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REVIEWS OF Sam's Club IN Iowa


I purchased a Sam's Club membership at a substantial discount (less expensive than regular price plus e-gift cards and instant money back) from Groupon. I set-up my account online (very easy) which gave me my first e-gift of$10, and then made my first pick-up purchase (also very easy) which gave me my second e-gift of$15. So, I went in to pick-up my new Sam's club card and it was very quick and easy. The staff member was friendly and helpful directing me as to where to pick up my pre-ordered merchandise. I then proceeded to the pick-up area were I encountered another friendly and helpful staff member were I received my accurate order quickly. All in all a nice and convenient experience.

Kimberly Peper

I love their scan and go app. It makes shoppinf so much easier. You have a running subtotal of how much you've spent, and you don't have to wait in a check out line.

Connie Mitvalsky

It was okay, didn't have some things

Karen Marshall

I love their salad mixes

Trish Talley

Tire department is very poor. Inadequate service means a HUGE waste of my TIME!

Jessica Miller

Great prices and I love the scan and go option. I skip all of the lines

Connie Matheny

Great product selection and courteous employees. Thank you, Sam's Club Cedar Rapids.

Evan Paul

Good selection of wines and alcohol. Always get great bargains.

Race Bannon

I like everything but the check out. It's bottle necked constantly. I really like the pick and pull deal. It keeps me from tromping through the whole store searching for everything on my list. Another thing, they give veterans a discount on their membership.

Sue Stagman

Busy and complicated but employees are very helpful.

Timothy Conrad

Keith Cox

It's great it feels like you're in on something that everyone else aint

breanna davidson

I was in here today and I received the best customer service that I've had in probably years. I was helped by the sweetest most respectful person named Glenda! So hope I spelt her name right. She definitely had a can do attitude I see her moving up! Thanks again for all your help today it surely made my day!

Natalie Acheson

This is a spacious and well laid out store. The employees are friendly and helpful.

Charlotte Murray

I like this place

Gene Lorsung

So much better than Walmart! Everyone very helpful instead of trying not to help you.

Dave Bond

Not enough cashiers. Self checkout system a hack job.

Hussam Duokmak

Sam´s has a very bad cars servies!!!.

Matt Weiss

Sam's is great but the employees are adequate at besr.

Angela Ross

I purchased a really nice flat screen here! I found a 50" flat screen smart TV for under 300 bucks!!!

Tracy Hackleman

Found what we needed. We went on a Sunday knowing it would be busy, and it was. Every checkout lane was open so we were in and out relatively quickly.

Mike Meyet

Great place to save $$$$

Ashwini Rao Sanniahmane

good price and excellent customer service. quality is good

Ahren Gross

Great service

jerry simmers

Fast and friendly

Bill Myers

Great prices so stock up.

Lee Robinson

Found a couple of items we go thru very quickly and for less

Cindy Forsyth

Fast and easy

Brad Crawford

Convenient, easy and the scan and go app works


it was OK. The alarms went off xd

Brandon Schu

Good store to browse. Some good buys. Milk is usually a really good price

Ella Lansing

Good deals.

Bhushan Joshi

Good members only shopping experience!!

Angel Williams

Organised, fast and easy

Elsie Winiarski

Great help

Denis Chavez

Nice deals on most products .

Tammy Varner

Got good prices today!!

Nikki Stackhouse

Employees are usually friendly. Prices are decent.

Troy Thielen

Bob Beck

Had a list of needed items and supplies. Happy with value and they had everything in stock we needed.

Whitney Carter

Wally Holt

This place is pretty big so its got a good selection of things to choose from. Great place for buying things in bulk.


DONE WITH SAMS!!! Terrible customer service for having to pay to be a member. I stood in line for 15 minutes to get to the register and for them to tell me the electronics item I choose was out of stock. Nothing at the shelf indicating it was out. The front end key holder knew they were out of stock as she stated before even heading over to the stock cage to make it look good as she checked. No apologies nothing. Previous problems in the tire care area. It took over 4 hours to get the tires on correctly being the first member there for the day this is unacceptable. Tech was more involved with complaining about how he had to close the night before and open the next morning than listening to what tired we wanted (he put the wrong tires on ). It seems like an inconvenience for any staff member at the front to help you. I am done paying to be part of a "club" that you are inconveniencing.

