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12815 W 87th St Pkwy, Lenexa, KS 66215, United States

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REVIEWS OF Black Dog Coffeehouse IN Kansas

Austin Mertz

Black Dog has a ton of seating and a pretty diverse selection of pastries, which makes it really pleasant to sit and stay a while. The prices are reasonable and the parking is ample, so in a lot of ways you've got a good plan if you're going here. The only thing I didn't like was how bitter the cold brew was. It was decent, but if you want a smooth cold brew that's both refreshing and strong, you would be better served by Messenger or Heirloom Bakery.

David Riffel

Great vibe on the East end. The west side needs a decor upgrade. And to ask for a tip and yet customers bus their own tables is an oxymoron.

Yosef Silver

Black Dog is really great, my only concern is that it's so popular that the lines can be long or it can be hard to get a table. Great offering, and a lovely place when it's not too busy. If you're looking to work remote or use the wifi, it's a good spot, but can get a little to noisy if you need to make a phone call.

Andrew Strickland

Their breakfast sandwich Sunrise is amazing, along with great coffee.

Amber Pugh

I value supporting businesses that are locally owned and operated. This coffee shop is a favorite. I love the many seating options at this location, there are tables, comfy chairs, small alcoves for more intimate conversations or quiet for studying. They have music playing but it isn't overbearing and conversation with your party is easily heard. The drinks are expertly made, the staff is friendly, fast and efficient. They have a punch card for free drink rewards and a bottomless brew option if you plan to stay awhile. The baked goods are beautiful. Ibis bakery provides the abundant options and everything from honey toast to scones look delicious. Bathrooms are both unisex so you don't have to wait in line forever and everyone feels comfortable. This is a favorite study spot of mine. My only minor complaint is the lack of menu options that are not baked goods. I have some food restrictions and it would be nice to have something to snack on during afternoon studying.

David Huston

A great coffee shop with good pastries, breads, and beverages. Could add Wi-Fi access and a friendly staff. Always seems busy, which is really a good thing. They've earned it.

Kristine Whitehead

Great coffee and relaxed atmosphere! Perfect place to study or meet up with someone with all the seating. The treats and bread are delicious and definitely worth a try!

Michael Breen

Love this place for great coffees, teas and meals. The staff are friendly and excellent at their jobs.

Christopher Luck

Great coffee. Great bakery next door.

Hungry Duncan's

Great place to get coffee. It is a nice atmosphere with cleanliness, indoor and outdoor open spaces to enjoy your coffee, free WiFi, and comfortable lighting and decor. The coffee is very smooth and made exactly how you like. They had a pour over method, classic drip coffee, and your typical espresso style drinks. I chose coconut milk in my cappuccino but they also have regular milk and almond milk. There are tons of house made baked goods and foods to choose from.

J Dyer

Great coffee! Pleasant staff. The case has a ladies back vibe.

Belinda Kendall

Amazing staff! Pleasant. Helpful. Friendly. Efficient. Great food! Love the bakery especially!

Alex Conner

Coffee is well priced, love the atmosphere.

vesta morgan

Cool atmosphere. Usually busy inside, no matter what time, but space for people to hang out. Good coffee and a variety of pastries available. Pastries are generally a bit overcooked in my opinion, but I believe that is the Chef's preference.

TheRealDave Henke

Great atmosphere. Great espresso served with seltzer water. Great selection of bread and pastries.

Cory Finley

Great place. Great coffee. Usually very busy and hard to find seating. Also, waiting for your drink to be made means you need to stand awkwardly around and over tables nearby.

Amanda Otto

Delicious coffee, breads, pastries, and sandwiches. My favorite is the toasted marshmallow latte!

daniel grubbs

love that their kitchen now stays open for food in the evening!! great coffeeshop with a menu that rivals any bakery/cafe.

Denise Murphy

Great place, very busy, the usual coffee servings but very fresh baked items due to the fact that Ibis Bakery is next door, and it's actually connected to Black Dog Coffeehouse. Great place for a meet up. More than 12 or 15 people sitting alone at a table working on their computers. Several small rooms where you can be alone or with a buddy talking or computing. Fun place, good food, good coffee. Go there!

Wadi Khoury

The food, in the coffee was fantastic. It was packed. But then this was graduation weekend in May. This is a great place to bring family, and friends. There are lounge areas if you would just like to read a book, and have time for youself.

Vince Walk

I walk to Black Dog several times/week for a simple 16 oz drop coffee. Today, they tried to charge me $3.40 for a drip coffee! When asked, they said they raised their prices. The drip coffee is okay, not great. Certainly not worth $3.40!! Sorry, but I'll drive the 1/2 mile to Starbucks. Greed is one thing that really strikes a nerve. I'll never go there again unless a client requests it.


The coffee is good and the pastries are amazing! The down side is that the prices for the coffee don’t really match the quality and it has become increasingly difficult to find a table anytime on the weekends. Edit to answer owner’s inquiry: Sorry it has taken so long to reply. I would really like to have some options that have flavor, but are not as thick as the current choices. The flavors are wonderful, but it seems like I’m getting more flavorings than coffee at times. Update with the edit: There have been some absolutely amazing and fun coffees offered for various holidays lately. Definitely worth making a trip for those.

