they don't speak very good English though.

Suvra Roy

Authentic Mexican food... Lip smacking and spicy. Tacos that are just out of the world.. Don't mistake it to be just a grocery store, the queue here runs long and the taste of food stays with you for long...

Tiffany Barker

Food was amazing!!

Consuela Edwards

I love their steak (asada) tacos. I tried the barbacoa tacos but was not impressed.

Kenda Wulfkuhle

Great service and food

Bobets Vegs

Go chicken go always has a crowd- for a reason. Always love their chicken-no matter the piece, it is tender and flavorful. My husband loves the mashed potatoes and we would buy the gravy by itself if we could. The cole slaw is a solid choice. Really like the Mac and cheese too!

Sarah Sanchez

Able to get products here that are not available in other stores.

KymBerly Barrera

Excellent food, good prices. Pretty fast service. You can get Family sized platters to go! Just tell them you want a large Rice, Small Beans and 1/4 pound of which ever meat you want, per person! Then take it on home.

Nathan Barnes

Love taco Tuesday

Ruben Hinojosa



Menudo amazing!!

Mike Abernathey

Pretty good eats. Somewhat expensive for the atmosphere. They have delicious braised beef intestines...mmm.

Libette Orench

We stopped there to buy produce, like onions, tomatoes, and avocados, and everything was very dissorganized, not many varieties, and expensive. People in the cafeteria seemed to be eating comfortably, but we couldn't stand the smell.

Sergey Yurishinets

The best Al Pastor tacos! Love, love them! This place is one my favorite taco Tuesday spots! Can't beat the quality or taste for the price. There's always a line but it moves quick. The carnitas and asada tacos are great too! Homemade fresh tortillas, not super greasy. You can even buy the tortillas by the pack for tacos at home! They have a really good looking menu of foods as well. One of these days I am going go in and order something other tacos, one day! Though its mostly a store, they have patio like seating inside if you just cant wait to eat those delicioso tacos! A must try if you enjoy a good REAL street taco.

Victor C

Great food there! I had the beef stew. Wondering what was in it... It had something like potatoes but the texture and taste was different. What was that? Some kind of squash?

Rick Wylie

Delicious tacos, everything was very reasonably priced!!

Fernando Leal

Grate meat market good prices.

Corinna West

My main grocery store. Much cheaper than the American grocery, and more friendly staff, too. Tell Leo he's cute.

Kyle Kelly

Awesome place must go

Matthew Betts

If you're looking for some real authentic Mexican food this is a great place to eat.

LaWanda Stevenson

Very Authentic good service and good desserts... Will eat here again but I wish they give u a choice to pick ur tortillas cus I rather have the flour tortillas but that's the only thing negative I have to say about this plc....

Jason Roebuck

Nothing like I thought it would be

Aurora Dickson

Food is good.

Hector Trujillo

Nice people

Miquelas Couture

Awesome burritos and good pastries, I just don't like some times the bakery doesn't have my favorites at the time I come, but I find something else that interest me!

Debbie Platte

Ruben. Debbie, Latham. Zach. Having a fun day! Good Mexican food.

Lexi Wright

Always great food & Fast service!

Patty Ramirez

Best mexican tacos in the metro area! Remember tuesdays and fridays tacos are only .99 cents :-)

Michael Marin

Best tacos in kc and the one in Kansas also.

Melissa Mom of 2

excellent... friendly.. and fast service..and amazing el pastor tacos..rice..and refried beans..and for a reasonable cannot go wrong!..also don't forget to check out the bakery right next door...the tres leches cake and baked goods are to die for :)

Brooke Rodriguez

Good good

Angelica Cabrera

I wish the employees could be a little more friendly dont act like you are forcing you to be there we are buying not getting it for free

Jordan Thompson

Amazing food! By all means best I had in town!!! At great prices , my family must haves

James Spivey

Authentic food. Excellent taco. Best o have had. Including Mexico

Shad Fish

Best tacos in town if you like authentic mexican. And if you want a lot of food for little money, get the soup of the day. You will eat til you are full and take a full bucket home. My favorite joint in town. Love this place. No gringo sauces though! They are all hot!

Virginia Pugh

Lots of variety. Fresh, plentiful and friendly service.

Romanos Roman

If you like tacos this a great place to go

Ericka Miller

My favorite place in Kansas City to get authentic Mexican food esp the tacos & burritos! $1 Taco Tuesday & $5 Burrito Friday.

Charlie Nichols

Authentic Taco shop and Meat market in the heart of Downtown KCK.

