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REVIEWS OF Best Regards Bakery & Cafe IN Kansas

Herb Jacobus

Robert & Cheri Duensing have a passion for food. Everything in their restaurant is made from scratch, using the finest ingredients. His many types of grilled cheese sandwiches, soups, cookies, cakes, eclairs, and pies are unlike anywhere else in the city. You can taste the quality and care that go into making them. And he makes a St.Louis favorite, the Gooey Butter Cake, that is better than any I’ve had in St. Louis. This is a must try place in Kansas City.

Derrol Trippett

Had the big beef dip - fantastic. Pumpkin spiced cake - delicious. Favorite spot for lunch.

Susan Quandt

I can only speak for the cookies at this place, but whether it's the GF, the frosted sugar cookies or the big cranberry orange ones, they're ALL my favorites. I placed a large sugar cookie order for a party and they were very easy to work with. I like that the owner is almost always there and the line goes quickly!

KTom Op

All of the food is wonderful! Update: Just had their chocolate pie and the crust was literally the most amazing crust I’ve ever eaten in my entire life. I can’t wait to try their other pies...

Milton Gillespie

Great place

Mary Christine Dodge

Absolutely my favorite... Beer cheese soup and rosemary bread are too die for... A billion different grilled cheese choices and lovely sweets... You can't go wrong with anything you choose.

Rachel Fry

I can't even begin to express how disgusted and disappointed I am in this Bakery DO NOT order custom cakes from here, they are awful!!! I asked for a very simple cake for my sons birthday, they refuse to use fondant so I gave them a picture of a basic two tier cake, very simple design. I repeatedly told the owner that I wanted it to match the picture and I didn't like the one he kept pointing out to me on the wall of a previous cake he had made. What did I get? A cake completely different from what I asked and absolutely UGLY, I mean this cake was so ugly we almost didn't bring it to the party. It was hideous!!! Also the cake was so hard we could barely cut it. We finally got one tiny piece cut and gave it to my son, he took one bite and spit it out. Everyone proceeded to try it and everyone agreed it was the worst cake they had ever had! Not only did I get an UGLY cake that wasn't what I asked for but it tasted disgusting. I am beyond upset with Best Regard Bakery and I will fight to get my money back. Shame on you Best Regards Bakery! My advice to anyone looking for a custom cake is to pay the extra money to get it made by professionals and not these guys. Spend the money and go else where or you will end up with a piece of crap at your party. Do not order from here!!!

Amy Burnett


I wouldn’t bother with the sandwiches or soup, they’re too expensive and not very good for what you get, but the baked goods are worth it. The cream puffs are good.

Wayne Miller

Excellent BLT with heirloom tomatoes!

Gail Caldwell

Mike Jordan


Vicki Michels

Great bakery and lunch spot.

Matt G.

Great service and excellent sandwiches. Ultimate BLT is perfect, and the specials are always reliable. Glad there's an independent family-owned option around the area.

grahmniz RL

Brenda Walker

Thank you for taking your valuable time to respond to my post.. As a small Business owner I do Understand and I will stop in again

Eddie Canis

highly recommend breakfast bowls, gooey butter cake, or go da cheese sandwich. Been here a few times and the quality is exceptional.

Rachel Moore

Best Regards has the best local charm in the area. The people are wonderful and attentive to the customers. The food ranges from meal to desserts and it's all excellent. I am going to visit Best Regards more regularly for lunch when it's a day I eat out.

Sarah Tavis

Jennifer Miller

Wonderful good, great people, tasty treats! I always appreciate the time and care they put into everything they make.

Cami Ostertag

"Oh, my Lord" was all we could say while eating this magical dessert!

Talmadge Fletchall

Consistently Good. If you are looking for great baked goods or a good quick lunch this is your place.

Shawn Hopkins


Janet Rogers

The best chicken noodle soup in KC. The best baked goods, too. Love their grilled cheese sandwiches, none better than here. I really like this bakery and cafe. I bring all my friends here.