Jennifer Longstreet

Great coffee and great ambiance. I am personally not a huge fan of the ibis bakery products, but it's not a deal breaker for me.

Carolyn Hickey

Amazing pastry & coffee... Love!!!

Hailey Johnson

This place is always hopping but the staff handle it with ease and produce amazing food and beverage. Their pastries are amazing ( I have never had one I don’t like), their bread is out of this world and they provide an atmosphere that is very laid back and relaxed. Oh and dogs are welcome on the patio!

Mj Zahn

The coffee was good. They people that morning weren't nasty but weren't friendly like you normally see in coffeehouses. I waited a long time in line and then stood waited a long time for coffee.

Teresa Crone

We visited twice in 1 day. In the morning I ordered a quad Americano. All their Americanos come with 2 shots, so size really depends on how strong you want your coffee. My husband and I chose 16 oz with 2 extra shots. Perfect. I like to taste coffee. We did not order pastries bc we had just eaten breakfast, but they all looked lovely. In the afternoon, we returned before embarking on a long road trip. This time I ordered a 12oz with just the 2 original shots. Almost as good, but I have to sleep tonight. We also bought a peanut chocolate scone. Perfect texture, chunks of peanut and chocolate, not overwhelmingly sweet. And we also got a Mexican chocolate bread pudding. Yum. A little spicy kick at the end. It would have been amazing if it was warm. Service was great both times. Another place worth stopping on all our drives thru Kansas.

Jason Richey

I had an iced peppermint and sage tea as well as a tomato danish, both fantastic. There was a surprising amount of seating. Definately a cozy spot.

Janean Nadine

Literally great everything! Just be ready to scope out a table and wait in line. It's popular for a reason (:

J Oz

Tasty-delish coffee and pastries. From their simple drinks to top tier treats, Black Dog knows the way to help you enjoy being in their cafe.

Deirdre Zongker

You need patience to get through the line and then to get your coffee, but the wait is always worth it!

Alison Hoernemann

To crowded can't ever find a seat and the prices are sky-high for the amount of food you get!! 10$ for half a sandwich!

Cara Rue

Black Dog makes delicious drinks and has a relaxed vibe. It's a great place to hang out!

Jami Schroeder

Excellent offerings for pastries. We had breakfast here and it is very well priced. We've stopped in before and seating is always a premium for this coffee shop, so plan for that. Try a specialty latte, the Snickers was delicious.


Excellent coffee shop in this corner of Overland Park. They used to have a "Hawaiian" blend that had a splash of coconut flavor to it which was divine. It is long since gone, but I still pop in from time to time for a cup when I'm on this side of town. They have recently expanded to include a bakery in the retail spot adjacent to the original shop. The people watching activity is typically pretty good here, too.

Stephen Dodds

Never tried a coffee with pistachio nuts around the rim. Sort of Margarita style... Only booze free! Quite tasty.

Rebecca Lehew

Excellent coffee. Delicious menu items using locally sourced ingredients. Great atmosphere to lounge and enjoy your coffee. Can sometimes be crowded due to popularity, but service and quality food items make it all worth while!

Sarah Kenney

I don't know what to say other than...Beautifully crafted, layered with flavor, deliciousness in every single thing we had. Sooooo good. A wonderful hidden gem. Great atmosphere. You could ask me any day or any time and I would LOVE to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner here. And I love that all of the ingredients are local! Some of the staff weren't as pleasurable as the food, unfortunately, but I didn't let that affect the enjoyability of the food.

Rebekah Hunnicutt

Love this coffee shop! I will definitely be returning.

cody robinson

Absolutely a great place to get coffee. However because it's so good it can be a popular place. The staff does work hard to keep up with the line though. Note: they don't tend to use as much syrup so the drinks tend to note be as sweet (which is a good thing to me)

Emily Graybar

Good food. Great atmosphere. Fantastic coffee.

Paige Lewis

Always busy, little over-priced and takes a long time to get your coffee. But good place

Teresa Nobrega

Have loved Blackdog for years...but suddenly the coffee is weak and without flavor? Have you changed roasters? Love the menu..sad about the coffee..

Arvind Radhakrishnan

Great coffee, good atmosphere, and fresh made pastries! The prices were solid and they had a rotating single source drip. Couldn't have asked for a better coffee shop.

Jenna Deger

Seems to always be busy so sometimes it is hard to find a seat but obviously means business is literally booming! Really chill place to hang, study, people watch, whatever your heart feels like. Coffee is top notch, aesthetic is great, just overall a great 5star (even though it should really be like 100star) local coffee shop. Highly recommend

Russell Schrader

Delicious local coffee. Would be 5 stars but they were very busy and let the coffee station run out of cream and milk. Took a long time to get them to fill it.

Amber Torres

Is this bread the cheapest? No. But you get what you pay for and I know that my hard earned money is going to local, fresh, and delicious bread. It's an experience that I never grow tired of.

Dominique Benning

I really liked this place. First time there off of a recommendation. I absolutely loved the Mexican chocolate bread pudding. It was a amazing and who doesn't like ice coffee. I will for sure be back.

Quentin Powell

Wonderful atmosphere and great costomer service! First time here, will definitely be back.