Greg Brown

Better than Costco.

duane millard

The tire guys are a great asset to your store. Very friendly, and explained the different tires and what would be the best tire for our vehicles.

Leo Young

great time there.

M Weiser

It's Sam's. Some great prices, some so so.

David McVay

Went to sign for a membership to take advantage of a great cell phone promotion that would've saved my family $1K but Cst Service said the employee had quit but should have somebody soon. It was a great deal so I kept stopping back and even asked a Manager who once again told me someone would be hired soon. I voiced concern about missing out on the promo was but again told to just stop back. Stopped several more times and same story. Today I stopped and this time the electronics manager said they could now help so I filled him in on the details only to be told that promo was over and he couldn't do anything about it. REALLY! WOW!!

Kathy Lawrance

I am constantly amazed at the selection of items and the quality of items. I have found amazing bargains while shopping there. The in store bakery has a wide selection. All in all, you can't go wrong with Sam's club.

Val Overbeck

Good prices and I love the employees except for the bakery. They are rude and short every time I deal with them. Have had multiple occasions where I ordered cakes, went to pick them up at the specified time and they were not completed or even started! Even over the phone, I've almost never had a pleasant experience. Rude rude rude. I'd recommend shopping elsewhere for bakery needs. Cakes will cost twice as much but you really do get what you pay for.

Jeff Heising

Great place if they'd quit dropping products that you come to expect.

Albert Bailey

Always a great experience at Sam's club.

Barb Capron

My only complait is with the check out procedure. The people working the check out were having issues keeping the orders separate. If I wouldn't been carefully watching part of my order would have gone home with the customer before me.

Deb Wiebbecke

Like it better then the one on the sw side

Carol Kirby Williams

Clean and courteous staff.

Ron Appleby


Stewart Peterson

Good prices on things to stock up on... and can get a pop & hot dog for less than $2

Sharon Cornelius


They dont have takis

Colleen Garringer

Scan and go!

Michael Dodd

Awesome as usual...


Sharon Murray

Had to wait my turn but the one of their associates put another customer in front bbn of me. When I commented on that he ignored me. I left without being fully helped.

Thomas Patrick

Alexaandria Nassif

Not enough organic foods. Lots of space in the warehouse but not enough Goods not like Costco

Doug Moyer

Seems to be getting better.

Rachel Upah

Love shopping here!

Maddison Richards

I love there ices. There awesome

Joyce Dolezal

We are still looking for Sam's to get other flavors for Premier Shakes, other than vanilla and chocolate. Please.

Jim Noethe

I like it because I can get it in bulk

Juliet Kalenga Bwalya

Friendly cashiers..but some of the prices are unreasonable..overall great visit

Quinn Goodson

We like going there to get supplies when we need them.

Cody L

You know, sometimes the lines are long but otherwise I like Sams. This one is probably about like normal compared to other ones. Staff isn't great but the club is designed to be self sufficient.

Connie curtis

It was a nice visit, it wasnt busy at all.

Krystal Miskell

josh Nemec

Good place good services

Marilyn Findlay

Didn't have what we wanted

Brittany Steen

Great place to shop

Trinity Thornton

We joined for $45 and got a $45 store credit. Great deal. Clean store with helpful staff.

Larry Slauson

Always a great experience. Great selection and prices. Love the self checkouts.

Eileen Perez

I always find what I'm looking for

Jimmie Thompson

It was as always trying to get what you want. I live alone so I don't buy a lot of food stuff. But I spent over $200.00 .. as I have done for years. One thing I don't like is that you have something like that is now not there anymore you got out bid for it. But it is that way in all big change stores. I think you move the stuff around about every week. But I know that you have to keep an open eye on your stock and move it around. To put in new stuff and make better displays. I have worked in the marking bessnes before so I understand how it works. I do like shopping there at your stores. So keep up the good work and make us walk around to find things. Thanks

Peter Martin

Get prices, great selection. The grocery store is amazing! I like shopping there. Makes my dollars go far.

Dustie Frimml

Find what you need, easy self check, als on your way. Great quality products

Joy Talley

Customer service was amazing. Every helpful and very nice.

Scott Forsythe

Best liquor prices in town.


I enjoy shopping here

Stewart Maida

Good prices, not every item is available all the time.

Jerry Kvarda

Love their scan n go app! Pick up your items, scan the bar code with your phone, then check out in the app and avoid the lines at the registers. Couldn't find Woolite today, but that's Sam's Club, somedays they have what you are looking for and sometimes they don't.