Jason Bigler

So I decided to give them a try this weekend and I am certainly glad I did! I gave their Berkshire bacon BLT a try and it was excellent! Fresh, toasted country white bread (they have a couple other options as well), crispy bacon, fresh lettuce and tomatoes and some mayo (optional). It all meshed well together for an excellent sandwich! Since I saw all the talk on their biscuits and gravy, I got that as a small side with the sandwich. Oh my. It was delicious! I love their take on it with the andouille sausage, which adds a little kick to the gravy. The biscuit was perfectly cooked and fresh. I'll definitely be back for a full order of those some morning! Staff was very friendly and service quick. I suggest checking them out! Oh, and grab a cream puff pastry for desert.

TT Tansey

Comfort food. Excellent gooey butter cake. Nice grilled.gouda.

Amira Strang

I try so hard to like this place. The food is great, the service 90% of time is awful. I just tried to place a togo order. The lady on the phone tells me I have to make it quick. Uh, the service again is terrible. I usually endure since I like what they service. Alas today I will need to make alternative lunch plans.

Tamla Powers

Lary Spencer

Excellent BLT and great creme puffs.

Jonathan Hochreiter

Robert is awesome with customers the food is great I just wish I didn't have to order two of what I want to start feeling full I will go back I will support anyone that passionate about what they do

renee riedel

colby benham

Best chicken noodle soup I have had in a long time! Cookies are amazing

Victoria King

Nice atmosphere, great bakery items. Loved the dot sugar cookie w/ tie-dye-like buttercreme frosting. Not only did it remind me of my childhood but by the last bite it also reminded me of cheesecake... owner seemed nice and helpful. Favorite thing was being able to add my own frosting to my cinnamon roll

steph searcey

Wow! The beignets were amazing! The chicory coffee with real cream was to die for and the folks running the bakery are delightful! Run don't walk!

Renee Bednarczyk

very bad first impression. I just ordered a Panini for nine dollars and it's the size of a 4 x 4 slice of bread, no sides no drink...nine dollars... I don't get it. Granted I'm a new customer and trying to branch out but definitely a high price for a very small product. Not sure I'll be back.

E.J. McKernan IV

Very good cookies. We got a big selection of frosted sugar cookies.

Ann Keenan

The food, the atmosphere and the people are all the best. I never thought a sandwich could taste that good. I normally wouldn't eat a meatball sandwich but theirs was GREAT. I also normally wouldn't get a French Dip sandwich but I really LOVE theirs. The Abbey's Veggie Grilled Cheese is my favorite sandwich. I can't make grilled cheeses at home anymore because mine pale compared to theirs. There are so many things to LOVE on this menu. I would highly recommend Best Regards Bakery & Cafe!

Curtis Owings

Absolutely delicious, but so slow. Gal at the counter took sales and made customers that had paid wait while she talked to other customers. A nudge pricy for paper plates and plastic utensils.

Clark H Smith

Congrats on the bell on the door. Flashed me right back to Luddite Victorian England. Noisy and unnecessary. Mr. Best Regards peripatetically scurries around the restaurant - one moment greeting guests, next moment cleaning tables, next moment taking orders. His OCD/ADHD is unrestrained. I'm fatigued just waiting in line at the lunch rush. Sadly, Mr was taking orders when it was my turn to do the deed. He enthusiastically yelps that every item in the flippin store has a story and he desperately wants to tell me every flippin story. I'm not interested. I just want a ham sammich. It's noon o'clock and they're out of rye bread already (think about that, what kind of bakery runs out of rye by 12noon??). I do a "build my own" deal with bacon, turkey, and ham on French peasant bread or something. What kind of cheese? No Mr, I didn't say cheese cuz I don't want cheese. He offers me a condiment and starts to launch into some Wikipedic soliloquy about how many hand-selected islands are crushed up and drizzled into their thousand island dressing or some such nonsense. Mustard, just mustard, bro. I'm told there are lousy packets of mustard "over there" if I don't want to listen to his James Michener-esque explication of condiments. My wife orders a chicken-something-something sammich. With two cokes, our tab is just shy of $20. Tip? You want a tip? Take that flippin bell off your flippin door. Sammiches arrive. What the??? I paid $8 for a sandwich on pedestrian, stiff white bread (about 3.5" x 3.5" square) with, oh, about 3 ounces of meat and one small leaf of lettuce. This is guaranteed to be the worst sammich value in greater Kansas City. If you want a sandwich of reasonable price and portion, high tail it to Adrian's Cafe on College near Corporate Woods. You'll pay just as much as Best Regards and get three, no, four times the value. Disclaimer: My gender is completely male. This place is (understandably) popular with the fairer gender who value "neat stories" over value.