Mackenzie Neal

For 4 years, this coffeeshop has been my home away from home. I moved to KC from out of state and found myself spending so much time here because of how welcoming they are. The baristas are out of this world with their craft and their kindness, over the years many have come and gone but they are always replaced with new great people (and you can find old baristas hanging out here!). I spend many days a week here and love their welcoming feeling and great coffee. It is because of the emphasis on quality, all around, that I find myself here so often. I always bring visitors here, take work meetings here and co-workers assume they can always find me here. Blackdog is one of a kind!

Dawn Pyle

Very friendly staff and yummy food!

Briana Purkapile

Coffee is amazing, staff is very friendly. It was busy, but the staff was quick and efficient.

Kim Horgan

I love Black Dog; the atmosphere is comfortable and there's plenty of seating. The chai tea is wonderful and everything I've had from the bakery has been amazing. I'd highly recommend the almond croissant and the grilled cheese sandwich. I just wish they had a second location closer to me!

John Landeck

Fun atmosphere and good coffee. The food felt overpriced for the amount we got, and the gravy tasted sour. I’d come back for the coffee and the atmosphere, but probably not the food.

Jeff Hamons

Their new Boga coffee cocktail is awesome

Jennifer Bryan

Black Dog seems to outshine Starbucks these days. The coffee is excellent. I would appreciate less cacophony and easier parking. Their bakery is overrated IMHO.

Caroline Day

Black Dog + Ibis Bakery = BLISS. Great coffee and service and out of this world baked goodies. I would gladly renege on any low-carb diet promise I've ever made for a treat from this place. 100% recommend and 100% will be back for more!

Rip Madsen

Staff was friendly and courteous. Quality products. Popular place.

Jocelyn Rampy

Cool coffee shop! Pastries and strong coffee = win win. I loved the added touch of my name written on the saucer

Kurt Jansen

Best coffee in Kansas. Black Dog's beans are well sourced. The bakery embedded is top quality. This morning I had a pour over & a piece if cranberry walnut toast. This place gets busy fast, go earlier if you can.

chad sternke

Best spot to listen, observe, eat, drink coffee and ... oh yeah, get some work done.

Chantal DeLorme

I love this place and glad they added more space, since, no matter the time, it is always full.

Nicholas Gierschick

If your looking for a place to chill and enjoy a nice cup of coffee then look no further and they make their own pastries which are fantastic.

Kyle Roos

I usually love the place. It has great environment and atmosphere and the staff is always great. Unfortunately the last 3 times I have been there they have closed early. This time I asked when I got there if they were going to be open normal hours and was told they were. Then they decided to close soon after at 6:30. I understand the business decision when things are slow but I will be looking somewhere with more reliable hours in the future.

Harry Moyer

First-time visitors to this extraordinary restaurant may find it confusing and not understand what all the fuss is about. Two things: the coffee and the food. Goodies baked fresh and uniquely arranged on the plate, I couldn't wait for my second visit, which did not disappoint. Allow time when you go there, because the parking lot may be filled for a block away, and the line to get serve may be long, but the weight of the end is worth it!

Katrina Worth

Definitely my go to coffee/tea house. Perfect to work on your laptop as they have power strips everywhere. The mint tea is a favorite of mine. They also have sweet and savory baked goods that are to die for.

Marcella Nichols

Wow! One of the best bakeries I've tried in Johnson County. I came around 9 on a Saturday morning and there was a long line- for good reason. The almond croissant was decadent and perfect. I also purchased a chocolate croissant and a coconut macaroon for my parents and they enjoyed them as well. I will definitely be back at some point.

Shaun Damico

Mother effing cheese slipper is my jam. Holy hell the people are always friendly and make me feel remembered. I live in Brookside and still make it over there for the experience.

Halyn Massey

I visited with my boyfriend on Friday and I was very pleased. We ordered coffee and breakfast. The atmosphere was very inviting and not at all intimidating. I ordered a Raspberry Torte mocha thing and it was delicious! The food was not my style, but tasted great. I would definitely return for coffee, but probably wouldn't order food again.

Nick Snodgrass

Been here a dozen times or so as of this review. I think its the best place to get good coffee in south (ish) KC. Their drip coffee, espresso, and cold drinks are all really tasty. Baristas are skilled and pleasant. Service is pretty quick. Atmosphere lends itself well to studying, reading, chatting, or working. Also as a bonus, it's connected to ibis bakery for some delicious eats.

Stephanie Baillargeon

Awesome coffee and pastries. The food is kind of expensive, but worth it.

Gilbert Santana

Have a good croissant and the large is nice food hangaround in the morning.

M Hoffman

3/5 for the coffee but have to take into account of the food. Went in on mothers day and they had a limited brunch menu. It was pretty tasteless and just flat out overpriced for what it was. Fully regret spending $30 on that 2 tiny scoops of unseasoned chicken salad and bland country benedict gravy. Gotta do taste tests before making a menu and serving it to the public yall.

Thomas Ballew

Best coffee in Lenexa. My favorite is their cortado. Also, the best bread in the metro area, baked in-house, daily. Their pastries, light fare, and juices are all delicious. The place is usually very busy.

Ian Price

Getting to busy for me with a poor layout but the coffee is always amazing

Lori Newton

Great coffee, delicious pastries that change with the season and always busy.

