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REVIEWS OF Bloom Baking Company IN Kansas

McKenzie Schmitz

Quaint and aromatic shop in the River Market! Got several flavors of macaroons (my favorite guilty pleasure). Wonderful perfect texture. Nailed some unique flavors. Sssooo tasty!

Rebecca Geracie

We absolutely love Bloom for all their fresh baked breads and macaroons (especially the Brioche and Italian with sesame seeds). So when it was time to order a carrot cake for my daughters graduation party, I thought I would give them a try. I wasn’t a big fan of any carrot cake until now, I’m converted. It was moist and delicious, a perfect balance of sweetness and flavor. And the best part of all was their spot on cream cheese icing, just the right amount of cream cheese. It was competitively priced to the other bakeries I called.

Michelle Kooi

Delicious bakery! I love the Brioche, it makes for great french toast! They have a lot of baked goods and seasonal stuff too. The displays are always delightful and the staff is as well. I like that they have samples and personal sized treats for a quick farmers market breakfast. You can't go wrong trying anything here.

Adrian Cossyleon

Jackie Smith

Been here a few times. Really on the look out for a great sugar cookie. Their cookie was okay in my opinion it was a little dry though. I also had tried a vanilla cupcake and a square of the tiramisu. The cupcake had a hair on it and the tiramisu wedge was just mascarpone tasting in my opinion. Maybe one more try but for the money I think you can do better elsewhere.

Alex Houck

Great for a special occasion. The macaroons are worth the line you might stand in.

Rob B

Hands down the best tiramisu in Kansas City. Great bread, bread pudding, and a rare raspberry and chocolate framboise

Re View

This place is not cheap. Food is tasty but you are paying a $8 for 2 small cookies.

teresa Johnson

The best bakery i've experienced.

Jeff Buford


Shelley Bailey

The lemon bars are melt in your mouth, we have sampled everything! Equally delicious!

paul perez

John Rubino

In town for a day or two and stumbled upon this place as not much downtown seems to be open on Sundays. I couldn't be happier that I did! I walked in right as they opened the doors, and was greeted with a warm smile and friendly service. I got my wife the spinach and feta croissant, which was fantastic and I had the cheese danish which was wonderfully flake and had a perfect filling. We also had 2 macaroons. How on earth did the infuse such a strong lavender flavor in there I will never know. Its a shame we dont live here because we would certainly be back time and time again.

David Brown

Great bread

Jo Hobbit

Every single time I stop in and see Steve and Janet I am reminded of grandma's house. They remember my name, my order most of the time *I change it up on them just to keep them guessing*. I have never been disappointed or let down. Great food, great service!

Carrie Bachmeier

We were visiting the city market and noticed the long line into the bakery. After eating there, I can only assume the line was because it was one of the few places to get a breakfast food item within walking distance. I bought a half loaf of cinnamon bread and it was dry when I opened it that afternoon. The folks that worked behind the counter seemed tense and on edge, especially when kids were in the shop. Odd.


Seth Brummer

Dangerously Yummy! Painfully pricey

Moya Joslin

Emma Sammons

Horrible, horrible experience!! My husband bought me a $40 small cake for my birthday after I had been eyeing it in the window for around 6 hours while we shopped at the Farmer's Market. Bought it on a super busy Saturday with 50+ people in their shop. Was told it was French Vanilla Italian Buttercream. (That's ALL that was said). Brought it home and ate it that night and it was TERRIBLE. Completely flavorless, bad texture, tasted old. The decorator frosting that was used on top of the buttercream was literally inedible. Hardly ate any of it and brought it back the next day. I apologized for complaining about the cake at first, bc I understand that craftsmanship it takes to make confectionary items, but after the treatment I received regarding my complaint I am completely disgusted with the owner and employees at this company. I was brought into the back room by the owner...apparently to shield me from complaining in front of customers. Was told that she "tried" my cake and that it was made fine. She said she explained the differences of American and Italian buttercream thoroughly to my husband when it was sold which is a complete lie. And that what I was experiencing with this cake was typical Italitan buttercream. But what I experienced was a bland, flavorless, bad cake. There were so many people in there, and my husband said he got no explanation about anything other than was told the flavor (which apparently sounds better than it is). Said she sold it to us an hour after it was baked which was a lie. I had been looking at the cake for over 5 hours alone while we walked around. The same cakes that were in the fridge the day we bought this one were still in the fridge this following day. She offered to "SELL ME ANOTHER CAKE AT HALF PRICE". Couldn't believe this. This small $40 cake was terrible and instead of giving me a cake or items of the same value, she asked me to spend more money in her store. I said, no, of course. Why would I spend more money when this cake was bad? She said there was nothing she would do for me. I said, "So what you're telling me is that I'm out $40 and a cake?" and she said "Yes". She told me that this was MY HUSBAND'S FAULT. And that because my husband bought the cake and didn't know the difference between Italian and American buttercream that this was his fault and that "we should have sent someone in to buy the cake who knows more about them." She also told me that "if I had bought cheese at a grocery store and took a bite out of it and didn't like it that they wouldn't return my money." I said, "uh, if a grocery store sold me bad cheese, of course they would return my money." Those were her exact words. I am so completely disgusted, appalled, disappointed, there aren't even words to describe my feelings towards this place. The owner is a cocky, arrogant woman who has no regard for customer service. Absolutely cannot believe the way I was treated regarding this horrible cake. She has lost myself and entire family as customers. Will never return, and BUYER BEWARE! If you don't like their tasteless crap, you can't get your money back or "exchange" it for another product, or even get so much as a simple apology!