Erin Durham

Great service and AMAZING cinnamon rolls

Jordan Harding

I've been trying to order cookies for years and never can seem to get ahold of them. Finally I did this year and Robert Duensing was arrogant and rude when we went to pick them up. This place has good cookies but they're definitely not worth the hassle and terrible service.

David Lewis

Dawn D

Overall experience was just ok. Food was excellent, atmosphere was homey, but food took a long time to come out. It was just sandwiches, and only 1 or 2 customers ahead of us. Servers brought the food out but didn't know where to take it and wandered around with trays. Your lunch hour will be gone before you get to eat. Would be a better place for people who have all afternoon to sit and chat. Also thought the selection of baked goods was limited for a place that calls itself a bakery.

Dana Boatright

James K. Psaras

Really great grilled cheese for lunch. But I've gotten the cinnamon rolls twice now and they are really dry.

Lori Newton

Great lunch spot

Rob Hagman

Excellent lunch spot right in the middle of only chain restaurants and fast food.

TheM Dee

Yum! My husband and I tried the chocolate eclairs, sugar cookies, and espinaca breakfast sandwich. Service was great. The owners are passionate about their business. We will be back to try their lemon pound cake.

Lindsey Simons

Amazing amazing amazing

Treasa Cailleach

Great local cafe for breakfast to lunch. They even have gluten free options.

Richard Slattery

Timothy Huwar

Great food,Great People

Michael Jackson

Food was just ok, drove a long way to try their lunch and was disappointed. Size and volume did not even come close to matching the price. Side of fruit? Seriously!??! It was like eating a lunchable for kids. Looked at the key lime pound cake but after eating the skinny sandwich I couldn't bring myself to spend another 17$ for a pound cake. Probably won't go back. Jason's deli is a lot better deal even without the world searched ingredients.

Carlton Logan

Great grilled cheese sandwiches, soup and cinnamon rolls.

Ievgenii Tsyngalov

Excellent cinnamon rolls

Marcy Fletcher

Wonderful good, great service a must trt!

Dsmiles T

OMG!!! I had the special today, Portobello Mushroom Grilled Cheese Special. I tried the Beer Cheddar soup and a Mocha (double shot). This is the best lunch I have had in a very long time. I am trying to save money so I don’t go out unless I have a good coupon or a special. But this I would pay full price and smile the whole time. I saved the cookie and mocha for dessert. Yummy!!!!

Jenn Bailey

So glad to have stumbled across this hidden treasure! Get the chicken avocado salad and add bacon, delicious! Cookies are soft and HUGE! Super accommodating, nice sized outdoor space, and always a weekly special. I love to come here for lunch!

Rachel Oberman

Just go there its amazing!

Ryan Rivera

If you're looking for a hotel in the Bellevue area, this one is great on your wallet with all of the comfort of some more expensive hotels in the area. The king size room I stayed in was a great size and came with a balcony area which was great (although not quite needed for the time of year). The...

John Agatone

Blake Swearngin

This sandwich was so good I would be willing to drive the 30 minutes here just to try more of their sandwiches.

Adam Shaull

There cookies and pastry’s are unbeatable. I bought a cake for my wife’s birthday and it was great. Definitely will be coming back

Darci Lodsin

Lois Kelley

Terrie D'Angelo

Holly Dreyer

Stephanie Bonnie

Great service. Sandwiches, salads,etc.are made to order and served all day. Great gooey butter cake, sugar cookies and BLT made with local bacon and heirloom tomatoes.

alicia flores

So I was in the mood for pastries and this place wasn't it for me. It's more a food spot not much of an array of pastries. I bought Ganache cookies which was really good and a crumble cake muffin which was really tasty. The price though was pricey for what I bought.

Melody McIntosh

The lunch special was good, however the egg salad was beyond awful!

Sai Shruti S

Herb Mason

Nothing special about this place. Turkey sandwich was underwhelming on stale bread. Very pricey for what you get.