Ray Myers

Coffee and food were great!

Tiff Any

There's always a wait but it's always worth it. Their espresso drinks are delish. I highly recommend sampling the toast while in line, then buying your favorite loaf. I cut mine then freeze so it doesn't go bad. At minimum, get the toast for breakfast.

Bridgitte Weaver

Great coffee. Amazing atmosphere to work independently, or have a coffee date. Bathrooms are clean. Employers are friendly.

Josh Hoffman

The coffee and atmosphere here is refreshing. The sunrise sandwich was great

Kirstin Waterman

Wow! Great place, I love the atmosphere

Darren Pitts

The atmosphere and baked goods are definitely the highlight of this coffee shop. I’ve been coming since before the current ownership and it’s wonderful now. I tend to get americano’s as a drink and it appears that routinely there is not enough expresso per the amount or water. Today I also tried a chicken salad sandwich and while it was good it really seemed to be a portion for a child vs an adult especially for the price. Really nice atmosphere with an eclectic feel!

Nicole Barnett

Wonderful coffee, food, people and atmosphere

Andrea Bernotat - Luker

Very nice atmosphere and great Grandma's Coffee Cake.

Patrick Hardin

This place is awesome! Great coffee and a great price. They have lots of options and plenty of places to sit. I always stop here for coffee when I am in Kansas City. I would recommend this place to anyone. Plus they open at 6 which is earlier than most coffee shops in the area, and it definitely way better than driving through somewhere.

Katie Michael

Came here for my birthday. Was not disappointed. Love the coffee and the food!

Jon Hake

Waited over 10 minutes for a latte, they're adding extra charges to everything, a whole extra dollar for heavy cream! Who does that?! This was a great place before they paired up with that mediocre bakery next door. Now it's just a wannabe Starbucks. The unique feel is gone and the staff can't keep up.

David Crowe

I needed a place to do work with hiring employees in a public setting open for the hours I was available. Not only were they accommodating, but they were friendly, helpful, extremely courteous and their service outstanding, but the went above and beyond to ensure that I felt welcome and not at all a burden to the staff. Far from it. Best little coffee shop in the KC area. Coffee and smoothies are fantastic too. Thank you for such warm and helpful experience.

Curtis Schwieterman

This was one of my favourite cafés before I left Kansas City. It has friendly staff, tasty baked goods, and always has a great choice on fresh coffee. I swing in every time I return to the area

Michael Curry

Crazy busy Saturday morning, staff was everywhere, just a lot of customers. Everyone was happy and helpful. Biscuits and gravy were great as was the coffee and pastry! Great place, stays very busy though so be prepared for a wait during peak hours!

Wuji Fei

It's a good coffee house in the neighborhood. The toasts are kinda expensive, for example the avocado toast and the salmon ones, for like $9 you get a maybe 5 bites... The coffee is good though. Been here a few times but never had a bad coffee.


The best coffee house in the metro area hands down. The staff is amazing, along with the food and drinks.

Nate Benoit

Very low key decor. Incredible quality of coffee and food. Best coffee shop in KC for sure.

Alberto Gomez

Great coffee, bread, and pastries. Has gotten pretty trendy though so expect it to be pretty busy most of them time

Grace Hawkins

I drive a long way to go to this shop. Love it.

Alexa Wonka

Very busy\popular. Great food and drinks. Long wait

Daniel Barker

Figure out how to reserve bread. It's very frustrating to call and know that there is one loaf left but no way to guarantee it'll be there in ten minutes when I arrive. Never been here before, but the coffee was really good. They use Messenger, so it's not shocking it was good. The atmosphere was also quite nice. It was a little packed, but there were a lot of different types of seating arrangements which would make it great for working meetings or working on your own. They also had bread, but I didn't try any this time. Looking forward to it next time.

Vincent Valentino

First time here had a very pleasant experience, would certainly come back for more bread and coffee.

Ella Steinmetz

The coffee was really good and it was very lively. It was a little loud at 10, but the crowd died down and it became very relaxing. It's a good place to finish a research paper, or just talk. You can even draw some weird stuff of your friend on the coffee cups.

Michelle Smith

I love going here because the employees are always incredibly friendly. This is my favorite place in town to get an oat milk latte. A must try if you're in the area and looking for a place to grab a great cup of coffee.

Gina Briones

Nice coffee spot

Stick Ojala

Friendly. Not much food selection . Typical coffee house pricing..a little high

Sandy Diaz

Great coffee house vibe, comfy chairs, nice books for quiet conversations and IBIS bakery!

Michelle Lober

Everything about this experience was great! The food was wonderful, staff was friendly and prompt, and the atmosphere was bustling but organized. We loved it!

Ryan Bly

Great coffee and food! The bakery is a hidden gem and solid drinks as well.


They always are friendly and have coffee out quick.

Donnie Spears

Great coffee plus awesome breads!

Robert Arteaga

Great place to get some good treats


Overpriced Johnson county yuppy eatery...Food was okay... interesting choices...

Hunter Vaughan

Very impressed by this place, I love finding different coffee shops all over. This was my first time in Kansas, and was looking for a local coffee shop I could try. I came by the other week and was very impressed by the atmosphere and coffee. Such a nice looking, and great tasting location. I would sugggest this place for anyone with the love of coffee.