Vettra Williams

I got some refried beans, and as always, they are delicious!!!

Matthew McGrew

Best Mexican food that I've found so far in the KC area

Z. Brown

This place has some good little tacos. I'd recommend it for the food. It's not a relaxing place to eat, though, so don't expect that.

Yesenia Alvarado

I love ther tacos and the fact that i can grocery shop after i eat

Bobby Williams

Good tacos

Javier Orozco

Good food. But some tables were dirty and in bad condition.

Margarita Harper

Great selection of Mexican groceries.

Jonathan DeRaps

Some fantastic street tacos. They will be busy during lunch, but the staff moves the line along. I suggest the Asada tacos. Worth a try.

Alesia Reyes

Best Taco Tuesday in KC! Hands down! You cannot beat the price and the quality of these street tacos!

Gina R

Agree with others, if you don't speak Spanish the service is terrible. Ordered a large menudo to go and it had two large seasoning bones that took up have the container. Not a nice surprise. I've tried this place a couple of times to give it a fair chance but it seems to be consistently bad.

Shane Pfaffly

Tacos, tacos, tacos. One of the best places to grab some tacos in all of Kansas City. Try the off-menu Chorizo tacos.

Janay Cunningham

Love the tacos

Irvin Jackson

Great service Great food!

Sean Callahan

Pretty tough to beat for authentic Mexican food. The Parrillada was one of the better Mexican meals I've had. It's not a fancy location, and you order at a counter, but it's also got a nice selection of groceries and meats, with a bakery across the street..

Heidy Wilson

Great tacos

Chris Bailey

My all time favorite taco joint

Ckon Zine

My favorite taqueria! For some reason there is just a little more magic at Bonito than the other taquerias. The rice has some extra special ingredient and the Asada has never been fatty or chewy .

jose lopez

I heard you guys like to deport illegal immigrants, I use to like your tacos and pan but when I found out what you guys did. I don't know what say.

Dawn Drummond

This is my husband's and my favorite taco spot

Nick Brakhage

Great tacos

Chris Ranck

Best tacos ever!

Eryn Noble

Don't ever come to this place especially if you don't speak Spanish. They will help everyone else around you, tell you to wait a minute, and never talk to you again. Heinous service.

James Lundberg

I have never been to this place.

Tristan Laughlin

The holy grail of street tacos in KC. Hands down the best carnitas and lengua I have had anywhere! salsa bar is generous and diverse. I love this spot.

claudia luna

Tacos tuesday 99c.

love Chora

The reason I gave them a three star was because of poor costumer service in the back. We ordered stake in small bits the lady "Mari" gave us hug chunks. We tried to get her attention she ignored us. Let me tell you NO paying customer likes being ignored. I spoke to the manager on staff who by the way did not know how to handle the situation very well. I was very disappointed with their over all so called "coustomer service" if you are looking for friendly and professional coustomer service this is NOT the place.

Wilsoney Araújo

Very good.

Justo Sanchez

They sell some pretty good tacos.

Ritz Rivera

They really do have the best tacos in town. My favorites are the carne asada. It's busy but worth the wait which really isn't that long because they have a good and quick system in place.

Julian Giles

Delicious tacos!mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm delicioso

Steve O

Best tacos in Kansas City

Erica Downey

Service is amazing food is even better!!!

M Pep

Incredible tacos! Genuine!

Shawn welborn

Very friendly staff..great food great prices!!!

Ali Brashears

This is as close as you get to real Mexican food in Kansas and I'm from California

mr fun

Very bad meat some times its even rotten

Cris EsChido

If I could give it no stars I would

Lil Momma Nita Mae

It only had chicken at a good price everything else was a bit expensive


One of the best in Kansas City, eat here almost every Tuesday for the dollar tacos. Barbacoa is always great. Fresh made authentic mexican food situated in a grocery store. Fast service.

Chris Brown

Some of the best street taco's i've ever had. The girls are very nice here.

Caroline Knecht

Outstanding food and very friendly. Highly recommend getting a few tacos (don't miss the carnitas) and then heading over to the bakery for a tasty cookie or cake.

nathaaly martinez

Ok first, they don't deport ilegals that is a lie and second, yes the best mexican food in the area of kansas city you find it here, and third, the stuff is not the best one cause the cashiers are almost always mean.

B Porter

1.50 tacos everyday. 1.00 taco tuesdays

Kenneth Flynn

Normally I love this place. However today they messed my order up twice. I understand helping one's people but please learn just a little English. The new girl was terrible.