Monte Scotten

Had the spinach grilled cheese. It was a delicious sandwich. Will have to get with tomato soup next time.

Jamie Hawkins

I've been twice now hoping I was there on an off day, no luck. How is this place still in business?!?! Horrible service and food is not good and overpriced. Its like they use quality ingredients but the execution misses the mark big time. They just don't know what they are doing from the food prep to training to customer service. The manager guy clearly has no experience in the restaurant business. I won't be back.

Aundrea McMillan

Good baked goods, but seems cookie-centric. Calls itself a "cafe" but they only have brewed coffee in thermos pots. Ordered a $9 chicken salad and the chicken on it definitely came from a can. Will not return.

Fairly Decent Comedy

Had a wonderful chicken salad. They need to make more cinnamon rolls. I keep trying to get one . Came early . Sold them all to one guy.

shannon smith

Love this place. Food is great and the atmosphere is homey.

Dana Ward

Best Regards Bakery & Cafe has amazing treats that anyone can enjoy! Do you love cinnamon rolls? Are you a chocoholic? Or do you like cupcakes, homemade grilled cheese and tomato soup? I personally have never tasted one of their treats that I didn't like. And the owners as well as all the employees are very friendly and helpful! If you stop by, you have to try the chocolate avalanche cookie! It is a chocolate-lovers dream!

Bridget McGuire

Ordered lunch online to pick-up - it was so nice to avoid the line and head straight to the register! Had the turkey club and butternut squash soup - so delicious! Can't wait to try what else they have on their menu.

Tanya Dringman

Mary Sue Scoggan Manning

Great food.... Perfect for lunch.

Tracie Howell

Such a great local restaurant and the owners are truly so caring.

David Martin


Great atmosphere and the roasted potato soup is too die for. Would have gave 5+

Mark Drake

Great Bakery! Yum! Cinnamon rolls, sugar cookies, and lunch too!

Matthew Volz

theresa skaggs

Best tomatoe soup & grilled cheese on earth!!

Hedy Borrowman

Always fresh outstandingly delicious pastries, cookies. The sandwiches are awesome. Very helpful and friendly staff.

Debbie Chapman

Kathy McKernan

BLT amazing

Linda Hubbell

Everything I have gotten from Best Regards has been wonderful. They made the cupcakes we served as our daughter's wedding reception and everyone loved them. Their cinnamon rolls are to die for. And the Craves choc is my favorite.

Wade Wasinger

Great little sandwich shop and bakery. I was looking for a St Louis gooey butter cake and couldn't resist getting the turkey club and a French Dip to go. Very pleased I did. The smoky bacon, fresh turkey, Jack cheese and lettuce with that heirloom tomato was delicious. Very good turkey club. I was was pretty full but had to try a little bit of the butter cake, very similar to what I had in St Louis. It's a little pricier than say a fast food sandwich shop by maybe a dollar or 2, but for fresh ingredients, heirlooms...ill pay the little extra. It's fresh made to order, so allow a few minutes for your order and enjoy the friendly surroundings. Nice lunch, thank you Best Regards Bakery!


Best cinnamon rolls in town!! The lunch menu is great, I especially like the soups and the varied way they can make a Grilled Cheese. My dad loves the unfrosted sugar cookies, I ask for them specifically. Trying to work my way through the many sweet offerrings, fortunately they change with the seasons.

Brenden Estrada

Best bakery/deli in op, love the butter cake.

Kirk Wayman

Hyped waffles are of average quality and dissapoiningly not liege; also not worth the price point. Will have to return to try other items before rendering a verdict, but will have to save up first.

Kassandra Finklea

Joe Dangelo

Elizabeth Stone

Great good

Justin Hagen

Great breakfast sandwiches and cinnamon rolls. Friendly service is a great bonus!

Lacey J

I love this bakery! The owner and the staff always go above and beyond! I adore all themed baked goods they sell!!

Bill McCracken

This place is the bomb. They own Sprint campus for treats. They are the first choice.

Stanci Soderstrom

Can't believe I never knew this was here! Amazing avacado grilled cheese, wonderful owners, great atmosphere. I'll be back. Thrilled it popped up on Google today.