Jeff Saale

Very nice cappuccino, huge and delicious chocolate croissant! I came in for a Nitro cold brew, but settled for a hot drink. The wait at 930 on a Saturday is very long, but once you're seated it's great. I saw plates with avocado toast pass by me at least a dozen times, so I will be returning to give that a try.

Gloria Throne

Great cappuccino..baked goods..AMAZING!!

Mike McVey

Nice morning spot.

Andi Schuster

What a cozy coffeehouse! There’s plenty of space for meetings or find a cozy nook to sip on some delicious coffee. They’re new Oat Milk is also a must try! Friendly staff, lovely aesthetic, great space. Wish we lived in town to frequent more.

Joseph Langr

Black dog has a great environment and really good coffee and pastries. I had their almond croissant and drip brew coffee which were both fantastic. I wish there were more coffee shops in Johnson County with a similar atmosphere. Rated 4 stars only because there was no room to sit. We had to go eat out in our car for breakfast on our anniversary.

Bonnie Brown

This coffee shop is phenomenal. The coffee is delicious. It is simple, no crazy over the top gimmicks just well-brewed coffee with tasteful add-ins. The atmosphere is casual. Seating is open. It's a busy shop, so it's not quiet but it's not ear splitting. The bakery is delicious. The breads are baked on site. The food sources are local and the names are placed on a chalk board so customers can see where their food has come from. I can't wait to go there again!

Drew Peters

What to say... first time in here and within 5 mins there was exceptional customer service, free sampling’s and great atmosphere. Wife has been wanting to come for a while and was not disappointed. Love it.

Eden Elizabeth

Love the decor and atmosphere of this place. Their drinks are fantastic and the staff always seems laid back and nice. My only complaint is that it's hard to find somewhere to sit or study here cause they get very crowded...but their drinks are top notch quality so you can't really blame them for attracting tons of customers :)

Vince Guerra

Amazing coffee! Even Better Customer service! Jordan is very knowledgeable, and helps me pick something new and different each time. I have had multiple people there make my drink but it does not taste the same as when he makes it. Definitely an amazing Barista!

Abbey Pope

Love love love this place!!! Support this great local business. Their baked goods from Ibis Bakery are to die for, and their Shatto Mocha is perfect.

Bruce Wieseler

It was the 1st time of being there. If you want a great tasting cup of coffee you must come here. And the pastry is not a wrong choice either!

Jonathan Regehr

Great local hangout with original menu items. Cool atmosphere.

Sarah Arora

Cute atmosphere and very delicious.

Mia Wulff

One of my favorite coffee shops to go to. The atmosphere is great and the coffee is delicious. Everyone there is so friendly and more often then not talk to me about my day. 10/10 would recommend. Does get a little crammed at times (but only because people like me love it and will go despite the little extra wait).

Mandy C

The coffee and food here is very tasty. Got a 20oz cafe au lait and a sunrise sandwich. Coffee was very tasty even without sugar. The sandwich came on excellent freshly made bread with eggs and high quality, thick bacon. I highly recommend it.


I have been here twice and loved the environment, cozy feel, the variety of pastries and honestly this place has nothing to envy from Starbucks. Wish there were more places like this one In Florida. Awesome and highly recommend it.

Josh Morgan

One of the best coffeehouses in Kansas City

Travis Alderson

Love black dog!

Bryan Boccard

Great coffee and great bread and bits to eat, but everytime I visit the place is very crowded. They would probably benefit from moving to a larger location that isn't so cramped.

Monte Scotten

Great chai tea latte and the biscuit and gravy was divine. Great food and equally great staff.

Tonya Gast

Love this community coffee shop.

Deborah Macon

Great bread, pastries, desserts. Odd that others seem to adore the coffee which seems quite bitter to me. Also staff could use some training. The cashier did not charge us for the sparkling water we ordered & told us to simply pick it up at the other end of the line. When we did so we were looked at in a sort of sidewise way and said "it's ok this the but we usually charge for that."

Amy Gibbs

Always a good experience, shots are good, great staff.

Ryan T

Great atmosphere and great coffee!! My only complaint was how long it took to get my americano (almost 10 minutes). To be fair to the staff, the line was to the door. Overall I will definitely plan on going back.

megan daniel

Ice coffee is ok. Not the best. The service is amazing! The people are so nice and friendly. Always crowded, but I’ve always been able to find a table or comfy chair. The pastries are very tasty. I also enjoy that the bakery next door is connected to the coffee shop.

Angela Sas

I've been coming here for years and have always cherished Blackdog as my favorite coffee shop and hang out but as they've grown the atmosphere has changed quite a bit. Now a more mainstream hang out, it's more difficult to enjoy a relaxing afternoon in such a crowded building. Although I still love their drinks and the staff!

Alexis Stamatis

It's the spot to drink good coffee, study, work, meet new people and hang with old friends. Staff is awesome.

K Tribolet

First time visit. Super friendly staff. Nice big seating area that is fun and relaxing. Delicious coffee and to die for pastries. We will definitely be going back.

Darklordofcats de Vore

Umm, well I think I must have just ordered the wrong thing because the place is very popular. But my order was definitely missing some key ingredients that where listed in the discretion and that changed the outcome substantially. Though I'm sure it was a simple oversight do to the large number of people who were there. I will try again, sometime, but I personally am not eager to return.