Michael Halbe

Scan & Go app is pretty awesome. You scan items with your smartphone as you shop, pay with a card and go directly to the exit door. Door greeter confirms your order and you're off! Also the new freshly squeezed orange juice tastes amazing.

Michelle Timm

Low prices for blucked items. Hardly any people there.

Gentle Cooley

Don't care for self service like talking to a live person I know savings money is a issue but less people higher prices is not the way I see it thanks

Nolan Winans

damien pitcher

Great place to shop good prices with sometimes you have to buy a lot of one thing to get it great selection just like going to Walmart but better

Silvia Duran

I save money.

brenda hoelzen

I went to the store today and wanted a free visit to see if i wanted to join. Customer service said they don't do that unless you have a friend that has a membership you could go in the store. I'm in a town with my husband and I dont know anyone here. I had a question for the meat assistance to tell me the price because it wasn't posted. I asked him if he cou is scan it, he stated No..Really. that was your answer. I put it back in the cooler and got a rotisserie chicken free. I hope it's good. I got the distinct feeling not a "people store. Cancelling my membership tomorrow at the store, and getting my money back. I forgot to say, this all could of been avoided if they would of let me go in the store before hand.

Cheyenne Tedrow

Tyler in Cellphones has been the BEST CSR I have ever encountered when dealing with the terrors cellphones cause people. He walked me thru my new plan, pointed out many things on different phones, and actually ended up helping me decide against the iPhone! He needs a raise!

Rick Taylor

Horrific tire center. They sell you the lifetime rotation and repair package and then it takes an act of Congress to get it to use it. Buying tires, no problem you go to head of the line otherwise make an appointment a week out. Called and was told if I was a Plus member I could bring it in at 7 am. Was told an hour and a half to two hours. Three hours later they still don’t know when it will be finished. Done with tires at Sam’s!

Brandi McCleary

Everything was fast and easy. The layout makes sense so it's not difficult to find things. The employees were friendly.

Christine Tuttle

The prices are awesome for the quantity you buy. The employees are very nice. Never had a problem there. Huge variety of different products and food you can buy.

Daisy Otto

Barbara Reed

Never a lack of great samples! Best rotisserie chicken around!

Michele Glanz

Terribly check out in line for 15 minutes,5 carts behind wth cart fulls ,one ck out..

Terry Lerch

Alicia Wright

Joe Larrimore

Andrew Kuempel

Consistent with all Sam's clubs Know what you're getting.

Joy Cummings

Clerks very nice good variety but ran out of Drisco strawberies did have another brand but perfer drisco so to hy- vee and they had them and also other brand but did get some nice items at Sam's. Always nice to go to.

Lori Blessing

Open early, very friendly employees, clean.

Jessica Graham

Reasonable prices. Good selection

C Quinn Novak

Good shopping, lot of merchandise

Brian Allen

I love the selection and pricing, but hate the checkout at times. Recently was forced to use an automated checkout to get out of the club in a timely manner - was not happy with that process at all. The self checkout was clunky to use.

Darold Lamphier

Sam's always has what I need .

Patti Vandeventer

Cedar Rapids, IA Sam's club, went to the tire sales/repair department for the first time today. A very courteous and helpful man helped me by answering my questions and getting my car in for repair quickly. They told me 20 mins and 15 mins later the screw was pulled out of my tire and I was all done and ready to go.

Laurie Lee

I shop regularly at Sam's but be sure and check your expiration dates because I've been seeing stuff expired and having to throw items away prematurely

George Laurie

Full if anything u need in bulk quanities


Great store and selection of bulk items. Only had two cashiers working when we were there the other day. We were encouraged to use the self-checkouts, but told the employee that those machines are taking cashiering jobs from hard-working people. So we waited 20 minutes in line for a human cashier.

Katherine Hall

I went to the pre-black Friday event at Sam's. Although there were some issues with the I-phone lines, overall there store ran well. They only allowed a certain amount of ppl through the doors at a time, offered hand warmers in line, were polite, and had all there lanes open. I thought for store management of black was pretty decent.