Brianna Wilson

Delicious. My ultimate taco joint. Go! Go forth and partake of their tacos!!!!!

M onit

The best taco's ever.

David Grippy

Yummy tacos! Great service! Good prices!

Alfredo Gonzalez

Friendly staff! Good food

Jesse Rocha

The best place for Taco Tuesday, with a wide variety of meats, It is always busy, so food is always fresh and delicious!


Best tacos in town no competition

Paul Houseman

This place is truly a must try. If you crave authentic Mexican food and homemade salsa bar then put this on your list. My family and I went last evening for taco Tuesday. My wife had the carnitas tacos and I had tacos el pastor. My daughter had the rice and beans. Needless to say we all left full and very satisfied for less than $20. This will be on our radar from now on. Lastly if you need to do a little shopping its also a food market with some great deals on thier produce.

Colby Kinser

Great, authentic food, and the line moves quickly.

GG Mendoza

Absolutely worth the price. Not ALL tacos are a dollar, so ask first! Atmosphere is lively. Reminds me of a party atmosphere. Staff is super accommodating and friendly. Brush up on your Spanish. Mine is pretty lousy, but they knew what I wanted. Great food. Like no other. Their bakery up the street carries great pasteries. You've got to try. They're wonderful.

Kristan Hinton

Great every time! The barbacoa is amazing.

Dan Hummell

Awesome authentic served in a grocery store.

Nikki Redd

The best asada tacos around!! Friendly staff.

Rudolph Bledsoe

The tacos are the best and the ladies are quick. That line moves.

Kenny Harris


Jay Snelson

best Mexican food in kc

Victor Macias

Birria de Borrego and Menudo was just warm after being microwaved! It would have been much better if they would have put it in a soup warmer! I like my soups hot on a cold Kansas City day! The tamales are OK! The bakery goods are delicious! I've been to Bonito Michoacan two others times and it was much better than today! They must have gotten new cooks!


Great carne asada tacos

Shay InkLuv

Best tacos!!! And the salsa are yummy

Kellie F.

Holy cow! This place is one of a kind in the KC area! Cool little market with deli style counter complete with tacos, tamales, and more traditional-styled fair. We arrived a little after 9 PM, and it was still popping. Tacos al pastor are a must! Plus on Tuesdays and Fridays most tacos are $1 each.

Cynthia Hidayat

We eat there regularly. Great food!

Rex Brashear

Authentic Mexican, and I mean Mexico authentic. Nice people too.

Jose Olivares

It's a good place to find really good Mexican food original not fake like others sold southern style

adalberto lopez

Waiting time sucks

Juan Ramos

Great food and service

Jateil Lee

The tacos are amazing

Chris Heffelfinger

Great Authentic Mexican Food, Prompt Courteous Service & Easy Parking.

Scott Murray

Great food, nice people, but this is the LOUDEST restaurant I've ever been to. If its not the deafening mixers its the Horrible music they play SUPER loud. I literally put cotton in my ears.

Nate Smith

This place is so good. The pastor tacos are fantastic! They have great prices and usually run a special every day. If you go on the weekend in the winter try the Borrego (lamb stew). Also they have pretty good deals in the meat counter. Chicken is usually great price and you get plenty.

Erin Soriano


Corey Houston

Delicious food! Generous portions for a small price.

Melanie Walburn

Really good food!

David Thaxton

Good place for food

Lori Blankenship

We loved it !! Never thought we would find street food like we had in Mexico........but we did ! GREAT fresh food , friendly , all around great service. We went on a Friday so the tacoes were a dollar......well worth it & more !

Daryoush Hosseini

Go here often on taco Tuesday and Fridays! Great food! Great service!


Best authentic food in town!

Temis Nuñez

I hit this place up at least once a week specifically for the meat market in the back. They have a good menu to order from as well, you know the food is good when you see the long line waiting.

Kelli Matz

Good food for a good price

mandy robinson

The tacos were amazing, just like what I had in Houston. I went because the Olathe location was recommended by a coworker, but this location was closer. So I checked out their Facebook page and all the reviews were in English(without having the translation setting on), so I thought I'd at least be able to order. This was not the case, im from Alabama so my natural accent does not help when trying to speak Spanish. Thankfully the lady in line behind me wanted to order her food sooner rather than later, so she translated my order. I felt so flustered and bad for holding up the line I was looking for an easy way to leave the line when she did that for me. I got the asada and carnitas tacos. I wanted the pollo deshabrado, but didn't have the nerve to try and repeat it a second time, so I went super basic. So if you speak Spanish I highly recommend this place!!

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