Rebecca Pankratz

I enjoyed my iced coconut milk chai latte. Their chai had a more sharper spice to it and not overly sweet. Coconut milk was a good option for being dairy intolerant.

Mike Detomi

The club sandwich was sooo good.

Joshua Montgomery

Love the atmosphere and their baked goods are killer!

Beth Hill

Wonderful little cafe and coffee shop. Hubby and I split an order of French toast. I wanted to eat one of everything in the display case. The coffee was excellent. I will be back!

Justin Maxwell

Seems like a solid coffee shop. I’m not much of a coffee drinker, but the non-coffee drinks are good. Apple cider and pumpkin spice sort of stuff. They have a good smoothie too. I probably enjoy their food more than anything. The pastries are fantastic and the breakfast sandwich is solid. The place has coffee shop vibe, so expect plenty of hip 20-somethings to be hanging out. Similar to most coffee shops, it’s a premium experience, so the pricing reflects that.

Nana Z

Amazing place to spend woth friends and amazing coffee and bakery. Love it!

Matt Scrivner

Great coffee and a rotating menu with a cheerful and efficient staff

Lorin Williamson

Stopped for the coffee and decided to get lunch. Got this quinoa, hummus, veggie and egg bowl. Excellent choice. Americano was good. Seating was good.

Nathan Vogele

Tried and true as always! I'd get the cream with the Italian sodas. If you are a coffee enthusiast I'd recommend getting the pour over coffee. Its FANTASTIC!

Little Trouble

The vanilla sky. As someone who isn't big on surgery coffees, this hits the spot for flavor without the overpowered taste of sugar.

Mirk D.P.

Chilling drinking good cappuccino and eating good bread

Alex Lubeck

Great food and coffee. The iced Shatto Mocha is great.

Patricia Glenn

This is a high quality coffee shop with incredibly good pastry/ breads. The employees are friendly and efficient. The seating is adequate and comfy. I love going there even if it is pricey. The menu is well worth coming back for.

Terra Hasker Huston

Excellent pastries, amazing coffee choices and great friendly service.

Ben Allyn

Great local coffee, pastries, and sandwiches with an amazing, at home kind of atmosphere. Indoor and outdoor seating and well as their bread company attached to their space. I have been an irregular regular for years and was one of the first people in the building when it opened.

Noor A'Neamy

Today was my third time here & I don’t know why every time I go my order get delayed & have to asked to put in a box because everyone was done & wanted to leave. This time they apologized & gave me a coin for a free drink for next time & didn’t charge my sandwich. Although I ordered three grilled cheeses sandwich with tomato, got it with no tomatoes. But I was so hungry

Joy Mapes

I like the open space in the cafe, and the staff was friendly. However, it took me quite a while to get the toast I ordered. I was also disappointed in the toast's flavor. I ordered the one with cream cheese and sun-dried tomato pesto on multigrain bread, and the tomato flavor was overpowering. It was like eating tomato paste out of a can. And like most coffee shops, they could use a wider or more interesting hot tea selection.

Alison Kay

Their coffee, baked goods, staff and service are amazing. The wait is well worth the effort if you've got the time, you won't regret it.

Lee Ann Crawford

Normally I would give Black Dog a 5-star review as it is a wonderful coffee shop with great ambience and wonderful pastries. I come here every time I'm in town, visiting my daughter who is a former Black Dog employee. However, I had a disappointing customer service experience on my last visit (9/6/19, 10:30AM) with the manager who was also the barista. My latte had a distinctly funny taste (either a different coffee bean was used or the milk had spoiled). One of the baristas graciously remade my latte but it still had the same unpleasant taste. I told this to the manager/barista who then went into defense mode on how it tasted okay to him that morning, and how he measured it perfectly, etc. A more tactful response would have been to offer another beverage, tea perhaps, rather than become defensive (and offensive). I think a refresher course on customer service manners is in order.

Susan Phillip

Love this coffee house. Not specifically because the coffee is the best I have ever had but because the service and the environment are welcoming and there is no sense of pushing me out of the shop as quickly as they can. Super relaxed place with many different areas to sit, depending on your need and mood. This will definitely be my go to coffee house in Kansas.

Sam Zaben

Guy at register with tattoos and a whole in his ear was racist

Kathleen Powell Moreno

Black Dog Coffeehouse is my go-to coffee shop in Johnson County. In a metropolitan area saturated with chain coffee shops, I prefer to support this down to earth small business that offers delicious beverages and a unique environment. Connected with Ibis Bakery, Black Dog also offers delicious bread, sandwiches, toast, & pastries. There is a variety of seating options and some fun nooks near the back where you often find a student studying or a couple enjoying a private conversation. Pricing is decent, comparable to prices at most major coffee shops & bakeries. I highly recommend Black Dog!

Danny Lovell

Only downside is the crowd! Reasoble prices, great variety and quality of teas and coffee alike, and incredible toast (trust me on this one, the bread is from the next door Bakery). Good variety of seating, lighting, and atmosphere depending on if you want to study, read, or just sit and talk.