Ryan Hurlock

Susie Evans

Recently bought the whole wheat walnut cranberry nut bread that was delicious. In a way I understand the high price, but as a business owner myself, those major high prices will deter business and therefore more customers! Think about re pricing! What good is it if you have so many leftovers at the end of the day?! 22222

Bill Mitchell

Rachel McDuffie

Love getting cupcakes here! I always have to stop in when I'm close to the river market area!!

Lenora Wuattoux

Best bakery,love the QUICHE! Breads are superior.

Christopher Draven

There are not enough adjectives to express how much I love this place! Great food, breads, sweets, and more! I love the bierrock - reminds me of the ones my mother made (aww...nostalgia). I also love the cookies, tarts, and challah breads. Yum!

Aman Singh

Switzerland prices

Metal Moth

Prices are way to high! If I'm paying 5$ for a cupcake at least make it more presentable. The girl that works on Sunday afternoons is a bit*h, She was rude and arrogant, fire her.

Emily Philpot

I always stop into Bloom for a look when in the river market. While each item ive tried has been beautiful and well made (particularly the brioche bread pudding, heated, ) and the fresh bread is quaint as can be- however, curious enough the store is almost always empty? Even on a Saturday during market hours. The staff rarely says more than hello which has always been a bit disconcerting. This place is absolutely adorable and I am a fan of patisseries and strongly value local businesses, but there is just a final shimmer missing from the hospitality of Bloom that holds me from giving five stars. Worth checking out.

Peter The'Witch

absolutely the best Italian Bread in the mid-west, pricey but worth it..coming from the greatest city of New York..i know excellent bread and this is one of them

Tim Piland

Food is amazing, coffee is great! Staff super friendly. My girlfriend and I enjoyed a spinach quiche and a ham and cheese croissant right outside the bakery. Great location right in the river market. Highly recommend this place. Can't wait to try all their baked goodies!

CIndy Peters

We were visiting from out of town. We stopped by this bakery. The owner gave us an unexpected and appreciated gesture. Thank you!

pierson hotchkiss

Do you like soft chewy cookies they're chewy oowie gooey butter cookie is one of the best I've ever had!


Stopped by for a quick bite and some deserts.

Kaitlyn Herder

Such. Good. Bread. A must see if you're walking around the farmers market looking for a snack!

M Abergel

Sara Campos

Their mini tarts are the best!! I at least have to look at what they have every time we are at the river market.

Savannah Northcraft

Zero stars for insane prices for terrible quality. Two stars for a very nice staff. I expect to pay a premium when shopping downtown, but $3 each for a tiny dry crumbling macaron is just crazy. This place used to be amazing.

Jessica Best

Batchelor Family

If you haven't been in here yet, go in. Don't ask questions just do it.

Darren Hoch

This place is on par with Paris. Every person who bakes here is a pro. The owner sits outside and tells you everything you would want to know about the bakery. We had the croissants, quiche, focaccia, cookies, and cupcakes. All were incredible. We came back a second day to the market just to eat here. It is very hard to find pastries in the US that are on par with Paris. This is one of the few places. If you have any discerning taste for fine pastries and bread, you must stop here.