David Heyburn

Way good local bakery and Cafe! Tucked back into a little shopping center, you DEFINITELY should pass by the mega chains DD & Sbux to get these delicious treats. And coffee is by Roasterie. Shop Local, it's better for the economy

Paige Bergan

If you are thinking of ordering a cake or pastries from this bakery, do it! I ordered their chocolate cake for my boyfriend's birthday and it's the only place I'd trust to order a cake from. I saw another horribly unkind review on here involving their cake and I seriously don't see how that could be even close to true. This is a family-run, local business and it's unfathomable to me that someone would be that vindictive to write a review like that. I've had their cake on multiple occasions and it has always been delicious. It's so many levels above what you would get at a grocery store and you only have to look at their website to see how pretty they are. I will continue to order cakes from here for years to come and hope you will give it a try! I truly enjoy this café and every friend I've brought there for a gourmet grilled cheese has been happy I've introduced them to this hidden gem. It may not be the fastest place for lunch, but the quality of the food is worth the wait and I always appreciate being able to slow down and talk to friends a bit. The BLTs are amazing, the pizza specials they have are great, the soups, the cookies, truly everything I've had is wonderful.

John Gabrielson

The most flavorful and high quality ingredients make the best sandwiches and desserts I have had. I just love this place!!!

Amanda Collins

Everything made from scratch! Awesome!!

Pam McHenry

James B

John Erickson

Just had the Key Lime cookie. I was instantly on the beach in KEY WEST! Wowza! Love it. I just need you to open a location in my neighborhood now so I don't have to drive 20 minutes to get my weekly supply!

Ava Oxley

All I bought was a brownie and a snickerdoodle and they were both the best that I think I've ever had. DELISH!

Rob H

Kendric Beachey

If you are feeling hungry in #KansasCity, specifically #OverlandPark, do yourself a favor and check out +Best Regards Bakery & Cafe for breakfast, lunch or a delightful snack. Best cookies in town (cranberry orange! OMG!) and the best cinnamon rolls this side of my grandma. Add in a dizzying number of grilled cheese options for lunch, and you can't go wrong. And if you're not in KC: they ship their cookies nationwide :-)

Edith Davis

Melanie Guyer

Had the pick 2 of a half BLT & tomato soup that comes with a piece of gooey butter cake. It was all very good, but the sandwich portion was a bit small for the price.

Liston Rose

Wonderful from-scratch baked treats, wholesome sandwiches and hearty soups!

Joshua Alexander

Great food here but very very slow service. Took about 20-25 minutes to get 2 cold sandwich’s. Also is a bit pricey.

Tiffanie Angelo

Had to wait over 30 minutes for 2 sandwiches while every one behind us got theirs. Grilled cheese sandwich probably had half or 1 slice of cheese. Not much flavors. Porchetta sandwich well over priced for portion. Our first and last visit here.

B Cold

Cinnamon Roll and coffee is how I started my day. Well worth the price and drive for me. 2nd trip in, staff is friendly, environment early am was quiet which allowed me time to read and enjoy my coffee. I'll return for the cinnamon rolls and eventually try some of the other baked goods soon. I heard the butter cake is their specialty.

Gregory Boege

Everything about this place is quality. The bread, the cheese, the tomatoes, the lettuce, the bacon. The cookies, the cakes, the cream puffs... It takes a bit of time to get your food (sandwiches and such), but that's because they are taking the time to make them great. So only come here if you like great food.

Stacey Lillich

We were so excited for the evening event tonight because we can't make it during the day before the usual 3:00 closing. After reading about the new porchetta sandwich in the cafe emails, my husband and I both ordered it. It was amazing. I was glad it came with a fork and knife since I couldn't keep it together when I tried picking it up. The meat was tender and incredibly flavorful. I thought it might also be good on the brioche hoagie bun used for the Italian sandwich our daughter ordered (and loved). Great service from every employee we dealt with this evening, including the owner who came over to visit with us asking how everything tasted.

Elektra Princessa

I'm sure the dessert is good but still this place is not for a new crowd. The food is for 60+ tastebuds Old fashioned style


Love the chocolate eclairs

Chanda Woods

Great Service, delicious food, and wonderful owners! Best Regards have great lunch specials and more!! I loved their French Dip sandwich which is a first for me because I normally don't like them anywhere else. The homemade Aj jus sauce was outstanding. This is surely a must try!!