Aaron Ingalsbe

Very neat place to grab coffee and a light breakfast. Really love how the coffee shop is right next to and connected to a bakery. The aroma just adds to the ambiance. Plus you can watch them making bread and other treats while sipping your coffee. The coffee is also great. Love that they use locally sourced products as much as possible. Their chai tea latte was a little strong on the spices both times I've gotten it, but not undrinkable by any means. Great place to visit, will be back frequently.

Jesse Gunkel

I have met friends/study groups at Black dog many times. They have good coffee and the atmosphere is very hipsterish. I wouldn't recommend this coffee shop for doing homework or work because it's so busy -I personally can't do work if it's really busy- however it's a good place to get lost in a crowd. There are many options for drinks, such as espresso coffee, drip coffee, teas, smoothies, and Italian soda. Everything I've had was pretty good, but a little pricy. I also had a good laugh when the barista heard me spell Jesse as Jeffe. Good coffee, ok atmosphere, and great drink options.

Cecilia Sader

This place has a great selection of pastries and bread’s. I enjoyed the coffee very much and the atmosphere is absolutely gorgeous. Has a super hipster vibe and the merchandise looks so cute. It was a little overpriced but worth it for the atmosphere. Has plenty of seating.

Aris Afghanzada

Coffee from local roaster Messenger Coffee is brewed very well. Local IBIS bakery goods are also delicious and the in house Black Dog creations are also very tasty. Interior design is pleasing and fairly comfortable. Not too cramped and there is a lot of seating inside and out. The only complaint would be about seating availability and that's mostly due to patrons. You'll find large tables taken up by a single person and people over staying their welcome. Otherwise a nice a cafe to visit.

Sylver Wolf

Way better then any Starbucks or anything! I love the homey coffee shop vibe, it's the kind of place to just study, read, or detox and listen to some music (because it gets insanely loud and busy here during peak business hours)

Robyn Finkner

Very good place to stop for coffee and baked goods. Ibis Bakery has some pretty awesome food!

Mathew B

One of my favs. Bread and coffee is great.

Ray Cessna

Always amazing coffee. Local coffee shop i enjoy visiting.

Christina Smith

I used to go here often. The prices and very long lines have kept me from coming as much. That and every time I think to get something from the bakery section I ask the price and instantly have to say no. I'm priced out of ordering much from here sadly but do know it's quality stuff.

Joseph Yeow

Pricing is reasonable but I was expecting for more chocolate inside my croissant since that was a big one. Love the coffee and citrus tea leaf pound cake as well. Hands down this is a great place for coffee and pastry. Something Starbucks need to learn but they’ll never get it. Tried ice mocha today with Shato chocolate milk and it’s awesome.

Tom Clutter

Always a great spot when I'm in town to grab coffee and a quick breakfast! The line moves quickly and the service is friendly and engaged! A delicious menu with a variety of options. Also great Messenger Coffee!

Josh Wayland

This is one of the best coffee shops I've ever visited. The coffee is excellent and the bakery offerings are second to none. The staff member that took our order was extremely courteous and helpful and helped us find a seat with our four kids, even though it was very busy. She also brought us a complimentary pastry and extra plates and plastic ware. All of the food options looked amazing and I wish I had the chance to try more. You can tell that quality is a priority here. Good amount of seating with pleasing decor and atmosphere. You won't regret your visit to Black Dog. Be sure to get a piece of the cranberry walnut toast!

Emily L

It was busy but the line went fast. Lots of nooks to find places to sit.

Abbye Putterman

Really great little spot. Sometimes it’s hard to find a spot sit and relax since it can be crowded, but that’s good really! Means they’ll be around longer! Super friendly staff! Always very clean and great house blends.

Sushu Wang

The coffee and baked goods are amazing and worth the price!! Be sure to try the almond croissant! The customer service is also noteworthy, because they are willing to remake coffees to your taste. It's a 4 star and not 5 because it's ALWAYS busy (average 15 mins wait) and lacks seating for groups larger than 6.

Kyndra Morris

Great neighborhood coffee place and hangout.

Amanda Whipple

Absolutely wonderful! Friendly staff, amazing coffee and pastries, everything you want in a coffee house. A place you don't want to miss!

Lakresha Stewart

Nice cool little spot to listen to music, enjoy coffee and all natural goodies. Besides that there are different sitting options such as a cozy sofa, soft chairs, or chair and tables for meetings & writing. Also there is a secluded area in back for relaxing and collecting your thoughts.

Stacey Lillich

The staff is so kind and helpful to a coffee-challenged individual like myself. They've never seemed annoyed by me (thank you!). I've wanted to get dessert before, but they are always something so far out that I'm afraid to pay the price and have it not be something I like. Some basic and straight forward, maybe even smaller for a little cheaper price, would be great. Always good coffee, and the toast is THE best! I used to buy the loaves of bread, but even with a bread knife at home have difficulty cutting it for toast. Once I suggested they offer sliced loaves for an extra charge and the employee seemed insulted. I just gave up on buying them.

Liliana Ramos

Too crowded but cool place yummy bread

Jessica Porter

I love this shop so much!! The coffee is delightful, the pastries are amazing and made in-house, the atmosphere is exactly what a coffeehouse should be and as an extra bonus they use so many local ingredients!! I'm only bummed it took me so long to discover it!