Talina Harris

The best bakery in Kansas

Kim Baggett

Blake Swearngin

Had a lemon tart from this bakery, and it punched me in the mouth with lemon. I loved it! Would love to come here to try more of their offerings

Karen Broughton

Loved the carrot cake and my husband thought the Reuben was great

Jennifer Duncan

Had the grilled PB&J that was amazing, crave worthy!

Viajes Pprg

Thomas Domek

Artisan breads and confections. The challah and the brioche are wonderful, but they have gotten quite pricey!

Miles Johnson

This was the right place to stop at. Staff was friendly, approachable. Clean interior, lots of wonderful menu items. I had a buttered croissant and a reuben, and they were both perfect in every way. Instantly fell in love with this spot.

Katie Shippert

Had the Ham & Swiss Croissant this morning and it was AMAZING!! Definitely will be going back :))

sarah richley

My husband got a Bierock combo with fruit and a drink. The fruit was rotten. My husband had to spit out the bite he took. His Bierock was lackluster. The dough was tough and chewy like they had just taken it out of the refrigerator and microwaved it. I had the chicken salad sandwich combo. The bread was dry. The chicken salad seemed okay, however I became nauseated after eating what I did (I did not finish). The prices are ridiculously high. For two sandwiches, a bag of chips, a very small container (condiment size) of rotten fruit and two cans of coke, the bill was close to $25.00. I will not return nor recommend this place to anyone else.

Megan O

I am not a local and pass through KC once every two years for work. So I have been to this bakery twice, each time picking up a loaf of the brioche, which is very tasty. The bakery is small but clean. It can get very crowded in there! The ladies running the register were polite and friendly both times that I visited. During a rush it's true they'll be less attentive to you, but hey, they gotta do their work :) The reason I am giving three stars is solely because of the price of the brioche. TWELVE DOLLARS FOR A LOAF OF BREAD. You have GOT to be kidding me. I don't recall the price of the first loaf I bought two years ago. But this Friday 9/12/14 the price of the loaf I bought, one of the last on the shelf right before closing time, was $12. I'd really like to know WHY. Unless the sugar is from the deepest rainforests, the eggs are from pheasants, and the milk/butter is from Hindu cows, I don't see how 3x market value is justified at all. Yes, it takes time and effort to make bread from scratch and by hand. But I travel for a living. I've been to MANY privately-owned bakeries across America, and I can tell you right now that the average price of a handmade loaf of bread is between $5-$7. What makes your bread so pricey, Bloom Baking Co? Is there gold leaf in the flour? Everything I've eaten from this bakery has tasted very good, but I'm sorry to say this isn't a Michelin-rated bakery where $12 bread is justified. If I return in another two years and the price of bread is more than $7 you can bet they'll never see my business again.

Matthew West

Great baked items, but the prices are really high. Best tarts in the city!

Tyrone Toliver

I got the jalapeno swiss and ham, it was tough dry and greasy. Im half convinced they put pieces of pickle in my sandwich. Granted i got it delivered maybe thats why they didn't care about rather or not my food had any visual or taste appeal. On top of all that they forgot my pop!!

Mau & Tellia Augafa

My husband & I visited Bloom Baking Company this past weekend, on the suggestion of my youngest sister. She ranted and raved about how awesome this place is and that their baked goods are quite exceptional. The selection was plentiful and the atmosphere in general was okay. The shop was busy and the employees were friendly. After perusing the baked goods in all showcases, we decided to purchase: 1-chocolate croissant, 3-chocolate chip cookies, 3-sugar cookies, an apple crisp and 1-brioche loaf that totaled a little under $28. The cookies were okay, almost dry tasting and certainly nothing special. The apple crisp had too much apples and not enough of the crisp topping, but tasty nonetheless. The chocolate croissant was awesome and I have yet to try to brioche loaf. For the money spent, I was not as enthusiastic nor impressed - as my sister suggested. We frequent the City Market at least once a month and I do not know if I'd consider a 2nd visit, but you never know. I think other bakeries around town, that offer the same type of products, are better - in my opinion - for the same price if not less. Furthermore, I think it would be helpful if Bloom Baking Company would post a price list in their store, if they do not publish one in paper form.