Leticia Tmbwitw

Great source for a catered business lunch. Feeding 20, I chose the Special Mixed Packages which provided 15 1/2 wrapped sandwiches, with chips and treats, and 15 1/2 wrapped sandwiches with a bowl of salad and treats. Perfect for when the # of attendees may vary. They delivered early so everything was ready when the meeting started.

Paula Mitchell

Great cinnamon rolls and worth every penny at $2.99 each. They are the closest to my Grandma's homemade ones. I did think the cupcakes were a little pricey at $2.99 each though; they are not the TX size muffins. I will try them for lunch, next. Enjoy!

Emily Sigman

daniel haake

Iryna Tsyngalova

Caleb Silkett

I live an hour away and it is worth the drive.

Dorothy Wood

Never disappointed - my go-to lunch whenever I'm headed this way!

Jake Kasper

Hidden gem of Overland Park. Great sandwiches, soups and bakery items. The owner is usually a prick, but he's lucky his food is delicious!

Rosa Pasos

Gretchen Brandt

BEST REGARDS Bakery & Cafe serves Best Regards in hospitality; Best Regards in the food served ; and Best Regards in customer friendships!!! Once you enjoy the BEST REGARDS will never be "Good bye have a nice day" instead it will be "Best Regards until we see you again!!!!"♡♡♡

Richard Nicholai

Pretty awsome place. Food is great. Service is very personal.

Clara Harris

It was fabulous!

Kasandra Elizabeth

Tasty treats and friendly service every time. Cheesecake is out of this world good. Love supporting a local business like this one.

Grace Grey

Inspired grilled cheese combos, beautiful baked goods. Gluten-free options & salads. Great for lunch. Service can be slow during busy periods (like any small business) so call ahead. Chocolate cheesecake was WAY better than anything at The Cheesecake Factory.

Kathleen Gorman

Food was okay, but did not match the price in quality or quantity.

Danai Rinacke

Highlights are espinaca grilled cheese, house made soups and sides. Cinnamon rolls are just OK to me but love you get to ice them yourself (not an icing fan). Do not forget an eclair or cream puff - the very best offering to me.

Kay Owens

Garry Mac

Slow Service over priced

Peg McMahon


Gail Brower

House-made croissants are delicious! Scrumptious-looking Halloween cookies.

Saturday Night

Called the other day with questions about corporate parties and pricing, the man on the phone was soooo incredibly rude to me. I've never left a negative review about a business before, especially local businesses but I've also never been treated so badly before by a business. Will not be going calling or going there again.

Jeff Darlington

Scott Smith

Andrew Patterson

Jenifer Lefort

Always the best!

Nick Swearngin

Very very good

Cindy Kelley

Tall Blueks

Katherine Knight

Great food and friendly staff. You gotta go.

Leah Gamerl

Found out about this place a few years ago. Their Espanaca sandwich is a bit spicy, but so delicious! I get their Broccoli Salad and a slice of Gooey Butter Cake as a side every time, because they taste great. Best Regards never disappoints. Their service is great and the place has a good vibe. Thank you Best Regards!

Brad D'Angelo

My review starts off with the man who laughed at me when I inquired on how big the 1/2 sandwich was. Why would I order a half sandwich for 7 dollars that was described as small. So I ordered the porchetta sandwich. It looked absolutely nothing like the photo they displayed as their best seller. I must have gotten an end piece because it was very fatty and had no dark meat. 13 dollars for a very underwheling sandwich. I probably wouldn't have bothered leaving a review if it wasn't for the condescending man who took my order. The cookie that cane with it was good, hence two stars.

J Khan

Tasty and Friendly! Cinnamon rolls: perfection Eclairs: light and fluffy Employees: amicable, helpful, and overall just nice people. We had never been here before, but now it's bumped all of the other bakeries off our list! I wish we'd found this bakery years ago. I can't wait to try lunch there.

David Hontz

Wonderful food in little intimate setting

Tim Nelson

Fantastic experience grabbing a dozen cinnamon rolls at the last second. They were fantastic, and the rest of the menu looks awesome. Can't wait to try it for lunch.

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