Melanie V

i absolutely love this place!! it’s my first time here and i’ll definitely come back every time i’m in town. i came in and ordered a vanilla latte before realizing i left my wallet at home. i was going to leave to go get it when the cashier (i should’ve gotten her name. she was SO nice!!) said that they had already started making it so i could have it, for free. i felt terrible, but i took it, then left to get my wallet. realizing i forgot to order it with dairy free milk, i gave that drink to my sister when i got to her house. i came back half an hour later to pay for my first drink and to order another, when the cashier (again, SO nice!!) still didn’t charge me for the first one, even though i insisted. i ordered a cafe carmello, which i was half afraid would be too sweet, but it was perfectly smooth and not overly sweet. like i said, i’ll definitely be back when i’m in town. great service and great coffee!

Remy DePrima

I love coming here, the atmosphere is very comfortable and the baked goods from next door are great. My friend and I always split a red wine brownie to go with our drinks.

Peter Soto

I've been coming here since I was in high school during the middle 2000s. This place has only gotten better. Studying, business meetings, catching up with friends. Great for all of that. Incredible coffee and pasteries. Kind staff.

Christopher Sumpter

Staff was friendly. They ran out of drip coffee while pouring mine, but promised to bring me another cup when the fresh pot was brewed. They forgot to do so; but, when I reminded them, they gave me my coffee and a token for a free one next time. Back room has a handful of board games. The place stays pretty busy, but isn't too noisy.

Nathan Anderson

Wonderful little place. Ibis baked goods can't be beat. Yum yum yum.

Robert Smith

One of the best coffee spots in the entire area.

Maria Vish

They have a delicious rotating pastry selection and amazing bread. Great vibe in the cafe for working or catching up with a friend. Coffee is pretty good although I usually just get the brewed coffee so can't comment on the espresso drinks.

alok jain

Place is vibrant. Nice bakery with decent bread options. Good menu. However didn't like the barista as my coffee was at the counter and he didn't call out the name because he couldn't pronounce it. If I wouldn't have gone and checked he would have not even attempted to call out the name.

Marcie Crawford

This is such a cute coffee shop, I Loved all the options they had available from the coffee choices to the handmade baked good options, not to mention what they are donating to can't complain there!

Gabriella Kusko

Blueberry sunflower financier is GF and was perfectly baked. Such a treat.

Shayna Bay

Love this coffee house. Gives you all the local vibes, especially with their fresh in-house baked bread. Get the London fog if you are a fan of tea.

Aaron Hancock

Very good coffee. Friendly workers. Great place to do homework, have a meeting, or just catch up with a friend.

Tammy Wilson

Love their coffee and Ibis pastries. Onr of my favorite coffee houses.

Matt Linke

I don’t even drink coffee but I still love this place. My wife says the coffee is great so I’ll take her word for it. Their adjacent pastry shop make some of the best pastries I’ve even had. I highly recommend the almond croissant. Lots of comfortable seating, it’s a good place to catch up with friends or get a bit of works done. With seating in front of the bakery, there is enough room to bring your kids and keep them entertained and not feel like you’re ruining the experience for others.

Nicole Smith

Decent coffee and nice atmosphere. Could use more sugar free options

Brooke Bennett

Had some tasty hot chocolate and was surrounded by people 10 years my junior. Made me feel young again. 10/10 would visit again.

Amanda VanMeter

Just because it's hip and they draw hearts with your foam doesn't mean it's good. $5.50 for a tiny cup of yogurt- the same thing you'd get at McDonalds. They couldn't make a flat white and everyone behind me got their lattes and cappuccinos before I got my "flat white" latte. I tried the drip coffee that came with the bag of beans I bought- meh. The Keurig at my hotel made better tasting coffee. This tasted like gas station coffee.

Bonnie Slaughter

I was made aware of this place when a friend brought me a piece of the cranberry walnut toast made by Ibis Bakery. It was probably the thickest and tastiest piece of toast I've ever had! I visited today and got the same thing, and it was just as good. I also ordered the toasted marshmallow latte, which was not as impressive... It was good as far as lattes go, but I couldn't taste any flavoring in it whatsoever. The atmosphere was what you would expect for a coffee house, only bigger and busier. There were a lot of people in there studying with books and computers, too. Not a bad experience overall. I'd like to go back and try some of the other pastries and drinks.

Fred Manhart

Cool coffee shop. Eclectic music playing and vibrant helpful staff.


One of a handful of great coffeehouses and bakery in greater KC. Great lunches too.

Dolores Bunker

Best breads and pastries in the world love Ibis !

Travis Beaty

Great coffee, atmosphere and food!! Really like the fresh loaves weekly!!

Giselle Menendez

Great atmosphere and super friendly staff! I enjoyed this coffeehouse very much. I had a White Chocolate Mocha and the Cranberry Walnut toast smothered in their all natural almond butter and drizzled with local honey, yum!

Emori Metz

Went in here the other day and really loved it :) Super nice vibe and all the employees were all real sweet too. So yeah, shouts out to Jordan for making the experience even better. Nothin better than being able to relax with good coffee and good conversations

Jose Nunez

I'm from Costa Rica (to put things into perspective). You guys have the best Machiatto I've ever tasted. Pastries are quite a temptation. You guys rock. Impressive place and service.

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