Kathleen Rudolph

nice prices but need the little carry carts for customers just getting a few things

cody winchell

If making a delivery don’t bother showing up early they will not load you until your appointment time made me wait 5 hours to unload 5 skids and receiving clerk was very rude

Beth Orth

While the pricing and quality of items is good, and I like the checkout process, I don’t like waiting in line to walk out the door. It’s not the policy at every Sam’s. On Saturday there were 40 people waiting in line to get out of the building after paying. Why? We’ve paid for our goods. If you are worried about people stealing things, increase the security presence, don’t hold your customers hostage.

Kelly VanHoveln

I almost always have a great experience at the Cedar Rapids location. Today was no exception. I tried to use my membership card at the gas station and it came back that my card was expired. I went into the store to see if I could renew the account (I'm an add-on account to my boss's membership). I couldn't. But, the woman at the service desk offered to let me shop that day and check out my purchase with her so that I could receive member benefits without paying the 10% fee for the one-day membership.

Louise Nielson

Sam's is a good store for buying in bulk or getting a good price on products. They bring in special deals and seasonal products that are nice to get at such a low price. The store is clean, the workers are great, and though we are a 2 person family now, we still manage a trip there at least once a month or more often! The bathrooms are clean. They also sell food, like pizza or hot dogs if you need a bite to eat in a hurry. We also buy our car tires here. They do have pharmacy as well.


Good store. Clean. They do introduce new products. Great Instant Savings if you are looking for a deal. Use "Scan and go" app to save time and avoid standing in line (does not work with gift cards).

Don Sells

Not sure what's going on with sams club I like coming to the store but on this occasion with a friend and my son i felt very uncomfortable once we waited cuz there was only one line helping cudtomers. line was really long then finally they open up another line to help customers but once I got up to the cashiers line the lady seem very rude not customer friendly wasint smiling at all and galering behavior while checking my items seem to be passively tossing my food items like a sack of potatoes I sure hope customer service improves next I will ask for manager be sure of that!

Tom Sines

Just working there

Jack Abben

Great place to shop

Gordon Russell Jr.

Peg Becicka

Have a great selection of name brand products. Employees are always cordial

Raymond Bolender

Dana Van voltenburg

Robert Odean

It was pleasant and very helpful

Michael Brown

Would like to see more checkers and less do-it-yourself checking

Sean Sanford

Love it! Well worth the money if you know what you need to buy in bulk. Single item buys are average, but bulk prices cant be beat!

Mark S

This is great way to save some money on your food cost

Jenny Fuller

Jenny did an awesome job. She was very friendly and knew what she was doing and where she was going.

Gordie Hanna

They have a very good selection of quality alcohols and food. Obviously, they sell in bulk.

Michael Lawson

Great place for great discount products or buying things in bulk. Great staff that will get you in and out in a jiffy.

Greg Finch

Lots of good products at good prices and clean store

Peggy Harvey

Wonderful products can't find elsewhere. Love their meat, fruit, and vegetables (fresh and frozen).

Joab Upah

Customer service line is comparable to purgatory. It is insane how slow and unknowledgable the staff is

Zaheer Ahmed

The big mall that has almost everything that you need. Everytime I need chocolates, Sam's Club comes to my mind.

Melissa Tauke

Tom Hopfensperger

It was very clean and easy to get around. Staff was friendly and helpful. They need a couple more of the scooters for handicapped people

john becker

Great place to shop. Lots of bargains.

Tammy Schurbon

Always excellent customer service at the pharmacy!!

Mariah Warner

I always enjoy Sam's, good prices on the bulk items. I don't suggest going there for certain goods such as fresh meat (cheaper at Walmart and Hy-Vee). But as I said I do enjoy shopping there for many things.

Emily Kirby

As a sams club I feel that the restrooms should be a lot cleaner. The store isn’t very busey at the moment there should be someone attending them! And I feel as if the employees shouldn’t be having inappropriate personal conversations with when a customer is right next to you. Will not be comming back to this one.

Skyler Crowder


In and out quick.

Louisa Bockstedt II

Denny Verry

Always enjoy this Shopping Club. They have what I want and need at very good prices. But as with all Shopping Clubs, when they phase favorite items out, it's rough. But they "usually" bring things back in.

Mona EL

Very nice staff, have everything except the Stauffers animal crackers is better than the members mark one :)

Tessa Potter

Always fast and easy

Cindy Mueller

Great selection. Great prices

Brenda Godoy


Tom McKee

Did not receive one of three items entitled to with new membership.

Tim Wolf

Typicall BIG box store. Staff is helpful and friendly!

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