Kc Foodreview

Good pastries but it was very high priced. Not something you could purchase on a regular bases. My son and I went here a week ago for a treat. We paid nearly $7 for two macaroons. I wish they would display the prices of the items. This was the first time ever my son had a macaroon. Not very good. The samples they give away outside are much better then the items you buy inside. We have tried them twice and both times not very good. We will not be going back. Sad though. I had high hopes.

Forrest Asmoth

Every loaf I have ever bought has just been perfect. From someone who has much experience with making bread myself, kudos! Very friendly staff, super quaint atmosphere, keep up the good work yall! :)

Emily Pandzik

Delicious breads, pastries and macaroons.

Leia Jensen

Heidi Tulipana

A traditional bakery turning out delicious carbohydrates of joy!

Marshall Darby

Bloom is always on our itinerary whenever we head downtown. It's always clean and inviting and I've never had anything there that I didn't love!

Kyle Miles

Great fresh bread.

Daniel Trimble

Wow, the ham and cheese croissants were awesome but the best was the bread pudding. It was amazing!

Lauren Phelps

Michael Dillon

Laura Jordan

Went today during lunch hour with the ladies at work. I bought 1/2 loaf of multi-grain bread and bread pudding (in a small single serving tart shell) and it was $16. You can tell they are very proud of their products... but I'm not that impressed. Won't do that again unless they lower their prices. That it might put a better taste in my mouth.

Victor Vabson


Great bread

Stephen Craft

Dianna Chou

Food - Pastrami on Rye sandwich - very buttery and tasty - Bun filled with meat and cabbage - pretty good - chicken and cheese sandwich - It was like a philly cheese steak hoagie, but with chicken - Chocolate croissant - okay - it wasn't that flaky, but it had pretty good chocolate; it was about $4 They have about 6 kinds of sandwiches, all about $8-9 They heat them in the over when you order, and come out pretty good

Diego Borjas

Olivia Nicholson

FOOD IS AMAZING! The owner, Sarah is so sweet and they really are dedicated to making the best food possible, I mean even the presentation of the food is superb. I am a super picky eater and I promise you I love everything on the menu! Chicken salad, Reuben's, grilled cheese (best one I ever had) are my favorites. and they hand slice all their meat fresh which I love. You have to check out this place in the river market you wont regret it!!

Collin Ruth

Amazing breads and deserts! Wife tells me the chocolate croissant, is better here than in France. If your at the market stop by!

Jeremy Dougherty

This is a very good place to get some delicious gourmet food. It is so good. Stay far away is you are in a diet.

Pauline Witmer

The woman who helped me was absolutely delightful to interact with and the flavors do taste amazing $3 each for a macaron, I expect the technique and texture to be on point. Sadly, it was not. The shells are hollow and extremely crumbly and while one could argue that the crumbly-ness could be due to dried out/age, the hollow shells are due to improper technique. Very bummed as the flavors truly are a treat.

Samantha Lewis

Jesus Rosas

(Translated by Google) Very good (Original) Muy bueno

Tj Rolling

Horrible cakes and horrible customer service. They are extremely arrogant and if you are dressed poorly they will treat you that way. The owner is extremely rude and when i asked about a cake she told me the cake is $40 is that ok ? Like implying that i couldbt afford it.

Mr. Morgan

Customer service is really appalling. Which is sad because they have a really good product. The employee seemed more concerned with eating a sandwich then assisting paying customers. Smdh

Indira Donegan

Amazing tarts, bread and the Macrons are life-altering. I bought one of each flavor and released after the first bite that I should have bought TWO of each as my poor husband will never get to taste them now... hehehehe. I will be back. You should go too! It's a real gem on the river. So happy i stumbled upon it today on my adventure.

Robbie Robinson

Hayden Rand

I've had several items from Bloom, and they've mostly been decent, especially their sourdough. I was excited to try a sandwich and ordered the chicken salad, and was incredibly disappointed to see them pull it out of a refrigerator in a plastic container. If getting a croissant sandwich from a bakery, it's not preferable to have it cold and tough, especially when paying that much for just a sandwich. Prices are a little high, quality seems fairly inconsistent, but would like to try more of their loaf breads.

Dantizzle Reese

Great tarts and cookies

Life Fulfilled Now

What a delight! Once you have the freshly made and baked pastries from Bloom Baking Co., you will despise the frozen, unfrozen stuff of the chain business. Delicious Cinnamon Danish and unforgettable Orange Cranberry Biscotti.

Kevin Pate


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